What Card Refines Into A Tent

What Card Refines Into A Tent

Go into town to the petrol station, down a screen to a fork in the road, take a left at the fork, and you’ll be at the entrance of the railway station. The item shop is located on the right. Tents are available in almost every town with an item shop (in fact, Tents are available in any town with an item shop at all). The 27th of May, 2011

Where can I draw a Curaga?

Curaga is a drawing point. Curaga may also be obtained from a large number of high-level foes, a variety of draw points, and a range of other goods, all of which can be improved. Alexander’s ability High Mag-RF permits it to be developed from Cura spells with the use of this ability. One Curaga draw point on the globe map is located near the Galbadian continent end of the Horizon Bridge, which connects the two continents.

How do I turn enemies into cards in ff8?

FeralGriever is the name of the user. As a result, the lower the enemy’s health, the greater the likelihood that it will be transformed into a card. When dealing with adversaries, it is best to cast Demi on them approximately 3 or 4 times (more if the enemy has a lot of health); because Demi is gravity-based, it will not kill the enemy, but it should be enough to card him.

How many girlfriends are in Ffviii?

Guardian Forces are the summons in Final Fantasy 8, and they are a type of summon (GFs). There are a total of 16 junctionable GFs, with an extra six that cannot be junctioned but emerge at random during battles or are called by using special items to appear.

How do you get Triple Triad cards in FF8?

Win the Triple Triad game. At the beginning of the game, speak with a man standing in front of the elevator on the 2nd floor of Balamb Garden. After defeating Dollet in a game, enter the “hidden chamber” and speak with the proprietor of the Dollet tavern. Dropped by the Blood Soul. Use the Card ability on Blood Soul to your advantage. Win the Triple Triad game.

Can you card bosses FF8?

There aren’t any bosses that I can think of that you can card. Don’t be concerned about getting rare cards because there aren’t any that need you to use the card ability.

What does pure do in Final Fantasy?

To my knowledge, you cannot card any of the bosses. Avoid being concerned about obtaining rare cards because there are none that require the usage of the card ability.

What is card mod ff8?

Card Mod may be used to transform a Blitz card into a Dynamo Stone, which can then be refined into twenty Thundaga spells with the T Mag-RF ability. An additional goal is the transformation of the Imp and Vysage cards into a Wizard Stone, which may then be polished into any -aga spell.

What does cabin do in Final Fantasy?

The cottage from Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection is depicted here. In the series, the Cottage (, Kotji?) is sometimes referred to as the Cabin or the House, and it appears on several occasions. It totally recovers the HP and MP of the currently active party member(s). There are no other places to utilize it besides on the global map and at save spots.

How do you get shaman stones in ff8?

Obtaining a Shaman Stone in Final Fantasy VIII is done by refining either one Rosetta Stone, one Hungry Cookpot, one Mog’s Amulet, or one Dark Matter, depending on your preference.

How does card work ff8?

The likelihood of the Card Ability activating is directly proportionate to the amount of damage the target has sustained in the previous round.

If the target is half-health, the odds of success are around 50 percent, whereas if the target is 1/4 health, the chances of success are closer to 75 percent. Depending on how well Card performs, there is a tiny chance of receiving a rare Card rather than the ordinary Card.

What does GF stand for in Ffviii?

Guardian Forces (GF) are summoned monsters in Final Fantasy VIII who may be combined with a character to perform various tasks.

How can I level my girlfriend without leveling up?

When you’re in command of Edea, you’ll be able to power up the majority of the GFs without having to level up. When Squall and his crew are blasted into space, you may get every GF except Bahamut, Cactuar, and Eden if you wait until after the launch. And you may level them up as much as you like without affecting the levels of the other members of your party.

How do you get a card mod ability in FF8?

The only dependable method of obtaining Gambler’s Spirit is to use Card Mod in conjunction with Shumi cards. The only way to obtain Card Mod is to first understand how to play with Card. While I believe it would work if you were to hack in Gambler’s Spirit goods or obtain them through Angelo Search, I do not believe it would.

Do tents revive ff9?

The artwork for the tents in Final Fantasy IX. However, in certain games, the Tent heals the health and MP of every ally, whilst in others, it simply restores a specified quantity of health and MP. Tents may generally be found on the global map and at save sites, and they can be used to store items.

How do I turn curse spikes into Rosetta Stone?

strife14467 is the username. Simply use Tool-RF to craft the first two items, followed by GFAbl Med-RF to refine Shaman Stones into Rosetta Stones, and you should be good to go.

How do I level up my girlfriend in ff8?

Girls receive half of the experience of the character to whom they are assigned. As a result, the most effective approach to level them up is to just train as usual.

How do I get a Shumi tribe card?

Obtain. After successfully using the Card command on a T-Rexaur or a Grat, there is a 6.3 percent chance of receiving a Shumi Tribe card as a reward. Both of these adversaries are battled within Balamb Garden itself, within the Training Center, and maybe in relation to NORG, who serves as the Garden’s Master.

