What Is The Best Hard Shell Roof Top Tent

The Best Hard Shell Rooftop Tents [Buyer’s Guide]

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Hard Shell Roof Top Tent Comparison

Tent Weight Capacity Purchase Option Price Rating
Roofnest Falcon 140 lbs 2-Person Online $$$ 5/5
iKamper Skycamp 2.0 160 lbs 4-Person Online $$$$ 5/5
Roofnest Sparrow Eye 130 lbs 1-2 Person Online $$ 4/5
Alu-Cab Gen 3.1 Expedition 172 lbs 2-Person Dealer Only $$$$ 5/5
James Baroud Explorer 145 lbs 2-Person Dealer Only $$$$ 4/5

The Best Hard Shell Roof Top Tents

Before we get into some of the more sophisticated aspects, we need to decide which tents will be included in the final selection. Let’s start by taking a look at some of the best hard shell roof top tents now available on the market. You’ll find a brief guide at the conclusion of this post that will show you which qualities are the most crucial to look for when purchasing a roof top tent.

Best Low-Profile Hard Shell Roof Top Tent:Roofnest Falcon

TheRoofnest Falcon Rooftop Tent is the first of them to make it onto our list of favorites. One of the largest hard shell roof top tents on this list, it is also one of the most expensive. When it is closed, however, it boasts an efficient low-profile design, which is a pleasant surprise. clamshell configuration is useful for all sorts of automobiles It has an interior capacity that can accommodate two people who are camping in it. The frame is constructed of honeycomb metal, which provides a sense of durability.

Spacious Interior

The inside dimensions are about 88 x 48 inches. In other words, the sleeping space is between the dimensions of a full-size mattress and a queen-size mattress.

Within the vehicle, there is enough headroom to sit up and read a book, change clothes, or just hang out with your friends. Similar to other hard shell roof top tents, the Falcon also incorporates an eight-foot ladder, which makes it simple to get inside the tent.

AccessoriesRack System

The Roofnest Falcon RTT also features channels along all four sides, allowing you to connect extras such as an awning to the roof of your home. Roofnest also provides an optional crossbar system that attaches to the top of the tent for further support. This makes transporting bicycles, kayaks, skis, or just about anything else a breeze. In addition, Roofnest’s newest Falcon model includes built-in LED illumination, which eliminates the need to bring your lantern inside when it’s time to sleep.

Roofnest charges a premium for this service, making it one of the most costly alternatives available.

ProsCons of theRoofnest FalconRooftop Tent

  • Design with a low profile
  • Durable honeycomb aluminum construction (stands up in gusts of 30-40 mph)
  • Simple assembly
  • Comfortable mattress
  • Expensive
  • Can’t seal tent with beds inside
  • Difficult to set up. It was difficult to close the tent on the first few occasions (due to the strong hinges)

Best 4-Person Hard Shell Roof Top Tent:iKamper Skycamp 2.0

Expensive; cannot close tent with bedding inside; cannot close tent with sleeping bag inside; With strong hinges, it was difficult to close the tent during the first few usage.

Impressive Size

Approximately 85 x 83 inches are the inside dimensions of the tent. To put this in context, a California King mattress is 84 x 72 inches in dimensions. In other words, the sleeping area inside theiKamper Skycamp 2.0is TWICE AS BIG AS A CALIFORNIA KING! Once closed, the tent will shrink to 85 x 55 inches, which is an improvement over its previous dimensions. You’ll have ample space inside for up to 3 adults and up to 2 children, thanks to the large interior. However, because to weight restrictions, we do not advocate sleeping more than 4 persons at a time.

ColorsCanvas Material

For the first time in the industry, iKamper is offering the Skycamp 2.0 in three colors: glossy black, white, and a matte black called “rocky.” Consequently, you’ll be able to select the color that best complements your car and personal style. Due to the fact that the tent is mostly canvas, it has a weatherproof rainfly to keep you protected from the elements. It’s attached to the hard shell by a zipper and a couple bungees, and it’s completely waterproof. Because the windows are double-paned, you can still see outside even when it’s raining outside.

Taking use of the additional canvas material allows you to purchase extras that are simple to connect using zippers and bungee cords.

TheiKamper Skycamp 2.

Keep this in mind while you’re looking for tents to purchase.

ProsCons of theiKamper Skycamp 2.0Rooftop Tent

  • Simple to assemble
  • Expandable configuration accommodates up to four people. Durable polyester and canvas materials are used throughout
  • There are two side windows and one skylight window.

  • Rainfly is expensive, and it is difficult to put on and take off. It is impossible to shut a tent with beds inside.

Best 1-Person Hard Shell Roof Top Tent:Roofnest Sparrow Eye

Rainfly is difficult to put on and take off; it is expensive. With beds inside the tent, it is impossible to seal the tent.

Compact, Yet Comfortable Interior

The Roofnest Sparrow Eye is exceptionally simple to use because it just pops out from one side, making it highly convenient. Given its tiny size, it is supported by practically every type of transportation (Jeep Renegades, Subarus, crossovers, etc.).

It measures 83 x 49 inches on the inside, which is almost the same size as a full-size bed. Because of the limited internal area, it is the ideal tent for a single person (or a small couple).

