How To Set Up Ozark Trail 3 Room Tent

Ozark Trail 10-Person 3-Room Vacation Tent with Shade Awning : User Manual

MODEL WMT92 2.2B10-Person 20′ x 11′ Tent ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONSMODEL WMT92 2.2B10-Person 20′ x 11′ Tent PARTS FOR REPLACEMENT CARE It is not recommended that you leave your tent set up in direct sunlight for any longer than is absolutely necessary. Ultraviolet (UV) light emitted by the sun degrades nearly every fabric and material it comes into contact with. The fabric will fade and weaken if exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period of time. The tent should not be stored on a concrete floor.

Your tent is water resistant, but it is not waterproof, as you have discovered.

Keep things from coming into contact with the interior of the tent.

If seam leakage does occur, it can be controlled by putting a seam sealer compound to the seams.

  1. Despite the fact that our tents and screen houses are built to exacting standards, periods of high wind or heavy rain that soaks the ground may cause the stakes to become loose and the uprights to sink into the ground.
  2. Water pockets may also form in the ceiling if the unit is not constructed tautly, which might result in broken frames and ripped fabric in the process.
  4. Stoves, heaters, barbecues, lanterns, candles, and other fuel-burning devices that burn propane, natural gas, charcoal, kerosene, coal, or other fuels emit a deadly gas known as carbon monoxide.
  5. A deadly quantity of carbon monoxide gas can develop in a tent because it is unseen, odorless, and colorless.
  6. For the following reasons: Do not use matches, lighters, stoves, heaters, grills, lanterns, candles, or any other fuel-burning devices within or near a tent.
  7. It is not permissible to start a fire inside or near a tent.

Failure to heed this warning will result in your death, serious injury, or lifelong handicap, as well as the death or serious harm of others.

Allowing youngsters to erect a tent is strictly prohibited.

On hot days, do not allow youngsters to remain in a tent that has been closed up.



If you apply a foreign material to the tent fabric, it is possible that the flame-resistant characteristics will be rendered ineffective.

DO’S AND DON’T’S OF CAMPINGDO NOT’S 1.Do not set up your tent near a burning fire.

In a tent, children should not be left alone or unsupervised.

Do not use open fires for heating, lighting, or cooking equipment in or near tents or structures.

Do not use any other water repellent substances on your tent than those that are advised.





If snow accumulates under harsh weather conditions, it can restrict ventilation and lead to suffocation if it is not cleaned regularly.

Securely anchor your tent to the ground to give additional protection from shifting weather conditions.


DANGERDANGERWARNING SideRoom PoleB -Fiberglass SideRoom PoleA -FiberglassTent PoleD -SteelTent PoleE -SteelCanopy PoleC -PlasticCornerJointBDDI SideRoom PoleA -FiberglassTent Pole If you have any concerns or need to place an order for a part, please contact us at 1-800-325-4121 or [email protected]


WMT922.2B) DESCRIPTIONABCDEF Tent Pole made with iberglass Pole for the side room made of fiberglass Corner Joint Made of Plastic Tent poles made of steel Canopy Poles Made of Steel CompleteFrameReplacement FlyGuyRopePin StakesPlastic Stakes050033040053CM15-47080012080013WMT922.1FRWMT922.2BFLA10017.25 STAKEPINSTAKE050033040053CM15-47080012080013WMT922.1FRWMT922.2BFLA10017.25 STAKEPINSTAKE

Ozark Trail 16-Person 3-Room Family Cabin Tent with 3 Entrances : User Manual : Page 2


  1. Only the inside seams of the tent and the underside of the tentfly should be treated with tent fly.
  3. Unzip the doors from the inside.
  4. STEP 14: STEP 2: Stake the tent to the ground by placing steel stakes through the rings and webbing loops around the tent floor to secure the tent to the ground.
  5. The tent should appear exactly as depicted.
  6. STEP 4: Form a “X” with the main roof poles by sliding them through the bluesleeves at the center of the tent.
  7. Locate the four-way plastic hubs (G) that are fastened to the corners of the roof eaves at the central area of the tent and mark their locations.

