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10 Best Hammock Tents for Backpacking and Camping of 2022

The term “hammock tent” refers to an all-in-one shelter that consists of a hammock, mosquito netting, a rain fly, and a suspension mechanism to suspend it all between two trees. Hammock tents are also known as camping hammocks, backpacking hammocks, and hammock shelter systems. The most significant advantage of purchasing an all-in-one hammock tent is that all of the components are compatible with one another, allowing you to take them out on the trail with confidence that they will function as intended.

Additionally, you may purchase each component separately from a diverse selection of vendors, both major and small, but doing so can be a time-consuming and expensive trial-and-error process.

Here are the top ten All-in-One Hammock Tent Systems that we propose for your consideration:

Make / Model Height Limit Weight Limit Trail Weight
Kammok Mantis Ultralight All-in-One Hammock Tent 6′ 4″ 300 lbs 35 oz
Hammock Gear Wanderlust 6′ 4″ 300 lbs 40 oz
ENO SubLink Hammock Shelter System 6′ 250 lbs 35 oz
Hennessey Hammock Explorer Deluxe Asym Zip 7′ 300 lbs 51 oz
Hennessey Hammock Scout Series 5′ 8″ 150 lbs 40 oz
ENO OneLink Hammock Shelter System 6′ 400 lbs 63 oz
Hennessy Hammock Ultralite Backpacker Asym Zip 6′ 5″ 265 lbs 31 oz
Grand Trunk Air Bivy 6′ 5″ 400 lbs 63 oz
Lawson Blue Ridge Hammock Tent 7′ 250 lbs 68 oz
ENO JungleLink Hammock System 6′ 5″ 300 lbs 48 oz

It is much simpler to discover wonderful campsites on the move when you are sleeping in a hammock, which is especially true in densely wooded or hilly territory where flat open campsites are hard to come across. In comparison to sleeping on the ground, you’ll be amazed at the quality of sleep you can receive in a hammock once you’ve been acclimated to doing so.

1. Kammok Mantis Ultralight All-in-One Hammock Tent

Kammok Mantis ULis a comprehensive hammock shelter system that includes a hammock with detachable mosquito netting, a tarp, and a simple to use daisy chain type suspension system that is straightforward to set up. In spite of the fact that it is the lightest hammock shelter system on our list, Kammok has made no compromises when it comes to the features, strength, and waterproofness of the materials used in its construction. Because the Mantis is a single-layer hammock, it may be used in conjunction with a sleeping pad or underquilt to provide additional back insulation.

See our Kammock Mantis UL Hammock Tent Review for more information.

2. Hammock Gear Wanderlust Complete Kit for Hammock Camping

The Hammock Equipment In addition to an 11-foot-long zipped hammock with mosquito netting, the Wanderlust Hammock Kit also includes an 11-foot-long hex-shaped weatherproof tarp, as well as a daisy-chain type suspension mechanism. A flatter “lay” at night thanks to the lengthy length of the Wanderlust hammock gives you the impression that you’re sleeping in a bed rather than on a banana peel. The knotless tarp keeps you dry and offers you more space to walk about outside the hammock, which is useful for cooking.

Read the SectionHiker Wanderlust review for more information.

3. ENO SubLink Hammock Shelter System

When you purchase the ENO SubLink Hammock Shelter, you are getting the lightest-weight hammock components available in the ENO hammock product range. This bundle includes the gathered-end hammock, a separate mosquito net, rainfly, and a whoopie-style (knotless) suspension mechanism. A single layer, netless hammock with a length of just under 9 feet, the hammock is better ideal for those under 6 feet in height due to its shorter length. If you do need to utilize the optional insect net, it has a ridgeline to keep it from getting in your face while you’re sleeping.

See our ENO SubLink Hammock Shelter Review for more information. Check for the most up-to-date pricing at: REI|Amazon

4. Hennessy Hammock Explorer Deluxe Asym Zip

One of Hennessy Hammocks’ most popular adult models, the Explorer Deluxe Asym Zipis a single-layer hammock that is one of their lightest and most popular versions. It is equipped with a revolutionary asymmetric hammock bed and rainfly that minimizes weight while increasing comfort and functionality. There is a side zipper that makes it simple to get in and out of the Explorer, as well as completely integrated mosquito netting to keep mosquitoes at bay. In order to achieve optimum strength, the suspension system incorporates webbing straps as well as lightweight Spectra cord.

They were the sole inventors of the integrated hammock tent “system,” and their goods serve as a tribute to their accomplishment.

5. Hennessy Hammock Scout Series Hammock Shelter System

Hammocks are quite popular among children and scouts since they are entertaining to use and lightweight to transport. However, with the exception of the Hennessy Hammock Scout Series Hammocks, most hammocks and hammock shelter systems are designed for adults rather than youngsters. They are designed for children and small people up to 5′ 8′′ in height and feature all of the components of a conventional Hennessy Hammock System, including a hammock with mosquito netting, tarp, and webbing straps, for only $100, which represents an incredible deal!

Check for the most up-to-date pricing at: REI|Amazon

6. ENO OneLink Hammock Shelter System

The ENO OneLink Hammock Shelter is a more comfortable and roomy hammock shelter system than the SubLink system described above, despite the fact that it is significantly heavier than the SubLink. A doublenest hammock, which is suited for taller folks or people who like more space, is used in conjunction with a separate optional bug net, which is easier to get into and out of than the doublenest hammock. The hammock’s suspension mechanism is built on daisy chains, which makes it both durable and simple to use, and the accompanying rainfly can be put up without the need for any knotting knowledge.

