How Much Does A Glamping Tent Cost

How Much Are Glamping Tents to Buy? ( Bell, Yurts, Cabin, Tipis )

Ideally, when you go glamping, you want the most luxury tent money can buy without going overboard with your spending. It is possible to acquire a variety of various styles of tents, depending on your financial constraints. Each one is tailored to meet specific requirements. So, how much do glamping tents run you in the wild? The following is a breakdown of how much camping tents cost based on their kind.

  • This glamping bell tent will range in price from $350 for the most basic model to $1000 for the most luxurious one. Glamping Yurts- This style of glamping tent ranges in price from $500 for the most basic to $3000 for the most luxurious. A glamping cabin tent can range in price from $100 for the most basic model to $400 for the most expensive one. Glamping Tipis- This glamping tent will range in price from $130 for the most basic to $1000 for the most luxurious

Continue reading for additional in-depth information, which includes examples with pricing and comparisons of what you may expect to get for your money in the future.

Bell Tents for Glamping

Bell tents are among the most traditional glamping tents available on the market. The fact that they are both whimsical and adorable, as well as having useful applications, makes them popular among many individuals. Not to mention the fact that they are available in a variety of various designs and at a variety of different rates depending on the design chosen.

How much do bell tents cost?

Now, the price of a glamping bell tent is the most important thing to consider while deciding whether or not to purchase one. The price of these tents varies greatly based on the size you want and the materials used to construct them. The smallest models typically start at approximately $350, while the largest models may be obtained for well over $1,000. Of course, the quality of the material and the source from which you purchase will have an impact on these pricing. Prices and examples of bell tents are provided.

  • The DANCHEL Waterproof Bell Tent is a great option for camping. There is a tent similar to this one available on Amazon for between $400 and $550
  • It is called the Boutique Glamping Tents Sandstone Bell Tent. This tent, the Boutique Glamping Tents Luna Bell Tent, is presently available for purchase on their website for $695. This one is presently available for purchase for $1,329

We strongly recommend that you click on each one and look at them individually to ensure that you are getting the most up-to-date price and that you understand what you will be getting for your money. What services and amenities do bell tents provide for the money? The majority of bell tents come equipped with a number of amenities that make them suitable for glamping. These are some examples:

  • There is a lot of space in the inside. Bell tents are a great alternative to regular camping tents for families since they are much more spacious than regular camping tents. There is plenty of space on the floor for everyone. According to industry standards, the typical internal floor size for this style of tent is around 172 sq. ft. This is ideal for two individuals glamping, but if you are glamping with a group, some can accommodate up to 400 sq. ft. of space. That’s about the size of several studio apartments, to be honest.

A bell tent is guaranteed to have at least 6 feet of headroom, depending on the height of the structure. If you want something with larger ceilings, some models have nearly 12 ft. of height on the ceiling.

  • Material that is long-lasting. The majority of bell tents that you may come across are composed of canvas of some sort. Canvas is well-known for being extremely weather resistant and long-lasting in virtually any setting. Additionally, this material is still breathable enough to keep you comfortable on hot days. Providing you take good care of your tent, it should last you for several years. Many bell tent types allow you to put a wood-burning stove into your bell tent, which is a nice feature. Especially if you’re glamping in the winter, this will come in handy for both heating and culinary purposes

People for whom bell tents will be well worth the investment Despite the fact that glamping in a bell tent may be a wonderful experience for anybody, there are some people who may benefit from it more than others. These are the individuals:

  • Even while many of the larger bell tents are large enough to accommodate families, they would be most comfortable for a couples’ getaway. The result is that your queen- or even king-sized bed may be accommodated without feeling constrained by the furnishings of the rest of the room. You can bring in a wood-burning stove, all of your baggage, and any other extras while still having plenty of room to walk around
  • Anyone who need quick and simple set-up should choose this option. Not everyone has the patience or the health to spend an extended period of time erecting a glamping tent in a remote location. In wet conditions, bell tents are a better option than yurts since they are less difficult to put up than a yurt, which is why many people prefer them. Ideally, the canvas material from which the bell tent is constructed will protect rain from entering your tent. It is particularly ideal for folks who are glamping in hot climates because the canvas is breathable while yet blocking out the sun

Yurts for Glamping

Yurts are another popular style of glamping tent, and they are noted for being both fashionable and opulent in their design. They have a number of advantages over other types of tents, including the ability to sleep more people. What exactly do yurts have to offer?

  • There is a lot of room. Bell tents are spacious, but yurts are frequently much more so. In most cases, the average floor space of a yurt is between 260 and 700 square feet in size. Depending on the size you want, you may accommodate a large amount more furniture and people in one of these vehicles. The normal height of a yurt ranges from 6 to 12 feet in height
  • Some yurts are built for people to live in or glamp in for an extended period of time, and as a result, they must be waterproof to the extreme. Yurts are impenetrable to the elements, withstanding wind, rain, sun, and snow
  • They also come with a slew of added amenities. Not all yurts have extra features, but some do, and some of them are luxurious in a way that you won’t find anyplace else. Skylights, windows, and locations where power may be introduced through ports are examples of such features. It is possible to install lighting and charging outlets in your yurt.

