Where Can I Rent A Canopy Tent

Canopy Rentals and Event Tent Rentals

Looking for Tent and Canopy Rentals? Look no further. If this is the case, we have party tents, canopies, and umbrellas available for rent! Whatever your needs are, we have a tent to meet them. We have tents in every size and with or without walls. In order to create the ideal ambience for your special occasion, All Occasion Party Rentals proudly installs a selection of high-quality expandable tents. In fact, we are here to handle all of your venting requirements, large and little. We have a wide range of tent types that are suitable for a wide range of applications.

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Tent Rentals

PRO TIP FOR PLANNING: Our tent walls are available in three different styles: plain white, french window style, and panoramic style. We also have tent heaters and other items.

Canopy Rentals

It is also possible to maintain the temperature in the tents agreeable by using tent accessories. Take a look at some of the possibilities available here.

Tent Rentals

Type Size Sq. Ft. 60” Tables Chairs
Party Canopy 10’x10′ 100 1 8
Party Tent 20’x20′ 400 4 32
Party Tent 20’x30′ 600 6 48
Party Tent 20’x40′ 800 8 64
Type Size Sq. Ft. 60” Tables Chairs
Frame Canopy 10’x10′ 100 1 8
Frame Canopy 10’x20′ 200 2 16
Frame Canopy 10’x30′ 300 3 24
Frame Canopy 10’x40′ 400 4 32
Frame Canopy 20’x20′ 400 4 32
Frame Canopy 20’x30′ 600 6 48
Frame Canopy 20’x40′ 800 8 64
Frame Canopy 20’x50′ 1000 10 80
Frame Canopy 20’x60′ 1200 12 96
Frame Canopy 30’x30′ 900 9 72
Frame Canopy 30’x40′ 1200 12 96
Frame Canopy 30’x50′ 1500 15 120
Frame Canopy 30’x60′ 1800 18 144
Frame Canopy 40’x40′ 1600 16 128
Frame Canopy 40’x60′ 2400 24 192
Frame Canopy 40’x80′ 3200 32 256
Frame Canopy 40’x100′ 4000 40 320
*Additional Sizes available upon request **Professional Installation required

Pole Tent Options

Unlike traditional circus tents, large pole tents have the appearance of classic circus tents with center poles in the center and guy ropes around the perimeter.

Type Size Sq. Ft. 60” Tables Chairs
Pole Tent 40’x40′ 1600 16 128
Pole Tent 40’x60′ 2400 24 192
Pole Tent 40’x80′ 3200 32 256
Pole Tent 40’x100′ 4000 400 320
Pole Tent 50’x50′ 2500 24 192
Pole Tent 50’x70′ 3500 32 256
Pole Tent 50’x90′ 4500 42 336
Pole Tent 60’x60′ 3600 36 288
Pole Tent 60’x80′ 4800 48 384
Pole Tent 60’x100′ 6000 60 480
Twin Pole 60’x60′ 3600 36 288
Twin Pole 60’x80′ 4800 48 384
Twin Pole 60’x100′ 6000 60 480
*Additional Sizes available upon request**Professional Installation required

Structures are our most extensive choice for large events, allowing us to create an event space that is free of poles, ropes, and other impediments.

Type Size Sq. Ft. 60” Tables Chairs
Structure 49’x49′ 2401 25 200
Structure 49’x66′ 3234 30 240
Structure 49’x82′ 4018 40 320
Structure 60’x60′ 3600 36 288
Structure 60’x80′ 4800 48 384
Structure 60’x100′ 6000 60 480
Structure 66’x66′ 4356 36 288
Structure 66’x82′ 5412 48 384
Structure 66’x98′ 6468 54 432
Structure 82’x82′ 6724 64 512
Structure 82’x98′ 8036 72 576
Structure 82’x115′ 9430 88 704
Structure 100’x105′ 10500 100 800
Structure 100’x120′ 12000 120 960
Structure 100’x135′ 13500 130 1040
*Additional Sizes available upon request**Professional Installation required

Party Tent Rental and Wedding Tent Rental in Chicago and the Western Suburbs

Everyone enjoys an outdoor party or a wedding reception in their lawn! However, the weather in Chicago’s suburbs might make it difficult to hold outdoor activities. A party tent rental or wedding tent rental from Affordable Backyard Tents might come in handy for these types of occasions.

