How To Decorate Your Tent

How to Decorate a Camping Tent Like a Pro

You may save time by using this last tip to avoid having to open and close the windows at different times of the day and night. It is most effective if you also use black out shades to cover the windows in the grow tent room.

How to Decorate a Tent for Camping

The next section will walk you through a few different ways for decorating your camping tent. It is possible to turn it on with the proper equipment and accessories. Continue reading for more information.

1. Hang Triangle Flags

The triangular flags are the first to be seen. You may have noticed these esthetic characteristics in photographs or videos posted on the Internet. When you were at camp the last time, it’s possible that some campers made use of them. The triangular flag is a fantastic item that you can use to dress up your Coleman tent for rainy weather at any time. Whenever you want, you may build as many as you need and arrange them in any way you choose.

2. Place Woven Rugs on the Floor

Rugs may enhance the appearance of your house in the same way that they can enhance the appearance of the interior of your camping tent. One significant advantage of using rugs is that they will keep your tent floor clean and free of dirt. It’s even more aesthetically pleasing this way. If it’s okay with you, make sure to include a rug in your list of camping essentials.

3. Use Strings of Lights

Consider how stunning your tent would appear, especially at night, if you added a few strings of lights to the interior and strung them throughout. The lighting would also create a cozy atmosphere that would make you feel like you were in your own living room. If you’re concerned about spending too much money or going over your budget, you may always choose white Christmas lights that are more affordable. They are also certain to make your tent seem better. If you don’t intend to replace your camping lights on a regular basis, you should be able to use these Christmas lights for quite some time.

4. Hang Lantern Lights

Consider how stunning your tent would appear, especially at night, if you added a few strings of lights to the interior to illuminate the space. Aside from that, the lights would create a welcoming atmosphere that would make you feel at ease. If you’re concerned about spending too much money or going over your budget, you may always choose white Christmas lights that are more cost effective. It’s also a given that they’ll make your tent seem better! Additionally, if you do not want to replace your illumination every time you go camping, these Christmas lights will last you for a long time.

5. Carefully Arrange a Picnic Table

It is not necessary to serve your meals in a stale setting just because you are out camping; nonetheless, this is recommended. Feel free to place some lovely sets of plates, silverware, napkins, and other such items on your picnic table to complement the occasion. If you have a nice-looking picnic table, it will make your camping meals a more pleasant experience.

6. Hang Custom Signs Around Tents

It is not uncommon for campers to display personalized signage inside and outside their tents. One of the most enjoyable aspects of camping is the opportunity to meet new people.

You won’t want to miss out on this entertaining addition. Although you are free to put whatever you want on these signs, please keep in mind that they must not be disrespectful to others. The majority of the time, these indications are intended to be a mirror of your personality.

7. Get a Blow-Up Mattress with Fluffy Pillows

Putting up personalized signage inside and outside of tents is not a new practice among campers. One of the most enjoyable aspects of camping is the opportunity to explore the outdoors. Don’t miss out on this exciting new addition to your collection. Although you are allowed to put anything you want on these signs, it is important that they be not disrespectful to others. The majority of the time, these indications are intended to be a representation of your character.

8. Set Up a Hammock

When it comes to designing a camping tent, the hammock should not be overlooked. Hammocks strung fromDIY movable platforms are unquestionably pleasant and peaceful to sit in. Consider the following scenario: you’re laying on a perfectly stretched and decorated hammock beneath a canopy of breathtaking flora. You may have a hammock at home, but it cannot be compared to the experience of lying in a hammock in the middle of nature.

9.Decorate Your Camping Table with Flowers

A table in your camping tent could be something you’ve never considered before; you probably should. A properly decorated table would not only be aesthetically pleasing, but it would also be useful for a variety of other activities that necessitate the use of a table, such as reading. Make the table look even more attractive by spreading a gorgeous table cloth across it and adding some flowers to enhance the appearance.

10. Install Hanging Canopies

In accordance with your preferences, you may either set a hanging canopy inside or outside your camping tent. Canopies that hang from the ceiling will also give elegance and a dreamlike ambiance to the space. In addition to providing a pleasant location where you can enjoy the fresh evening air, if you want to set your hanging canopy – which can be constructed by you – outside, it may also function as a shaded seating area. With a hula hoop and some beautifully designed sheets, you can create a hanging canopy that will enhance the appearance of your tent space.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to camping, knowing how to design a tent on your own will be really beneficial. Your camping vacation would be more unforgettable as a result of the benefits that come with it. Decorating your camping tent and its surrounds in a tasteful manner might help you feel more at ease when camping. Remember to choose white Christmas lights to save money while also benefiting from their long life. In addition, it is critical that you receive a decent night’s sleep, which means that you should think about purchasing a blow-up bed with rich linen and soft cushions.

Just make certain that you do everything necessary to have a good time at camp.

DIY Glamping: How to Decorate Your Campsite

If you know how to decorate a camping tent on your own, it will be really beneficial to you. Camping would be a remarkable experience because of the benefits that come with it. You may create a comfortable atmosphere by decorating your camping tent and its surrounds. Remember to choose white Christmas lights to save money while also benefiting from their long life span! It’s also critical that you have a decent night’s sleep, which means you should think about investing in a blow-up bed with sumptuous linen and soft, fluffy pillows.

It is entirely up to you how elaborately you want your tent to be decked out. Simply ensure that you do everything necessary to have a good time at camp.

1. Create a warm glow with string lighting

There’s nothing quite like the warm glow of string lights to make your campground seem cozier on a cold night. Even though there are hundreds of different string light types to pick from, white Christmas lights are both inexpensive and simple to install, and they look just as festive as the more costly bulbs. These smaller bulbs are also less likely to break than the larger bulbs, which means you’ll be able to reuse them often.

