How To Drape A Tent For A Wedding

diy Tent Draping

Hi! As a result, a wedding tent has been donated to us by a rental firm that my fiancé conducts business with. I’m a big fan of “open air” tents and would absolutely like to own one. The majority of tent firms do not wish to drape the tent of another company. Given that we’re receiving a 40×80 tent for free, it doesn’t make financial sense to hire a tent from a firm that also drapes the structure. As a result, I’ll be taking care of it myself. SO! Have any of you DIY brides tried something like this?

Is there a company that rents chiffon for voile that you’ve heard of and used?

Purchasing appears to be the most cost-effective alternative (which is unexpected), but what am I supposed to do with the fabric once I’ve finished using it?

Also, I am completely aware that doing this is far more difficult than simply renting from a firm that will handle it for me.

A lot of people have just attempted to convince me that I shouldn’t do it myself, and at this point, I’m ready to take on the task, haha.

  • Mastery is expected in November 2022. Chrysta· If you believe you are capable of doing it, I encourage you to go for it! However, I wanted to put in a suggestion to the mix. Have you considered erecting a transparent tent and hanging it instead? When lighted with twinkling lights at night, clear tents look stunning and would give excellent protection from the rain if you were to find yourself in a situation where you needed to be protected from the elements. Alli· There is no way in hell I would have done the drape for our tent. The tent is ridiculously large and lofty. Not sure when you’d be able to spare the time? We had three days of strong bookings leading up to our wedding. You would want a large number of personnel as well as ladders, and the tent would need to be set up well in advance of the big day. Just a couple of things to consider! Mastery is expected in October 2021. That is a significant undertaking (but you know that already). If your FH’s job is providing you with a tent, would you be willing to pay the amount for them to drape it as well? Otherwise, what is your current plan of attack if you decide to do it yourself? Also, if fabric is less expensive, purchase only the amount you will need and throw the rest. When it comes to wedding preparation, there’s really no way around squandering a significant amount of money
  • T
  • Dedicated in February 2022 If you do decide to acquire it, you can simply resell it in a wedding group on Facebook, which is what the majority of people do
  • Beginner classes will begin in September 2021. Cassidy’s View Quoted Remark The notion of paying the firm to perform the draping is brilliant
  • I had never considered this before. Thank you for the suggestion! And you’re absolutely correct in that there’s no way to avoid wasting some money
  • Mastery is expected in October 2021. View the Quotable Comment I’m more than happy to assist! I hope everything works out

10 Ways to Use Draping at Your Reception for an Upscale Look

Choose stunning draping for your reception if you want to create a real “wow” impact for your guests! When done correctly, adding fabric—usually transparent, gauzy materials such as chiffon, organza, or voile—will elevate the overall look and feel of your setting while keeping it personal and warm at the same time. You could use drapes to soften the edges of the venue (or to conceal anything you don’t want visitors to see), or you could use floor-to-ceiling panels to split off a vast, cavernous space—both of these options will make the setting feel warmer and more intimate.

For some of our favorite drape ideas to transform your reception room into something truly spectacular, continue reading.

All-White Reception Draping

Kelli and Daniel Taylor Photography is a partnership between Kelli and Daniel Taylor. It was turned into an all-white fantasy, with gallery corridors draped in silky white chiffon and fresh foliage, as well as a sculpture garden. The curtain tiebacks were made of beautiful white blossoms, and they were designed to reveal the walkway that went directly to the couple’s breathtaking wedding cake. 02 out of 10

Sheer Drapery Panels

The work of photographer Lauren Fair is shown on this page. If your reception hall has high, soaring ceilings, draw attention to the height by hanging gauzy panels from the ceiling to create a romantic, dreamy atmosphere. 03 out of 10

Stairway Draping and Candlelight

2 Brides Photography & Videography Add drama to your reception by hanging the entranceway; line the stairs or path with candles for an extra touch of romance. 04th out of ten

Coastal Wedding Ceremony

We Laugh, We Fall in Love String lights and translucent ceiling swags provide the image of a starry night sky, and this reception room was transformed into a stunning al fresco dinner party with guests. 05 out of 10

Rustic Barn Reception

Matt Kennedy Photography is a professional photographer based in New York City. Drapery panels can be used to soften the look of a rustic reception area. Diaphanous, ivory-colored floor-to-ceiling drapes were hung between the three long dining tables in this space, providing a more personal sense in the big barn environment. 06th out of ten