There are three apertures on the top and one on the bottom.

Repeat on the other side.

STEP 6: Insert the four main roof poles (B) on either side of the building into the grey sleeves.

Making use of the poles’ elasticity to insertthesecondend into the hub at the other end.

Extend each of the ten steel poles by taking out each wire-corded part and inserting the jointed ends into the linked pole sections on each of the 10 steel poles.

STEP 8: With an adult at each corner of one side of the tent, put the end of the main upright poles into the 4-way hub.

Make sure the D-ring on the pole is at the very top of the pole’s top part.

STEP 9: Repeat step 8 on the other side of the tent.

Insert the pole’s ends into the smaller openings at the corners of the corner joints.

The pole should be slid into the matching pin at the base of the tent.

STEP 12:Repeat Steps 1011 for the other two sides of the sandpaper.

STEP 14: Place the tent fly over the top of the tent.

If you do not heed this warning, you might suffer a major injury or perhaps become permanently disabled.

STEP 15: Extending the guy ropes that are tied to the fly edges is a good idea.

Adjust the slider to ensure that the guy rope is taut and that the stake is firmly planted in the ground.

In order to decrease the possibility of damage to yourself and others, you should: Maintain a clean appearance on your body and face.

Continue to maintain a solid grasp on the hook.

Before releasing the hook, double-check that it is completely clipped to the tent.

You will have a total of nine poles.

A red piece of tape is placed around the three remaining poles (E), which are the side roomroof poles.

Make certain that the doors and windows are not zipped.

Before storing the tent, make sure it is clean and dry.

Begin by rolling a tiny tight roll that is the width of the carry bag, with the pole bag positioned at the end opposite the door and the end opposite the door.

To enable air to escape, roll the tent toward the door. Once the tent is folded up, wrap a cord or rope across it to keep it in place. Place the tent, frame, and stakes in a carry bag and set it aside.

How to Set Up an Ozark Trail Tent

Ozark Trail tents are lightweight and simple to erect. (Image courtesy of, courtesy of Alice Rawson’s tent in the woods.) Ozark Trail is a brand of tents that is available for purchase at Walmart shops nationwide. Manufacturers of the tents are hired via a number of organizations, the largest of which being North Pole USA. You can set them up in minutes, even if you have never set up a tent before. They are designed for family and casual camping, and as such, they are simple to erect.

Step 1

Make sure that the area where you will be setting up your tent is level and clear of debris or rocks. Move any debris that can puncture the bottom of your tent.

Step 2

Lay out all of the components of your tent and double-check that each component is present. To set up the tent body, roll it out and place it so that the door is facing the direction you want it to go and the roof is facing upward.

Step 3

To assemble your tent poles, start by putting them together by snapping the nylon portions into the metal tube connections. Stakes should be threaded through the tent pole sleeves, which are sewed into the seams of the tent body to keep them in place. The tent’s poles should be centered such that it mimics a spider’s web.

Step 4

Each pole should be bent into an arch and secured at the corners of the tent at ground level by inserting the tent pole into the pin ring at the top of the tent pole. To give the tent its form, attach the snap-quick clips to the tent poles using the snap-quick clips.

Step 5

Sweep the interior of the tent to remove any dust, dirt, trash, or leaves that have accumulated. Insert stakes into the pin rings at the tent’s foundation corners and hammer them into the ground to secure the tent in place.

Step 6

Wrapping the rain fly around the tent such that the pole sleeve is pointing down against the tent will keep it from becoming caught in the rain. Slide the ridge pole through the pole sleeves until it is completely secure. Flex the ridge pole and insert each end into a grommet that has been included into the rain fly to keep it in place.

Step 7

The S-hooks should be placed in the corners of the rain fly. Pull them all the way down to the tent’s foundation corners and secure them to the pin rings using safety pins. References Resources Bio of the AuthorTracy Morris has been working as a freelance writer since 2000. She is the author of many novels as well as several web essays. In addition to major journals and newspapers such as “Ferrets,” “CatFancy,” “Lexington Herald Leader,” and “The Tulsa World,” her art has featured in several more publications.

