What Is The Best Truck Bed Tent

What’s The Best Truck Tent? Here Are 5 You’ll Love

With the proliferation of recreational vehicles (RVs) in recent years, it’s easy to forget that you may camp without a vehicle. Camping in a truck bed tent, on the other hand, may be your favorite type of camping. If you own a vehicle and are looking for a new way to enjoy the great outdoors, consider purchasing a truck bed tent.

What Is a Truck Bed Tent?

A truck bed tent is a type of tent that is constructed using the bed area of a truck as the basis. Camping in this sort of tent allows campers to camp anyplace they can get to with their car. Furthermore, these tents are often easy to set up and take down, taking only a few minutes each time. Truck bed tents may be used with both long bed and short bed vehicles, depending on the design of the tent. These little tents are best suited for a single or two people. A family with a couple of little children, on the other hand, might be able to fit in for an exciting weekend.

Are Truck Bed Tents Comfortable?

Truck bed tents may be equally as comfortable as traditional camping tents, if not more so. However, there are a few things you can do to assist create a more comfortable atmosphere outside. Let’s have a look at this! A truck’s bed is often made of metal with divots, which is not the best place to sleep. When you purchase a quality air mattress, you may expect to notice a substantial improvement in your comfort when resting or sleeping. It is possible that you will need to begin shopping early in order to get the best air mattress for you.

  1. Plan your journeys accordingly, taking the weather into consideration.
  2. Make informed decisions regarding when and where you camp.
  3. It is recommended that you get a high-quality sleeping bag and warm clothing to keep you warm throughout the cooler months.
  4. If you really want to go camping, you might not mind a little hardship or sacrifice in exchange.

Best Truck Bed Tents for Camping

If you think that camping in a truck bed tent seems like a fantastic idea, we’ve compiled a list of the top truck bed tents available. Let’s have a look at them!

1. Napier Backroadz Truck Bed Tent

The Napier Backroadzis a two-person tent that is both lightweight and durable. It includes two windows that allow for the circulation of air. With the use of color-coded poles, Napier has made setup a snap. To finish the setup procedure, it takes an average of 10 minutes. Your belongings are kept in order thanks to a dedicated storage pocket. In order to keep your tent illuminated after dark, you may hang a light in the lantern holder in the center of the tent’s interior. Napier has also worked with Trees for the Future, and for every tent purchased, a tree is planted in their honor.

Five different tent sizes are available, with prices ranging from $170 to $350 depending on the size of your vehicle. Given the 4.6-star rating on Amazon and the more than 3,000 reviews, it is reasonable to assume that this product is a success!

2. Guide Gear Full-Size Truck Tent

TheGuide Gear is available in full-size. The Vehicle Tent is made up of only four poles and can be swiftly and securely installed in the bed of your truck. This tent will fit in the majority of full-sized beds that measure 79-81 inches in length with the tailgate folded down. The external layer is constructed of polyester and has a water-resistant coating applied over top of it. It ranges in price from $140 to $160. If you’re looking for a lightweight, budget-friendly tent that can accommodate two people, this could be the one for you!

3. Kodiak Canvas Truck Tent

Tent for truck beds made of canvas, the Kodiak.

  • Made with Hydra-Shield, a robust, impermeable, and breathable 100 percent cotton duck canvas, this bag is built to last. Tunnel-shaped design increases internal space
  • Towering 5 ft. ceiling height is one of the versions that are compatible with this feature. Tailgate down design increases the amount of usable area.

A 100 percent cotton duck canvas with Hydra-Shield is used to construct the Kodiak CanvasTruck Tent. As a result of this combination, the tent fabric is both waterproof and breathable. Kodiak built this tent to have 5 feet of spaciousness and to be able to extend even more by opening the tailgate. The frame is made of steel tubing and is clamped to the truck’s tracks with bolts. The frame provides a solid fit that is ideal for camping in all weather conditions. However, Kodiak does not advocate utilizing this tent in areas where there is a lot of snow to contend with.

Consider this incredible truck bed tent, which features various storage pockets, five windows, and a cab access window.

4. Rightline Gear Truck Tent

It is available in three distinct sizes: mid-size, full-size, and small. The Rightline GearTruck Tent is available in three different sizes. The prices range from $189 to $278, which is a fantastic bargain. On Amazon, this product has had over 1,000 reviews and has received a 4.5-star rating. This two-person tent is the finest choice for summer camping because of its lightweight design. With its floorless design, you won’t have to worry about removing all of your stuff from the floor bed of your vehicle before putting it up.

Because of the color-coded tent poles and storage pockets, set-up is quick and simple.

The waterproof structure will keep you dry, and the nylon buckles will not damage the finish of your truck.

5. Fofana Stand Up Truck Bed Tent

In addition to a giant truck tent with panoramic windows and one of the shortest setup times available, Fofana also manufactures a large trailer tent. The automated pole simplifies the process of setting up and taking down. You won’t have to deal with snagging rods any more, thank goodness! A higher tent that fits in the bed of a truck may be difficult to come by because of the astounding 6 ft of spaciousness provided. It features a universal fit and is designed to accommodate beds ranging in height from 5.5 to 8 feet.

Are Truck Bed Tents Worth It?

Truck tents are a great option if you want to get out into the wilderness but already have a truck. Much of your camping equipment will remain same, but you’ll be more protected from the elements and troublesome animals because you’ll be higher up in the air. Additionally, you will have greater movement and will feel a bit safer when sleeping. You may camp anywhere your vehicle can travel and transport your things in the bed of the truck. It takes only a few minutes to erect these tents by a single person.

We believe that every opportunity to get out and experience the outdoors is worthwhile. For a few hundred dollars, you can acquire a high-quality tent and still have money left over to spend on a few other crucial items of equipment.

Camp in Unique Locations With Truck Bed Tents

A truck tent may allow you to camp in some of the most unusual and spectacular places on the planet. If you choose one of the tents on our list, we believe you will have a fantastic experience. Make sure you do your homework and are well-prepared to enjoy a wonderful vacation. Have you ever slept in a truck bed tent while camping? Images from the Amazon Product Advertising API (as of 2022-02-05) / Affiliate links / Last updated on 2022-02-05.