Check for the most up-to-date pricing at: REI|Amazon

7. Hennessy Hammock Ultralite Backpacker Asym Zip Hammock

The Hennessy Hammock Ultralite Backpacker Asym Zip Hammock is a complete hammock shelter that includes a single layer hammock with integrated mosquito netting, internal gear storage pockets, a side zipper for access, a tarp, and a complete suspension system. The hammock has a single layer hammock with integrated mosquito netting, internal gear storage pockets, a side zipper for access, a tarp, and a complete suspension system. Each time the hammock is put up, its inherent ridgeline design maintains a pleasant form.

The No-See-Um mesh canopy keeps the pests at bay while still allowing for enough air circulation, and a gear pocket dangling from the ridgeline provides storage for small personal belongings.

With a little practice, the whole setup time may be reduced to about 2 minutes or less. The most recent price may be found at: REI|Hennessy Hammock.

8. Grand Trunk Air Bivy All Weather Shelter and Hammock

The Grand Trunk Air Bivycombines Grand Trunk’s Skeeter Beeter XT Hammock and HexFly Tarp into one convenient package. The Skeeter Beeter XT is a roomy 10′ 6′′ long single-layer hammock with integrated mosquito netting that is kept away from your face by metal spreader bars. It is available in two sizes: large and extra large. In addition, it includes a gear loft for additional storage, and the suspension system is knotless for convenience of usage. The HexFly is a massive 11′ 7′′ rain fly that will provide you with lots of protection while you’re in your hammock, cooking, or just lazing outside.

9. Lawson Blue Ridge Hammock

It comes with a waterproof cover, a webbing-style suspension, and a hammock with built-in mosquito netting that is supported by two lightweight bent poles. The hammock is designed to provide you with a level resting surface and is compatible with a standard foam sleeping pad. A waterproof cover is supplied, which drapes over the hammock and eliminates the need for a separate suspension system. Because it may be built up on the ground if you don’t have two decent trees to hang it from, the Blue Ridge is more adaptable than most other structures.

10. ENO JungleLink Hammock System

The ENO JungleLink Hammock System is a complete hammock shelter system that includes the JungleNest hammock with an integrated ridgeline, the ENO Helios suspension system (whoopie-style), an ENO DryFly rain tarp, and a storage bag. The JungleNest hammock has an integrated ridgeline, the ENO Helios suspension system (whoopie-style), and the ENO DryFly rain tarp. Because it is ENO’s longest and most roomy hammock, it allows you to spread out and lay flat diagonally in the hammock. With an integrated bug net and spreader bar, it creates a tent-like canopy over the hammock body, increasing the amount of space available inside the hammock.

Check out REI for the most up-to-date pricing information.

Key Considerations for Hammock Tents

If you’re interested in trying out hammock camping and backpacking, purchasing a complete system is a convenient method to discover if it’s suited for you. The great thing about all of the kits on our list is that they contain everything you need to sleep in a hammock, from soup to nuts, so you don’t have to go out and buy any additional parts or accessories. When you’re new to hammocking, this can be a difficult procedure, and you may find up purchasing equipment that is unsuitable.

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Backpacking vs Camping Hammock Tent Systems

Hammock systems developed for backpacking are often less in weight than hammock systems built for base camping or vehicle camping, and they are also more compact. Generally speaking, the features and functions are the similar, but lighter-weight textiles are utilized for backpacking hammock systems, which makes them a little more expensive than other types.

Single or Double Layer Hammocks

When the temperature outdoors is less than 70 degrees, most individuals require additional insulation behind their backs when sleeping in a hammock. A single-layer hammock can be used to sleep on top of a foam pad or to suspend an underquilt below the body of the hammock, depending on its design. It is difficult to keep inflatable pads in position below you when you are suspended in the air, which is why they are not very effective. Sleeping bags with an interior sleeve under the sleeping surface are ideal for tucking a sleeping pad inside while still keeping it out of the way of the rest of the living area.

A sleeping pad made of foam or an inflatable sleeping pad can also be stored in the sleeve. The extra fabric layer on double layer hammocks, on the other hand, adds to the overall weight of the hammock.

Webbing, Daisy Chain, or Whoopie Sling Suspension Systems for Hammocks

For the purpose of suspending a hammock, three types of suspension systems are often used. Some shelters come with polyester webbing straps that you may use to wrap around a tree and then connect your hammock to with a carabiner or a metal hook, while others come with nylon webbing straps. Some utilize a Whoopie sling (which acts like a Chinese finger trap) to attach a hammock to the webbing straps, while others use daisy chains to link a hammock to the webbing. All three systems are perfectly functional, and the only major difference between them is generally the weight of the gear, with the Whoopie sling being the lightest of the three.

Tarp Suspension Systems

Hammock suspension systems are generally classified into three categories. Some backpacking shelters are equipped with polyester webbing straps that you can use to wrap around a tree and then tie your hammock to with either a carabiner or a metal hook to hang your hammock straight from the tree. Some add daisy chains to the webbing so that you may clip your hammock to them, while others utilize a knotless tensioning mechanism called a Whoopie sling (which works in the same way as a Chinese finger trap) to link your hammock to the webbing straps.