How do you modify cards in ff8?

Obtain. When you successfully use the Card command on a T-Rexaur or Grat, you have a 6.3 percent chance of receiving a Shumi Tribe card. Both of these adversaries are battled within Balamb Garden itself, within the Training Center, and maybe in connection to NORG, who serves as the Garden’s master.

Tent – Final Fantasy VIII

Special monstersare particularly powerful or otherwise noteworthy;bossesare only encountered in special plot encounters;super bossesare optional special battles of extreme difficulty; thefinal bossesmust be defeated to complete the gameName The amount of experience yielded by defeating this monster, expressed as a base amount plus a modifier based on the monster’s relative level; experience is split evenly among all surviving party members, and a separate split of the total is made for all equipped Guardian Forces; if the party runs from a battle, they still earn experience proportional to how much damage they dealt to the enemies; the character who registers the final blow on an enemy receives a bonus to experienceExp The amount of ability points yielded by defeating this monster; ability points beyond those needed to learn a GF’s next ability are not carried overAP Whether this monster is flying and/or undead; flying monsters are immune to earth damage; undead monsters are damaged by curing spells and healed by drain effects (the caster is harmed instead)Type The range of levels which this monster may appear at; the monster’s level is determined by the average level of the members of your party, within this rangeLevel The range of hit points which this monster may have; the exact number is based on the monster’s levelHP The range of strength which this monster may have; the exact number is based on the monster’s level; numbers shown ingreenindicate that this monster’s strength is significantly above average, while numbers shown inredare significantly below averageStr The range of vitality which this monster may have; the exact number is based on the monster’s level; numbers shown ingreenindicate that this monster’s vitality is significantly above average, while numbers shown inredare significantly below averageVit The range of magic which this monster may have; the exact number is based on the monster’s level; numbers shown ingreenindicate that this monster’s magic is significantly above average, while numbers shown inredare significantly below averageMag The range of spirit which this monster may have; the exact number is based on the monster’s level; numbers shown ingreenindicate that this monster’s spirit is significantly above average, while numbers shown inredare significantly below averageSpr The range of speed which this monster may have; the exact number is based on the monster’s level; numbers shown ingreenindicate that this monster’s speed is significantly above average, while numbers shown inredare significantly below averageSpd The range of evade which this monster may have; the exact number is based on the monster’s level; numbers shown ingreenindicate that this monster’s evade is significantly above average, while numbers shown inredare significantly below averageEva The elements that this monster takes extra damage fromElemental Weakness The items that may be stolen from this monster at any level less than 20; the items are listed in order of rarity: common, uncommon, rare, very rare; note that certain monsters use a level range less than 30 or 35 rather than 20Steal (LV 1–19) The items that may be stolen from this monster at any level between 20 and 29 (inclusive); the items are listed in order of rarity: common, uncommon, rare, very rare; for monsters with a non-standard level range, this may instead consist of levels 30–39 or 35–44Steal (LV 20–29) The items that may be stolen from this monster at any level greater than 29; the items are listed in order of rarity: common, uncommon, rare, very rare; for monsters with a non-standard level range, this may instead by any level greater than 39 or 44Steal (LV 30+)
Elite Soldier 30+5 2 1–100 148–4,940 3 –127 36–48 6–123 38–41 6–14 2–10% Poison Tent,Tent,Cottage,Cottage Tent,Cottage,Cottage,Cottage Cottage
Base Leader 30+5 2 1–100 806–4,400 6– 163 31–100 9–170 45–97 6– 13 2–10% Poison Tent,Tent,Cottage,Cottage Tent,Tent,Cottage,Cottage Tent,Tent,Cottage,Cottage
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Curaga (Final Fantasy VIII)

HP should be restored. Description Curaga is a spell that restores magic in Final Fantasy VIII. It is the highest level restorative spell, above Cure and Cura, and may be used to significantly restore a target’s health or to improve stats, namely HP. When the Magic Booster is utilized in the 2013 PC re-release, the player’s inventory adds 100 Cura spells, as well as other basic spells, which may be used to augment the player’s abilities.


Curaga may be acquired rather quickly by utilizing the Mag-RF ability of the Guardian ForceSiren. Temporary Tents, which may be purchased from merchants, allow the player to improve Curaga spells. Complete exams to boost the player’sSeeDrank, and you can quickly accumulate enoughgil to purchase thirty Tents, which can be refined into 100 Curaga spells for three party members if you work hard enough. Curaga is a drawing point. Besides that, Curaga may be obtained by a variety of high-level foes, a variety of draw points, and refinement of different other things.

Alexander’sabilityHigh Mag-RFallows it to be refined from Cura spells when used in conjunction with it. One Curaga draw point on the world map is located at the end of the Horizon Bridge that connects theGalbadiancontinent and theGalbadiancontinent.