The Best Truck Tents for Sheltering in Your Rig

Thanks to Guide Gear for the use of their products. Camping settings are virtually limitless these days, thanks to technological advancements. When it comes to comfort and expense, the sky is the limit. Everything from a simple ground tent to a costly Sprinter Van is available. The truck bed tent is a one-of-a-kind solution for pickup drivers because it combines the lightweight familiarity of a ground tent with the comfort and convenience of setup of a rooftop tent, transforming your truck’s bed into a camping castle.

But first, here are some things to bear in mind when you’re deciding which option would be the best fit for you.

What to Consider

Setting up a tent in the bed of your truck means you won’t have to worry about pebbles and roots, or muddy, damp ground contaminating your tent and stuff while you’re out camping. However, while some truck bed tents are more straightforward to set up than others, all require some of the same processes as traditional tent construction, such as placing poles into sleeves and wrapping straps over the bed of the truck to protect it from the elements. Space and comfort:Truck beds aren’t extremely spacious, so any additional headroom and space when camping is really appreciated.

Durability: Based on our previous experience, there is no reason to search for lightweight materials in a truck bed tent because your vehicle will be doing the heavy lifting.

Price: Just like regular camping tents, truck bed tents are available in a variety of price ranges, ranging from inexpensive to extremely expensive.

How We Selected

When making our selections, we took into consideration the simplicity of setup, the comfort, the durability, and the price (or lack thereof). We’ve ensured that all of our picks have received at least four out of five stars on Amazon, as well as positive feedback from reputable sites such as Parked in Paradise and Business Insider, among others. Bryan Rogala has been a vehicle owner for over a decade and has considerable experience researching overlanding and camping gear for magazines like as Outside Magazine, Gaia GPS, Popular Mechanics, and others.

  • Napier has been manufacturing truck bed tents since 1990, making them one of the most recognizable brands in the industry.
  • The Sportz model, which is somewhat more costly, provides extra waterproofing, a floor made of a more durable polyester oxford cloth, an awning, and an additional window above the Backroadz model.
  • Napier manufactures five different sizes, ensuring that there is a model to suit any type of vehicle on the market.
  • Most Versatile Truck Bed Cap with Softopper The Softopper Truck Bed Cap receives the nod for its adaptability and durability.
  • When you need to use your truck bed as a camper shell to protect your belongings or sleep under it, it pops up in a second and folds down again.
  • It is entirely waterproof.
  • My truck is outfitted with one of these, and I’ve been pleasantly impressed by how well it’s held up since I installed it.

If you need to move something huge, you can fold the Softopper down in seconds and use the whole truck bed as it was intended.

The most long-lasting Tent for truck beds made of canvas, the Kodiak.

Fortunately, because you’ll be setting it up in the bed of your truck, this won’t be a major issue.

Its 100 percent Cotton Duck Hydra-Shield Canvas and 34-inch steel-tube frame design ensure that it will outlast polyester tents in the long term, and it is also more suited for rainy and cold weather than polyester tents.

There is no floor, which means that setup time is reduced, and there are five windows to provide for plenty of ventilation.

The best choice for camper shells Weekender Camper and TopperLift Kit Included If you have a camper shell on your vehicle but would want the additional room provided by a truck bed tent, the TopperLift Kit with Weekender Camper Package is a good option.

To begin with, the TopperLift is a 12-volt electric lift that lifts your camper shell 17.5 inches above the bedrails of your truck, providing you with greater headroom and converting your truck bed into a fully functional camper.

Setting up the tent is as simple as pressing a button, inserting one tent pole, and Velcroing the rear panel to the tent when you’re ready to go camping once the first installation is complete.

The Weekender rear panel is included in the Nomad Package, which is compatible with any camper shell and may be used with any camper shell.

With the Rightline Gear 110730 Truck Tent, you can have the appearance and feel of a classic ground tent while enjoying the convenience and functionality of a floorless design.

In light of the fact that truck beds may feature some gaps, it’s vital to know that if you reside in a very bug-infested location, a floor may help keep out a few extra creepy crawlies.

The Most Economical Full-Size Truck Tent from Guide Gear Despite being the least cost truck tent on this list, Guide Gear’s Full Size Truck Tent is nevertheless equipped with a sewn-in floor, more than five feet of headroom, and a 1,500mm water-resistant coating on the tent’s canvas.

Although the Guide Gear is inexpensive, it has received positive feedback on Amazon, where it has received a 4.5-star rating from over 1,500 customers, demonstrating its exceptional value.

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Complete Guide To The Best Truck Tent Camper 2022

You may use this advice to help you decide whether you want a truck bed tent with a topper for sleeping or a truck bed pop up tent. Tent campers that attach to the roof of your vehicle, as well as tent campers that fit into the rear truck bed portion, are covered in detail in this article. All of the goods on this list have received nothing but positive feedback and excellent ratings. Unless you’ve read this guide, don’t make any other arrangements to go truck camping until you’ve finished it.

Save it for later by pinning it to your Pinterest board: Please keep in mind that this post may include affiliate links, which means that we may get a commission at no additional cost to you if you make a purchase after clicking on one of the links.

Please get in touch with me if you have any queries.

What’s the best truck camping tent?

Are you looking for a fast fix? The process of extending The Overland Vehicle Systems Nomadic 3 truck tent is our top overall selection out of all of the best truck tents for camping that we have tested. What are the benefits of purchasing the Overland Vehicle Systems Nomadic 3? Because of its great reviews and remarkable features, this outstanding product is the finest of all of these pickup truck tents. Some of these include marine-grade materials, LED illumination, a high-density foam mattress, and the simplicity with which it may be assembled.

Camper tents for pickup trucks comparison guide

This convenient table allows you to quickly compare truck camper tent goods at a glance. This time, we’ve placed truck bed tents at the top of the list, followed by rooftop tents, so you can easily compare different types of camping tents. If you are reading this on a mobile device, you may need to swipe across the screen to continue reading.

