What Is The Best Tent For Motorcycle Camping

The 6 Best Motorcycle Tents for Camping on Two Wheels in 2022

When you make a purchase after clicking on one of our affiliate links, The Manual may get a commission. Wingman-of-the-Road We’ve been stuck at home for more than a year due to the epidemic, so the notion of hitting the wide road on two wheels is really invigorating for us. A motorbike or a classic bicycle under your own power are both excellent options for exploring wilderness roads at sunset. The wind in your hair, George Thorogood playing in your ear, and a few bugs in your teeth add to the enjoyment of exploring backcountry roads at dusk.

Here are six of the most outstanding.

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Best Overall: Lone Rider MotoTent V2

The MotoTent V2 from Lone Rider is the closest thing there is to a gold standard in the world of two-wheel tents. The best-in-classmotorcycletent has a spacious sleeping space that can accommodate two riders and their belongings comfortably. The integrated vestibule is large enough to accommodate a motorbike with panniers on an adventurous trip. Highly durable components all over the place (fire-resistant ripstop nylon shell, water-resistant zippers, and aircraft-grade aluminum stakes) make it almost bulletproof in its construction.

The disadvantage is that you will have to pay a high price for the privilege of having the greatest.

Best for Adventures: Redverz Atacama Expedition Motorcycle Tent

Redverz, like Lone Rider, is well-known in the worlds of adventure biking and two-wheel camping for their innovative designs. There’s nothing like an Atacama Expedition Tent to protect you from the elements on your motorcycle. It’s over-engineered with a 4000mm hydrostatic head on the outer fly, so it can withstand driving rain and strong winds. It is possible to park any full-sized touring adventure bike with panniers in the vestibule, allowing riders to enter directly from the outside. The garage doors on each side of the bike may be rolled down to keep it dry and safe.

The ceiling reaches a maximum height of 77 inches, which is more than enough height for all but the tallest riders to stand comfortably.

Best All-in-One System: Wingman-of-the-Road Goose Motorcycle Camping System

In comparison to other motorcycle tents we’ve seen, the Wingman-of-the-Road Goose is truly unique. Forego the modern, freestanding nylon tent setup in favor of a distinctive design that is equal parts vintage and military-inspired, with a strong emphasis on utility and functionality. Everything in the system — canvas tent, thick foam mattress, sleeping bag, and blanket (which also serves as a cover for the complete system — is designed to be used by weekend adventure riders as an all-in-one solution.

You may put up your tent with a flap that stretches over the seat and gas can of your two-wheeler when you’re ready to set up your camp.

The area in between also functions as a vestibule for your belongings or a sleeping bag for a traveling companion who doesn’t mind getting a bit wet while sleeping.

Best Budget Option: Coleman Hooligan 2-Person Backpacking Tent

Coleman gear provides a balance between long-lasting quality and low cost of ownership. Their products are rarely the greatest on the market, but they do provide good value for the money spent on them. No exception may be made in the case of the Hooligan 2-Person Backpacking Tent. The tiny dome beds two people comfortably and has space for two camp pads. The outside is resistant to wind and rain, and the interior is well-ventilated. It is possible to open up and show an entirely mesh inside when the weather permits, which provides greater ventilation and stargazing opportunities.

Despite being larger and heavier than the majority of the other items on our list, it still weighs less than 9 pounds, making it an excellent choice for motorcycle and bicycle campers.

Best Lightweight: Big Agnes Copper Hotel HV UL2 Rainfly

With the Big Agnes Copper Hotel HV UL2Rainfly, you can keep your two-wheeler secure during a storm. In between pit stops, you may use this ultra-lightweight tent to store your little car and supplies while you’re on the go. It also includes an expanded vestibule to guarantee that your belongings are protected from the elements no matter what the weather is like. Walking poles may be used to set up the vestibule awnings, which makes them even more convenient. The low-vent design of this tent provides for consistent ventilation without sacrificing the covered area of the vestibule.

Best Waterproof: Vuz Moto Waterproof Motorcycle Camping Tent

In the event that you’re seeking for something that can withstand strong winds and rain, the Vuz Moto WaterproofMotorcycleCampingTent could well be the solution for you. This large, weatherproof tent provides enough space for three people to sleep comfortably, as well as a separate section for storing a motorcycle. It also comes with four handy entryways, four aluminum poles that are quick and easy to put up, and a motorcyclebag or carrier for transporting your motorbike. This will undoubtedly provide you with all of the comfort you want after a night spent over a campfire with your friends or family.

Here’s everything you need to know about preparing for a road trip.

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Pitch Perfect: 10 Best Tents For Motorcycle Camping

Motocross bikes are the key — the two-wheeled riddle that entices riders to open highways for long road journeys and picturesque retreats, as well as freedom-filled adventures. The prospect of riding on your trusted horse for a weekend vacation may sound like the ideal opportunity to get away from the hassles and responsibilities of everyday life, but in reality, the days preceding up to the trip are typically consumed with planning, packing, and preparation. These factors pile up, and on top of it all, you’ll have to figure out how to load that problematic two-person tent, which likely weighs a ton, puts your weight-ratio out of whack, and introduces a significant drag coefficient into your gas-mileage calculations.