Gathered End Hammocks

Gathered-end hammocks are hammocks with bunched ends that are shaped like a banana. They are typically found on trekking hammocks since they are lightweight and convenient. For those who want to sleep flat, like you would on a bed, rather than with their back bent like a banana, longer (length) gathered end hammocks are preferable to shorter (length) ones. A hammock that is 11 feet long is regarded to be lengthy, whilst a hammock that is 9 feet long is considered to be somewhat short.

Mosquito Netting

There are several hammocks that feature mosquito netting that is sewed in, while others have netting that is zipped in or detachable. A freestanding mosquito net that slips on over one end of the hammock and is pulled over the head end, or a top-zipper net that zips closed, can be added to a hammock that does not have mosquito netting already attached. There are several options that are all equally effective, and the one you choose is mainly a question of personal preference and how much pest protection you require.

Internal Gear Storage

Even if it’s only for your keys and smartphone, having a pocket or two for internal gear storage in a hammock is quite convenient. You’ll have to keep the majority of your stuff outside of the hammock, generally on the ground, unless you purchase a gear sling that allows you to suspend everything below your hammock.

Distance between Tarp/Rain Cover and the Hammock

Choosing a hammock tent system with an adjustable air gap between the tarp/rain cover and the hammock is recommended if you want to use one of the systems listed above in hot or humid conditions. It is vital to have adequate ventilation in order to prevent humidity from transferring from your tarp into your hammock and onto your sleeping insulation. NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: If you’re considering about purchasing gear that we’ve reviewed or recommended on SectionHiker, you may contribute to our fundraising efforts.

Simply click on any of the vendor links provided above.

Although the cost of the product remains the same for you, your purchase allows us to continue to test and create unsponsored and independent gear evaluations, beginning FAQs, and free hiking guides for you. Thank you for your assistance, and please know that we appreciate it!

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The Best Hammocks for Camping and Backpacking

Photograph courtesy of KammockAsk any camping hammock enthusiast about their preferred shelter, and they may just persuade you to make the change. Comparatively speaking to traditional tents, hammocks are lighter, more compact, and quicker to set up and take down—all of which are advantageous if you’re a long-distance hiker who prefers to travel light and fast, or if you’re a solo sleeper who wants to eliminate tent pitching from your camp chores. Many manufacturers specifically design their slings to allow you to sleep in a flatter position at night, although vintage styles may also be quite pleasant.

The Anatomy of a Hammock Tent

When used in conjunction with a hammock, it offers the mobility and low weight of a day-use hammock, as well as protection in the form of an integrated or suitable insect net and a fly (often not included with the tent). A ridgeline, which is a cord that is permanently linked to the sling and extends from one end of the sling to the other, provides support for flies and many bug nets. When you hang your hammock, the string should be taut but not unduly tensioned, as seen in the photograph. Unless this is done, your netting and tarp may hang too low, interfering with your sleeping arrangements and showing that your hammock isn’t hanging at the required 30-degree angle as indicated.

  1. An asymmetrical design provides you with extra space to recline at an angle while also resulting in a flatter foundation as a result.
  2. Other types are equipped with spreader bars, which are put at both ends of the hammock and serve as a scaffolding for the fabric to hang from below.
  3. As a result, the hammock has a flat foundation for optimal comfort and is detachable, similar to tent poles, so it can still be packed up into a compact space.
  4. The suspension system of a hammock is the last component of the structure.
  5. However, there are a plethora of reasonably priced choices that are also broad enough to prevent biting into the bark of trees.

Choosing The Right Hammock

Hammocks for one and two people are available from a variety of manufacturers. Whatever you choose, it should be strong enough to safely hold you and any equipment you store within it, as well as spacious enough to allow you to lie down comfortably. Even while many people prefer a single hammock, twin hammocks are becoming increasingly popular. They provide more space and a higher weight restriction, which is particularly useful if you’re traveling with a spouse or hiking with a lot of gear to carry.

If you sleep in a hammock on a regular basis, you should consider purchasing a hammock system.

These bundles can cost $200 or more and contain a hammock tent, insect net, fly, and straps.

For those who only want to use their hammock a few times a year, a DIY setup is the best option. Pair your hammock of choice with a waterproof polyurethane-coated fly that’s strung from a length of paracord that’s tied to the same trees that are supporting your hammock at a bare minimum.

How We Tested andEvaluated

As part of our search for the finest camping hammocks, we began with a shortlist of 30 potential candidates. This included hammock tents, complete systems, and a few popular day-use hammocks that could be converted to overnight usage in a pinch. Comparing the capacities, sizes, weights, features, and prices of each product helped us narrow the field down to the most promising candidates for further consideration. We experimented with as many of those hammocks as we could, using them in our own backyards, local parks, and the backcountry while we lounged during the day and slept at night.

  1. We also used our own scale to verify or refute the manufacturer’s weight claims, as well as to determine how compact each item was when packed down compared to its unpacked size.
  2. Continue reading to find out which seven made our list of top picks.
  3. OneLink It has a capacity of 400 pounds and weighs 4 pounds, 3.6 ounces.
  4. ENO invented and patented the first knotless suspension systems, and the company is one of the most recognizable brands in the hammock industry.
  5. It’s also the centerpiece of the OneLink, which also contains a 360-degree retractable insect net, a fly that comes with four pegs, and 13.5 feet of woven webbing straps.
  6. Whether you’re camping or hiking, you may use either just the hammock to relax in a park or the entire system (which was the heaviest in our testing).
  7. We noticed that finding trees 10 to 15 feet apart was more realistic than looking for trees 10 to 15 feet apart as recommended by the ENO.
  8. Instead of Velcro or buttons, the insect net contains drawstring cinch cords at both ends that produce a genuine seal, as opposed to nets that employ Velcro or buttons.
  9. When compared to ENO’s one-personSingleNest hammock, we discovered that the two-person model is more effective at blocking chilly winds when sleeping alone.
  10. The compression pouch that was linked to the hammock worked nicely as a pocket, storing our torch and phone with plenty of room to spare.

