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The best wedding tents
  • When planning an outdoor wedding, it is possible that the weather will not get the message, leaving you and your guests running for cover. Fortunately, a wedding tent is a well-established option that has been around as long as the event itself to provide protection from the weather. We’ve put together this list of reputable tents to assist you in finding the correct size, color, and design for your special day.
The Best Tents for Parties

  • Inclement weather won’t stop you from holding your outdoor event since pop-up tents and canopies give shade and protection from the elements. Several members of the This Old House Review team have combed Amazon for the best party tents. Here are some of our favorites:
Best Wedding Canopies
  • Our team of specialists has narrowed down the best wedding canopies from among hundreds of available options. Our study has restricted the field to models from ABCCANOPY, Quictent, Grand Patio, Eurmax, Outdoor Basic, TentandTable, and Outsunny, among other manufacturers. In our Best Wedding Canopies category, we picked ABCCANOPY as the Best of the Best due of its high quality and excellent customer service. We selected the ABCCANOPY as our Best Bang for the Buck because of the overall quality and value it offers consumers. Read our entire evaluation to learn about the advantages, disadvantages, and overall rating of each of the models we selected for our top five
Best Pop-Up Canopy Tents
  • Pop-up canopy tents have gained in popularity in recent years, with consumers choosing a more lightweight and compact form that can be readily transported from one location to another. They’re perfect for a variety of activities that take place in the fresh air. Portable canopy tents are ideal for outdoor gatherings such as picnics or as a sunshade when you are camping. When it comes to color, white is a traditional choice, but you’ll want to consider the occasion in question to ensure that the hue is acceptable. Continue reading to view our favorites, which were chosen for their long-lasting quality and attractive hues.
Be Outside In Any Weather With The Best Canopy Tents With Sidewalls
  1. If you’re planning an outdoor event, a canopy tent with sides is a great option to consider. A canopy tent may provide shade and protection from the sun, wind, and rain, whether you’re attending a business conference, a wedding, or a children’s birthday party.

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Party Tents

  • These tents are also referred to as our Weekender series of party tents or as our “over the countercanopy tents” because they are available over the counter. They are simple and inexpensive, and they make excellent beginner party tents for a rental firm that is just getting started in the market. We offer a variety of lightweightcanopy tents that are a wonderful choice for the homeowner or group that is wanting to acquire a party tent, an event tent, or an occasional use canopy tent. This heavy-duty business outdoor canopy tent for sale can survive for years if it is properly maintained. You’re on the lookout for outdoor party tents for sale. These lightweight, heavy-duty canopy tents are ideal for a variety of occasions including summer parties, weddings, graduations, backyard celebrations, rehearsal dinners, banquets, caterers, and other gatherings of all kinds. View our extensive inventory of high-quality commercial-grade party tents for sale. Among our Weekender line’s most popular partycanopy tent sizes are the 20×20, 20×30, and 20×40 tents, which come in a variety of choices including or without tent or canopy sidewalls. Tents with premium poles for parties and events

Premium Pole Tent Canopies – Commercial Party Tents for Sale

  • Our commercial-grade canopy party tents are a great complement to any party tent rental or event business, and they are also quite affordable. Our Premium Pole Tents are designed with characteristics that help them last for a longer period of time. This type of party tent is better suitable for the end user who will be erecting this high-quality party tent on a regular basis throughout the year. Our premium pole canopies for sale are the ideal commercial event and party tents for a variety of occasions. Their versatility makes them ideal for a wide range of outdoor events, including weddings, graduations, athletic events, church celebrations, family reunions, concerts, and other similar occasions. Your visitors and gatherings of all sizes will be accommodated by our huge tents for sale. Check out our assortment of high-quality commercial pole tents and canopy tents for sale, all at affordable prices. Tents for sale with a canopy to purchase at Tent and Table
  • West Coast Frame Tents
  • At Tent and Table

Frame Tents – West Coast Frame Tents for Sale

  • Do you require heavy-duty frame tents that can develop and expand in tandem with your rental company? Our West Coast Frametents for sale are made up of an extendable tent structure that may be easily expanded. The same components, such as commercial tent pipes and fittings, may be utilized to construct a range of different party tent sizes, resulting in significant cost savings. Our frame party tents in the West Coast style are intended for rapid and simple commercial tent setup, making them ideal for events on the West Coast. Check out our vast collection of outdoor party tents, including frame, pop-up, and other varieties of tents available for purchase. Our heavy-duty party tents for sale are ideal for outdoor vendors, business picnics, corporate events, catering, anniversaries, and other outdoor gatherings. Contact us now for more information. Our West Coast Frame party tents for sale are available in a number of different sizes, including the following: Tents for sale in various sizes, including 10×10 tents, 10×20 tents, 15×15 tents, 15×30 tents, 20×20 tents, 20×30 tents, 20×40 tents, 20×60 tents, 30×30 tents, 30×45 tents, 30×60 tents, 40×40 tents, 40×60 tents, 40×80 tents, and 40×100 tents. Tents for sale in various sizes, including 10x Tents for sale with a canopy to purchase at the Tent and Table
  • High Peak Frame Canopy Tents
  • At the Tent and Table