Name Image Type Sleeps Our Rating (/5) Price
Napier Backroadz Truck bed 2 4.7 CHECK NOW
Guide Gear Full Size Truck bed 2 4.5 CHECK NOW
Kariyee Double Layer Truck bed 2 4.8 CHECK NOW
Sportz Truck tent Truck bed 2 4.6 CHECK NOW
Vevor Standard Truck bed 2 4.9 CHECK NOW
Raptor Offgrid Voyager Rooftop 2 4.6 CHECK NOW
Smittybilt Overlander Rooftop 2 4.7 CHECK NOW
Nomadic 3 Extended Rooftop 3 4.9 CHECK NOW
TMBK 3-Person Tent Rooftop 3 4.7 CHECK NOW
ARB Simpson with annex Rooftop 3 4.7 CHECK NOW

Pickup truck tents and awnings categories

Tents for your truck’s bed are the most cost-effective sort of tent available. In addition to being perfect for novices, such as couples or singles who want to experience truck camping for the first time, they are also suitable for individuals who don’t want to climb a ladder to get into their tent. When on a road trip, tents for the truck bed are a convenient, cost-effective, and easily accessible option.

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Best truck top tentoptions

An RV, pickup truck, or other vehicle with a roof top tent allows you to sleep atop your vehicle. This can assist to keep you safe from adverse weather conditions as well as wildlife. Some of these tents also have an annex or extension, which provides additional living and storage space in addition to the main tent.

Finding the best pickup tent campers – Frequently Asked Questions

Truck tents are generally classified into two categories: tents for truck beds and tents for truck cabs (or roofs of vehicles). Continue reading to learn more about each of these alternatives. We’ve gone over all of the finest tent campers for pickup trucks, as well as the best truck topper tents, in detail.

What are the advantages of a tent for the truck bed?

The most economical form of tent is one that fits in the bed of a truck.

Tents for truck beds are typically small and lightweight, making them easy to move. In addition, they do not require the use of a rack for installation. Furthermore, you will not be required to climb a ladder in order to enter them.

Why consider roof top campers for trucks?

A good tent that fits on top of a pickup truck – such as the ones featured below – will provide you with better protection from the elements and wildlife while you sleep. If you’re traveling to a place where there are regular storms or a lot of local wildlife, this is an excellent option. Once installed, they may be quite simple to erect and are generally more durable. Although they are more costly, they come with a mattress in every configuration. In addition, depending on the model, this sort of truck tent may accommodate a greater number of people.

Are all tents that attach to trucks the same size?

There are a variety of sizes available for bed type tents, including small or short, medium, and big or long to accommodate your vehicle’s make and model, as well as your needs. The majority of the truck bed tents shown on this page are available in a variety of sizes. More sizes are available if you click on the tent’s link and then scroll down to see whether other sizes are available for purchase. All sizes are available from the majority of manufacturers, ranging from short bed truck tent items to long bed truck tent models.

  • What are some factors to keep in mind while selecting tent campers for trucks and SUVs?
  • They will also provide adequate ventilation and be easy to install.
  • You’ll also want one that’s easy to maneuver in the wind.
  • Some trucks also include a back entryway that provides direct access to the truck cabin – which is useful if you have equipment or a family member who is living in the truck cabin.
  • Before purchasing a tent, be certain that your roof rack has the appropriate capacity for the weight of the tent.

Best Truck Bed Tent

Following is a list of the best tents for the back of a truck:

Napier Backroadz Truck Tent

This Napier product is our first contender for the title of finest pickup truck bed tent for camping, and it is a strong competitor. A tiny pickup bed tent and bigger truck bed tents are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate your vehicle’s bed space. The manufacturer offers a helpful chart to assist you in selecting the appropriate one. It includes a roomy cabin as well as a complete rainfly with storm flaps. A color labeled pole and sleeves system makes setup simple; in fact, it takes less than 10 minutes to get everything up and running.

Pros: It’s a fantastic choice for first-time campers who want a pick-up tent.

Check out these Napier Backroadz truck bed tents by clicking here.

Guide Gear Full Size Truck Tent

This truck camper tent changes your car into a camper in minutes with no additional equipment. GMC, Ford, Nissan, Chevrolet, and Toyota models are among the many full-length pickups that Guide Gear truck tents are designed to work with. Your mattress should be a great fit as long as it is between 79 and 81 inches in length. With its water-resistant exterior and fully enclosed rainfly, the Guide Gear full-sized tent will keep you dry and comfortable. The use of a 4-pole system makes erecting the structure straightforward.


  • Fits the majority of full-sized pickup trucks
  • A lot of empty space in the mind
  • A lamp can be hung from a knot at the top of the dome.

This pick up truck tent camper is ideal for individuals who have a large vehicle and need additional space. Check out the most recent pricing on this Guide Gear back of truck tenthere item on Amazon.

Kariyee Double Layer Truck Tent

This Kariyee truck bed tent has received excellent reviews from customers who have purchased it on a budget. A double-layered construction, as well as storm flaps and a complete rainfly, helps to keep you dry during stormy weather. The floor is sewed in, and there are two huge mesh windows for ventilation to round off the design. It’s designed to fit any full-size short-bed pickup truck and is utilized with the tailgate open to provide more legroom for the driver. Along with the storage pocket and lantern hook, there is a color-coded construction system to make assembly easier.

  • The instructions are a little ambiguous – put everything together for the first time before your vacation

This truck bed camper tent is a wonderful choice for those searching for a decent value on a tight budget. More information about this truck bed tent camper may be found HERE.

NapierSportz Truck Tent

The addition of an awning to this tent for the back of your pickup truck is a significant feature. There is no need for ropes because the awning is attached to the tailgate. It also features a floor that is totally sewed in. This vehicle, which is also manufactured by Napier, provides people with more than 5.6 feet of internal headroom — enough for some to stand up comfortably. An access panel is another useful feature since it lets you to have access to the cab area when camping, which means you can store equipment there.

As an added bonus, you can purchase a four-person attachment tent to boost the sleeping capacity to six people.


  • Awning that connects to the rear of the vehicle
  • The option of adding an attachment tent to expand capacity is available. Access to the truck cab is gained through the back panel.
  • It is not the simplest bed of truck tent to put together
  • Some of the poles are a little too long

This tent truck camper is a wonderful choice for folks who want a dependable and durable solution. Check out the most recent pricing for this tent for your truck bed here.

Vevor Standard Truck Tent

Finally, we have this reasonably priced Vevor product to round up our selection of truck bed tents. Despite its low price, it is well praised for its waterproof, stitched-in floor and taped seams, as well as its waterproof, stitched-in floor.

