How Much Does It Cost To Tent A Car

Learn 6 Tips on How to Save On Your Car Rental

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When you drive away from a rental car agency in a brand new automobile, it seems like you’re embarking on an exciting journey.

However, for those who are still in need of a temporary vehicle — or who are planning a future vacation — it is beneficial to understand how rental car expenses are calculated.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent a Car?

Rental car companies impose a variety of fees and surcharges. Some are avoidable, while others are unavoidable and must be paid. The Federal Trade Commission has warned that many of them would not be included in internet quotations. However, although certain special features and bonuses may make driving more fun or bearable, others may take a significant toll on your budget. Getting a low day rate is only one of the equation when it comes to finding a decent vehicle rental bargain. You must be familiar with the ins and outs of rental vehicle shopping, as well as the fine print of a rental car contract, in order to avoid making typical mistakes that can increase the ultimate cost of the rental car.

Factors That Affect Car Rental Rates

  • Vehicle size: Rental car businesses sometimes charge automobiles based on the size or manufacture of the vehicle. They utilize phrases such as “big sedan” and “compact SUV” to make it easier for you to select the vehicle that best suits your needs. A selection may additionally include descriptive language such as “five-passenger SUV” or “extra capacity huge SUV” to indicate the number of passengers or the amount of luggage that can be transported
  • For example, Make, model, and unique characteristics are as follows: The brand of a vehicle might have an influence on its rental cost. The rental prices for luxury autos, four-wheel-drive vehicles, and convertibles tend to be more than the average. For example, renting a Cadillac XTS is often more expensive than renting a Chevrolet Malibu, despite the fact that they are around the same size. Location: Even when renting the same make and model of car from the same national agency, base prices might differ depending on where you are in the country. Fees and tax rates vary as well depending on the city and state. Fees: Car rental companies charge a range of fees for their services. For example, an agency may charge a concession recovery fee, which is used to mitigate the costs incurred by the firm when operating in an airport or hotel environment. Aside from this, airport security, customer transportation, and security fees are all commonly charged. Many rental organizations include definitions of costs on their websites
  • However, this is not always the case. Taxes: Transactions involving rental cars are subject to both municipal and state sales taxes. However, in some areas, you may also be required to pay a highway usage tax or a tourism tax, which is charged by municipal or state legislation. A variety of insurance alternatives, comparable to those offered by a conventional vehicle insurance policy, will be presented to you throughout the online reservation process or in person at the rental agency’s office. Some policies give coverage for the vehicle, while others provide medical expenditure and liability insurance coverage. Depending on whether you acquire or refuse the coverage, you will be assessed a daily fee. The driver’s age is: Many rental automobile businesses will not rent to drivers under the age of twenty. Some companies, on the other hand, adhere to state-mandated minimum rental ages and rent to drivers as young as 18 years old. Some rental vehicle companies demand an additional fee for drivers between the ages of 21 and 24. In addition, an agency may place limits on the types of vehicles that drivers between the ages of 21 and 24 may hire. Additional motivators include: A cost may be levied by the rental agency if you wish to include an extra driver on your rental agreement, such as a partner, spouse, or vacation companion. The amount is typically paid per day. Additional driving fees, if any, vary depending on the firm and the state in question. A broad selection of extra options for your rental car are available from agencies, and they may include a child safety seat, a fuel refill waiver, a mobile GPS, roadside help, a road toll plan, or satellite radio

Pro Tip

Depending on when you’re traveling, it’s best to book ahead of time or at the last minute. If you book early for high season travel dates and last minute for off-peak travel dates, you will be able to get better discounts.

Average Cost Examples

On February 22, 2021, the prices shown below were provided for rental days ranging from March 3 to March 8, 2021, and became effective immediately. We looked for the lowest-priced vehicle available from each firm in the category of a big sedan or full-size automobile.

New York City (pickup and drop off at John F. Kennedy Airport)

Car Rental Company Hertz Enterprise Budget
Base cost for five-day rental $362.15* $364.20 $320.99*
Airport concession recovery fee $42.26 $40.46 $35.66
Concession recovery fee surcharge $2.50 $2.50 $2.50
Transportation fee $12.50 N/A $12.50
Taxes $85.47 $85 $77.58
Total costs $494.90 $492.16 $449.23
*The Pay Now base rate for this vehicle was $271.60, a savings of $90.55. *Budget gave us the option to pay when making the reservation for a base rate of $283.99, a $37 savings.

Chicago (pickup and drop off at Chicago Midway Airport)

Car Rental Company Hertz Enterprise Budget
Base cost for five-day rental $399.17* $326.47 (one week rate) $314.99*
Airport concession recovery fee $45.45 $36.91 $36.58
Vehicle license recovery fee and customer facility charge: $9.90 $29.50 $38
Taxes $119.20 $80.27 $79.57
Total costs $573.72 $473.15 469.14
*The Pay Now base rate for this vehicle was $284.50, a savings of $114.67. *The agency offered us an even better base rate of $251.99, a $63 savings if we paid online when making the reservation.

Los Angeles (pickup and drop off at Los Angeles International Airport)

Car Rental Company Hertz Enterprise Budget
Base cost for five-day rental $306.24* $375 $271.99
Airport concession recovery fee $34.78 $42.57 $31.16
Vehicle license recovery fee and customer facility charge: $51.85 $53.15 $53.50
State tourism assessment $10.72 $13.13 $9.51
Taxes $33.04 $39.67 $29.61
Total costs $436.63 $523.52 $395.77
*The quoted Pay Now price for this vehicle reduced the base rate by more than $16 per day, which would reduce the cost of a five-day rental by $80.

How to Get the Best Deal on Your Car Rental

As the following comparison demonstrates, pricing might vary significantly depending on the rental agency. In the same manner, your chosen rental vehicle business may not always provide the most competitive rates in every destination. Emily Laubach, a corporate event planner based in the San Francisco Bay Area, says she “always shops around” for the best deal. Laubach leases automobiles on a regular basis for business travels, and she also organizes car rentals for attendees at conferences and conventions.