Lightweight Design

Fiberglass is used in the construction of the Roofnest Sparrow rather than aluminum honeycomb. Roofnest’s commitment to quality is seen by the use of fiberglass in its newer, higher-end tents. Although fiberglass is less robust than steel, it greatly reduces the weight of the structure. This allows this compact roof top tent to weigh just 130 lbs, which is extremely light! Roofnest has revamped the Sparrow Eye for the year 2020. In addition to an integrated gear storage room and a solar panel mounting space on the roof, the new design has a streamlined appearance.

  • When it comes to those who drive automobiles with a roof spoiler over the trunk, this is revolutionary (Toyota 4Runners, Jeep Renegades, etc.).
  • The new design eliminates this problem.
  • This tent is best suited for lone travelers or campers who only camp on occasion.
  • Just be sure you like the person you’ll be traveling with before you book your flight.

ProsCons of theRoofnest Sparrow EyeRooftop Tent

  • Affordably priced
  • Lightweight fiberglass frame
  • One of the simplest tents to set up and take down
  • It is possible to seal the tent with the mattress inside
  • It’s a little cramped for two taller persons
  • Some consumers have reported peeling on the fiberglass
  • However, this is not uncommon.

Best Expedition Hard Shell Roof Top Tent:Alu-Cab Gen 3.1 Expedition

The name Alu-Cab should be enough to convey the fact that it is one of the greatest and most well-known overlanding brands in the world. TheAlu-Cab Gen 3.1 Expeditiontent, which is constructed entirely of aluminum, is one of the most durable tents available. It’s also a highly popular hardshell model, which is no surprise. As a result, it is presently in its third generation of design. The clamshell form conceals the fact that it measures 90.55 x 55-inches, which makes it exceptionally big and comfy.

Attention to Detail

Three access options are provided by theAlu-Cab Gen 3.1 Expedition, which also has an innovative pop-up design with gas-strut assistance and an ample 75 mm high-density foam mattress on the interior. It also comes equipped with some of the greatest internal accessories, like a reading light, USB charging ports, a 12V power outlet, and a series of storage pockets, among others.


Recognizing that their tents are utilized by extreme adventure travelers all over the world, Alu-Cab developed a hard shell roof top tent with closed-cell foam liner insulation to meet the needs of these travelers. They claim that their tents can endure high heat and temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius. Additionally, the Expedition Gen 3.1 comes with an awning cover that covers the tent’s back entrance, which helps to keep rain, snow, and frost from getting inside the tent’s rear opening.

ProsCons for theAlu-Cab Gen 3.1Rooftop Tent

  • Extremely long-lasting
  • Insulation with two layers
  • You have the option of closing the tent with your mattress inside
  • Included are a reading light, USB charging connectors, and a 12V power outlet.
  • Expensive
  • Difficult to obtain (must be obtained from an authorized dealer)
  • And heavy.

Best Ventilated Hard Shell Roof Top Tent:James Baroud Explorer

Finally, but certainly not least, we have one of the most costly rooftop tents on the market today.

The James Baroud Explorer roof top tent, like many other hard shell roof top tents, can be put up in less than 30 seconds. Similarly, it will only take you around 90 seconds to shut the tent and place it in a low-profile area once you have finished.

Indoor/Outdoor Feeling

The James Baroud Explorerrooftop tent has a complete pop-up system that allows you to maximize the amount of space you have within the tent. When fully extended, the tent has multiple windows with protective netting, which gives you the sensation of being outdoors in the great outdoors. The mesh also serves as a mosquito and bug net, ensuring that you are not tormented by insects at night. In addition, a solar-powered ventilation system has been installed for use on days when the weather is particularly severe.

Cargo SpaceAccessories

Like the Roofnest Sparrow Eye, this hard shell roof top tent has a storage slot on the outside of the tent that is helpful for storing small goods such as flashlights and other small accessories. In addition to tie-down hooks, this integrated storage tray has the capacity to hold an extra 65 pounds of baggage. When the sun goes down, the LED rechargeable flashlight that comes with the package offers illumination. The light may also be removed and used as a lantern to illuminate the area surrounding your camping.

Alternatively, you may have a bespoke OEM paint job done, which will raise the price to a whooping $5,000!

ProsCons for theJames Baroud ExplorerRooftop Tent

  • Expensive
  • Has a complete 360-degree vision
  • Has plenty of airflow
  • May be customized in color
  • Is not recommended for children.
  • Expensive
  • Difficult to obtain (must go through an authorized dealer)
  • And difficult to maintain. Some consumers have expressed concern with the external latches rusting quickly.

Key Features To Consider Before Buying a Hard Shell Rooftop Tent

It’s quite acceptable if none of these hard shell roof top tents appeal to you. When you’re ready, you’ll need to know how to select the most appropriate roof top tent for your needs. We’ve done some research and have discovered the characteristics that many experts say are the most vital to have in your product. The following characteristics should be taken into consideration while purchasing your next rooftop tent.

Hardshell Vs. Softshell

Softshell roof top tents are more conventional in style and are the closest thing you can get to a ground tent. They do not, however, provide the same level of stability as a hard shell roof top tent. Hard shell roof top tents, on the other hand, are more sturdy and weigh more weight. Keep in mind that hard shell rooftop tents are often more costly than soft shell rooftop tents. You may use our roof top tent buying guide to help you determine if a hard shell or a soft shell roof top tent is best for you.