There are a variety of motorcycle gear manufacturers available that understand the difficulty of choosing the appropriate enclosure for you and your bike if you decide to take a night’s rest from the twisting highway.

We have everything you need, whether you’re searching for a huge, free-flowing casita or a tiny, lightweight fly system that can protect your gear and bicycle from the elements.

Prepare yourself for your next weekend excursion by being familiar with these robust, reliable, and all-around excellent options – chances are, they’ll make your adventurous life that much simpler.

Alps Mountaineering Zephyr

Alps designed their Zephyr tent to encapsulate the greatest technical qualities of mountaineering, and in the process, they developed one of the best motorcycle-specific solutions available in the business. After everything is said and done, a simple two-pole design eliminates all of the stress (and unnecessary components) associated with the setup process, giving you more time to complete other tasks around the campground and less time to pack up after all is said and done. With its polyester tent fly and extra vestibules, the Zephyr provides a sealed living and entry space, as well as appropriate ventilation, due to the tent’s multiple mesh walls and doors, which help to protect it from water and UV damage.

$130 was spent on this purchase.

Big Agnes Big House 4

Big Agnes is the industry leader when it comes to journey-prone enclosures, and their Big House 4 is one of the best-performing (and most economical) products that have ever graced the outdoor living space market. The Big House 4 makes advantage of a huge, high-volume design that doesn’t seem constricted thanks to its steep walls and large living area, placing comfort and usefulness above all else. There are several alternatives for closing large doors and windows, including mesh (for improved ventilation) and polyester (for protection from the weather).

Purchase price is $350.

CATOMA 64598F Lightweight Switchback

The CATOMA 64598F Lightweight Switchback tent is the ideal choice for cyclists searching for a basic, weight-conscious shelter for their weekend escape. It is available in two sizes: small and large. A dual-door, dual-vestibule design offers easy access and egress, while additional storage places are strategically placed throughout the tent to safely keep any additional belongings. Attractive two-wall construction protects you and your belongings from the elements, simplifies the setup procedure, and can be easily dismantled at the conclusion of your journey.

A unique motorbike carry bag with a roll-down closure is included as an extra bonus with the 64598F, making stowing the tent even easier than before.

The North Face Wawona 6

In if The North Face hadn’t already covered all of the bases with their wide outdoor tent portfolio, they’ve certainly raised the bar with the Wawona 6, which is a spacious shelter that can accommodate up to six people (and maybe even a motorcycle or two). With a big front vestibule and two-door access, you can walk right inside the tent’s simple single-wall construction, which is entirely waterproof and makes the setup and breakdown procedure much easier than with other designs. If you’re looking for more ventilation as well as tranquil views of your surroundings, the Wawona’s dual-window layout will not let you down.

There’s little doubt that the tent’s heavy-duty 14mm poles will outlast some of the other options on our list, and what’s more, they’ll be pre-bent to create a greater living area within the tent. Cost of purchase: $400

NEMO Dagger 2

NEMO’s Dagger 2 tent is the ideal motorcycle-specific variation, and, to be honest, it’s probably one of the coolest tents on the market right now, if not the coolest. Incorporating DAC Featherlite poles, it expands on the brand’s well-known flagship by providing a more expansive inside room as well as light storage possibilities that won’t weigh you down while traveling. Color-coded panels eliminate a huge percentage of the guessing during setup and deconstruction, while newly integrated webbing, ventilation, and trapezoidal vestibules provide riders with the utmost in airflow possibilities, reducing the need for additional equipment.

Cost of purchase: $400

Marmot Orbit 4P

As a company with a long history of working in the great outdoors, Marmot’s Orbit 4P tent draws on the company’s extensive expeditionary experience to elevate their moto-camping capabilities to unprecedented heights. When it comes to storage, an integrated canopy front porch and removable vestibule ensure that you’ll have all the protection you’ll ever need, while an expansive shelter space provides the perfect, relaxing sleeping area after a long day of riding. Exceptional protection against the elements is provided by weatherproof seams and a taped Catenary cut floor, which are combined with nylon zipper pulls, a 40d 100 percent Polyester No-See-Um Mesh, and durable interior pocket solutions that can withstand the rigors of everyday life and still function properly.

Lone Rider Mototent V2

The Mototent V2 from Lone Rider was created by motorcyclists for motorcyclists, and it is a wonderful outdoor camping option that has been specifically built for two-wheeled trips. Wind tunnel design that is both sturdy and durable prioritizes full-fledged protection while limiting the weight and portability to a bare minimum. The Mototent V2, which is billed as the world’s lightest tent with an attached motorcycle canopy on the market today, weighs in at just under 12 pounds and boasts a high-end waterproof design that includes resistant zippers, hydrostatic ratings for all of its construction fabrics, and an extra-large vestibule/sleeping area that’s preferable for storage.

Purchase price was $568.

Redverz Atacama

Designed to endure whatever the open road could possibly throw at it, including strong winds, heavy downpours, and frigid days, Redverz’s Atacama enclosure was meant to last. Up to three people may be easily accommodated by the tent’s flexible hoop arrangement, 4,000mm hydrostatic head waterproof construction, and huge living area, and the tent’s towering ceiling allows riders to stand up if they so wish. It is possible to convert your vertical tent walls into a sleeping room that may also be used as a garage or storage place for your expeditionary gear.