Party Tent Rental

Whether you’re planning an outdoor party, a backyard wedding or a business event, ABT can provide you with the perfect rental tent. In addition to small frame tents, high peak tents, and pole tents, we now provide tents designed exclusively for events held on grass. Also available for rental are tent sides and outdoor tent heaters to ensure that your visitors remain warm and dry when inclement weather threatens. Consider first looking at ourtent rental packages, which include some convenient combination options.

All of our packages may be tailored to match your specific party tent rental requirements.

Wedding Tent Rental

Do you want to have an outdoor wedding? Affordable Backyard Tents has you covered — both literally and figuratively. Our stunning high-peak tents are ideal for outdoor wedding ceremonies and receptions, as well as other special occasions. We are able to combine many tents to create a stunning outdoor ballroom. With our wedding rental tents, tent sides, and rental tent heaters, you can ensure that your guests are kept warm and dry. Check out our pricing page once you’ve had a look at our tents to see if there are any packages that fit your needs and your budget.

Remember, if you don’t see the wedding tent rental you’re looking for, give us a call at 630.742.2407 and we’ll help you find it. Depending on your needs, we may create a package tailored to your exact needs.

Party Equipment Rental

Party tent rental and wedding tent rental aren’t the only services offered by Affordable Backyard Tents. We have all of the party rental equipment you may possibly need. For further information about any of the items listed below, please click on the link. Chiavari chairs and folding chairs are two types of chairs that may be used. Tables for banquets, circular tables, and highboy cocktail tables are all available. Fill ‘n’ Chill beverage tables are available. Light bulbs in the shape of globes Bars that are transportable Dance floors are a must-have for every party.

Rental Tent Delivery and Setup

It is possible to put up your party tent rental and rental party accessories practically anyplace in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Simply give us a call at 630.742.2407 to ensure that we are able to service your location. The majority of the time, we supply rental tents and rental party equipment a day or two before the event. As a result, you will have plenty of time to set up and test all of your beautiful party decorations!

Party Tent & Canopy Rentals

Tent and canopy rentals from MannysPartyRentals.com will help you create an exquisite outdoor party celebration venue. In order to complete an order, we drop everything off the day before your event and pick everything up the following day. Please keep in mind that this is only available for Saturday orders. If your purchase is placed on a Sunday, we will deliver it first thing in the morning on Sunday. If you require an alternative timetable, please contact us at (626) 232-3925 with any questions or issues you may have about it.

If you book a canopy for which you do not have the necessary space, we will still have to charge you for the canopy because we have reserved this rental for you in advance of your arrival.

20×20 Canopy.

; ajax_link(item_container, store.item.calendar?root_path= responsive=1 show_start_form= show_instructions=1 itemid=mannysers_id_73872, post_info=1);}else “> Add to Cart $170.00
20×40 Canopy.

; ajax_link(item_container, store.item.calendar?root_path= responsive=1 show_start_form= show_instructions=1 itemid=mannysers_id_73905, post_info=1);}else “> Add to Cart $300.00
10×20 Pop Up Canopy.

; ajax_link(item_container, store.item.calendar?root_path= responsive=1 show_start_form= show_instructions=1 itemid=mannysers_id_73902, post_info=1);}else “> Add to Cart $120.00
10X10 Pop Up Canopy.

; ajax_link(item_container, store.item.calendar?root_path= responsive=1 show_start_form= show_instructions=1 itemid=mannysers_id_73873, post_info=1);}else “> Add to Cart $50.00
20 Ft Side Wall.

; ajax_link(item_container, store.item.calendar?root_path= responsive=1 show_start_form= show_instructions=1 itemid=mannysers_id_73897, post_info=1);}else “> Add to Cart $15.00
20 Ft (Front or Back Wall).

; ajax_link(item_container, store.item.calendar?root_path= responsive=1 show_start_form= show_instructions=1 itemid=mannysers_id_73898, post_info=1);}else “> Add to Cart $15.00
10 Ft Side Wall.