2. A blow up mattress with luxurious bedding and fluffy pillows

Undoubtedly, the most crucial aspect of glamping is having a comfortable bed to fall into at the end of a long day. Ground mats and sleeping bags will not suffice when it comes to providing a top-notch glamping experience. Instead, carry an inflatable mattress with a pillow top, your favorite lavish linens, and a few fluffy pillows. Place a colorful blanket at the foot of the bed and accent with a few ornamental pillows for an even more opulent look.

3. Accessorize with triangle flags

There is no shortage of adorable decorations that can be used to glamp your campsite, but triangular flags are one of the most popular options. These flags, strung between trees or around the perimeter of your campsite, offer a splash of color and a sense of adventure to any setting. They’re also simple to build; just make sure you select a strong fabric that will hold up against the weather when you’re outside.

4. Accessorize with woven rugs

While there are other adorable items that may be utilized to glamp your campsite, triangular flags are among the most popular. These flags, strung between trees or around the perimeter of your campground, provide a splash of color and whimsy to any setting. They’re also simple to build; just make sure you select a sturdy cloth that will hold up against the weather when you’re outside.

5. Bedside tables topped with flowers and books

Place two small tables on either side of your air mattress to create the impression that you are in a hotel room. Decoratively drape the tables with beloved scarves or mini tapestries, and stack the tables high with your favorite books and periodicals. Accessorize with flowers or honeysuckle that you’ve collected from around your campground for the finishing touch.

6. Decorate with vintage lantern lights

Speaking of warm glows, antique lantern lights have a dual purpose: they are both beautiful pieces of glamping décor and, when filled with a candle, provide a dazzling source of illumination. The lanterns should be hung from low-hanging tree branches, and one should be used as a centerpiece on your picnic table, to create the perfect glamping atmosphere. But keep in mind that candles are not permitted in the tent.

7. Glamp your picnic table

Who says camp meals can’t be enjoyable and feel like a treat? Provide a beautifultablecloth and set the table with excellent (but durable)dishware and cloth napkins to make your picnic a memorable one! Mason jars from your own house may be filled with flowers to create a centerpiece that is inspired by nature.

8. Show your personality with a custom sign

The addition of an unique camp sign to your campground, whether you’re an avid camper or consider your campsite to be your second home, is a wonderful way to customize your space and showcase a little bit of your individuality.

It’s also great to decorate your campground with signs that feature your favorite slogans and phrases. These may be placed on your bedside table or propped against a tree to give flair and spirit to your camping experience.

9. Install a hanging canopy

You may hang it from the tent over your bed or from a limb of a tree, but no matter where you hang it, a gauzy, flowing canopy needs a place at your glamping site, no matter how remote the location. Making your own canopy using a hula-hoop and some sheer window curtains is a simple and affordable project. To create a pleasant and peaceful environment outside of your tent, hang the canopy from a tree limb and place some bright and fluffy cushions beneath it. This will help to create a fun and soothing atmosphere.

10. Hang the perfect hammock

There is no camping trip complete without a hammock, and the aglampinghammock is both utilitarian and comfy. While most portable hammocks are tiny and can be packed into a small bag for portability, a glamping hammock should be big to accommodate the needs of the camper. Its bigger size allows it to be stuffed with fluffy pillows and warm, fuzzy blankets for the ultimate in luxury, and it’s also large enough to accommodate two people. You may also be interested in:How to Get a Last Minute Campsite Reservation

11. Serve flavored water with fun cups and straws

It’s critical to remain hydrated when camping, so why not spice things up a bit by drinking flavor-infused campground water? Only a water bottle that can be filled at camp and some fresh fruit or citrus to add flavor to your drink will be required for this activity. Pour the water into attractive, colorful cups and add ornamental paper straws as a finishing touch to make it feel like a wonderful treat for your guests. When at all possible, avoid the use of plastics.

12. Enjoy a drink camp-friendly glasses

After all of the decorating, it’s time to relax with a drink at happy hour. Wine connoisseurs would delight in sipping vino from personalizedhappy hour camp cups, while the rest of us will smile at the amusingness of personalizedhappy hour wine glasses. Now that you’ve got a drink in your hand, the only thing left to do is relax and take in the sights and sounds of your luxurious campground.

13. Hang a dream catcher or mobile from the center of the tent

Use a twist knot to hang a fanciful mobile or dream catcher from the middle of your tent to give your glamping room a bohemian, dream-like feel. Hang a wind chime from a neighboring tree for the most whimsical effect. Is it time for you to embark on an outdoor adventure? Discover the greatest campgrounds in the United States.

15 Tent Hacks to Make Your Tent the Comfiest Place on Earth

The middle of your tent may be decorated with a fanciful mobile or dream catcher that is suspended from a twist tie, creating a bohemian, dream-like atmosphere. Hang a wind chime from a neighboring tree to add an extra touch of fun. Is it time for you to go on a camping trip or a hike? Campsites in the United States of America are listed below.

Tent Hacks To Make Your Camping Experience Cozy

One thing to keep in mind while camping is that you’ll be in close proximity to a lot of dirt. There is no need for your clean garments to become soiled. Rolling your clothing by day helps you to collect everything you need for the day in one go, saving you time and energy. Furthermore, it takes up less room in your backpack.

Additionally, for those of us who are unable to travel light, this is a great travel trick. Alternatively, you may pack your clothes in separate 2-gallon ziplock bags and name the bags according to the day. This is more feasible for a short camping trip than the previous one.

2. Bag Your Toilet Paper

Having rain pouring on your toilet paper, or unintentionally dropping it and it being soiled, is the last thing you want to happen when mother nature calls. Pack your toilet paper, toothbrushes, and any other personal hygiene items you’ll need for your camping trip. When it comes to toilet paper.

3. Camping Planner

The worst thing that may happen is that you forget something. Promise. I’ve been there. That has been completed. On one occasion, we completely forgot about the toilet paper! Never, ever again! The $7 that you paid on the Camping Planner was well spent! It’s worth it for your sanity!

