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You’ll need a waterproof piece of fabric. Here you can discover the most comprehensive selection of waterproof textiles, all at the most competitive prices:

  • Tarpaulin that is resistant to water. H.D.P.E. is a UV-resistant material that costs € 1.99 per square meter. Purchase starting with one meter
  • Tent fabric is available in 280 different variations, ranging from ripstop nylon to eight different varieties of cotton. Starting at € 4,65 per square meter
  • There are 76 different boat canvas designs. With the best durability and water column available on the market. Exceptional quality
  • Outdoor cushions made with this fabric. Waterproof and resistant to ultraviolet rays
  • Fabrics that are fire and flame resistant. From nylon to cotton and pvc, there is something for everyone. Additionally, it is waterproof. Tarpaulin fabrics in PVC and HDPE-34 variants, as well as in a variety of weights. Sun screen textiles and awning material, for example, for terrace roofs, are available at the most competitive prices. And, of course, there are our numerous SPECIAL OFFERS. as well as remnants in water-resistant cloth and other outdoor textiles

We also provide all of the essential equipment, such as sturdy and water-repellent sewing thread, reinforcing tape, eyelets, clamping materials, and so on. This is especially crucial for do-it-yourselfers. Everything you require may be found by clicking here.

All from the European online market leader inwaterproof fabrics- at the keenest prices

With its website, ESVO has achieved international success. As the world’s largest tent manufacturer, we began with tent cloth and have grown to provide the most wide selection of tent canvas and waterproof fabrics available in a plethora of colors. And don’t forget to compare prices! The product line has now expanded to include a variety of items such as tent canvas, boat canvas, awning canvas, sun screen canvas, inner tent fabric, mesh fabric, glass transparent sheeting, ground sheet pvc, tent accessories, and so on and so forth.

Compare our cheap prices on intent canvas to those offered by our competitors, as a result of our large-scale purchasing.

An eminent range of waterproof textiles

As a result, our large selection of highly waterproof material may readily be referred to as “outdoor textile.” The top European suppliers were selected, with the Dutch business Ten Cate serving as our primary source of supply throughout the whole process. As a result, choosing tent fabric, tarpaulin material, and other water-resistant materials, you should consult with a professional. ESVO is the largest tent manufacturer in the Netherlands, and it can also claim to be the online market leader in waterproof textiles and outdoor fabrics, according to its website.

Waterproof textiles account for 95 percent of our inventory.

Also for all tent accessories such as sewing thread, eyelets, reinforcement tape, rings, etc., the best address!

Click here for all you need to know about finishing and producing your own products. For more information about our tent cloth, boat cloth, sailcloth, and waterproof cloth, please visit our website. In addition, if you are interested in general information on tent canvas or waterproof canvas, we have a large amount of material available for you. In addition, you should consider the care and maintenance of your tent. Individuals and intermediaries alike can benefit from our ability to provide even the tiniest of métrages.

Do-it-yourself recommendations: 1.Click here to learn how to stitch a felled seam.

Click here for instructions on “how to sew eyelets/grommets onto a piece of fabric.”

Tent canvasor any othertent fabric, we deliverby the roll – from 1 metre

We ship tent canvas all around the world by the roll, starting at 1 metre. We make every effort to have a diverse variety of ourtent canvas and fabrics accessible for purchase on our website. If you need to purchase larger quantities of fabric, such as a 100-metre tent canvas or a large amount of party fabric, and you are unable to locate the fabric that you are looking for on our website, please contact our head office at 0031299363695 or send us an email at and we will do everything we can to locate the fabric that you are looking for.

By the way, we offer canvas for tents to both individuals and businesses alike.

Which tent canvas or tent fabric can you buyby the roll?

We have over 270 different types of canvas and materials. Here are a few examples of what we have available for you in terms of tent canvas and fabric options: – tent canvas cotton tarpaulin – heavy-duty cotton canvas for tents – tent material made of lightweight cotton – lightweight ripstop nylon for the tent fabric – canvas for a tent Ten Cate Throughout the Year – polyester canvas for a tent -cotton – fire retardant tent canvas; sun awning canvas; boat canvas; inner tent canvas; remnants in tent canvas and diverse outdoor textiles; sun awning canvas; boat canvas; inner tent canvas As previously said, you may get ourtent canvas in lengths of one metre or one meter and then every ten extending centimeter further.

Canvas Tent Fabric

The fabric of your canvas tent is just as crucial as the size of your tent. In the end, it is the fabric that will give weather protection, keep your inside warm and dry, withstand rough treatment, and provide good value for your money. This is a lot to expect of most materials, which is why we provide a variety of fabric structures in our tents and tipis to accommodate varied needs. Each cloth we use offers a slightly different combination of significant characteristics and benefits for your consideration, and we encourage you to experiment with them.