Inquiring about automobile rental prices through AutoSlash for a five-day trip to Los Angeles, we discovered that Enterprise and Budget were offering lower rates.

Local agencies are included in AutoSlash’s quotations as well, and they may be able to give even lower prices than major firms like as Hertz, Budget, and Enterprise.

Skip the Extras

Extra creature amenities make driving more pleasurable, but they may add up quickly in the long run. The optional SiriusXM radio service, for example, might cost $35.93 per week in Los Angeles, while mobile GPS costs $84.95 in the city. The majority of rental automobiles are quite new. As an alternative, if your vehicle’s sound system is equipped with Bluetooth technology, you may stream music, news programs, and podcasts from your Android or iPhone smartphone. The built-in GPS in your phone allows apps like Waze to deliver precise maps and audio, turn-by-turn driving directions while on the go.

“If you require a car seat or other special equipment, make sure to reserve it ahead of time because not all vehicle rental firms provide these,” adds Laubach.

Decline Certain Insurance Coverages(but Understand the Risks)

It is possible to save money by declining insurance at the automobile rental agency. However, Elaine Morton, vice president of Morton Insurance Agency in Bartlett, Tennessee, warns that “there are significant hazards.” In certain cases, collision and comprehensive coverage from your own vehicle insurance can be transferred to your rental car insurance, but you will still be required to pay a deductible in the event of a claim. And, according to Morton, if you do not purchase extra coverage from the rental agency, you may be obligated to pay for the loss of use of the property.

As a result, you can save money in this area, but only at your own risk.

The collision damage waiver offered by the rental car provider covers both collision and comprehensive coverage with no deductible, according to Morton.

Charge the Rental to Your Credit Card

Rental collision waiver advantages are available on a number of credit cards for its cardholders. This advantage may spare you from having to pay an additional fee to the rental car provider in order to remain safe on the road. Even though a collision/loss damage waiver is not technically insurance, it is an agreement that prevents the rental car company from suing you if you cause damage to the rental car while driving it.

To take advantage of this agreement, you must charge the rental to your credit card and decline the waiver at the rental counter. Make sure to check with your credit card issuer first before selecting this option, as certain conditions may apply.

Book Early — or Last Minute

When to make a reservation might be difficult. According to Laubach, “if you know you’ll need a rental car in four months, reserve it now since they may offer you a better bargain.” Sometimes, if there are only a few automobiles available, they’ll raise the price to make up for lost time. Additionally, whether you go during peak or off-peak hours might influence the cost. To ensure that you get the greatest deal on a car rental during high season, make your reservation as long in advance as possible.

Avoid Unnecessary Fees

When making a car rental reservation, carefully read the fine print in the confirmation email as well as the agency’s frequently asked questions on its website. Early arrival or late return fees may be charged by the rental agency if you arrive early for your rental or return it beyond the allocated time. When you return a car that is less than 30 minutes late, many firms charge you a late fee. Look for rentals that feature unlimited mileage to prevent having to pay more for extra distance. If you intend to drive the car beyond state borders, check with the agency to see if you will be charged for out-of-state towing.

If you don’t, you’ll have to pay for petrol.

Pay Upfront, not at the Counter

You may be able to save money on your car rental if you pay at the time of reservation, either online or over the phone, rather than when you pick up the vehicle.

Car Rentals in United States from $16/day – Search for Rental Cars on KAYAK

Economy $16/day
Compact $16/day
Intermediate $14/day
Standard $16/day
Full-size $16/day
SUV $36/day
Minivan $28/day
Full-size SUV $33/day
Mini $15/day
Premium $16/day
Passenger van $43/day
Luxury $25/day
Convertible $28/day
Pickup truck $27/day
Premium SUV $34/day
Supplier choice $9/day
Intermediate SUV $21/day
Standard SUV $22/day
Commercial $22/day
Compact SUV $24/day
Coupe $26/day
Premium coupe $28/day
Compact station wagon $30/day
Intermediate station wagon $30/day
Standard station wagon $32/day
Luxury SUV $35/day
Open air all terrain $38/day
Luxury coupe $40/day
Supplier choice sedan $42/day
Supplier choice SUV $44/day
Supplier choice coupe $53/day

The most competitive prices discovered by KAYAK users in the last 24 hours.

  • Travelers frequently prefer to hire a vehicle in the United States since it is the most convenient means of transportation for traversing short or long distances, as well as providing lots of freedom and more flexibility to see the country’s many landscapes and landmarks. There are numerous iconic routes that serve as road trip destinations and allow drivers to visit multiple states, including the classic Route 66, the Pacific Coast Highway, the Oregon Trail, and the Eastern Seaboard. When driving in the United States, it is important to be aware of the rules that apply to schools and school buses. Route 66 is a classic road trip destination that allows drivers to visit several states. In school zones, yellow warning lights are frequently activated, asking motorists to slow down. A school bus stops to pick up students and activates its red flashing lights, according to the law, all traffic in both directions must come to a complete stop until the vehicle has resumed its journey. It is also true that child car seat regulations differ from state to state in the United States
  • Nonetheless, it is always recommended to seat all children under the age of 12 in an adequate restraint system in the rear of the car when in doubt. With a rental agency such as Thrifty, you can usually find a variety of different baby and child seats, with daily rates starting at around $14. Most rental agencies allow their cars to be driven into any state in the continental United States, though it is always a good idea to double-check this in advance. Automobile rental companies such as Avis, for example, only allow automobiles leased in Texas to be driven inside the state’s borders. Drivers who want to go to a nearby nation such as Mexico or Canada should make certain that they are aware of the rental agency’s policies before renting a car in the United States. Several companies, like as Dollar, only allow cross-border travel from specific areas and levy an extra insurance fee of around $28 per day
  • And

The rates presented include all applicable taxes and fees for vehicle rentals in the class(es) specified, and were discovered by KAYAK users during the last 24 hours. Prices and availability of offers are subject to change, and they may not be available on all of the car rentals mentioned or on all of the trip dates. Some automobile rental companies impose additional costs for additional services such as GPS navigation (GPS, infant car seats, etc.). Please visit the websites of the automobile rental companies.