$600 was spent on the purchase.

Crua Core Dome Tent

In the center between a huge living room and an outside camping enclosure, the Crua Core Dome Tent is the ideal compromise. It has an enormous Airframe construction that’s created with top-of-the-line permeable polyester material for the utmost in continuous ventilation. Pests are kept at bay by a B3 insect mesh on the interior of the tent, while a UV-protected, HH5000mm water-resistant outer covering and aerodynamic design ensure that you are protected from the elements on a daily basis. Heavy-duty jumbo zipper enclosures and a spacious front vestibule make this the ideal storage space for your stuff and motorbike.

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$700 was spent on the purchase.

Exped Polaris Tent

In the end, Exped’s Polaris tent tops our list as one of the coolest-looking, most lightweight expeditionary tents to ever hit the market. With the help of a custom-designed “ridge tunnel,” which consists of three partial poles connected together and one single full ridge pole, it achieves an unusual exoskeleton form that is characterised by its aerodynamic flat pole sleeves. A single wall, waterproof VentAir ripstop nylon fabric is used to emphasize resistances against wind, snow, and rain. It also includes two integrated vestibules to keep your stuff protected from the elements.

Purchase price: $700

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Best Tent For Motorcycle Camping: Our Top 5

You can’t afford to make a mistake when it comes to selecting the appropriate tent. Once you get on your bike and ride for many kilometers away from home, there is no going back. The failure of your shelter may put you and your family in serious danger. One further thing that you should try to avoid is making an expensive error. Even though your shelter is structurally solid, it may not be suitable for your specific requirements. Purchase the most appropriate tent for your needs the first time so that you may continue to enjoy your trips for years to come.

We believe the best tent for motorcycle camping is the:

The following are the primary reasons why we at Moto Affliction feel this is the greatest motorcycle camping tent available:

  • Size. It folds down to a tiny size for a two-person shelter, making it easy to transport on most bikes and camping equipment. Price. For roughly $200, you can obtain a high-quality tent that is also incredibly portable and lightweight. You could spend more money and purchase something even more compact and lightweight, but we aren’t camping here. Quality. In terms of value for money, the Zephyr is unbeatable in terms of quality. Again, you have the option to spend additional money, but you do not have to. Being a two-person vehicle provides them greater versatility in terms of storing equipment and inviting a companion. Setup and dismantling are simple and rapid
  • Two vestibules provide additional space for storing belongings. Two D-shaped doors make it simple to enter and depart with a partner or to maneuver around equipment. Exceptional air circulation

In a motorbike camping tent, all of these characteristics are essential. When you’re out on an expedition, having a tent that is easy to set up and take down, is lightweight, is compact, and has storage for your belongings can make your life much easier. You can’t afford to have your shelter collapse when you’re out in the woods or at a campsite hundreds of miles away from home. Whether it’s a faulty zipper, a leak, or a damaged pole, we can help. With the Alps Mountaineering Zephyr, you will not have to worry about anything.

  • Because of its small packing size, the Zephyr is an excellent choice for packing on sportbikes or ordinary bikes that have limited storage capacity, as well as on any other sort of bike.
  • What do you think?
  • Perhaps you have a lengthy vacation planned and would appreciate a little more in the way of creature comforts than the average traveler.
  • Taking into consideration that not everyone camps and travels in the same way, we devised alternative choices to meet the demands of each individual.

In the next section, you will find several other tents that we propose that will meet the diverse needs of different bike campers. Our plan is to split it down into distinct chunks and then provide what we feel to be the most advantageous solutions available.

Lone Rider MotoTent

This is the best motorcycle-specific travel/adventure tent for those who love to travel and explore. Not only does it provide space for you and your belongings, but it also provides space for your bike! Your infant will be safe and secure in the garage during the night and away from inquisitive eyes, yeah that is correct. All of this results in an increase in size. This isn’t a little, portable tent. Having said that, it can be transported with relative ease on a medium to big ADV motorbike. There are a few of features about this tent that we particularly love.

  1. Although this tent is suitable for infrequent campers who prefer to visit the neighboring state parks once or twice a year, it is not the ideal option for those who camp on a regular basis.
  2. It is a blessing to be able to stand up in your shelter if you are traveling and camping night after night.
  3. Also, if the weather is terrible, this is a major advantage when it comes to changing clothes.
  4. If you are traveling, it is certain that you will need to do periodic maintenance.
  5. There’s no need to be concerned about torrential rain or scorching sun making these duties more difficult than they need to be.
  6. You get all of this, as well as the capacity to store equipment, sleep two people, and live really comfortably.
  7. It may be found at LoneRider.com.

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Listen, you can get incredibly inexpensive tents if you shop about, but we do not advocate doing so. To put it bluntly, you’ll be asking for trouble on the road if you do this. As far as we’re concerned, the Alps Mountaineering 2 Person Tent finds a solid compromise between quality and cost-consciousness. Because it is a two-person tent, you have more versatility in terms of storage and the ability to invite a companion. Although it is not quite as compact as the Zephyr when packed, it comes close.

It will fit in the majority of duffel bags and panniers without difficulty.