Natural Canvas

Canvas 12oz per square yard – The canvas 12oz per square yard, single filled material is a durable fabric that is also highly cost effective. The fabric, despite the fact that it is our entry-level pricing in tents, is by no means inexpensive. When combined with the fabric’s natural water resistant properties, it makes for a pleasant dry tent, especially when it has shrunk a little. When compared to lesser weight materials, the material is breathable and will provide excellent insulation. The material with 12oz.

  1. Canvas – 14.9oz.
  2. It’s robust, water-resistant, and toasty all at the same time.
  3. material results in improved insulating properties.
  4. Unless you are really worried about overall weight, we recommend using the 14.9oz per square yard fabric for your wall tent.

Treated Canvas

A premium cotton fabric that is more tightly woven than the single filled kind, resulting in outstanding strength and durability in a lower weight base fabric. 10.10oz. Marine Treated Army Duck The shrinkage of this cloth is significantly minimized. A scent-free process is used to produce a tent fabric that is of exceptional quality, has a dry finish, and is resistant to water and mildew. The Marine/Flame Treated Army Duck weighs 10.10oz. Our fragrance-free products The flammability norms of CPAI-84, an industry-wide standard, are met by the 10.10oz.

  • One of the most often requested features on our tents is the use of flame resistant fabric.
  • Our processed 10.10oz Marine/Flame material meets all of these requirements.
  • This fabric is an ideal choice in situations when a long-lasting, cost-effective, and flame-resistant material is required.
  • This is a high-quality cloth that we use in our tents and tipis.
  • It is UV resistant, breathable, mildew resistant, water repellent, and flame resistant, and it complies with the flammability norms of CPAI-84, which is an industry-wide standard for flammability.

It is ideal for tents and tipis that will be set up for extended periods of time since the Polaris is adaptable in high climates.

Canvas Wall Tent Fabric 101: Types, Treatments, Strength, Shrinkage

10.1 oz weight double-fill cotton Army Duck canvas wall tent created from one of our canvas wall tents. While studying wall tents, we came across some information concerning canvas. As a result of our decision to camp in a wall tent, we’ve grown a bit more confident. If you are also contemplating purchasing a wall tent, the following information will assist you in making your decision on the sort of canvas to use for your wall tent. You can also check out our wall tent buying guide, which goes over a variety of aspects other than the different varieties of fabric.

What is Canvas Fabric?

Originally constructed of cotton but now now available in man-made fibers such as polyester, canvas is a thick, woven fabric that is used for a variety of purposes. Canvas is also known as Duck, not because water rolls off of it like a duck’s back, but because the term “doek” comes from the Dutch language. Canvas has been used for millennia to make sails, tarps, tents, backpacks, and heavy garments, as well as for other purposes.

Army Duck

Consider Army duck (also known as cotton duck or shelter duck; see below for an example/source of duck material) for a wall tent. Double fill (warpfill; lengthwisecrosswise) canvas refers to the fact that the threads have been doubled by twisting two threads together to form a thicker, stronger single thread that is then employed in both weave directions to produce a stronger and tighter weave canvas. The term “Army duck” refers to a duck that was made to suit the criteria of the United States Army.

Heavy canvas is not necessarily better, and the quality of the tent is decided by the weave of the canvas as well as the water, fire, and/or anti-mildew treatments applied to the fabric.

Canvas Treatments

When exposed to external flame, fire resistant canvas will burn for as long as the flame is in contact with the canvas, but will not burn if the external flame is withdrawn. The use of fire retardant does not prevent sparks from a smoke stack from burning “pin holes” in the canvas.Waterproofing can be achieved through the use of a dry silicon treatment or a paraffin treatment; either way, today’s double fill canvas with waterproofing does not leak or seep like canvas used to.New water proofing can be sprayed on canvas when necessary.Anti-mildew treatments are essential in order to prevent mildew damage to cotton canvas after it has been wet.

Mold and mildew should have a tough time growing on polyester canvas, unless it is unclean and moist, which they most likely will.

Canvas, regardless of the sort of treatment it has had, must always be thoroughly dried before being stored.

Canvas Strength

According to another source, the 12.0 oz. double fill canvas has a breaking strength of 389 lbs (in the warp direction) and 241 lbs (in the cross direction) (fill direction). A 10.1 oz. double fill and 10.1 oz. double fill marine treated canvas with breaking strengths of 216 and 202 pounds respectively (warp) and 153 and 140 pounds respectively (weft) were used to test their breaking strengths (fill). In other words, if this is accurate, it indicates that the strength of 12.0 oz canvas is stronger than the strength of 10.1 oz canvas by an average (warpfill) of 41% but the increase in weight is just 16 percent.