Car Rental Cost

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Car in the United States? How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Car in the United States? By inputting your rental dates in the form below, you will be able to view all of the vehicles available and their costs. By inputting your rental dates in the form below, you will be able to view all of the vehicles available and their costs. Your session has come to an end. Please re-enter your information and try your search again. Your corporate discount code was found to be inactive.

  • We apologize for the inconvenience, but the site did not correctly reply to your request.
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  • Choose one of the following: I’m making this reservation for Avis Wizard Number.
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  • 0″> This reservation is ineligible for the use of your Coupon.
  • It is necessary to provide a valid membership number in order to avoid the error code 0( =’05251′ ||
  • Please provide a valid corporate email address.

*Optional Please keep in mind that rates are computed depending on the information you give. It is possible that your rate will change as a result of your modifications; in this case, the Car Selection page will be displayed again.

Your Rate Code was unable to be applied to this reservation for one or more of the following reasons: We can provide you with a more accurate rental quote if you provide us with your age. Drivers under the age of majority may be subject to restrictions and costs. We can provide you with a more accurate rental quote if you provide us with your nation information. Close

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Do you have an Avis Wizard Number?

In order to input both your Avis Wizard Number and your last name, select the Avis Wizard Number option. Close

Do you have a Discount Code?

To input an AWD (Avis Worldwide Discount), Coupon Code, or Rate Code, select the Discount Code option from the drop-down menu. We’re sorry, but Avis Preferred Points cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts or promotions. Per reservation, only one offer may be used in conjunction with it. You may use your Preferred Points for this reservation if you delete the promo code from your booking. These are the choices that are currently available to be redeemed. In a single click, you may make your reservations.


} You can check the price of your rental car by submitting pickup and drop-off details into the reservation form above. After you click “Select My Car” you will see available vehicles and prices. It’s easy! You don’t even have to submit any personal information to see the pricing available for your trip. Car rental cost varies depending on a few factors including the following:

  • Availability, car type, length of rental period, and optional extras are all factors to consider.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for short-term vehicle rental rates or long-term car rental rates; we offer reasonable rates for all of them!

How Much Does Avis Hold on Your Credit or Debit Card?

There is no deposit required to hire a car, however you may be subject to an authorization hold if your credit card has been declined. When you choose to pay now rather than later as your payment option, you will be subject to a credit authorization. Credit and debit cards will be charged the value of the rental plus a $250 minimum hold at the time of rental. Checking accounts will not be charged. When you return your vehicle, Avis will release the portion of the hold that was not utilized. It may take up to two weeks for your bank to disburse the monies to your account.

Car Rental Deals and Discounts

At Avis, you’ll always be able to discover a great bargain on a vehicle rental. To view our current promotions, please click on the icon below. Take a look at the deals

See How Much to Rent Your Car

To check prices on all available cars, SUVs, vans, pickup trucks and premium vehicles during your specified rental dates, please provide your rental dates below.

How Much Is a Rental Car Going to Cost You?

Several factors influence the cost of renting a car. These include your age, the type of vehicle you choose, your pick-up location, what day of week you choose to pick up the vehicle, and how long you intend to keep the vehicle. It’s a good idea to take the time to compare prices from a number of different automobile rental businesses because there are so many aspects to consider. Keep in mind that, in many ways, renting a car is similar to purchasing an airline ticket in terms of convenience.

Prices are continuously changing, sometimes even from minute to minute, so if you chance to come across an exceptionally cheap price, don’t hesitate to take advantage of the opportunity, since it is unlikely that you will see it again even an hour later.

When You Book

In general, the sooner you begin your search for a car rental, the better the bargain you will be able to secure for your trip. This is the optimal time to book: three to six months in advance. If you need to rent a car for the next day, you will pay significantly more money than if you give yourself more time to browse about before you need to go to your destination.

When You Drive

During the week, car rental firms generate the majority of their money by providing transportation for corporate clients traveling to and from meetings in new cities. You are therefore more likely to receive a better deal on a car rental if you need one for weekend travel than than if you need one for weekday travel. During the Christmas season, rental vehicle companies have another excellent opportunity to generate money. Rental vehicle rates will be higher over the holiday season and Thanksgiving, so plan on spending extra money during this time period.

Where You Pick Up

Renting a car at the airport is extremely convenient—but it is also substantially more costly than other options. If you are traveling into a big city with readily available public transit alternatives, ride-sharing services, or taxis, you might consider checking for rental car discounts outside of the airport before departing. You might save a lot more money than just the cost of the cab ride. A concession fee that some car rental firms impose to reimburse the amount they must pay to the airport in exchange for having a rental counter at the airport accounts for a portion of the higher cost of an in-airport car rental.

Where You Drop Off

Dropping off your automobile at a different rental location from the one where you picked it up will almost certainly result in a higher rental fee. That is true whether you’re on a cross-country journey or simply staying in the same city for a few days. When this occurs, National Automobile Rental refers to it as a one-way car rental, and the additional amount is referred to as an inter-city fee or a drop charge. When renting a car between airport locations, National does not impose an inter-city fee in most cases.

How Long You Drive

In general, the longer you reserve a car for, the lower the per-day charge will be for that vehicle. Furthermore, if you’re planning a lengthy trip, it may be more cost-effective to rent a car for a whole week.

Vehicle Type

There is no standard classification system for automobile rental services, but you can be sure that the finer and larger the vehicle you rent, the more you will have to spend. An economy vehicle, which is a very compact automobile that is often extremely fuel-efficient, is virtually always the most affordable choice. A high-end sports vehicle might cost up to 50% more to rent than a standard car, while an SUV can cost nearly twice as much.