Soft straps and buckles ensure that your truck’s finish will not be damaged, and it comes with a carry bag for convenience. A big viewing window with flaps allows campers to get a good view of the night sky while also allowing them to ventilate more effectively. Pros:

  • It is simple to set up. Soft straps and buckles to prevent scratching of your vehicle’s paintwork
  • It is supplied with a flashlight.

Setting up the system is simple. Soft straps and buckles to prevent scratching of your vehicle’s finish; A flashlight is included.

Best Rooftop Tents for Trucks

Here is the greatest variety of truck tent toppers currently available:

Raptor Series Offgrid Voyager Truck Camping Rooftop Tent

This is a standard-sized truck roof tent with a ladder that comes with the purchase. As is customary, a 140-pound roof rack, as well as cross or parallel bars, are required for installation. This highly rated pickup truck roof top tent, which sleeps two people, is equipped with a high-density foam mattress. With the innovative method, it takes only a few minutes to put up, and the telescoping ladder is 8 feet in length. Weatherproofing keeps rain and high winds at bay, and there are 2 hanging shoe and storage pockets, adjustable air vents, an incorporated awning, and a heavy-duty storage cover to keep everything safe and secure.

  • Integrated awning
  • Spacious entrance
  • Simple to erect
  • When driving, there is less drag and wind noise. Ladder that is simple to assemble and store
  • A mattress that is comfortable

It is a fantastic choice for truck campers who want a high-quality tent at a cheap price, such as those who travel by truck. Check out the current pricing of this roof top truck tent by visiting this page.

Smittybilt Overlander Tent

The Smittybilt Overlander truck rack tent, which is another of the best-rated truck rack tent products, is equipped with a number of features that keep users protected from the elements. A rain flap and a heavy-duty waterproof top can withstand inclement weather, but a sunroof and mosquito netting on the side windows are suitable for sunny days and nights in the mountains of Northern California. There’s even a 12V power converter and LED strip lights in there somewhere. Additionally, an extra shoe storage bag as well as a durable travel bag are supplied.

A tentannex can be purchased if you want additional room (see details here) Smittybuilt also makes an awning that you can install to your truck to increase the amount of outside living area that you have (see the awning here).

  • Sleeps up to 4 persons (normal size sleeps 2-3)
  • ‘Sunroof’ flaps provide excellent ventilation
  • Is simple to assemble
  • Comes with a carrying bag.

For individuals that want to camp throughout the year and in all seasons, these pickup truck tent campers are a great option. More information on the Smittybuilt Overlander truck topper tent may be found here.

Overland Vehicle Systems Nomadic 3 Extended Roof Top Tent

Do you need a larger truck top tent camper? Then take a look at this one for size. It will fit any car with a roof rack, whether aftermarket or factory-installed, and will not require any modifications or drilling. Rip stop, marine quality fabric keeps water and wind out, and a comfy 3-inch foam mattress with a cotton cover keeps you comfortable all day. This top of truck tent also has a tubular telescoping ladder, hand-held and Velcro strip LED lights, a storage loft, and six pockets for additional storage.


  • It includes Memory Foam pillows, a lap table, a tiny broom and dustpan, and other accessories. A comfortable mattress and a well-insulated floor are provided. Once the software is installed, it is simple to configure. Spacious

These pick up tent campers are an excellent choice for folks who are new to tent truck camping and are looking for a high-quality, dependable solution.

The Overland Vehicle Systems Nomadic truck roof top camper tent is now available for purchase at the following price:

TMBK Roof Top Tent

This Overland Vehicle Systems truck top tent is another excellent choice among the best truck top tents available, and it’s a bit more reasonable than the Nomadic variants. It also includes a telescopic ladder and the foam mattress with a cotton cover, among other things. Other features include an insulated base, a marine-grade waterproof body, and a rain fly, among other things. In the same vein, this fits any truck equipped with a roof rack and requires no drilling or other adjustments. Pros: This pickup camper tent is a wonderful choice for anybody seeking for a decent value on a tight budget.

ARB Series III Simpson Rooftop Tent with Annex

This one is also one of the greatest truck roof top tent items on the market, and it provides the best of both worlds in terms of functionality. There is a tent that can be placed on top of the truck, as well as an annex on the ground level. The ARB Series III Simpson Rooftop Tent also has a retractable ladder and a 2.5-inch foam mattress, making it a complete package. Because of their elevated elevation, sleepers are more protected from wildlife and the elements, and the annex provides a substantial amount of additional living and storage space.

  • After installation, the tent is simple to assemble
  • It provides excellent ventilation
  • The tent cover zips into place
  • And it is of high quality. The addition gives additional room.

This pickup truck camper tent is a wonderful choice if you want a high-quality product with plenty of room. Check out the latest pricing for the ARB raised truck tent with annex by visiting this page.

Which is the best pick up truck tent for you?

Choosing between a camping tent on top of your vehicle and a tent that fits just in the bed of your truck is the first question you must answer. Whichever option you select, we hope this article has assisted you in your search for the finest camping tents for trucks available. Have a great time on your next excursion! Do you have a second recommendation for the finest pickup truck tent camper to consider? I’d be interested in knowing what it is. Join my private Facebook group, National Parks Collectors, and leave a comment to let me know what you think.

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Top 5 Best Truck Bed Tents For Camping On The Go

If you’re in a hurry to get out the door, the Napier SportZ Truck Tent is my top recommendation. Truck owners are well aware of how beneficial a truck can be – and they are just as useful when it comes to camping as they are when driving. When compared to sleeping on the ground, sleeping in your truck bed is more comfortable, and you won’t take up any additional room at the campground. You may also sleep anywhere you can find a parking spot. That sounds really good, doesn’t it? It goes without saying that sleeping in an open truck bed is not an option, therefore you’ll need to invest in a truck bed tent.

After that, I’ll go through what to look for in a truck tent and why you should invest in one of these.

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Best Truck Bed Tent: Our Top Recommendations

  • In addition to the Napier SportZ Truck Tent (the best overall truck bed tent), we recommend the Guide Gear Full Size Truck Tent (the best budget option), the Napier BackroadZ Truck Tent (the best truck bed tent for beginners), the Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent (the best winter camping truck bed tent), and the Rightline Gear Truck Tent (the best middle-tier truck bed tent) among others.