Maypole-Style Ceiling Drapery

Feather Love Photography is a photography studio based in New York City. Overhead curtains can be used to soften a clear-top reception tent. Designed in the style of a fanciful, fairytale setting, this couple’s tent contains several white panels that are attached in a spoke-and-wheel arrangement from the middle of the tent to the outside. 07 out of 10

Outdoor Dinner Reception

Jose Villa’s official website is This couple wanted their wedding to have the atmosphere of an outdoor dinner party in Tuscany, as a tribute to the fact that they got engaged there. Over the dining tables, their wedding planners constructed a beautiful gazebo, which was covered in a flowing taupe cloth and decorated with fresh blossoms and foliage to create a romantic atmosphere. 08th out of ten

Crisscross Overhead Draping

Meredith Teasley Photography is a professional photography company. In order to make a huge, empty area feel cozier and more personal, overhead draperies should be used. Excessively long fabric swags were used in this design, which were crisscrossed back and forth. The ends of the swags cascaded down the sides, creating an appealing, fluttery impression. 09th out of ten

Make It Structural

Katie Shuler is a young woman who lives in New York City. As a result, they employed little curtains to give the appearance of a ceiling while yet allowing enough of California sunshine to flow into the space and provide glimpses of the sky above, which was framed by trees in this case. 10 out of 10

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Bring the Outdoors In

KT Merry; Bellafare is in charge of the event planning. This couple chose a whimsical garden theme for their at-home wedding celebration, which turned out beautifully. Even in the midst of winter’s chill, creamy linen drape and lush foliage garlands weaved throughout the canopy created a lovely greenhouse ambiance for guests.

How to Make Tent Style Ceiling Drapes

Formal events such as a wedding reception or a high school prom benefit from ceiling decorations that are draped. When used properly, curtains may be used to conceal a variety of unsightly aspects of a party venue, such as a gymnasium or a huge tent. While professional party decorators are eager to construct a draped ceiling for you, you can easily build one yourself with fabric and a few basic hardware items.

Even though making your own tent-style ceiling curtains is a straightforward process, there are certain rules you should follow to ensure that they are properly installed and remain in place. Decorate a tent for a wedding celebration with drape and other materials.

  • Screws for eyelets
  • Monofilament
  • Measuring tape
  • Embroidery hoops or hoops for hooping
  • Stapler and staples
  • Lightweight drapery fabric

Step 1

Create a design for the ceiling drapes. Decide whether you want a design in a single color or a combination of colors, and make sure that the design complements the party theme. Determine whether you want curtains just from the centre to the four corners, or if you want drapes to extend to the side walls as well as the middle and four corners. Make a rough sketch on paper and take notes if it would help you remember the design better.

Step 2

From the middle of the room to the corners, take a measurement of the available party space. If you want curtains to extend to the side walls, you’ll need to measure those as well. Each measurement should be increased by 15 percent to 20 percent. Those are the measurements for the lengths of cloth required for the draping.

Step 3

To make your drapes, get a large enough quantity of a lightweight fabric such as tulle, organdy, or sinamay mesh to cover your entire room. Heavy or silky materials should be avoided since they are difficult to form once they have been hanging. Cut it to the appropriate size based on the dimensions of your plan.

Step 4

Hoop an embroidery hoop or even a Hula-hoop from the center of your ceiling to create a focal point. Monofilament can be used to attach it horizontally to an existing chandelier, ducting, or tent poles, for example.

Step 5

Attach tiny eyelet screws to the walls throughout the perimeter of the space. Using these eyelet screws, you may string monofilament along the edges of the frame. Use monofilament to attach the tent poles if you’re putting up decorations in a tent.

Step 6

One end of one of the cloth drapes should be threaded through the huge hoop in the center of the room to secure it. Fold it over the hoop by 2 or 3 inches and staple it to itself to keep it in place. Draw the other end of the drape over the monofilament that runs along the wall to complete the look. Put this end of it together so that it is approximately half the length of the whole thing. Make any necessary adjustments to the fabric’s drape to get the desired look. You can either staple it to the wall or just let it dangle down along the wall.


Fill the drape with flowers or strands of miniature decorative lights for a more festive ambiance during your celebration.