Whether or Not You Refuel

Dropping off your rental car with the same amount of petrol as when you picked it up is always a good idea. Fueling rental automobiles is inconvenient for rental firms since they must dispatch an employee to a gas station, wasting valuable time when the vehicle might be out and about earning money for them.

In order to prevent this from happening, if you don’t return your rental car with the gasoline level that was agreed upon, the rental car company will charge you for refilling, increasing the amount of petrol you pay by several dollars per gallon.

How Old the Driver Is

If you are under the age of 25, rental firms will charge you an additional cost, which might be as much as $20 each day. Even if there is another driver who is over the age of 25, you will be required to pay if any of the drivers is under the age of 25. In addition, drivers under the age of 25 may be unable to hire certain types of vehicles, such as sports cars, because of licensing restrictions.

Any Extras You Purchase

No matter where you rent, the corporation will attempt to upsell you on additional services in order to boost their profits. Extrainsurance is one of the most often seen. Many major credit cards will reimburse you for the cost of a rental automobile if you pay for it using your card. Considering that you already have your normal insurance plus this benefit, it is doubtful that you will need to acquire any more coverage. Preliminary confirmation with your credit card company and insurance agent, on the other hand, is a good idea before proceeding.

Both of these options may be useful; however, the latter may not be worth the additional cost.

If you already have one, see if you can substitute it with the one provided.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Because of all of the factors listed above, it is impossible to get an exact average. Rental rates are typically between $50 to $100 per day, however you may find yourself spending far more. Discounts and special offers can assist in bringing the price below $50.

How old do you have to be to drive a rental car?

The majority of big rental firms put the age limit at 21. Anyone under the age of 21 will not be permitted to rent or drive a rental automobile in the United States.

How much is rental car insurance?

The cost of rental automobile insurance is generally determined by the kind of coverage selected. For example, Enterprise provides a number of different levels of coverage. Basic accident insurance and personal effects coverage will cost you between $5 and $13 per day, depending on your location.

Renting a Car for a Road Trip: Everything You Need to Know

While your vacation may begin with a flight to a destination (for example, arriving in Las Vegas before embarking on a glorious road trip through Utah National Parks), you may also be curious about a cross-country car rental, need to know how to find the best car rental prices, or simply want to know if it’s better to rent a car rather than take your own vehicle on a road trip. This comprehensive guide to renting a car for a road trip includes everything you need to know to save money, avoid costly extras, and get behind the wheel of a thrilling new vehicle that will easily accommodate all of your passengers and belongings on your journey.

Car rental prices

Let’s take a look at automobile rental costs and the things that might affect your final bill’s amount (for better or worse):

  • Size. The fact that the larger the automobile, the higher the price tag when it comes to car rentals is probably not a surprise to anyone. The fact that economy automobiles are the lowest option when it comes to average rental car cost is yet another no-brainer, given the name of this class of rental car. That is true whether you’re hiring a car at the airport, in the city, or somewhere in between. Listed here are the best automobiles to hire for a road trip, based on how long in advance you reserve your rental car. According to industry experts, booking ahead of time on a site such or Expedia will result in you getting the best deal on a rental vehicle. Using a third-party site, consumers may get the best deal on an average rental vehicle cost, even better than going directly via the rental agency and certainly cheaper than reserving in person at the rental car counter at the airport. One of the road trip preparation ideas that you should consider before leaving home is to book your automobile and your hotels in advance of your journey. Continue from where you left off. The fact that you don’t have to worry about making the journey back home makes one-way cross-country automobile rentals handy. However, that convenience comes at the expense of potentially high car rental fees. When you can return your rental car to the same spot where you picked it up, you’ll save money more frequently than not. While this is not feasible on a one-way Route 66 road trip, you should be aware that you may be charged a premium
  • Do not prepaid for your petrol ahead of time. It is common for car rental firms to try to upsell you on the prepaid full tank option, which provides the ease of not having to worry about filling before returning the rental vehicle. The problem is that, unless you arrive on fumes, prepaying for a full tank of gas will almost always result in money being wasted. To avoid this, download a gas pricing and gas station location app and use it to identify a gas station close to the rental vehicle office (there’s always at least one nearby) and fill it yourself. Of However, if you’ll be dropping off during the wee hours of the morning or if you’ll be racing against the clock to make your flight, the convenience may be well worth it. How to Calculate Gas Cost for a Trip If you want to plan your gas budget in advance, here’s how to calculate gas cost for a trip:

Best place to rent a car

Rental firms have on-site sites at airports, off-site locations with shuttle service, and locations in cities and suburbs as well as other locations.

Let’s have a look at which site is the most cost-effective and convenient for renting a car while trying to strike a balance between cost and convenience.

  • Avoid going to the airport. Although renting a car at the airport is unquestionably handy, it is not always the best place to obtain the lowest rates. Why? Many states impose an extra airport tax on automobiles that are hired near an airport, and this is known as the “airport tax.” It is possible that a concession recovery fee and/or a customer facility charge will be imposed to your bottom line even if you do not incur an additional airport tax. You may be able to save a significant amount of money by traveling merely ten miles away. Keep an eye out for these extra automobile rental expenses that are not advertised. Take a look at the suburbs. Because of supply and demand, the going cost for a rental car in major cities can be significantly higher than the going rate in surrounding suburbs. This is due to the fact that there are more individuals seeking for rental cars in major cities and fewer rental car fleets in those regions. You may be able to save more than half of the cost of a rental automobile by traveling merely a few miles outside of the city boundaries
  • For example, to a car dealership instead of the airport. Did you know that a large number of automobile dealerships provide car rental services? Furthermore, renting a car from a dealership has a number of distinct advantages than renting from a regular car rental outlet. The most significant advantage is that, if you have a strong attachment to a specific make and model, there is usually more availability at a car dealership than at a car rental agency, which cannot guarantee the specific make, model, or even size of the vehicle you will be driving when you arrive at your destination. Additional benefits include unlimited mileage and free 24-hour roadside assistance when renting from a dealership near your home for a road trip, as the dealership will want to sweeten the deal in order to establish a long-term relationship with you with the hope that you will purchase a car from them someday.
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Advantages of renting a car for a road trip

In certain circumstances, renting a car rather than driving your own vehicle on a road trip is preferable. Check out the several benefits of hiring a car for a road trip in the next section.