High Peak Frame PartyCanopy Tents for Sale

  • We have a huge range of high peak frame tents for sale that are suitable for commercial use. Outdoor canopy tents with a heavy-duty high peak structure and an attractive design that makes transporting and storage a breeze. Setup of these commercial party tents for sale is a simple process! Most 20-foot wide high peak frame party tents can be set up in half the time it takes to set up other standard frame tents, and they require only two people to do so! Our high peak frame party tents have 50 percent less pieces than our west coast frame tents, making them easier to set up and take down, as well as less expensive to ship and handle. Our commercial high peak frame tents are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate most needs. Tents for sale in the following sizes: 10×10 tents for sale, 10×20 tents for sale, 15×15 tents for sale, 20×20 tents for sale, 20×30 tents for sale, 20×40 tents for sale, and 30×30 tents for sale Our heavy-duty high peak frame party tents for sale are ideal for a variety of occasions like birthday parties, special events, community gatherings, outdoor wedding receptions, and more. Tents for sale with a canopy to purchase with regard to the tent and the table
  • Quick-pop canopy tented structures

Speedy Pop Up Tents – QuickEasy Pop Up Party Canopy Tents for Sale

  • Speedy tents are our newest range of commercial pop up tents for sale, and they are available for immediate delivery. This collection of heavy-duty commercial party tents for sale is the pinnacle of rapid shelter technology. Whether you’re an individual searching for a quick pop-up tent or a business customer looking for an economical pop-up canopy tent, these robust and durable tents will meet your needs well! For your next party or event, these heavy-duty pop-up tents will be the right solution. Their durability and professional appearance have been proven to resist wind speeds of up to 60mph, making them the most professional and durable tents on the market. Their purpose is to offer shelter for outdoor merchants at farmer’s markets, flea markets and other similar events such as fairs, carnivals, and festivals. While they are intended for commercial use, they also make the best tailgate tents (for football, car racing, concerts, and other events) and parties since they are durable enough to withstand multiple seasons of usage. A season ticket holder who will use his or her pop-up tent several times during the season, or a tailgater who demands the greatest equipment for his or her party, will find them to be excellent choices. Check out our big collection of high-quality commercial pop-up tents for sale. We have something for everyone. The company also sells a complete range of Pop-up tent accessories, such as party tent sidewalls, tent extensions,tent stakes,tent ratchet straps, a comprehensive line of sandbags, and connection sets for multiple party tents, among others. There are three different tent sizes available, allowing you to create the pop up tent that is perfect for your needs. Our commercialcanopy tents and party tents for sale are of exceptional quality, and the materials used in their construction will far exceed your expectations. Tents for sale at Tent and Table
  • Party Tents for Sale
  • Buy Tents for Sale at Tent and Table

Party Tents for Sale |1 Tents for Sale

  • Tent and Table is your one-stop shop for purchasing party tents. We sell a wide variety of high-quality, commercial-grade party tents in a variety of styles and sizes. You may sort our selection of commercial party tents for sale by size or style. Do you have any questions regarding our available party tents for sale? Get in contact with a commercial tent expert right away! For further information, please contact us at 1-888-322-5606 or visit ourContact Uspage. We have the greatest selection of party tents for sale. We also carry a large selection of high-quality commercial tent components and accessories. Our commercial partytent sidewalls will keep the elements out of your tent. If you’re looking for tent pegs, tent ratchet straps, tent rope, or water barrel covers, look no further. Our heavy duty party tent components and accessories are a perfect complement for our commercial party tents for sale, which are available for purchase. With our heavy-duty tent setup and breakdown equipment, erecting your indoor or outdoor party tent will be a snap. In addition to our party tents for sale, we also have a variety of commercial tent accessories to choose from, such as asphalt plugs, set up tools, hammers, stake extractors, tent tarps, tent ground coverings, and party tent ground cloths. Do you need to get your party tent repaired? Take a look at all of our items for partytent repair. Tent repair kits and sticky glues of the highest quality for commercial use are available from us. Check out Tent and Table for wholesale party tents to buy, foldable tables and chairs for sale, commercial inflatables, bounce houses for sale, inflatable water slides, and other fun party supplies and accessories! Make sure to look at all of the different sizes of party tents and tents for sale we have! Here’s a comprehensive list: Tents for sale in many sizes: 10×10 party tents, 10×20 party tents, 13×26 party tents, etc. The following sizes are available for purchase: 15×15 party tents for sale 15×30 party tents for sale, 20×20 party tents for sale 20×30 party tents for sale, 20×40 party tents for sale 20×60 party tents for sale, 30×30 party tents for sale 30×45 party tents for sale, 30×45 party tents for sale Various sizes of 30×45 party tents are available for purchase, including 30×60 party tents, 30×80 party tents, and 30×100 party tents. Various sizes of 40×40 party tents are available for purchase, including 40×60 party tents, 40×80 party tents for purchase, 40×100 party tents for purchase, 60×60 party tents for purchase, 60×90 party tents for purchase, 60×120 party tents for purchase, and 60×150 party tents for purchase. Tents for sale with a canopy to purchase at the Tent and the Table
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American Tent – Commercial, Party & Event Tents for Sale

