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Event Tent Rentals and Manufacturing

Event Tent Rentals and Manufacturingpacifictentandeventsadmin2020-06-10T19:29:53+00:00 Event Tent Rentals and Manufacturing INTERNATIONAL PT EVENTS, INC. COVID-19 RESPONSE On a daily basis, PT EVENTS will monitor the temperatures of all employees upon their arrival to work, and they will also distribute and enforce the use of masks at all times. Please note that we have restricted access to our office and warehouse: office visits must be planned in advance, and equipment Will Calls must be scheduled in advance with the office as well.

PT Events has adopted sanitation processes in-house (in the office and warehouse), on all equipment that is rented out before and after events, and on all acquired equipment, as well as on all rental equipment.

Safety and health of our personnel, clients, and rental equipment are of the utmost importance to us at all times.

We have it all

The fact that we have an almost limitless supply of top-quality tenting and accessories means that Pacific Tent is your one-stop shop for any event, wedding, or party tent rental in Los Angeles, no matter how large or little.

Rentals for Any Event

A wide range of products are available including: canopies and umbrellas; flooring; lighting; fencing; stages; bars; concession machines; stoves; heaters; tables; chairs; flatware; and more.

We make it in-house

All of our tents are manufactured in-house at our facility in California, eliminating the need for a middleman. Tent rentals and sales in Los Angeles and the neighboring areas are provided by us at the highest possible quality and at the most competitive pricing.

Manufacturing Facilities

Companies who maintain a rental inventory can purchase our products directly from us, or we can sell them to them at a discount.

We handle everything

We do this on a daily basis, and we like what we do. We guarantee that your experience will be devoid of headaches from beginning to end, no matter what. We are glad to assist you with all of your wedding, party, and event tent rental and sales needs in Los Angeles, whether they are large or little.

A Beautiful Experience

What we do is something we like doing every day. The entire process will be stress-free, and we guarantee it from start to finish. Whether you need a large or small tent for a wedding, party, or event, we are delighted to assist you with your Los Angeles tent rental and sales needs.

Rental EquipmentAccessories

The following goods are available in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas: umbrellas, flooring, lighting, fences, stage sets, bars, concession machines (concession stands), stoves (heaters), tables, chairs (flatware), and much more!

Contact us now for a quote! From conferences to banquets, concerts to industrial projects, we’ll make sure you have all you need to be successful.

Los Angeles, CA Event Tent ManufacturingRental

Being a producer comes with its advantages. For starters, by purchasing directly us, you are cutting out the middleman. Not only that, but our virtually limitless selection provides you all the alternatives you desire. If we don’t have what you’re looking for in stock, or if you need something made to order, we’ll be there for you every step of the way. It doesn’t matter what kind of party, event, or wedding you’re organizing; we have the perfect tent available for rent or for sale in Los Angeles, West Covina, Pasadena, Santa Monica, and the surrounding areas.

From weddings and parties to corporate celebrations and special dinners, we are your one-stop solution for any event.

We provide service to California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and other areas of the Western United States.

Time-Lapse: Large Event Tent Setup

At Canopies and Tarps’ Los Angeles warehouse, you’ll find the right canopy or tarp for your needs. For those who reside in Southern California, the pleasant weather makes it possible to hold a wide range of activities without having to worry about rain, snow, or strong winds. It’s possible that you’re a group of event planners looking to put together a shelter for a benefit, festival, or wedding. Perhaps you are a homeowner who want to hold a special event for family or friends at your house.

  1. The correct canopy can assist you in bringing your ideas to reality.
  2. We have a warehouse in the Los Angeles region, and you may make arrangements to pick up your item from there if you like.
  3. Traditional peak canopies, valance canopies, flat shade canopies with mesh tarps, shade canopies with side protection, show tents, and other choices were among the designs on display.
  4. We also provide a large selection of shade canopies and party tents for both residential and commercial use.
  5. The majority of them are UV-traded on both sides and treated with substances that make them resistant to mold, mildew, and decay.
  6. All-steel galvanized tubing and fittings with locking eye bolts are used in the construction of canopies and party tents.
  7. This implies that you may not even use any equipment to construct one of these long-lasting, eye-catching canopies.
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Whether you need a cover to keep a car or a boat, or you want to create an outdoor event area, Canopies and Tarps has the solution for you.

Monday through Friday, the store is open from 8 a.m.

Central time.

We purchase in large quantities from manufacturers, allowing us to give substantial discounts.

We also run coupon promos from time to time.

Additionally, our tarp specialists are among the most knowledgeable and helpful individuals in the industry.

Thousands of property owners just like you have relied on us for more than 25 years to help them choose the ideal canopy for their requirements.

