Where Is Caesar’S Tent Fallout New Vegas

Caesar’s tent

“You are not permitted to enter Caesar’s tent with anybody else. Anyone else is required to remain on the outside.” Caesar’s tentis a place in theMojave Wasteland in the year 2281, and an unnamed Praetorian guard is stationed outside the tent. It is constructed on the fort’s crest above a hill. It serves as Caesar’s primary battleground residence.


The tent is made up of four distinct tents that are arranged in front of an open-air throne chamber. The main room’s entryway functions as a reception area and checkpoint for the rest of the building. Praetorian guards andLegion mongrels are stationed here for protection. A war room or command center for the Legion can be located to the left and right of the open space, and it has numerous tables that are scattered with maps, clipboards, and other reading materials. In the center of the tent part lies Caesar’s throne room, which is the largest and most important room in the entire structure.

The space behind the throne holds Caesar’s bed, an Auto-Doc Mark III, and a footlocker that is not accessible to the public.

The decisions made by theCourierearlier in the game have an impact on the other inhabitants.

Notable loot

  • 2000 caps and a T-45d power helmet are kept in a footlocker that is extremely hard to open. For the task, a slave ledger for the Legion was created. The dreaded “Oh My Papa” Caesar’s armor, which was worn by Caesar, can be found on the far side of the left wing of Caesar’s tent, near to some metal shelves and scrap metal.


The Courier may use Caesar’s bed after he dies since the bed is no longer considered Caesar’s property.


Caesar’s tent occurs only in Fallout: New Vegas, and it has no further appearances.


TentTexture file with a ” data-src=” of Hoover Dam, located on the desk to the right of the tent.

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Question: Where Is Caesar’s Tent Fallout New Vegas

Caesar’s tent is a place in the Mojave Wasteland that can be found in the game. Caesar’s residence is located at the summit of the hill on which the Fort is constructed.

How do I get to Caesar’s camp in Fallout New Vegas?

You will have to travel to Cottonwood Cove to complete your task. Upon reaching Cottonwood Cove, go to Cursor Lucullus and inform him that you are ready to accompany him on his journey. This is the only route to get to The Fort from here. You should enter Caesar’s Tent after you have arrived at The Fort.

How do you get into Legate Lanius tent?

Layout. The tent is only available for a few brief moments when the Courier is in route to Legate Lanius to receive the Veni, Vidi, Vici quest. The interior is comprised of a central table on which maps of Hoover Dam are displayed. A second map has been pinned on the wall.

How can I get free Weathers?

It is also possible to pickpocket Canyon Runner or loot his body in order to obtain the key to the Weathers’ collars, after which the cage may be broken into. With the key, enter the cage and speak with any of the Weathers family members to rescue them from their captivity.

Should I kill or save Caesar?

If you murder Caesar, you’ll have to pass a really difficult Speech choice, or else the Legion will turn hostile toward you.

For your other character, slaying Caesar and butchering everyone in his camp has absolutely no effect on anything.

Can you get Legate Lanius armor?

It is possible to recover the Legate’s helmet upon his death; however, his armor cannot be fitted without the use of console instructions. Because the plot concludes shortly after receiving it, there is only a limited amount of time to put it to use after it has been obtained.

How do you get your weapons back in Caesar’s tent?

Eedrah is the name of the user. If you want your belongings back, all you have to do is persuade the person to ferry you back to the other side of the river. Even after telling Caesar I refused to work for him, he became angry, but I still received my belongings when I left. The 8th of May, 2011

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How do you kill Caesar in Fallout?

– All you have to do is sneak in with a silenced weapon and take him out with a couple of headshots. – To get to Caesar’s tent, you must first refuse to disarm at the gate and then blow your way past the Legion to get there. – Remove him from the game by completing the mission Et Tumor, Brute.

How do you get to legate’s camp early?

To get to Nellis Air Force Base, you must travel northwest around Jacobstown and then east all the way to the base. Once you’ve arrived, you’ll want to walk southeast until you reach the river. Jump into the river and make your way directly to Legate’s Camp.

How do you kill Legate Lanius?

To defeat this individual, you must defeat him to the best of your ability, or, in any case, you must have a speaking or barter skill of 100 or above. Getting your best weapon and ammo is essential, as is doing VATS while in motion.