; ajax_link(item_container, store.item.calendar?root_path= responsive=1 show_start_form= show_instructions=1 itemid=mannysers_id_73903, post_info=1);}else “> Add to Cart $10.00
40 Ft Side Wall.

; ajax_link(item_container, store.item.calendar?root_path= responsive=1 show_start_form= show_instructions=1 itemid=mannysers_id_73906, post_info=1);}else “> Add to Cart $30.00
50 Ft Extension Cord. (Recommended)

; ajax_link(item_container, store.item.calendar?root_path= responsive=1 show_start_form= show_instructions=1 itemid=mannysers_id_73901, post_info=1);}else “> Add to Cart $10.00

10 x 10 Pop Up Canopy Rental

The 10 x 10 Pop Up Canopy is a great, affordable party tent rental for when you need to quickly provide a covered area for your guests or food spread. It measures 10’L x 10’W x 8’H and can provide up to 100 sf of covered space to protect from sun or drizzle at your outdoor event. This pop up canopy is quick and easy to set up and tear down. Since it is so quick and easy to set up and take down after it is needed, this type of popup canopy has been used at fairs, festivals, farmer’s markets, exhibits, concessions stands, and other places as vendor booths.The base rental price of this party canopy does not include set up and tear down. If you would like us to set this popup canopy for you, please keep in mind that each of these type of canopies requires between 5 and 10 minutes to set up or tear down and plan accordingly. If you will be setting them up on your own, please be sure to have someone ready to help you as two people work better than one when opening up a popup canopy or tent.If you’d like canopy weights to use with these 10 x 10 Pop Up Canopies, they are available for rent separately here:40 lb Canopy Weights.IMPORTANT!Please have your intended canopy or tent rental setup location selected, cleaned and cleared of any vehicles, debris or obstructions by the start of your delivery arrival window. Please note that this pop up canopy should not be used in the rain (drizzle is ok) or in windy weather with winds or wind gusts expected to exceed 15 mph. High winds and rain can damage the canopy or tent as well as cause injury to people or property. This pop up canopy should not be relied on for shelter or protection during heavy rain storms, lightning storms or wind events.
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20 x 30 inch heavy-duty construction:

  • Fits 10 tables, small round tables or rectangle
  • 20′ x 30′ Steel Frame
  • sWhite 500 weight polyester fire retardant fabric top
  • Comes with stakes and weights to secure tent

For suitable installation technique, the client must mention surface type at the time of booking. Rental Price:$325.00 per dayClient must select surface type at the time of booking. Heavy-Duty 20 x 30 with Walls: Dimensions:

  • It accommodates ten tables, tiny circular tables, or a rectangle. White 500-weight polyester fire retardant cloth on top of a 20-by-30-foot steel framework. There are three side walls. Tent comes with anchors and weights to keep it in place.

Renters must indicate the surface type at the time of booking in order for the right installation technique to be used. Rental Price: $410.00 each Booths in the colors red and white Our typical red and white booths will be a great addition to the carnival environment. The carnival atmosphere will be enjoyed by guests, who will also experience the excitement and adventure of being there. (Additional tables are available for a charge.)

  • 8′ x 8′ steel frame
  • 500-weight polyester fire retardant fabric with red and white stripes on the top
  • The rail skirts are red and white striped, while the rear wall is solid red and white striped. Tent comes with anchors and weights to keep it in place.

The cost to rent a carnival tent is $110.00 per tent (colors may vary). Booth with Mesh Wall (Food and Concessions) Stay in keeping with the carnival spirit by renting out our red-topped booth for your food and concession goods. Using the four mesh walls to serve food at your special occasion is a great option for your needs.

As a result of the pest-free environment provided by the zipper-connected mesh walls, your food products will keep their quality during preparation and serving. (Additional tables are available for a charge.)