Curaga has a spell power of 60, which means that the amount of restorative power it provides is calculated as follows: It is cast as a spell using the Magic command or Selphie’sSlotLimit Break, depending on the situation. Furthermore, it has the ability to do harm to undead adversaries in addition as curing them. As a result of casting Curaga in combat, compatibility withCarbuncleandAlexander is increased by 0.2, while compatibility withEden is decreased by the same amount. The fact that Curaga may be collected early makes it a fantastic candidate for the HP-J junction, since it allows the player to have high HP even at earlier stages of the game.

Curaga is used by the following enemies:Blobra, Blood Soul (which uses it against zombied party members), Diablos (who uses it as a counter to Demi), and Elite Soldier.


You are correct in assuming that this is how you are expected to advance your characters in Final Fantasy 8:

  • Through the use of the junction system, you may acquire magic that can significantly increase your stats. Draw or refine items/cards in order to gain magical abilities.

If you just draw off of foes and draw points, you’ll find that your characters’ advancement follows a rather conventional pattern. Throughout the course of the game, your power and ability steadily and regularly develop. The ability to improve objects and cards allows you to significantly expedite your growth if you fully immerse yourself in the card game and its mechanics. The fact that limit breakers can be used frequently as long as your characters’ health remains in the yellow zone adds to the overall effectiveness of your HP junction (I believe below 20 percent ish).

You’re “yellow zone” HP pool is still far greater than the adversaries you’re fighting because Curagas has connected to it so early in the game, and your max HP is significantly more than usual since Curagas has connected to it so early in the game.

Search the Wisconsin Historical Society’s collections

  • Find out about your family’s history. Begin or continue your investigation into your ancestors’ backgrounds
  • Learn about the history of your community Learn about the locations, places, and stories that are unique to your town. Take a look at Our Collections The second-largest collection of North American heritage materials in the world behind the Library of Congress
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  • Before 1600 (37), throughout the period 1600-1699 (182), between 1700-1799 (1726), between 1800 and 1899 (2054552), between 1900 and 1999 (1051547), and between 2000 to the present day (2851)
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  • The Wisconsin Name Index (2692033)
  • The Architecture and History Inventory (154267)
  • Wisconsin Historical Images (127197)
  • Wisconsin Local History and Biography Articles (15618)
  • The National or State Register of Historic Places (2665)
  • The People Dictionary (2514)
  • And other resources are available.
  • There are more than 105869 people, clothing and dress (68969), outdoor photography (59507), males (52550), transportation (39562), botany (36312), architecture (35823), and other things.
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  • Birth Index Record(1013632)
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  • And more.
  • Old World Wisconsin(50)
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  • And more. Old World Wisconsin(50)
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  • Buildings include a house (99481), a retail building (8035), a duplex (4783), a church (3132), an apartment/condominium (2258), a barn(2212), and an industrial structure (2048).
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  • Building(1838), district(424), site(301), structure(98), and object(4) are all terms that can be used to describe a structure.
  • In addition to the above, the International Harvester Company(19320), Vinje, Arthur M., 1888-1972(13953), Van Schaick, Charles(6061), McVicar, Angus B., 1903-1964(4688), Stein, Edwin(1788), Widmer, Jim(1742), and more are included. In addition to the above,
  • Special Conditions(5217)
  • For Sale(2946957)
  • Not for Sale(30527)

Description of the resource

Discover Our Collection of Over 300 Years of U.S. Newspapers
Newspaper Resources at the Wisconsin Historical Society.

Description of the Resource Detailed description of the resource

Learn about the laws that protect burial sites and Native American mounds, tax exemptions for landowners, and what to do if you find human remains.

Descriptive information about the resource

Explore 25,000 pages of original documents about Wisconsin in the Civil War, including soldiers’ letters, photos and battle summaries.

Description of the resource

Explore local and county histories for Wisconsin, the U.S. and Canada, and find rich information on communities and prominent citizens from 1850-1920.

Description of the Resource

Discover the fascinating stories and historical significance of more than 200 of the Wisconsin Historical Museum’s artifacts.

Detailed description of the resource

Begin your family history research with these tips for usingcensus, birth, death and marriage records.

Descriptive information about the resource

The Society’s Local History Outreach Program provides resources for local historical organizations, including an annual conference, a series of Local History webinars, occasional workshops, grants and information to help you start your own local or specialized history organization.

Description of the resource

Archaeology Programs and Services
Information and resources about Wisconsin archaeology programs managed by the Wisconsin Historical Society.

Description of the Resource

Information and resources to assist architecture professionals and archaeology consultants in preserving Wisconsin’s history

Detailed description of the resource

Wisconsin has more than 590 official Wisconsin state historical markers. Each one tells a story about our state’s rich heritage.
Wisconsin has more than 590 official Wisconsin state historical markers. Each one tells a story about our state’s rich heritage.

