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Greentop Hunting Tent – 20 x 20 ft. Frame Tent Fishing Frame Tent – Manor House (30 x 30 feet) Frame Tents (20 x 20), (20 x 40), and (30 x 30) – Rockett’s Landing Polegreen Tent – 30 x 60 Frame Tent – Historic Polegreen Frame Tent – Virginia War Memorial, 40 x 85 inches Maymont Park Garden Hall is a 20 x 40-foot frame tent. *Able to be set up with tent poles or tent weights if desired*

10 x 10 frame Tent

Greentop Hunting Tent – 20 x 20 Frame Tent Fishing Frame Tent – Manor House (30 x 30 feet). Frame Tents – Rockett’s Landing – 20 x 20, 20 x 40, 30 x 30 ft. The Historic Polegreen 30 x 60 Frame Tent Virginia War Memorial Frame Tent, 40 x 85 inches The Maymont Park Garden Hall is a 20 by 40 frame tent. A tent stake or tent weight can be used to secure it in place.

40 x 40 pole tent


mesh walling


cathedral window walling


55 Gallon Water Barrel


16 Gallon Water Barrel




Stringer Lights

$135.00 per 100 feet of length

Café String Lights

$189.00 per 54-foot section.

tent fan

Trail Hut is a secondhand business for outdoor goods that recently opened at 114 N. Second St. in Portland. (Photo courtesy of Michael Schwartz) A new outdoor gear store has set up business in the heart of the city. Trail Hut, which buys and sells used backpacks, hiking boots, outerwear, tents, cookware, and other outdoor gear for activities including as hiking and rock climbing, opened its doors earlier this year at 114 N. Second St. in downtown Richmond’s Old Town neighborhood. In addition to consignment, the shop purchases and sells secondhand equipment, as well as doing repairs.

  • It’s “the greatest moment for me personally and for Richmond as a whole,” he added, referring to the fact that more people are venturing outside.
  • Garrison hopes to carve out a niche for himself in the marketplace by offering enough product to allow customers to try different sizes and options and by creating a sense of community among his consignors and customers.
  • “Selling on Facebook Marketplace has a plethora of options.” Most people, however, prefer to try on a couple of backpacks before making a decision, and doing so on someone’s front porch is a little odd, according to the expert.
  • The vast majority of Trail Hut’s outdoor equipment is either used or offered on consignment basis.
  • Trail Hut provided the image.
  • Even while the brick-and-mortar experience is the store’s primary focus, Garrison explained that the company also conducts online sales, with around 90 percent of its inventory available for purchase on the store’s website.
  • “It’s essential to be on the internet and to embrace the internet as much as possible if you want to be a small store and stack the deck in our favor.

In 2009, Garrison began to consider the feasibility of an idea similar to Trail Hut.

“I was considering my options and came up with the idea of hiking the Appalachian Trail from beginning to end.

“I was able to purchase certain items on eBay, but I had to be more frugal because I had college loans and was unemployed,” he explained.

In some respects, I wished someone else would take care of things so that I could go.” Over the course of more than a decade, the concept resurfaced in his mind.

In the spring of last year, he was putting the finishing touches on Trail Hut, just as the economic consequences of the coronavirus epidemic began to be felt in the United States.

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Since the store’s soft launch in early January, it has been steadily increasing its inventory with an influx of donated and used products in preparation for its big opening in late April, which is scheduled to take place in late April.

Garrison does not have any official employees.

Truetimber Arborists acquired a backyard play equipment firm late last year and spun it off. Maiden Voyage Outfitters, a watersports rental company, opened its doors in Powhatan in June.

Commonwealth Event Company

Frame Tents and Structure Tents are strong, free-standing tents that are perfect for covering areas where center poles, stakes, and guy-lines would be impractical or impossible to install. They are typically utilized for long-term events since they are easy to put near to structures.

Large High Peak Pole Tents

High Peak Pole Tents are classic anchored tents that can be constructed on most surfaces and provide shelter from the weather. They are available in a variety of sizes and colors. The towering peaks of the tent make it an excellent choice for weddings and other major gatherings.