Avoid wear and tear on your own car

As Caleb Chen of The Van Life Coach points out, one of the most compelling arguments for renting a car for a road trip is to avoid piling up the miles on your regular vehicle. Renting a car for your road trip may help you save money by avoiding additional general wear and strain on your own vehicle, as well as pricey repairs. While it may be more expensive to hire a car for a road trip up front, the savings that may be realized later on may be well worth it. This is especially critical if you are leasing a car and have mileage restrictions in place.

Try out unique vehicles

It is possible that you will want a larger vehicle than you already have in order to handle more passengers more comfortably than you currently do during your daily drive. Additionally, driving a distinctive vehicle, such as a 44 Jeep, on a road trip that may include more dirt roads than paved roads, as Chen points out, may be entertaining and memorable. You will almost certainly have Bluetooth capability in your rental car, so be ready for your road trip with these fantastic audiobooks.

Leave the EV at home

Another reason to hire a car for a road trip is if you have an electric plug-in vehicle and are concerned about running out of battery power. Lauren Fix is a fictitious character created by author Lauren Fix. It is recommended that you leave the electric vehicle at home and rent a gas-powered vehicle when you want to get out and experience the country on a road trip with The Car Coach®. The following are the most fuel-efficient vehicles on the road this year.

The perfect car for winter driving

Fix also recommends that if you don’t have a winterized vehicle that will transport you and your family securely on a snowy, icy, cold, and possibly dangerous winter road trip, you should consider hiring a truck or an SUV for your unlimited miles car rental requirements. Take a look at these incredible winter road trips that you can start planning right away.

Renting a car to drive cross-country

There’s nothing quite like a good old-fashioned cross-country road trip in the United States, but putting upwards of 5,000 miles on your own automobile is almost certainly a deal-breaker. The distance that a rental automobile can take you is undoubtedly something you’ve wondered about if this is your first time going on a road trip. In most circumstances, the response is “as far as you want it to go!” The majority of automobile rental businesses in the United States provide unlimited mileage car rentals, which means there is no restriction to how far you may go.

Read about the weirdest things that individuals have forgotten to take with them when they hire a car.

Is it cheaper to rent a car for a road trip?

Besides the fact that you won’t have to wear two masks in a rental car, Our Passion For Travel’s Jeff Miller claims that because the average rental car cost tends to decrease throughout longer leases, renting a car for a road trip may be less expensive than flying to your destination. Furthermore, you will not be forced to sit next to others while wearing one or two masks on an aircraft flight. When comparing the prices of a road trip to flying, Miller reminds us that “it’s not just about the point-to-point cost.

It’s about the total cost of the journey.” When taking a flight, there is the expense of transportation to and from the airport, as well as the possibility of parking your own vehicle. If you’re concerned about spending too much money on petrol, don’t be; here’s how to save money on gasoline.

FAQs on Car Rental Insurance

Everyone working for a car rental business will attempt all they can to get you to purchase their collision damage waiver (CDW), which may cost upwards of $35 per day. When you purchase CDW, you are relieved of the responsibility for even the slightest harm that occurs during your road trip, with the exception of a few exceptions, such as tire damage or severe carelessness. As a result, you will not be charged a single cent, regardless of how badly damaged the automobile is when you return it.

Choosing CDW, on the other hand, may result in a significant increase in the average rental car cost.

Does your personal auto insurance cover your rental car?

Every automobile rental business will work tirelessly to persuade you to purchase their collision damage waiver (CDW), which may cost upwards of $35 a day in addition to your rental rate. CDW protects you from being held liable for even the most minor damage that occurs on your road trip, with a few exceptions such as tire damage and gross carelessness. No matter how badly damaged the vehicle is when it is returned to the dealership, you will not be charged a penny. Not even your personal auto insurance, the advantages of your credit card, or a third-party rental car insurance policy come close to being as comprehensive as this one!

Alternatives to consider are as follows.

  • Your own car is protected by comprehensive auto insurance (s). According to Melanie Musson, a travel and insurance specialist at, this coverage should transfer to the majority of the vehicles you rent, and your existing deductibles will remain in effect. You’ll be insured in the same way as you would be if you were driving your own car. Prior to your vacation, you should, of course, contact your insurance provider or local agent to confirm that your exact full coverage policy includes rental automobiles. When in doubt, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. There is one exception: In the event that you just have liability insurance on your personal vehicle, Munson suggests that you consider purchasing extra coverage from the car rental business. This is due to the fact that liability insurance only covers for damage you do to other people, not the automobile you’re driving. Moreover, because rental cars are often newer, late-model automobiles, if you cause a collision, you may have to pay a significant amount of money out-of-pocket to fix or replace the vehicle.

Does your credit card cover your rental car insurance?

Several credit cards give some form of rental car insurance; thus, check with your credit card company before your trip to determine exactly what it provides and what it covers. As Munson adds, “some credit cards provide automatic rental coverage, whilst others require you to join in programs for a charge; or your card may provide secondary coverage, which means it kicks in to enhance your usual automobile insurance coverage.” Certain cards even give primary coverage, which protects you before any other forms of insurance you may have.

Notable exceptions

While credit card auto insurance coverage may be sufficient, it is possible that your credit card may not cover you in all situations or for all vehicle types. Double-check that the rental vehicle insurance provided by your credit card issuer will cover you, your rental car, and driving in the region where you’ll be road-tripping before you book your trip. Sources:

  • Among those who have contributed to this article are Caleb Chenof The Van Life Coach, Lauren Fix of The Car Coach®, Melanie Musson, a travel and insurance specialist, and others.