No matter if you need a little party tent to go to a local swap meet, or a bigger carnival tent for a special occasion, we can accommodate your needs. Canopies and Tarps is the place to go for all of your party tent and canopy requirements. You won’t be dissatisfied with this purchase.

California Tent Rentals

SoCal Tents and Events is a tent and event rental company based in Southern California that also does business as URS (Universal Resource Supply) on a nationwide level. We have over 150 years of rental and special event experience, having been established in August of 2007 and embracing all of our knowledge and skills. Because we are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, customer service might be our middle name. Major event planning and execution may be complicated and daunting; you can rely on our specialists to work with you and your planners to alleviate that strain, allowing you to concentrate on other parts of your memorable event instead of worrying about the details.

Our clientele is not only limited to California events; we also have a national clientele and can meet all of your requirements, from small parties to huge events.

Current and recent event partners include:

  • Grammys, Oscars, the NFL Super Bowl, McDonald’s, the MGM Hotel, the United States Military, the Winter and Summer Olympics, the USGA, Susan G. Komen, the American Cancer Society, the US Open Tennis, NASCAR, Microsoft, IBM, State Farm Insurance, the Oprah Winfrey tour, and the Secret Service are just a few examples.

Speak to a consultant with SoCal TentsEvents:

In the heart of Vernon, California, SoCal TentsEvents is located at 5275 District Boulevard (Office: 626.246.0244).

California Tent Rental Service

Providing Tent Rental Services in California [email protected] 2021-11-30T12:59:02+00:00 We create stunning displays of elegance, beauty, and style for our customers. Our experienced event planners will assist you with the preparation of your event. Special events are our expertise, and your contentment is our greatest source of satisfaction!

Choosing the Best Tent Rental Company for All Occasions

Outdoor celebrations and events have risen to become one of the most popular ways to commemorate special milestones and celebrations. It can be put up anywhere, including the beach, your yard, and a variety of other wonderful open-air areas, making it a wonderful and refreshing destination for all guests. Most of the time, visitors remember the event simply because the gorgeous scenic setting you picked struck a chord with them. (more…)

Considerations for Tent Rental in California

Outdoor celebrations and activities have risen to become one of the most popular ways to commemorate special occasions and holidays in recent years. It provides a wonderful and refreshing site for all guests because it can be put up anywhere: on the beach, in your garden, or in a variety of other wonderful open-air locations. Most of the time, visitors remember the event simply because the gorgeous scenic setting you selected struck a chord with them. (more…)

What You Need to Know about Your California Tent Rental Company

Whether you’re planning a special event, such as a birthday party, a business event, or a product launch, and you’re looking for a unique way to celebrate, you might want to think about hiring a tent for the occasion. Tents are excellent settings because they allow your guests to take advantage of what nature has to offer when the weather is nice while also protecting them from the elements when necessary. You are not required to purchase a tent or organize the event on your own. Alternatively, you might engage a California tent rental provider.

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Event Tents Rentals Los Angeles

Whether you’re hosting a little party or a huge event, Promotional Design Group can assist you in making your party or event a more memorable experience for everyone who attends.

Tents on a frame for rent Frame Tents are available in a variety of widths, including 10′, 20′, 30′, and 40′. Tent side walls are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

  • Sidewalls can be of two types: solid and window. Sidewalls are available in the following sizes: 8′ by 10′ and 8′ by 20′
  • Short sidewalls are available in the following sizes: 30′ by 10′ and 30′ by 20′. Colors for the sidewalls are only available in white

Tent Rental for Special Events High-Peaked Tents are available in a variety of widths and lengths, including 10′, 15′, and 20′ widths and up to 100 ft. in length. Tents for Structures for Rent Structure Tents are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 10′ to 50′ in width and up to 200 ft in length. We also provide custom sizes. Tent tops are available in a variety of colors. Solid white, RedWhite Striped, and BlueWhite Striped are the colors available.

DealershipThemed Rentals

Tents with American flags are available for rent. Patriotic Tents are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 20′ x 20′ to 40′ x 80′. Tent tops are available in three colors: blue with white stars, red with white stripes, and white with red stripes. Tents for the Holidays are available for rent. Holiday Tents are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 20×20 to 20×40. Please contact us to ask about availability. Pricing Information Supplementary to the above What are the normal delivery hours for a Tent Rental from your company?

  1. to 5:00 p.m., during normal business hours.
  2. Please contact us for information on extra fees.
  3. We are open from 8:00 a.m.
  4. Is it possible for your business to erect a tent once we have rented one?
  5. Is there a fee for delivery services?
  6. The cost of a round trip delivery is determined on the city to which we deliver.
  7. For example, navigating difficult terrain, ascending and descending stairs, or traveling long distances from the parking facility are all possible.

