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Sunbuster Folding Shelter at L.L. Bean

EUR 129.64 is the amount.

Product Details

You’ll be under the shade in no time with our customer favorite portable pop-up sun shelter, which goes up in seconds (and comes down in the same amount of time) owing to our highly revolutionary Lightspeed folding hub technology, which is also available in black. Specs

  • 7’11” x 4’11” are the dimensions of the room. Peak height: 4’6″
  • Weight: 7 lb 6 oz
  • Body type: athletic

7’11” x 4’11” are the measurements. 4’6″ at the shoulders, 7 lb 6 oz at the hips.

  • 8 heavy-duty plastic stakes
  • UV-resistant ripstop polyester fabric with a UPF 50+ rating

Additional Characteristics

  • Stuff pouch with shoulder straps for easy transport
  • It is possible to fill three nylon pockets along the edge of the shelter with sand to keep it in place. Large screen windows with privacy panels that may be rolled down for ventilation, up for added shade, or up when the weather is different
  • The floor extends away from the shelter to provide additional protection from scorching sand. Additionally, a floor extension may be draped over the front of the shelter to provide seclusion. Interior gear pockets for storing valuables, phones, and other small goods in a secure manner

L.L.Bean Northern Guide 4-Person Tent at L.L. Bean

It’s possible that this is our favorite family tent in the company’s 109-year history. During field testing, it was discovered to be exceptionally waterproof, spacious, and well-ventilated. A “mud chamber” towards the rear of the cabin keeps wet, muddy boots and stuff out of the sleeping space. Specs

  • It weighs 17 pounds 6 ounces and can accommodate four people. It has a floor area of 60 square feet
  • The tent floor measurements are 7’2″ x 8’4″
  • The peak height is 5’9″
  • The vestibule has an area of 11.9 square feet.

What It Is and Why We Like It To create a tent that would withstand the severe Maine weather, we collaborated with the experts from our Outdoor Discovery Program. They put it to the test on the rocky Maine coast and on a multiday canoe excursion down the Penobscot River, which is located in the state of Maine. Our tour guide stated, “We woke up to severe downpours on our first morning, yet the tent remained completely dry. It was quite convenient to have the back vestibule to keep our belongings dry.


  • A 75D ripstop polyester tent body
  • A 75D ripstop polyester fly with 1500mm of PU coating
  • A 75D ripstop polyester groundsheet
  • Super-tough 4 oz Oxford nylon with PU coating on the underside
  • 1500mm in length YKK zippers are used throughout the construction. Aluminum frame that is both lightweight and robust
  • Excellent ventilation is provided via roof vents and twin doors. Dry gear storage is provided in the rear vestibule.

Additional Characteristics

Mountain Light HV 4 Tent With Footprint at L.L. Bean

EUR 344.14 (three hundred forty-four centimeters)

Product Details

This four-person tent has been redesigned to offer more useable internal area as well as vestibules that are 50 percent larger. It is an excellent choice for hiking or car camping. Included is a protective footprint as well as a flexible fly that allows you to enhance air circulation. Specs

  • Approximately 54.4 square feet of tent space (excluding vestibules)
  • Dimensions (excluding vestibules): 90 x 87 inches
  • Center height: 53 inches or 4.4 feet
  • Maximum capacity: four people plus gear
  • Maximum capacity: four people plus gear 1354 sq. ft. of vestibule space per unit
  • Weight: 7 lb 11 oz
  • Packed size: 27″ x 9′
  • Dimensions:

What It Is and Why We Like It An innovative fly, which can be adjusted in a variety of ways to improve ventilation, distinguishes this multi-purpose tent. Both ends of the window may be rolled back, either together or independently, to promote airflow or to gaze at the stars in the evening. It is also possible to roll back the integrated vestibule doors. The tent body is made mostly of No-See-Um mesh, which allows only air to pass through and prevents pests from entering. Construction

  • The tent floor is composed of 70-denier ripstop nylon taffeta, which is both robust and lightweight. Bugs are kept out and ventilation is improved thanks to the use of durable No-See-um mesh on the doors and body. The fly is constructed of 68-denier ripstop polyester. Its waterproof urethane coating is certified for use up to 1500 mm above ground. In addition to being extremely sturdy, the freestanding 7000-series aluminum structure can be set up in minutes.