The pegs that come with the kit are not the greatest.

It has a two-pole design that makes it simple to put up.

The front of the fly pegs extends to provide a large vestibule for storing your gear and keeping it protected from dampness while you sleep. The Alps Mountaineering Lynx is an excellent deal for the motocamper on a budget.

Catoma Adventure Shelter

If you are the sort of motorbike camper that only need a tent to sleep in and nothing more, this article is for you. Who has a high regard for minimalism. If you want to set up and take down your adventure shelter in the shortest amount of time, a Catoma adventure shelter is for you. This device is lightweight and portable. It collapses to the size of a bigger frisbee when not in use. The fact that it is small makes it easy to store on any type of bicycle. Particularly in situations where space is at a premium.

  • When the system is being packed up, the entire system is under strain.
  • It takes less than a minute to assemble this device.
  • If you anticipate encountering inclement weather, a tarp will serve as a better mosquito repellent.
  • Again, this is for the rider that like to crash at sundown and wake up and on the road as soon as possible in the mornings.
  • We couldn’t help but include it on our list because of its simplicity and creativity.

Marmot Crane Creek 2 person tent

The Marmot Crane Creek 2 person tent deserves to be mentioned as an honorable mention. The trekking and hiking world has a lot to offer motorcycle campers, and the Marmot is a high-quality alternative in this category. Setting up this Tent will take you no more than 10 minutes. You, your stuff, or a companion may enter and escape with ease thanks to the double D doors on either side. The fly is made of high-quality polyester material, which, along with the bathtub floor design, will keep you dry from condensation and driving rain while you’re out in the elements.

  • This tent features good ventilation, which is quite important and indicates that it is a high-quality tent.
  • The pegs are made of high-quality aluminum.
  • The Alps Mountaineering Zephyr motorcycle camping tent is my personal motorcycle camping tent.
  • It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for.
  • For the sake of this essay, I was able to get a copy of Zephyr.
  • I had actually just purchased a tent towards the conclusion of the previous season, but after reading this article, I understood that the Zephyr would not be returning.

Choosing any shelter from our selection, according on your personal requirements, will ensure that you spend many lovely evenings by your bike beneath the stars in the future.

Best Tent for Adventure Motorcycle Touring

Horseback riding may be a great deal of pleasure, and the only thing that makes it worse is having to return home at the end of the day. The good news is that with a little planning, you can spend the entire weekend (or much, much longer) out on the open road or exploring nasty terrain on your motorcycle. You just require a few things, with the tent being the most important of these. This guide will cover the following topics:

  • Mototent V2 by Lone Rider from Catoma Adventure Shelters
  • MSR Hubba Hubba
  • Lone Rider’s Mototent

Despite the fact that it will take up some space and will not be used every night, a tent is like having an insurance policy in case something goes wrong. If something goes wrong with your bike, the route, or the weather, you’ll always have somewhere to go for cover. There is one clear difference between motorcycle tents and standard camping and hiking tents: motorcycle tents must be large enough to accommodate your motorbike and all of the cumbersome gear that comes with it. In most cases, this is accomplished with the construction of a vestibule, an awning, or a floorless chamber that protects your bike from the weather and provides shelter.

What to Look for in a Motorcycle Tent

Motorcycle tents, like other high-quality outdoor gear, aren’t cheap, so it’s vital to do your homework and think about which characteristics are most important to you before making a purchase. Will you be going camping every week or maybe a few times over the summer months? Which type of excursions do you like to go on your own or do you prefer to have friends, family, and significant others with you? When it comes to being in cramped places, how comfortable are you with those individuals? With those considerations in mind, the following are some of the most important characteristics to look for in a motorcycle tent: 1.

Storage Capacity

When shopping for a tent, you’ll always want to pick the smallest one possible to conserve room in your baggage, but you’ll also want to consider how much space there is for you and your belongings. A common problem with tent manufacturers is that they overestimate their sleeping capacity; for example, versions promoted as two-person setups are only comfortable for one person. When it comes to tents with a vestibule large enough to accommodate a motorbike, most are branded as four-person models, which is fortunate since it implies they can comfortably accommodate two people, which is the same capacity as your motorcycle.

However, how comfortable you are with your fellow campers will determine how successful your trip will be.


Weight is an important factor, but what is acceptable for you will be determined mostly by the type of vehicle you are riding. Take a look at your travel options. Do you like a small dual-sport bike for gravel roads or do you prefer something with more than 1000cc’s for long highway rides? Take into consideration the weight restriction specified by the manufacturer for your bike, as well as how the tent and any other camping gear will effect its handling. Tents made for motorcycle riders tend to be heavier in weight than backpacking tents, with the greater weight of a comfortable camping tent being preferred over the lighter weight of a backpacking tent.

Insights from experience suggest that you should buy the lightest tent you can afford and that you will be comfortable sleeping in.


It would be wonderful if we could also just sleep under the sky with nothing more than a small net to keep the insects away, wouldn’t you agree? While this is certainly the case, you must be prepared for unexpected weather everywhere you go, especially when you’re traveling with little more than the supplies that will fit on your bike. As a result, it’s critical that you choose a tent that can withstand a significant amount of wind and rain and continue to serve its intended purpose for many years.