What happens if you kill Caesar before Benny?

Is it feasible to get rid of Caesar before a meeting with House, for instance. AFAIK, this is not the case. You’ll have to wait to visit Ceasar unless you’re invited. That is, either you murder Benny or you let him go, after which Vulpes will meet you outside The Tops and award you the Mark of Caesar.

Where is the fort in Fallout New Vegas?

The Fort is located in the same geographic location as the real-world Fortification Hill, which is located on the Arizona side of Lake Mead and overlooks the Hoover Dam. In the real world, Fortification Hill is located on the Nevada side of Lake Mead and overlooks the Hoover Dam.

How do you get to dry wells in Fallout New Vegas?

Dry Wells is a tribe camp in Arizona that is located south of Cottonwood Cove, along the Colorado River, in the year 2281. It is now under the control of Caesar’s Legion. Obtaining access to it will require the completion of the Fallout: New Vegas expansion Lonesome Road, which involves directing nuclear missiles towards Legion territory.

How do you get Anders down?

In other cases, a knockout weapon (boxing tape, for example) can be used to knock Anders off the cross without killing him completely. PC users may re-engage with Anders by opening the console, clicking Anders, and typing addtopic AndersFree, followed by re-opening the conversation.

Can you free the slaves at the fort?

The option to release the slaves at the Fort will become available to you if you’ve established a persistent hostile relationship with the Legion (by failing the objective Beware the Wrath of Caesar!). Freed slaves are instantly sent to the right place after leaving the Fort, allowing you to visit there in a short amount of time to check up on them.

Where is Alice Hostetler?

Alice Hostetler is a teenage farmer who is striving to make ends meet in the Mojave Wasteland in the year 2281.

What is the last quest in Fallout New Vegas?

‘No Gods, No Masters’ is an achievement/trophy and the final main quest in Fallout: New Vegas if the Courier chooses to side against the three other main factions (the NCR, Caesar’s Legion, and Mr. House) and fight for an independent New Vegas by enlisting the aid of Yes Man to aid them in their fight.

Does killing Caesar do anything?

In reality, hardly much happens at all. The onslaught continues to take place, and Legate Lanius remains the ultimate boss.

What happens if you kill Caesar before Hoover Dam?

Killing Caesar, on the other hand, is entirely conceivable, and doing so will solely have an affect on the Legion side of the main quest line. It will not be altered by the killing of Caesar, and the Legion will continue to assault in the same manner as they would in any other sort of NCR or Independent Vegas playthrough.

Who is Mr House based on?

The personality of Mr. House is modeled by that of Howard Hughes. An allusion to another work of fiction, Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane, which was itself based on the life of William Randolph Hearst, may be seen in his fixation with snowglobes.

How do you destroy the Legates camp?

When you go to the Legate Camp, which is right below where he is, be sure you murder everyone who is there. Take them out with a weapon (preferred sniper rifle or scoped weapon) and snipe them once they’re dead. The sneak attack critical will be successful, and he will race down the slope to attack you.

How do I get to the fort if vilified?

Make your way to Cottonwood Cove. Find Cursor Lucullus and take him out with a shot. Aim towards the raft and press the “activate” button. Kill EVERY single member of the Legion! Take the Platinum Chip from the body of whichever of those savages happens to be in possession of the chip.

How do I get to the legate’s camp in New Vegas?

In the year 2281, the Legate’s camp is a site in the Mojave Wasteland. It is located east of the Hoover Dam on the Colorado River. It is encircled on all sides by cliffs and mountains, making it inaccessible for the bulk of the game’s characters. The only method to get access to the camp without resorting to exploits is during the last leg of the main quest line.

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough Render Unto Caesar

This Fallout: New Vegas tutorial is broken down into a total of ten chapters. Using the links above, you may navigate to pages in the game that are close by.

Render Unto Caesar

Getting Started in Fallout: New Vegas: Fallout New-Vegas Walkthrough 45You will be greeted outside the casino by Vulpes Inculta, one of Caesar’s most faithful henchmen. Then he’ll hand you something called “The Mark of Caesar” and inform you that Caesar wants to speak with you at The Fort. Getting Started in Fallout: New Vegas: Fallout New-Vegas Walkthrough To reach Cottonwood Cove, you’ll have to travel a long distance. Getting Started in Fallout: New Vegas: Fallout New-Vegas Walkthrough 47Once you’ve arrived in Cottonwood Cove, go to Cursor Lucullus and inform him that you’re ready to accompany him on his journey.

