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The Play Gym

Give your child the best possible start with a play gym that will provide them with a whole year of entertainment. We conducted extensive study in order to provide your child with the most appropriate stage-based play gym for their developing brain. For playtime and tummy time with a purpose, the Parents’ Choice award-winning play gym features everything your kid needs in an activity gym and play mat—from teething to learning to focus—for playtime and tummy time with a purpose. The product was created by child development specialists and is made of safe, healthy, and long-lasting materials for babies aged 0+.

Everything’s included(except the baby)

Detachable and perfectly designed for gripping, passing from hand to hand, and rolling, this Montessori classic is a timeless favorite. Batting and gripping are made more comfortable by ergonomic design. Parents who are sleep-deprived have given their approval to the sounds of the bell and castanet. Made of organic cotton, this mouthpiece is removable and ideal for mouthing. Silicone teething rings are made without the use of PVC, allowing for a safe and pleasurable teething experience. We expect newborns to be captivated by our high contrast visuals that gradually get more sophisticated over the first 12 weeks of their lives.

Encourage your infant to say his or her first words by showing him or her photographs of stuff they encounter every day.

Increase your vocabulary by interacting with pleasant people.

Playtime with purpose

Your infant will be completely captivated. These dynamic graphics were skilfully developed to correspond to the progression of their aesthetic style. Soft color tabs to explore will make tummy time more enjoyable. By the fifth month, newborns can see in color and in three dimensions. Kick or press to get a head start on learning about cause and effect. As his or her hand control improves, your baby will instinctively enjoy reaching out and touching the various textures. When your child discovers that the concealed ring is still in the pocket, despite the fact that it cannot be seen, they will be captivated.

Baby Safe Materials

This wood has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which indicates that it was sourced ethically and in an environmentally responsible manner. Neither flame retardants nor PVC are used in the production of the Play Gym. Mouthable accessories are manufactured from organic cotton and silicone that is 100 percent non-toxic. The mat is constructed of polyester materials that have been batch-tested to ensure that they are safe for babies. Following the findings of leading independent laboratories, we are certain that our products meet or exceed all applicable safety requirements for newborns and children.

All things are shipped carbon neutrally through programs that compensate for any carbon emissions we may have incurred during the shipping process. The Play Gym has received a rating of 4.9 stars out of 5 stars based on 1759 reviews.

We did all the research so you don’t have to

Create an account to receive activity suggestions, useful child development information, and exciting product updates from Lovevery through email.

The Stylish Lovevery Play Gym

When you’re shopping for a play gym or activity mat, it might be difficult to figure out exactly what you’re looking for. Is it only for show that the dangling toys and crunchy items are there, or is there anything more to it? The brain of your infant doubles in growth in the first year (and reaches 80 percent of adult size by the time they are three years old), according to research. Whoa.) This implies that all of the clutching, looking, touching, and kicking your baby performs in their play area adds up to a significant amount of learning for him or her.

It’s similar to a little learning laboratory.

So, despite the fact that it may appear to be comparable to other exercise gyms, there is a lot happening here.

1. Development Zones

The Lovevery Play Gym includes a large play surface (up to 50 inches when it is fully extended) with five separate development “zones” that can be hidden and revealed for optimum discovery pleasure. The Lovevery Play Gym is available in two sizes. Each zone was designed to assist promote learning in a variety of ways, from producing noises to understanding how things feel to examining colors and even learning about the permanence of objects in the environment. You may fold, extend, and in some cases even alter the landscape of these growth zones to provide your baby with a diverse range of play experiences during and after tummy time.

2. Educational Accessories

Typically, replaceable attachments are included with play gyms, but Lovevery went the additional mile to ensure that each of theirs has a particular, research-backed function in your baby’s developmental journey. Teething? There’s an accessory for every occasion. Is it possible to learn to grasp? There’s an accessory for every occasion. Even the squishy, high-contrast ball that comes with the Play Gym was created with Montessori-learning concepts in mind when it was created! For babies who are just starting to reach and grip, Lovevery has introduced a brand-new accessory to their collection calledSensory Strands, which delivers diverse texture experiences ranging from silky silk to squishy organic cotton for when they are learning to reach and grip.