Additional Characteristics

  • There are two large vestibules for storing wet or dry stuff. A entrance on either side of the tent allows you to enter without having to crawl over your belongings. There are hang points sewed into the ceiling to allow you to rig a clothesline, a gear loft, or a light. The footprint that comes with the tent protects the floor from pebbles and dirt.

LL Bean King Pine 4 Tent Review

An excellent screened-in front vestibule allows you to relax on buggy days and nights in this LL Bean King Pine 4 camper. My wife and I began our vehicle camping season last week with a trip to the Dolly Copp campsite in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, which is located at the foot of Mt Madison. On this trip, we tested out the LL Bean King Pine 4 tent, which was part of our apparently never-ending search to find the ultimate vehicle camping tent that would meet all of our requirements. To summarize, this tent is quite near to being perfect: the King Pine 4 has good cross ventilation, it is roomy but not overwhelming, we can both stand up inside without stooping, and it is incredibly simple to set up, even in the pouring rain.

I believe my wife was taken aback by how much she like it, however we do want to try out another vehicle camping tent this year.

Inner Tent

Pitching the inner tent involves the use of three shock-corded poles. Color-coding is used to identify the poles, which are then threaded through roof sleeves before being fastened to side webbing straps that are anchored into the ground by the tent’s sides. My wife and I pitched this tent for the first time in the pouring rain, without consulting the instructions beforehand, and without getting divorced, which says volumes about how effectively LL Bean has fool-proofed the tent-pitching procedure has been designed.

In addition to a front door and a rear door, which may be utilized as a back entry or for additional storage under the rear vestibule area, the inner tent features a screened-in porch.

Interior Space

The King Pine is available in two different sizes: for 4 people and for 6 people. After experimenting with a massive 6 person tent the previous year, we decided to try how a smaller 4 person tent might work for us. When my wife and I go vehicle camping, we carry a bunch of odds and ends with us, so it’s definitely not a minimalist experience. You could probably accommodate four people in the King Pine 4 if they were all mummy bags, but the space is more than plenty for two broad car camping sleeping bags/pads, and the vertical vaulted ceiling gives the impression of more internal space than it actually is.

The inside chamber had enough of space for all of our belongings, including the stuffed animals that had shown an interest in camping with us.

With a heavy-duty urethane bathtub bottom and taped seams, the King Pine tent offers a high level of weather protection.

Front Vestibule and Screen Room

The King Pine 4 features a screened-in porch on the front, which is a lovely place to sit inside when you want to relax and unwind. Solid fabric panels cover the mesh windows in the vestibule, and instead of zippers, dowels are used to’shut’ the panels in place. When closed, the inside panels provide privacy, weather protection, and aid in the preservation of internal warmth and air conditioning. The King Pine 4 features a screened-in porch on the front that you may use to put up chairs or to store your belongings when it’s too hot or cold outside.

  1. It is equipped with a tarp for further protection.
  2. The solid panels perform a decent job of keeping rain out of the vestibule in heavy rain, even if the dowels do not make a completely watertight seal.
  3. The front vestibule and screen room are not completely bug-proof because there is a small gap between the main tent and the vestibule side wall, as well as from the ground because the screen room does not have a urethane floor.
  4. Nonetheless, we discovered that any bugs that do manage to find their way into the front vestibule and sitting area congregate near the top of the vestibule, which receives the most light, and so do not annoy you.

This will kill any bugs that fall on the ceiling. This year, spraying Permethrin on tents and hammocks is all the rage on the Appalachian Trail, and with good reason. The entrance door is seen from the inside. View of the entrance door from the outside

Front Door

There is one issue about the King Pine that is less than ideal: the bottom of the front door, which is easily tripped over while entering or exiting the tent, is one of those things. The front door is made up of two screened panels that are connected by a zipper in the middle and two zippers at the bottom of each door panel, respectively. Below them is a piece of cloth that runs the length of the bottom of the doorway, and you must walk over it to enter and depart the room. There are times when even I trip over that panel, and it would be a lot easier if that panel wasn’t there to begin with.

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If you want to make changes to the door without totally rebuilding the tent, one option is to lower the base panel so that it is at ground level.

It’s not a deal-breaker, and my wife and I are ready to put up with it, but it would be preferable if the door were a little simpler to open and close.