Quick Answer: How To Drape A Tent

Draping is a process for creating a three-dimensional dress pattern with the help of a dress form figure. It involves pinning and putting fabric against the form in order to produce a finished garment. Muslin is a common fabric used by designers since it is inexpensive and available in a range of weights.

How do you decorate a tent?



What fabric is easiest to sew?

Knit textiles such as cotton, linen, and a cotton-linen blend are excellent options for novices since they do not slip or stretch as much as woven fabrics like silk. For the time being, stay away from knitted textiles such as glossy polyester, silk, rayon, and cotton jersey.

Are tulle and voile the same?

When layered with voile, tulle tends to become “flouncy” or “bouffant,” as opposed to voile, which tends to fall in gentle folds (which may explain its popularity in meringue-style wedding gowns). When it comes to wrinkle resistance, tulle tends to hold up better than voile (particularly the 100 percent cotton variety), which lacks elasticity and wrinkles more readily.

How do you attach fabric to a wall without damaging it?

Starch should be used. To bind the cloth to the wall, you can use starch as a glue. The wall will not be harmed as a result of this procedure, and the cloth may be removed with relative ease when the time comes.

How do you decorate a pop up canopy?

Lights and decorations for the ceiling Hangings made of fabric or other materials. Draping cloth looks beautiful, especially when you can use it to tastefully cover the exposed frame when viewed from the outside. It may also be utilized to provide some seclusion within the house. Lights. Flowers and flora are included.

Does organza drape well?

Organza fabric is a lightweight, plain weave fabric with a crisp feel that is ideal for draping. Fabric that drapes beautifully is frequently utilized by designers to make full dresses and skirts with lots of volume. It is important to remember that organza is a highly sturdy fabric, so do not be fooled by its transparent appearance.

Does cotton drape well?

Clothing made of heavy cotton or linen holds its form and does not drape as nicely on the body. Although their hardness and weight make them difficult to work with, I feel that they are both very straightforward to sew with.

How do you make a room look like a tent?

Alternatively, if you have a central ceiling light, extend the cables roughly 10 to 12 inches below the ceiling so that the heat generated by the light does not come into contact with the fabric. Transforming your room into a Bedouin tent in the manner of Morocco gives a magnificent and unique environment.

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What is tent liner?

Tent liners, whether made of flowing, curved fabric, spandex, or flat panels, are good in concealing interior construction. There are many different colors and designs of tent liners available, including gathered/pleated, spandex, and flat panel. When used in conjunction with ambient lighting, they create genuinely distinctive environments.

What is the best material to use for ceiling draping?

What Are the Best Ceiling Draping Fabrics to Use for Your Wedding? Sheer Voile: The term “sheer Voile” refers to the absence of anything. It is a favorite option for bridal draperies because of its sheerness while being sturdy. Poly Satin: If you’re looking for a fabric that is more opaque for ceiling draping, poly satin is a great choice. Poly Premier: This fabric is understated, yet it gives a magnificent draping effect, making it a fantastic choice for wedding draperies.

How do you decorate a tent for a party?

“Tent Decorating Ideas to Make Your Next Party a Hit” is a great way to start a conversation. It’s Time to Turn It On. The addition of lights to a tent creates an ethereal glow around the venue.

Draping Is the Way to Go. Tents with a variety of colors. Colorization that is astute. Almost but not quite finished. Textures are a good option. Make a Statement With Balloons. Screens in Motion is a video game about screens moving.

How do you hang fabric on ceiling without nails?

Assemble the velcro strips on your cloth by starting at one corner and attaching them horizontally along the top width, roughly 4 inches (10 cm) apart from one another. Make sure the velcro strips on the top and bottom corners go all the way to the edge. Attach the velcro strips to the wall on which you will be hanging your fabric.

What is the most comfortable fabric for clothes?

What Are the Top 4 Summer Fabrics to Use? Cotton. Cotton is one of the most comfortable textiles to wear in the summer and hot weather. Linen. Linoleum is yet another popular option for those seeking a breathable cloth to wear in hot weather. Rayon. A man-made fabric manufactured from cotton, wood pulp, and other natural or synthetic fibers and mixed together, rayon is a popular choice for casual wear. Denim/Chambray.

How do you drape fabric to a wall?

Cup hooks should be installed near to the ceiling in the wall studs, with every other stud being used. Remove the cup hooks from the hooks and place a long piece of cloth over them loosely. Pinch the cloth at each cup hook so that the hook is able to keep the fabric in position. The fabric should fall in a loose curve at the bottom, therefore pull at the bottom of the cloth between each hook.