  • A total of three zippered walls, each with two zipped service windows
  • One wall with a center zipper for the entry

Tent Rentals McAllen TX

30 x 120 Frame Tent

Please call our office to reserve this item. $1,500.00
30 x 60 Frame Tent

Please call our office to reserve this item. $750.00
30 x 80 Frame Tent

Please call our office to reserve this item. $995.00
20 x 60 Pole Tent (Side Walls not included)

Please call our office to reserve this item. $495.00
40 x 40 Frame Tent

Please call our office to reserve this item. $495.00
10 x 30 Tent

Please call our office to reserve this item. $195.00
30 x 45 Frame Tent

Please call our office to reserve this item. $525.00
30 x 60 Pole Tent

Please call our office to reserve this item. $0.00
20 x 40 Pole Tent

Please call our office to reserve this item. $325.00
20 x 30 Frame Tent

Please call our office to reserve this item. $295.00
20 x 20 Cable Tent

Please call our office to reserve this item. $195.00
10×10 High Peak Tent

Please call our office to reserve this item. $95.00
10×20 High Peak Tent

Please call our office to reserve this item. $170.00
Water Barrels

Please call our office to reserve this item.
Side Walls

Please call our office to reserve this item. $2.00
Tent Lighting

Please call our office to reserve this item. $20.00
Linens 8ft Tables

Please call our office to reserve this item. $15.00
Linens 6ft table

Please call our office to reserve this item. $10.00
Concession Booths

Please call our office to reserve this item. $0.00

Please call our office to reserve this item. $0.00
Set up

Please call our office to reserve this item. $0.00
30 x 40 Frame Tent

Please call our office to reserve this item. $495.00

Canopy Tents

A wedding or a garden bash For a conventional wedding or garden party under a tent, there will be enough room for guests to be seated at round tables, as well as area for a buffet and head tables, as well as space for bars and dance floors. Despite the fact that each party has its own set of needs, the basic rule for this sort of event is to provide 18 square feet each person. Cocktail Receptions Because there isn’t as much furniture required during a cocktail party (limited seating, fewer food stations, and so on), the space allocation can be decreased to 10-12 square feet per visitor.

It is recommended that each individual be given 8 square feet of floor space.

Each occurrence ought to be examined on its own merits.

One 5′ Round table with 8 to 10 seats requires 100 square feet of space.

  • A 5′ round table sits 8 comfortably
  • A 6′ round table seats 10 comfortably
  • A 6′ rectangle table seats 6 to 8
  • An 8′ rectangle table seats 8 to 10
  • And a 10′ rectangle table seats 12 comfortably.

Event Tent Rentals

Tents For Rent is a company dedicated to bringing your fantasies to reality in the great outdoors. We, as a tent rental company, believe that arranging an outdoor event should be simple and stress-free for everyone involved. Forget about the weather because our tents will keep you and your visitors safe while still enabling you to enjoy the great outdoors. If you have ideas of a romantic wedding tent, a backyard party tent, or an event tent for a business occasion, allow us to surpass your tent rental expectations.

Take a look at our tent images for some ideas.

Contact us now to learn more.

Serving these LOCATIONS:

Ephrata, Philadelphia, Lancaster, Allentown, Annville, Bangor, Bethlehem/Bensalem, Camp Hill, Carlisle, Chester/Chambersburg, Coatesville/Easton/Elizabethtown/Enola/Gettysburg/Hamburg/Hazleton/Hummelstown/King of Prussia/Lansdale/Lebanon/Manheim/Mechanicsburg/Middletown/Millersville/Montgomer

New Jersey:

Atlantic City, Cape May, Cherry Hill, Jersey City, Newark, Ocean City, Trenton, and Vineland are all popular vacation destinations.




Baltimore, Frederick, Montgomery County, Rising Sun, and Towson are some of the cities in Maryland.

New York

You can rely on Tents for Rent to provide you with the best tent rentals Lancaster, PA has to offer. It’s really that simple. Begin right now!

Turn Your Backyard Into a Party With a Tent Rental

The summer months in New England are ideal for hosting outdoor gatherings. Graduation parties, weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, and summer cookouts are all possibilities. Are you fed up with looking for the ideal location for your event? With the help of a tent, you may host your next gathering in the comfort of your own garden! Here’s how to use a tent rental to transform your backyard into a party space: It’s not only about the tent when it comes to turning your backyard into a fantastic summer party; it’s also about the décor.