The King Pine 4 Tent from LL Bean is a big and simple to pitch 4 person vehicle camping tent that I recommend you take a close look at if you’re searching for a large and easy to pitch tent. It’s simple to assemble and disassemble, and the presence of both a front and back door allows for good ventilation. For those who want to stay up late in buggy weather and don’t want to have to retire to a horizontal posture inside the tent, the front screen room is a really welcome convenience. With the tent and vestibule being so tall, I don’t have to lean over to get in or out of them.


  • It’s simple to set up
  • The ceiling is high enough to allow you to stand up inside. With a front and rear entrance, there is excellent cross ventilation. a screened-in porch area on the front porch


  • Ground floor measurements are 8’5″ x 7’6″
  • Tent area is 63 square feet
  • Peak height is 6’1″
  • Screen room is 35.8 square feet
  • Packing dimensions: 13′′H x 9′′W x 31′′L
  • Minimum weight: 22 lb 14 oz

The following disclosure: LL Bean provided Philip Werner with a sample King Pine 4 tent for the purpose of conducting this evaluation. NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: If you’re considering about purchasing gear that we’ve reviewed or recommended on SectionHiker, you may contribute to our fundraising efforts. We may (but not always) get a small portion of any sales made using the links provided above. Simply click on any of the vendor links provided above. Although the cost of the product remains the same for you, your purchase allows us to continue to test and create unsponsored and independent gear evaluations, beginning FAQs, and free hiking guides for you.

It’s time for a family tent.

Last year, I went through a similar process in pursuit of a tent. Find a lightweight tent in which you can actually get up and walk about in it, and you’ll be in good company. The choices was drastically reduced when it was narrowed down to full fly and adequate head clearance, and the weight was reduced to 15 pounds. According to my observations, the vast majority of tents with an interior height of 66″ were really six-person tents. I believe you’ll have to choose between lightweight or interior height to achieve your goals.

  1. In any case, it appears that tents are becoming increasingly pricey these days.
  2. Of course, I’d rather it weren’t so hefty and large.
  3. Spacious, with excellent ventilation, and with no need to crawl through the entryway to get in.
  4. Weight is very significant to me because I anticipate having to transport everything.
  5. Of course, it’s possible that by then, other versions will have been introduced that are both cheaper and lighter!

Still, it is a lot of weight for me to bear, even if I could simply remove 10 pounds from my waistline to make it a tie. By the way, I’ve seen the SD Wu Hu 4+2 for almost 40% off, and that was my second pick above the Big Agnes when it came to price.

L.L. Bean Light Stuff Tents user reviews : 4.9 out of 5 – 16 reviews – outdoorreview.com

Michael DakinDay HikerI own a Light Stuff 3, and have been quite happy with it so far.Ithas plenty of room for two, although I think it would be pretty tight with three people.The tent always seemed well ventilated,although I sometimes noticed a fair amount of condensation onthe floor and underside of the flysheet in the morning.The spacious vestibule is very handy for keeping mud and dirt out ofthe tent.It is easy to set up and break down.I had one slightproblem with the tent described below, although L.L. Bean tookcare of it for free.I definitly recommend this tent to others.Customer ServiceAfter 15 or so nights of camping one of the flaysheet’s strapsbegan to slightly tear the nylon of the flysheet.I prompty took it back to L.L. Bean and they fixed it, reinforcing the strap/nylon connection for free without any problems or hassle.Similar Products Used:None

The Best Camping Tents for Your Next Weekend Away

Camping is made more enjoyable by sleeping in a tent for the night, perhaps reading or telling stories by candlelight, and listening to the sounds of nature as you go off to sleep. Many considerations, however, go into selecting which tent is best for your needs, such as being comfortable and sheltered from the weather while out camping. There are a variety of excellent alternatives available, ranging from modest shelters to luxurious temporary abodes with a variety of amenities. Even better, this essential piece of camping equipment does not necessarily necessitate a significant financial outlay.