Planning to rent a car? It’s going to cost you.

The first time Josh Rosenbaum decided to take a trip to Florida for Memorial Day weekend, he did what most people do: he booked his airfare a couple of months in advance, booked his hotel, and left it to chance whether or not to hire a car. The rental automobile didn’t seem to be an issue, so I was relieved. According to Rosenbaum, “there has never been an issue.” The problem was that when he finally tried to reserve one last week, all of the cars he could locate were $140 to $150 per day, rather than the $30 to $50 per day he had been paying.

Rosenbaum is a high school teacher and coach in the city.

She says that the average charge is currently approximately $134 per day, which is more than the national average.

“It’s a lot more than it was before,” she explained. This is much more difficult for people to comprehend since they are not prepared for the fact that hiring a car for four or five days may often cost more than the cost of an airplane ticket.

3 reasons for higher rental car rates

According to Chris Woronka, leisure analyst at Deutsche Bank, there are three primary causes for the dramatic increase in rental vehicle pricing. For him, the automobile rental firms are the most important because they sold a large number of vehicles during 2020. “By the end of 2020, we had around 33 to 35 percent fewer rental automobiles than we had when we began 2020.” For the second time, the rental vehicle industry did not foresee that demand would return at such a rapid pace. According to Woronka, “We’ve observed an improvement in travel every month in 2021.” In late February and March, however, when people began to be completely immunized, the outbreak really kicked into high gear.

In combination, you get increased pricing almost everywhere, as well as a lack of automobiles on some days and in some locations on certain dates.

there are no automobiles available from any car provider at that time,” Twidale explained.

Book rental before airfare

According to Jonathan Weinberg, founder and CEO of, the shortfall is expected to endure at least through the end of the summer season. This year, he explained, “instead of arranging trips the way most people have in the past — aircraft first, hotels second, rental vehicle third,” “you’re going to have to turn that process on its head.” Prior to booking your airline tickets, you’ll want to look into vehicle rental costs in your destination.” Even if you do, Weinberg cautioned that “rental rates are insanely high right now,” and that you should plan accordingly.

It was more than $1,000 for a week when Brittney Martinez first started looking into renting a car in Maui for her August honeymoon a couple of months ago.

“When I saw $1,000, I thought to myself, ‘Oh no, that’s much too much money.'” She began looking for auto rentals outside of the airport, as recommended by Twidale of the American Automobile Association, and discovered that she could get a car for a fraction of the cost – $600 for the week instead of a thousand dollars.

According to Martinez, “you don’t have to pay at the moment that you book it,” so he decided to “search around and see if there’s something that comes up” later.

Car-sharing site

As it turns out, there hasn’t been anything more affordable to replace it. The result was a notification telling Martinez that there were no automobiles available that met the parameters she had given the previous week when she tried to look again. That’s for the middle of August. It will be two and a half months from now. “I’m glad I booked it,” she remarked, a chuckle on her face. Josh Rosenbaum has finally secured a hotel room for his upcoming vacation to Orlando and Jacksonville, something he had been stressing over for weeks before booking it.

However, this will not be done through a car rental business. As an alternative, he located a car for less than half the price on Turo, a website that functions somewhat like an Airbnb for automobiles. He’ll be renting a Mustang from a stranger for $70 per day, which is a bargain.

How much does it cost to rent a car? – Blog

Do you want to know how much you’ll have to spend for a rental car? Continue reading to learn about the cheapest and most affordable daily vehicle rental rates in the United States and overseas! Are you ready to make a reservation? If you’ve already decided that renting a car is the best choice for you, the next question that comes to mind is “How much am I going to have to pay for it?”

How much does it cost to rent a car?

The amount you’ll pay for your vehicle rental will, of course, vary depending on a variety of circumstances, including the day you’ll be picking up the car, the automobile itself, the rental company, and a number of other considerations. In order to prepare you for what is to come, below are some actual pricing to help you prepare your budget.

Average cost to rent a car

As a way of giving you an idea of how much it costs to hire a car, we’ve picked some of the most popular car rental sites in the United States and overseas so you can compare prices. We’ve included the lowest and average price paid per day for each area in this section. Take note, however, that the lowest costs indicated will most often be obtained for budget automobiles, and that the average price is derived across all car rental categories. Rental vehicle costs are obtained straight from the website; you may do your own search with specified dates and locations by clicking here.

US Location Lowest daily rate Average daily rate
Miami, FL US$ 27.35 US$ 53.47
Los Angeles International Airports (LAX) US$ 18.23 US$ 37.11
John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK), New York US$ 35.84 US$ 56.15
Chicago O’Hare Airport (ORD) US$ 15.27 US$ 27.19
Orlando, FL US$ 38.99 US$ 42.61
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport (ATL) US$ 27.07 US$ 35.20
Dallas-Fort Worth Airport (DFW) US$ 24.54 US$ 40.99
Las Vegas, NV US$ 27.63 US$ 45.90
Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport (FLL) US$ 25.56 US$ 32.49
Seattle-Tacoma Airport (SEA) US$ 31.75 US$ 38.79
World Location Lowest daily rate Average daily rate
Cancún, México US$ 5.68 US$ 15.79
London, United Kingdom US$ 25.98 US$ 39.69
Rome, Italy US$ 33.44 US$ 38.84
Milan Malpensa Airport (MXP) US$ 19.80 US$ 20.03
Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) US$ 27.27 US$ 33.42
Barcelona, Spain US$ 16.38 US$ 38
Munich Airport (MUC) US$ 24.82 US$ 41.51
Toronto Pearson Airport (YYZ) US$ 7.26 US$ 14.59
Lisbon, Portugal US$ 10.47 US$ 25.91
São Paulo, Brazil US$ 8.06 US$ 23.39

What influences the cost to rent a car?