  • Getting Started in Fallout: New Vegas: Fallout New-Vegas Walkthrough 48Once you’ve arrived at The Fort, go into Caesar’s Tent to rest.
  • House’s vault and destroy everything you discover down there, according to the game.
  • Getting Started in Fallout: New Vegas: Fallout New-Vegas Walkthrough Incorporate the Platinum Chip into the Weather Station Console as shown in Figure 51.
  • Getting Started in Fallout: New Vegas: Fallout New-Vegas Walkthrough 53This will finish the quest ‘Wild Card: You and What Army?’ and award the achievement.
  • Getting Started in Fallout: New Vegas: Fallout New-Vegas Walkthrough 55Speak with Caesar, who will agree to let you punish Benny as a reward for the’service’ you’ve ‘done’ for him in exchange for your cooperation.
  • Getting Started in Fallout: New Vegas: Fallout New-Vegas Walkthrough The terminal will be on the left wall of Lucky 38’s penthouse once you’ve entered the building’s penthouse.
  • Getting Started in Fallout: New Vegas: Fallout New-Vegas Walkthrough 58To go to Mr.
  • Getting Started in Fallout: New Vegas: Fallout New-Vegas Walkthrough 59 After you’ve opened the chamber’s door, you’ll have the option of keeping Mr.
  • Getting Started in Fallout: New Vegas: Fallout New-Vegas Walkthrough 60Once you’ve dealt with Mr.
  • Yes Man will be waiting for you outside the casino, in front of the entrance.

House has been defeated and that you are ready for him to join you at Lucky 38. Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough – Fallout New-Vegas 61 When you arrive at the Lucky 38 casino, Yes Man will take you through a demonstration of the improved version of Securitrons.

More Fallout: New Vegas Walkthroughs

This Fallout: New Vegas tutorial is broken down into a total of ten chapters.

How to Join Caesar’s Legion in Fallout: New Vegas

Documentation Download Documentation Download Documentation Located at the doorstep of the NCR (New California Republic) and Mr. House in Fallout: New Vegas, Caesar’s Legion is a violent slaver organization that preys on the unwary. If their group piques your attention, you may be able to join their ranks and serve under the leadership of Caesar. You must complete the main questline until you reach the “Ring-a-Ding-Ding” quest in order to have the opportunity to join Caesar’s army.