4. Use a Pool Float as Your Camping Sleeping Pad

SO COMFORTABLE! You should bring your pool float with you on your next camping vacation if you already have one. We like them because they deflate and don’t take up a lot of space when not in use – and as an added bonus, our pool float fits in the back car seat of our van, allowing our twins to sleep in the van if it’s raining or we’re having tent problems – which, let’s face it, happens almost every time, at least occasionally.

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5. Create a Tent Foam Floor

Can’t seem to get used to the rough ground beneath your tent? I’m not going to apologize for it, and you shouldn’t either. Foam floor tiles can be used to soften the surface of the floor. You won’t believe how much of a difference it can make! This method is also effective for keeping mud and debris off your floor! A yoga mat is also an excellent sleeping surface. This product is far less bulky and takes up significantly less room than a foam floor or an air mattress.

6.Create a Tent Light – Use Your Water Jug!

Fill a jug with water and wrap your headlamp over it to provide a mellow glow throughout the night in your camping tent. If you have children or individuals who are terrified of the dark, this will make the tent a less frightening environment.

7. Heat Your Sleeping Bag With a Hot Water Bottle

Do you get chilly feet at night that you can’t seem to get rid of? Fill a water bottle halfway with hot water and place it inside your sleeping bag to keep your tootsies toasty warm throughout the nighttime hours. When I go camping, I always bring a couple of Nalgene bottles with me. That particular brand is my favorite since they are very unbreakable and can withstand really hot water without melting! This implies that there will be NO COLD FEET! If you have small children, take the bottle away from them before they go to sleep because, well, hot water.

They’ll absorb any moisture from the bottom of your shoes and keep your feet warm.

8. Use Kids’ Belts as Sleeping Bag Straps

Do you get chilly feet at night that you can’t seem to get rid of. In order to keep your tootsies toasty warm, fill a water bottle with hot water and place it inside your sleeping bag. In order to keep my drinks cool when camping, I always carry along Nalgene bottles. Because they are practically unbreakable and can withstand extremely hot water without melting, I favor that brand over others. No more COLD FEET, thank you very much. You should take the bottle away before your children go to sleep, because hot water might be dangerous.

If you don’t want to cuddle up with a hot water bottle, stuff the bottom of your sleeping bag with dry garments instead of a hot water bottle. Your feet will stay warm and dry because they will absorb any moisture from the bottom of the shoes.

9. Keep a Shoe Basket In Your Tent Entrance

No one likes dirt dragged inside their tent, do they? Eww! Set up a shoe basket at the tent entrance to collect any stray shoes and to maintain your tent’s floor looking as good as new. In addition, we put our insect spray and sunscreen stick in a basket so that they are simple to find and grasp when necessary. Ticks are more likely to attach themselves to shoes and legs, thus this provides a visible reminder to children to spray their feet. This mental hack will keep kids secure throughout the day.

10. Use Solar Lights Stakes – Outside of Your Tent!

When you go camping, do you ever notice how everything is simply so dark? Install some low-cost solar lights outside the tent and on the path leading to the bathroom to make it easier to navigate in the dark rather than stumbling around in the dark. These provide the appropriate amount of illumination without causing any disturbance to your neighbors!

11.Make Your Tent Sparkle with Lights

Twinkle lights powered by solar energy are another option for children (and adults) who are terrified of the dark. Just make sure you don’t hang them directly over children’s beds, as you don’t want them to knock them over and become entangled in them while they’re sleeping. Actually, I’d put them on the other side of the tent room from where they are now.

12.Here’s A Tent Hack I Wish I Knew Yesterday – Protect Tent Zippers with Wax.

Rub the zippers of your tent with a wax candle to prevent them from sticking. A zipper hack that genuinely works on all zippers is presented here. Tent zippers, on the other hand, are particularly prone to failure because they are frequently folded and bunched together. They are also subjected to the elements, which are not the greatest of friends for a zipper. The last thing you want is to arrive at your campground and discover that you were unable to open your flaps, therefore ruining your camping experience.


13. Hang Your Camping Gear in Your Tent

With the help of this gear line organizer, you’ll never have to sift through a pile of sleeping bags and pillows to find your phone again. Bugs have been introduced as a bonus. Did you know that flies and other flying camping pests do not like to fly under items that are swinging above them? This is an interesting truth. Bugs will be less likely to infest your tent if this is strategically placed near the entrance.

14.Create a Tent Trash Can – From a Laundry Basket

Having to deal with garbage bags is a hassle, but this pop-up trash can made out of a hamper is a great solution. In order to protect it from blowing away, you may wish to tie it to something using a rope. More importantly, you should utilize this identical approach inside the tent to store dirty clothing while you’re away on your trip. Remember to keep your garbage and dirty clothing bags separate or in different colors as well. In any other case, you’ll have a difficult time distinguishing garbage from filthy garments.

15. Stop Tripping over Tent Lines With This Cool Tent Trick

You seem to be constantly tripping over your tent lines, as if you don’t see them until you’re right in the middle of them?

Ouch! Pool noodles are a great way to mark your lines! Your feet will be grateful to you. If possible, make use of brightly colored pool noodles so that they may be clearly identified.

16. A Tent Hack To Keep Your Tent Cool

Use a reflective blanket to deflect sunlight from your tent to keep it from becoming too hot inside. This tent hack may appear to be a little ridiculous, but it actually works! As an added bonus, you’d be making your scientific instructor VERY PROUD since this is an actual example of science in action.

17.Use Binder Clips to Secure Tent Flaps

Is your tent refusing to stay open? Binder clips are a great way to keep your tent flaps open. Use them to keep the rain flaps open, put a tarp or plastic sheeting over the top of the tent, or attach decorations to the top of the tent. By the way, you’d be surprised at how much these small clips are capable of. You may see what I mean by looking at thesebinder clip techniques. Keep in mind that there are only a few tents that are large enough to accommodate your king-size pillow-top mattress, so you will have to make some compromises no matter what you do.

As you’ve seen, you have a slew of suggestions for enhancing your camping experience so that you may spend your time on more essential things, such as generating memories.