Descriptive information about the resource

Learn about the review process that protects historic preservation resources during federal, state and local projects.

Description of the resource

Learn how to make a case for historic preservation and use multiple tools to share your preservation message with different audiences.

Description of the Resource

Learn skills and strategies to raise funds and discover where to find financial support for your historic preservation organization.

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More than 100 how-to articles to help you learn how to advocate for the preservation of historic buildings and resources in your community.
Learn how to advocate for the preservation of historic buildings and resources in your community with this collection of more than 100 articles.

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Learn how to build an effective nonprofit board of directors, find and keep members, solve common nonprofit management problems, and work with government.

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Learn how to organize an effort to preserve historic buildings in your community and influence preservation-related policymaking.

Description of the Resource

Learn the steps to start a nonprofit organization in Wisconsin and best practices to get your historic preservation organization off to a good start.

Detailed description of the resource

The National Register and State Register of Historic Places include buildings, sites, districts, and structures that are significant in history.

Descriptive information about the resource

Find forms, guidelines, resources for research and more.
Information and resources to assist architecture professionals and archaeology consultants in preserving Wisconsin’s history

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Safari Tent Sites – Stone Mountain Park

Our Safari Tent Rentals, which are constructed of wood and canvas, offer an interesting camping experience. These tents are all prepped and set up, and they are just waiting for you! Located on a wooden platform, Safari Tent Rentals are available for rent. The platforms are constructed with a wood floor on top, electrical outlets within, as well as a fan, lamp, and other pieces of furnishings. Extensive platform deck space, picnic table, charcoal grill, metal fire pit, and water spigot will be available for your use just outside the tent for your convenience.

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  • Smoking is not permitted on the premises or on the decks or patios.
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Final Fantasy 8 – Refining Items