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Soft Shell Roof Top Tents: Advantages and Disadvantages

Internal Capacity

Because you are purchasing a rooftop tent to provide shelter, you must consider how many people will be sleeping within the structure. It is necessary to consider the size of the tent while selecting one. Rooftop tents are often equipped with a number that indicates the maximum number of people that may be accommodated. Some of them, however, are a little snug, and you may need to go up a size to accommodate them.

WeightWeight Capacity

You must be aware that not all automobiles are created equal, and you must know how powerful your automobile is. You should pick a rooftop tent that will fit comfortably on top of your automobile without causing harm to the vehicle. This is where the weight comes into play, and locating something that weighs less than 200 pounds is essential. If your tent is larger than the top of your car, it is possible that a little portion of it will hang off the roof.

If this is the case, the weight capacity may be an essential consideration. You don’t want to destroy a section of the tent because you’re a little too hefty for it. These hard shell roof top tents, on the other hand, are known for their exceptional durability for the most part.

Waterproof Rating

Almost every rooftop tent you buy will have something called an HH rating, which stands for high-wind rating. The HH rating, also known as the Hydrostatic Head rating, indicates how durable the tent will be when exposed to wet weather. As a general rule of thumb, you should not consider purchasing a roof top tent with an HH rating that is less than 2000mm, if at all feasible.


Finally, there are a few of small details to consider. If you don’t have any stairs leading up to the tent, you can use the ladder to get into it. A deeper inspection of the windows, entrance points, rack systems, awnings, and other accessories will also be required of you. If you have any additional features, such as solar-powered systems, they might be a significant asset.

Is a Hard Shell Roof Top Tent For You?

It is not difficult to locate the greatest rooftop tents, but bear in mind that the more expensive alternatives are usually the most desirable. Hard shell roof top tents provide excellent value for money, and they need just a little amount of work to erect after they have been delivered. However, we recognize that they are not suitable for everyone. In the event that you’re seeking for a less expensive and more roomy solution, a softshell rooftop tent can be a good choice for you. Read on for our buyer’s guide to the finest softshell rooftop tents for 2021.

Which of these RTTs are your favorites?

Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

10 Best Hard-Shell Rooftop Tents for Overlanding

You should be aware that we may receive compensation from Amazon, REI, and other merchants if you make a purchase after clicking on our links. More information on our editorial and affiliate policies may be found here. A hard-shell rooftop tent will make road trips more enjoyable because of the comfort and convenience it provides. Hard-shell rooftop tents are a relatively new piece of equipment on the overlanding (remote road-tripping) scene in North America, although intrepid vehicular explorers have been utilizing them in other areas of the world for decades.

However, a few well-known local companies are making their mark in the United States as well as their home country.

Some heavy-duty types necessitate considerable gear and large vehicles to transport them, but there are many that can be installed on current SUVs and sedans without difficulty.

Related reading: 15 Best Off-Pavement Adventure Vehicles for Off-Pavement Exploration

Best Hard-shell Rooftop Tents

If you’re in the market for a hard-shell rooftop tent, there are a few technical considerations to keep in mind. Make certain that the rooftop tent you purchase is compatible with your car. Each vehicle is assigned a distinct load (weight) rating that determines how much cargo it is capable of transporting on its top. Likewise, different factory-made and aftermarket roof racks and crossbars have varied weight capacities; even if your car has a capacity of 1,000 pounds, you won’t be able to put that much onto your crossbars if they are only rated to 500 pounds.

Most rooftop tents are designed to accommodate two people, although some can accommodate three or four people in reasonable comfort.

You’ll find the most important technical data for each tent listed below, which will assist you in making an educated selection. The following are the characteristics of our favorite selections, as well as who they are designed to serve:

  • The best four-person rooftop tent
  • The best two-person rooftop tent
  • The most versatile rooftop tent
  • The best value rooftop tent
  • The best luxury rooftop tent
  • And the best of the rest

To save you time, here is a look at 10 of the best hardshell rooftop tents currently available on the market in 2022. The Most Effective Four-Person Rooftop Tent

1. iKamper Skycamp 2.0

What you’ll like: Because of the folding storage design, this tent is small when driving but spacious when camping. Specs about the technology:

  • Weighs 160 pounds
  • Mattress is 1.8 inches thick memory foam
  • Sleeps 4 people
  • Dimensions when closed: 86 inches by 54.5 inches by 12.5 inches
  • Dimensions when opened: 86 inches by 82.5 inches by 43.5 inches

TheiKamper Skycamp 2.0 is ideal for family camping vacations and group adventures since it comes with a fold-out king-size mattress that can comfortably accommodate up to four people in total. The double-layered and fiber-reinforced shell is insulated with air to keep your workers warm and comfortable throughout the nighttime hours of operation. It is made more cozier by an internal layer of insulation that is quilted, and the two insulating layers protect campers not only from severe temperatures, but also from loud noises.