Napier SportZ Truck Tent

This truck tent is the gold standard in the truck tent industry. Napier has a number of different models, and this is by far the best of them. And, sure, it is available in a variety of sizes to accommodate any pickup vehicle. As previously stated, the SportZ is Napier’s top-of-the-line model. It will be more expensive than their BackroadZ model (which will be explained later), but the additional features will make it well worth the extra money spent. The awning is the most prominent feature.

  • No matter how much rain falls outside, you’ll remain dry and comfy inside.
  • I really appreciate the variety of window choices.
  • This enables you to reach inside your truck’s cab through the back window of the vehicle.
  • A large number of truck tents do not enable you to open and close the windows for any reason.
  • That is not the case with the SportZ tent.
  • In case a basic tent isn’t quite enough for you, Napier has some interesting add-ons to choose from.
  • Alternatively, you may get this tent in camouflage, which is a perfect alternative for hunting enthusiasts who wish to blend in with their surroundings.
  • Includes a large awning to keep water out of the vehicle when approaching or departing it
  • Most individuals will have plenty of space to stroll around with 5’8″ headroom. The sewn-in floor keeps you clean and protected from any filth that may accumulate in the truck bed. Using color-coded poles and strap protectors that are cushioned makes setup simple and safe. Using the back glass, you may get inside your truck cab and get any equipment you might need. Awnings keep you dry and give shade for you to rest in while you are outside
  • The door does not zip all the way to the bottom, which might make entering the room a nuisance. The price of this tent may be prohibitively expensive for campers on a tighter budget.

Best suited for: serious outdoor enthusiasts looking for a high-quality tent that will last for years. Check the price at Cabela’s Check the price at Amazon.

Guide Gear Full Size Truck Tent

I adore the Napier SportZ tent, but I recognize that it may be beyond of reach for some people due to its high price. So, here’s my recommendation for the most reasonably priced truck tent: The Truck Tent from Guide Gear. Despite the fact that it is the most cheap tent on our list, it has a proven track record of providing campers with restful nights’ sleep.

This is a basic, all-around high-quality tent with a lot of features. Although it may not have all of the features of the SportZ, this tent will make your truck bed seem more like your home bed. Pros:

  • However, I recognize that the Napier SportZ tent may be prohibitively expensive for some people. So here’s my recommendation for the most reasonably priced truck tent: Campervan Tent provided by Guide Gear It has a strong track record of assisting campers in getting a good night’s sleep despite being the most cheap tent on our list. An all-around high-grade tent with a simple design and good build quality. There aren’t as many accessories as there are in the SportZ, but this tent will make your truck bed seem more like your own. Pros:

For campers who want to “test the waters” to see whether truck tents are for them before spending the extra money to purchase a high-end one. Check Amazon for the latest pricing information. Sportsman’s Guide has the best price.

Napier BackroadZ Truck Tent

As previously stated, this is the typical truck tent used by Napier. It has the same high-quality construction as the SportZ (reviewed above), but it misses some of the premium features that make the SportZ my top choice in this category. In addition to being quite popular, this tent has a full floor and is available in a variety of sizes. It doesn’t have the amazing awning of the SportZ model, but it does come with a detachable rain flap and poles that are color-coded for easy identification (for easy setup).

Although the SportZ model costs more, I believe it is well worth the extra money spent on it.


  • Setup is really simple because to the uncomplicated pole design – it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to have it up and running
  • And Because of the extremely high center height (5’6″), you won’t have to squat
  • On the ceiling of the tent, there is a gear net for storing items such as your iPhone, keys, or wallet. Excellent customer service – any problems will be rectified as quickly as possible
  • Even though it is less expensive than the SportZ, it is still a fantastic truck camping alternative.
  • Due to the fact that the windows do not shut without the rain fly, ventilation options are restricted. Because of the floor design, you won’t be able to put a toolbox in your truck bed.

People who desire the long-lasting structure of a Napier tent but do not want the accessories that come with the SportZ tent are the best candidates. Check Amazon for the latest pricing information. Check out the price at Cabela’s.

Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent

Now I’m going to shake things up a bit and toss in the Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent. Nylon is used in the construction of all of the other tents in this evaluation. Nylon is a wonderful fabric, but it is not without flaws. It whips in the wind, is prone to rips, and can occasionally allow water to soak through. In order to combat this, Kodiak designed and built a truck bed tent out of heavy-duty canvas. This canvas material is thick enough to keep you warm in the winter, but it is also breathable enough to keep you cool in the summer.

The truck tent is available in a variety of sizes and features ventilation windows on each of its four sides (including cab side).

Although it might be difficult to put up the tent the first time, once you get the hang of it, it becomes second nature.


  • Tents made of heavy-duty fabric give a comfortable camping experience in any weather condition. Each of the tent’s windows is composed of an extremely fine screen, which prevents pests from entering while yet allowing you to open them for ventilation. This tent, like the SportZ, is equipped with a truck cab window, allowing you to collect items from your truck without having to leave the tent
  • It is possible to open and shut the tent with large, heavy-duty YKK zippers without having to worry about ripping the cloth. The use of a unique steel pole design increases truck width while also providing greater wind protection.
  • Because canvas is expensive (but long-lasting), this tent is less cheap than the other tents on our list. The first time you set up your pole rails, it might be challenging since you have to figure out where to put them. Because there is no floor, it is possible that your buttocks may become soiled from sitting in the truck bed.

Best suited for: winter campers who want a super-warm tent but aren’t concerned about the cost of the purchase. Check Amazon for the latest pricing information. Check out the price at Cabela’s.

Rightline Gear Truck Tent

Last but not least, the Rightline Gear Truck Tent is a great addition to any camping trip. I left this one for last because, to be honest, there isn’t anything particularly remarkable about it at all. However, it is a well-rounded tent that delivers a fantastic camping experience overall. It is available in a plethora of different sizes, allowing every pickup truck owner to purchase one. Because it’s small and lightweight, you can easily put it beneath your seats when you’re out camping. The only thing that stands out about it is that it does not have a flooring.