Who are yurts the most suitable for? Again, while yurts may be used by anybody, they are particularly well suited to the following glampers:

  • Families with a small number of members. Many yurts can easily house a family of four, although bell tents may not be the best option for you. Summer glampers will like the fact that they will have enough space for all of their bags and bedding without feeling crowded. Even while heating your yurt is certainly achievable, their larger size may make it more difficult to do so. Long-term glampers will benefit from the material’s ability to keep them cool in the summer and colder in the winter. Yurts are weather resistant and have a solid framework that will survive for the duration of a month-long glamping adventure. They will keep you dry throughout storms without soaking you

How much do yurts cost?

Yurts, in contrast to bell tents, are typically prohibitively pricey.

These tents are more of an investment, making them a better choice for glampers who want to visit more than once. The majority of merchants charge between $500 and $5,000 for these items. You might be able to acquire one for a more reasonable price, but these are extremely difficult to come by.

Examples of glamping yurts

Don’t get taken in by the pretense. Many of the tents sold as yurts are actually bell tents in disguise. You should check here for better samples of tents in order to avoid making the mistake of choosing the wrong tent due to misunderstanding.

  • It’s called the Mongulair Portable Yurt for a reason. The most economical choice accessible to you right now is a $2,200+ option sold on Amazon. When correctly assembled, it can be transported in a car while still comfortably accommodating six people at a time. Each one of these yurts from is constructed of weather-resistant materials and has an opening for a wood-burning stove
  • Any of these yurts will supply you with all you want. Starting at $2,800 and increasing in price when you pick larger sizes or add additional amenities like as windows and fireproof material, the yurts available for purchase on Yurts.comare some of of the most costly that you can find anywhere in the world. Prices begin at more than $5,000, but this is because each piece is completely personalized to your preferences. Add more insulation, various types of doors and canopies, or winter weatherproofing elements to your home to make it more energy efficient.

Cabin Tents for Glamping

For glamping, cabin tents that are more like a house are used, having straight walls instead of slanted and a pointed roof, to resemble one. Some have circular roofs, although these aren’t as well-known as the original design because of their shape. Traditional camping involves the usage of these items on a regular basis, but they may be enhanced greatly to give a more luxury experience. What advantages do cabin tents provide?

  • There are several rooms. Room partitions are available on some cabin tent styles, providing additional privacy. It is entirely conceivable to have a bedroom for oneself and a changing room at another location. Everything that you do with these rooms is entirely at your discretion
  • The ceilings are very high. It’s possible that you’ll be able to stand up straight at the top of the tent’s roof. That is, unless you are really tall! Most cabin tents have a peak height of around 7 feet
  • Many cabin tents are equipped with screened porches, which allow you to enjoy the outdoors while still relaxing in the shade. Slight perspiration is certainly not glamorous, but you may keep yourself feeling cool and dry by wearing one of these

Who are the greatest candidates for cabin tents?

  • Large groupings of people. Many cabin tents are quite large, with some claiming to be able to accommodate up to 10 people! If you’re planning on going glamping, you may not want all of those folks getting in the way of your experience. Even yet, some of the larger versions could potentially accommodate five or six people comfortably
  • Those who enjoy their privacy, to be precise. Those glampers who want something simple to put up may take advantage of the fact that most of them include room separators, allowing you to remain hidden from view of everyone else in your own private place
  • Despite the fact that some cabin tents need more work to pitch than others, many versions are “instant,” meaning that they may be set up in as little as a couple of minutes.

How much do cabin tents cost?

Due to the fact that these tents are more accessible to both normal campers and glampers, they are typically more cheap. An inexpensive cabin tent that is large enough for glamping often costs between $120 and $400. Think about purchasing one of these if you want to go glamping on a tight budget! Cabin tents for glamping are a good example of this.

  • The CORE Instant Cabin Tent sleeps nine people. Glampers will appreciate the fact that this is one of the most spacious cabin tents for glamping available on the market! Is it as “Instagrammable” as other tents in the same category? Even if this is the case, you will still have the room necessary to make your area attractive. Standing Room Family Cabin Tent is available for purchase on Amazon for somewhere between $200 and $250. This glamping tent is ideal for tall individuals, according to the maker, who claims that you will have 8.5 feet of headroom! You may also obtain huge windows and doors that are made of waterproof fabric. It costs around $100, making it the most economical choice available. (This information is subject to change.) The 10 Person Family Cabin Tent may be found on Amazon. For those planning to glamp with a large group or with their families, this cabin tent may provide the most comfortable and enjoyable experience. It also includes a screened-in porch, which allows you to stay protected from the sun without having to sacrifice the breathtaking views that drew you to glamping in the first place. Despite the fact that it is at the higher end of a price range, it is still relatively reasonable at roughly $300, despite the fact that the price fluctuates regularly by minor increments

Tipis for Glamping

Tipis have been used by nomads for over a century and are well-known for their durability. These tents served as their living quarters. This style of tent has remained popular because it provides excellent protection from the weather while remaining large! Let’s have a look at some of the other advantages that tipis have to offer, aside from their size. What exactly does dotipisoffer?