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Higher denier textiles have a tighter weave and will be more water and wind resistant, as well as being less prone to tearing.

They also weigh more, so you’ll have to find a good balance between weight and durability when choosing yours.


All of us desire the highest-quality tent available, but we usually have to pick our equipment based on our budget constraints at the end of the day. Make a decision on how frequently you will use your motorbike tent. Once a year adventures don’t necessitate the most up-to-date technology and equipment. The few drawbacks will only be minor annoyances, but if you spend every weekend in the mountains, it’s worth it to invest a little more money on something you’ll genuinely like using and that will survive the distance.

Best Tents for Adventure Motorcycle Travel

The motorbike tents listed below are some of the best on the market right now. Each of them is rather distinct from the other, and some will be more suitable for particular riders than others. Choose a device depending on your personal requirements; this will not necessarily be the one with the greatest number of features.

Catoma Adventure Shelters Lone Rider

GBP£273|US$273 Lone Rider is taken care of by Catoma Adventure — Photo courtesy of Catoma Adventure If you’re the kind that loves things to be light and quick, the Catoma tent could be the best option for your motorbike vacation. This motorbike camping tent is one of the lightest you’ll find, weighing in at just over seven pounds, making it one of the most portable. The bag can be folded down to a mere 26″ by 6″, so you won’t have to worry about it taking up too much space on the back of your bike.

However, all of those space- and weight-saving methods are not without their drawbacks.

It only has 45 square feet of floor area, and because of its dome form, it is impossible to stand up within the tent while inside.

It is also necessary to use guy lines and improved tent poles in order to have a large enough area to park beneath the vestibule, which is a little inconvenience. Having said that, this is a fantastic motorcycle tent for those looking for the most small and lightweight motorcycle tent available.

MSR Hubba Hubba

GBP£345|US$299|CAD$520|AUD$760 MSR Hubba Hubba 2 Person Tent — Photograph courtesy of MSR. If you want an even lighter tent, check out MSR’s Hubba Hubba, which weighs only 3.8 pounds and packs down to a tiny 18″ by 6″ when it’s time to get it on your bike. It is constructed in the same manner as many other lightweight camping tents, with a basic dome structure that is extremely simple to set up. If you have any problems with it, MSR is one of the most well-known tent manufacturers, and replacement parts as well as repair kits for it can be bought at most large sporting goods retailers.

Despite the fact that it is classed as a two-person tent, the Hubba Hubba’s floor only offers 29 square feet of area, which may not seem like enough when there are two of you in the tent.

The vestibule offers an additional 17 square feet, which isn’t too awful considering that motorcycle touring already restricts the amount of stuff you can bring with you on your journey.

If you only go on a few trips a year and are meticulous in your setup, you should have no problems, but this is not the tent for someone who goes on weekly adventures in the outdoors.

Lone Rider’s Mototent V2

GBP£431|US$565|CAD$753|AUD$788 Photograph of Lone Rider’s Mototent V2 by Lone Rider There are few motorcycle tents that can compete with Lone Rider’s Mototent V2 when it comes to quality and durability. Perhaps as a result of the fact that it was created with motorcycle riders in mind, it ticks nearly every box. It’s large enough to accommodate even the largest motorcycle, with more than six feet of headroom in the main tent and a vestibule with two broad entrances that allow you to ride in and out rather than having to back up.

Additionally, Lone Rider claims that the majority of customers can get it up and running in as little as seven minutes using their own equipment.

If you’re the type of person that goes camping and riding every weekend throughout the summer, you’ll probably enjoy this tent.

It’s a very pricey option.

It is true that the Mototent V2 represents an investment in your future happiness; but, you will most likely not find a tent that is as sturdy, large, and easy to use anywhere else in the world. You can find it here.


So, what is the finest tent for motorcycle touring on an adventurous budget? It all depends on your priorities; if riding at night is important to you, a bike like the Hubba Hubba can be a good option. However, it is not the most durable (unless you upgrade to a more costly version) and can feel fairly claustrophobic due to its small size. If you’re searching for the greatest all-around tent, the Mototent V2 from Lone Rider is a great choice. A fantastic design that secures and protects your equipment without taking up a lot of room.

The Best Tents for Bikers – 2022 Guide

If you’re going on travelling and thinking about spending a night or two beneath the stars, finding a quality tent that’s small enough to tote on a motorcycle might be difficult to come by. Additionally, weight, storing cycling equipment (which is frequently wet!) and keeping your bicycle close by must all be taken into consideration while setting up your tent. Fortunately, the market for motorcycle touring tents is now seeing a slight upswing. For a long time, there were just a number of options for lightweight tents, but as contemporary materials improve, tents are becoming lighter, and more firms are manufacturing motorcycle-specific versions that are designed specifically with motorcyclists’ requirements in mind.

Standard Tent Buyer’s Checklist

When purchasing a tent, the following are the characteristics you’ll want to look for:

  • You’ll want the following qualities in any tent you buy while you’re camping:

A Biker’s Basic Tent Buying Criteria

  • How many people does it accommodate? What does it look like when it’s packed
  • What is the weight of the object
  • I’m not sure how much it’ll cost. Is it large enough to accommodate your bicycle?