Almost every item and magical spell in the game can be refined. Then it will either become a better item, just a different item or magic. Often, you need more than one item or spell to refine.In order to be able to refine things, you have to make your GFs learn the needed ability. Then select the ability from your menu and refine. It is that easy!:) If you want to see which GF learns which refining ability, check out theGF page. To see what the refined items do (or the items you want to refine), look at theitem list. Choose wisely what you want to refine! You can also make a lot of money by buying things cheap, refining them to more expensive ones and selling them again for a higher price.All existing abilities:
  • Supt Mag-RF(Creates Support Magic): Leviathan
  • Time Mag-RF(Creates Time- and Space Magic): Bahamut
  • Recov Med-RF(Creates Recovery Medicine): Carbuncle
  • ST Med-RF(Creates Status- and Effect Medicine): Diablos
  • ST Med-RF(Creates Status- and Effect Medicine): Carbuncle
  • ST Med-RF Med LV Up(Upgrades medicine): Alexander
  • Forbidden Med-RF(Creates Stat Modifying and Ultimate Recovery Items): Doomtrain. Recov Med-RF(Creates GF Recovery Items): Leviathan
  • GFAbl Med-RF(Creates GF Ability Items): Eden
  • Ammo-RF(Creates Ammo for Irvine’s Limit Break): Ifrit
  • Tool-RF(Creates Stones, recovery items, and other
Item Refines into/ amount
T Mag-RF (Lightning/ Wind magic)
Coral Fragment Thundara x20
Dynamo Stone Thundaga x20
M-Stone piece Thundara x5
Magic stone Thundara x5
Shear Feather Aero x20
Windmill Tornado x20
Wizard Stone Thundaga x5
I Mag-RF (Water/ Ice magic)
Arctic Wind Blizzara x20
Fish Fin Water x20
M-Stone piece Blizzard x5
Magic Stone Blizzara x5
North Wind Blizzaga x20
Water Crystal Water x50
Wizard Stone Blizzaga x5
F Mag-RF (Fire Magic)
Bomb Fragment Fira x20
Bomb Spirit Firaga x100
Flare Stone Flare x1
Inferno fang Flare x20
L Mag-RF (Life magic)
Chef’s Knife Death x30
Cottage Curaga x20
Dead Spirit Death x20
Death Stone Death x1
Healing Ring Curaga x100
Healing Water Cura x20
Holy Stone Holy x1
Holy Water Zombie x2
Life Ring Life x20
M-Stone piece Cure x5
Magic Stone Cura x5
Mesmerize Blade Regen x20
Moon Stone Holy x20
Phoenix Spirit Full-Life x100
Regen Ring Full-Life x20
Saw Blade Death x10
Tent Curaga x10
Whisper Curaga x50
Wizard Stone Cura x5
Zombie Powder Zombie x20
ST Mag-RF (Status Magic
Antidote Bio x1
Betrayal Sword Confuse x20
Cockatrice Pinion Break x20
Curse Spike Pain x10
Echo Screen Silence x2
Eye Drop Blind x1
M-Stone piece Silence x5
Magic Stone Berserk x5
Malboro tentacle Bio x40
Mystery Fluid Meltdown x10
Ochu Tentacles Blind x30
Silence Powder Silence x20
Sleep Powder Sleep x20
Soft Break x3
Steel Pipe Berserk x20
Venom Fangs Bio x20
Wizard Stone Bio x5
Supt Mag-RF (Support Magic)
Aura Stone Aura x1
Barrier Shell x40
Dragon Fang Esuna x20
Dragon Skin Reflect x20
Fury Fragment Aura x5
Giant’s Ring Protect x60
Glow Curtain Reflect x100
M-Stone Piece Esuna x5
Magic Stone Dispel x5
Med Kit Esuna x100
Moon Curtain Shell x100
Protect Stone Protect x1
Remedy Esuna x5
Rune Armlet Shell x40
Saw Blade Dispel x20
Shell Stone Shell x1
Steel Curtain Protect x100
Turtle Shell Protect x30
Vampire Fang Drain x20
Wizard Stone Dispel x20
Time Mag-RF (Time- and Space Magic)
Accerelator Haste x100
Aegis Armlet Haste x100
Black Hole Demi x30
Dino Bone Quake x20
Dragon Fin Double x20
Lightweight Haste x20
M-Stone piece Slow x5
Magic Stone Hast x5
Rocket Engine Triple x50
Samantha Soul Triple x60
Steel Orb Demi x15
Spider Web Slow x20
Three Stars Triple x100
Wizard Stone Stop x5
Forbid Mag-RF (Forbidden Magic)
Energy Crystal Ultima x3
Dark Matter Ultima Stone x100
Meteor Stone Meteor x1
Pulse Ammo x5 Ultima Stone
Star Fragment Meteor x5
Ultima Stone Ultima x1
Recov Med-RF (Recovery items)
Cottage x2 Mega Potion x1
Healing Mail Hi-Potion x6
Healing Ring Mega Potion x20
Healing Water Hi-Potion x2
Life Ring Phoenix Down x2
Mesmerize Blade Mega Potion x2
Phoenix Spirit Phoenix Down x100
Regen Ring Phoenix Down x8
Tent x4 Mega-Potion x1
ST Med-RF (Status Recovery Medicine)
Betrayal Sword x5 Remedy x1