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On September 27, 2018, it was reviewed in the United States and verified. Purchase This is a really large tent. With enough space for stuff, you can easily accommodate three queen-size mattresses. On a mild, windy day, the setup and takedown time is around 10 to 15 minutes. I’m 6’2″ and have plenty of headroom in the tent, even while I’m standing up. The black on the interior is almost like a vinyl covering, which is an interesting touch. filter off around 70% of the light, which is excellent to discover more I can finally sleep till 8 a.m.

  1. dawn.
  2. The tent stakes are of a low quality and will bend if placed on firm ground.
  3. Except for the top, which has a rain fly covering it, all of the seams are taped.
  4. I spend a lot of time camping, so the added protection is very appreciated.
  5. I’ve already used it four times and have had no problems, even in a light downpour.

The only disadvantage of this tent that I have discovered so far is that there is no way to secure it to the ground at the front of the tent where the door is located, which makes zipping up the door and unzipping to get out a bit of a hassle because the material has a tendency to pull up while zipping.

  1. The only thing that remains is a little bit of tape that became attached to the interior of the tent.
  2. The tent was still in fine condition, but because the vinyl had been removed, light was able to shine through the hole in the middle.
  3. On September 27, 2018, Jason posted a blog.
  4. With enough space for stuff, you can easily accommodate three queen-size mattresses.
  5. I’m 6’2″ and have plenty of headroom in the tent, even while I’m standing up.
  6. block out around 70% of the light, which is excellent.
  7. There is lots of circulation, and it does come with a room divider, which is nice.

I’d spend my money on a set of heavy-duty stakes.

I sprayed nikwax uv and water repellent spray on the tent to ensure that it remained dry and that the uv did not do any harm to it over the course of the season.

I would definitely purchase this tent again if the price were lower than it is now.

There are no leaks.

The second problem I’ve discovered is that the covering on the interior of the tent is not completely attached to the canvas, so you must exercise caution when using it.

When I started to take it apart, parts of the vinyl fell off with the tape on the backside.

On July 9, 2017, a review was conducted in the United States.

However, thus far, this tent has shown to be fantastic.

I was able to get it set up in less than 2 minutes (despite having a poor back) (while everyone around us was still struggling with their tents).

The tent is enormous!

A large inflatable queen air mattress provided us with a TON of more space for clothes, luggage, and other belongings.

Because of the “Dark Rest” function, it was simple to sleep or nap throughout the daytime (which is especially useful at a music festival when you’ll most likely be up until 4 AM or earlier in the morning).

Our tent was completely soaked after a night of heavy rain, and we had no water at all!

The whole experience with this tent has been quite positive.

After extensive study and comparisons of ALL brands and models, I decided on this tent.

The first one had a tear in the upper corner, but it was returned and replaced.

Bag includes a Velcro handle and an additional zipper at the bottom to allow it to fit more comfortably in the bag.

At first inspection, it appears like the rain cover is lacking square holes that would provide coverage during a rainstorm.

The four squares are really clear vinyl (similar to a shower curtain) that has been sewed onto the rain fly, allowing the upper windows of the tent to be opened for light and air while still being protected by the rain fly during a storm.

It should be stated so that buyers are aware of it.

All others have their rain fly off to allow for ventilation or a view, or they have their rain fly on to provide privacy by covering the upper windows.

(1 dissenting voice) It appears to be covered, so I suppose the model design altered, but the two triangles at the top-end roof are in fact window openings.

If necessary, a rain fly can be attached to the roof like the others.

All of the features should be depicted in photographs.

(See the photo without the rain fly for reference.) It features a sturdy floor with a height of 1 1/2″-2″ around the whole bottom of the tent (see pictures).

A tarp beneath the vehicle is still recommended for extra/precautionary protection.

It is simple to avoid any ricochet if rain is pouring from the ground while still allowing air to move through the tent.

Includes a room divider for seclusion that extends from the top to the bottom of the room.