  • Durability and weather resistance are important considerations. Tipis, like bell tents, are now often constructed of canvas. Canvas, if stored properly and cleanly, will survive the elements such as wind, rain, and damaging UV radiation. You may utilize a tipi to go glamping over and over again without having to worry about getting drenched in the process. Temperature control that is optimal. Tipis are well-known for their ability to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer months. In spite of the fact that you are glamping, you will still be rather comfortable
  • Tipis are very simple to set up, but not quite as simple as cabin tents. Pitching one of these will almost certainly be less difficult than pitching a yurt!. Other glampers have stated that the normal setup time ranges anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour or more. In the end, it all comes down to who you buy from and what size tipi you buy.
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Who are the finest candidates for tipis?

  • People who don’t require a lot of headroom. Unfortunately, the sharply slanting side walls of a tipi are the most detrimental aspect of the structure. Despite the fact that the center will extend much over your head, you may find yourself having to hunch over to walk. That is not pleasant for anyone, whether they are a couple or a single person. You should avoid cramming too many people into your tipi in order to make it as pleasant as possible. You will feel claustrophobic, and there will be no room for any furniture you want to place next to the walls. If you purchase one that will be used by a large number of individuals, this may alter. Repeat glampers: do your best to make an informed decision before you arrive. Only if you are serious about glamping should you consider purchasing a tipi. If you buy canvas, you can be sure that you will receive a lot of usage out of your purchase. If you just want to go glamping once, save your money and do not squander it.

How much do tipis cost?

Tipis are available for purchase on a variety of websites for prices ranging from $130 to over $1,000. In order to obtain a genuinely high-quality tent, you may have to pay a greater price range. Although more costly does not usually imply more quality, this may be the case in the case of tipis. Glamping tipi designs that inspire you

  • GearTipiTent is a guide. Among the many options for this style of tipi, this one from the firm Guide Gear on Amazon is the most reasonable. It is intended to accommodate 10-12 people, however for a glamping vacation, that number should be reduced by half. This tipi is currently priced at roughly $180, however the price is subject to change at any time. Tipi for 4 people. When it comes to tents, this tipi from Seek Outside is in the middle of the pack in terms of pricing. Although the price is over $660, you get a lot for your money. You start with it as your basic pricing and work your way up from there depending on what you want to include. If you choose, you may purchase items such as door screens, stove jacks, vents, and hang loops, among other things. If you really want to go all out when it comes to the expense of your tipi, you may consider purchasing this 12 person tent instead! The starting price for you is $1,300. It is really roomy, durable, and comes with all of the amenities available for the tipi stated above
  • If that makes you sweat, consider the fact that it is also extremely affordable.

Whatever glamping tent you choose, you will always be able to locate one that is within your pricing range, regardless of your budget. It is not necessary to be wealthy in order to feel like a million dollars! Instead of going overboard with your spending, consider the following points when selecting a glamping tent:

  • The tent’s circumference and height are measured. The ease with which the tent will be pitched and the length of time it will take will depend on how many people are assisting
  • The characteristics that you desire in a tent
  • Whether or whether you intend to go glamping with it in the future. The level of durability provided by each type of material
  • How many people will be staying in the tent with you
  • How long will you be there
  • When you want to go glamping, you should consider the following: What other items you want to get for your vacation
  • In the past, how other glampers and campers have regarded the location

That appears to be a lot to keep in mind, but you should carefully analyze each one before making a final choice on anything. Taking your time will ensure that you will select a glamping tent that you will fall in love with, and that you will want to return time and time again in the future!

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How Much Does A Glamping Dome Tent Cost?


How Much Does A Glamping Dome Tent Cost?

Many individuals have come to appreciate the glamping dome tent in recent years. We must then make modifications to the goods of our scenic locations in our capacity as an investment developer for development projects of scenic spots and tourist camp development. So, how much do glamping tents run you in the wild? We must first understand that there are various components to the glamping dome tent, including the frame, the membrane, and the platform, which all contribute to the overall cost of the tent.

  • In addition to the framework, the inside includes furniture, lights, a bathroom, a divider, and many other supporting equipment.
  • For a normal 6-meter-diameter dome tent, the cost is around USD45/square meter.
  • Of fact, this fee is only a monetary incentive to participate.
  • Also available are solutions for various weather conditions, including wind and snow protection, heat preservation, ventilation, and moisture removal.
  • This includes the platform, interiors, bathrooms, and other amenities.
  • The diameter of the circle that is adequate for lodging is 5-10 meters.
  • Glamping dome tents of 6 meters in diameter are generally the best choice.
  • This ensures that we can live comfortably in a tent hotel even when we are outside.
  • At the moment, our glamping dome tent series is available in a variety of colors, including the usual sand yellow tarpaulins, and may be customized to fit the needs of diverse places and situations.
  • Depending on where you are in the forest, we may construct military green tents with camouflage colored camping lights that mix in with the surroundings.
  • If you would like to know the exact pricing of any glamping dome tent, please contact our customer service department for assistance.