They remained in place during our testing, but we aren’t confident that they are sturdy enough to remain in place in inclement weather for long periods of time.

  • It is simple to convert from day to nighttime use. Shelter with plenty of space
  • Construction of superior quality
  • Although heavy, the insect net and tarp might have been made tougher with stronger hooks.

The Most Economical The SunYear Double Camping Hammock is made of polyester. Capacity: 600 lb.| Weight: 3 lb. 3.2 oz.| Dimensions: 3 lb. 9 ft. 10 in. by 6 ft. 6 in. are the measurements. This hammock tent is available at a previously unheard-of cheap price, considering that most rivals sell for more than $150. The price of a double hammock with an integrated mosquito net and 10-foot-long straps is less than the cost of a night out on the town. This is a generous size for most locations. Despite its lightweight design, the sling is certified to support an astounding 600 pounds and is constructed of parachute-grade nylon.

Two ridgelines on the insect net keep it elevated high above the ground’s surface, but if you don’t want the protection, you may turn the sling over and hang it without the net in place.

A tarp, which is the only gear that is not included in this package, will be necessary for outdoor camping adventures.

  • Massive storage capacity
  • Extremely inexpensive
  • Lifetime warranty

Full System in a Small Package Hammock for camping with a Kammok Mantis It has a capacity of 500 lb. and weighs 2 lb. 12.6 oz. 10 ft. by 4 ft. 8 in. is the overall measurement. The Mantis provides effective protection in a small package. There are six stakes included, as well as a nicely sized single hammock with internal compartments, a detachable insect net, a fly, straps, and an assortment of other accessories. That will be plenty to hold the fly and the sides of the asymmetrical hammock in place (for a wider sleeping base).

All of these components pack down more compactly than most entire systems, to about the size of a loaf of bread, and weigh less than 3 pounds when all of them are together, which is quite light even for a hammock tent.

Because of the high-quality construction, we were not concerned about the materials failing to withstand abrasions in the woods, and we didn’t find any problems during our testing either.

In any case, the Mantis appears to be the finest choice if you’re looking for a featherlight system that won’t take up too much room in your pack.

  • Full System with Low Weight Camping Hammock with Kammok Mantis Design 2lb 12.6oz | 500 lb capacity| Weight:2lb 12.6 ounce | 2 lb 12.6oz| 10 feet by 4 feet and 8 inches in size Fortunately, the Mantis protects you in an easy-to-carry package. There are six stakes included, as well as a single hammock with inside storage, a detachable insect net, a fly, straps, and a removable bug net. That will be sufficient to hold the fly and the sides of the asymmetrical hammock in position (for a wider sleeping base). Even without setting up the hammock, the Mantis gave plenty of space for us to relax and sleep. These components combine to weigh less than 3 pounds, which is quite light for a hammock tent, especially when compared to most entire systems (they pack down to the size of a bread loaf). The finer textiles that Kammok utilizes contribute to the weight reductions, in part. Because of the high-quality construction, we were not concerned about the materials failing to withstand abrasions in the woods, and we were not aware of any problems throughout our testing. Choose the ultralight variant, which weighs only 2 pounds 3 ounces and has a capacity of 300 pounds, for even less weight. If you’re looking for a featherlight system that won’t take up too much room in your pack, the Mantis is the best option.
  • Even more time is required to repack the hammock into its tiny stuff pouch.
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Even more time is required to repack the hammock into its tiny stuff pouch;

  • Asymmetrical design with plenty of space
  • The double-layered bottom accommodates a foam cushion
  • There is much interior storage.

System with the Best Value Air Bivy All Weather Shelter – Grand Trunk Air Bivy Inc. It has a capacity of 400 pounds and weighs 3 lb. 2.9 oz. 10 ft. 6 in. by 5 ft. 6 in. are the dimensions. The Air Bivy is just one pair of suspension straps short of becoming a complete camping hammock system, but it gets the job done. Despite the high price, it’s still an excellent value. The Skeeter Beeter XT hammock, which has an integrated bug net, serves as the centerpiece of the shelter. The hexfly rain cover may be placed on top of the tent for additional protection on windy, cold, or wet evenings (or if you want more privacy).

It is important to remember to place the two spreader poles into the insect net before hanging the sling while setting up the hammock.

In spite of the fact that the hammock is symmetrical, it is 5 feet wide, which allowed us to curl up and even lie at a small inclination to create a somewhat smoother surface.

Everything was safe and pleasant, and we felt safe and secure. Thus, the Air Bivy is a fantastic option for those who don’t mind losing a certain level of durability in the sake of saving money.