  1. With several enhancements over the original Skycamp, the Skycamp 2.0 is a technological marvel of rooftop tent engineering.
  2. This tent can be transported by any vehicle and is compatible with the vast majority of original and aftermarket roof crossbars on the market.
  3. When fully unfurled, the Skycamp 2.0 transforms into a luxurious wilderness retreat.
  4. The fold-out floor panel increases the entire floor space, allowing for four people to sleep comfortably.
  5. With an extra annex, you may extend the size of your tent while simultaneously decreasing wind noise and increasing your fuel efficiency.
  6. If you truly appreciate the amenities of the iKamper Skycamp 2.0 but don’t need the extra capacity to accommodate four people, the two-personiKamper Skycamp Mini is a great option.

2. Eezi-Awn Stealth

What you’re going to love: The unique mechanics make assembly a joy, and the resulting sleeping surface is exceptionally large. Specs about the technology:

  • Weighs 220 pounds
  • Mattress is 3.5 inches thick with a quilted top made of high-density foam. 3 adults can be accommodated in this room. Dimensions closed: 87′′ x 57′′ x 12′′
  • Dimensions opened: 87′′ x 57′′ x 56′′
  • Weight: 87 lbs.

The Eezi-Awn Stealth is the best rooftop tent for couples money can buy, and it’s the best value for money. The outside is made of powder-coated aluminum, which is both strong and lightweight, and the interior is nearly as comfortable as your own personal bedroom at home. Even if you aren’t quite ready to give up your home bed just yet, you will undoubtedly agree that the Eezi-Awn Stealth’s comfort is far superior to that of any ground tent you have ever used. It offers the finest sleeping experience of any rooftop tent on this list, and it is the most expensive.

Simply turn the four latches and give it a gentle shove when you’re ready to set up camp to begin your adventure.

Because it is 87 inches long (with the elevated footwell offered by the scissor lift), even the tallest campers will have plenty of space to stretch out.

There are privacy screens and mosquito netting in each of the side entryways, plus a third entrance in the back that can be opened to act as a sun-blocking awning.

Some of the other standout features include integrated USB ports, LED internal illumination, and a quilted mattress with piped edge, among others. Check for a Discount The Most Versatile Rooftop Tent on the Market

3. Tepui Tents Hybox

The good stuff:Not only is this a terrific rooftop tent, but it also serves as a rooftop storage container, which is something you’ll appreciate. Specs about the technology:

  • Mattress is 3 inches thick cotton-covered foam and weighs 155 pounds. 2 adults can be accommodated in this room. It measures 84 inches wide by 55 inches high by 13 inches deep when closed, and 84 inches wide by 55 inches deep when opened.

Tepui Tents offers theHyboxas the world’s first hybrid rooftop tent and cargo box, according to the company. When collapsed, it can accommodate 23 cubic feet of gear, clothing, or whatever else you need to keep when traveling. It sleeps two people and can be carried in a backpack. When used as storage, the Hybox opens comfortably from either the front or the rear, allowing you to get to your belongings with ease. The fact that it functions effectively as a gear container is a plus, but it is the tent’s overall performance that has earned it a spot on our list.

  • It possesses a great strength-to-weight ratio, which is rare in this class of materials.
  • The mattress is delivered with a washable cotton cover attached.
  • With the help of the window spring rods that are included, the entrance doors may be transformed into canopy awnings.
  • It’s as simple as that to switch between the two modes on your computer.

4. Danchell Outdoor Rooftop Tent

What you’re going to love: Affordability and high-quality construction will ensure that this tent will be at the top of any consumer’s purchasing list who is concerned about saving money. Specs about the technology:

  • Two persons can sleep on a mattress that is 3.5 inches thick and weighs 150 pounds. It measures 83 inches wide by 50 inches long by 11 inches high. It measures 83 inches wide by 50 inches high by 35 inches wide.

TheDanchell Outdoor Rooftop Tentprovides the best value of any tent on this list since it is a cheap model that has many of the features seen on more expensive versions. A hard-shell rooftop tent at this price is about as affordable as you’ll find, and the quality is top-notch. Despite being made of ABS plastic, the outside shell is as sturdy and aerodynamic as any of its competitors, and the floor is made of durable synthetic wood paneling. The canvas tent is constructed with high-quality stitched seams, weatherproofing seals, and strong zippers to withstand the elements.

In addition to the comfy 3-inch-foam mattress that comes with the tent, there is enough space to add a mattress topper to complete the sleeping arrangement.

The tent is quick and simple to set up, however there are no gas or electric struts to assist you in lifting the canvas into position.

Included with the tent are inner gear compartments, a gear loft, and storage hooks that will help you keep your area organized, as well as an aluminum telescopic ladder that will make entering and exiting the tent simple. Check Amazon for the best price on the best luxury rooftop tent.

5. Bundutec BunduTop Super King

What you’re going to love: The tent is raised and lowered by an electric motor that can be controlled with a button press, and it is pre-wired for solar panels. Specs about the technology:

  • The mattress is 4″ thick high-density foam and weighs 176 pounds. 4 adults may be accommodated in this room. When closed, the dimensions are 118′′ x 63′′ x 12′′
  • When opened, the dimensions are 118′′ x 63′′ x 40′′.