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How To Make A Dreamy DIY Glamping Tent

Sleeping Bags for Children: 13 of the Best; Camping in the winter? Here are 12 tips to keep you warm and comfortable. Camping Supplies You Must Have; There are 15 must-have camping supplies that will make your next trek the best one ever. a collection of 16 addictingly entertaining camping games for kids

  • For the ultimate camping experience, stay at a luxurious campsite. Learn how to glamp in the comfort of your own home. Ideas and inspiration for glamping in a tent

For the ultimate camping experience in elegance; How to glamp in the comfort of your own home; Ideas and inspiration for glamping in a tent.


See how we created our own glamping setup and what we were able to accomplish in the video below. All of our gear needed to be able to go light with us so that we could set up in the same manner whether we were vehicle camping in Arches National Park or at a local campground.


Let’s go through everything that goes into creating a glamping setup that can compete with the likes of a luxury glamping experience in order to understand what it takes.


The first thing you’ll need is a tent that is both roomy and comfortable to sleep in. Typical glamping tents are made of canvas bell tents, like seen above. Unfortunately, they are rather expensive, making them an unnecessary purchase if you do not intend to set it up and use it on a regular basis. On the off chance that you’re still interested, you might check out this highly rated one on Amazon. However, if you have a lot of money to spend, they are the perfect dreamlike complement to your backyard glamping experience.

It’s a large camping tent with enough room to accommodate up to eight people.

Its tallest point is 6’10” so you can stand up (crouching around inside your tent is NOT glamping), it features room separators (which are ideal for families), and, my personal favorite, it has a stiff door that can swing open.

Those types of modest elements are what lift you from a camping experience to a glamping one.

I also enjoy that you can zip down portions to create windows if you want your tent to have an open, breezy feel, or you can zip them all the way up if you want more seclusion. Other excellent tents for glamping include:

  1. Among the options are the Ozark Trail 10 Person Tent, the Ozark Trail Cabin Tent, and the Coleman Tent with Screen Room.

Consider the real-world uses of your tent while purchasing a new one when you’re shopping for one. We selected a tent that would allow us to still go camping with it. You might purchase a large tent, such as this four-room tent, but keep in mind that campgrounds can be tiny and may not be able to accommodate a large tent. However, if you’re planning on using it in your backyard, it won’t work in a National Park. Find a nice medium between the two extremes.


Making a comfortable bed is essential when transitioning from camping to glamping. The majority of people recommend an air mattress as an upgrade from a sleeping bag. I have strong feelings about air mattresses, and to be blunt, I loathe them. I don’t know why, but I do. You will never be able to persuade me that an air mattress is pleasant! Even though the product promises to have a high concentration of pillow top – gel foam-down feather-organic cotton, the truth is that it does not. Not to add that air mattresses do not provide any insulation, so you will wind up cold in your luxurious glamping tent, no matter how luxurious it is.

  1. Air mattresses have been subjected to three distinct tests in order to bolster my anti-air mattress stance.
  2. Never, ever again!
  3. We really adore them!
  4. How do I find out?
  5. They were warm and comfortable, and we woke up with no body pains in the morning!
  6. To make your mattress more cozier (although, honestly, you don’t have to because Therma A Rest mattresses are that fantastic), you can layer down mattress topper on top of your pad set.
  7. You are welcome to bring a sleeping bag, however there is no law stating that camping requires the use of a sleeping bag as a requirement.
  8. Due to the fact that we already had sleeping bags, we used our Kelty Galactic Down Sleeping Bags for our glamping setup.
  9. For couples who want to take their glamping experience on the road, the Kelty Doublewide sleeping bag is a great option to consider.
  10. Regardless of the type of sheets you choose, you’ll want to add a lovely blanket to the top of your bed to make it more comfortable.
  11. Although the blanket we use is no longer available for purchase, you may browse through the other wonderful Pendleton blankets available.

As a last note, avoid the use of small camping pillows that are intended for travelers. Please bring your own cushions from home with you! I’ve been using acontour memory foam cooling pillow for years and haven’t looked back.


Lighting is essential for creating a DIY glamping tent that looks and feels high-end while being low-cost. On the side of our bed, we have an LED camping lamp, and we also have LED flickering candles for added atmosphere. Real candles may be more aromatic and realistic, but they pose a severe fire threat in a tent, therefore I recommend using worry-free battery-operated candles rather than real candles. You’d be shocked at how realistic they appear during night time. Furthermore, if you have children, it’s a no-brainer.

This camping lamp with a vintage appearance that also serves as a power bank is one of my favorites.

In addition, we installed solar-powered cafe lights in the outside seating area.

Finally, you may decorate the interior of your tent with battery-operated fairy lights to create a romantic atmosphere.


In order to create a DIY glamping tent that looks and feels high-end yet isn’t, lighting is essential. On the side of our bed, we have an LED camping lamp and LED flickering candles for added atmosphere. In a tent, real candles may smell better and be more realistic, but they pose a severe fire threat, so I recommend using battery-operated candles to avoid any worries. Even at night, you’d be surprised by how realistic they appear. If you have children, it’s an easy decision as well. Although I prefer our camping lanterns, there are various lovely lanterns available that can help you get the look you desire.

Amazingly practical.

The addition of this minor detail enhances the sense of wonder and enchantment in the space.


This is where you can truly make your DIY glamping tent stand out by including some rich details. It was important to us that our decor be lightweight and portable so that it could be taken to a camping. Rugs, wildflowers, macrame plant holders, and a homemade chandelier served as the basis for our interior design. We purchased a 1000-piece bag of natural wooden beads as well as a spool of blue jute rope in order to create our DIY chandelier. We made a spherical center out of an old wire hanger and strung the beads together with blue yarn to finish it off.

  • Considering that we already had macrame and plants from our camper, we decided to use them for our backyard glamping.
  • Our copper camping cups from United by Blue were the perfect way to add even more life to the tent, so we collected some wildflowers from our yard and placed them in them.
  • Having said that, it is unlawful to gather flowers in any National Park and it is not advisable to take flowers from public grounds.
  • We have a whole page dedicated to the glamping basics that you may use to complete your DIY glamping tent setup.