Cockatrice Pinion Soft x3
Curse Spike Remedy x1
Dragon Fang Remedy x1
Malboro Tentacle Remedy x2
Med Kit Remedy x20
Ochu Tentacle Eye Drop x3
Poison Powder Antidote x3
Silence Powder Echo Screen x3
Sleep Powder x5 Remedy x1
Venom Fang Antidote x10
Zombie Powder Holy Water x3
GF Recov Med-RF (GF Recovery Medicine)
Diamond Armor Pet House x16
Gold Armor Pet House x4
Healing Mail Pet House x1
Healing Ring G-Mega-Potion x20
Healing Water G-Hi-Potion x2
Life Ring G-Returner x2
Mesmerize Blade G-Hi-Potion x2
Pet House G-Returner x2
Phoenix Spirit G-Returner x40
Regen Ring G-Returner x6
Silver Armor Pet House x2
Whisper G-Hi-Potion x4
GFAbl Med-RF (GF ability items)
Adamantine x20 Steel Curtain
Barrier x50 Aegis Armlet
Bomb Fragment x100 Bomb Spirit
Cactus Thorn x100 Hundred Needles
Dark Matter Luck-J Scroll
Diamond Armor x5 Elem Guard
Dragon Fang x100 Med Kit
Dragon Skin x100 Glow Curtain
Elixir x10 Doc’s Code
Energy Crystal x50 Samantha Soul
Force Armlet x10 Magic Armlet
Glow Curtain x2 Monk’s Code
Gold Armor x5 Diamond Armor
Giant’s Ring x10 Gaea’s Ring
Holy War x5 Knight’s Code
HP-J Scroll x10 Giant’s Ring
HP Up x2 HP-J Scroll
Hypno Crown x10 Royal Crown
Jet Engine x10 Rocket Engine
Lightweight x100 Accerelator
Luck Up x2 Luck-J Scroll
Magic Armlet x20 Moon Curtain
Mag-J Scroll x10 Force Armlet
Mag Up x2 Mag-J Scroll
Malboro Tentacle x100 Moon Curtain
Orihalcon x10 Adamantine
Power Wrist x10 Hyper Wrist
Phoenix Down x20 Phoenix Spirit
Ribbon Status Guard
Royal Crown x20 Status Atk
Samantha Soul x20 Elem Atk
Shaman Stone Rosetta Stone
Silver Armor x5 Gold Armor
Spd-J Scroll x10 Jet Engine
Spd Up x2 Spd-J Scroll
Spr-J Scroll x10 Hypno Crown
Spr Up x2 Spr-J Scroll
Str-J Scroll x10 Power Wrist
Str Up x2 Str-J Scroll
Vit-J Scroll x10 Orihalcon
Vit Up x2 Vit-J Scroll
Whisper x100 Healing Ring
Ammo RF (Ammunition)
Bomb Fragment Fire Ammo x20
Cactus Thorn Demolition Ammo x40
Chef’s Knife AP Ammo x20
Energy Crystal Pulse Ammo x10
Fuel Fire Ammo x10
Laser Cannon Pulse Ammo x5
Missile Demolition Ammo x20
Normal Ammo Fast Ammo x1
Poison Powder Dark Ammo x10
Power Generator Pulse Ammo x20
Red Fang Fire Ammo x40
Running Fire Demolition Ammo x40
Screw Normal Ammo x8
Sharp Spike AP Ammo x10
Shotgun Ammo Fast Ammo x2
Venom Fang Dark Ammo x20
Tool-RF (Tools)
Circlet Aura Stone x2
Curse Spike x100 Dark Matter x1
Dark Matter Shaman Stone x1
Dead Spirit Death Stone x2
Diamond Armor Cottage x50
Draw Scroll Wizard Stone x10
Energy Crystal Ultima Stone x2
Fury Fragment Aura Stone x2
Force Armlet Shell Stone x30
Gambler Spirit Wizard Stone x10
GF Scroll Wizard Stone x10
Healing Ring Cottage x30
Healing Water Tent x2
Hungry Cookpot Shaman Stone x1
Hypno Crown Aura Stone x10
Inferno Fang Flare Stone x2
Item Scroll Wizard Stone x10
Magic Scroll Wizard Stone x10
Mega Phoenix x3 Phoenix Pinion x1
Mog’s Amulet Shaman Stone x1
Moon Stone Holy Stone x2
Orihalcon Protect Stone x30
Power Wrist Aura Stone x10
Rosetta Stone Shaman Stone x1
Shaman Stone LuvLuvG x1
Star Fragment Meteor Stone x2
Steel Pipe Aura Stone x1
Strength Love Aura Stone x2
Regen Ring Tent x5
Rune Armlet Shell Stone x10
Turtle Shell Protect Stone x10
Whisper Cottage x1
Med LV Up (Upgraded medicine)
Elixir x10 Megalixir x1
Hero x10 Holy War-Trial x1
Hero-Trial x10 Hero x1
Hi-Potion x3 Hi-Potion+ x1
Hi-Potion+ x3 X-Potion x1
Holy War-Trial x10 Holy War x1
Phoenix Down x50 Mega Phoenix x1
Potion x3 Potion+ x1
Potion+ x3 Hi-Potion x1
Remedy x10 Remedy+ x1
Remedy+ x10 Elixir x1
X-Potion x3 Mega-Potion x1
Forbid Med-RF (Stat Modifying Items)
Adamantine x5 Vit Up x1
Aegis Armlet x2 Spd Up x1
Doc’s Code x1 Megalixir x1
Elem Atk Elixir x4
Elem Guard Elixir x1
Gaea’s Ring HP Up x1
Hundred Needles x1 Spd Up x1
Hyper Wrist x10 Str Up x1
Jet Engine x50 Spd Up x1
Knight’s Code x1 Vit Up x1
Luck-J Scroll x1 Luck Up x1
Magic Armlet x10 Spr Up x1
Med Kit x1 Megalixir x2
Mega Potion x20 Elixir x1
Monk’s Code x1 Str Up x1
Rocket Engine x5 Spd Up x1
Royal Crown x10 Mag Up x1
Status Atk x1 Elixir x4
Status Guard Elixir x4
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Esthar – Disc 3 – Walkthrough