Depending on your unique requirements and terrain, we can supply you with the best price possible, develop a great custom hotel design and picturesque camping plan for you, and provide you with one-stop tent hotel services! A related blog post: How can you get started in the glamping business?

How to start a glamping business?

Many individuals began to plan the growth of the glamping industry as part of the development of resorts. Glamping tents are becoming more and more popular among travelers. The so-called glamping tent is a step up from the ordinary camping tent in terms of comfort and style. It is a combination of luxury resorts and camping grounds. Although it seems to be a straightforward tent, the inside arrangement is no different. How to Select the Most Appropriate Tent for Glamping

How to Choose the Best Tent for Glamping

The Glamping tent is the most popular choice for camping since it is both practical and versatile in its placement. Because they can be swiftly assembled and disassembled, glamping tents are a popular choice among adventurers and travelers. Furthermore, the tent is comfy, as opposed to, for example, hotel tents. The hotel tent differs from the traditional camping tent in a number of ways, including its size and shape. 2020-09-16

How to Start A Glamping Business

The 13th of November, 2020 The tourist industry for glamping has improved in recent years, and an increasing number of entrepreneurs and investors are getting involved in this sector. It has spread over Europe and the United States, and it has swiftly gained popularity across the world. According to Ariston’s most recent survey study, the glamping industry in Europe and the United States will increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12 percent and 15 percent, respectively, during the next five years.

  • Luxury camping has emerged as the next “fashion darling” among those working in the tourist business.
  • It has now surpassed all other vacation options as a popular choice.
  • Individual owners and entrepreneurs will find this need to be an interesting new business opportunity to pursue.
  • If you want to learn how to establish a glamping business and how much money you may make from it, you must first learn about the industry and the lifestyle that it offers first.

Profit and Investment of Glamping Business

A glamping business earns money by charging customers to rent a tent while they are on their vacation. Generally speaking, most glamping businesses charge by the night or by the week, and they offer varied fees for different-sized tents.

How much cost of starting your glamping business?

Profits from the sale of tent rental services are generated by glamping businesses. In most glamping establishments, charges are charged on a nightly and weekly basis, with pricing varying depending on tent size.

How much money man I earn with a glamping business?

While hosting glamping guests, you will experience feelings of excitement and pride as you share your property with other people who are also enjoying themselves. However, you must also pay attention to the state of your bank account. In order to ensure that your forecasted income exceeds your ongoing expenses—while also anticipating a financial investment for your initial site build and asset purchases—you’ll need to do the math based on your specific situation to confirm that your forecasted income exceeds your ongoing expenses.

In order to estimate your return on investment (ROI), let’s do some back-of-the-envelope arithmetic to estimate what your ROI may be based on average furnishings ($1,500) and amenities ($500) prices while renting one of our tents ($1,600).

The total number of nights scheduled is $6,875 Gross Revenue Investment: (about $3,600) Gross income during the first year: $3,275 That is only for the first year.

Because you will not be required to purchase a new tent and furnishings in year two, your profits per tent might be significantly greater, and your excellent host evaluations on the travel site will hopefully help to get even more bookings.

Glamping Business Models Optional

While hosting glamping guests, you will experience feelings of delight and pride as you share your property with other people who are equally enthusiastic about it. But it’s also important to keep an eye on your money accounts. In order to ensure that your forecasted income exceeds your ongoing expenses—while also anticipating a financial investment for your initial site build and asset purchases—you’ll need to do the math based on your specific situation to confirm that your forecasted income exceeds your ongoing expenses.

In order to estimate your return on investment (ROI), let’s do some back-of-the-envelope arithmetic to estimate what your ROI may be based on average furnishings ($1,500) and amenities ($500) while renting one of our tents ($1,600).

(about) $3,600 in gross revenue.

All of this applies to the first year of the program.

Set A Glamping Site And Apply for Land Permissions

Choosing a location for your glamping tent hotel is the next step in the process. Where do you want it to be built? Amid the highlands, on the Sunshine Coast, in deep forests, or on flat grasslands? Beautiful and unusual locations that are easily accessible by public transit will make for the ideal location for glamping hotels. After that, you’ll need to get a land license for your glamping site. In addition to the number and kind of units, the spacing between units, washing and sanitary facilities, drainage, water and waste systems, natural gas storage, fire safety measures, access roads and pathways, and electrical installations will all be considered.

Contact your local planning authorities and submit an application for any planning approvals you may require before you can begin.

Please keep in mind that each nation may evaluate the site according to a different set of criteria.

In addition, environmental protection, safety standards, and leasing difficulties will all be addressed in this process.

As a result, make sure to verify with the appropriate authorities in your nation or area. Additionally, you must be aware of how long it will take to obtain plan approval in order to avoid interfering with business operations. Ordinarily, this takes six months or longer.

Do Research to Choose The Best And Portable Glamping Tent

Compare glamping tent sizes and types to find the one that best suits your needs and brings your vision to reality. Purchase tents that will operate effectively in your particular climate. Choose the most appropriate glamping tent for your needs and budget based on the location of your glamping hotel and your budget. Learn everything there is to know about these luxury tents, including the kind and design of each luxury tent, its pros and disadvantages, its features, and whether or not it is simple to build, among other things.