American Tent was the best choice for me since I performed my research prior and based my selection on the reviews I saw online. Jake was quite helpful, as one would expect, and we had some interesting phone talks as well. The tent, as well as the structure, were just what I was looking for. Setup takes 20 minutes with four people, and takedown takes the same amount of time. Overall, I am quite satisfied. David T. Ryan was the only person I could find who was willing to undertake this bespoke sidewall project for me, and he was the most reasonable.

  • Antonio C., a.k.a.
  • He continues to assist me with my numerous inquiries and is really prompt in responding to them.
  • The Entertainment Industry (Owen B.) It just took a week after I informed them what I was searching for to get it delivered to my door.
  • Patrick D., a homeowner, says During the Rental Show in New Orleans, we met with American TentSidewall, who was extremely knowledgable about their products and polite, as well as able to answer all of our questions!
  • This company provides excellent service.
  • I would highly suggest them!
  • Tony and Ryan are extremely courteous and knowledgeable about the tent industry; they are always eager to assist and answer any concerns that you may have.

I want to purchase additional tents from them in order to expand our rental fleet.

Excellent firm that produces a high-quality product.

The company is always eager to collaborate with the end user.

Keep up the excellent effort, gentlemen.

This is just what I was looking for.

The tent is well constructed; I used it for a fishing tournament in January.

Following the overwhelming demand for our first tent, we were obliged to acquire three additional tents.

Elite Tent Rentals is my company, and I purchase all of my tents from American Tent and Sidewall.

For me, expedited shipments have always arrived on time, and the quality has always been superb.

Owner of a rental company, Kent K.

So responsive and focused on the consumer!

I wish them the best of luck.

is a writer and editor based in New York City.

Owner of a rental company, Jack P.

Jake was as helpful as could be anticipated, and we had some interesting phone talks as well.

Setup takes 20 minutes with four people, and takedown takes the same amount of time.

There are strong winds here.

Very David T., a.k.a.

All of the party tents I’ve purchased have turned out properly and look fantastic!

It comes highly recommended!

is an acronym that stands for Kent K.

Because we operate in a seasonal industry, time was critical.

Lora D.

The most reliable source for pole tents, frame tents, and any other sorts of tents that you may require.

It comes highly recommended!

is a latina woman that lives in the United States.

The only thing that might be improved would be more thorough guidelines and best practices for setting up and taking down the equipment. The instructions and videos may be improved significantly to make the setup and takedown procedure much simpler. Stephen W. (Stephen W.)

Event Tents

When it comes to making a good party even better, event tents are a fantastic way to do it. Whatever the occasion, whether it’s a business event, tailgate party, or epic backyard barbeque, party tents are always a popular with visitors and contribute to the creation of a memorable day that won’t be forgotten anytime soon. However, should you rent or purchase event tents? It is true that there are advantages and disadvantages to both renting and purchasing your party tent, and in this article, we will go over everything you need to know about event tents in order to make an informed decision about whether you should rent your tent for a legendary one-time party or purchase your tent in order to host awesome parties for years to come.

What is an Event Tent?

Before we go into the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a party tent vs renting one, it is important to note that the phrases event tent and party tent are used interchangeably in this article. You’ve probably guessed it by now, but a party tent is a huge outdoor tent or shelter that you set up for your guests to enjoy while they’re at your party.

Why are Party Tents Necessary for Outdoor Events?

There are a variety of compelling arguments for hosting your next event under an outdoor party tent. As a result, let’s take a look at some of the most significant advantages you’ll reap from having an event tent, whether you rent or own one.