Colors, textures, and layout should all be considered while designing the perfect environment for your special occasion.


When it comes to creating the right atmosphere for your party, lighting is essential. Consider the following alternatives:

Christmas lights

First and foremost, consider your color scheme: do you want beautiful, all-white lights or a lively strand of multi-colored lights? As a result of their exceptional versatility and low cost, Christmas lights are an excellent choice for a wide variety of occasions. It is possible to add these yourself for very little money, or for no money at all if you have some leftover from the holidays. Alternatively, you might hang these shimmering strands from the ceiling or around the walls. Spiralized around tent poles or tree trunks, they also look fantastic.

Paper lanterns

When it comes to illumination, paper lanterns can make a big impact without becoming overpowering. They are available in a range of various shapes and colors, allowing you to choose anything from gentle, white globes to dazzling, blue star-shaped lights to decorate your home. They are a wonderful way to add color to a room even when there is no light. Hanging rows of paper lanterns from the ceiling will provide ample illumination for the tent. Paper lanterns may be used as table centerpieces in place of candles to make each table a little more distinctive.


Renting a tent allows you to change your backyard into whatever type of event you wish. It also provides protection from the weather, whether it’s from the sun or from the rain. One of the first things you should think about is how you are going to outfit your tent.

Dance floor

If you intend to spend the majority of your party dancing the night away with your guests, you will require a suitable dance floor. Atent for Rent offers two distinct types of dance floors: a conventional hardwood parquet floor and a New England style plank floor. Both are available for rent. You shouldn’t have a dance party unless you have a suitable venue where you and your guests can show off your moves! Browse the various dance floors for rent on Atent for Rent to find the perfect dance floor for your backyard bash.

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Tables and chairs

The tables and chairs that you select will have a significant impact on the overall landscape and mood of your party. Do you want a large number of tiny, cozy tables where your guests may converse in peace and quiet? Alternatively, do you want a large, communal table where everyone is seated at the same time? As for the table and chair decorations, keep in mind that this is your opportunity to express yourself completely! A classic, beautiful look may be achieved by using traditional elements like as white tablecloths and candles.

Alternatively, add color and texture with hundreds of linens to select from, ranging from neon hues to burlap runners, for everything from 80s parties to rustic weddings and everything in between. VisitAtent for Rent if you’re looking for the tables and chairs you need.

Which tent should you choose?

When it comes to preparing a backyard party, the type of tent you pick is vitally crucial to consider. This will establish the tone for the remainder of the event. Here are a few of your alternatives:

Canopy tent

This type of tent is supported by center poles and guy lines that run around the outside of the structure. This style of tent is the most cost-effective, and it is available for customer pick-up and installation by Atent for Rent, as well as for customer delivery. Visit Atent for Renthere to see the many styles of canopy tents that are offered.

Sailcloth tent

An example of a pole tent with rounded corners and a transparent top is the sailcloth tent. The sailcloth tent is an ideal choice if you want to make a big impact during your backyard celebration. Your garden will be a remarkable sight with its wooden poles and high peaks in the roof, making it a focal point. Atent for Renthere has additional information on the sailcloth tents they sell.

Victorian tent

Similarly to the canopy tent, the Victorian tent is supported by a central pole, with guy wires running around the periphery. Nonetheless, this particular design of tent provides a little something more, and it is also available in bigger sizes. The Victorian tent is distinguished by its towering, white peaks and excessive pitch. This kind of tent, when erected in your garden, will create an atmosphere of elegance and grandeur for your party guests. Visit Atent for Rent to see the Victorian tents that are now available for rent.

Frame tent

The frame tent is the most adaptable type of tent available, and it is available in a variety of sizes to accommodate just about any place you can think of. It is not necessary to use center poles or out guys with this tent because it has an internal structure that supports the whole tent. Additionally, the frame tent may be fastened with weights and put over a variety of surfaces like patios, pavements, cement or brick. Staking is not authorized in some areas, and where staking is permitted, the site must be narrow and restricted in size.

Of course, the most enjoyable aspect of the party-planning process is the process of decorating the tent for your outdoor gathering.