3. Baby Flash Cards

So, do you recall how the Lovevery Play Gym evolves together with your child’s development? One of the ways it accomplishes this is through the use of interchangeable cards that can be used to move between development zones.

You’ll begin with a set of high contrast black-and-white cards that are appropriate for newborns and gradually progress through common objects, mirrors, and pictures of other babies as your child begins to learn about the world around them.

4. Play Gym to Play Tent

However, while the Lovevery Play Gym may be a little more expensive than other play gyms you’ve researched, it is truly a “buy one, get one free” offer. When your child outgrows their play gym, just cover it with the Play Space Cover that comes with the set and you’ve got yourself a fort fit for a toddler.

5. Built-in Parental Support

Being a parent does not instantly transform you into a master of baby sign language or an adept at sculpting small creatures out of leftover snack items. And Lovevery understands this. Because you’re probably too busy trying to figure out life with a newborn to be concerned about whether or not you’re teaching them enough about shapes, the Play Gym was created to alleviate this concern. To that end, every Lovevery Play Gym comes with a play guide that has a year’s worth of suggestions for how to play with your baby, backed up by (as they describe it) “all the research you don’t have time to read.” This means less time spent Googling and more time spent bonding with your child.

  • Using the Lovevery Play Gym, you can assist encourage your baby’s growth at every shaky step of the road!
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The Lovevery baby gym skips the annoying music and flashy colors, but it sustains my son’s attention longer than others we’ve tried

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  • A variety of basic toys and play stations are provided by theLovevery Play Gym to keep newborns occupied while they play. In consultation with child development specialists, the gym was created, and it comes with an useful handbook. This baby activity gym was the most engaging of all the baby activity gyms I tested
  • It was also the most affordable.

Something is in the process of loading. Babies become captivated with the most little of things — my 9-month-old just spent 15 minutes chatting to a sock he had stolen from the clean laundry pile — and they grow up fast. However, most infant toys are anything from basic, with bright colors, flashing lights, and obnoxious music to distract from the task at hand. Because theLovevery Play Gym is not like most other baby toys, I could tell the difference right away as I pulled the wooden arches out of the package.

The Play Gym is available in two sizes.

“As a therapist, I would argue that being positioned on the floor to play is the most crucial experience for a baby’s development,” she stated.

Playing on the floor in a variety of postures helps newborns develop strength and boost visual motor abilities, as well as get a broad understanding of how their bodies function.” Despite its simplicity — or perhaps because of it — theLovevery Play Gym managed to keep my son’s interest while encouraging grabbing and rolling skills.

To test the product, Lovevery provided me with a sample, which I used with my son for more than three months, beginning when he was six months old. It is the greatest baby exercise gym that we have tested so far because of its design and adaptability.

Design and specs

Hillary Grigonis/INSIDER Photograph TheLovevery Play Gym consists of three wooden arches that can be quickly and easily erected without the use of tools with the help of a plastic centerpiece. The arches are about 20 inches in height, which gives sufficient height for older infants to engage in sitting play activities. An optional cover transforms the gym into a tent, however it does so at the expense of obscuring several of the tummy time stations. With the tummy time stations unfolded, or around 3 feet when they are closed, there is ample of space to roll around in.