For each of our recommendations, we’ve addressed these questions with easy-to-read important statistics that may be seen below.

Motorcycle Tent: Additional Features To Consider

If you’re buying a tent for your motorcycle, you need consider how you’ll transport it and what you want it to be able to perform in addition to what a ‘regular’ tent can do. Small enough to fit in your panniers, top box, or behind your seatback, the tent should be lightweight and easy to transport. Porch/vestibule: A big space separate from the sleeping rooms where you may store your helmets and other equipment overnight. A lightweight tent, as opposed to camping with your stuff transported by car, will reduce the weight of your bike when you are out camping.

We’ve compiled a list of the best motorcycle tents available, with options to meet any budget and hauling requirements.

  • It can accommodate 2 people and has the following dimensions: L3.6m, W1.2m, H1.05m
  • Pack size is 38x15cm and the weight is 3.5kg. Price: £64.99 (plus VAT). Is it possible to park a motorcycle inside: No

This tent is an absolute steal at this price. It’s a 3-pole tunnel tent with a huge porch area where you can store your helmet, baggage, and wet boots while you’re out on the water. In spite of the fact that it can accommodate two people, it is light and folds down into a very small space, weighing only 3.5 kilograms. A motorbike pannier may easily accommodate it and it can be secured to your pillion seat with two Velcro straps. It is said to be 100 percent waterproof, and the seams have been taped for further protection.

However, if you’re cautious when putting it up, it should last you for a good number expeditions.

This Coleman Cortes 2 tent is an excellent alternative if your budget is limited or if you’re only going away for a few of nights and don’t want to spend a lot of money on a more expensive option. Specifications that are important

  • Up to 4 people can be accommodated. Dimensions: L2.24m x W2.03m x H1.35m (height at the center). Pack dimensions: 45x16cm
  • 3kg in weight
  • Price: £41.99 (plus VAT). Is it possible to park a motorcycle inside: No

Alternatively, a basic dome tent large enough to accommodate four people can comfortably accommodate two riders and all of their gear, and it will take you no more than ten minutes to erect. Despite the fact that it has a porch of sorts, you’ll want to keep this covered up at night. A separate vestibule for gear allows you to be more comfortable in the sleeping space in this example. The pack is small and may easily be tucked away in a big pannier or top box. Specifications that are important

  • There is enough space for one person in this unit. Its dimensions are as follows: L2.65m, W1.70m, H0.75m (at the center height)
  • Its pack size is 40x12cm. Weight: 1.5 kg
  • The cost is £49.95. Is it possible to park a motorcycle inside: No

Designed for solo travelers who don’t mind sacrificing some headroom, this compact and lightweight adventure tent is about as little as they get. However, make sure to look at the proportions because it is really tiny. It takes less than 5 minutes to erect the structure. It also includes a storage compartment on the side for your belongings. It can also endure a blustery night because to the sturdy steel pegs and flexible fibreglass poles that support it. Although some reviewers have expressed concerns about the construction quality and waterproofing, if you just have one trip planned and need a place to lie down (or fall out?) for the night, this will suffice.

Specifications that are important

  • It can accommodate three people and has the following dimensions: L4.00m, W11.95m, and H1.25m (height at the center). 60x20cm is the size of the package. Weight: 6.6 kg
  • The cost is £249.99. Is it possible to park a motorcycle inside: No

The Khyam Biker is a three-man tent with plenty of space for two riders, but it is not designed to accommodate a bike. It is designed for bikers, but it is not designed to accommodate a bike. This tent is well worth the money because it has side pockets within the sleeping space for storing your belongings, a huge porch area for storing your belongings, and enough headroom to be comfortable. The tent is equipped with a Quick Erect System, which means that the poles are sewed into the flysheet, allowing it to be set up in seconds.

However, it has received a recommendation from RiDE magazine, which some bikers will like.

  • It can accommodate three people and has the following dimensions: L4.40m, W2.60m, and H1.90m (porch height). Pack size: 55x22cm
  • Weight: 5.5kg
  • Pack dimensions: 55x22cm The cost is £249.99. Is it possible to park a motorcycle inside: No

In addition to its wide vestibule at the front, low ceiling sleeping area that helps to retain heat, and overall stability, the Galaxy 300 is a popular 3 season tent among motorcycle enthusiasts. You might be able to acquire a foldable chair (as well as a table!) for the porch, which means it’ll be a pleasant area to hang out even if the weather is bad. You can also back your bike into the tent, which will provide you with something to hang your gear on and a little more piece of mind when riding.

Specifications that are important

  • A single person can be accommodated
  • The following dimensions are provided: L2.00 x W0.55 x H0.70 meters (center height)
  • Wing length is 1.25 meters. Pack dimensions are 63x34cm
  • Weight is 10kg
  • And the price is £310. Is it possible to store a motorcycle inside: No

Despite the fact that it is only intended for one person, the Goose is a well-designed and useful piece of equipment. Fully waterproof canvas construction on the outside, with a huge wing that hooks to your bike to serve as a canopy inside. If you thought the pack’s weight was excessive, it’s because it includes a high-density foam mattress as well as a built-in sleeping bag, so you won’t have to worry about adding any more weight or storage space.