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Customers are looking for comfort, design, and amenities that make it simple to open a window in the summer or ignite a tent stove in the fall when the weather turns cold.

glamping tents are available from a variety of different manufacturers who specialize in glamping-style tents, and glamping tents are available in a variety of various styles, shapes, and sizes.

So, in order to avoid making mistakes when it comes to selecting the finest glamping tent, here are some characteristics that you should look for in a glamping tent.

Plan The Infrastructure And Decorate The Glamping Tent.

Prepare a rough sketch of the services and amenities that you will provide after your tent kits have arrived and your site has been determined. Power systems, appliances, furnishings, sewage systems, waste treatment equipment, sanitary facilities, and other related support accessories and facilities are examples of what may be included in this category. Make plans and arrangements for the field kitchen, restrooms, toilet paper, and onsite facilities (if any) such as a reception area, laundry room, gaming room, hot tub, swimming pool, and so on.

Choosy your favorite interior design style and then start shopping for matching furniture (for example, boho chic or country-western or rustic or elegant and modern or shabby chic, etc.).

  • Desk
  • Wardrobe and hangers
  • Tea table
  • Chair
  • Sofa
  • Nightstand
  • Light (bedside lamp, table lamp, floor lamp)
  • Rack and rugs.

Estimate Your Return On Investment

This is the most significant aspect of the glamping industry. Despite the fact that we have provided a case study above, you will still need to conduct extensive research in order to determine your benefits. After all, you’ll need to make a living. The initial launch costs of a glamping tent hotel are substantial, with the majority of the money going into site acquisition and tent purchase. Additional expenses include operational fees for the tent, which include things like real estate taxes, maintenance charges, personnel pay, and other utilities.

These are investment charges, and you must keep detailed records of them. After that, consider how much profit you want to make from your glamping venture. For the fastest return on investment, what do you want to charge your clients per night in order to obtain the highest possible revenue?

Consider Your Potential Customers and Promote Your glamping Business

What type of clientele do you want to stay at your glamping hotel? Customers may include people, families, couples, corporations, and other organizations, among other things. In order to successfully launch your glamping company, you must first examine the types of consumers you will serve, the kind of tent accommodations they want, and the services they anticipate from a glamping hotel. The glamping business model appears to be quite appealing. However, once you have completed all of your preparation work, you should determine how you will inform others of its existence.

  • The majority of your marketing efforts should be concentrated online.
  • It is possible to create your own website.
  • Booking sites such as Yelp, Airbnb,, Glamping Hub, Cool Camping, and others are another option for web marketing that you may use to promote your business or service.
  • Promote your glamping company on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and others.

Glamping Tents for Sale

15 various styles of the greatest glamping tents are available to purchase and use in the operation of your glamping company. We have canvas glamping tents as well as lodge tents and glamping dome tents as well as exotic tents and ultra-luxurious glamping tents. We also have glass geodesic domes, African safari style tents, exotic tents, permanent tent houses, and other semi-permanent glamping tents. Unlike other luxury tents, each one has its own distinct glamping flair. The size of our luxury glamping tents ranges from 24 square meters to more than 90 square meters, including a toilet.

  • Steel tubes, canvas, and polyvinyl chloride (PVDF) are the primary materials used to construct glamping tents, making them extremely robust and weather-resistant.
  • As a result, installing or disassembling them is a difficult task.
  • Learn how to start your glamping business by reading the Glamping Business Guide for Beginners (available in English and Spanish).
  • In addition, if you are interested in purchasing glamping tents for your glamping company and would want to learn more about the tent specifications, you may contact us via email or WhatsApp.

We are devoted to growing our glamping tent company around the world. We would be delighted to hear from you if you are interested in becoming a distributor of our tents in your country.

Glamping Tents

Click onGLAMPING TENTSto see models of the tents. HIGH QUALITY Glamping Tents for Sale at the Lowest Prices Available. MOST WILDERNESS CANVAS GLAMPING TENT SIZESWILL SHIP ONE TO FIVE BUSINESS DAYS AFTER ORDER. SHIPPING IS COMPLIMENTARY. Fifty percent of the total order value (between $25 and $2,000) is required to begin production. THE BALANCE IS DUE ON THE DELIVERY DATE. If an order is canceled, there will be no refund given. CHECK OUT THE 13 ROTATING GLAMPING TENT PICTURES AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE.

  • Choosing which canvas glamping tents to purchase might be a challenging decision.
  • If you have any questions about the tent to purchase, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.
  • You may rest confident that we will deliver exceptional quality and service.
  • This comprehensive book has 35 subjects that will significantly increase your understanding.
  • We periodically offer demo or used glamping tents for sale.
  • For further information, please contact us.


1. WildernessorMontana Canvas Tent as a single item 2.Tent and Angle Kit for Constructing a Frame 3.The Tent and the Entire Frame 4.Tent, angle kit for constructing a frame, tarp fly, and stove 5.Tent, complete frame, tarp fly, stove, and other accessories Wilderness and Montana tents may be found by clicking onCANVAS GLAMPING TENTS.