TheBundutec BunduTop Super Kingis a sumptuous and durable rooftop tent that is designed to withstand the rigors of overlanding in Africa while still giving extraordinary luxury at camp. It is available in two sizes: king and queen. If this tent were to be compared to an off-road vehicle, it would be comparable to a Mercedes-Benz G-Class SUV. It’s the ultimate blend of elegance and capability in a single vehicle. The outside shell is made entirely of raw aluminum. It’s hefty, but it’s also long-lasting and has the finest heat-reflective properties possible in a rooftop tent at this price.

  1. A 12-volt outlet and LED lights were installed in the tent’s inside because the tent already contains a battery for the engine, which allowed Bundutec to skip this step.
  2. Camping at Bundutec couldn’t have been much easier for campers who needed to charge their electronics and keep the celebration going late into the night.
  3. They came out on top.
  4. The BunduTop is available in three distinct sizes, with the Super King, which is the largest and most expensive, being the largest and most expensive.
  5. Check for a Discount
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The Best of the Rest

The hard-shell rooftop tents listed below are likewise worthy of consideration for your consideration. Despite the fact that they did not receive a “best of” designation, they are nonetheless worthy of your attention.

6. Alu-Cab Expedition 3

The Alu-Cab Expedition 3 is made of aerodynamic, robust aluminum and is capable of transporting huge loads with ease. A variety of useful features, including internal USB ports, a 12-volt power outlet, a reading light, and a variety of storage compartments, make this bag an excellent choice. Extreme temperatures and bad weather will have no effect on the performance of this tent. Insulation from closed-cell polyethylene foam keeps the roof and floor warm and dry, while the waterproofed ripstop fabric walls keep the elements out.

Specs about the technology:

  • Weight: 194 pounds
  • Mattress: 3 inches thick memory foam
  • Capacity: 2 adults and 1 kid
  • Dimensions closed: 90.5 inches by 55 inches by 11 inches
  • Dimensions opened: 90.5 inches by 55 inches by 78.5 inches

7. Autohome AirTop

Because of its low pricing and plenty of luxurious features, theAutohome AirTopis an excellent alternative for individuals who seek plush comfort without having to pay a premium price. The fiberglass shell is lightest while yet providing excellent insulation, and it is available in a variety of colors. With entrance rain coverings, mosquito nets at every opening, and five windows, three of which can be opened, the acrylic tent fabric is both waterproof and wonderfully breathable.

The AirTop is equipped with a comfy rubber sponge mattress as well as fluffy cushions for added comfort. There are three sizes available: small, medium, and big; the technical specifications shown below are for the large. Specs about the technology:

  • High-density rubber sponge mattress with a thickness of 3 inches
  • 170 pounds total weight 2 adults and 2 children are allowed in the house. Dimensions closed: 84.5 inches by 65 inches by 13 inches
  • Dimensions opened: 84.5 inches by 65 inches by 33 inches

8. James Baroud Discovery

The three “Vs” of the James Baroud Discovery tent are visibility, ventilation, and flexibility, with a fourth “V” seen in the tent’s triangle-shaped clamshell entrance, which adds to its overall adaptability. This is the smallest compact rooftop tent type available from James Baroud, and it is a highly practical choice for the majority of campers. When fully built, this tent affords a panoramic 270-degree view from the comfort of your pillow. The tent walls are made of aluminized polyester, which is solar-reflective and waterproof.

The solar-powered electric ventilation fan integrated into each James Baroud tent is a one-of-a-kind feature.

Additionally, on the side of the tent, additional air vents with inboard dust filters have been installed to provide optimal ventilation.

  • 145 pounds
  • 3 inches of high-density foam in the mattress
  • 2 adults can be accommodated in this room. It measures 79 inches wide by 55 inches high by 13 inches deep when closed, and 79 inches wide by 55 inches deep when opened.

9. Roofnest Sparrow

The Roofnest Sparrow is a lightweight rooftop tent that is simple to install and will not have a significant impact on the fuel efficiency of your car. This tent may be mounted to any vehicle’s crossbar, whether it’s standard or aftermarket. Roofnest employs lightweight plastic to construct the outside shell of the Sparrow, which is then reinforced with fiberglass by hand in high-stress locations to make the Sparrow structurally robust while being lighter in weight than much of its competition.

You’ll discover a comfy mattress as well as an anti-condensation mat on the inside.

Specs about the technology:

  • Body weight: 130 pounds
  • Mattress thickness: 3 inches of memory foam
  • 2 adults can be accommodated in this room. It measures 85 inches wide by 50 inches high and 11 inches deep when closed, and 85 inches wide by 50 inches high and 40 inches deep when fully opened.

10. TentBox Hard-Shell Roof Tent

TheTentBox Hard-Shell Roof Tent, which is designed to suit practically any vehicle and comfortably seat two adults, is an excellent choice for adventurous couples looking to get away from it all. Its traditional design is straightforward, practical, and dependable. With the aid of air-assisted struts, the tough ABS shell is quickly and simply erected. The tent can be set up in less than 30 seconds, and it can be taken down in the same amount of time. The walls of the tent are made of durable ripstop fabric that is lined with a waterproof membrane.