  • It comes with five built-in play stations for tummy time: images, colors, noises, textures, and hide-and-seek.
  • To encourage baby to concentrate on a single region at a time, each portion may be folded up and placed on the floor.
  • In addition to the three hanging toys, the Play Gym features a fabric ball, a wooden noisemaker with bell, and a teething ring made of crinkle fabric for little ones.
  • The mat, which is made of a polyester blend, is machine washable but must be dried on a clothesline.
  • You should avoid washing it with towels since it will wrinkle and attract dust and other particles.
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What it’s like to use

Insider photo by Hillary Grigonis The Lovevery Play Gym maintained my son’s interest for longer periods of time than other baby gyms, either as a result of the simple design, or perhaps as a result of it. This allowed me to fold laundry or do the dishes. He had a lot of fun with the wood hanging toy, shaking it, examining it, and simply jabbering at it. Tummy time was prolonged by the crinkly fabric in the noise station, which was amazing for a baby who had previously expressed a dislike for being on his stomach.

I would have never thought to utilize a ball or the crinkle tummy time portion to encourage kicking had I not seen it done.

What makes it stand out

In comparison to fabric and plastic play gyms, wooden play gyms are far less frequent. However, the Lovevery Play Gym stands out for much more than just its clean, modern appearance. It was created in partnership with child development specialists, and this is evident in the final product. The gym, which does not rely on bright colors or electronic music, stimulates rolling, prolongs tummy time, and keeps baby concentrated on a single item for extended periods of time. The carpet is my favorite aspect of the room.

Additionally, the developmental roadmap is quite helpful in determining age-appropriate activity.

However, the higher shape enables for sitting play, and toddlers may like the tent cover’s cartoon-like appearance. These characteristics contribute to the product’s long-term usefulness. Hillary Grigonis/INSIDER Photograph

The cons

While the wood arches are a nice feature in general, the hanging toys are linked to the arches using holes in the wood, which means they cannot be moved or raised to different heights. Because of the amount of space between each toy, the smallest newborns will only be able to reach one at a time while they are young. It’s possible that this is done on purpose since overstimulation might be an issue. It is possible that the size of this mat will be an issue for apartment residents and people who live in compact areas.

Storage, on the other hand, is not a concern because it is simple to disassemble.

The bottom line

TheLovevery Play Gymis the greatest baby activity gym that I’ve tested so far, thanks to its basic design and toys that have been devised by child development specialists. Despite its plain design, the hanging toys and tummy time stations managed to hold my son’s attention for an extended period of time, and the mat’s big size is beneficial to developmental milestones such as crawling and rolling. It is a splurge item, with a suggested retail price of $140. Other exercise gyms, such as theSkip Hop Farmstand($85), will continue to support the same developmental stages.

  • Cons: Large play mat, wood construction, flexible play, simple to clean, developmental guidance.
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Lovevery The Play Gym, Stage-Based Baby Play Mat

This environmentally friendly playmat is intended to direct your baby’s attention to the activities that are most appropriate for his or her developmental stage. Aside from the toys and teething rings, there are plenty of high-contrast graphics to look at, but you may hide portions of the book so that your child is not overstimulated by it. It even comes with a booklet that recommends mat activities based on your baby’s age and developmental stage. Furthermore, despite the fact that this play mat is expensive, it can be converted into a fort for older babies, allowing your child to enjoy it for a longer period of time.

  1. It’s a great place for my infant to play in.
  2. The mat material attracts dog fur pretty rapidly, but we only have to clean it with a lint roller once in a while because it is so durable.
  3. In addition to a black and white ball for gripping and rolling, the Lovevery play mat comes with BPA-free silicone teething rings and a range of toys that can be connected to its removable, sustainably produced wood legs, such as a black and white ball for clutching and rolling.
  4. “Five separate development zones enable baby to explore sensory activities and increase baby’s capacity to focus,” Neuman explained.
  5. Although it has various applications, including those for tummy time and beyond, its primary function is to aid in the development of physical, cognitive, visual, and motor learning in your newborn.
  6. When a cover is placed over the toy arches, the playmat instantly transforms into a play tent, which is especially handy for older children who are more mobile.
  7. It has five development zones that allow the children to concentrate, explore colors, engage in sensory discovery, and much more.

It also comes with four replaceable sets of learning cards.

It has such a sophisticated appearance that parents would be delighted to get one for their child.