T Mag-RF (Creates Lightning- and Wind Magic): Quetzacotl; I Mag-RF (Creates Water- and Ice Magic): Shiva; Mag-RF (Creates Fire Magic): Ifrit; L Mag-RF (Creates Recovery Magic): Siren; ST Mag-RF (Creates Status- and Effect Magic): Diablos; Supt Mag-RF (Creates Support Magic): Leviathan; Time Mag-RF (Creates Med LV Up(Upgrades medicine): Alexander; Forbidden Med-RF(Creates Stat Modifying and Ultimate Recovery Items): Doomtrain.

Recov Med-RF(Creates GF Recovery Items): Leviathan. GFAbl Med-RF(Creates GF Ability Items): Eden.

Tool-RF(Creates Stones, recovery items, and other

Ward Card

All of this hardship was intended to serve as a sort of safety net in the event that you decide to challenge Odine to a game of cards. Odine employs the Esthar rules, which, luckily, aren’t too bad, comprising of of the Elemental rule and nothing else. If you were last playing with a safe rule set, mix them up and try to spread Open or abolish Elemental; otherwise, decline Odine until he stops requesting to mix rules and only plays with Esthar’s rules until he stops asking to mix rules. To win the Ward Card, keep playing Odine until you win it.

The Ward Card is a respectable playing card, with two sides (on the top and left) that are impenetrable to all cards up to and including Level 7 boss cards.

If you don’t want to retain it, you may refine it into threeGaea’s Ringitems, which can be used to teach a GF the ability to have their HP increased by 80%.

(1 of 3)Take use of the city’s convenient lifts to reach to your destination.

Occult Fan IV

After you’ve obtained the Ward Card, it’s time to explore Esthar in search of further riches. Return to the outside of the presidential palace and, once outside, leave to the left, where you will see the presidential seal in the next screen (another three-way split). Take the lift to Odine’s Laboratory and select the appropriate option. When requested throughout the trip, choose to get off the plane via Airstation. Here you’ll discover an Esthar guy dressed in blue-gray conversing with a female companion.

  1. Use the lift to return to the Presidential Palace and then return to the inside to see a woman standing outside the room where Odine and Rinoa are now staying.
  2. You’ll locate Occult Fan IV if you look on the ground where she was standing.
  3. It’s essentially just a sequence of hints that will guide you through the process of acquiring an obscure GF, although in a convoluted manner.
  4. Don’t worry, you’ll find out why in a moment, but there’s a good reason why you’ve been advised to consider collecting some Malboro Tentacles during the course of the book.

Esthar Shop Gifts

Leave the palace once more, this time exiting to the right, then taking the elevator and selecting the option Using the Shopping Mall and selecting the Get off option when offered. Take a look at this retail center! When you approach one of the businesses, a store directory will appear, allowing you to select which store you wish to patronize with your business. Entering them all is recommended for two reasons: first, doing so will add the shop to Tonberry’s Call Shop ability, which is definitely worth it considering what can be done with some of these shops.

Further explanation will be provided later, but for now consider that some of these establishments will provide you with a range of presents simply for stopping by!

Shop Directory Name Call Shop Name Gift
Rinrin’s Store Esthar Pet Shop N/A
Cloud’s Shop Esthar Shop Hi-Potion or X-Potion
Johnny’s Shop Esthar Shop! Hi-Potion or Mega-Potion
Don Juan’s Shop N/A N/A
Karen’s Shop Esthar Book Store Hi-Potion or Mega Phoenix
Cheryl’s Shop N/A Rosetta Stone

When you visit a store, there is a chance that you may receive a gift. It is necessary to dismiss the pop-up store menu before entering it again by racing into another real store stall if you do not receive a present from a certain store during a particular visit. The majority of stores will give you one of two gifts, and while a Hi-Potion is unquestionably inferior to the alternative in either case, it isn’t worth your time to go out of your way to find a better restorative – especially considering that you can purchase all of these items from Johnny’s Shop and that there are numerous ways to earn infinite Gil.

Be sure to go about and collect all of the gifts, but keep an eye out for theRosetta Stone, which is only handed out on rare occasions by Cheryl’s Shop.

well, you now have one, and you may later get a GF with the Ability x4 ability, which will leave you with one more to obtain.

As for the stores itself, there are quite a number fascinating things you can purchase from them, especially when taking into consideration your capacity to refine objects into something more valuable.

Esthar Book Store

Karen’s Shop – sometimes known as the Esthar Book Store due to the fact that it is listed under the Call Shop option – is a rather straightforward establishment in that it offers a range of books to customers. The “Weapons Mon” volumes, the “Combat King” novels, and two issues of “Pet Pals” and “Occult Fan” are among the titles available. Their inventory consists of the following items:

Esthar Book Store Cost
Weapons Mon 1st 37,500
Weapons Mon Mar 750
Weapons Mon Apr 750
Weapons Mon May 750
Weapons Mon Jun 750
Weapons Mon July 750
Weapons Mon Aug 750
Combat King 001 750
Combat King 002 750
Combat King 003 750
Combat King 004 750
Combat King 005 22,500
Pet Pals Vol.1 750
Pet Pals Vol.2 750
Occult Fan I 26,250
Occult Fan II 26,250

You should have discovered the majority of these by progressing through the remainder of the game, with the exception of Combat Kings 004 and Combat Kings 005, which you haven’t yet had the opportunity to get through normal gameplay. If you’ve missed any of these volumes in the past, or if you just don’t want to wait for the future issues of Combat King, you may purchase them now. None of these are absolutely necessary – Zell’s basic restrictions are simpler to spam than his higher-end ones, you don’t actually need the “Weapons Mon” magazines to build the weapons featured therein, and you don’t truly need Occult Fan to obtain the GF they sensationalize.

Speaking of Pet Pals, if you didn’t acquire Pet Pals Vol.3 and Pet Pals Vol.4 from the Timber Pet Shop, there’s no reason why you can’t utilize Call Shop to take care of it at any time in the near future.