Everything begins with your dates, as we’ve already stated on this very blog. Because car rental costs are dynamic and constantly changing, it is typically recommended that you reserve as soon as possible. Avoiding holidays and busy season, if at all possible, will typically result in lower pricing as well as better service.

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Pick-up and drop-off location (or locations)

Despite the fact that renting a car at the airport is extremely handy, it is typically significantly more expensive – something to bear in mind the next time you book your rental! Another factor to consider is if you want to rent one-way (i.e., in a different location from where you picked up and dropped off your car). This will be more expensive because there is typically a premium charged by the rental company for returning the automobile to its original location.

How long until pick-up

We recommend that you rent a car as soon as you know the dates of pick-up and drop-off so that you can receive the best pricing. For the same reason that airline tickets fluctuate in price, automobile rental prices vary as well. As we’ve previously stated, pricing for car rentals are dynamic and alter according to demand. Check out our blog post on how dynamic pricing works in the automobile rental industry to learn more about how it works.

How much you’ll drive

There are two types of automobile rental options: restricted mileage and unlimited mileage. Which one do you think is the best? It is entirely up to you as to what you intend to accomplish. Are you and your pals planning a road trip? You probably wouldn’t want to be concerned about going over your mileage limit, would you? If you’re simply going to be running errands around town, limiting your mileage could be the best option for you. The availability of limited and unlimited mileage differs from rental company to rental business and from automobile category to car category.

However, certain premium, luxury, and exotic vehicles may only be offered for rental with a restricted amount of miles, while others may be available for rental with unlimited mileage.

Car category

Although various rental firms may refer to the same automobile group in different ways (for example, Enterprise and Avis may refer to SUVs in different ways despite the fact that it is the same car), one thing is certain: the bigger and nicer the car, the more you will be charged for it. Moreover, this is to be anticipated, right? Just make certain that you select the vehicle that best meets your requirements. For those who have a little extra cash and want to try something new while driving, you may take advantage of this chance to hire an automobile that you would not otherwise have the opportunity to drive!

Extra protection

You have the option of adding additional insurance to your reservation if you so want. There are rates on the internet that have no insurance at all, while some already have CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) or other types of insurance. You’ll almost always have the opportunity to add additional coverage, such as TPL (Third Party Liability) or EP (Extended Protection), for a little additional fee every day. Make sure to read our blog post about automobile rental insurance if you would want to learn more about it.


You can also include optional products in your reservation. Among the most frequent are a kid car seat or booster seat, but you may also include a GPS device, a toll road transponder, and other accessories. Rental firms charge on a per-day basis for these services. Are you ready to make a reservation? Compare the costs of more than 100 rental providers from all around the world using the search box below and start saving now! Attention! In spite of the fact that all reasonable efforts were taken to ensure the accuracy of the material published in this blog at the time it was written, Rental cars does not accept responsibility for any inaccuracies or future modifications that may occur as a consequence of changing offers and conditions.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Car For A Road Trip?

As a freelance writer, I specialize on personal financial topics such as credit card rewards and travel. This post contains mentions of items from one or more of our sponsors, which we encourage you to click on. It is possible that we will gain money if you click on links to those items. Please see this page for a detailed explanation of our Advertising Disclosure. You’re most likely in the midst of planning your road trip and considering what to bring with you on the journey. One further key option is whether or not to drive your own vehicle on your epic road trip or whether to hire a car instead.

When considering how much it will cost to hire a car for your road trip, don’t forget to account for the cost of petrol.

Because our everyday automobile is a ten-year-old gas guzzler with more than 150,000 miles on the odometer, renting a car seemed the more cost-effective alternative.

However, after weighing the pros and cons of renting vs driving, we decided to rent instead of driving. Check out this related article: How to Plan a Car Check Before a Road Trip.

Rental Car Costs

The overall cost of your rental automobile is determined by a number of various fees and conditions. In the same way that you seek for low-cost flights, you should compare costs. Most cities and airports offer a large number of automobile rental businesses. Listed below are some of the cost considerations that you should take into consideration:

  • Vehicle class:Compact automobiles are the most affordable vehicle class to hire
  • Locations for pickup and dropoff: Airports may levy additional costs that are not charged by off-site locations. Unlimited miles: Do you pay a premium to get unlimited miles or do you pay afterwards for any extra miles you use? Longevity of the rental: Most rental services charge a fixed daily rate (although weekly rentals may be eligible for a discount)
  • Taxes and fees: A fixed proportion of the overall rental expenses that cannot be negotiated
  • Insurance: Do you choose for the rental agency’s insurance or do you make advantage of the perks provided by your credit card? Amenities that can be purchased separately: Satellite radio, GPS navigation, roadside help, and child safety seats are all additional costs. Payment deadline: Making bookings in advance is typically less expensive than paying at the time of pickup.

Discount coupons from auto insurance and travel reward program partners are often accepted by the majority of rental car providers. If the agency has a partnership with more than one travel partner, try entering various codes into the system. Take a look at the current deals offered by the automobile rental service as well. Their deals may be more cost-effective than your savings. Several agencies, for example, are waiving their young driver costs this year.

Compare Vehicle Sizes

Calculating your rental vehicle expenses is straightforward, but there are a plethora of variables to consider. For example, renting a bigger vehicle will cost more money than renting a tiny automobile. The cost of renting a compact or mid-size SUV is typically more than the cost of renting a sedan. When assessing how much it will cost to hire a car, comparing rental car pricing for different car sizes and between rental agencies can help you locate the best offer. Hertz is credited with this image.

Compare Prices for Different Pickup Locations

If you reside near an airport, you should also check rental pricing for in-town and airport sites if you want to save money on your rental. Airport sites are renowned for demanding additional “recovery fees,” which are required by airports but may not be required by cities. Airport car rentals, on the other hand, are not usually more expensive. Another advantage of renting from an airport is that their rental counters may be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Leaving your car at 8 p.m. rather than waiting until the next calendar day to return it can be a more cost-effective option if you arrive late.