  • Some rivals’ products are less durable than others. The symmetry of the design restricts how flat you may lay

ENO is the most comfortableENO Hammock with a skylight It can hold up to 250 pounds and weighs only 2 pounds. Its dimensions are 7 feet by 3 inches. Although asymmetrical designs are attractive, nothing compares to the comfort of a flat-based hammock. We had plenty of room in the SkyLite to spread out, roll about, and even lie down on our stomachs. It was a comfortable ride. We were out of bed in no time and woke up feeling as though we had spent the night back in our own bed in our own bedroom.

Everything you need for all-day comfort weighs less than two pounds when packed (albeit this does not include straps or a fly, which are offered separately).

Alternatively, if weight isn’t an issue, carabiners can be used in conjunction with whichever straps you like.

  • The flat base is really comfy
  • There is plenty of interior storage.
  • Straps and a tarp are not included in the price. The bug net is not detachable

Customizable Warbonnet Outdoors Blackbird XLCC (Warbonnet Outdoors Blackbird XLCC) Capacity:350 lb.| Weight:1 lb. 5.75 oz.| Dimensions:1 lb. Approximately 11 ft. 2 in. by 5 ft 2 in. The asymmetrical Blackbird XLC hammock, like other of Warbonnet’s hammocks, is an a la carte option that does not include many accoutrements, not even carabiners, when purchased separately. In this case, you have the option of customizing your kit to your exact specs and are ready to pay a premium for the privilege.

  • Keep take mind that the XLC will most likely function with straps and/or a fly that you currently own or that you purchase from another manufacturer.
  • When you use the supplied zip-on insect net, you may place your head to the left or right of your feet depending on your preference.
  • The XLC is also a terrific alternative for people who are taller or who want a more expansive hammock; the hammock spans an amazing 11 feet from end to end.
  • In no time at all, you’ll be able to count sheep.
  • Lightweight
  • Large asymmetrical shape that allows it to be laid flat
  • Removable insect net
  • Because all of the accessories are additional, this is a more expensive alternative.

Adrienne Donica is a model and actress. Adrienne Donica is the Outdoors Editor for Popular Mechanics, where she tests and reviews hiking, camping, and other adventure gear.

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Hennessy Hammock – “The Coolest Tent In The World”

We were the pioneers of the current camping hammock revolution more than two decades ago, when we introduced the first completely enclosed hammock that allowed you to sleep flatter and on a diagonal in your hammock. Today, we are still at the forefront of the business in terms of innovative designs. We design our hammocks to be strong, lightweight, and packed with features to ensure that you have the same pleasant bed every night so that you can hike well rested every day. Hammocks that have been highlighted

  • Zip Code for Jungle Expedition The two-layer bottom keeps the heat-reflecting insulation pad in the proper position on the diagonal. Maximum height and weight: up to 6ft/250 lbs – 180cm/113kg Bottom with two layers Explorer Deluxe Classic XL is available for $219.95 USD. Designed to withstand the demands of emergency services Maximum height and weight: up to 7ft/300 lbs – 213cm/ 135kg Bottom with only one layer 4Season Explorer Zip XL, $189.95 USD
  • 4Season Explorer Zip XL, $189.95 USD
  • 4Season Explorer Zip XL, $189.95 USD The two-layer bottom keeps the foam insulation pad in the proper orientation. Maximum height is 7ft and weight is 300lbs
  • Maximum length is 213cm and weight is 135kg. Two-layer Bottom: $299.95 USD
  • Two-layer Top: $299.95 USD

Revolutionary Camping Equipment

Tom’s ingenious idea revolutionized the way people camp for the rest of their lives. Take pleasure in a degree of comfort that is practically as excellent as your bed at home, if not better, when you are out hiking. In order to take into consideration the fact that the people of Central America sleep diagonally in their hammocks, Tom modified the shape of his hammock to create his patented asymmetrical design, which allows you to lie level on the diagonal while receiving excellent support under your lower back and knees.

  1. Tall or large campers, as well as campers suffering from injuries, arthritis, bone spurs, or back problems, have told us that the larger Explorer Deluxe and Safari Deluxe versions have allowed them to have their first pleasant camping night in many years.
  2. Hennessy Hammock owners have stated that they return home from their excursion feeling better than they did before leaving on their trip.
  3. The ingenious proprietary entry via the bottom of the Classic versions appears to be impossible, yet it actually works perfectly.
  4. It is possible to build up the structural ridgeline more than once and have it remain the exact same shape.

What’s Included?

Each and every one of Hennessy Hammocks’ “stock” models is a comprehensive shelter system that is meant to last for years. We make sure that all of our support ropes and webbing straps are at least six times as robust as the hammock’s weight rating. Closely woven materials, a “no see um” mosquito screen, a gear loft on the ridge line, a matching removable rainfly, and a stuff sack with set up instructions on the reverse are all used to construct this tent. Hennessy Hammocks also supplies complimentary TreeHugger webbing straps to protect the ropes and the delicate bark of the trees that you are hammocking under.

SnakeSkins are also available for a short time as a free bonus.

Why a Hennessy?

The five patents that Hennessy Hammock has received have made it a famous piece of camping and survival gear. Epic expeditions have used it to travel the length of the Nile, Amazon, and Congo Rivers, as well as up to and across the Arctic and into the world’s deepest cave systems. EXPERIENCE: Tom has been sleeping in hammocks for more than 60 years, and he has been creating hammocks for more than 40 years. QUALITY: Every hammock is made with the highest quality materials and workmanship. There are innumerable small improvements that only 40 years of labor could bring about, but you can feel them as soon as you spread down in his hammock and close your eyes, as if you were there.