Initially, this appears to contravene conventional engineering and physical principles, which dictate that weight increases should be greater than strength increases; yet, empirical evidence is difficult to argue against.

Canvas Weight

Consider 10.1 oz canvas for lesser weight and 12.0 oz canvas for long-term semi-permanent camps if you want to save money on weight. For us, because we have only camped near the truck, weight has not been an issue, and because we only use the tent for about two weeks during the summer and another two weeks in the fall, the 10.1-ounce canvas has shown little wear. I do not believe the tent will wear out during our lifetime, provided we keep it clean and dry before storing it. As a result, in our instance, the 10.1 oz.

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Canvas Shrinkage

Make sure you know how much your canvas is likely to shrink before you start painting it. Some canvas claims to have been pre-shrunk before being used. I was warned to expect 3 percent shrinking for one of our wall tents, however it appears that some canvas can shrink by as much as 10 percent in some cases. The EMT poles for the interior frame of our tent shrank by 3 percent when I cut them, and I prepared for this to happen since I didn’t want to have to re-cut poles every time I put up the tent.

However, our tent has not shrunk by more than 1%, and as a result, the tent continues to droop on the frame.

I wish I had anticipated approximately half of the shrinkage at the outset, even if it meant re-cutting the poles later on.

Other Fabrics for Wall Tent

Our Elk Mountain Wall Tent is available for rent (13 x 13 ft). There are a variety of various textiles that may be used to construct tents nowadays, and some wall tents are even constructed from man-made materials. Elk Mountain Tents of Nampa, Idaho, manufactured our newest wall tent out of 10 oz polyester-based canvas. The lightweight (the 13 x 16 foot tent weighs around 60 lbs) and durable canvas is less sensitive to mold and mildew than cotton-based canvas and less likely to absorb water than cotton-based canvas.

  • In Cabelas’ Alaknak Tents, X-Treme Tent Cloth is utilized.
  • It is also available in other sizes.
  • If you read some of the reviews, it is clear that the material does not have the ability to breathe, and condensation is a major concern.
  • I was also concerned about snow accumulating on the Alaknak’s complexly formed roof, as well as the possibility that sparks from the fire would burn numerous pin holes in the cloth.
  • There are certain tents that are “blended” with both Relite and canvas; for example, a canvas roof with Relite side walls, an end wall, and a door is used on some tents.

However, I have heard reports saying that Relite begins to exhibit significant wear after only a few years of use. In other words, it may be a choice when weight reduction is absolutely important, but don’t expect it to endure 20 years or more like a decent canvas.

Lightweight Tent Material

Tent materials made of cotton and sunforger can be found here. In our inventory at Canvas Etc., you’ll find a wide variety of lightweight tent material for all of your tenting needs. This coated textured polyester fabric may be used in a variety of tent applications and is available in a variety of colors. It offers tremendous promise for a wide range of products and may be applied to a wide range of different applications. Water repellent, mildew resistant, and flame retardant properties are all included in this lightweight tent fabric!

Tents have been around since the early Iron Age!

The fabric used for tenting has also evolved through time, and now, our lightweight tent fabric is in more demand than other textiles due to its superior qualities.

Products Utilizing Lightweight Tent Fabric

It is possible to get lightweight tent material in a variety of goods and to utilize it for a variety of tasks, including the following:

  • A lightweight tent fabric that may be used for yurts as well as the lining of yurts is available. With the help of this particular fabric, you may build a yurt that will withstand the weather. Tent Liner: This product is excellent for lining tents, but it may also be used as an additional layer of insulation. The fabric is lightweight and breathable, yet it may also act as a protective layer during your outdoor excursions. Shopping bags that may be reused: Are you sick and weary of the plastic bag collection that you’ve unintentionally amassed? Make some reusable shopping bags out of our lightweight tent fabric that are both lightweight and strong! The excellent tear strength of this product allows it to easily endure your shopping expeditions
  • Do you need to keep your valuable outdoor things safe from the elements in all weather conditions? Despite being lightweight, this tent fabric can withstand high temperatures while remaining mildew resistant.

Make sure to have a look at our selection of lightweight tent fabric products. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us for help.

Tent Canvas Fabric

The cost per linear yard is $8.76. Samples can be obtained upon request.