Book Directly from the Car Rental Agency When Possible

While the price comparison procedure will take longer, it is recommended that you check rates directly from the rental agency website rather than a third-party booking website. You’ll have multiple open tabs for Hertz, Avis, Enterprise and other rental companies, but you’ll be less likely to incur hidden costs or have complications when you pick up your vehicle. Here’s a small personal anecdote to get you started. I rented a full-size sedan through a well-known third-party booking service, and it was a great experience.

Because I made my reservation through a third-party website, I was unable to receive a partial refund for the lower-priced car class.

Decline Rental Car Collision and Damage Waiver

Choosing not to purchase the agency’s collision and damage waiver protection coverage is one of the most straightforward methods to keep your total rental fees low. Most credit cards provide additional coverage that triggers after your usual vehicle insurance benefits pay for a theft or damage claim. When it comes to renting a car, the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card is one of the most convenient solutions. On most short-term rentals in the United States (less than 30 days), you will receive main rental vehicle insurance.

TheChase Sapphire Reserve®, a high-end credit card, is likewise an excellent choice to take into consideration. More information on both may be found in the Guide to the Benefits of Chase Sapphire Rental Car Insurance.

Is It Cheaper to Rent a Car for a Road Trip?

Renting a car might make it difficult to save money on your road trip, and this is understandable. Making a reservation in advance, renting a smaller vehicle, and renting a vehicle that is fuel-efficient are all ways to keep your rental costs down. Listed below are some sample rental rates for a seven-day round-trip rental:

  • A compact car or small sedan (for example, the Chevrolet Spark) costs $272.84
  • A mid-size sedan (for example, the Toyota Corolla) costs $284.74
  • A full-size sedan (for example, the Ford Fusion or Chevy Malibu) costs $315.34
  • A small SUV (for example, the Nissan Rogue) costs $428.70
  • A mid-size SUV (for example, the Ford Escape) costs $466.48
  • A full-size SUV (

In the case of larger cars and during seasons of strong demand, weekly rentals might cost as much as $1,000. SUV rental rates might vary significantly between rental providers, depending on current demand. In other circumstances, SUV rentals are virtually comparable to the cost of a full-size car hire.

Don’t Forget Fuel Costs

When hiring a car, your road trip transportation expenditures will include both the rental charge and the cost of gasoline for the vehicle. When you drive your own automobile, the only expense you will incur is gasoline. However, because of the increased wear and tear, you will need to change the oil more frequently, replace the tires more frequently, and do preventative maintenance more frequently. It is possible to estimate your gasoline purchases using the GasBuddy trip calculator. You can input the information about your car (or possible vehicle information), as well as the location of your starting point and your planned destination.

On a long-distance journey, getting 30 miles per gallon with a rental car instead of 17 miles per gallon with your own car can save you money on fuel costs.

Renting a car allows you to travel with more confidence.

Associated with: Best gas credit cards

Should I Rent a Car for a Long Trip?

When you’re planning a lengthy road trip, renting a car makes more sense than taking public transportation. As an example, if you’re staying within six hours of your house and your total travel trip is less than 1,000 miles, you can chose to drive yourself to your destination. Nonetheless, renting a car makes sense if you’re traveling across the nation or driving many thousand miles and will need to replace your oil right away once you arrive home. If the rental automobile gets better gas economy than your present vehicle, the case becomes even more compelling because the gasoline savings can more than exceed the rental charges.

  • From the Atlantic to the Pacific coasts, from New England to Florida. Following a path across numerous states with desert or hilly climates

If your automobile is unreliable or has a high mileage, you may want to consider renting a car for these lengthy journeys as well. A one-time automobile rental price is far less expensive than a monthly car loan payment (if you finance your next car purchase).

Renting a larger vehicle can provide you and your guests with additional legroom and storage capacity, allowing you to complete your road trip packing list without having to leave anything behind.

Unlimited Mileage Restrictions

No matter where you reserve your rental car, be sure to carefully read the rental terms and conditions, especially the restrictions on cancellation and unlimited mileage. “Discount rental businesses” like as Thrifty, Alamo, and Dollar may provide unlimited mileage, but only in the states in which they are licensed to do business. You are charged a fee for each mile traveled outside of the approved region. Other rental companies may only allow you to drive a certain amount of kilometers each day in their vehicles.


Renting a car for your road trip might be more expensive up front, since you will most likely pay between $300 and $1,000 each week for a weekly rental. You can save money in the long run, though, if you gain greater fuel efficiency and avoid having to pay for repairs.


Yes, renting a car is an option for the majority of road trips. However, you should carefully read the rental agreement to ensure that you understand the miles and activities that are permitted. It is possible that some of the “cheap rental vehicle firms” would only allow you to drive within surrounding states or that there will be daily mileage restrictions. Breaking the terms of a rental agreement might result in significant financial fines. Additionally, you may hire an RV through a rental service like asRVshare.

If you want to avoid staying in hotels, this may be a suitable choice for you.

When should you rent a car for a trip?

In the following situations, renting a car rather than driving your own vehicle may make sense:

  • If you want to save money on gas, rent a car. If you want to avoid “wear and tear” on your automobile, rent a car. Your automobile is too little for the situation. Wishing to go all out and hire a sports car or a high-end luxury vehicle
  • A desire for “peace of mind,” even if it means spending more money on rent

How do I know if my car insurance covers rental cars?

The majority of personal auto insurance policies include coverage for basic vehicle rental occurrences. The current coverage amounts for your automobile insurance policy are available by checking with your agent or by calling his or her office. The majority of credit cards include collision and damage waiver protection. With the exception of theChase Sapphire Preferred andChase Sapphire Reserve, you will almost certainly need to file a claim with your auto insurance company first. Articles that are related:

  • The Difference Between the Chase Sapphire Reserve and the Chase Sapphire Preferred
  • How Long Does a Road Trip Across America Take
  • Car Insurance Guides and Resources

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