The most basic Wildernessglamping tent is available for purchase. includes: a zippered door on the front You have an option between a back door and a back window. Bag for a tent On the crest, there is a double layer of canvas. Extra strength is provided by webbing on the eave. Instead of grommets, a steel D ring is used at the eaves to provide additional support. Side walls are a full 5 feet in height. ADVANCED SIDE WALLS – A HIGHLY RECOMMENDED OPTION Six-foot-tall side walls give significantly more headroom and useful tent area.

Some businesses have sidewalls that are just 4′ 7″ high, which greatly limits the amount of area that may be utilized.

It’s akin to the difference between walking into a house with 8′ ceilings and walking into a more opulent house with 10′ ceilings.

It is highly recommended that you inquire of your suppliers about the completed height of side walls before to ordering so that you are not startled or dissatisfied when the walls are delivered. The 6′ side wall glam camping tents are presently the most popular choice among my resort customers.


Large glam tents are available in sizes ranging from 16 x 24 in the wilderness model to 18 x 23 in the Montana model, among other sizes. Custom sizes larger than 18 x 23 are available. When selecting a glamping tent for sale, the first crucial decision to make is the size of the tent to purchase. I have a minimum tent size guideline guidance that is based on the amount of people that will be sleeping in a hunting tent. The recommended size for a glamping tent is different because glampers like more room and because glamping tents have beds rather than bunk beds.

The simplest approach to calculate the size needed is to arrange all of the objects you intend to store in a tent in a garage with adequate distance between them.

Take into consideration the possibility of a stove and the heat standoff distance required for it when considering how much space to provide to it along the front-left wall.


Angle kits are available to let you to build your own steel conduit frames, which will help you save money. The average savings from building a conduit frame is from $250 to $400, depending on the size of the tent. We give the cut list, and the client is responsible for cutting the conduit. In most cases, cutting the frame takes around 1 1/2 hours. Click here for additional information about angular kits. These luxury tents are offered to both resort owners and private individuals who wish to stay in them.


The addition of an 8′ fly/tarp to the front of the house creates a comfortable porch space for your visitors. The 8-foot extended fly is the most often requested option by customers. The use of an extended fly allows visitors to sit outdoors and enjoy their glamping experience while being covered from the sun and rain.


Some of our most memorable glamping tent photographs were taken using the lodge pole setup. The rustic aesthetic is achieved by the use of lodge poles. If you want assistance in estimating the length of lodge poles, please contact us. Wilderness and Montana glam camping tents include a 6″ opening directly below the ridge on both ends, which allows for the installation of a lodge pole structure, as shown in numerous of the images. In the event that you are having problems choosing which glamping tent to purchase, please contact us for assistance.


The following accessories and options are available for glam camping tents:Front and rear screen doors Side windows are a great way to let in natural light. Using the back door Back windows are a good example of this. FloorsFlyExtended fly18″ steel stakes,coat racks, and wood stoves for winter usage are all included in the price of the fly.

Coat Hanger In the event that you decide to utilize a metal frame, coat racks would be a great addition to allow your clients to hang their coats and other items such as umbrellas, hats, and binoculars to make the experience more organized and pleasurable.


If you’re going camping in the winter, there are 12 different kinds of tent stoves to choose from. As a result of the accumulation of soot and ash in the stove spark arrestor at the top of the stove pipe, it will eventually fail. I strongly advise you to invest in an in-line spark arrestor, which should be installed between your stove and the first portion of stove pipe (see illustration). The in-line spark arrestor captures the majority of the soot and ash before it can travel up the stove pipe, preventing the top part of the pipe from being blocked.

Cleaning the in-line spark arrestor screen on a daily basis is the most effective way.

By checking the spark arrestor every 2-3 days, you will not have to worry about a clogged spark arrestor during the night, which may quickly fill a tent with smoke and cause it to collapse.


If you have any questions about which canvas glamping tents to buy, the options available, or delivery times, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-800-234-1150 or by email.


“Having purchased your wilderness glamping tents for the past eight years as I have expanded my business and replaced several tents from other suppliers, I am pleased with them. There have been no problems, despite the fact that several of my tents are eight years old. I want to get another 14 x 16, frame, fly, and Wilderness 5 stove since I have glampers coming in during the Fall season. Once again, thank you for your amazing tents.” -Will The forest glamping tent served as the foundation of my business.

  • Excellent feedback on the tent.
  • The 6′ sidewalls that you suggested make a significant impact.
  • The wilderness tents are genuinely exceptional, with high quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship.
  • Your tents, on the other hand, are less costly while maintaining the same high level of quality.
  • Charles Thank you for your prompt delivery.
  • I’m sorry for waiting until the last minute, but I was trying to figure out how many summer bookings I had already made.
  • I’ll make a point of ordering ahead of time next time.

Your tent has far above my wildest dreams.

I also want to express my appreciation for the fact that you ship the next day after placing an order.” -Jim “I am quite pleased with my purchase of your wilderness 6 foot side wall glamping tent.

Having six foot sides, as opposed to the standard five foot sidewall, creates an incredible amount of additional usable area.