Specs about the technology:

  • Weight:144 pounds
  • Mattress:2.5-inch-thick memory foam
  • Person capacity:2 adults
  • Dimensions closed:85.5 inches by 49 inches by 11 inches
  • Dimensions opened:85.5 inches by 49 inches by 39 inches

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Best Hard Shell Roof Top Tents? (10 Crowd Favorites)

Tents atop rooftops (also known as roof top tents or RTTs) are becoming increasingly popular, and with good reason. The advantage of having a tent put on the roof of your car is that you are above the ground, which means you will be less vulnerable to floods or vermin getting into your tent. You will also have greater airflow in your tent, which will result in better ventilation. It also means less dirt and mud will be tracked inside the tent. Compared to ground tents, roof top tents are meant to be more durable, and they are also often quicker and easier to set up, according to the manufacturer.

Furthermore, RTTs frequently come with a built-in mattress, which eliminates the need to fumble around with unpleasant air mattresses that are difficult to fill. RTTs with hard shells have a number of distinct benefits over those with soft shells. Here are some more reasons why we adore them:

  • The first advantage of hard shell tents is that they are significantly better insulated than soft shell tents, which means that they maintain a more comfortable temperature throughout the year. In addition, because of the smaller amount of fabric used, they are significantly quieter to sleep in, which is especially important in windy conditions. Hard shell RTT mattresses are frequently thicker and more comfy than those found in soft shell tents. When compared to a canvas tent, a hard shell tent is significantly easier to set up and take down, and it can be done by one person even in terrible weather. As a result of their more durable design, they often endure longer than soft shells. The final point to mention is that with many hard shell tents, you have the option of including storage space on top of the tent, which can be utilized even while the tent is deployed.

Our 10 Favorite Hard Shell Roof Top Tents

Are you ready to take a look at the top-rated hard shell roof top tents? The following are some of our favorite items, which include a variety of distinct styles and pricing ranges. This list is presented in no particular order because each of the ten alternatives is exceptional!

1. Alu-Cab Expedition 3

courtesy of alu.cab Alu-Cab is a South African company located in Cape Town that has been equipping adventure vehicles and manufacturing high-quality aluminum vehicle items since 2002. They have been in business since 2002. Alu-Cab cars are used by nearly every significant safari business in Africa, which gives you a decent sense of the longevity and quality of their goods. The Expedition 3 Roof Top Tent is constructed completely of aluminum, which allows it to support a significant amount of weight on the built-in crossbars while also being extremely lightweight and easy to put up.

  1. Because the upper shell of the tent is broader than the tent itself, the tent is also designed to keep rain out.
  2. Padlocks can also be used to secure the tent’s entrance and exit.
  3. Closed-cell polyethylene foam is used to insulate the floor and roof panels, which helps to avoid condensation, regulates against severe temperatures, and reduces rain and wind noise.
  4. It is also available in black or white.
  5. Website:alu.cab The cost is $3,999.

2. Autohome Maggiolina Extreme

According to autohomeus.com In addition to having a beautiful and aerodynamic appearance, the Maggiolina Extreme is equipped with two adjustable load bars on the top, which may be used to carry additional gear. Featuring a crank-operated lift mechanism, this pop-up type tent allows you to unzip the tent with minimum effort while maintaining smooth operation. Using a double layer of fiberglass between two layers of foam, this tent’s floor panel is both sturdy and stiff while also providing excellent insulation against extreme temperatures.

The Extreme mattress is 72 inches long, however it is available in two widths: small (48 inches wide) and medium (52 inches wide) (54 inches wide).

The Maggiolina Extreme, on the other hand, ensures a peaceful night’s sleep thanks to the crank design, which allows you to tension the sides of the tent to reduce flapping.

Even gusts in excess of 50 miles per hour are no match for these beauties! Because to the thermal and acoustic insulation in the roof panel, you will not be bothered by rain noise, and you will be warm even in the coldest camping destinations. Website:autohomeus.com The cost is $3,299 dollars.

3. Go Fast Camper RTT

According to gofastcampers.com If you are searching for an RTT that is both stylish and functional, this is the tent for you. When it is closed, it is 6 inches thick, making it the thinnest RTT ever created. For 5th Generation 4Runners, GFC even offers a custom mounting kit that lets you to remove the sharkfin antenna and put the tent just half an inch above the OEM sheet metal. Talk about maintaining a low profile! This wedge-style tent unfolds to an astonishing 4 feet of internal height and weighs only 150 pounds, making it an excellent choice for backpacking.

Despite the fact that a ladder is not provided, a 2-inch multi-density foam mattress with a changeable cover is offered.

Website:gofastcampers.com The cost is $3,499 dollars.

4. Roost Explorer

According to roosttents.com The Roost Explorer is another wedge-style RTT, but it has the unique feature of being able to be converted into a roof top cargo carrier by removing the mattress and tent material. It has a back height of 13 inches and a front height of 5 inches, making it a great option for people who want to travel light. If you’re hauling skis or other large items of equipment, this is an excellent alternative. When fully deployed, this RTT has an interior height of 59 inches, a length of 90.5 inches, and a width of 57 inches, making it a very spacious vehicle.

Although the usual mattress is 2-inches of high-density foam, there is an option to upgrade to a 3-inch mattress for added comfort.

It has an 8.5-foot telescopic aluminum ladder that collapses to only 27 inches in length when not in use.

The lid is readily opened with the help of a gas lifter.