Quantity in yards ordered Discount Pricing is in Linear Yards
1-49 yards Listed Price
50-99 yards 5% off Listed Price Discount will automatically be applied to your cart
100 yards 10% off Listed Price Discount will automatically be applied to your cart

For Further Questions Please Call 404.514.7166Discounts will automatically be applied during checkout

CanvasETC makes every effort to supply the precise yardage that the customer requests; but, owing to rolling machine calibration and the occurrence of operator mistake, we must inform our customers that there is a +/- 5 percent tolerance in the quantity purchased. The linear yard of canvas is the unit of measurement for canvas. 1 lin yard is equal to 3 lin feet, which is equal to 36 linear inches. When picking a width, remember that inches (12″= 1 foot) are used. As a result, if you enter 1 in the quantity box, you are purchasing 1 linear yard of the width that you selected from the drop-down menu.

If you want to be absolutely certain, you should request a sample of the product.


Sunforger army duck is a lightweight cotton canvas with a tight weave that is ideal for outdoor use. Shelter tent duck is created from plied yarns, which makes it extremely sturdy and long-lasting. Besides being water repellent, rot resistant, pre-shrunk, and uv resistant, Sunforger canvas also offers exceptional light fastness. Shelter tent duck canvas is manufactured from high-quality ring spun yarns that provide increased strength and longevity for the shelter tent. This chemical is non-toxic and helps to improve the chemistry and qualities of the cotton canvas fabric used in the Sunforger process.

Tent Canvas Fabric Uses

  • Car coverings, boat covers, campers, tarps, bags, mining (discovery) tents, glamping tents, outdoor covers, shelters, Yurts, hats, clothes, tipis, wall tents, ground cloth, sod cloth, bedrolls, Sami tents, and much more are available.

Product Features

Per square yard, the weight is 10.10 ounces. Army Duck Width in Inches (Inches): 36 Cotton is the only material used.

Coating: Sunforger Marine Finish, Pre-Shrunk Finish: Mineral colorless, pre-shrunk, UV protection Coating: Sunforger Marine Finish, Pre-Shrunk Finish: Mineral colorless, pre-shrunk, UV protection Plied yarn is used. Plain weave is used.

What’s important to know about Sunforger army duck?

At the end of the day, the fabric is composed primarily of cotton. Make certain that your outside shelter or structure is adequately dried. Mold and mildew have a potential of blossoming in this environment. Never wash your structure; instead, use diluted dishwater detergent and a brush to clean it in certain areas. Mold and mildew growth on other parts of the structure, particularly on the north side, where the structure receives the least amount of sunlight. If you take good care of this Sunforger army duck, it will serve you for many years to come.

It also depends on the area in which you live, but a wet, humid atmosphere is ideal for mildew growth and development.

Instructions on how to remove mildew from canvas.

Additional information

Weight 0.8 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
Units linear yard


Camping in a tent is the preferred mode of transportation for individuals who enjoy spending time in the great outdoors, but did you know that the canvas tent has also played an essential role in our history? Tightly woven tents have not only been there since antiquity, but they have also played a crucial role in providing shelter and protection to soldiers during both the Revolutionary and the Civil Wars. Find out all you need to know about canvas tents before making a purchase. Canvas Tents are built to survive for several generations.

  • Our tents are completely made by hand, stitch by stitch, at our Montana manufacturing facility.
  • Each of the tents on display is available in a range of sizes.
  • In addition, if you want an angle kit for your tent frame, we provide them as well.
  • We make all of our canvas wall tents, canvas range tents, and Glamping tents to order so that they are exactly what you want.

Canvas Tents – Canvas Wall Tents For Sale

Canvas is a woven textile that is often composed of cotton. It is used for a variety of purposes. Armed forces duck cotton canvas is a thicker weave of cotton that provides added sturdiness to the canvas fabric, particularly when it is used in conjunction with double-fill cotton canvas. The greatest canvas tents are constructed with army duck cotton canvas that is 100 percent waterproof. A heavy duty canvas tent is made possible by the durability and breathability of canvas, which makes it an excellent option for the fabric used.

Canvas is also a more environmentally friendly alternative for your canvas camping tent, and it provides natural water resistance as the fibers expand to cover the pores, preventing water from entering the tent. The following are the most popular varieties of canvas tents:

  • Canvas wall tents, canvas bell tents, canvas cabin tents are all options for canvas tents.

Canvas Tents at White Duck Outdoors

At White Duck Outdoors, we produce and offer heavy duty canvas tents for sale that are industry-leading in quality and durability. Our heavy duty canvas tents for sale are the result of decades of expertise in the outdoors and ongoing input from our community and customers. All of our small and large canvas tents are constructed from our patented DYNADUCK fabric, which is made entirely of double-fill army duck canvas and treated with a PFC-free fire retardant, water repellent, mold, mildew, and UV-resistant finish to ensure long-lasting performance.