Your child will be protected from damage by the wooden legs supporting the structure of the mat, which gives ideal stability and prevents any mishaps from occurring.

As a result, it takes only two minutes to fold up and down your apron and you are ready to go.

This huge baby play mat is designed with five developmental regions that will assist your child in strengthening their memory and, as a result, becoming more physically active.

The Play Gym is equipped with enough accessories to help your baby through their first year on the playground.

The mat is divided into five development zones that encourage color exploration, concentration, and hiding and discovery.

Also included is a handy guide that will walk you through a variety of age-appropriate activities you may perform with your toddler.

It includes a teether made of organic cotton as well as teething rings that are free of BPA for those times when your child begins to teethe.

The materials used to construct the play gym are all organic and sustainably sourced.

A unique feature of this gym is that it grows with your kid, allowing it to be utilized from the newborn stage all the way through the first year of life.

A play guide is also included with the play gym to assist parents in identifying appropriate methods to play and engage with their children in order to promote growth.

This finest baby play mat isn’t only for infants; it will really grow with your child as they progress through their toddler years as well.

It is the use of non-toxic materials in the construction of The Play Gym by Lovevery that we find to be most appealing, as it provides a perfectly safe environment for baby to play in.

Each of the five development zones is designed to stimulate the infant to engage in sensory activities, therefore improving the baby’s capacity to concentrate.

In this situation, it is not only entertaining, but it is also beneficial to your infant.

It may be a wonderful experience for your infant; let him or her to discover the wonders of this play gym while also assisting in their growth from an early age.

This play gym, created by a team of professionals (which includes a neurology professor, a Montessori teacher, and an occupational therapist), has something to offer for every stage of a baby’s development.

For older babies, there are secret pockets, diverse textures, noises, and a range of visually interesting cards to discover and experiment with.

In addition, parents will receive a play guide that contains suggestions to keep their baby entertained for a whole year.

This baby play gym helps to improve visual, motor, and cognitive development in infants and toddlers from birth to three years of age.

It is constructed with sustainably collected wood and organic accessories, and it is finished with a water-based non-toxic finish.

There are five development zones, each of which helps to minimize overstimulation while still encouraging learning.

You will receive a play guide with this baby play gym, which will assist you in determining what activities may be performed for infants in general.

You may be certain that your baby’s clothing is safe because it is made of organic cotton fabric.

Cleaning is also not a tough task to complete.

Using the removable legs, you can wash the entire mat in the washing machine without having to disassemble it.

Furthermore, the play Gym is a versatile tool that may develop with your child from the time he or she is a newborn to a toddler.

The Play Gym’s mat is divided into five development zones that encourage learning in the areas of attention, color exploration, sound creation, hiding and discovering, and how objects feel, while also preventing over-stimulation and promoting learning.

Lovevery’s The Play Gym play mat is equal parts interesting and entertaining for babies ranging in age from 0 months to 12 months.

Its “development zones” assist tiny ones in learning how things feel, how to create specific noises, and about concealing and locating objects in their environment.

Parents of MASSE students adore it for two reasons: the teachings it gives and the fact that they last for an entire year.

To prevent overstimulation and promote brain and motor skill development, the gym has five development zones that can be revealed or concealed as needed.

There are 24 stage-based play activities, an organic ball and teether, a sustainable wood batting toy, four replaceable learning card sets, and mirrors, so your child will never be bored in this play area!

Stability is provided by sustainably produced oak legs. Setup and takedown take no more than 2 minutes, and no tools are necessary. For toddlers, it may even be transformed into a play fort!