Protection from the weather

Party tents shield you and your guests from the elements, allowing your event to proceed without a hitch no matter what Mother Nature has in store for you on that particular day. Party tents give protection from the sun, the wind, the rain, and even the snow, allowing your special day to go on as planned regardless of the weather conditions.

Protection from the sun

The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays may put a damper on any celebration. The use of an event tent during the hot summer months is vital if you want your visitors to have a good time. By utilizing an event tent, you can ensure that everyone is covered from the heat while still having a good time.

Create a more intimate setting

Another fantastic reason to utilize an outdoor party tent is that they give a lot more secluded environment, allowing you to create a distinct mood and allowing your guests to party as much as they like while remaining hidden from prying eyes of nosy neighbors.


When it comes to event tents, you have the choice of using them with or without wall panels, so you can create a more open-air feel if you choose, but you can also provide more privacy or shelter if you prefer.

Use Cases for an Event Tent

Party tents may be utilized to provide a special touch to a variety of occasions. So, let’s take a quick look at some of the events you’ll be able to throw if you own a party tent rather than renting one.

Corporate Events

There are retirement parties, company development events, Christmas parties, and everything in between. Any type of business function that is held outside will be significantly better with a party tent than it will be without one.

Tailgate Parties

Friends, family, a few beers, and some home-cooked cuisine are all on the menu.

Who doesn’t like a nice tailgate party every now and then? When you have an outdoor party tent, every Sunday might seem like SuperBowl Sunday for a while.

Backyard Barbeques

When it comes to family, friends, and excellent food, there’s nothing better than an all-American backyard BBQ, is there? Investing in a party tent allows you to have events in your own garden or elsewhere while giving the shade and seclusion necessary for guests to let their hair down and enjoy themselves fully.

Birthday Parties

Do you have an upcoming birthday? Or perhaps you’d want to throw a birthday celebration for someone significant in your life. In your own garden, you’ll be able to host an unforgettable birthday bash.

School Events

With a party tent, many kinds of school functions are made even more enjoyable. If you’re planning a university graduation, an after-prom reception, or simply a celebration to mark the end of another school year, an event tent will help you accomplish it in style.

Farmers Markets

If you enjoy growing and selling your own fruits and veggies at the farmer’s market, you can raise your game by investing in a fantastic event or party tent that will keep your customers warm, shaded, and coming back for more.


Event tents are also an excellent way to enhance the outside eating experience at your restaurant. Your guests will be able to dine indoors or outside regardless of the weather prediction if you provide more seats, give shade, or cover your patio with an event tent.

The Pros of Buying an Event Tent

The following are some of the advantages of purchasing a party tent rather than simply renting one for a single event or occasion.

Overall cost

Purchase of a party tent is significantly more cost-effective than renting in the long run due to the fact that you only need to pay for it once and will be able to use it as many times as you like for many years to come after that.


Because you may use your tent as many times as you like, the cost per usage is far lower than if you were to rent a tent. In fact, the value for money rises with each use, making it a long-term investment that will only become better with time.


When you rent a party tent, you never know what to anticipate from the experience. Although it’s possible to receive a brand-new tent, the chances are that you’ll receive one that has been used hundreds of times by other people. When you own your tent, you’ll be confident in the fact that you’re getting an exceptional, high-quality product that has been meticulously cared for by you over the years.


When you purchase your own party tent, you have the flexibility to throw events whenever you want. Your tent will always be there, ready to be used whenever you need it, and you will never have to bother about organizing another expensive rental again.

The Cons of Buying a Party Tent

There are several advantages to purchasing a party tent, but there are also some disadvantages to consider; let’s have a look at them now.

One-time Cost

The initial cost of purchasing your tent will be significantly more than the cost of renting; thus, if you only intend to use the tent once, renting will nearly always be more cost-effective for your wallet.


Setting up a party tent might be difficult, especially if you don’t have any assistance.

It is feasible to erect and disassemble your event tent on your own, but it is surely not a simple task to complete well.


When purchasing a tent, you will be responsible for conducting all of the research and doing all of your homework on your own; but, when renting a tent, the rental business may offer you with a thorough list of estimations, which will save you time and effort in the short term.

Conclusion: Purchasing an Event Tent Will Pay Off in the Long Run

When all things are considered, it is nearly always preferable to purchase anything rather than rent it, and this is true for party tents as well. Sure, if you just need the tent for a single occasion, renting it is a good option; however, purchasing one will allow you to throw as many parties and events as you like for many years to come.