How much is a wedding tent?

A wedding tent can range in price from $400 to $25,000, or even more, depending on its features. Everything is dependent on the style, quality, and size of your wedding tent. A pretty normal 2020 wedding tent will range in price from $700 for a consumer grade Weekender pole tent to $3,100 for a top of the line twin tube high peak tent, depending on the quality and brand.

Does polyester drape well?

Polyester has gone a long way since its inception. These days, it might be more attractive and more comfortable to wear than silk. It has the ability to drape as elegantly as a natural fiber and to feel equally as solid as a natural fiber.

How do you decorate walls with fabric?

AREA DE LIVING Hang a nice piece of fabric, such as a scarf, on the wall for immediate and inexpensive wall art. Hang a massive tapestry to create a focal point on one wall. Custom framed art may be created by stapling wood beams to brightly colored cloth. Canvases can be wrapped in cloth to make them take up more wall space.

How do you hang tulle on a wedding tent?

Tulle is a type of netting. You must drape the cloth in swags from each corner of your tent ceiling and fasten it in the middle with a chandelier or other kind of lighting in order to make use of it. Use lighting bulbs that are complementary to the wedding theme to create an eye-catching effect.

Wedding Ceiling Draping Tutorial – How to Measure and Hang a Fabric Celing

Ceiling draping for wedding hall decorating might be a very vast and frightening project, but with the right measurements and preparation, it can be completed on a very small budget. Nothing alters a place quite like cloth hung from the ceiling to create a fabric ceiling. This wedding reception hall decoration lesson demonstrates a simple method for decorating the reception room for a wedding reception. When it came to the design of the reception hall, my daughter had one very specific requirement.

  1. I can appreciate your point of view, but the fact remains that it WAS a church gym!
  2. This was the one chore that I was most apprehensive about, apart from the possibility of preparing her wedding cake.
  3. on a number of occasions, trying to figure out how I was going to get this thing to work.
  4. The only requirement I received from our church prior to installing ceiling draping was that I utilize the eye bolts that were already in the walls since they did not want any more installed, which is entirely acceptable.
  5. In order to run the support across the three widths (middle and both ends), we utilized thin wire and turnbuckles.
  6. The middle of the tent is seen in the photograph below.
  7. The three lengths of wire were strung first, and then the cloth was put on top of them.
  8. We were fortunate in that we utilized bolts of material with 23 yards on each end, which was the right quantity to cover the whole length of the ceiling and yet provide us with enough material to create a draping look from point to point on the ceiling.
  9. As soon as we had all of the content in place, it was time to fine tune everything.

When we were hanging this huge amount of organza from the ceiling and walls, we had a theme for the day that went something like this: “It doesn’t have to be flawless.” “It’s going to be pitch black.” Even while it is tempting to get caught up in every tiny seam and bump, once the party got underway and the overhead lights were turned out and the uplighting was turned on, there was nothing but a sparkly, wonderful atmosphere.

  1. Even I didn’t detect the areas that weren’t quite flawless.
  2. Using the shimmer in the organza, we were able to effectively reflect the up-lights around the room, as well as those from the DJ’s equipment.
  3. It was probably not the highest-quality organza I had ever seen, but that didn’t matter to me since it was so beautiful.
  4. I purchased 460 yards for a total cost of $250.
  5. So, how long did it take to complete all of the drape and wall covering?

With my previous experience, I believe I could complete this task in 4-5 hours again without too much difficulty. Fortunately for me, my next oldest child is just 17 years old, so I still have some time until I have to brush up on this ability once more.

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Vigen’s Party Rentals is a Los Angeles-based company that specializes in tent and drapery rentals for weddings and other special occasions. We have huge tents in store that can accommodate groups of up to 500 people and are available in either white or transparent. In addition to our many years of experience in drapery and décor rentals in Los Angeles, we can also elegantly wrap our tents for any wedding or special occasion. We also rent ceiling draperies and decorations for interior spaces, which we specialize in.

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We offer a large selection of drape colors and materials to pick from, and we can even produce bespoke curtains with sufficient notice.