The Play Gym by Lovevery

  • From Tummytime to Play Fort: Lovevery understands that nothing is more essential than your baby’s physical, cognitive, visual, and motor development
  • From raising their head as a newborn to playing hide-and-seek as a toddler, The Play Gym gives a full year of play opportunities for your child. We Grow Along with Your Child: In order to minimize overstimulation, five Montessori-inspired development zones of the Play Mat are shown or concealed. These zones teach attention, stimulate sound production, encourage sensory inquiry, encourage hiding and discovering, and encourage color discovery. A guide to age-appropriate exercises to enhance brain and motor skill development, as well as detachable attachments for stage-based learning, such as an organic ball and teether, a sustainable wood batting toy, and four replaceable learning card sets are all included. Simple to assemble and disassemble: With materials sourced ethically and sustainably, including FSC-certified hardwood legs and batting ring, as well as organic cotton mouthable teether and detachable attachments, The Play Gym can be put up and taken down in minutes without the use of any additional tools. Card Display Clips for Every Aspect of the Card: While your baby is lying on their back, side-lying, or tummy time, three adjustable clips attach securely to the Play Gym frame to provide visual stimulation at all angles and to engage your baby’s senses with the 14 unique learning cards. Three adjustable clips also prevent flat spots during side-lying or tummy time. More information on the product may be found here.
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The Play Gym: The Play Gym by Lovevery is the first play gym designed to meet the needs of your baby at every step of his or her development. It provides everything your baby wants to see, touch, and do as their tiny self begins to emerge. Every aspect of your baby’s first year of play is covered, including anything from batting to teething to learning to concentrate. A entire year’s worth of entertainment in a single package. Experts created this for the growing brain of a newborn. Characteristics: – For children aged 0 to 3 years, from baby to toddler – Stability is provided by wood legs obtained from sustainable sources.

– Development of the educational, gross motor, and sensory systems On the infant Play Mat, there are five development zones that may be revealed or concealed to minimize overstimulation and stimulate learning: Learning to concentrate; making noises; how things feel; hiding and discovering; and exploring colors are some of the activities.

  • For stage-based motor development, removable attachments are available.
  • – With the addition of the Play Space Cover, it can be transformed into a fort for creative play.
  • – Soy-based ink is used to produce learning cards.
  • – Patented infant play mat – Colors and patterns may vary

Lovevery Play Gym – Honest Review By Mom Of Three

The Lovevery Play Gym is one of those instructive toys that has captured the hearts of hundreds of parents worldwide. They gush about its benefits for the growth of the infant, as well as the excellent quality of the materials used in its construction. But what is it about this play gym that makes it so special? Due to the fact that it is more expensive than many other play gyms, many parents question if it is worth the investment. Please continue reading my review to see what makes Lovevery Play Gym unique, how it differs from other baby gyms and what shortcomings I discovered in the process of researching this product.

We devote our time and attention to assisting children in developing vital skills and talents, and one of the most effective ways to do so is via play.

I often argue that it is worthwhile to spend money on such toys since they aid in the development of a baby’s motor, cognitive, and communication skills.

Continue reading to learn more about the Lovevery play gym, a toy that incorporates Montessori concepts and is manufactured in the United States. This post includes affiliate links for your convenience.

Let Your Baby Have FunLearn With Lovevery Play Gym

One of the most fascinating aspects of this play gym is the Montessori1ball, which is made of organic cotton and BPA-free silicone. There are also wooden batting rings and organic cotton and BPA-free silicone teethers. It also includes a system of interchangeable cards (including a black and white card set, cards with common items and faces, and mirrors), as well as a play guide to provide inspiration for the children’s activities. On the Lovevery official website, you can also purchase some extra accessories to further develop your infant’s senses and abilities.

  1. It is indicated for newborns in their first year (for those who are 0+ years old).
  2. Lovevery baby gym ensures that your child has a comprehensive play experience.
  3. This baby play gym will aid us in assisting our young ones in discovering colors and textures, and in teaching them to concentrate.
  4. Additionally, this baby gym can aid in the development of cause-and-effect reasoning skills in children.
  5. There are items within each of the five development zones that may be hidden and then revealed to provide a more immersive learning experience.
  6. The Lovevery Play Gym is divided into five zones for the amusement and growth of your baby.
  7. Interchangeable black-and-white cards with illustrations aid in the development of the infant’s visual skills.