Save money

In certain cases, organizing a party might turn out to be an extremely expensive endeavor. Fortunately, there are several simple measures you may do to reduce your expenses. When hiring a tent, saving money by picking it up yourself is a great idea! If you live in close proximity to your tent provider and have enough space in your vehicle to accommodate the weight, this is a quick and simple method to avoid delivery fees and save a little additional cash.

Plan ahead

When it comes to preparing a spectacular event, there are a plethora of small elements that must all come together seamlessly. The tent is one item that you do not want to forget about until the last possible moment. Many individuals believe that they may put off reserving their tent until only a month before the event. This is incorrect. Unfortunately, tents will be booked up very fast, especially during the month of June, which is the height of party season in the United Kingdom.

Reservations for tents for special events should be made at least four months in advance to ensure that you get the tent of your choice. Do you have a special event planned in the near future? Make contact with Atent for Rent to book your tent immediately.

The beautiful weather in the summer makes it the perfect time to plan a party.

Instead of wasting time looking for a suitable site for your special occasion, hire a tent and organize the celebration in the comfort of your own home! With a little imagination and do-it-yourself decor, you can transform your backyard into a party hotspot while saving money in the process. With Atent for Rent, you can choose the right tent to rent for your backyard party! Check out our numerous designs of tents, as well as our lighting, tables, chairs, and dance floors that we have available.

Tent Rentals in Cleveland OH

Tents can protect your event from the elements in all season, from the scorching heat of the summer sun to the howling winds of autumn to the freezing cold of winter snow. It is possible to build up simple umbrella arrangements outside a venue to protect attendees from the elements while also announcing the location of your event. High-peak tents are both visually appealing and graceful. Frame tents may be quite big, allowing them to accommodate even the greatest of groups. Whatever the size and location of your event, we have a tent or canopy that will work for you!

  • We have a variety of tents in stock, including Navitrac® Clear Span Tents, Century Mate® High Peaked Pole Tents, hexagonal and peak marquee frame tents, as well as pole canopies, all of which are meant to be simple to set up by the client.
  • They may be customized with walls, doors, windows, and gutters to precisely suit your visitors.
  • Do you want to do it yourself?
  • Whenever you order a pole canopy, we will offer you with detailed instructions for a simple set-up.
  • Please see our full assortment of tents and canopies by clicking here.
  • Please contact us for a quote right away!

Party tent rental for backyard events guide: Wisconsin canopy tent rentals

You might imagine that party tents are only those large, cavernous structures that are utilized for large wedding parties and fairs. However, this is not the case. However, while large-scale events such as these are unquestionably our bread and butter, we also hire smaller frame tents and pop-up canopy tents that are ideal for a variety of smaller occasions. A tent is a terrific complement to any outdoor gathering, whether it’s a barbecue or a family reunion.

5 Reasons To Rent A Tent For Your Backyard Party:

  1. Shelter from the sleet and rain. If it rains on the day of your event, you can choose between two options: Either you cram everyone into your living room or you cancel the party. Ah, but if you leased a tent, you could invite everyone over for a barbecue instead. Renting a tent is analogous to purchasing insurance for your event. Regardless of whether the weather cooperates or not, you’re prepared
  2. Provide shade from the sun. Let’s imagine you’re fortunate enough to get a beautiful, sunny day for your event. That’s fantastic, but sitting in the sun may get really unpleasant very soon. Your guests will wind up at your home just because they want to get out of the heat. In the summer, a tent provides welcome protection from the scorching rays of the sun. For a summer event, it’s also a good idea to hire a pedestal fan or two to keep the air moving beneath the tent
  3. This will keep the food from becoming stale. A tent can help keep birds and flying insects away from your food while you’re cooking. It’s also a good idea to keep your cooler and perishable items out of the sun. Although you are unable to place your grill beneath a tent, you may place it a few feet away from the tent on the outside. It’s not like you’re required to stand over it all the time anyhow. Ambiance. An ambience that is distinct and appealing is created by a tent, and this mood can be readily increased with the addition of lights and decorations. It takes only a few of those little, white holiday lights strung around the frame of a tent to give it a festive ambiance. Another fantastic approach to create an ambience under your tent is to place candles on the tables
  4. Tents help to keep your party organized. A tent can serve as a focal point for a party or other gathering. Instead of individuals splitting up into numerous groups and dispersing over your yard, a tent invites your guests to congregate in one location.
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What Kinds Of Tents Work Well For Backyard Events?