5. RoofNest Sparrow

According to roofnest.com It has a universal mounting method and only requires a 38-inch crossbar length, which makes it an excellent choice for medium to compact automobiles. It weighs 130 pounds and is available in pop-up version. This tent, which comes with a 3-inch foam mattress, an anti-condensation mat, and an 8.5-foot telescopic ladder, is large enough to accommodate two adults comfortably. The tent is equipped with stainless steel gas struts that allow the tent to be raised with a single touch.

In order to create a pleasant and homey feeling, the ABS-fiberglass shell is coated on the interior with a layer of insulation, which is then covered with quilted fabric.

As an added bonus, the entrances may be transformed into shade awnings by using the provided poles. Website:roofnest.com $2,795 is the cost.

6. BunduTec BunduTop

According to bundutecusa.com BunduTec was founded in Johannesburg, South Africa, and opened its first office in the United States in 2013. These RTTs are constructed using designs and materials that have shown to be durable in the severe environments of South Africa and Botswana. With the BunduTop, you may set up camp in a pop-up type tent that is available in three different sizes: normal, king, and extra-king. As an alternative, you may get a bespoke tent in any dimension up to 63 inches wide and 118 inches long that you choose.

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On the interior, there are two pockets for holding small goods, as well as an LED light and a cigarette lighter outlet for charging electronic gadgets.

The roof is made of bare aluminum sheeting, which is particularly effective at reflecting heat, allowing you to remain cool and comfortable even when exposed to direct sunshine on the inside.

The tent is intended to resist winds of up to 50 miles per hour and performs admirably even in snow.

7. Eezi-Awn Stealth

According to eezi-awn.com This aluminum RTT tent, which is also built in South Africa, is unique in that it combines the features of both wedge-style and pop-up tents. While assembled, it retains the conventional wedge form, but also includes a revolutionary scissor mechanism that elevates the top panel by nearly a foot, allowing for more foot space at the front end of the tent when it is in use. Gas struts make it possible to open and close the tent with a single touch. When you enter and depart your tent, you will be protected from bright sunshine and rain by an integrated awning at the back door of the tent.

Large storage pockets are included on either side of the tent, as well as a 12-volt plug and USB connector, as well as an LED light.

8. iKamper Skycamp 2.0

Obtainable at ikamper.com The Skycamp 2.0 is another another one-of-a-kind RTT, since it incorporates components of both hard shell and soft shell tent designs. With its top and bottom panels made of locking double-layered fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP), this tent looks like any other hard shell RTT. The door, on the other hand, opens longitudinally, with the hinge located on the driver’s side of the car. It then folds out over the other side of the car, thereby doubling the floor area and allowing four passengers to sleep comfortably in the vehicle’s interior.

Even though there is no locking mechanism in place, you will not have to be concerned about the tent collapsing around you if the wind gets up to speed.

This South Korean business claims that you can set up this complicated RTT in less than 60 seconds, according to its claims. Website:ikamper.com The cost is $3,899 dollars.

9. Tepui HyBox

According to tepui.com When not in use, the HyBox may be used as a pop-up RTT or as a cargo box by simply zipping the tent piece off or on according to your needs. When utilized as a cargo box, it provides a large 23 cubic feet of storage space for the contents. You may open both ends at once to have easy access to all of your storage, or you can only pop one end (so that it opens like a wedge) to grab anything fast. This tent is equipped with a universal mounting mechanism, which allows it to be installed on virtually any vehicle.

Among the accessories included with the tent are an aluminum ladder with an 8.5-foot extension and a 3-inch foam mattress with a detachable cover for simple washing.

Website:tepui.com The cost is $2,899.95.

10. Cascadia Vehicle Tents Mt. St. Helens

According to cascadiatents.com This elegant pop-up RTT comes with the choice of hydraulic gas or electric actuators to deploy the tent, depending on your preference. It is available in two variations: standard and extended. Installation of this tent on a variety of vehicles is simple, and it has built-in awnings that cover both windows and both entrances. The Mt. St. Helens tent may be customized in a variety of ways, from the color of the shell to the color of the tent’s fabric. It comes with a 3-inch foam mattress as well as a retractable ladder for easy accessibility.

Soft Shell Vs. Hard Shell Roof Top Tents

RTTs are often classified into two categories: hard shell and soft shell. Let’s take a look at the distinctions, as well as some advantages and disadvantages. RTTs with a Hard Shell– Hard shell tents contain solid top and bottom components (often made of aluminum or fiberglass) that, when the tent is closed, effectively sandwich any soft parts (tent walls, mattress, bedding, etc.) between them, forming a protective barrier. It is advantageous to use this form of RTT because they normally close down more compactly and are more aerodynamically efficient than soft shell RTTs.

  1. In terms of hard shell RTT designs, the wedge type and the pop-up style are the two most basic options.
  2. The fact that these sorts of RTTs require a less sophisticated opening mechanism that takes up less space means that they are often longer and more roomy when compared to pop-up models.
  3. RTTs of the pop-up design feature a roof piece that raises evenly all around, resulting in a tent with a box shape.
  4. Pop-up tents, on the other hand, tend to seem more roomy, especially if you’re camping with a friend or two.
  5. They are also often less expensive than hard shell RTTs.
  6. In the same way as hard shell RTTs are divided into two categories, soft shell RTTs are divided into two categories: bi-fold tents and pull-up tents.
  7. Since there is so much fabric to be folded and tucked away between the two plates, they might be a little tricky to pack up when they are not in use.
  8. The support poles are simply pulled up into place, stretching the fabric walls to their maximum length.
  9. BundutecUSA.com is the source of the featured image (top).