You can use this chance to teach your newborn to the names of different colors.

This not only introduces newborns to various textures, but it also allows them to hone their fine motor abilities.

As soon as the infant enters the next zone, he or she will begin to understand cause and effect by kicking or pushing various objects that produce sound.

The fifth zone is equipped with a silicone teether that may be concealed within a built-in pocket.

This will aid the kid in the development of object permanence, which is the capacity to recognize that items continue to exist even when you are not able to see, hear, or sense them in any other way.

We think it’s fantastic because Lovevery baby gym allows you to practice with your baby while using it!

Of course, mothers may choose which aspects to display in order to avoid overstimulating their children’s children.

When baby is resting on their back, a high-contrast ball, a fighting ring, and a cotton teether are placed above their heads to stimulate them to reach and grip.

The Lovevery baby gym also comes with a space cover, which can be used to change it into a fort.

There are a variety of factors that distinguish Lovevery the play gym from other items of its sort.

Because they do not contain BPA, phthalates, or lead, the other materials are completely safe for our babies to use.

As I briefly said above, one of the things that sets Lovevery gym for infants apart is that it does not overstimulate the baby while it is in use.

The Lovevery play gym is not only excellent for newborn growth and intellectual play, but it also has a relaxing impact on the child.

This is a significant advantage of the Lovevery Play Gym.

It incorporates Montessori principles and encourages the learning process from a variety of perspectives.

When it comes to physical development, this gym will assist the infant in strengthening his or her back and neck muscles, as well as developing fine and gross motor abilities.

I’ll say one more thing. Good news if you’ve been wondering how to clean the Lovevery play gym. I’ve got some suggestions for you. Some of the components of the Lovevery baby gym, including the play mat and cotton teether, are machine washable.

What Parents Say About It

The reviews for Lovevery have been very good. In fact, the Lovevery gym has been praised for its effectiveness as a learning tool. For parents, it is also critical that a toy provides a baby with a variety of options for amusement as well as developmental opportunities. This gym meets all of your requirements! The materials utilized in the Lovevery baby gym are of high quality, and this has impressed the majority of parents. Given the fact that we all know how easily newborns can get overstimulated, they like the ability to conceal and show specific components.

  • According to the Lovevery play gym reviews, this is one of the most well-liked baby gyms on the market right now.
  • In addition to being beneficial for both tummy and back time, it enables newborns to develop skills that will be useful later on, like as grabbing and rolling over, or reaching for a toy.
  • It aids in the stimulation of their imagination and the development of their creativity.
  • Although these Lovevery reviews demonstrate that not all children are interested in utilizing a play gym, they do demonstrate that some children are.
  • Nonetheless, the majority of parents who have previously purchased this play gym from Lovevery believe that it is a terrific instrument for infants to learn through play and develop motor skills.

Keep In Mind – Any Toy Has Its Disadvantages

Despite the fact that they are not drawbacks in and of themselves, they are worth highlighting. When it comes to toys for our children, we want to see the whole picture before we buy them, and the Lovevery baby gym is no exception to this rule. The following are some of the possible negatives of this gym:

  • Not all children will be interested in using it, and some, particularly older kids, may lose interest rather fast. It does not take long for an active infant to go through all of the developmental zones (it is up to us as parents to make the experience more joyful and to make it last as long as possible)
  • Lovevery the play gym is available in a size that is inconvenient for those who live in small apartments. If you live in a tiny flat, you should first look at these gym measurements. When the mat zones are closed, the dimensions are 24 x 38 x 43 inches, and when the mat zones are open, the dimensions are 24 x 50 x 47 inches.