There is one cord entrance on the front left.

Do not forget to watch the video about the ‘Ozark Trail 10 person 2 room quick cabin tent (blue/orange)’.

Another thing to consider is printing manuals or instructions for components for this make and model as well, although one is already sewed into the tent bag.

During the installation and packing process, all legs and joints are ‘concave’ in the opposite direction of themselves.

Begin by pushing the center top poles up slightly to lock the circular center disk in place.

Only the top six poles are required to secure the roof disks.

Then the middle, and finally the last side.

If wind or other weather conditions are a factor, consider purchasing or using stronger or longer stakes.

Personal Opinion/Application: I picked this model because of the purpose for which “I” will be utilizing it.

I did purchase longer and stronger pegs to ensure stability while camping on the beach or in the wind, and it didn’t budge.

There are models with 8 or more legs and a few more feet in length, but if unpacking and packing are a concern for you, this may make things more complicated.

Despite the fact that I do not see this tent leaking from the outside.

All seams have been taped or sealed.

Others I’ve seen have it as the first 3-4 feet at the main entry, then it bends downhill at both ends, as seen below.

There’s enough room for a pair of queen-size beds, as well as the equipment and accessories you need.

With either procedure, it doesn’t take very long at all.

You’ll still be able to beat your opponents with poles (non-instant).

You spent a few hundred dollars on a makeshift tent made of parachute material, and now you had to participate in a race?

The Dark Rest keeps the interior cool in direct sunshine and comfortable when it’s cooler outside thanks to its reflective surface.

There is plenty of ventilation and light available if needed.

There are many options from windows to roof to set the right amount of light exactly where ‘you’ want/need it.

In the dark, you can see someone outside (their silhouette), but they are unable to see into the house.

Providing an incredible degree of ‘visual’ seclusion compared to any other tent. I am quite pleased with the tent and am extremely impressed with the quality and amenities of this particular model. I would highly suggest it.

Ozark Trail 10 Person Tent • Popularity Ranked + Deals, Reviews & Recommendations

Dome Tent Ozark Trail 10-Person Family Camping Tent with 3 Rooms and a Screen Dome Tent Ozark Trail 10-Person Family Camping Tent with Screen

  • It can accommodate up to ten people. The inside is large enough to accommodate three queen-size air beds. The 80-inch central height gives plenty of headroom and walking area. For bug-free enjoyment, the front screen porch space is provided. Two detachable room dividers provide you the option of having one large room or up to three distinct rooms
  • Extra ventilation is provided by a roll-back fly on either side of the roof, which is quite convenient. A mesh cover provides weather protection, as does a removable fly with taped seams for added convenience. A covered doorway creates a safe and secure environment. The E-Port allows for easy access to electrical cords. A tablet for the group is held in a movable hanging media pocket. An inside loop allows you to hang your lamp more conveniently. An integrated gear loft keeps keys, other small objects, and other valuables close at reach, with a hook on the bottom
  • Hanging organizers and pockets for all of your belongings. Setup is simplified by the use of color-coded poles and pole sleeves. The wind is generated via an X-frame and eight guy ropes.

Ozark Trail Windowed Family Tent, 12-Person

Camping is far more enjoyable when you can share the experience with someone else. A family-size tent, on the other hand, allows you to camp in groups, whether you’re traveling with your in-laws, your spouse and children, your closest pals, or a mix of all of the aforementioned. With tents easily accessible to accommodate two or more families, you can make your camping trip a memorable experience for the entire family. It’s unlikely that you’ll want to spend more than half of your trip putting your tent together.

  1. It’s possible to assemble certain family tents in as little as 60 seconds, especially after you’ve got the hang of it.
  2. Even while some tents claim to be able to accommodate up to 12 people, things can become a bit crowded if you have all of the sleeping bags fully rolled out in front of you.
  3. “It’s critical to get a tent that is large enough to accommodate everyone who will be sleeping in it,” says Shawna Newman, editor-in-chief of Active Weekender and an outdoor and camping specialist.
  4. “Are you going camping with tiny children?
  5. “Are you going camping with teenagers or other adults?” Look for a tent with two doors so that you don’t have to go over a lot of people to get out of the tent.” Your tent will not have air conditioning, and it will get suffocating if you have a large group of people in it.
  6. Some tents are also designed to block off the sun’s rays, making them ideal for people who prefer to take midday naps while on holiday.
  7. Preparation is essential for severe weather, which may include rain and high gusts.
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Your tent poles should be able to withstand moderate winds without bending or bending over.