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Party Tents

Weekly pole tents are our most affordable party and event tent canopies, yet they are still of good quality. They’re quite simple to assemble and disassemble, and they’re also very economical! Our Weekender pole tents are excellent beginner party tents for event rental companies who are just getting started in the market. All of these tents are made to last, and they are also a fantastic party tent choice for any business or household wishing to acquire a commercial-grade party tent that will only be used occasionally.

Are you looking for huge outdoor party tents for sale at a discount price?

Weekender commercial party tents for sale are available in a variety of sizes and styles.

Commercial Party Tents – Premium Outdoor Pole Tents

High-end commercial party tent and pole tent options are available with our Premium Pole Tents. Our business pole tents for sale are equipped with characteristics that help them last for a longer period of time. Do you intend to set up a canopy tent or a party tent on a regular basis throughout the year? This heavy-duty industrial pole tent is just what you’re looking for! OurPremium Pole Tents are constructed to last and provide the best degree of tent quality available elsewhere in the world.

Look no further.

Our enormous outdoor tents for sale are large enough to accommodate your demands, as well as your visitors and parties of all shapes and sizes.

Frame Tents for Sale – Commercial Frame Tents

Is your party or event rental business in need of heavy-duty, commercial frame tents that can grow and evolve with your company? In order to maximize space, our West Coastframe tents for sale make use of an expanded tent system. It is a nice feature of our West Coast tents because the same tent components, such as pipes and fittings, may be utilized to construct a range of different tent sizes from the same base. They’re made to be quick and simple to set up for a business tent, and they’re also quite sturdy.

Check out our vast range of commercial-grade frame tents for sale in our online store.

Our West Coast Frame tents for sale are available in a number of different party tent sizes, including the following: Tent sizes include 10 x 10 tents, 10 x 20 tents, 15 x 15 tents, 15 x 30 tents, 20 x 20 tents, 20 x 30 tents, 20 x 40 tents, 20 x 60 tents, 30 x 30 tents, 30 x 45 tents, 30 x 60 tents, 40 x 40 tents, 40 x 60 tents, 40 x 80 tents, 40 x 100 tents, and 40 ×

High Peak Tents – High Peak Frame Tents for Sale

We have a huge assortment of high peak frame tents for sale that are of commercial standard. These heavy-duty high peak tents feature an appealing appearance and are lightweight and portable, making them ideal for transit and storage. It may surprise you, but erecting these commercial frame tents is actually rather simple! The majority of 20-foot wide high peak party tents may be put up by two persons or less. This is half the time it takes for other typical frame tents to set up. We employ half the number of pieces in our high peak tents compared to our West Coast frame tents.

Our commercial high peak frame tents are available in a range of sizes to accommodate a variety of events.

Browse our vast variety of event tents and party tents for sale, including the following models: Tents of various sizes, including 10×10 tents, 10×20 tents, 15×15 tents, 20×20 tents, 20×30 tents, 20×40 tents, and 30×30 tents.

Pop-Up Tents – QuickEasy Pop-Up Tents for Sale

Are you looking for a tent for sale that is quick and simple to put together? We have heavy-duty pop-up tents for sale that are the ultimate in quick-and-easy shelter solutions. People, organizations, and businesses looking for an affordable pop-up tent for sale will find what they need with our commercial pop-up tents for sale. Strong and resilient, these party tents will last for years and will be a good fit for your needs. For your next party or event, our easy to erect pop up tents are the right solution.

  • They are the most professional and long-lasting tents available in their category.
  • These vendors may frequently be found at events such as farmers markets, flea markets, fairs, carnivals, and festivals, among other places.
  • Moreover, they make the best tailgate tents, tradeshow tents, vendor booths, and tents for a variety of other party or event occasions or occasions.
  • The company also provides a complete line of Pop-up tent accessories, such as party tent sidewalls, tent stakes, tent ratchet straps, and other similar items.
  • Our party tents for sale are of superior quality and construction, and they will more than meet your expectations!

Commercial Party Tents for Sal

Party Tents Direct is your source for party tents for sale that are directly from the manufacturer. Browse our high-quality commercial party tents for sale by size or style to find what you’re looking for. Do you have any questions regarding our available party tents for sale? Get in contact with a commercial tent expert right away! For further information, please contact us at 1-888-291-4615 or visit ourContact Uspage. Looking for a place to hold a party? We sell only the highest-quality, most reasonably priced party tents on the market.

  • Our high-quality tent sidewalls will help you win the battle against the elements.
  • Consider our heavy-duty tent accessories and parts for your commercial tents if you want the best of the best!
  • Take a look at our selection of commercial tent accessories for sale, which includes items like as tarps, stake extractors, and tent tarps, tent ground covers, and party tent ground cloths.
  • Look through our selection of commercial tent repair products.
  • Need tables and chairs for your tents or other outdoor gatherings?
  • Visit Party Tents Direct to see all of the party tents, event tents, and commercial tents that we have available for purchase!
  • Tents for sale in sizes ranging from 10×10 to tents for sale in sizes ranging from 10×10 to tents for sale in sizes ranging from tents for sale to tents for sale.