The two alternatives available to you are a tiny frame tent and what is known as a “pop-up” type tent. While both frame tents and pop-up tents have metal frames around the perimeter of the tent canopy, the frame tent features a foldable metal frame that physically pops up as you put up the tent canopy. The Pop-up Tent is a portable structure. We have two sizes of pop-up canopy tents available: a 10′ x 10′ and a 20′ x 20′. These tents have been intended to be simple to erect. With the assistance of a friend or spouse, you may quickly and easily set up one of them.

  • It is likely that if you have ever visited a local farmer’s market or an outdoor flea market, you have seen this sort of tent in action.
  • In case you’re still debating between a pop-up tent and a frame tent, it’s definitely a good idea to stop by your local farmers market to get a better look at what these tents look like in real life.
  • Don’t be concerned if you don’t have a car that is large enough.
  • The Tent with a Small Frame For smaller gatherings, we have a 10′ by 10′, a 16′ by 16′, and a 20′ by 20′ frame tent available.
  • Most likely, you won’t need a tent larger than a 20′ x 20′ for a backyard BBQ, but if you do, we have a huge selection of larger tents available for you to consider.
  • This makes it easy to install lights around the perimeter of the building.

Although it is possible to entangle a string of lights on the ceiling of a frame tent, the metal frame of a frame tent is preferable for placing lights around the perimeter of the tent canopy. See Outdoor Tent Rental Packages: The Best Option for Backyard Parties

What Else Should You Rent When You Rent A Party Tent?

With the exception of the tent itself, there isn’t much else that is required for most modest parties. Patio furniture is most likely already in your possession. If you don’t already have an outside table and chairs, or if you don’t have enough of them, you’ll probably want to hire a few of them. We can assist you with this. In addition to renting round and rectangular tables, we also offer a large assortment of foldable chairs available for you to choose from. If you’re hosting your event during the day, we’d consider adding pedestal fans to keep the temperature down, as well as a chill table if you’ll be serving picnic items for a lengthy amount of time.

These are intended to be mounted to the frame of a tent around the perimeter of the structure.

Get in contact with one of our party rental specialists and we’ll assist you in getting everything organized.

Consider Renting a Party Tent Package Sized for Decks or Driveways

While you may hire a modest tent like the ones seen above and bring your own tables and chairs (or rent them from us), we also offer a comprehensive package that includes everything you need. We now have two free-standing frame tent rental packages available: a 10′ by 10′ tent package and a 20′ by 20′ tent package, both of which are available at the time of publication of this article. Several bar height tables, 12 bar stools, and a 6′ banquet table are included in the package price of the 10′ 10′ tent.

The package is 20′ by 20′ and includes six 8′ banquet tables (with linens) and forty-eight black folding chairs.

Request a Quote on a Backyard Tent Rental

Madison Party Rentalserves the Madison area and surrounding cities, including: Cottage Grove, Dane, Deerfield, Dodgeville, Cambridge, Fitchburg,Fort Atkinson, Janesville, Kegonsa, Lake Mills, Middleton, Mt. Horeb,McFarland, New Glarus, Pine Bluff, Spring Green, Stoughton, Sun Prairie,Oregon, Paoli, Verona, Vermont, Waterloo, Waunakee, Whitewater,Wisconsin Dells Brookfield Party Rentalserves the greater Milwaukee area, including: Brookfield, Bayview, Brown Deer, Delafield, Elm Grove, Fox Point,Franklin, Germantown, Glendale, Grafton, Greendale, Hales Corners,Lannon, Menomonee Falls, Mequon, New Berlin, Oconomowoc, Pewaukee, PortWashington, River Hills, St. Francis, Shorewood, Sussex, Wauwatosa,Whitefish Bay

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Canopy & Party Tent Rentals

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M M Party Rentals -Your Canopy and Party Tent Rental Headquarters

When looking for canopy and party tent rentals online, there are several options to choose from. What if, on the other hand, you had access to all of the greatest selections in one place? When planning a party or event in the Santa Cruz County region, M M Party Rentals is your one-stop shop for everything you need. The equipment you need to host a party, event, wedding, or memorial is virtually entirely available at our location. This includes tents. We offer a variety of alternatives for keeping guests comfortable that go beyond the largest tent you have ever seen.