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Full Drape Tent and Canopy Rental

Rental of one of our Draped Canopy or Tent rentals will keep you and your guests protected from the sun and the rain. Our Full Drape canopy tent rentals give temporary shade at a reasonable price for a variety of events. Some of our party draped canopy options have side walls, which are available for an extra fee. The smallest canopy and tent available is 10×10, which may be used to keep all of your food and beverages cool while you are having a party. We now have a new size canopy tent rental that is 40ft wide, which is excellent for huge places where you need to accommodate more guests than a standard 30’x30′ canopy can accommodate.

New Full Drape Canopy Tent Rental Sizes: 40×70 40×50 40×40 20×20 20×30 20×40 30×30 30×40 30×40 30×40 30×50 30×60 30×70 40×40 40×50 40×60 40×70 40×80 40×70 40×80 40×70 40×80 40×70 40×80 40×70 40×80 40×70 40×80 40×70 40×80 40×70 40×80 40x Our Full Draped Canopy and Tent Rentals are available in the Riverside region and surrounding towns, as well as nationwide.

Don’t forget that we can also provide a fully draped canopy for your event. If you don’t see the color or style you’re searching for, let us know. Please contact our office or send us an email and we will see what we can do to assist you. Thank you!

Dome Canopy (flowers not included)

; ajax_link(item_container, store.item.calendar?root_path= responsive=1 show_start_form= show_instructions=1 itemid=411soccer_id_74584, post_info=1);}else “> Add to Cart $200.00
20×20 HIGH PEAK Industrial Full drape

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verified purchaseReviewed in the United States on April 23, 2019Verified Purchase Exactly what I was looking for for my vacation wedding! Instead of purchasing the extremely expensive gazebo, I inquired as to whether these could be added. They were just stunning. Purchased in the United States on October 5, 2018 and reviewed on October 5, 2018 Because there were no instructions provided, it was extremely difficult to figure out how they were supposed to attach to the tents correctly. On August 14, 2018, a review was conducted in the United States.

  1. I made the mistake of responding to a question by saying that the length was 80″.
  2. On October 25, 2019, a verified purchase was reviewed in the United States of America.
  3. On January 19, 2020, a review was conducted in the United States.
  4. Purchase that has been verified I really liked the look!
  5. 5.0 stars out of 5 for this product Five out of five stars On July 25, 2017, Jessica B.
  6. Very simple to put together!
  7. The drapes are the perfect length, light weight, and well made for my 1030 tent.
  8. I have eight drapes to use for my backyard party events to give them an elegant appearance.
  9. Excellent value for the money.

Events Plus Nashville

Since 1965, the company Gatherings Plus Inc. has been wrapping events in luxury. As one of Nashville’s “original drapery firms,” we have continued to provide services to clients from all aspects of the event industry on their most significant and memorable events for more than 40 years. Over the years, we have concentrated our efforts on offering top quality, technology, and service in the field of bespoke draperies and window treatments. In terms of attention to detail, innovative design, and the well-being of our clients, we are unrivaled in the industry.

We are confident in our ability to bring your vision to life via our extensive assortment of extra decorating services and our experienced design team, resulting in an event that your guests will never forget.

Backdrops Lighting for draperies skirting for the stage Canopies for the dance floor Installation of a screen masking Canopies for the ceiling Centerpieces Columns Colonnades Tent and pole drape made to order Candelabras Cabanas Lounge Dividers are available in a variety of styles and materials.

Runners for carpets Accessory items for the home Stanchions Podiums Arches Canopies for alters, whether outside or within Structures for outdoor weddings ChuppahsPlatforms String Lights in the Italian Style Gobos and more are available.


Events with a theme or that are social in nature Do you have a certain “style and feel” in mind for your special event? If so, tell us about it. It is the mission of Events Plus, Inc. to communicate that visual picture to your visitors and to bring your vision to life! Our design team can explore the multitudes of alternatives for every event, including proms, coronations, pageants, and parties. View the Photo Gallery WeddingsEvents Plus provides the convenience of a one-stop shop for all of your floral needs, from draperies and décor to table linens and chairs.

View the Photo Gallery Tents and outdoor gatherings Events Plus can provide custom drapes and décor to complement your unique outdoor location and transform it from ordinary to spectacular.

View the Photo Gallery The floral component of FloralsEvents Plus, “Creations By Debbie,” is committed to exclusively working with our customers on their floral requirements.

View GalleryCorporateFirst impressions are extremely essential in the realm of special events, and Events Plus, Inc.

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