This is one of only two tents on this list that does not have a floor, the other being the Kodiak canvas tent. Choosing this option will allow you to have a toolbox inside your polyester tent because it does not have a floor. Pros:

  • The rain fly is detachable, allowing you to unzip the tent and see the stars
  • It doesn’t have a floor, so you can still use it if you have a toolbox within it
  • It’s also convenient to not have a floor if you want to use your own footprint (or tarp) inside it. Compact, mid-size, and full-size trucks are all available in a variety of sizes. The price is in the center of the pack — less expensive than the Napier tents, but more expensive than the Gear Guide tent
  • Because it is lightweight (11 lbs. ), you may store it in your toolbox without taking up much space.
  • Some individuals might find the lack of a floor to be a disadvantage because the floor could be dusty or damp – I recommend carrying a tarp or footprint just in case. Zippers are of poor quality and may become entangled in the fabric.

Campers who desire a flexible polyester truck tent but do not require a floor are the best candidates for this tent. Check Amazon for the latest pricing information. Price may be found on REI.

Truck Bed Tent Buying Guide

You’ve made the decision that you want a truck tent. Great! Now, here are some of the considerations you’ll need to make in order to make the best decision possible.


When it comes to truck tents, compatibility is the most important consideration. Every truck on the market has a different bed size, and they all cost various amounts of money. You must double-check that your truck tent is the correct size for your truck. The majority of truck tents state what size beds they accommodate. Make sure you step outside and measure your truck bed to ensure it fulfills the specifications of the tent manufacturer.


When you receive your truck tent, you’ll be eager to get it set up and get to work on your project. However, there is no need to rush to the mountains just yet. First and foremost, think about the size of your tent. Take note of this warning: most truck tents are only designed to accommodate two people at a time. If you plan on camping with more than two people, you might want to consider purchasing a family-sized ground tent. Alternatively, get the Napier SportZ and add the Link tent.


The majority of truck tents are constructed of nylon, polyester, or canvas. Each of these materials has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, so deciding on which material to choose will come down to personal choice and what your priorities are. Nitrile and polyethylene are synthetic fabrics that are lighter in weight than canvas and dry quickly, making them less susceptible to mildew than canvas. Having said that, they are neither as strong or as breathable as nylon or polyester. In contrast, canvas is a natural material that is strong, lightweight, breathable, waterproof, and ecologically friendly.

Season Rating

The likelihood is that you’ll wind up purchasing a 3 season truck tent or a 4 season truck tent unless you’re going truck camping in really hot or extremely cold weather conditions. What’s the difference between the two? A three-season tent is ideal if you want to go camping during the summer, as well as maybe in the late spring and early fall months. In contrast, if you want to use your tent over the winter months, in addition to the late fall and early spring, then a four season tent is the best option.


The ability to withstand water in any tent should be the first consideration. After all, the last thing you want on your camping trip is to be stranded in a leaking tent during a thunderstorm. Check the tent’s waterproof rating to ensure that it will keep you dry in any weather conditions, no matter how bad the weather gets. In order to be called waterproof, a tent must have a rating of at least 1000 mm in diameter. The greater the rating, the better protected you are. Ensure that it comes with a good rain fly that covers the entire tent as an additional precaution.

If you want to be extra cautious, prepare your tent with a waterproofing spray before you go out on your journey.

It is possible to season or apply waterproofing solutions on a canvas tent in lieu of a synthetic tent. If you have a canvas tent, you may do the same thing as you would with a synthetic tent.


Aside from the breathability of the materials itself, the windows and vents on a truck tent are quite crucial for ensuring that the tent has adequate ventilation and airflow through it. The condensation that forms on the inside walls of your tent and drips down over you and everything else inside will occur if there is insufficient airflow through your tent. Whatever the weather conditions are outdoors (hot or cold), this is true. Not to mention the fact that you’ll be feeling so hot and humid that obtaining a good night’s sleep will be impossible.

Consider vents on the sides or roof that allow air to escape through the tent’s roof as an additional safety feature.


You’ll want to make sure you pick a truck tent that’s not too difficult to put together. First and foremost, make sure you know how to set up your tent before you hit the open road. Read the directions and set up your tent at your residence so that you are aware of what you’re getting yourself into. The process of setting up a truck tent differs significantly from that of setting up a ground tent. In contrast to ground tents, which rely on guylines and pegs to hold the canvas taut, truck tents are attached to the outside of your vehicle with straps.

  1. First and foremost, be certain that you do not overtorque the straps.
  2. You will, however, discover that it is quite simple to pull too hard and destroy your tent.
  3. Tip number two: pay attention to your paint work.
  4. You can avoid this by not over-torquing the straps, but you can also safeguard your truck by installing some additional protection.

Additional Features

Finally, check for features such as a built-in floor, door flaps, cab access, wiring ports, storage pockets, and a gear loft, among other things. These may seem like insignificant details, but they can frequently make a significant difference when it comes to being comfortable and organized while traveling overseas. If you choose a truck bed tent with a floor, remember that you will be unable to store anything else in the trunk while your tent is set up and in use.

Why Would You Want A Truck Tent?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking something like “well, I like the sound of these truck tents, but there are other options that look just as nice.” Here are some of the advantages of using a truck tent over a ground tent or a truck cap.

Truck Tent vs. Ground Tent

Truck tents aren’t nearly as common as other types of tents (that set up on the ground). No one knows why, but if I had to guess, it’s probably because trucks aren’t nearly as popular as automobiles or SUVs, which are more popular than trucks (which can be used forSUV camping). According to my study, pickup trucks account for just 15-20 percent of all automobiles in the United States. My view is that they’ve made a mistake. Trucks are fantastic, and truck tents make them much more so. The most significant advantage of utilizing a truck tent over a ground tent is that you do not have to sleep on the ground when you are camping.

A truck tent enables you to park on any type of terrain, including rocky, marshy, or bumpy, without having to sleep on the floor. Truck tents provide you the freedom to camp anyplace you can get a car. That, in my opinion, is a compelling argument to invest in a truck tent.

Truck Tent vs. Truck Cap

You’ve made the decision to camp in your truck, but you’re considering whether or not to purchase a truck cap (also known as a truck topper). These coverings are permanently attached to the bed of your vehicle, providing long-term protection. The advantage of a truck cap is that it is long-lasting and provides weather protection in all conditions. The expense is the only drawback. It is possible that a truck cap will cost anywhere from $750 to $2,200, depending on the size of your truck and the material you pick.