Tent AccessoriesAir Control

Stalls and barriers may be used to manage the perimeter of your event and coordinate guest flow, while air control accessories such as fans and heaters can be used to regulate the temperature within your tent.

China, Glassware, Flatware

The majority of fantastic weddings and celebrations have delectable food and beverages for attendees to enjoy. A constantly increasing variety of china, flatware, and glasses is available from Commonwealth Event Company to make your event planning process run more smoothly than before.

Dance Floors, Staging, Lighting

The ambiance and tone of a gathering are greatly influenced by the lighting and music used. Consult with one of our experienced event planners to ensure that the appropriate lighting, stage, and dance floor are provided to maximize your area.

Tables, Chairs, LinensMore

Tables, chairs, and country seating may be rented for weddings, feasts, campaign events, and other occasions. A wide range of colors and finishes are available in our linen collection, allowing us to match the style and ambiance of every occasion.

Tent Rentals

Being one of the largest tent rental companies in the Mid-Atlantic states provides us with a significant competitive edge over other tent rental companies in the area. As a result, we can supply you with the type and size of tent that will ensure the success of your next event. No need to understand the differences between a frame tent, clear span tent, and high peak pole tent since we have specialists available to meet with you to discuss your needs and event in order to ensure that your guests have a good time.

We have a large selection of tents to choose from, starting with 10′ by 10′ Frame Tents, which are ideal for individual vendor booths, refreshments, ticket tents, and a number of other uses.

We offer a variety of tent and top styles, including marquees, frames, high peak poles, and structure tents, as well as our new Clear Top tents and tops, which are available in sizes ranging from 10′ x 10′ to over 100′ in length.

For further information on sizes and specifics, please contact us. We have more tent rental options than anybody else in Central Virginia, so please inquire about how we can help you with your next event or gathering. Please contact us at (804) 264-6621 to get the process started.

PHOTOS: Valentine Express Tent at Kroger

The Valentine Express Tent at Kroger is shown above. The Valentine Express Tent at Kroger’s 9351 Atlee Road store serves as a shopping destination for customers. The 13th of February, 2022, is a Sunday. Pat Patrick examines the flowers for sale at Kroger’s Valentine Express Tent, which is located at the 9351 Atlee Road location. The date is Sunday, February 13, 2022. On Sunday, February 13, 2022, Michael Curley walks inside the Kroger’s Valentine Express Tent at the 9351 Atlee Road store and purchases flowers.

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ALEXA WELCH EDLUND/TIMES-DISPATCH ALEXA WELCH EDLUND In Kroger’s Valentine Express Tent at the 9351 Atlee Road store on Sunday, February 13, 2022, Donna Myers Zahn picks up a bouquet of flowers for Jason Moore who is visiting the shop.

ALEXA WELCH EDLUND/TIMES-DISPATCH ALEXA WELCH EDLUND Cupcakes will be available for purchase in the Valentine Express Tent at the Kroger store at 9351 Atlee Road on Sunday, February 13, 2022.

Donna Myers Zahn will be assisting Tyler Anderson.

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Workers demolish the Jefferson Davis Monument on Monument Avenue in Richmond, Virginia, on Thursday, February 8, 2022, as part of a larger restoration project. Take a look at the obituaries that were published in the Richmond Times-Dispatch today. Take a look at the obituaries that were published in the Richmond Times-Dispatch today. Take a look at the obituaries that were published in the Richmond Times-Dispatch today. Take a look at the obituaries that were published in the Richmond Times-Dispatch today.

These animals are available for adoption in the Richmond, Virginia region.

Maymont Big Tent Community Festival

In partnership with Maymont, the Richmond Symphony Orchestra and the Richmond Symphony Orchestra will host a Big Tent community event on Saturday, September 12, from 3 to 8 p.m. on the expansive and magnificent Carriage House Lawn at Maymont. Afro-American Voices will feature moving performances of uplifting music by Black composers as well as emotional living history depictions of African-American staff members at Maymont from 1893 to 1925. The 5th District of Richmond Public Schools receives funding from the Big Tent Festival, which raises funds for music and art programs.