In the event that you have a query, we will have the answer.

We have received several messages from consumers expressing their gratitude for our prompt delivery of new equipment.

Who is Hennessy?

Tom Hennessy is an industrial designer who lives on an island off the west coast of Canada with his wife and two children. In partnership with his wife Ann, son James, and a group of long-time friends, he operates a small family business whose sole aim is to continuously advance the evolution of hammock design. They have been granted up to five patents on a national and international level thus far. Tom began sleeping in a World War II army jungle hammock when he was 12 years old, and he hasn’t slept in a tent since 1955, when he discovered it.

After seven years of design school, he made the decision to build the greatest hammock he could for his own personal use.

It was only then that the thought occurred to him that his hammock may be of some monetary value.

More information may be found here.

Best Camping Hammocks, Straps & Rain Fly

A water-resistant outdoor tarp that’s great for camping, backpacking, tents, hammocks, and other activities. Stakes made of lightweight aluminum and ripstop nylon are included.

  • ADVENTURE DRY FLYS – The Everest Rain Fly Canopy is an excellent addition to your camping and survival gear. It is lightweight and easy to pack. The nylon is a quick-dry fabric with a polyurethane coating, ridge seams that are back-taped, a Durable Water Repellent finish that is non-breathable, waterproof, and does not mist. The fabric has been treated with a UV inhibitor, which makes it resistant to color fading in direct sunlight. Using the “Z” stitched reinforced corner pullout points on the seams, you may quickly and easily set up your tent. SIZE DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE – The lightweight Adventure Dry Fly tarp weighs only 26 ounces and is 142 inches in centerline length and 98 inches in width. This camping need will keep you and your belongings dry while also accommodating single or double sized hammocks. These accessories have a covering area that is nearly 85 feet in length, which is 30 percent bigger than the average. This tarp provides shade and protection for hammocks, tents, and other outdoor equipment from the sun, rain, wind cold, and snow. INSTANT SET-UP: The Everest camp tarp guy lines are constructed with Lineloc 3 pullouts for effortless adjustment and tensioning on a tent, tree trunk or poles. They are also available in a variety of colors. With these lines, you can quickly and easily cover your stuff and shelter, and get your outdoor excursions underway! The reflective guy wires help to reduce the risk of tripping during the night while using a lamp or the moonlight. You may choose between a standard Catenary form and a Hex Cat-Cut configuration for your setup. In addition, the tarps come with a simple and straightforward instruction handbook
  • ALUMINUM STAKES – We use the Y-beam tent stake type, which is one of the most popular tent stake designs. This design has the ability to penetrate and retain in a broad variety of soil types. 7000-series aluminum is used in the construction of this stake. It is lightweight, super robust, and tough, and it will keep your tarp securely planted in the ground. 30 DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE – We provide a complete 30-Day return policy on all of our items, as well as a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase. As a small business, we stand behind the quality of our products and are delighted to provide product assistance so that you may sleep well and with total peace of mind.

9 BEST Ultralight Backpacking Hammock Tents for 2022

Photo courtesy of @wildcampscotland

At a Glance:

Hammock Tents offer a variety of sleeping options (if there are trees around) and might be more comfortable than sleeping on the ground in some situations. ‣ Understand your alternatives when it comes to things like insect nets, tarps (rainfly), insulation, sleep posture, and suspension systems, among other things. ‣ Sleeping hammocks, like regular tents, are available in a variety of weights, materials, and price ranges. Hennessy, Hummingbird Hammocks, Kammok, and more top brands are represented here.

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This article concentrates on overnight shelters that are intended for sleeping, rather than daytime loungers that are intended for resting.

A location that is adaptable.

Assuming there are plenty of trees, hammocks may be hung up almost anyplace, which is especially important in mountainous areas (steep slope, muddy ground, etc). 2. Convenience. Some individuals do not enjoy sleeping on flat ground and find the swaying motion of the hammock to be quite relaxing.

Weight Price Dimensions Max Capacity
Hennessy 1 lb 12 oz $279.95 120″L x 59″W 200 lbs
Hummingbird Hammocks 13.8 oz (w/o tarp) $159.85 104″L x 47″W 300 lbs
Kammok 2 lb 0.5 oz (w/o tarp) $169.00 100″L x 50″W 400 lbs
Jacks ‘R’ Better 1 lb 11.8 oz (w/o tarp) $194.95 comfortable for individuals “up to 6 foot and 3 inches tall” 250 lbs
Warbonnet 1 lb 6 oz (w/o tarp) $170.00 120″L x 63″W 250 lbs
Grand Trunk 2 lb 2.45 oz (w/o tarp) $104.98 126″L x 60″W 400 lbs
ENO 2 lb 6.9 oz $269.04 105″L x 47″W 300 lbs
Exped 2 lb 0.1 oz $328.95 84.6″L x 55.1″W 265 lbs
Jungle Hammocks 2 lb 4.7 oz $249.00 N/A 250 lbs

Your Hammock Tent Requirements.

WHEN IT COMES TO LIGHTWEIGHT: Depending on the sort of hiking you want to perform, your hammock tent may require a range of different gear components. It is possible that these extra elements will make determining the recommended weight of a hammock tent even more complex. For this reason, let us explain what we mean by “full hammock tent system” right from the start. In addition to the hammock, a full hammock tent system contains a) tarp/rainfly, b) bug/mesh net, c) suspension system/straps, and d) hammock.