The philosophy behind this tent is admirable; it’s constructed from high-quality, time-tested materials that are meant to last. It’s a little on the hefty side, but its creators believe it will survive for more than 20 years. Specifications that are important

  • It has a capacity of 3 people and has the following dimensions: L3.8 m, W1.6 m, H1.02 m
  • The pack size is 29 x 16 cm and the weight is 2.38 kg. The cost is £650. Is it possible to park a motorcycle inside: No
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If you’re traveling with a lot of gear, a three-person tent may be the best option for you because of the increased room in the sleeping area it provides. The Redvarz Atacama Expedition is another excellent tent that gives security for your bike because it may be partially parked in the porch area of the tent. Because of its small size, it will easily fit on your rack or in your top box, ready for your next journey. The motorcycle compartment has enough space to accommodate the back half of an adventure bike, as well as its panniers.

The joints have been coated to avoid leaks.

It’s a reasonable choice if you’re seeking for an inexpensive, lightweight motorbike tent.


It appeals to some motorcyclists to be able to store their motorbike in their tent when traveling. It’s not simply a game of chess, I can see the reasoning behind it. You can close the tent and keep your bike out of sight from curious onlookers. In addition, tents that can store a motorbike feature a parge porch, which means that you may hang your gear on the bike to dry it off in the event of a rainstorm or other inclement weather during the night. Specifications that are important

  • Capacity: 2 people plus 1 bicycle
  • Dimensions: L4.15m x W2.4m x H1.90m (height at the center)
  • 60x20cm is the size of the package. 5.44 kilograms in weight
  • The cost is £450. Is it possible to store a motorcycle inside: Yes

The price of this tent may be high, but it is designed to accommodate 1–2 riders as well as an adventure size bike with panniers. It is possible to completely close off the vast canopy area to preserve your privacy and your bike from the weather. The spacious sleeping room can accommodate two persons and their belongings, and a convenient vestibule is ideal for storing damp clothing and gear. Setup is said to take less than ten minutes, and the vast room allows people over six feet tall to stand without difficulty.

  • Capacity: 3 people plus 1 bicycle
  • Dimensions: L4.9m x W2.5m x H1.9m (height at the center)
  • Pack dimensions are 53x23cm
  • Weight is 6kg. The cost is £539. Is it possible to store a motorcycle inside: Yes

This tent folds down to only 29cm in length, making it small enough to fit into a big top box or pannier with no issue. For a three-person tent, the weight is remarkably low, which raises questions about the longevity of the product. The Starlite 3 is appropriate for use from spring to fall, and it is equipped with a mesh net to keep you safe from the dreadful midge infestation. Although the manufacturer claims that it takes less than 10 minutes to pitch the tent, after reading several owner reviews, it appears that many people find it difficult to do it on their own.

Complete with a wide porch space that is ideal for storing your helmet, panniers, or rolling your bike in for more protection, as well as a hook for hanging your belongings from.

  • Capacity: 2 persons with a bicycle
  • Dimensions: L4.15m x W2.4m x H2.0m (height at the center)
  • Pack dimensions: 61 x 22 cm
  • 8kg in weight
  • The cost is £155. Is it possible to store a motorcycle inside: Yes

The quality of the fabric of this tent has received conflicting reviews, with many people claiming that it is of poor quality and that it is prone to tearing and rotting. We included it in this list since it is inexpensive (costing roughly £150) and because not everyone has £500 to spend on a tent of their own.

If you just intend to use it a few times, do not intend to contend with monsoon conditions, and are capable of storing it safely, then it should be adequate for the task. It has enough space to accommodate a bicycle as well as your equipment.

Why smaller isn’t always better

While on tour, the general consensus is that you cannot afford to take up any additional room than you absolutely have to. As a result, a large number of bikers look for the smallest, lightest tent possible. There is one main drawback to using a tiny tent. As a result, if the weather is bad, you’re going to be wet and you’ll have to store all of your wet gear in your tent, which will be uncomfortable at the very least. Most likely, your equipment will not dry out overnight, and you will be lying in a bubble of putrid humidity while trying to sleep.

At the very least, if you get a tent that has a porch section, such as the Vango we have picked above, you will be able to open up the folding stool and stretch your legs while drinking a beer while keeping your sleeping compartment dry.

Motorcycle Tents – Top Tips

Tents that are extremely light in weight cost a significant lot more. We found the lightest two-person tent we could locate, which weighs around 500g but costs a whooping £600. For £80, on the other hand, you can obtain a tent that weighs around 2.5kg. A two-man tent will be required for a solitary rider in order to be able to keep their belongings comfortably while also sleeping. Two riders will be squeezed into a two-person tent, so consider double the capacity to ensure a more comfortable trip.

  • Wet gear will not dry in the sleeping compartment; rather, it will leave you sticky and sweaty as a result.
  • Tents that claim to be up and running in seconds seem fantastic, but in reality, with a little effort, you can get any tent up and going in well under 10 minutes.
  • Your motorcycle can serve as a useful tent peg.
  • Cooking in your tent is an invitation to disaster.