  1. MAYMONT is located at 1700 Hampton Street in Richmond, Virginia 23220.
  2. If there is no parking available at the Historic Estate Entrance (1700 Hampton Street), guests can park at the Robins Nature Center (2201 Shields Lake Drive) or on the street if there is any available.
  3. COST: There is no charge, but pre-registration is essential.
  4. Pre-registration is required in order to be placed on the waitlist.
  5. To view the schedule of performances, please CLICK HERE.
  6. Ray’z Big Dogz, The Neighborhood Scoop, Sweet Temptations by Teresa COVID-19 FOODTRUCKS RESPONSE: In our current economic climate, live music and art, a sense of belonging, and enjoyment are all highly prized goods.

The following measures are necessary in order for us to deliver this opportunity to the community properly. We urge that everyone follow these guidelines.

  • Everyone attending, even newborns, must have tickets booked in advance
  • This includes children.
  • In painted parts of the grass, patrons are seated with their pod/family unit, with a 6-foot space between pods. You may bring chairs and/or a blanket if you want to relax. Others’ personal space should be respected. At all times while you are not in your designated area on the grass, you must wear a mask. For those who want to eat on the go, food trucks and beer will be on hand, and orders and payments may be placed online or by phone for contactless purchases, or you can pay with cash. It is only permitted to eat food and beverages in your allotted pod
  • Guests will be permitted to bring one (1) unopened bottle of water and one (1) clear gallon size Ziploc bag of food with them. Coolers that must be transported by hand or on wheels will be forbidden.
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Entrance to Maymont should be made through the Historic Estate Entrance (1700 Hampton Street). If there is no parking available at the Historic Estate Entrance (1700 Hampton Street), guests can park at the Robins Nature Center (2201 Shields Lake Drive) or on the street if there is any available. PRIOR TO YOUR VISIT: If possible, please go through the following checklist with all members of your party before you arrive on the day of your appointment. If you or any member of your party exhibits any of the symptoms listed below, please notify us immediately so that your tickets can be released.

  • Having a feverish feeling or having a measured temperature that is greater than or equal to 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit
  • A person who has had intimate contact with a person who has been lab-confirmed to have COVID-19 in the last 14 days
  • Coughing that is new or intensifying and that cannot be related to another medical condition a fresh sore throat that cannot be linked to any medical issue
  • And Chills that have appeared recently and cannot be linked to another health problem
  • The onset of new shortness of breath that cannot be related to another medical issue Muscle pains that have developed for no apparent reason other than a medical condition or a certain activity

Non-food vendors and the children’s zone will not be featured in this event in order to restrict exposure. Whilst this is a free community event, please consider making a personal or business gift to help support the organizers and their work. The proceeds from this event will be used to fund the music and art programs at Richmond Public Schools in the 5th District! Donation links will be made accessible as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, please get in touch with Kristen using the information provided below.

Volunteers will be required to adhere to stringent health and safety regulations.

Contact For further information, contact Kristen Allegood, Community Partnerships Manager for the Richmond Symphony at [email protected] or 804-788-4717 x141.

Custom Printed Table Tents in Richmond

Our custom printed Table Tents are available in a variety of sizes and come at an inexpensive price range. For temporary tabletop signs at restaurants, bars, cafés, lobby counters, and other establishments, they are excellent choices. Table Tents are printed on paper and are sent to you scored and ready to be folded. The sizes offered are 4′′ x 6′′ and 5′′ x 7′′ in both portrait and landscape orientations. All of our items are printed on-site in Richmond, Virginia, where we are located. We offer state-of-the-art printers for printing on a variety of media, including roll media, sheet media, and rigid substrates of various varieties.

Precision picture reproduction is achieved at remarkable rates using this equipment.

We also have printed take-aways such as flyers, sell sheets, and brochures available.

We built this Job Completion Estimator in order to help you with your project planning.

Simply choose the day you want your order to be completed, fill out a few information, and you’ll know precisely when your project will be completed! By selecting a day, a new browser tab or window will be opened, and the Job Completion Estimator Tool will be loaded for that day.

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