Check it out! Things like warm slippers and a solar power charger are the proverbial icing on the cake when it comes to a luxurious glamping trip. Check out our piece on the best glamping accessories to add to your luxury camping experience for more information.


If you are going to put in the effort to create your own glamping setup at home or in a camp, then eating properly should be a top concern. When we go camping, we use a Coleman camping stove, which is quite reliable and does an excellent job. It’s an excellent first stove for anyone who is new to camping. Nevertheless, to be quite honest, it is not a glamping stove in the traditional sense. Do you have any idea what it is? TheCamp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven is a great addition to any camping trip.

  1. All I could think about was how they were going to win.
  2. It’s impossible to beat having an oven for baking chocolate chip cookies and a burner for frying omelets.
  3. It’s great and ideal for anyone who wants to go backyard glamping but doesn’t have access to a fire pit.
  4. Finally, put up a sophisticated lunch charcuterie dish with anOpinel picnic knife, a herringbone cutting board, and stemless silicone sleeve wine glasses for a special occasion.
  5. Yes.
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The following is a breakdown of how much money we spent. As I previously stated, we hoped to obtain everything from what we already have on hand. The items listed below are what we purchased to complete our glamping setup.

  1. $21 for 2x Solar Power Cafe Lights
  2. $14 for 2x Faux Sheepskin Rugs
  3. $12 for wooden beads
  4. $7 for jute twine. 2x Side Tables: $46
  5. Solar Power Cafe Lights: $21



Here’s a brief rundown of everything we did to create our own DIY glamping tent.

  • Purchase a spacious tent that allows you to stand entirely upright
  • You may bring along your own linens and blankets from home, as well as comfy sleeping mats that can be stretched to fit a queen-size bed. Lighting and lanterns powered by solar energy may be used to create a dreamlike mood. Create comfortable reading nooks and dining tables where people may relax and unwind
  • Decorate using simple details that make a big statement
  • Consume nutritious foods. Have a good time, laugh, drink, and enjoy yourself

We had a great time building our own Glamping Tent from scratch! We hope you will use our tips on how to glamp your tent to create your own backyard memories and share them with us. Alternatively, you could even take it on the road to a camping! If you have any queries, please leave a comment below. Save This for Later

DIY Glamping Ideas: 18 Ways To Make Camping More Glam

Glamping (sometimes known as “glamorous camping”) is becoming increasingly popular. It seems like wherever you look, there are glampsites, luxury camping resorts, and glamping experiences cropping up. And that shouldn’t come as a surprise. You get all of the benefits of camping — being near to nature, having wide spaces, and breathing fresh air — without compromising the comfort, elegance, and relaxation of a conventional holiday. However, as the popularity of glamping trips has grown, so has the price tag, which no longer makes sleeping beneath the stars a budget-friendly vacation option anymore.

Take some time to think outside the box and put out a little more work, and you can quickly (and affordably) transform your ordinary camping setup into Glamping Heaven. So put on your floral wellies and floppy sun hat, pour yourself a bottle of wine, and prepare to be a little bit glampy with me!

Make your tent more luxurious

If you’re serious about DIY glamping, you might want to consider investing in an oh-so-gorgeous bell tent to make your experience even more memorable. They are not inexpensive, to be sure. A excellent one, on the other hand, should last you the rest of your life. If you camp in it at least once a year, it will pay for itself in no time at all. However, the vast majority of you are likely already in possession of perfectly adequate family tents. So let’s get to work and make the most of our opportunities.

01 Pretty lighting

Getting the perfect amount of light inside your tent may completely change the atmosphere. In our house, we refer to this as ‘girl-lighting’: turning off the frigid main lights and turning on the warm table lights. If your camping site is equipped with electricity, then go ahead and girl-light the hell out of your tent! Fairy lights, rope lighting, and table lamps are examples of what I’m talking about. If there is no electricity, consider using rechargeable lanterns and lights.

02 Hang some bunting

It may be a touch cheesy and a little noughties, but glamping isn’t glamping unless there’s some sort of bunting on display. It may be used to line the guy ropes of your tent or to hang over the entrance of your tent. It will instantly soften the utilitarian appearance of your tent and transport you to another period in an instant.

03 Cosy flooring

By putting down a blanket or rug in your tent, you may provide some extra comfort underfoot. No camp shoes are permitted inside the tent, and the room will seem instantly welcoming and snug as a result of the addition of this feature.

04 Storage basket

Put down a blanket or rug in your tent to provide some underfoot luxury. No camp shoes are permitted inside the tent, and the room will seem instantly welcoming and snug as a result of the addition of these items.

Make your bed, the cosy way

Having the ability to transform restless, fitful evenings at camp into restful and warm snoozes is a true luxury that cannot be measured in dollars. You’ve almost got glamping down down if you make your bed as comfy as you possibly can!

05 Air mattress

The most important factor in getting a good night’s sleep is your mattress. For those who sleep on an air mattress, you may make it more cozier by placing a mattress topper or duvet on top of it. When the weather is chilly, place a blanket below the mattress to provide a little more insulation from the cold.

06 Duvet cover / camping quilt

Sleeping bags are no longer necessary. DIY glamping at its finest! Instead, bring your own bedding from home to sleep on. Make sure you have a duvet cover that is bright and fresh in order to match the rest of your glamping décor and be comfortable. Alternatively, if you want to spend a little more money, a warm camping quilt is a more practical and durable alternative that can be used outside as well.

07 Cushions

The addition of cushions to your glamping bed is purely for cosmetic reasons, but they are a sure-fire method to make your bed seem as sumptuous as possible.

Let’s get this party started. Please feel free to bring a couple of cushions from home and enjoy their wonderfully inflated uselessness.

Dress up your camping dinner table

It wouldn’t be a luxury vacation without at least one or two upscale meals. In addition, while you may not be able to bring along your own wait staff, a little bit of forward planning can transform a sloppy camping table into a gourmet outdoor dining experience to remember.