As Newman points out, “it’s also critical to have a tent that is suited for the sort of weather you’ll be camping in with your family.” Using a three-season tent is the most adaptable alternative available on the market, according to the author.

Tents of higher quality will have seams that have already been sealed to keep out the rain.

She also recommends opting for a family tent with plenty of internal storage space, such as pockets and ceiling loops for holding water bottles, candles, and other small items.

“You’ll be investing in something that should last you for many years,” he adds.

Only one rule: practice setting up your tent at home beforehand. “The last thing you want is to be wrestling with it at the campground,” adds Newman.

How To Set Up Ozark Trail 3 Room Tent

Overall, the Ozark Trail tent is a good-quality tent that is built to survive for several years, despite the fact that it may be flimsy at times. There are certain drawbacks to these tents, the most of which are be rectified without incurring a significant financial outlay.

Is Ozark Trail 3 person dome tent waterproof?

The Ozark Trail 3 Person Family Camping Dome Tent is a versatile piece of equipment that can be used for virtually any outdoor trip. The rainfly from Ozark Trail is not only water-resistant, but it also has a seam-taped fly to provide even more reinforcement for the rainfly’s existing water-resistant construction.

Is Ozark Trail as good as Yeti?

The Ozark Trail coolers are roughly half the price of a Yeti cooler, and while they are a fine cooler for the money, they don’t store ice as long, aren’t made as well, and have some typical faults like as warping when exposed to direct sunlight and condensation. Despite certain flaws, there are still some advantages. This is a fantastic alternative for shoppers on a tight budget.

What is Dell E port?

The DellTM E-Port Plus Port Replicator with USB 3.0, which has twin digital monitor capabilities in addition to legacy ports, is a versatile device. This docking station incorporates the most recent USB 3.0 technology, which was made possible by Intel’s Ivy Bridge processor.

How many people can fit in a 10 person tent?

Table 1 shows the size of each tent, its square footage, and the number of people it can accommodate. The total number of tents is as follows: A Square Tent Sleeps a Total of 1012 120 6 1012 120 6 12-14 168 8 13-13 169 8 12-14 168 8

Is Yeti and Ozark Trail the same company?

It is not the same firm that manufactures Yeti and Ozark Trail items, no. Yeti has filed many lawsuits against Walmart (who owns Ozark Trail) for copyright infringement, yet the goods are manufactured in separate facilities.

How do you set up a old tent?

Locate a level, open location that is not surrounded by densely packed trees. Remove any sharp things such as rocks, sticks, and other sharp objects from the ground. Set tent stakes in each of the tent’s four corners. As you hammer each stake into the ground at a 45-degree angle, tighten the tent.

Is the Ozark Trail cooler worth it?

While the insulation ability isn’t nearly as good as we’ve seen in other luxury coolers, the far reduced asking price helps to make up for it. For the majority of individuals, being able to preserve ice for three days or longer is sufficient. And that makes Ozark Trail Coolers an excellent choice for any weekend excursion.

Is Coleman tents better than Ozark Trail?

Neither company manufactures lightweight tents with solid, long-lasting components. Ozark trail tents are superior to Coleman tents in terms of quality. Those are extremely low costs for such huge tents, although the quality of ozark tents is typically considered to be of medium grade. Coleman and Ozark tents are of comparable quality, especially when it comes to a less sophisticated dome shape tent.

Is Ozark Trail owned by Walmart?

Ozark Trail (brand name), a private-label brand owned by Wal-Mart that sells a variety of products.

How long should it take to set up a tent?