  1. Of course, we can assist you in keeping your event within a realistic price by providing you with sizing recommendations when you phone us.
  2. The primary purpose of renting a party tent is to keep the sun and rain off of your guests while they are enjoying themselves outside.
  3. Birds can be unwanted participants in activities that take place near bodies of water, to finish it off.
  4. In addition to Astroturf, we have grass to prevent guests from sliding on the grass or tracking mud inside the buildings when it rains.
  5. If you are arriving by plane from another location, you may find that you need to rent a tent in Santa Cruz County when you arrive.
  6. Last-minute tent rentals during a conference might be tricky, thus it is advised that you reserve your tent well in advance.
  7. It is not necessary for party tent rentals to create the impression that everyone is camping.

We also have various tent accessories available for rent if you want to make the outdoors feel more like you’re inside a structure.

We can also provide heating and lighting for your party tent if you choose.

What occurs when you order a tent for a party or event is described below.

Tents and canopies do not have to be set up on concrete or asphalt; instead, they can be anchored down securely in the grass or soil.

In addition, there should be 10 square feet each person, plus an extra 20 square feet per person for walking area, per person.

We will charge you for mileage, labor, and time if you live outside of the Santa Cruz County delivery region.

Canopies, tents, and their frames, with the exception of smaller versions, must be built by specialists, for reasons of safety and security. To guarantee safety in the case of heavy winds, framed tents and canopies must also be secured to water barrels.

Sizing Options

Free-standing frame canopies may be set up on any surface, including grass, concrete, dirt, or blacktop (see illustration). How to figure out what size canopy you’ll need is as follows: You’ll need 10 square feet every individual who will be seated. You’ll need 100 square feet for each additional table. (Food, for example) Example Seating for 40 persons under a 20×20 umbrella covering 400 sq. ft. Consider the square footage of the dance floor, as well as the space for food tables, a bar, a cake table, and other amenities when determining the size of the canopy you’ll need.

A 4040 canopy is too small for 1600 square feet; a 4050 canopy is too large for 2000 square feet.

All frame canopies must be anchored or secured in place with water barrels to prevent them from blowing away.

Delivery and pick-up fees are calculated based on the location of the delivery.


10 x 10 Customer Set-up (EZUp) $50.00
10 x 10 Frame $135.00
10 x 15 Frame $190.00
10 x 20 Frame $225.00
10 x 25 Frame $270.00
10 x 30 Frame $300.00
10 x 35 Frame $340.00
10 x 40 Frame $375.00
10 x 45 Frame $420.00
10 x 50 Frame $550.00
10 x 60 Frame $620.00
20 x 20 Frame $275.00
20 x 30 Frame $375.00
20 x 40 Frame $495.00
20 x 50 Frame $675.00
20 x 60 Frame $795.00
20 x 70 Frame $845.00
20 x 80 Frame $995.00
20 x 90 Frame $1095.00
20 x 100 Frame $1295.00
30 x 30 Frame $695.00
30 x 40 Frame $775.00
30 x 45 Frame $875.00
30 x 55 Frame $975.00
30 x 60 Frame $1075.00
30 x 70 Frame $1175.00
40 x 40, 1 piece $995.00
40 x 60, 1 piece $1500.00
40 x 80, 1 piece $2450.00
40 x 100 $3050.00
40 x 120 $3500.00
Marquee Canopy Entrance 7x7x8 $75.00
White Sidewalls $2.00/ft
Panorama/Window Sidewalls $3.00/ft
Canopy Lights (Installed) $15.00 each
Canopy Heaters (Forced Air) $75.00 each
Rain Gutter $3.00/sq. ft.
Astroturf 25¢/sq. ft.

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