08 Table cloth

Whatever the condition of your table, if you cover it, it will not matter. The tablecloth, on the other hand, doesn’t need to be very elegant because you will be filling it with excellent food and adorning it. It is quite OK to use an old sheet or tablecloth from a thrift store.

09 Jars for wine glasses

Jam jars with tight-fitting lids make excellent, spill-free wine glasses. They are very stunning, and they are the epitome of practical glamping if ever I saw it! Start putting money aside in jars right now.

10 Jars of flowers

Fill those oddly shaped jars you’ve collected, or the ones you’ve misplaced their lids, with flowers to make a centerpiece. Make sure not to select any protected plants, and don’t run around pulling up everything you see. If you’re not sure what to put in the jars, you may always fill them with gorgeous grasses and foliage from the trees.

11 Tin can lanterns

Clean out your empty tins of beans, gently puncture them with holes in a design of your choosing, and voila! You’ve got yourself a lantern on your hands! Once again, girl-lighting triumphs!

12 Napkins weighted with stones

Even better if you have some cotton napkins that you can bring with you to the event. Paper towels, on the other hand, will work quite well when nestled neatly under gorgeous stones that you can clean up and use as a weight. To provide some rustic charm to your glamping dinner table, place a small arrangement of grasses or daisies beneath the stones.

13 A campfire meal

Nothing brings a glamping dining experience to a close quite like a great campfire-cooked supper to finish it off. With campfire cooking, there’s a lot that can go wrong, so keep it simple by using a dutch oven or by making this simple grilled pepper and halloumi stew.

Create a chillout area

One of the most enjoyable aspects about glamping is having all of that additional time to simply rest and unwind. Remember, this is slow-paced camping at its finest! Create a relaxing room apart from your eating and cooking areas where you may relax and unwind. There should be someplace to read a book, stare at a campfire, strum a guitar, tell a tale, or just relax and sleep.

14 Firepit

If the campsite you’re staying at doesn’t have a campfire, you’ll need to bring one from home. This foldable firepit also serves as a BBQ, and you can create your own out of an old washing machine drum if you want to get creative!

15 Shelter

Set the mood by hanging a tarp for rain protection, or a sarong or old sheet for some breezy shade, to give the area a snug, den-like vibe. In order to truly create the tone for lazy summer days, consider hanging a wind chime.

16 Furnishings

If you have camping chairs, wrap them in throws, blankets, and cushions to make them more comfortable.

Alternatively, if you want a more relaxed ambiance, spread a blanket on the ground beneath your shelter and cover it with cushions and beanbags for additional lounging space!

17 Suitcase table

Coffee (or cocktail!) tables made of hardshell suitcases are excellent options. Alternatively, you may utilize it for an evening of board games and cards. It also works well as a place to store all of the soft furnishings that you don’t want to leave outside over the weekend.

18 Ambient lighting

Yes, it is all about the lighting in the room! Create a fairytale grotto in your chill out zone after the sun has set with lanterns, outdoor fairy lights and candles in jars or tin cans. Surround your space with warm illumination, then sit back and relax. Putting in a little extra work may go a long way, and using some simple DIY glamping methods can help your camping trip seem much more like the peaceful holiday you’ve been looking forward to. Make use of your imagination, think ahead, and have fun being glampy!

3 Ways to Decorate Your Tent for the Ultimate Glamping Experience

In terms of camping, everyone has their own definition of what it means to “rough it,” and this is especially true for young people. The all-in outdoor enthusiasts may not be thinking about tent décor, but a little glamping may make even the most difficult terrain a bit more bearable. Taking a break from the city to reconnect with nature does not imply that you have to abandon your decorative throw cushions, charming lighting, and vibrant seating arrangements. With the correct camping gear, you can make your next camping trip completely enjoyable and spectacular.

Continue reading to learn how we’d create the ultimate glamping tent for the bohemian-chic camper, the minimalist, and the preppy camper in our opinion.

Perhaps you won’t be able to hang the hammock inside the tent, but you might be able to find a couple of trees nearby or set up a standalone hammock stand to create the perfect chill zone for yourself.

Fabrik Single Bed Sleeping Bag($94),Douane Fringed Hammock($61),H M Patterned Cushion Cover($18),H M Metal Candle Lantern($18),Terrain Birch Log Bundle ($22),Land of Nod Desert Mural Rug($229),HarlowGrey Gold Triangle Garland ($10),Dream House Four Season Cotton Canvas Bell Tent($699),JossMain Ciara Throw($


True, this tent is designed for children, but you could simply recreate a similar design for a more adult camping experience. Make use of a colorful basket to store your card games (in gold, of course), notebooks full of camping notes, and perhaps a hidden flask of whiskey for that hot chocolate you’re craving.

Lanterns may give lots of candlelight as you keep warm in a stylish sleeping bag and throw pillows with font designs on them.


A camping vacation in the prep-style glamper’s style will look something like this: pink stripes everywhere, pineapple everything, and plenty of glam accessories. You can’t go wrong with a tropical theme, whether you’re setting up your tent on the beach or in your own garden. A waterproof speaker, battery-operated string lights, and a picnic basket full of plastic pink goblets can let you keep the party going all night. Seating around the fire can be provided by a camp stool, or a tray filled with delectable beverages and food can be placed up.

More design ideas may be found on our Pinterest page, so be sure to follow us there for the latest inspiration.

Kate Thorn is a writer and actress who lives in New York City.

She enjoys producing art, traveling, and anything and anything chocolate-related.

20 Hacks to Make Any Tent Feel Like a Luxury Hotel When Camping

Camping has remained popular despite the growth in the number of luxury hotels and holiday packages. Camping enthusiasts adore the sensation of sleeping beneath the stars in the big outdoors. Many campers like the daring walks, swims, and vistas that the outdoors has to offer, and the wide variety of campsite kinds may be thrilling – no two trips are ever the same! Although camping is popular among outdoor enthusiasts, there are many tourists who do not appreciate the outdoors as much but still enjoy the adrenaline rush of sleeping in the wilderness.