Depending on the size of the tent and the level of skill of the individual or group of individuals involved, such tents may normally be erected (pitched) in 5 to 25 minutes, with dismantling (striking) taking a similar amount of time.

How long does it take to set up a pop up tent?

According on your trailer and other settings, you could expect a popup camper to take between 50 minutes to 2 hours and 20 minutes to completely put up and be ready to camp.

How long does it take to set up a 10 person tent?

Configuration Alternatives For individuals who don’t mind spending a little more time setting up their tent. Normal setup times might take anything from 10 to 20 minutes to complete.

Is Ozark Trail Made in the USA?

There are none that are manufactured in the United States. The closest thing is something like the ORCA Tumbler or Polar Camel, which are manufactured in China and then transported to the United States, where all of the laser printing and engraving is completed in-house by the manufacturer. However, other from that, virtually every brand, including Ozark Trail, is manufactured in China.

What is the easiest tent to set up?

What is the quickest and most straightforward tent to erect by yourself that we recommend? For Backpacking, the best option is the Teton Sports Instant Tent (1/2 Person). Core Instant Cabin Tent for up to 9 people. The best all-around tent. The Vango Dart Pop Up is a little inflatable boat that can be taken anywhere. Tent for three people. Wenzel Klondike is a fictional character created by author Wenzel Klondike. Tent for eight people. 2/3/4/6 Person Coleman Sundome Dome Tent (Coleman) Vango Airbeam Odyssey Air 500 Villa Tent is a Vango Airbeam Odyssey Air 500 Villa Tent.

How do you set up a Hillary 2 room tent?

Place the tent on the ground and stretch it out flat so that the bottom of the tent is touching the ground. Make a 180-degree turn of the tent so that the door is facing in the desired direction. The pegs should be hammered or driven through with a rock to ensure that the tent is securely fastened to the ground. As you pound the pegs into the ground, tighten the floor.

What is an E port on a tent?

An E-port is a tent addition that enables for simple access to an extension cord when the tent is closed. If you need to run a cord inside your tent, this may not appear to be required, but it can help prevent tent leaks and pests from getting into your tent.

Why are Yeti cups so expensive?

People are prepared to pay more for Yeti tumbler cups because of the brand’s recognition. Yeti tumbler cups are hence pricey. However, they do not insulate better than rival brands despite the fact that they are dishwasher safe (as opposed to other brands), incredibly sturdy, and well-insulated. The YETI branding is the primary reason for the high price.

Which is a better cooler lifetime vs Ozark Trail?

Because they are frequently on sale, Lifetime coolers are less expensive than Ozark Trail coolers in terms of price. Ozark Trail coolers, on the other hand, are roto-molded, making them far stronger than Lifetime coolers, which are blow-molded. Both have comparable ice retention characteristics, as well as similar features and certain issues.

What are the dimensions of a 3-person dome tent?

Jarden Custom offers a 3-person dome tent that measures 7′ by 7′.

How long does it take to set up a canvas tent?

Setup is quick and easy, requiring no more than 20 minutes. Take a virtual tour of the canvas tent in three dimensions.

Is Ozark Trail made in China?

Rest assured that every Ozark Trail merchandise is manufactured in China.

Just with all of the different “Winchester” and “Remington” knives, there are many variations.

How do you hook up an electric tent?

It is preferable to input your electric connect up lead via the cable entrance hole on your tent’s side rather than through the front door. It would be a tripping danger for people. Because water and electricity do not mix, it is important to keep the plug box above the ground when in the tent. In addition, electrical equipment should be maintained away from the ground.

What is an instant cabin tent?

This nine-person fast cabin tent can be put up in less than 60 seconds with no hassle! The poles are already linked to the tent, so all you have to do is unpack, unfold, and stretch. Gear is kept close at hand in the hanging storage pockets, and the accompanying room divider transforms the tent into a two-room structure with distinct living and sleeping areas.