StepsDownload Article

  1. Enter the Tops Casino and talk with one of Caesar’s men as soon as you exit the building. The Tops Casino, which is located on the New Vegas Strip, will be your last destination if you have completed the quest “Ring-a-Ding-Ding.” It is Vulpes Inculta (or Alerio, if Vulpes Inculta has been murdered) who will face you and bestow upon you a necklace known as the Mark of Caesar, which will allow you to walk through the fort where Caesar is located without being seen or heard from. The Legionnaire will direct you to Cottonwood Cove, where you may take a boat to get to the fort
  2. 2go to Cottonwood docks to complete your journey. Cottonwood Cove is a Legionnaire camp that can be found in the southeast corner of the game map. In close proximity to the campgrounds, there will be a series of piers along the river. Locate the campgrounds and stone structures, and then follow the canal to the docks, which are on the other half of the island. Speak to Lucullus, the ferryman, for further information. At the docks, he may be spotted standing next to a boat. He is simple to locate because he is the only Legionnaire at the docks, and the boat is the only boat in the vicinity of where he is standing. Approach him and engage in conversation with him. 3Get on board the boat, says the advertisement. You have two options for starting the boat ride: either chat with Lucullus or just click on the boat itself. However, if this is your first encounter with Lucullus, you will need to chat with him before embarking on the boat voyage to the fort
  3. 4Climb the hill to the fortifications. As soon as you step off the boat, go down the dirt route, passing through the presence of Legionnaire guards. The dirt path leading up to the fort can be discovered right away and will take you all the way up to the fort. Follow it up the stairwell until you reach the top of the hill
  4. 5pass through the fort to Caesar’s tent to complete the circuit. Entrance is through the massive gates at the top of the hill, and once inside, make a beeline straight towards Caesar’s tent. His tent is just ahead of you
  5. But, in order to get to it, you must first go through the combat ring. The dirt track winds its way around the fort’s interior workings in a variety of directions. He is fortunate in that his tent is plainly visible because it is the largest in the fort and is located on top of a hill overlooking the combat field
  6. 6 Speak with Caesar about it. As soon as you walk through the door into Caesar’s tent, you’ll see him seated on his throne straight ahead. By clicking on him, you may start a conversation with him. As soon as you have a conversation with Caesar, he will ask you to enter a vault under his tent and destroy everything is contained within. Caesar will hand over the platinum chip that will allow you to open the vault door
  7. 7 Comply with Caesar’s instructions. Make your way into the underground vault, eliminating the enemy defensive robots that you encounter along the way. Once you’ve cleared out the vault and reached the bottom, you’ll have the option of either self-destructing or activating the dormant robot army that has taken up residence inside. Operate the console with your platinum chip to have the option of activating the army or initiating the self-destruct procedure, depending on your preference. Whichever option you choose, you will never have the opportunity to engage with the robot army. As an alternative, you will be able to observe them through a window in the operations console area.
  • Whatever option you choose, Caesar will not be able to tell the difference since he will only hear a sound from below the fort, leading him to believe that you have destroyed whatever was within. If you do decide to activate the robot army, Mr. House will be delighted with your decision
  • After you have completed this mission, you will become a Caesar-serving soldier. Caesar will then command you to do a number of objectives (as a member of the Legion), including eliminating Mr. House, getting support from the Boomers, dealing with the White Glove Society, and defeating the Brotherhood of Steel.
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If you already received the Mark of Caesar before you were reviled by the Legion, you may do the following (according to the “Render Unto Caesar” entry on Fallout Wiki): If you are despised by the Legion at any point throughout this quest, the mission will fail and the free questBeware the Wrath of Caesar! will begin as a result of your actions. If this is the case, you will be unable to proceed with the primary questline for the Legion. To get to Benny at The Fort at this point, there are only two methods available to you, and both of them will entail fighting or murdering.

  • The most of it, though, should still be applicable.) If you’ve been reviled by the Legion again again, or if you simply don’t like the Legion, you can still accomplish the mission.
  • Keep your buddies away from the entrance, as the guards will notice and a shootout will erupt.
  • If you don’t speak to anyone except the dock officer and stay away from all legion dogs, you’ll be apprehended.
  • Because you are disguised, the guards inside the camp will identify you, but you will be able to murder them without causing alarm across the remainder of the camp.
  • In the second scenario, one would just eliminate everything in one’s immediate vicinity.
  • Kill anything in your path between you and the bunker, then proceed with the objective as usual.

Render Unto Caesar – p. 1 – Fallout: New Vegas Game Guide

NextThe main plot of the novel Caesar’s Legion is a group of soldiers that serve under the leadership of Julius Caesar.

Render unto Caesar – p. 2 of Render Unto Caesar PreviousThe main plot of the narrative Herr House, thank you for your service. The House Always Comes Out on Top, VII

The following is the main plotline: Caesar’s Legion is a military organization that was founded in Rome in 44 BCE to fight the Romans. Give Caesar what is due him – p. 2 PreviousThe main plot of the tale. Herr House, thank you for your assistance. The House Always Comes Out on Top, Volume VII.

  • Prove to him that you have the Mark of Caesar
  • Tell him that you are a merchant
  • And assault him.

Proceed to meet with Cursor Lucullus(M8:1) 1, who will convey you to your destination (MsE:5). Give your weapons away (or hide them) and then proceed to the inner camp (M9:1) to meet with Caesar 2 and his men. Your mission is to demolish the vault of Mr. House (M9:2). It can only be accessed if you have the Platinum Chip in your possession. If you don’t already have it, you’ll be receiving it from Caesar right away. When you enter the vault, you will be able to retrieve all of your seized things.

  1. Let’s start with the.
  2. House may be found on a monitor (M9A:1) at the entrance, and it is your last chance to switch allegiances to a side to whom you are loyal.
  3. House’s underground vault, you will not be able to join him in his new home.
  4. Prepare yourself for your first encounter with Protectron 2.
  5. In the main hall, you will encounter an army of Securitrons, which you should avoid at all costs.
  6. You have two options at this point:
  • You have the option of destroying Securitrons’ army or upgrading them.