Pros and Cons of Using a Toyota Tundra for Overlanding, as well as Owner Q&A Go Fast Campers: Q&A with the Owners Plus Overview of the Product Under $7,500 was spent on an overland vehicle on a tight budget. The 33 Best Van Life Vlogs to Watch Right Now

6 Best Hard Shell Rooftop Tents

Although our research is editorially independent, we may receive a commission if you make a purchase after clicking on one of our links. Hard shell rooftop tents for camping are often quite simple to erect and take down. If you don’t want to spend the money on a camper, but you despise the notion of sleeping on the ground, here’s what you should do. If that’s the case, one of these newborns could be right for you. In addition to being able to be put on even smaller automobiles, many of these tents come with an aluminum ladder, allowing you to sleep away from the mosquitoes and vermin that live on the ground.

After your trip is over, the tent can be folded up and stored in a small space that can also accommodate part of your camping goods.

Below are some of our favorite hard shell rooftop tents for your consideration.


Keep an eye out for our newsletters in your mailbox in the near future. TMB Sand Roof Tent with Side Vents

TMB Sand Pop Up Roof Tent

Customers have overwhelmingly great things to say about this hard shell rooftop tent, which has received a respectable four stars on Amazon.com reviews. When it comes to installation, most people agree that it is simple, and much more so when you are out camping. If you have a thin memory foam mattress, it will give some cushioning for a more comfortable sleep, but you can always add more blankets for extra warmth. If the right crossbars and racks are fitted on the vehicle, the concept may be used on a variety of vehicles other than trucks or sport utility vehicles.

As a novice or someone who isn’t completely confident in the camping approach, this might be a decent purchase due to the fact that the price is far lower than certain hard shell rooftop tents.

Skycamp 2.0

Imagine slipping into this ultra-large tent and onto a king-sized mattress with your spouse for a romantic weekend away in the great outdoors. However, it should be mentioned that the tent is rather spacious and can accommodate two people as well as two children if you decide to bring them along! One of the most significant selling aspects of this tent is that it can be set up in 60 seconds, as opposed to the probable 30 minutes it may take to set up a standard tent with poles. The incredibly durable hard shell of the shelter opens to reveal a thick black out canvas that completely encircles the structure.

Considering that it is meant to be wind resistant on the road, it is unlikely to have a significant influence on your gas mileage when you are driving. Rooftop Tent with a Durable Hard Shell from a reputable manufacturer

Trustmade Hard Shell Rooftop Tent

It doesn’t matter if it’s raining or snowing; a waterproof tent may provide excellent shelter for two persons traveling together. Sleeping on a high density mattress is made more comfortable by the presence of two windows and a door that allow you to look out and enjoy the surroundings. The fact that it may be utilized as a tent or even as a freight container is something we appreciate about this specific choice as well! One side opens out to provide adequate room for a variety of items, no matter what kind of adventure you’re going on.

Reinforced insulation will help keep you warm while also lowering any noise that can keep campers awake at night, according to the National Camping Association.

Danchel Tent with a Roof Top is an outdoor roof top tent.

Danchel Outdoor Roof Top Tent

We like that its design may be used to either fasten firmly to the top of an SUV or to remain raised over your truck bed, allowing for items such as skis or fishing gear to be kept beneath the vehicle. Mesh windows assist to keep pests out of your tent while also allowing for better air circulation to keep things cool in your tent. The weight capacity of the tent is little under 600 pounds, and it has the capability of accommodating up to three individuals! This hard shell option has received great feedback from customers, who have remarked that because the device itself weights 165 pounds, you may need a few people to assist you with the installation.


Mt. Hood

The company Cascadia Tents is situated in Portland, Oregon, if you hadn’t guessed from the name. Hard shell tents of high quality construction are available at reasonable rates, and the range of styles available is meant to fit the individual wishes and needs of each customer. This specific shape is known to as a “clamshell,” and the manner that it opens on one end helps to keep the other end more securely closed as well. This specific construction method provides more structural stability that can withstand the effects of wind and other factors, as well as the ability to immediately connect accessories (such as awnings, shovels, axes, lights, and showers) to the structure.

Organizing food, torches, toiletries, and other supplies is a breeze because to the numerous storage compartments that can be moved around the room as needed.

The Roofnest Sparrow’s Epic Journey

Roofnest Sparrow Adventure

Roof Nest makes a reliable range of car rooftop tents, and we particularly like their Sparrow design because of its adaptability and the features that are included on all Roof Nest tents. In the interior, there is a soft and comfortable memory foam mattress that serves as an excellent sleeping platform when you add pillows, blankets, sleeping bags, and any additional bedding you like. Of course, like with many other hard shell tents, the setup is simple, and the tent literally just pops up like a dream when you need it.

However, because of the additional crossbars in this model, campers may store additional goods on top! Making more room for your kayaks, skis, snowshoe — you get the idea — is essential. This is a genuine adventurist’s tent in every sense of the word.

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