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Aside from that, there are a plethora of hacks available to make your camping experience a little bit more comfortable.

Many seasoned campers have come forward to share their best tips and tricks for getting the most out of their camping experience.

Check out some very amazing tricks that will make you feel like you’re staying in a five-star hotel while still getting to enjoy the thrill of sleeping beneath the stars.

20Use a Double High Inflatable Mattress: The Feeling of a Real Mattress For a Fraction of the Price If you’re planning on camping in a tent rather than “glamping” in a camper or log home, investing in an inflatable mattress is a good idea. They’re a hassle to inflate up at the beginning of your vacation, but your back will thank you at the end of the day when you’re done. If you do decide to get a new inflatable mattress, make sure to get one that is double thick. It will feel much more like a real bed and will remain fluffy for a much longer period of time.

Always check several reviews before making a mattress purchase to ensure that you are obtaining a high-quality product. There’s nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night with your back on the ground because your mattress had deflated after only a few hours of sleep.

19Bring a Good Cooler for Food: It’ll Hold Ice For Days A fantastic cooler is yet another piece of camping equipment that is really necessary. A well constructed cooling container may really keep ice cold for several days at a time! This means that you won’t have to resort to making regular ice trips or settling for heated food and beverages. It’s a horrible sensation to go camping in the middle of summer and discover that you don’t have a single item that has managed to keep cool! However, while Yeti is always a fantastic option, there are numerous other solutions that will almost certainly work just as well.

If you camp frequently, it will be well worth it!

18Add Twinkly Solar Powered Lights: Make Your Site Homey and Cute Who doesn’t like the sparkle of twinkling outdoor lights? They’re all the rage right now in home décor, so this is a perfect addition to your campground if you want to bring some sweet yet modern decorations. You should leave them out throughout the day so that they can charge up from the sun’s rays, but be aware that many of them will not shut off at night! If you require full darkness to sleep, this might be a source of concern. Numerous campers opt to purchase solar-powered lights that have an on/off button and are easy to set up.

17Throw In Some Scented Candles: Bring the Aroma of Home Scented candles are popular with many people, so why not incorporate them into your camping experience as well? You should bring your characteristic smell from home, if you have one, so that you can obtain your customary “homey” aroma when you’re out and about. If not, experiment with a few other smells to determine which one you prefer. It is often believed by many campers that the presence of classic smells helps the campground feel a bit more civilized and sophisticated. There are several alternatives available, ranging from inexpensive scented candles (which may be found at your local dollar shop) to more upmarket handcrafted soy candles.

16Set Up a Nice Place to Eat: Make Your Dinner Look Pretty Whether or whether you prepare your own meals, setting a beautiful table nearly always improves the flavor of the food. There are a plethora of possibilities available here. Traditionalists will bring glass or metal plates from home, along with a fine linen tablecloth, to the event. The use of wicker baskets and gingham or plaid tablecloths may also be used to give it a more “campy” appearance. A plastic tablecloth can spare you the trouble of having to wash it, or you may pack a variety of linens – one for each night – to save even more time.

15Bring a Comfy Chair: A Place to Read That New Book One issue with camping is that, while you might carry a slew of stuff for usefulness, there aren’t always a lot of places to sit when you’re out camping. Unless your campsite has a picnic table with seats and you bring chairs, your options are limited to either sitting on the ground or in your tent. However, while many people remember to bring outside chairs, remembering to pack a chair that will fit inside your tent is a fantastic addition to your relaxing time.

Blowup chairs are extremely simple to use and function in a similar way to air mattresses. If you have a little more space in your car, a comfortable wicker chair is usually a good option.

14Bring an Indoor Side Table for Ambiance: A Place For Cups, Lighting, and Momentos If you have the space, bring along a small side table that will fit in your tent’s inside space. The alternatives are numerous, and some of them even fold entirely flat to take up little more than a few inches of space while being transported by car or airplane. Though a little detail, it has a significant impact on the overall feeling of your tent’s luxury. During the night, you may place an indoor lamp on it or put a glass of water next to your bed. If you’re simply hanging out in your tent for some quiet time, it’s also a fantastic snack to have on hand.

13Bring Sheets and a Comforter: Feel Like You’re in Your Bed at Home Despite the fact that many campers only carry a sleeping bag, they are often unaware of the significant impact that genuine sheets and a comforter can make. There just isn’t a comparison to be made! When traveling to a chilly climate, a sleeping bag may appear to be the most comfortable option. However, a quality padded or goose-down blanket will keep you warm and comfortable throughout the night. It doesn’t matter if you merely bring your oldest sheets and comforter to use as a sleeping bag underneath, you’ll wake up feeling much more rested in the morning.

Because you most likely already have these goods on hand, this is a fairly simple addition to your tent that will make a significant impact.

12Add Throw Blankets and Pillows: Cozy, Comfy, and Color Coordinated Throw blankets and pillows have a way of making a bed appear cozier and more inviting than it actually is. If you really want to go all out, color match your entire tent! You can bring your own throw cushions and blankets, or you can purchase them at a reasonable price at Ikea or on Amazon. Pinterest provides a plethora of fantastic ideas for making your tent seem just adorable. Throw pillows and blankets will not only improve the appearance of your tent, but they will also make your bed more comfortable and keep you warmer during the night.

11Get a Cute Outdoor Table Set: A Place to Hangout With Little Hassle Because not all campgrounds have private picnic tables with seats, it is worthwhile to invest in a simple outdoor table set that can be assembled in minutes. In fact, this one folds totally flat and will rest flat on the floor of your car during the trip. It takes up no space yet provides four chairs, with additional seating space available on the ends! A table and chairs are in helpful for a variety of activities such as dining, relaxing, and playing cards or other camping games.

It’s possible to get them at any outdoor store or even on Amazon a few days before you’re scheduled to arrive at your spot.