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Our Verdict

To summarize, setting up a truck tent is a fantastic way to spend time outside. Camping in your truck bed gives you the freedom to sleep anywhere you choose, while also offering exceptional comfort and safety. Truck tents may not be readily available at your local outdoor retailer, but that does not rule them out as a viable camping option. There are a plethora of truck tent options available on the market today. Napier SportZ Truck Tent is the greatest truck tent I’ve found so far, and it’s the one I recommend.

In any case, all of the tents reviewed in this article will give you with an unforgettable camping adventure.

Best Truck Tent – Expert Review (2022)

Are you looking for a truck bed tent to use in your vehicle? If you’re only going to be camping with two people, the FOFANA truck tent (particularly because it has six feet of inside standing area and is really quick to set up) is a great option to consider. If you’re on a tight budget, the Napier Backroadz tent or the SportZ tent (both of which are 2-person tents) are excellent choices. I would recommend Napier Outdoors Sportz to anybody looking for a family-friendly activity (5-person Tent).

Let us now go into the specifics.

Best Truck Tents (Top Picks)

Check for the most recent pricing information. Check for the most recent pricing information. Check for the most recent pricing information. This post includes affiliate links for your convenience. If you make a purchase after clicking on one of the links on this page, we may receive a small commission. It will have no effect on your price, but it will help to keep our site running!

Top Truck Tent Choices

For this post, we looked at a total of 14 truck tents. The greatest truck tents that made it onto our short list are shown below.

  1. FOFANA Truck Bed Tent – Best 2-Person Tent on the Market
  2. Napier Backroadz Truck Tent
  3. Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent -Best Canvas
  4. Napier Backroadz Truck Tent
  5. Napier Backroadz Truck Tent Among the best family tents are the Napier Outdoors Sportz 5 Person SUV Tent and the SportZ Truck Bed Tent, both of which are excellent values. Guide Gear Compact Truck Tent – Best Compact
  6. Guide Gear Full Size Truck Tent – Best Full Size
  7. Guide Gear Utility Tent

Check out our comprehensive buyer’s guide to the finest truck tents.

Best Overall Truck Tents

5 out of 5 stars overall The FOFANA truck bed tent is my favorite 2-person truck bed tent since it provides 6 feet of inside standing room and is easy to set up. If there is one thing I despise, it is climbing into and out of truck beds while standing on my knees. This is resolved by the FORFANA. The automated pole construction, in addition to being rather roomy, makes it very simple and quick to erect due to its simplicity. It’s actually rather straightforward to make use of.

Designed to suit 5.5-foot truck beds, it can also accommodate 6.5-foot and 8-foot truck beds, albeit there will be a tiny gap at the cab or tailgate end. Finally, if you enjoy stargazing, it is equipped with full-size windows that allow you to see the night sky from any angle.

Check Prices
  • Rainfly and storm flaps on the door and windows
  • Full tent floor
  • Gear pockets
  • Large panoramic windows. Sleeps 2 people.
What we like
  • Rainfly and storm flaps on the door and windows
  • Full tent floor
  • Gear pockets
  • Large panoramic windows
  • Sleeps two people.
What we dislike
  • Because the rainfly’s material is not as durable as I would have expected, it is not as effective.

2. Napier Backroadz Truck Tent

4.5/5 Ratings on a scale of 1 to 10 In addition to being composed of high-quality materials, theNapier Backroadz Tent is also quick and simple to put together. The fact that this tent is compatible with a variety of vehicles ensures that you will discover one that is the proper size for yours. It also includes a complete floor, ensuring that you remain dry and clean during the entire process. In addition, storm flaps are installed on the tent’s windows and door to provide additional privacy and protection from the weather.

Check Prices
  • There are rainfly and storm flaps on the entrance and windows, and it sleeps two people. Gear loft, gear pockets, a lantern holder, and mesh windows for ventilation are all included with the tent. Poles are color-coded to make assembly simple
What we like
  • Extra-large capacity
  • High-quality construction
  • Leak-proof construction
  • Handy accessory compartments
  • Durable in all weather situations
  • Simple to assemble
What we dislike

4.5/5 Ratings on a scale of 1 to 10 The Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent is available in three different sizes: 6 ft. full size, 8 ft. full size, and a mid-size version that fits beds ranging from 5-6.5 ft. in length. Due to the fact that it is constructed of canvas, it is hefty yet incredibly robust. Canvas tents are not only waterproof, but they are also extremely breathable and have a long lifespan. In order to improve ventilation, this truck bed tent is fitted with a big entrance and five window openings.

Check Prices
  • Watertight
  • Ceiling lamp hook
  • Large D-shaped door
  • Gear compartments
  • 3 1/4-inch steel frame
  • All-season usage There are five windows and heavy-duty zippers.
What we like
  • Breathable
  • Strong
  • Long-lasting
  • No leaks
  • Excellent ventilation
  • High quality
What we dislike

4.5 out of 5 stars overall Unlike your typical truck bed tent, the Napier Outdoors Sportz 5 Person SUV Tent is designed to accommodate five people. Through the use of a tent sleeve, it is connected to the back of your SUV, and the primary sleeping space is located on the ground. There is enough space for 5-6 people to sleep on the polyester-floored area of the Napier Outdoors Sportz, with more sleeping space available in the SUV’s cargo compartment if needed. The tent may easily be transformed into a ground tent by simply removing the sleeve from the top.

Check Prices
  • Sleeps 5-6 people
  • Has a screen room with no floors. Setup is simple and just requires one person. Storm flaps
  • Ground tent or truck bed tent
  • Versatile: ground tent or truck bed tent
What we like
  • Interior with plenty of space
  • Low cost
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • This product is water-resistant, convenient, and durable.
What we dislike
  • Not all campgrounds are compatible with this product. The zippers are fragile
  • Not particularly compact

5. SportZ Truck Bed Tent

4 out of 5 stars overall This tent has three mesh windows, a big access door, and two ceiling vents, and it can easily accommodate two adults. It is highly ventilated, with three mesh windows, a wide access door, and two ceiling vents. The SportZ Truck Bed Tent is equipped with a complete tent floor made of polyester oxford to keep you clean and dry while you’re on the road. This tent is roomy, and it comes with an optional 4’x4′ awning that can be connected to the tailgate of your vehicle to provide additional shade.