  1. If this is the case, consider bringing a tent instead.
  2. However, if you are serious about losing weight, it is something to take into mind.
  3. Extra pounds will lead you to go more slowly and force you to exert an extra amount of energy, making for a potentially uncomfortable journey in general.
  4. POSITIONING THAT IS SUITABLE FOR SLEEPING: Hammocks may be used in a variety of postures for sleeping.
  5. In the first position, you should be reclining on your back at approximately a 45-degree angle.
  6. Some models (those with additional guylines attachments) are more suited for asymmetrical sleeping than others.
  7. Straight: resting on your back in the natural banana or “crescent moon” form parallel to the hammock ridgeline, with your legs straight.

a diagonal and smooth surface (on the left) vs.

90 Degrees: Lie on your back perpendicular to the ground at a full 90 degrees like this.

SPACIOUS: Some ultralight hiking hammocks weigh as little as a few ounces, making them ideal for backpacking.

These, on the other hand, might be rather little.

Here are some examples of proposed measurements.

Because of the strain created by your hanging weight, the ends (your head and feet) will begin to press together.

For example, if you are 6’4″ tall, you should add 8″ to the 102-inch minimum length to arrive at a new minimum length of 110 inches.

For a day lounger, anything less than this is acceptable.

STRONG: This dog must be able to support your entire body weight as well as any equipment you intend to sleep with when you sleep.

I weigh 165 pounds and will be sleeping with around 10 pounds of stuff, for example.

This value is referred to as the “maximum weight capacity” by most firms, and it may be found in the product specifications.

MATERIAL OF HIGH QUALITY: Please, no cotton clothing.

Nylon is the more durable and widely used material, but it is also the most costly.

There are many different mixes and weaves of both materials available, and they may be made as rigid or as elastic as you need.

To achieve this, the objective is to have the hammock firmly tied to the trees at the correct degree of tension with the least amount of guylines and stake down points possible.

I’ve found that having a suspension system that is easily changeable is the most effective approach to assure a quick setup. Photograph courtesy of Warbonnet Outdoors

Hammock Gear Considerations

Bug net: Sleeping in the open as mosquitoes buzz about you all night is not pleasant. From their unbroken nighttime feast, you may wake up with hordes of swelling bite marks on your arms and legs. Bugs and mosquitoes may be found in almost any hiking environment. Because of this, a complete hammock enclosure is strongly advised. It should be noted that bug spray is an option and that, of course, certain areas do not have many insects. A TARP (also known as a ‘RAINFLY’) will be required for rain and other weather protection.

  • Those are cumbersome, heavy, and difficult to use effectively to cover the whole length of your hammock.
  • The majority of brands will include a tarp that is particular to the vehicle being purchased.
  • The ‘diamond’ and the ‘hex cut’ are the most popular patterns since they provide the maximum coverage while weighing the least amount.
  • or, more accurately, a lack of thermal insulation.
  • Sleeping with any form of additional insulation below you is a must if you are hiking outside of the heated summer months.
  • There are two primary options: 1.
  • Sleep on a foam or air pad, exactly like you would if you were sleeping on the ground.

If you want to keep them in place, you need either a) purchase a double-layered hammock with slip holders or b) purchase a pad with ‘walls’ such as this one.

Use an underquilt.

Very toasty, however it’s a pain to transport because it’s so heavy.

Consider a suspension system to be nothing more than the way by which a hammock is tied and secured to a tree.

The most prevalent kinds are as follows: 1.

An adjustable loop on one end (which is used to attach to the webbing around the tree) and a fixed eye on the other end is what this type of rope is designed to be used with (attach to the end of the hammock).


This is a form of strap that has fixed loops, similar to a chain, and is quite popular.


Do-it-yourself. You may always use a piece of rope to secure your hammock straight to the ground. This is, without a doubt, the most lightweight option. To achieve optimal hammock tension, it will take some time to adjust the fixed knots, and some knot knowledge will be required to accomplish this.


Zipper Hyperlite Asym Weight: 1 pound 12 ounces Price:$279.95 120″L x 59″W are the overall dimensions. Capacity: Up to 200 lbs. The Reason It’s Awesome: The Hyperlite Asym Zip by Hennessy Hammock is one of the best hiking hammock tents available on the market today. Navigating among all of the compatible components of a company’s hammock system might be a complicated experience. This is not the case with this individual. In terms of functionality, this model is a well-integrated system that has everything you’ll need to sleep while on the road.

My only reservation is the maximum weight capacity of 200 lbs.

Hennessy, which was founded in 1999, produces a wide range of additional types.

See Hennessy Hyperlite Asym Zip for further information.

Hummingbird Hammocks

A single hammock, a warbler net, and tree straps are included. Weight:13.8 oz (without tarp)*Price:$159.85* Dimensions: The following measurements: 104″L x 47″W Max Weight capacity: 300 pounds Why It’s Fantastic: Not a typo: the complete arrangement weighs less than one pound! Simply simply, this is the most compact and lightweight hammock system available. Furthermore, as you might expect, it is ultra-compact and compresses down to a teeny-tiny size. Hummingbird’s Tree Straps are also a very popular suspension device that is used by many people.

The Hummingbird is a robust, lightweight system that is not expensive.

In addition, the nylon hammock is a little stiffer and, thus, probably less comfortable than the other hammocks on our list.