  1. This means that you will receive all of the necessary poles, angle kits, stakespins, guylines and a tool kit with it.
  2. In addition to a built-in stove jack and storm windows, all of the canvas camping tents for sale also have superior insect mesh on the doors and windows, as well as pocket organizers, all at no additional cost.
  3. These are available in a number of sizes and can range from a huge canvas tent to a canvas tent made just for two people, such as the Mini Regatta, depending on your needs.
  4. Naturally, the cost of a tent is determined by the kind, size, and fabric that you choose to use.

The Benefits of Canvas Tents

A canvas tent has various advantages over other traditional, synthetic tents, mostly due to the nature of cotton, which provides a number of advantages for canvas tents. These are some examples:

  • Exceptional durability may be found in canvas tent material. This is especially true when manufactured from army duck canvas, which is a tougher, double-fill cloth. When properly maintained, they are built to last a lifetime, and if they do become damaged, they are always repairable. The wonderful thing about these high-quality canvas tents is that they may be used in either three- or four-season conditions. As a result, whether you’re searching for a summer alternative to enjoy the outdoors or winter tents for sale, canvas tents are a great choice. Breathability: Cotton has naturally occurring breathable properties that make it a particularly desirable material for the construction of high-quality tents. Since the canvas tent has good ventilation, it keeps its interior temperature consistent throughout the year, keeping you comfortable in milder weather and cool in hot summer months. Enhanced water repellency: Cotton canvas tents actually benefit from exposure to water because the swelling of the fibers causes the cotton fabric to become more water resistant by tightening the weave used in its manufacture, resulting in increased water repellency. Additionally, canvas tents can be coated with a water resistant treatment to further improve this property
  • Treating canvas tents: Canvas tents may be treated in a variety of ways in order to provide them with the long-lasting durability that we have come to expect from our portable tent shelters. This includes being treated to be water repellent, fire retardant, mold and mildew resistant, as well as UV resistant, among other things.

Uses of Canvas Tents

The canvas tents for sale that we have available are incredibly sturdy, large, and adaptable, making them great for a variety of different applications and events. These are some examples:

  • Canvas camping tents are more durable than synthetic camping tents, despite the fact that they are often larger and heavier. Canvas tents are better at withstanding all sorts of weather. The canvas material also allows them to be breathable, so whether you’re camping in the summer or the winter, the temperature inside the camping tent will be comfortable for you. A canvas tent that is suitable for use in all four seasons is also available, making it ideal for camping throughout the winter months. Canvas tents are perfect for glamping because of their spaciousness and long-lasting sturdiness. There is plenty of space in canvas tents for furnishings, as well as for people to stand and wander about comfortably. Water repellent and UV resistant treatments have been applied to the canvas, which allows you to leave it out for extended periods of time without worrying about it becoming wet. Hunting: Because they are built to last a lifetime, canvas tents are ideal for lengthier hunting trips, especially if you expect to be out in the field for a lengthy period of time. Our canvas tents are also equipped with a mosquito mesh, as well as storm doors and windows, allowing you to live comfortably in nearly any weather conditions. Canvas tents, because of the amount of room and height they provide, allow you to bring all of your equipment and set up for weeks at a time. Vehicle camping: While canvas tents tend to be heavier than traditional camping tents, this is not a worry while car camping because the weight of the tent is distributed evenly. Due to the fact that automobile camping is usually done without regard to weight, canvas tents might be the ideal travel companion
  • Festivals: Canvas tents are perfect for bringing on travels to music festivals or other large gatherings, as they are lightweight and easy to transport. Festivals may take place at any time of year, and a canvas tent guarantees that you are well-prepared to withstand any weather conditions. Canvas tents are very attractive, and with features such as a D-ring on the central pole of a bell tent or O-rings in cabin tents, there are a plethora of inventive ways to adorn them so that your tent stands out from the crowd. When you’ve had a long, busy day and you’re ready for a good night’s sleep, there’s no better alternative than a canvas tent from White Duck Outdoors.

Canvas Tents



Montana Canvas Outfitter Tents for sale are available for purchase online with free shipping. The pricing is the lowest it can be found anywhere on the internet. SIDE WALLS ARE SIX FOOT HIGH. Available on our top canvas camping tent styles and sizes, including the deluxe model. There are only a limited number of them. For ideas, set-up, and size needs, have a look at our 50 CANVAS WALL TENT PICTURES from some of our delighted clients. On this page you can find the best camping tents for sale on the internet.


We have 16 films covering a variety of tents, stoves, and other equipment.

These movies were created to demonstrate our high-quality items and to provide customers with further information about individual products before making a purchase.