Esthar Shop! – Faster Infinite Gil!

Move on to Johnny’s Shop, which, like most other item shops, sells a range of restoratives to help you get back on your feet. Johnny’s Shop (also known as the Esthar Shop!) differs from most other item shops in that it sells several higher-end restoratives that are not available elsewhere. The following is a list of his merchandise:

Esthar Shop! Cost
Potion 75
Hi-Potion 375
X-Potion 3,750
Mega-Potion 7,500
Phoenix Down 375
Mega Phoenix 7,500
Elixir 37,500
Antidote 75
Soft 75
Eye Drops 75
Echo Screen 75
Holy Water 75
Remedy 750
Tent 750
Cottage 1,350
G-Potion 150

Proceed to Johnny’s Shop, which stocks a range of restoratives in the same manner as most other item shops. Johnny’s Shop (also known as the Esthar Shop!) differs from the majority of other item shops in that it sells several higher-end restoratives that are not available in other shops. After that, you may see a list of his merchandise:

Base Item Refines Into Sells For
Potion x3 Potion+ 150
Potion+ x3 Hi-Potion 375
Hi-Potion x3 Hi-Potion+ 750
Hi-Potion+ x3 X-Potion 3,750
X-Potion x3 Mega-Potion 7,500
Phoenix Down x50 Mega-Phoenix 7,500
Remedy x10 Remedy+ 1,500
Remedy+ x10 Elixir 3,750
Elixir x10 Megalixir 7,500

So, as you can see, this is not a profitable strategy to generate income. To the contrary, if you wish to upgrade medicine in any way that is reasonable, you will almost certainly incur a financial loss. Although it is not absolutely essential, it is not a bad idea to stockpile Megalixirs and Mega-Phoenixes as a safety net, even if it is not absolutely necessary. There is one thing you will want to accomplish, though, and that is refine yourself at least six Remedy+ items, since these will be required for summoning the mysterious GF who has appeared regularly throughout the Occult Fan series.

Esthar Pet Shop

But hold just a minute, there is more! While the Esthar Pet Shop is not one of the more intriguing stores in the game, it does offer a number of things that are otherwise unavailable, such as the Pet Pals Vol.5 and Pet Pals Vol.6, as well as the Giant’s Ring, Power Wrist, Force Armlet, and Hypno Crown, which are otherwise unobtainable.

The following is a complete inventory of the items available at this store:

Esthar Pet Shop Cost
G-Potion 150
G-Hi-Potion 450
G-Returner 375
Pet House 750
Amnesia Greens 750
HP-J Scroll 7,500
Str-J Scroll 7,500
Vit-J Scroll 7,500
Mag-J Scroll 7,500
Spr-J Scroll 7,500
Pet Pals Vol.5 750
Pet Pals Vol.6 750
Giant’s Ring 15,000
Power Wrist 15,000
Force Armlet 15,000
Hypno Crown 15,000

Pet Pals Vol.5 will teach Angelo the “Angelo Search” ability, which is your best bet for obtaining some rare items if you don’t have access to Chocobo World. Pet Pals Vol.6 will teach Angelo the “Wishing Star” ability, which is your best bet for obtaining some rare items if you don’t have access to Chocobo World. Having Angelo search for you has been a discussion point for quite some time – particularly during the early-game when you were in Timber. In the intervening time, you haven’t had the opportunity to add to Angelo’s arsenal, but if you haven’t had the opportunity to learn Angelo Recover, Angelo Reverse, or to obtain the Odin GF, you should be in an excellent position to take advantage of this.

Another example of delayed pleasure is seen in the Stat+40 percent goods such as the Giant’s Ring, Power Wrist, Force Armlet, and Hypno Crown.

This can be a costly – and thus time-consuming – procedure, but it is a method of developing your characters that should be kept in mind while making decisions.

Hypno Crowns and Power Wrists can be refined into 10x Aura Stones apiece using Tool-RF, which can then be refined into the Aura spell using Supt Mag-RF.

There are no compelling reasons not to stock up on Aura spells while you have the opportunity – acquiring three complete stocks of Aura should cost no more than 450,000G at the very most.

In the future, it will be quite useful, making it a worthwhile investment.

After you’ve gotten everything out of the way, you may finally move your focus elsewhere.

But more on that in a moment.

Alternately, you may pay the 750G to purchase Combat King 004 from Karen’s Shop, which is also known as the Esthar Book Store, and spare yourself the trouble.

On the third screen, proceed up some steps and leave to the left.

The final step is to speak with an Esthar Soldier standing on the bridge on the fifth screen; he doesn’t have much to say right now, but conversing with him now is, strangely enough, a requirement for future benefits.

As soon as you’ve finished in Esthar, you can either proceed along to theLunar Gate or take a brief detour to obtain another GF. A new girlfriend, at the very least, can be obtained through the use of an item.

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