Party tents for sale in the following sizes: 40×40 party tents, 40×60 party tents, 40×80 party tents, 40×100 party tents, 60×60 party tents, 60×90 party tents, 60×120 party tents, and 60×150 party tents.

7 Things to Consider Before You Book Party Tent Rentals

This post includes affiliate links for your convenience. As an Amazon Associate, I receive money when people make qualifying purchases via my links. Aside from qualifying purchases done with other businesses and programs, I also earn money from them. See myprivacypolicy for more information. Each and every time I have a party at my home or at an event place, I consider whether or not a party tent rental is essential. Since I’ve been organizing events for quite some time, I’ve come to understand a few important elements to consider throughout the decision-making process.

1. Consider the Party Tent Rental Event Usage

What kind of event do you have in mind to put on? Tents have been utilized for a variety of events, ranging from mourning services to outdoor movie parties. Make a list of your top needs to help you determine what your most important aspects and aspirations are.

  • Will this be the location where the full celebration will take place? Is this being used as a catch-all location for visitors? Is this a party tent that will be used in case of bad weather
  • And Do you have enough room to accommodate the size of the tent you want to put up? When setting up your tent, consider if you’ll have enough room outside for stakes and ropes. Determine whether your location has any restrictions or regulations regarding tent leasing. In the past, I’ve attended events where pitched tents were prohibited because they were causing damage to the grassy areas.

2. Consider the Number of People

When determining the size of the tent based on the number of people that will be there, it is important to remember that you will need around 10 square feet per person. As you begin to integrate additional elements such as tables and chairs or a dance floor, you will want to consider how the space will be organized.

  • Additionally, what you want to place beneath the tent might influence how much of a tent you require
  • When it comes to form tables, what do you want to employ
  • How many food tables are you planning on having
  • Is there a dancing floor available? Does it appear like there is enough light outdoors, or will you want additional lighting within the party tent rental?

3. Consider the Styles of Party Tent Rentals

When it comes to selecting a tent, this may well be my favorite option available. The styles are offered in a wide variety of options to ensure that your event is appropriately catered to.

Pole tents-

  • Its nature is that of a “circus tent,” which some describe it as such because of the peaked center parts that give it its height
  • However, this is not the case. These can be celebratory in nature, and their design can evoke a sense of festivity. There will be the greatest selection of sizes available when it comes to pole tents (typically). Some individuals dislike this form of tent because it has poles on the interior of the tent, which they consider to be obstructive. You may be concerned that these poles may detract from the aesthetics of your event. Because there is no need for a framework, it is frequently more cost-effective. The ground must be secured with ground penetrating stakes, which is an extremely vital factor to consider when selecting your rental property.

Frame Tents-

  • The structural poles of an A-frame tent will be located around the perimeter of the fabric
  • There will be no impediments caused by poles in the inside
  • There will be no poles in the interior. This sort of tent is available in a variety of sizes to accommodate your guest numbers. Those clear, vinyl-covered tents that provide a light and airy atmosphere have caught my attention. It may be used on concrete or pavement, but it must be supported by weights to keep them in place.

4. Think about any Party TentRental Accessories That You’ll Need:

  • If visibility is important in the event, sidewalls provide good protection against seasonal weather
  • Nevertheless, they do obscure any views if visibility is important in the event. If you are renting heaters, it keeps the heat in. gives protection against sideways rain


  • The pole drapery is used to hide the tent’s exposed poles in order to create a nicer environment. It is necessary to install ceiling draperies to complement the interior ceiling of the canvas and give it a polished appearance.


  • The lighting adds a glimmer to the occasion. Decide on the styles that you want or that you will need for the celebration. Fully illuminated, softly illuminated, or natural light—consider the many lighting options that will work best for you.
  • Decorative string lights in “Christmas” or “Bistro” styles
  • Chandeliers
  • Lanterns
  • Spotlights
  • Canned (stage) lighting, which is excellent for bands
  • A variety of other options.

Stages, Dance Floors, and Flooring

  • Which of these, if any, will you be including into your next event? These will be installed by professionals and are available in 4′ × 4′ chunks. In the case that you are concerned about dirt or grassy areas becoming too wet during the event, you may hire carpeting to cover the whole space. When working in places where groundwater may be a concern, consider using tarps.
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Climate Control

  • Heaters and air conditioning equipment are available for rental all year round. For warming the entire tent or particular regions, heating systems are available in a variety of designs. On a hot day, fans are used to provide airflow, but they do not provide complete cooling of a space. If you want to feel like you’re in an air-conditioned environment, I recommend renting a portable cooling unit.