I realize how tough it is for you to acquire a canvas wall tent without having the opportunity to physically touch and feel it. Hopefully, these films will be of use. Rich.


The Wilderness is our finest canvas hunting tent for sale on the internet, and it is also our best canvas winter tent for sale on the internet. Extremely durable, with reinforcements at all stress spots. Companies are often bragging about how durable their product’s canvas is. Our canvas camping tent’s robustness is unrivaled in the industry. To see a video of mycanvas’s strength, please click here. where I attach a rope loop to the D ring on the eave and then stand on it to support myself. With my weight on the canvas, I applied 200 pounds of pressure.

  1. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU READOURCanvas Wall Tent Information Guide.
  2. We provide a large selection of heavy-duty canvas tents for use in the wilderness.
  3. We can give answers to your inquiries, as well as advice and recommendations.
  4. The workmanship and material of Wilderness canvas wall tents are guaranteed for a period of two years.
  5. For business use, there is a one-year warranty.
  6. The average savings range from $250 to $450, depending on the size of the canvas tent and frame.
  7. For additional information on frame angle kits, please see FRAME ANGLE KITS.


In spite of the fact that China has the lowest prices on canvas and other products, I do not purchase any of them from there. I’ve had this policy in place since 2002. China engages in unfair trade practices, imposes import restrictions on US products, and manipulates its currency to provide an automatic 20 percent discount on Chinese items, causing their prices to be far cheaper than those of US products, so displacing workers from our nation. TENTS MADE OF CANVAS THAT HAVE BEEN USED: I periodically come across old canvas wall tents for sale or demos, but it’s not that common to come across them.

  • Occasionally, there are no labels attached to secondhand canvas tents for sale that indicate what treatments have been performed to the fabric.
  • These little canvas tents are available in all of the same configurations as our giant canvas tents.
  • I bought a canvas wilderness tent around ten years ago and haven’t looked back.
  • Amazingly, my 14 x 16 still looks like it just came out of the box.
  • I received everything I requested a day or two ahead of the anticipated delivery date.
  • Once again, thank you for providing excellent customer service throughout the purchase and shipping process.
  • A veteran’s veteran.

We were originally looking for a used canvas wall tent for sale, but your rates were so competitive that we ended up purchasing a brand new one instead.

Mike First and foremost, I wanted to let you know that everything we received arrived on schedule and in perfect condition.

Thank you for your help.

Thank you so much for making this dream a reality.

Jason This is simply a tribute to the superior quality of your wall tents.

The second tent we set up withstood sustained winds of 60 mph with gusts up to 80 mph.

I just want to express my gratitude to you.

I choose you because I, too, am a military veteran.

I will be sure to pass your name along to all of my hunting buddies and family members.

Robert I’ve been using your canvas tent on the shores of Lake Superior for the past three years.

I leave it in place all year round.

1121 (Bill of Rights) You’re the greatest, you people!

I used to be the VP of a very large firm, and your folks were the ones I looked for when hiring new employees.

Dave Hello, Tyler.

Please forward this information to the appropriate party.

We are quite pleased with our purchase, which has exceeded all of our expectations.

We were at a camping event with 300 individuals who were all sleeping in tents.

I have approximately 5 other people that would want to go ahead and purchase a tent with me as well.

Just so you know, we will be attending these events around twice a year.


It was a joy working with a competent firm that places a strong emphasis on providing top-notch service.

I wish I had come upon your firm sooner rather than later when I was starting out. Please email me a link if there is one so that I may submit a review on your site. Once again, thank you so much. Kyle. More testimonials may be found by clicking on the word TESTIMONIALS.

Canvas Tents

Starting at:$ 642.00 Davis Tent has been developing and producing canvaswall tents in Denver, Colorado, since 1955, when the company was founded. Our tents are renowned across the world for their long-lasting sturdiness, time-tested design, and comfort under all weather conditions. You may personalize your wall tent with the canvas treatment, tent choices, setup technique, and size that you choose, and be confident that it will be constructed correctly. Please take the time to read more about Davis Tentor and then begin by picking the ideal tent for your outdoor requirements from the options listed below.


Because of our many years in business, we’ve been able to discover high-wear regions in our tents, which we give particular attention to while building each and every one of our tents. We strengthen all stress points in order to ensure that our wall tents provide many years of fun and service. In addition, all of our regular tents are equipped with high-quality amenities! Please keep in mind that poles and frames are supplied separately or in packages. Packaged Items can be found here.