The compact camping table

One of the things we enjoy about motorcycle camping is the challenge of packing enough gear without bringing everything in the kitchen. It is usually preferable to travel light. Without mentioning this fantastic camping table from SW Motech in our guide to the best motorcycle tents, we’d be remiss if we didn’t include it. It links to their panniers to produce a strong table that can be used to eat meals, play cards, or simply organize your belongings on. It is also foldable and may be tucked into the lid of the panniers.

5 Best Tents for Motorcycle Camping – 2020 Guide

A motorbike road trip is unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced. When you’re not enclosed in a car or other vehicle, you have the impression that you’re enjoying the surroundings much more fully. There’s simply no other way to experience the environment around you as you do when you’re riding a motorbike, short of getting out and wandering about. When looking for the finest tent for motorcycle camping, there are a few factors to keep in mind. Here are some suggestions. It’s likely that you’ll want a tent with a vestibule for your motorcycle when camping.

This will protect it from the elements such as rain, dirt, and other debris. It will also keep it out of sight while yet keeping you connected to it. When choosing a tent, you’ll want to consider the weight of the tent as well as the amount of space it takes up when it’s fully packed.

Small Tent for Motorcycle Camping

Because of the nature of motorbikes (they don’t have enough space to transport a family of four), you should be able to obtain a tiny tent for motorcycle camping. Because you’ll most likely be camping alone or with only one other person, you won’t need a large tent. Here are some of the top motorbike tents on the market:

1.)Harley-Davidson Dome Tent w/Vestibule Motorcycle Storage

This tent can accommodate up to four people as well as one motorbike comfortably. Aesthetically pleasing mesh panels ventilate the tent, providing for adequate ventilation in warm weather, while mesh front and back doors provide protection from mosquitoes and other insects. When not in use, the motorcycle vestibule may be easily removed if you wish to camp without bringing your motorcycle with you. Only 12 lbs is the weight of the tent when it is completely packed.

2.)Alps Mountaineering Zephyr

This tent features an aluminum two-pole construction that makes it simple to put up, and it comes with a tent flap that keeps rain and UV rays out of the tent. Two vestibules provide enough storage space, and the mesh doors and walls allow for optimum ventilation throughout the building. It’s also extremely reasonably priced, plus it’s small and lightweight for packing.

3.)Redverz Atacama Expedition Motorcycle Tent

This is unquestionably a more costly tent.but it was designed to survive for an extended period of time under difficult situations. This weather system is prepared for strong winds, heavy rains, and bitter cold. Inside, it’s large enough for campers to stand straight, and the vertical tent walls allow plenty of space for sleeping, as well as for a garage or storage, if that’s what you’re looking for. In addition to having a completely enclosed motorcycle bay that can accommodate any size bike, it has excellent airflow design that allows you to bring your motorbike into the facility immediately after riding it without worrying about emissions.

4.)Coleman Hooligan Backpacking Tent

Colemans are usually a good choice because the company is well-known for producing dependable, budget-friendly camping equipment. The Hooligan is no exception — it’s less than $100 for a tent that sleeps two people and has a vestibule large enough to accommodate your motorcycle and other equipment. It’s compact and lightweight, and it’s quite simple to put together.

5.)Vuz Moto Waterproof Motorcycle Tent

In addition to a bike port that accommodates three people sleeping comfortably, this motorcycle tent includes a dedicated room for your full-sized motorcycle and all of your luggage. If you need to work on your bike while you’re at camp, there’s plenty of space for that as well. The mesh panels allow for ventilation without attracting pests, and the tent and motorbike vestibule are both easily accessible through four entryways. The tent has a watertight rain fly to keep you dry, and it is very straightforward to put together.

What is a motorcycle tent?

The construction of motorcycle tents is similar to that of hiking tents in that they are designed to be lightweight and compact when packed away. Most feature a port or vestibule where you may park your bike while you work on it or to keep it safe from the weather while you sleep.

How do you carry a tent on a motorcycle

When loading your tent onto your motorbike, keep in mind that the cargo capacity of your motorcycle is limited. That information should be included in your owner’s handbook, and you should take care not to overburden your motorbike. Overloading your bike can result in issues with everything from your brakes to the life of your tires and everything in between.

When packing, keep everything low and balanced, and make sure everything is securely fastened. You’ll probably need to go on a few of trips before you find out the best way to transport your motorbike tent and the rest of your equipment.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Motorcycle Tent?

When you use a motorcycle camping tent, you can sleep soundly knowing that your bike is safe for the night. It is possible to keep your bike safe from the weather, mud, and other elements by using a tent. Many motorcycle tents also have a vestibule where you may work on your bike if you need to. In this location, you’ll be able to set up any tools or other items you’ll require, as well as perform any repairs or adjustments you’ll require before heading back out on the road.

What Is The Difference Between A Regular And Motorcycle Camping Tent?

The vestibule or bike port is the most significant distinction between a standard tent and a tent designed specifically for motorcycle camping. Camping tents do not feature an extra port, as do motorcycle tents, because you do not require the additional weight when backpacking in the wilderness. For motorcycle vacations, large family tents are not recommended because you are unlikely to be traveling with a large party that needs to remain in one tent, and the weight and volume of a large tent is not essential.

The perfect motorbike tent for your needs is out there if you do a little research beforehand.

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