Hammock with a wallaby, a dragonfly net, and a pair of Python straps w/o tarp, weight:2 lb 0.5 oz (without tarp)*Price:$169.00* 100″L x 50″W are the overall dimensions. Max 400 pound weight capacity Why It’s Fantastic: Consider Kammok to be the ‘Cadillac of hammocks’ – it’s spacious and comfortable. They have two different hammock types to choose from: the Wallaby and the Roo. When it comes to size, the Wallaby is lightest and small, whilst the Roo is more capacious and made of soft LunarWave fabric.

These lengthy daisy chain straps are really simple to put together and are wide enough to avoid cutting into the tree’s trunk.

They are also extremely durable, with the ability to support up to 500 lbs. See Python Straps(12 oz, $29) +Wallaby Hammock(10 oz, $65) +Dragonfly Insect Net(10.5 oz, $75) +Wallaby Hammock(10 oz, $65) Kuhli Tarp (10 oz, $129) is an optional item.

Jacks ‘R’ Better

Bear Mountain Bridge’s Ultra-Lightweight Design Weight: 1 pound 11.8 ounces (without tarp) Price:$194.95 People up to 6 feet and 3 inches tall will be comfortable in this chair. 250 pounds is the maximum weight capacity. Why It’s Fantastic: Unlike other hammocks, the Jacks ‘R’ Better does not bunch up at the head and toe like most other hammocks would (aka – no “gather end”). Instead, special “spreader bars” are used to turn the ends into a rectangular form, creating a distinctive look. These spreader bars offer a genuine flat lie by retaining a rectangular form throughout their length.

The Bear Mountain Ridge (Ultra-Light model) is sold as a complete system, which includes an integrated insect net as well as 1 inch polypropylene webbing suspension straps for easy installation.



Blackbird Single Layer (Single Layer) Weight: 1 pound 6 ounces (without tarp) Price:$170.00 120″L x 63″W is the overall measurement. 250 pounds is the maximum weight capacity. Why It’s Fantastic: Warbonnet has been in business for than a decade and is known for producing high-quality gear. The Blackbird is one of their most popular models, and it has become something of a symbol in the backpacking community. Personally, I appreciate the storage shelf and footbox, which provide additional leg area.

The insect net can be simply zipped open and rolled back when not in use, which is convenient.

They also have a large selection of tarps and underquilts.

See Blackbird Single Layer for further information.

Grand Trunk

Skeeter Beeter Pro is a new version of the popular Skeeter Beeter game. Weight:2 lb 2.45 oz (without tarp)*Price:$104.98*Dimensions:126″L x 60″W*Weight:2 lb 2.45 oz (with tarp) Max 400 pound weight capacity Why It’s Great:Grand Trunk manufactures the most reasonably priced hammock tent on this list. If you want to see if hammock camping is for you, here is a high-quality setup that will cost you less than $100. With a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds and a length of 126 inches, this monster is both extraordinarily sturdy and roomy.

The two ridelines raise the bugnet and increase the amount of internal space available, which is ideal for reading on a wet day.

If you enjoy color designs, have a look at all of the Grand Trunk models. Check out the SeeSkeeter Beeter Pro Hammock (26.45 oz, $84.99) as well as the Tree Slings Hanging Kit (eight ounces, $19.99). Rainfly (20 oz, $79.99) is an optional purchase.


Beetle Beetle Beetle Beetle Beetle Beetle Beetle Beetle Beetle Beetle Beetle Dimensions:126″L x 60″W x 2 lb 2.45 oz (without tarp)*Weight:2 lb 2.45 oz (w/tarp)*Price:$104.98 Max 400 pounds of carrying capacity Why Great: Grand Trunk manufactures the most reasonably priced hammock tent on this list, which is a plus. This high-quality hammock camping setup will cost you less than $100 if you are interested in seeing if hammock camping is for you. Given its 400-pound maximum weight capacity and length of 126-2 inches, this item is both extraordinarily robust and roomy.

It is possible to read on a wet day thanks to the two ridelines that elevate the bugnet and optimize the internal area.

Check out the SeeSkeeter Beeter Pro Hammock (26.45 oz, $84.99) and the Tree Slings Hanging Kit (eight ounces, $19.99).


Scout Combi UL (Ultra-Low-Cost) The following is the weight: 2 lb 0.1 oz Price:$328.95 84.6″L x 55.1″W are the overall dimensions. 265 pounds is the maximum weight capacity. Why It’s Fantastic: With the Scout Combi Ultralight, Exped outperformed the competition in a number of key categories. After all, we’re talking about a whole system that includes a huge rectangular tarp that weighs around 2 pounds. They included some innovative features such as sleeves for your trekking poles that allow you to open the insect net.

Incredibly, this lightweight baby bag includes a sleeping pad compartment as well as two interior pockets for your belongings.

It is the most costly hammock on our list, with a price tag of more than $300.

Jungle Hammocks

The weight of Tracelite is 2 lb., 4.7 oz. Price:$249.00 Dimensions:N/A 250 pounds is the maximum weight capacity. The Reason It’s Awesome: Jungle Hammocks, which is marketed as a military hammock, always manages to slip under the radar of the hiking community. The Tracelite is a very well-built and long-lasting piece of equipment. Entry and egress are provided through zippers on both sides. In addition, there is a substantial quantity of no-see-um mesh on the doors to improve visibility. The setup is straightforward and seamlessly integrated.

It has the potential to be short in length, so taller hikers should be wary.


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