  • Walls cut to 5′ in length
  • Stove jack in your choice of 4′′ or 5.5′′ size
  • Zippered entry door
  • Attached sod cloth (which seals the tent to the ground)
  • Ridge Pole Sleeves
  • Ropes cut to size with metal tensioners inserted
  • Steel stakes packaged separately

Breathability! The reason that breathability is so crucial is that it helps to reduce and eliminate condensation. In one night, only four people sleeping in a tent generates 2 liters of condensation just their breath! When you combine this with other factors that contribute to moisture in the air – boiling water, heating with propane, drying your clothes, and so on – you have a moist indoor environment. The moisture is able to escape through the tent due to the treatment given to the cotton, which keeps you warm and dry.

Breathability, Longevity!

Because of its influence on breathability as well as how long your tent will last, the type of treatment used to make your tent resistant to the effects of ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun, repel water and mildew, or delay the development of fire is an important consideration. If you tore a single piece of untreated canvas in half and applied Sunforger ® to one half while applying a different treatment to the other, the Sunforger ® treated half would outperform the other in terms of strength, breathability, overall integrity, and longevity, as demonstrated in the example above.

When exposed to the weather, inferior treatments reduce the breathability of the canvas and accelerate the degradation of the fabric, making the tent less comfortable and shortening its useful life.

Numerous importers have approached us, and while we briefly contemplated offering a “economy line” of tents that were foreign-produced (and, thus, not Sunforger ® treated), we have not yet found one for which we felt confident enough to put our reputation on the line.

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There are 19 reviews.

Let us know what you think.

  • $1,768.00–$1,949.00 (USD) 12 × 14 | Hunter Package for 1-2 people Save a bundle on the Antelope Camp Package, which includes everything you need to sustain up to 1-2 hunters at a discounted rate. You will receive everything that is included with a 12ft x 14ft wall tent, 3/4 floor, Valley Wood Burning Stove and Stove Bag, as well as bags for carrying and storing the tent, three column angles, and a valley wood burning stove (supply and cut your own 1″EMT conduit). Tent A window, screen door, storm door, and eave sleeves are included in the price.

Elk Camp Tent Package

  • $ 2,040.00 to $2,285.00 (USD) Hunter Package | 14 x 16 | 1-4 Hunters Save a bundle on the Elk Camp Tent Package, which includes everything you’ll need to accommodate up to four hunters. You will receive a 14ft x 16ft wall tent, 3/4 floor, Ridge Wood Burning Stove, and bags for transporting and storing the tent and stove, as well as four column angles (supply and cut your own 1″EMT conduit). Tent A window, screen door, storm door, and eave sleeves are included in the price.

Grizzly Camp Tent Package

  • $ 2,419.00 to $2,687.00 (USD) Hunter Package | 16 x 20 | 4-6 Hunters Save a bundle on the Grizzly Camp Tent Package, which includes everything you’ll need to accommodate up to 4-6 hunters in comfort. Everything that comes with a 16ft x 20ft wall tent, 3/4 floor, Peak Wood Burning Stove, and bags for carrying and storing the tent and stove, as well as 5 column angles, will be included in your purchase (supply and cut your own 1″EMT conduit). Tent A window, screen door, storm door, and eave sleeves are included in the price.

Pros and Cons of Different Tent Fabrics at a Tent Sale

Polyester, silnylon, DCF or Cuben fiber, polycotton canvas, and PE are some of the options available. Having a better understanding of tent fabrics can assist you in making the best option while shopping for tents for sale. With so many various fabrics, coatings, and specifications to choose from, it might be overwhelming.

The following are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the most prevalent tent materials, as well as applications for which they are best appropriate. Alternatively, see our article for additional information on intended fabric specifications and coatings. Polyester

  • Decent strength, stretch, and tear resistance
  • Easy to keep up with
  • Moderate weight
  • Reasonable cost
  • Good pack size
  • Good mildew resistance
  • Waterproof when coatings are applied. Cons: It has poor UV and heat resistance, and its low breathability causes condensation. It also has a short shelf life. Small and big dome tents, family camping tents and shelters, and camping tarps are all excellent uses for this material.

Polyester is the most often seen fabric in tents. It is a popular choice since it performs well in a variety of weather situations and is reasonably priced. Polyester does not change shape when wet, is waterproof when coated, performs well in direct sunshine, is more durable than nylon, is of a decent weight, and can be packed down to a compact size. Polyester is a good choice for outdoor clothing. Nylon

  • Several advantages include: very light weight, good strength, waterproof with applied coatings, ease of maintenance, and a small packed volume. Cons: more expensive, expands when wet, is subject to UV damage, is not breathable, and is prone to tearing. Suitable for – ultralight and light weight tents, tarps, and similar items.