5. Consider When to Buy, Borrow or Rent Party Tents

In certain cases, depending on the scale of your gathering, you may be able to borrow a few tents from friends, purchase a tent, or rent a tent. We acquired a 14′ tent for the outdoor movie parties that we enjoy hosting, and it turned out to be an excellent investment.

  • We don’t have a large kitchen/living room area where we can hang out. As soon as we have more than eight people in attendance, the room starts to feel claustrophobic
  • I appreciate it when we can set up a tent with a few seats and tables to increase the entertaining area. Perhaps a party tent might be a good investment for you if this describes your situation. When it’s hot or wet, my husband can also use it as an extension of the garage, which comes in handy when you have chores that need to be performed.
  • The pricing will be determined by the firm that provides party tent rentals on a daily basis. The fees listed do not (in most cases) cover the costs of transportation to and from the destination. Some establishments will charge a greater price for delivery to events that take place on weekends
  • It is possible that you may be charged additional fees for the installation of the tent and its accessories. When all of the expenditures are added together, you may discover that purchasing a tent is more cost-effective in your scenario.

For Parties, Wedding Events, Beach BBQs, and other outdoor activities, Smartxchoices 10′ x 30′ Outdoor White Waterproof Gazebo Canopy Tent with Removable Sidewalls and Windows Tent is a great choice. In white, the CRINEX 1010 Canopy Tent with three removable side walls and a black carry bag is a pop-up portable shade that can be folded up in an instant and used outside.

6. Party Tent Rental Extra Options

If you require more than just party tent rentals, think about additional products that you will need to rent as well. You may be able to negotiate a “bundle discount” if you do so. Other items you can include in your event package are as follows:

Table and chair combinations

  • There are circular tables and rectangular tables available for hire
  • Also available are chairs. The majority of events use round tables for guest seating. When it comes to weddings, rectangular tables are reserved for “honoree tables,” which include the bridal party. Tables for food and drinks are often rectangular in shape at occasions when there is a buffet-style serving.

Linens for tables and to decorate chairs

  • It is possible to rent both round tables and rectangle tables. When it comes to most occasions, round tables are used for guest seating. “Honoree tables,” such as the bridal party at a wedding, are rectangular tables with a square center. When there is a buffet-style service, most events have rectangular food and drink tables as well.

Flatware and dining accessories

  • There are both round and rectangular tables available for hire. Round tables are commonly used for guest seating during gatherings. When it comes to weddings, rectangular tables are reserved for “honoree tables,” such as the bridal party. When there is a buffet-style service, most events have rectangular food and beverage tables as well.

Centerpieces and decorations

  • Rental businesses will offer predesigned decorations that you may hire for holiday parties, weddings, and birthdays
  • However, you will need to provide your own decorations. This makes it simpler to have festive decor on the day of the event without having to produce them in before and store them afterwards
  • By renting these decorations, you may have festive decor on the day of your gathering without having to construct them in advance and store them afterwards

Actual furniture pieces (these are great for a photo booth or picture spot)

  • Being able to put up an antique sofa or a few elegant armchairs to give an unexpected seating space can be a lot of fun
  • I’ve seen them set up for a quiet corner to visit with friends or as a picture opportunity area to memorialize an event.

Games and entertainment

  • You may hire carnival-style activities to keep people amused and interacting with one another
  • However, these games are not free. Cornhole is a popular party game that may be rented out.

Inflatable bounce entertainment

  • If you are planning a party with more than five children, I recommend renting an inflatable bounce house. While the adults are conversing, it is simple to keep the youngsters engaged with their own activities. If you find yourself using inflatables on a frequent basis, you might want to think about investing in one. Just one of the things to consider before hiring an inflatable is how much room you have available in your home.

Sno-Cone and cotton candy machines (or other concession machines)

  • It’s a good idea to include a delectable dessert on the party menu
  • Adding whimsy and excitement to any event will be made possible by the “fair-style” food machines.

7. Do You Need An Event Planner

  • It’s wonderful to have someone there to assist in making sure all of the bases are covered every now and again.

I hope this has been of use in determining your future party tent rental alternatives. Have a good time at your next get-together! Party Table and Chair Rentals: The Ultimate Guide to Getting the Most Out of Your Rental Party Table and Chair Rentals Kim Anderson, the creator of the Thrifty Little Mom Blog, is a fan of ordered chaos and enjoys it. In addition, she assists other individuals who thrive in controlled chaos in reducing stress and increasing memory, as well as feeling more in control of their time, money, and house.