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The cost of each glamping tent was also a significant factor in the decision.

Compared to your rivals’ 16 x 24 tents with 5 foot sidewalls, my tents featured 6 foot sidewalls and were $200-$300 less priced.

The 5 foot sidewalls of your rivals’ buildings restrict a person from walking within 2 feet of the sides.

The fact that you could dispatch my order within three days after receiving payment clinched the deal.

Wall Tent Shop manufactures high-quality tents at competitive prices.

When it is windy and the canvas ridge is constantly rubbing against the poles, the additional layer of canvas will aid in preventing ridge difficulties.

Once again, only your business installed steel D rings on the eaves in place of eave grommets, which is a common practice.

The fact that your screen doors ran from wall to wall was also a contributing element.

On hot days, the air circulation provided by your sidewall to sidewall screen doors is greatly increased.

Generally, I am a very pleased client.

Larry We offer some of the top glamping tents available on the market right now. CLICK HERE TO SEE 50 PICTURES OF GLAMPING TENTS FOR SALE Some of the images are of glam camping tents, while others are of hunting or camping scenes that may inspire you with regard to set up or style.

Would you like to know more about the costs of a safari tent?

At YALA premium canvas lodges, you can get an estimate of how much a safari tent will cost and all of the other options available. It is a common question we receive at YALA luxury canvas lodges: “How much do safari tents cost?” A simple question with a complicated answer. Given the wide range of glamping tents available, each with its own set of amenities, there is no one pricing for a safari tent. Using the different options available, we will provide you with an idea of the glamping tent rates, allowing you to select the safari tent that best meets your needs.

After all, we feel that knowing the returns is just as vital as knowing how much the safari tent will cost!

Learn more about the materials used in our safari tents.

Different safari tents, different costs

Our Bell Tent is the most basic safari tent available, and it is ideal for a camping trip in the great outdoors. It is quite inexpensive. This tent, on the other hand, is less ideal for those wishing for a lavish break because it does not include a kitchen or bathroom. Affordability is the most important factor in selecting a safari tent for your visitors. In order to ensure that your visitors have the best possible experience, we have categorized our glamping tents into four different categories: Classic, Superior, Deluxe, and Exclusive.


Our Classic safari tents are sturdy and small, and they are available at an affordable price. They have one to two bedrooms, and some are equipped with a kitchen and/or a bathroom, depending on the model. Our Classic safari tents are ideal for weekend trips, as well as for hikers and bikers searching for a comfortable base camp for their adventures.

  • Low initial investment, big return on investment It is suitable for smaller campground pitches. The use of practical design ensures that your visitors have a pleasant stay.


Safari tents from our Superior collection provide plenty of room and comfort. These lodges offer large living spaces, two to three bedrooms, a kitchen, and a bathroom. They are also pet friendly. It’s an excellent choice for families and groups of friends looking for a comfortable stay.

  • Lodges that are spacious and pleasant, making them ideal for families and parties. There are several layouts. Safari tents equipped with a bathroom and a kitchenette


Each of our Deluxe glamping tents has a distinctive and daring style that makes them stand out from the crowd. Every Deluxe glamping tent has lots of space, as well as a nice bathroom and a separate toilet area. Because of the high level of comfort provided, these lodges are appealing to both couples and families looking for luxury and comfort.

  • Designed for visitors who require a great deal of room and comfort
  • Bathroom and separate toilet facilities in luxurious glamping tents
  • Your resort will have an adventurous feel thanks to the use of stylish glamping tents.


A big living and dining area, a fully equipped kitchen, a separate toilet, and two or three master bedrooms with en-suite baths can be found in our elegant and opulent Exclusive lodges. Your visitors will be able to enjoy the outdoors while still having the wonderful experience of staying in a trendy hotel.

  • A boutique experience is distinguished by its high level of quality and elegance. The living room is spacious, and the balcony is suitable for relaxing. Designer kitchen with a luxurious feel

Glamping: Return on investment

Our safari tents and glamping tents are constructed from the highest-quality materials to resist even the most severe weather conditions on the planet. Even gusts of up to 10 Beaufort were recorded. Our safari tents are a wise investment because of the extended lifespan of the materials used and the durability of the construction.

In addition, our safari tents require minimum upkeep, which helps to keep expenses down for our customers. A return on investment for our glamping tents is often achieved in one and a half to two and a half seasons on average.

Safari tent materials

At YALA luxury canvas lodges, we design our own materials to ensure that we give the greatest possible level of quality. All of our materials are subjected to comprehensive testing to ensure that they satisfy the highest standards. We are able to produce canvas and PVC that is not only highly fire retardant (M2, B2, BS7837, and AS/NZS 1530.2-1993), but also entirely mold-resistant (AS/NZS 1530.2-1993). (mould level 0). In order to ensure maximum lifespan, our materials have a colorfastness rating of 6 (European Grade).

Safari tents with wooden frames

Sturdy hardwood frames are used to construct the safari tents and glamping tents from YALA luxury canvas lodges. The round beams, which have a diameter of 80 or 100 mm, have a sturdy appearance and mix in with the surrounding environment well. All connecting components are constructed of completely galvanized steel and are specifically designed to link the frame to the floor foundation as well as to the ground, resulting in a safe and robust structure. Interested in learning more about the cost of a safari tent or the return on investment of glamping?