Nylon is often tougher and lighter than polyester, but it is also more prone to tearing (be careful to choose Ripstop fabric), making it more ideal for smaller ultralight and light weight tents rather than larger family-sized tents. To make nylon waterproof, the fabric must be coated with silicone (thus the name silnylon) and/or polyurethane (PU). UV exposure can cause nylon to become brittle, so avoid spending extended periods of time in the sunshine if at all feasible. Dyneema Composite Fiber (DCF) (formerly known as Cuben Fiber) is a kind of composite fiber.

  • Pros – incredibly light, highly robust, waterproof, with excellent UV, tear, and chemical resistance
  • Cons – quite expensive
  • Disadvantages: It is quite costly, it does not stuff (it must be folded), it does not stretch, and it has poor heat resistance. Ultralight tents and tarps are ideal for this material.

DCF is the world’s strongest and lightest tent fabric, made of Dyneema fibers (15 times stronger than steel of the same weight) encased in a polyurethane film. Unfortunately, it is also the most costly due to the fact that it is the lightest, strongest, and longest-lasting material available. Silnylon weighs less than half the weight of nylon but costs four times as much. It is waterproof and does not absorb water, but it is more expensive. However, because DCF has no ‘give,’ caution should be exercised when pitching because it will not expand into form and may puncture.

The’miracle fabric’ of ultralight enthusiasts – but at a high cost.

  • Cons – lack of breathability and moisture absorption, resulting in reduced condensation
  • Strong insulation – keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter
  • Long lasting
  • High UV resistance
  • Cons: it is costly, heavy, and bulky, and it is susceptible to mildew. It must first be weathered before use, and it requires regular care. Cabin family type tents, glamping, bell tents, longer term camping, and swags are all possibilities.

Your grandfather’s tent was most likely made of cotton canvas, which is robust, resilient, and breathable, and which expands when wet to seal any holes in the cloth and keep the elements out. Because of the swelling process, it is possible that the product will leak the first time it is used in the rain. It is recommended that the product be weathered/seasoned before usage. Canvas is heavy and cumbersome, and it takes a great deal of work to pitch and move it properly. Canvas made of polycotton

  • Strength and mildew resistance superior to cotton canvas, higher resistance to UV and heat than polyester, breathable (less moisture and condensation), longer lifetime and lighter weight than cotton canvas are some of the advantages of using polyester. Cons: high maintenance costs, requirement for special attention, mildew susceptibility, and bulkiness. Ideal for – family tents, cabins, roof top tents, swags, and glamping tents
  • Durable and long-lasting.

Polycotton canvas is a mix of cotton canvas and polyester that produces a canvas that is lighter and tougher than cotton canvas alone. It can be left uncoated, although it is generally treated with coatings to repel water and increase mold and mildew resistance, as well as to improve durability. Because of its durability, breathability, and weather resistance, it is an excellent choice for family camping tents, swags, and roof top tents of all sizes. PETROLEUM ECONOMIC ECONOMIC ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENTAL ENVIRONMENTAL ENVIRONMENTAL ENVIRONMENTAL ENVIRONMENTAL ENVIRONMENTAL ENVIRONMENTAL ENVIRONMENTAL ENVIRONMENTAL ENVIRONMENTAL ENVIRONMENTAL ENVIRONMENTAL ENVIRONMENTAL ENVIRONMENTAL ENVIRONMENTAL ENVIRONMENTAL ENVIRONMENTAL ENVIRONMENTAL ENVIRONMENTAL ENVI (Polyethelene)

  • Pros: robust, long-lasting, waterproof, and reasonably priced. Disadvantages: it is large, loud, and non-breathable. Excellent for – dome and family tent flooring, as well as tarps.

A thick, robust, and durable plastic-like material, usually black or grey in color, that is used for tarps and tent flooring. Because it is inexpensive, durable, waterproof, and easy to clean, it is an excellent choice for flooring. PVC is a kind of plastic (Polyvinyl Chloride)

  • Pros: robust and long-lasting, with excellent UV protection. Disadvantages: it is hefty and big. Heavy-duty tent flooring, heavy-duty tarps, awnings, and tent roof coverings are all possible with this material.

Heavy-duty PVC is used to withstand the most demanding conditions of the weather and the environment, as well as the continual foot traffic on it. Although tough and sturdy, it is also heavy and big. Canvas tents are frequently used in combination with this product. For the inside tent walls, use mesh netting of various strengths and thicknesses to keep insects out. Mesh netting Windows and doors are frequently equipped with a mesh covering that is lightweight and provides insect protection, improved ventilation, and the reduction of interior moisture.

If you have any questions, please contact us at Intents Outdoors and we will do everything we can to assist you.

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