If you’ve opted to annihilate the army, you’ll need to take down three nuclear reactors first (M9A:3) To upgrade Securitrons, however, you must walk upstairs to a console that may be used to enhance the army, which is located on level 1. (M9A:4) 2. Simply utilize the Chip to accomplish this. If you decide to destroy the army, you will be unable to collaborate with Mr. House, and you will also encounter a number of securitrons on your return journey to the capital. In spite of the earthquake created by the army’s upgrade, Caesar will believe that there was a huge explosion that destroyed a subterranean structure, which allows you to continue cooperating with the dictatorship.

  • Battle him to the death in the arena
  • Have him crucified
  • And assassinate him in the tent of Caesar.

Mr. House

Mr. House must be killed or rendered useless as your next objective in your journey to capture Las Vegas. Victor will greet you when you arrive at the (M7:1) location. Take the elevator down to the lower level. You’ll eventually come upon a massive television screen with an image of Mr. House on it. You must have the following items in order to have full access to terminals:

  • Obtaining a Platinum Chip is necessary in order to finish it. VIP keycard for Lucky 38 – you may either obtain it from (MsB:6) or you can rely on your own abilities.

NOTICE: If you opt to open a hall, your attempt will be considered a failure, and you will be unable to join Mr. House. Navigate to the terminal on your left 1 and open the hall door. There are twoSecuritronsinside the room, and they will attack you as soon as you walk through the door. The two options are as follows: either disable them using a terminal on the right (which will only have a temporary impact), or move immediately to a terminal on the left 2and go straight to the Mr.

House’s life support chamber may be found in a control room, which you can enter. When you activate it through the terminal, you’ll be presented with a few options:

  • Kill Mr. House
  • Sterilize the life support chamber
  • And disable the cerebral implant are all things that must be done.

If you have opted to have the implant deactivated, you will not suffer any negative consequences. Return to Caesar (M9:1) and inform him that the assignment has been completed. Next The main plot of the novel Caesar’s Legion is a group of soldiers that serve under the leadership of Julius Caesar. Render unto Caesar – p. 2 of Render Unto Caesar Prev The main plot of the novel Herr House, thank you for your service. The House Always Comes Out on Top, VII

The Fort – Setting the Stage – Walkthrough

One dictator has been deposed (unless you’re on his side, of course), and now it’s time to meet with another tyrant. Return to the Old Mormon Fort and re-enlist Arcade Gannon if he isn’t already on your team, as well as starting his companion quest for Auld Lang Syne if you haven’t previously done so. After that, take a quick trip to Cottonwood Cove and go to the docks along the Colorado River. If you speak with Cursor Lucullus, he will arrange for you to be transported over the Colorado River on a raft to Caesar’s fort if you so choose.

Ask what goods are prohibited, then pass a check to keep your more benign chems (Stimpaks and Med-X), then keep holdout firearms, if at all possible, to avoid being detained by authorities.

From the entrance to The Fort, travel north-east down a trench until you come across Dale Barton, a trader who has earned the trust of the Legion and who will be happy to assist you.

As soon as you’ve finished dealing with Dale, travel north-west through a gate and up a hill, where you’ll find numerous flights of stairs that will lead you into the inside of the fort.

Blood and Sand

Take a right at the gate that separates the inner fort from the outer fort and walk west until you reach an arena. because what imitation Roman camp would be complete without an arena? You may discover more about this Legate Lanius and the arena by speaking with Otho outside, and then, if you’re a guy, you can participate in the arena competition. There are no females permitted. In Caesar’s Legion, the patriarchy is very much alive and well. There are a few things to bear in mind regarding these conflicts; first and foremost, you will not be able to retain any of the toys you brought in with you.

If your Melee Weapons skill set isn’t particularly remarkable, you may not want to participate in the game.

In the first round, you’ll have to contend with two Slaves, who are limited to nothing more than falling over and dying.

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The third round will put you against Stella, an NCR Ranger who was taken during the Legion’s attack on Ranger Station Charlie.

She will be your opponent in this round. Despite the fact that she fights unarmed, she’s. rather strong. Otho will be impressed if you just put her down. What will you get as a reward for this? At the end of each round, you’ll receive some Caesar’s Legion Fame.