10Invest in an Outdoor Rug: An Extra Layer of Home Nothing completes a space quite like a well-chosen complementary rug, and this is true for camping as well. It not only brings everything together in terms of color, but it also makes your tent more cozier! In this case, you have a few of options: you can either set the rug inside your tent to make it feel more like a genuine room, or you can use it outside beneath a table or just on the ground for a picnic. Purchasing an outdoor rug is typically the best option due to the fact that it is more durable.

Dark hues are a good choice, especially if you want to use the rug for a number of journeys. Whatever color scheme or style you choose, it’s a simple addition to your camping “room” that instantly makes your campsite feel more like a second home.

9Bring a Cafetiere for Coffee: Make Your Mornings Luxurious A cafetiere is an absolute must-have if you enjoy your morning coffee. It produces far better coffee and is significantly easier to use than a camping coffee maker. The cost is reasonable, and you can even find one that has been used by other campers on Facebook or on the website LetGo. You may select between a highly sophisticated version (which is significantly more expensive) and a pretty simple piece that nevertheless produces excellent coffee. Make sure you’ll have a place to plug in the cafetiere and that you’ll have all of the necessary supplies, such as milk, creamers, sugar, and, of course, coffee mugs on hand.

8Bring Insulated Mugs: Keep Your Drinks at the Perfect Temperature All Day Insulated mugs are a godsend for those of you who consume numerous cups of coffee or who need to hold any other beverage. Warm liquids remain hot, whereas ice-cold beverages remain very cold. There are several reasons why insulated mugs are particularly useful: they are ideal for any walk or adventure, they are temperature resistant, and they keep your beverages clean throughout the day or even during the night. Insulated mugs are not difficult to get by. You can find excellent alternatives either online or at most department and even supermarket shops.

Insulated mugs are an absolute must-have for such a low cost and minimal effort to obtain.

7Rig a Tarp Below and Above Your Tent: Stay Dry No Matter What Do you despise waking up in a beautiful tent only to discover that your bedding has grown somewhat damp due to the nighttime dampness from the outdoors? Dew may creep into your room and make absolutely everything (your bedding, your change of clothing, and even your meals) wet and squishy with moisture. Fortunately, there is a quick and simple solution. Setting up a tarp over your tent will provide you with an extra layer of protection, which will keep you dry for the duration of your vacation.

This, together with the additional layer of protection provided by your tent, will make you and your belongings practically completely waterproof.

6Set Up a Mirror In Your Tent: An Unknown Addition That Changes the Whole Tent Despite the fact that many campers are familiar with the small details that may make a tent luxury, few remember to carry a mirror with them! Not only does the reflection make your little tent area appear far larger, but it is also highly useful because mirrors are difficult to come across on campgrounds. We recommend that you bring a standup mirror because there isn’t much of a wall to put it on in this location. Some mirrors may be found for a reasonable price on the internet, and you can even find ones that are shatterproof and designed expressly for camping excursions.

5Use a Solar Powered Portable Speaker: Music Ambiance is Key! When it comes to creating an atmosphere, nothing beats music. Fortunately, there are a plethora of portable speaker alternatives available, some of which are even solar-powered if you do not have access to energy. Make sure to leave it out throughout the day! Waterproof speakers are the perfect option if you don’t want to have to worry about your speaker becoming wet all the time.

You may get two speakers that are linkable and set them at either end of a large campground if you have a large one. Preparing a playlist on your phone ahead of time will be helpful if service is spotty. Aside from that, you’re ready to rock out for the remainder of the journey!

4Bring a Paper Towel Roll: A Lifesaver For Any Camper Although it appears to be ridiculously simple, many campers fail to remember not just paper towel rolls, but also paper towels themselves! Many factors contribute to the necessity of utilizing a paper towel roll, but the convenience with which it can be utilized as well as the fact that it is conveniently located are two of the most important. Using any form of roll stand, everyone on your vacation will be able to tell you exactly where the paper towels are at all times. There are many different types of paper towel rolls available, some of which are designed expressly for use when camping.

It’s such a simple addition that there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t have one in your home.

3Use an Eye Mask: A Simple Alternative to Curtains Because the sun rises so early in the summer, those who are light sleepers may have a difficult time obtaining enough sleep. Keep in mind that you don’t have the same kind of blackout curtains that you would have at home! A decent eye mask is a quick and easy cure. Generally speaking, it’s best to carry one for each individual who will be accompanying you on your vacation. Even if not everyone makes use of theirs, it is better to be safe than to be sorry! Some businesses sell eye masks for less than $2 per mask, which is a significant savings.

2Bring Spices for Cooking: Eat Gourmet in Luxury Camping cuisine has a reputation for being boring, but that doesn’t have to be the case! By employing a few basic techniques, you may make your cuisine taste just as delicious (if not better!) than the food you prepare at home. Spices are a must-have for accomplishing this goal. To begin, always ensure that you have salt and pepper on hand. You can’t produce anything until you have these two ingredients! Second, take into consideration the sorts of meals you intend to prepare. If you’re making fajitas or tacos, fajita seasoning is the ideal spice to use, but if you’re making something else, experiment with various spices.

It’s an absolute must-have that will make you feel like you’re enjoying the high life!

1Bring Snacks: Food is the Most Important Part! Finally, what is a camping vacation without a substantial amount of food? Snacking is really necessary. Consider carrying a large number of individually packaged snacks in case someone becomes hungry throughout the day (or even at night). Another type of food that may be enjoyable to create is peanut butter balls. Other ideas for snacking include tomato salad, cheese and meat spreads, and cheese or hummus dips that are stacked. A camping trip would be incomplete without a campfire and s’mores!

Prepare a delicious treat by layering the brownies with melted chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers, and serving it immediately.

References:Adventuresofmel,Travelchannel,Southernliving,Beyondthetent,ThetravelhackNext “Heaven on Earth” might be used to describe some of the most beautiful cities in Portugal.

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