Why You’ll Love It

As you may have discovered from reading Lovevery play gym reviews, there are a plethora of reasons why you and your child will like it. The following are the primary reasons why I feel the Lovevery play gym is a good investment in your future:

  • A multi-sensory learning experience that provides possibilities for the development of fine and gross motor abilities, as well as cognitive skills
  • And As long as the accessories are made of high-quality materials such as organic cotton and silicone, there is no risk of allergies or other health problems. Focusing on things, how things feel, concealing and discovering things, exploring colors and new noises that teach cause-and-effect relationships are the five growth zones. The cards and toys that come with the kit are a great assistance in extending baby’s language.
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Final Verdict – Is Lovevery Play Gym Worth It?

My ultimate conclusion is that Lovevery the play gym is well worth the money since it provides adequate possibilities for infants to play and learn while without overstimulating them with too much stimulation. You may use it from the beginning and for up to a year, as long as your baby shows an interest in doing so. The Lovevery play gym is a fantastic product, one that has everything a parent could want in an educational toy while still being affordable. Its main strength is that it provides a comprehensive learning experience that is designed to activate a variety of senses and talents.

  1. Where can I get Lovevery Play Gym?
  2. There’s also a section where you can see what sales and discounts are currently available.
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  7. Greetings, Moms!
  8. I am a wife and mother of three wonderful children: Haley, who is almost five years old, and the twins Jesse and Matthew, who are two years old.

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The Best Baby Play Gyms To Get Your Little One Pumpin’ Iron … Or Practicing Tummy Time

Photographs courtesy of Getty Images Is there a baby play gym? Create a must-have list (also known as an Amazon baby shower registry) for this item, which is yet another piece of baby equipment you’ll want to have on hand for your cherished infant. A baby play gym is not the place for your love to pump iron, but they will undoubtedly wind up exercising those core muscles as a result of their participation (and more). Its objective is to provide Baby with a secure, comfortable, and enjoyable environment in which to begin playing and learning with toys that are easy to reach while resting on their stomach or back.

Do babies need a play gym?

Dr. Brita DeStefano is a Pediatric Physical Therapist and the creator of the organization Progress Through Play. She is also a mother of two children. From the time of birth until the sitting stage, baby play gyms provide a safe, cushioned environment for newborns to explore and learn on the ground. Shortly put, infant play gyms are a wonderful addition to any home. According to her, “Babies develop motor skills through unrestricted movement on the floor, and it is critical to emphasize providing them adequate playtime on their backs, resting on their sides, and on their stomachs.” “Play gyms are an excellent method to keep babies occupied while they are on the floor.” And the advantages aren’t simply limited to tummy time either.

  • They may also be used to encourage babies to kick at them by putting their feet up in the air around the age of 4-6 months,” Dr.
  • So, are baby play gyms a must-have item in every household?
  • By putting a blanket on the floor and providing some infant-safe toys, you may create a DIY baby play gym for your child.
  • ) Having a real baby play gym, on the other hand, will make your life SO much simpler!
  • It also provides you with a convenient spot to set them down so that you may fold the clothing with your hands free.

How long should you leave your baby on a playmat?

There are no restrictions on how much time your baby may spend on their baby play mat. “Babies can begin using the play gym from the time they are born and can continue to do so as long as they are pleased and interested.” Concentrate on ensuring that the children’s positions on the playmat are different each time they are placed down,” Dr. DeStefano said. Your kid will gain strength over time, just like he or she would with any exercise plan. You should begin by placing your child on their stomach for 30 seconds, then a minute or two, and progressively increasing the time as they develop — you should also practice a couple of times a day.

And, although it should go without saying, you should never leave your kid unsupervised at any time.

DeStafano, another rule of thumb is for parents to keep their infant play gyms away from older siblings and pets in order to ensure the baby’s safety while playing. “This may entail the use of baby gates or the placement of the play gym within a play yard or pack n play,” she continues.

What should I look for in a play gym?

Specifically, Dr. DeStefano recommends that parents search for aspects that are the most interesting for newborns. Mirror attachments, high contrast toys (in black, white, or red), diverse textures for sensory exploration, and an overhead bar that is readily detachable or foldable are just a few of the features. It’s also a good idea to choose a play gym that has a machine-washable floor mat. Consider if portability is vital to you, or whether you want to keep it in the same location in your house for the foreseeable future.