Siris Powder Problem

Take a northerly path away from the arena to encounter Siri standing near a mess tent. Inquire about her medical background to get a not-so-subtle indication that she is having difficulty keeping the camp stocked with Healing Powder. In the event that you pass acheck or acheck, you can advise her on how to properly use her ingredients in order to get some Caesar’s Legion Notoriety. Anything else is up for discussion, including questions concerning herself and the Legate Lanius. To the left, you may assist a slave named Siri in better managing her supplies, and to the right, you can locate a young girl named Melody, whose toy has been stolen by a nasty Legionary (right).

Melody and Antony

Continue west from the mess tent, turning south as necessary, and then climbing west down a ledge to reach a lower area of the camp, which is accessible only by foot. While traveling, loot the tents along the way, since many of them contain Footlockers containing mediocre weapons and Legion armor, as well as the occasional Legion currency. Follow the path south via several stairwells and east past a tent until you come across the young slave girl Melody who awaits you beyond. Pass a check to persuade her to talk, and she’ll beg you to help her reclaim her Sergeant Teddy toy from Antony, which you’ll do.

  1. Following them up, head north-east until you reach another set of steps that leads to the top.
  2. Provided you approach the insane dog trainer and inquire about Melody’s bear, he will agree to give it to you.
  3. As an alternative, you can either persuade him to hand it up with a check, a check (if you’re well-liked among the Legionnaires), or you may simply steal it from him.
  4. If you choose not to fight, you can try to talk him down to two dogs.
  5. Even better, a sad Antony will be forced to give over Sergeant Teddy.
  6. You may then either return Sergeant Teddy to Melody or prepare her for some severe Legion punishment if you like (right).
  7. It is recommended that you skip to the “Caesar’s Legion”section of the handbook if you wish to support Caesar’s Legion.

Following Mr.

House”part of the book, while the “Wild Card” section of the guide goes through how to take over New Vegas and make it your own.

If you don’t, don’t be too concerned; there will be further opportunities to activate it later on if you join with Mr.

Before you go, inquire with Antony about the possibility of using Lupa’s brain for your cyber dog.

provided you first defeat Lupa in the arena.

In any case, if you kill her, you may scavenge her body for Lupa’s Brain, which is the third brain you can use to repair Rex.

Furthermore, by defeating Lupa in the arena, you will receive even more Caesar’s Legion Fame.

Anyway, once you’ve finished slaying Legion Mongrels, head back to Melody and return her bear to her as a gesture of goodwill. Alternatively, you might rip it up in front of her to lose Karma and win Caesar’s Legion Fame, you evil person that you are.


All of the questing that is currently available in The Fort has been discussed in detail. It’s time to meet Caesar, and there will be no more postponing. Enter the powerful Caesar’s tent, which is located in the midst of camp, and speak with him. Even though the Legion has forgiven you, Caesar has not forgotten your deeds and will scold you for your involvement in conspiring against him at Nelson and Camp McCarran, as well as in his dealings with the White Glove Society and the Omertas. Having listed your transgressions, he will tell you why he has brought you here, what you are expected to accomplish for him, and how to get the Platinum Chip back.

  1. The phrase “How may I serve your Legion, Caesar?” will garner some Caesar’s Legion Fame, but other than that, you won’t have much freedom to move in this conversation.
  2. Fighting your way through the entire camp with your decent weapons is preferable to attempting to battle him and his Praetorians with Love and Hate or other holdout weapons, which will only make things worse.
  3. House dead or incapacitated (if he is already dead or disabled, Caesar does not appear to be aware of this), and he wants you to begin by demolishing his bunker beneath the camp.
  4. If you allow Benny to escape from The Tops, he will let you to select how he will die.
  5. Assuming you haven’t previously, you can engage in conversation with him to discover more about his background and intentions.
  6. sorry, Benny, no free lunch for you.
  7. If you have a high level of reputation with the Legion, Lucius will teach you the Legion Takedown, an unarmed strike (left).

Before you leave Caesar’s company, speak with Lucius, the head of the Praetorian Guard, and inquire as to why he is unarmed.