Check Prices
  • A full tent floor
  • Three mesh windows
  • Two ceiling vents
  • And an optional awning are all included. Poles are color-coded to make assembly simple
  • Panel for accessing the back of the vehicle
  • Rainfly
What we like
  • Interior with plenty of space
  • Rainfly performs admirably
  • It is simple to put up
  • It is spacious
  • It is extremely waterproof
  • It is durable in a variety of weather situations.
What we dislike

4 out of 5 stars overall This truck tent, like the Guide Gear Full Size Truck Tent, is designed to fit Chevy, Ford, Nissan, GMC, and Toyota pickup trucks, among other makes and models. With a ceiling height of 4.75 feet, the Guide Gear Compact Truck Tent is more compact while maintaining its expansive feel. This lightweight tent is simple to erect and has storage compartments for your convenience.

Because of the sewn-in polyethylene floor and polyester walls that have been treated with a 1500mm water-resistant coating, it is completely waterproof. The device is also quite light, weighing only 10 lb (4.5 kg).

Check Prices
  • Polyethylene floor with a sewn-in pattern a spacious inside with a 1500mm water-resistant covering, a lightweight design, mesh windows, two storage pockets, and a rainfly
What we like
  • Easily assembled
  • Long-lasting
  • Wind-resistant
  • Provides adequate ventilation
  • Simple to install
What we dislike
  • The instructions aren’t particularly straightforward
  • Straps come undone
  • Poles are fragile, and they break easily.

7. Guide Gear Full Size Truck Tent

4 out of 5 stars overall This full-sized truck bed tent is compatible with the majority of automobile makes, including Chevrolet, Ford, Nissan, GMC, and Toyota. In addition to being lightweight and quick to setup, theGuide Gear Full Size Truck Tent is also comfy. It has a sewn-in floor and an internal height of 5.25 feet, making it a roomy choice for families. It is also comprised of 190T polyester with a water-resistant covering, which makes the Guide Gear Full Size completely waterproof. Additionally, the tent is highly ventilated, thanks to a big door and mesh windows.

Check Prices
  • Seamless polyethylene floor with a waterproof covering and lightweight construction
  • Large D-shaped door with mesh windows and two storage pockets
  • Rainfly.
What we like
  • Interior is spacious
  • It is simple to assemble
  • It is inexpensive
  • It is waterproof
  • It is well insulated
  • It is wind resistant.
What we dislike

Each truck tent has its own set of benefits and drawbacks to consider. In the event that you’re a purist when it comes to materials and prefer a canvas tent, theKodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tentis the one to choose. The only negative aspect of this tent is that it is quite heavy and difficult to set up on your own. As an alternative, if you prefer something lightweight and tiny, theGuide Gear mini truck tent is a good choice, however some customers have expressed concern about the durability of the poles and straps on this tent.

For this purpose, you’ll need something like the Napier Outdoors Sportz SUV Tent, which can accommodate up to 6 people.

TheGuide Gear Full Size Truck Tent, the SportZ Truck Tent, and the Napier Backroadzare all 2-person polyester tents, and they are all available at Amazon.

The SportZ Truck Bed Tent includes the extra features of an awning and a rear access panel, which make it a great choice for camping.

Best Truck Tent – Buyer’s Guide

Truck tents are small tents that are meant to fit into the bed of a pickup truck or other similar vehicle. You would still need to bring a sleeping mat to sleep on, but they are more cost-effective solutions for campers with trucks and relieve you from the pain of sleeping on the ground. Some truck bed tents have built-in flooring, but others are merely attached to the sides of the truck and serve as a shelter for the driver and passengers. Truck bed tents with built-in flooring will keep you clean and dry, but can they also be used on the ground as typical camping tents, such as on a camping trip?

There are several that come with a ground tent attachment, allowing you to accommodate more people.

What size truck tent should you get?

The size of your truck bed tent is determined by the size of your truck, as you might expect. Because of the limited width of most vehicles, most truck bed tents can only accommodate two individuals. However, there are certain truck bed tents that can be connected to a ground tent, allowing you to camp without being restricted by space.

Another crucial consideration is the height of the room. Because these tents may be rather cozy, it’s crucial to make sure that you have adequate room and don’t feel claustrophobic while in them.


Truck bed tents, like other tents, are often made of polyester, as is the case with most of them. Some truck bed tents, on the other hand, are composed of canvas. Canvas tents having the additional advantages of being waterproof while yet being breathable, being useful all year round, and being built to last a lifetime. They are, on the other hand, often rather heavy and complex to assemble. Polyester tents, on the other hand, are sturdy, light, and simple to transport and erect in any location.


When camping, particularly in the summer, proper ventilation is essential. It is possible to guarantee that your truck bed tent is appropriately aired by using large entry doors, many windows, and ventilation flaps, among other methods.

Set Up

The task of setting up a tent on the ground is challenging enough; finding a truck bed tent that is simple to put together is a bonus. As a result, if you’re planning on moving while camping, you’ll need to remove the truck bed tent before leaving, thus the convenience with which it can be assembled and disassembled becomes an important element to consider. Depending on how heavy the tent is, it will be more or less difficult to put together. To make set-up as straightforward as possible, certain tents are equipped with helpful features such as color-coded poles.

Tent Floor

Not all tents are equipped with a pre-installed tent floor. Generally speaking, a truck bed isn’t the most comfortable surface, so putting a layer between yourself and the truck bed makes things a little bit more comfortable and pleasant. A tent floor also provides an additional layer of insulation, which may be beneficial in shielding you from inclement weather.

Storage Pockets

Tent storage pockets are an underappreciated feature that many people overlook. Having the ability to reach for your torch, telephone, or toilet paper without having to dig around in your backpack when camping may be really beneficial when you’re out in the woods. Some folks even utilize the storage pockets to keep their iPads so that they may watch a movie while in the pockets. Gear pockets are certainly useful, even if they are not required.


When it comes to getting into and out of a truck bed tent, it might be a little difficult. Some tents feature simply a single access point from the rear of the pickup truck, whilst others allow you to connect the tent to the vehicle through a chain or rope. It is more convenient to utilize the latter form when you need to reach anything in the front of the pickup truck.

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