Ozark Trail 11 Person 3 Room Instant Cabin Tent With Private Room

An intriguing construction, the Ozark Trail 11 Person 3 Room Instant Cabin Tent has an additional private room built to the rear of the tent, which makes it a good choice for families. The awning over the twin entrance doors is also a really helpful addition to the space. Ozark Trail Instant Cabin Tent With Private Room, Sleeps 11 People, 3 Rooms, On The Ozark Trail.

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Key benefitsfeatures

  • Setup is instantaneous. Well, it’s virtually instant
  • There are three rooms
  • An awning is accessible
  • And an electric port.

What is in the name

So you’ve already got a lot going for you in the title. With telescoping poles and the normal configuration of an instant tent, this one is unique in that it includes a third chamber, which is described in further detail later in this article. The walls are quite tall and straightened, as you would expect from a cabin-style tent. The ceiling is very high and straightened. Three rooms are included in the tent: the main cabin, which has a retractable partition, as well as an interesting extension that is linked to the back side of the main cabin body.

Who is it for

This is a summer camping tent that is suitable for families and groups of people. A partition in the main cabin section, as well as an adjoining compartment on the back side, indicate that it is possible to have some privacy in a space of this size and configuration. The above, however, is only true if you disregard the reported capacity of 11 individuals.

Dimensionscapacitybest use

As you can see in the specs, the dimensions are 14 x 14, which is in feet, of course. However, this is completely incorrect. These figures simply refer to the amount of ground that will be required to set up this tent. This is due to the fact that its floor area is T-shaped, with two distinct units:

  • The main cabin portion measures 14 x 8 foot (4.27 x 2.44 m)
  • The private room expansion measures 8 x 6 ft (2.44 x 1.83 m)
  • And the private room extension measures 8 x 6 ft (2.44 x 1.83 m).

However, the tent is equipped with an awning, which requires an additional 8 x 6 ft of space in front of the entry doors. This would indicate that the ground area is in the shape of a Plus or a cross, and that the two lengths are 14 and 20 feet, respectively. You do not have to utilize the awning if there is not enough space on the ground for you to stand. Back to the interior space: 112 plus 48 square feet equals 160 square feet (14.9 square meters). For example, if you were to utilize it for 11 people, each person would receive 14.5 ft2 (1.35 m2) of space.

  1. In order to calculate the number of people who can fit in the tent, divide the total number of people by two.
  2. You are free to arrange the area anyway you like.
  3. There is enough space in the rear room to accommodate a queen-sized mattress.
  4. Seasonally, as I mentioned above, this is a tent for camping in a generally warm environment, for summer camping, and for camping in areas where there is little or no rain.

The packing size is standard for quick tents, and one of the dimensions is very lengthy, measuring 48 x 10 x 10 inches (inches) (122 x 25 x 25 cm). As a result, you will only use this tent in locations where there is easy access by automobile. Additionally, a well-designed carry bag is supplied.


Based on the language above, you already have a general concept of the interior layout, which consists of two rooms in the main cabin that are divided by the detachable partition, plus a private room that serves as an extension. Due to the fact that there are two entry doors, the divider is attached in the middle of the two doors, resulting in each room in the cabin section having its own door. It is possible to enter the back private room from any of the front rooms in this design because of the dividing wall.

The rear room does not have an exterior entrance, but it does have a window on the back wall, as shown in the photo.

In the back picture, you can see the fly on the cabin section, as well as how the back room is designed.

Front awning

In addition, you have the awning accessible, which makes a wonderful resting space in front of the main entry doors. The awning’s dimensions are approximately 8 by 6 feet (2.44 x 1.83 m). In addition, the tent is outfitted with two poles for the awning, each of which has grommets, which allows you to secure both the awning and the poles with guylines and stakes. Awnings may be pulled up and secured over the front doors when not in use.

Instant or not – the private room issue

True to its name, the main cabin is a pop-up structure. However, this is not the case throughout the rest of the passage, and I would say you have a hybrid structure here. You have an additional pole for the back private room, which you plug into the sleeve, and with this, you can elevate the back room off the ground. Alternatively, if you do not want the back room or do not have sufficient ground space in the camp, you can leave it as is. Remember that it is already pre-attached to the main cabin section, so you may just roll it as far away from the cabin wall as possible without damaging it.