What is your budget?

The final consideration is aesthetics: What do you prefer: something sleek and simple to display in your living room, or everything you could possibly desire to make your beloved happy, even if the bright colors clash with your existing decor?

What’s the best baby play gym?

To be completely honest, there are plenty excellent alternatives available. For example, two of Dr. DeStefano’s favorite products are the LOVEVERY Play Gym and the Sassily Stages Developmental Gym In case you’re interested in seeing all of the fantastic alternatives accessible online, we’ve compiled a list of some of the greatest based on feedback from satisfied customers. Check them out in the gallery below!

Best Baby Play Gyms

We know what you’re thinking: a tent-turned-gym smack dab in the center of your living room is just what you need. Is it really so horrible if it keeps the youngsters calm and entertained? For children aged 0-3 years, this grow-with-me activity tent includes four plush toys and a mirrored mobile, making it an excellent choice for the youngest of families. As your bean sprout grows out of their newborn years and into toddlerhood, this tent will expand with them to meet their changing requirements, just like them.

Amazon has a price of $55.49.

Infantino 4-in-1 Jumbo Baby Activity GymBall Pit

For adventure babies, this is a dream come true! Use this adorable sloth-themed baby gym for infant playtime or tummy time to keep your child entertained. Once your child is able to sit up on their own, raise the sides of the container and fill it with balls for an instant ball pit. This multi-functional play room will serve them far into their toddler years. AT AMAZON, the price is $49.99.

Best Wooden Baby Play Gyms

This multi-award-winning play gym is ideal for your child’s development. It is constructed of safe and long-lasting materials, allowing you to rest while your child plays and learns at the same time.

Each item is readily removed so that your baby may explore each one on their own. It contains teething rings, mirror cards, common object cards, a contrast ball, and other items. At Lovevery, $140 is the going rate.

B. toys Wooden Baby Play Gym

This sleek, uncomplicated set is perfect for minimalist mothers and their babies-in-training who want to keep things simple. In addition to the three included detachable toys, you may always add more if you so choose. Additionally, a soft mat (made of machine-washable organic cotton) is included so that Baby may explore their newfound environment in complete comfort while on the go. This is also a terrific portable alternative, whether you’re transporting it from one room to another or from your home to Grandma’s house, for example.

Best Baby Play Mat Gym

I mean, the more sights and noises there are to keep your toddler’s attention, the better, right? When you’re visiting Grandma and Grampa’s place, this 4-in-1 Twist and Fold exercise gym and play mat from Infantino will be the perfect addition to your visit (think: Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings galore). We are not exaggerating when we say that there is even “monkey play” music to add to the excitement. A peek-a-boo mirror, repositionable overhead sensory objects, and a playmat for tummy time are some of the other features of this playset.

Tiny Love Gymini Infant Activity Play Gym

When you purchase the Tiny Love Gymini Infant Activity Play Gym, you will receive a substantial amount of value for your money. It has 18 different developmental activities and toys, and the black and white style is aesthetically pleasant and won’t detract from your existing home decor. It also comes with a carrying case. The arches can be adjusted, the toys may be played with music, and the playmat is really comfy. At Buy Buy Baby, $59.99 is the price to pay.

Fisher-Price Deluxe KickPlay Piano GymMaracas

You had us captivated with your piano gym and maracas performances. That, as well as the fact that this Fisher-Price deluxe kick and play gym has received over 21,000 ratings, speaks volumes. Basically, this is the stamp of approval from every mother. Aside from the detachable light-up keyboard, your child will be able to shake a pair of maracas and otherwise get into the spirit of things. The baby’s tummy time has officially never been more enjoyable. or more enjoyable for Mama! The mat itself is machine-washable, which means you won’t have to lose your sh*t if there’s a massive diaper explosion or green pea puree projectile to clean up after your child.

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