She has been featured on several websites, including Time.com, Money.com, Good Housekeeping, Women’s Day, and others.

Description You’re thinking of renting a party tent for your upcoming get-together.

Make sure you read these articles before you rent so that you may prepare and plan for making an informed renting decision later on. Author Kim Anderson is a woman who works in the fashion industry. Name of the publisher Thrifty Little Mom is an acronym that stands for “frugal little mom.”

Party Tent Rentals

covering large-scale events for some of the most important festivals and events in the Tri-State region. Please get in touch with us if you require further information.

Heated Tents, Chairs, Linens, TablesMore

We have a variety of choices available to make your party experience even better. From popcorn machines to dance floors, pubs, and more, there’s something for everyone. Make your visitors feel welcome at every event you host in your house. Our pros will survey your space and provide recommendations based on their findings. Choosing the letter R for your party tent hire is a terrific idea! These folks have provided us with excellent service for the second time, and they truly showed us what they were made of this past weekend.

  • These gentlemen came out on a busy Saturday afternoon, only hours before the event, and set us up with everything we needed.
  • This last-minute addition made all the difference at our celebration!
  • Marlene Zimmerling is a woman who works in the fashion industry.
  • I will absolutely suggest them and utilize them in the future.
  • Review of the social networking site Facebook I’m at a loss for words when it comes to describing how wonderful my encounter with AR was on Saturday.
  • They even contacted ahead of time to make sure everything was in working order before bringing the vehicle in!
  • They come highly recommended by me.

Excellent customer service!

Anthony Petrozella’s full name is Anthony Petrozella.

They helped us out by providing a tent for our baby shower.

Anthony was a pleasure to collaborate with.

Lauren P.Yelp Customer Review It was a joy working with you!

I wouldn’t consider going anyplace else.

Review of the social networking site Facebook The best of the best!

Service that is prompt and friendly, as well as attractive rental equipment at reasonable costs.

Thank you very much, Anthony!

Google’s Opinion For our annual events, I have relied on A R to provide the greatest entertainment.

The pricing at A R are reasonable, and they provide excellent package discounts.

Tents, tables, and chairs, as well as linens and freestanding bars, are available. Everything is kept clean and in good working order at all times. Barbara Spranaitis is a Lithuanian actress. Review of FacebookPreviousNext page

Long Island Party Tent Rentals

AR Party Tent Rentals is your “go to” option for Long Island tent and party rentals on Long Island. We are a family-owned and operated business. AR Party Tent Rentals has been meeting the party and tent rental demands of Long Island clients for more than 10 years. They are a dependable and well-established firm in the market. Customers from Long Island come back to AR Party Tent Rentals time and time again for all of their party rental and tent rental requirements, large and small. Founded by Anthony and Roger Labadie over 10 years ago with the acquisition of a single tent, their inventory has evolved over the years to include a wide range of other fascinating amenities that can be combined to make comprehensive party rentals and packages.

  • We will travel to your place and inspect the area in order to assist you in determining the ideal tent and party package to meet your entertainment requirements.
  • Along with tents and other party supplies, our Long Island party rentals also feature table and chair rentals, linen rentals, and other items such as dance floors, popcorn machines, cotton candy machines, concession stands, and bars, among other things.
  • We are a family-owned and operated business.
  • They are a dependable and well-established firm in the market.
  • Founded by Anthony and Roger Labadie over 10 years ago with the acquisition of a single tent, their inventory has evolved over the years to include a wide range of other fascinating amenities that can be combined to make comprehensive party rentals and packages.
  • We will travel to your place and inspect the area in order to assist you in determining the ideal tent and party package to meet your entertainment requirements.
  • Along with tents and other party supplies, our Long Island party rentals also feature table and chair rentals, linen rentals, and other items such as dance floors, popcorn machines, cotton candy machines, concession stands, and bars, among other things.

Buy Luxury Party (Event) Tents

The Canopymart Luxury Party(Event) Tents Selection is pleased to welcome you! The use of luxury party event tents is particularly appropriate for outdoor gatherings such as weddings and banquets. Luxurious and long-lasting, these Luxury Part Event tents were designed to survive repeated usage, making them an excellent choice for tent rental businesses. Our extensive collection of Luxury Party Tents includes styles that are both attractive and beautiful, and they are constructed to meet commercial-grade durability standards.


We guarantee the lowest possible prices for high-quality items. Canopymart is giving product quantity discounts to customers who purchase in bulk. Take advantage of our free shipping offer on all of our Luxury(Event) Party Tents inside the continental United States.

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