He should offer you the Legion Safehouse Key once you have spoken with him again and he has determined that you are “Liked” or “Idolized.” In addition, you can inquire about himself, Legate Lanius, and the Burned Man to gain a better understanding of the Legion as a whole.

Accept the offer to assist in the beginning of the quest I can hear you knocking on the door.

It includes some fantastic treasure, such as 2000 Caps, a Power Fist, and a T-45d Power Helmet, among other things.

Afterwards, go back to your starting point and investigate the writing to the south, where you’ll discover the Legion Slave Ledger on a table. Picking up this item now will assist you in completing a task that is linked to the NCR later on, so you may as well get it while you’re here.

You And What Army?

You are now obligated to assist Caesar until you have completed your work in the bunker; you are unable to escape, quick travel, or do anything else. It’s time to get down to business. The stone structure is located at the western end of the camp, heading west from Caesar’s tent and going downward to discover it. The Weather Monitoring Station will be closed and the Weather Station Guard inside will speak with you, returning your equipment. which is a good thing considering what you may be facing in the near future.

  1. You will be able to descend inside the bunker through some doors that will open to the north.
  2. House is still alive, he will project himself onto a terminal in a small room to the south of the Securitron Vault.
  3. House will project himself.
  4. Nothing more than Mr.
  5. House’s Securitron army is stationed, will be provided.
  6. A self-interested Courier, on the other hand, would be interested in this for their own financial advantage.
  7. In the end, you never know when a new Benny will come along and attempt to make use of this authority.

House’s bunker, which is located beneath Fortress Hill (left).

To begin, it’s important to understand that this bunker is only moderately radioactive throughout, meaning you’ll only receive one RAD for the duration of your stay.

The first difficulty cannot be avoided, while the second problem may be avoided.

Keep going south until you reach three terminals: the Sentrybot Operations Terminal, the Turret Operations Terminal, and the Protectron Operations Terminal.

If you can, break into the bunker’s two hackable terminals and disable that particular variety of protection.

Then, before you leave the area, go to the south-eastern corner of the room and pick up a Plasma Rifle, an Ammo Box, and two Grenade Boxes, before returning to the corridor.

Beyond there, you’ll discover four neutral Sentry Bots, which you may take out if you have a high Sneak score or if you have a decent Sneak score.

Follow the path to the west into a rectangle chamber defended by two Protectrons and a Turret, pausing briefly to see the Securitron army hidden behind the windows.

Then descend the stairs to the south, where you will find a generator room manned by Protectrons.

A Power Regulator may be found in each chamber, and it can be demolished with surprising ease.

Depending on whether or not the Sentrybots are still operational, when the first Regulator is destroyed, the Sentrybot will be released, and after the third, you’ll need to get out of here as quickly as possible.

Because the bunker will be inundated with RADS once you smash the last Regulator, it would be a good idea to pop some Rad-X before you demolish the last Regulator (about 6 per second).

Objective Reward
For destroying Mr. House’s bunker 500 XP

You must put the Platinum Chip into the Securitron Operations Console at Fortification Hill in order to activate the Securitron army under Fortification Hill (left). Alternatively, you can destroy each of the three Power Regulators in turn to bring the bunker down (right). You can, on the other hand, walk through a door to the west, deal with another Turret, then climb some stairs to the north to reach the “SYSTEMS ROOM” if you don’t want to cause devastation. You will encounter three additional Turrets here, after which you will be able to put the Platinum Chip into the Securitron Operations Console to upgrade and activate the entirety of the army.

House or yourself), or destroy the bunker if you wish to help Caesar’s Legion or the National Coalition of Resistance.

Wild Card: Who are you and what army are you with?

Objective Reward
For activating the Securitrons in Mr. House’s bunker 750 XP

After you have completed Caesar’s orders in the bunker beneath Fortification Hill, you are free to deal with Benny in whatever way you see fit. It is possible to get revenge by fighting him fairly in the arena (on the left), but you can also have him crucified for a more sadistic and vindictive Courier (on the right). Regardless of whether you choose to demolish the bunker or activate the Securitrons, return to Caesar and he will assume you have completed his orders. It appears that he has gone too long without being questioned to be taken seriously.

or the bull’s mouth, depending on the situation.


House’s obituary and instruct you to form an alliance with them.

Objective Reward
For doing Caesar’s bidding… or not 600 XP Caesar’s Legion Fame

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