What types of tents do you have available for rent, and in what sizes?

x 10ft.

Please contact us for availability of sizes.

Orders that are canceled less than 24 hours before delivery may be subject to a 50 percent cancellation fee, depending on the circumstances.

Is it possible for someone to come and check my site?

It is possible that a service fee will be charged.

Cities we cover in the Southern California Area for your Tent Rental Needs

Beverly Hills and Bel Air are in Los Angeles County, while Santa Monica and Malibu are in West Los Angeles County. Alhambra, Monterey Park and Montebello are in El Monte and West Covina are in Covina. Azusa and Monrovia are in Duarte.

Orange County includes Fontana, Rancho Cucamonga, Chino and Chino Hills are in Corona. San Bernardino and Riverside counties include San Diego. Alternatively, you may reach out to us by phone at (626) 579-1772 or by email at [email protected] for a quotation or further information.

San Diego Party & Wedding Rentals

In San Diego, Platinum Event Rentals is the party rental company that can handle any type of event from start to finish. Whether you’re planning an elaborate wedding, corporate event, large backyard barbecue, intimate gathering, or outdoor festival, Platinum Event Rentals is the party rental company that can handle it all from start to finish. While we supply everything from tablecloths and chairs to linens and china, catering equipment and flatware, we’ve also thought of all the little extras that will make your occasion that much more memorable.

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Frame tents, canopies, sidewalls for tents, and drape are available for rent for outdoor events in the San Diego region.

The BBQ grills we rent are available in your choice of charcoal or propane, as well as bigger sizes so that you can cook meals for more guests!

Platinum Event Rentals provides all of the serving and catering equipment you’ll need for your event, whether it’s a multi-course dinner or you’re renting concessions equipment.

In the event that you have a place that is perfect except for the flooring, we can assist you with our floor and surface rental services.

You have a vision for your wedding, party, or other event.

The different party rental alternatives available from Platinum Event Rentals can assist you in bringing your idea to reality.

We Cater To All Types of Events

  • Platinum Events Rentals provided the venue for my baby shower. Paula was quite helpful in terms of color and table layout recommendations. I’m aware that she and her husband are first-time business owners, and they’re doing a fantastic job. The communication was excellent, they arrived on time, and the set up Paula created was just stunning! They come highly recommended by me.

Kelly Frederick

  • Thank you very much for all you did to make the wedding a success. Everything appeared to be in perfect condition. I couldn’t have hoped for it to go any smoother or look any finer than it did because of your efforts


  • Customers rave about your customer service, and your pricing are really competitive when compared to the competitors. The number of events we have with you is many, and you have the inventory for each of them. We are looking forward to working with you again in the future without a doubt.

Nancy Machuca

We are a family-owned party rental company in Orange County that has provided services for more than 12,000 events in the area since our founding in 2005. Outdoor event rentals of various kinds are available from us, including stylish, high-quality items for Irvine and other parts of Southern California. Everything from providing tents and canopies to setting up the site with party equipment and other supplies is taken care of by our team of professionals.

Special Event Rentals

Excellent service and low prices have enabled us to set an industry standard for tent, canopy, dance floor, linen, china, table, and chair rentals in Irvine and neighboring areas in Southern California. Apex Tent and Party provides a wide range of party items in a variety of designs for events with a basic, classic, professional, opulent, or festive feel.

We have modern designs for gazebos, archways and festival tents, as well as glasses and umbrellas and garden and food service equipment. Add a dance floor, lighting, and stage equipment to your event to make it more interesting.

For Your Special Celebrations in Irvine California

Apex Tent and Party provides rental materials for all types of events, whether it’s a small private gathering or a huge gala affair. Make your selection from our diverse selection of items for business events, weddings, receptions, dinner banquets, religious gatherings, outdoor parties, a birthday bash, or any other special occasion. We assist you in transforming any room into a one-of-a-kind place of celebration with the aid of our professional and experienced crew.

Irvine Weddings

Apex Tent and Party provides wedding planning and event consultancy services in Irvine, and our services are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Customer satisfaction is the lifeblood of our Orange County party rental business. All of our high-quality products and services can be expected to be delivered on time and at reasonable pricing. To achieve complete client pleasure, our well-trained team is actively involved in all aspects of event preparation. They provide trustworthy, professional, and polite services to ensure that every customer is completely satisfied.

Always at Your Party Location

We provide party rental services in Irvine, Los Angeles County, San Bernardino County, and Riverside County, among other locations. If you host a party at a different venue, you may still get in touch with us. We are always on hand to accommodate any specific requirements you may have and to enhance your occasion in order to create joyful memories.

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