Get in touch with us right away!

How much does a safari tent cost?

The 26th of February, 2020 Despite the fact that this is a commonly requested issue, we do not display the costs on our website. Why? This is because the answer to this question is actually equally diverse as our product offering. We do have a basic pricing structure in place (click here to receive our information package). However, in order to provide you with an accurate estimate of the costs, we must first obtain a clear understanding of your requirements. Purchasing a safari tent necessitates making the appropriate decisions.

  • Because we have a large selection of safari tents, the sizes of our safari tents might vary significantly.
  • Our safari tents may be used for a variety of different purposes, and their structure offers a variety of alternatives.
  • It’s not an issue.
  • You will be able to make the most of your available space in this manner.

Glamping Business Tents: Why Not Asking These Questions Could Cost You Thousands

In order to be successful in your endeavors to establish a glamping business, you must first decide on the sort of service that you will provide. There are some very crucial questions you should ask yourself and your tent provider before you make any decisions about whether or not to utilize tents as a source of revenue. Otherwise, you may make some very costly mistakes. “First and foremost, what are the greatest tents to utilize for my glamping business?” you might wonder. Then there’s the question of “How much do they cost and what is the return on investment.” Final question: “How long will they endure, and are my clients’ safety and well-being assured?” In fact, there are a number of questions to consider when starting a camping business, including: Do I need planning permission to put one up; Do I have to take it down and store it over the winter; Do I need to waterproof it at any point against the elements; How do I install a wood-burning stove in it; How do I keep it clean and ready for the new camping season; and, most importantly, how much money can I expect to make from my tent each year?

What’s The Best Type Of Glamping Business Tents?

The safari tent is one option for starting a glamping business from the ground up. It is spacious enough to comfortably accommodate beds for a family of up to six people while also providing space for luxurious seats, a cooking area, a wood burning fireplace, and open doors leading to an outside area. It is also one of the most affordable solutions, has the greatest longevity/cost ratio, generates the most revenue for a new firm, and, as a result, provides the highest return on investment; however, I go into further depth about this with the data below.

How Long Will it last and is it safe?

When it comes to shopping for a new tent, it is important to do your research. If you want a luxury tent, you should look for one with a fabric that will last at least 10 years and a choice of steel or wooden frames that will endure for the same amount of time. The quality canvas also has to be durable and fire retardant to high requirements (which is vital if you are planning to install a wood burner), so that they can keep your visitors secure, waterproof, and warm during their stay. Because the materials will last longer with this level of quality, you will get a greater return on your initial investment.

Do I need planning permission for this type of tent?

This is a thought-provoking question. Because the majority of glamping tents for sale are categorised as temporary constructions, it is possible that you will not require planning permission, especially if you want to take them down over the winter months to store them. However, once you begin to operate your tent as a company and charge people to stay in it, you will be required to obtain a license or approval from the appropriate authorities. However, each local planning authority is different, and you may be required to get authorization for a change of use for the property on which the glamping tents are located.

Do I need to take it down and store it over the winter?

While this is a possibility and may be beneficial in terms of meeting planning requirements, there are several things to consider while storing the tent during the winter. First and foremost, you will want a dry storage location for the equipment. This area must be clear of rodents, and the tent must be packed down carefully to avoid rips or tears in the fabric. For those who find it too much effort or do not have a storage space, you might get a winter kit, which is an outer tent that serves as a protective covering over the top of your safari tent when it is not in use.

Do I need to waterproof it with chemicals at any point?

Some materials, like as canvas, do require frequent waterproofing, which you should discuss with the manufacturer of your glamping tents before purchasing them.

How do I fit a wood-burning stove in it?

In this section, we’ve highlighted a variety of wood burning stoves and installation kits.

Unless you are confident that you will not damage your new tent, you can complete this task yourself. However, there are installation services available, which you can obtain through your tent provider.

How to I keep it clean and get it ready for the new camping season?

Every season, all you have to do is spray out the tent and wipe away any markings with a clean towel at the start of the season. Because there are no pesticides required, this is an excellent choice for environmentally sensitive locations or organic farms.

How much do they cost, what will I earn and what will the return on investment be?

According to one provider in the United Kingdom, the cost of a Superior 6m x 7m Safari Tent is £3,696 plus VAT. You could make back the money you spent on the Safari Tent in as little as three months if you allow for the cost of the base and interior decoration. The Safari Tent has a lifespan of approximately ten years, depending on the charges you charge your customers, the area in which you operate from, and the season in which you operate. Among the valuable information included in The Ultimate Glamping Business Guide are income forecasts and other important details.

Luxury camping and glamping training has never been more thorough in the outdoor sector, and it will give your new business the jumpstart it needs to stay one step ahead of the competition.

To discover more about the numerous types of glamping tents available, please visit our glamping business tents page.

As well as this, we have an extensive piece that walks you through all you need to know about launching a new glamping business in 2018.

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