The rain flyother materials

While they state that the material is polyester, they do not disclose any information on its water-repellency grade. I can only imagine that it is in the region of 600 – 800 mm, which is pretty limiting. There is no information available concerning the floor, however it appears to be polyethylene. It is a cut pattern with a catenary. The poles are telescoping, and they are made entirely of steel. The main fly is something that you install individually for the cabin section. The back room has a built-in fly, so you won’t have to do any more work for this area.


They mention a two-minute setup time, and this is somewhat correct, but just for the main cabin portion. A few more minutes will be required for the addition of the fly and the preparation of the back chamber; nevertheless, overall, the process is rather simple. The following images describe the procedure, which you can also see in the movie above: The setup is standard for a quick tent of this type.


The sides have two huge mesh windows (which also have panels for privacy and protection against the rain), and two windows on the front doors, which are also made of mesh and panels, provide ventilation. The roof is entirely made of mesh, as is customary for all Ozark Trail tents (but see some of theirdark rest tents). Consequently, in the absence of precipitation, this should be plenty.

However, there are no floor vents in this room, which is not ideal if you have to keep the window panels closed all of the time. Vertical airflow would be aided by the installation of such floor vents. Due to the fact that the tent is not depicted with a fly, you can see the mesh on the ceiling.

Inner features

The divider is a curtain that is attached to the ceiling and walls by toggles, as seen in the image below, and provides just a minimum amount of seclusion. The private room, as the name implies, offers a great deal of seclusion. If you do not want it to be closed, you may attach its wall to the cabin walls on the side, as shown in the illustration below. The inside of the room without the partition. This is the main chamber, which is divided by a divider. In addition, you have an electric cable port.

This Big Agnes Flying Diamond 6tent, which has 16 large pockets, is a great example of this (for 6 people).

The hook for the lamp.


  • Cabin instant tent
  • Weight: 33 lb (15 kg)
  • Dimensions: 14 × 14 ft (4.27 x 4.27 m) – this is the only ground size required for the tent
  • Type: cabin instant tent
  • Floor area: 160 ft2 (14.9 m2)
  • Area per person: 14.5 ft2 (1.35 m2)
  • Peak height: 76 in (193 cm)
  • Height at the top of the stairs: 76 in (193 cm)
  • Height at the top of the stairs: 76 in (19 Dimensions of the package: 48 x 10 x 10 in (122 x 25 x 25 cm)

I’ve placed this Ozark Trail 11 tent side by side with two other tents in the same size range to give you an idea of how it compares to the competition. 48 x 10 x 10 inches (122 x 25 x 25) Dimensions: 17 x 10 x 10 (43 x 25 x 25)

Final thoughts, rating, proscons

Towards the end of this Ozark Trail 11 Person 3 Room Instant Cabin Tent review, I’d like to emphasize two of the tent’s most important features: the rear room, which is a really useful area, and the awning. Instant setup is also a very handy feature that is especially ideal for persons who change their camping location on a regular basis. However, as you can see, I have some concerns about some of the interior characteristics that are necessary for comfort, such as the absence of floor vents and the presence of wall pockets that are almost ineffective.

The price is reasonable, so if you just require a tent for infrequent usage in relatively moderate weather conditions, this is a good alternative to take into consideration.

Ozark Trail 11 Person 3 Room 14′ x 14′ Instant Cabin Tent

  • Easy setup
  • s2 External doors
  • s4 Great windows make it more livable
  • Awning as a bonus
  • Separate room as a bonus
  • Very reasonable pricing


  • Inadequate description
  • It is not recommended for severe rains. There are no floor vents. The space is insufficient for the declared capacity
  • There aren’t enough pockets.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. For something different, please take a look around; our site is dedicated to family camping tents, so I am confident you will find something that suits your needs here. Look through the categories listed above. Check out this Ozark Trail 11-person quick hexagon tent, which is a good example. If you have any questions or comments, please post them in the comment section below. Wishing you a pleasant day.

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