  • Brief descriptions of five excellent alternatives from our testing are provided below; continue reading for useful purchase tips and in-depth assessments of these and other high-performing models.
  • Choosing the Best Two-Person TentREI Co-op Half Dome SL 2+A roomy, weather-resistant variant that can accommodate two people comfortably.
  • Decathlon is a simple event to pitch.
  • Interior with the highest ceiling The Eureka Copper Canyon LX 4A has a soaring ceiling that allows for expansive outside living areas.
  • Face masks are necessary in federally controlled parks and lands for those who are not completely vaccinated in the majority of conditions, as well as for everyone who is riding public transportation, such as a park shuttle, in most cases.

Types of Tents

One of the first decisions you’ll need to make is which style best suits your requirements. A car-camping tent is the greatest option for many people travelling out for a weekend in groups where you’ll be staying at the same campsite the entire time. That’s the type we’ll be concentrating on in our overview of car camping tents. In the event that you believe a hiking tent, a rooftop tent, or a hammock would be a better fit for your needs, please see the links below for further information. Affordability is a priority in car-camping tents, with the majority of four-person versions measuring five feet or more at their highest point.

  1. Despite the fact that premium models might be more expensive, many car-camping tents are available at a more affordable price.
  2. However, with the proper sleeping bag and pad, many of them are perfectly suitable for winter usage as well.
  3. In addition, if you’re only planning on camping during the summer, consider purchasing a tent with largely mesh walls as well as large windows or vents in the fly.
  4. Car-camping tents are available in a variety of sizes, accommodating groups ranging from two to a dozen individuals.
  5. If you want additional space for your duffle bag or adventure dog, buy a tent that can accommodate one or two more people than you require.

Pay attention to the number of doors a tent has as well—having more than one minimizes the likelihood that a tentmate may crawl over you in the middle of the night if nature calls throughout the night.

How Tent Shape Impacts Weather Resistance

The design of a tent is critical to the weather protection it provides, and having a chosen style might assist you in narrowing down your choices. Dome tents are the most popular type of tent, but there are advantages to using other types of tents as well. In the face of high winds, A-frames are extremely robust, while tunnel tents give relatively big living quarters. In the face of heavy precipitation, A-frames are extremely strong, while tunnel tents provide relatively spacious living quarters.

And, if your shelter has been in storage for a long, make sure to examine it thoroughly before taking any journeys.

We can speak from personal experience when we suggest that nothing will sabotage your camping excursion quite like a blown-out tent.

How We Tested

In order to determine the finest camping tents, we evaluated 33 contestants on the basis of their size, features, materials, weights, constructions, and prices. At least one night was spent in each of the 11 models that seemed the most promising while camping in state parks in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Delaware. A backyard in Ohio was used for some testing during the early stages of the epidemic, when travel constraints prevented some researchers from traveling. These tents have accompanied us through rain storms, one severe thunderstorm, clear nights, below-freezing temps, and steamy summer evenings, among other conditions.

We also validated or disproved the manufacturer’s weight claims using our own scale, which we brought along with us.


69.4 square feet of floor area | Peak height of 6 feet 3 inches | 2Kingdom doors | Packed weight: 18 pounds 6 ounces | Floor space: 69.4 square feet 4REI Co-oprei.com is an online resource for outdoor enthusiasts. $429.00 With its generous inside space for four people, as well as its ample storage space and superb weather protection, the Kingdom is among the most spacious four-person tents available. We were able to enter and stand inside because of the tall, round doors and high walls, which prevented us from squatting (in fact, reaching the ceiling in places proved to be challenging for our five-foot-four tester).

  • The use of a central curtain in bigger rooms may split the sufficient square footage into two rooms, providing a separate place for mom and dad, pets, and gear storage, among other things.
  • It’s an 18-plus-pound beast, but it fits nicely into a backpack carrying case that includes multiple compartments to keep the various components in their proper places.
  • That the primary support pole is hubbed, which reduces the number of poles to just three, was a big benefit.
  • Instead of a proper vestibule, a tiny awning is located on one side of the building.
  • And when the severe weather came, the Kingdom was nearly impenetrable by flames.

All of these amenities come at a high price, but it’s an investment you shouldn’t hesitate to make if you’re looking for a long-lasting tent that can accommodate the entire family comfortably. Purchase a 4-person | Purchase a 6-person | Purchase an 8-person


Half Dome SL 2+REI Co-oprei.com doors | Floor space: 35.8 sq ft | Peak height: 3 ft 6 in. | Packed weight (provided): 4 lb 13.5 oz | Floor space (provided): 4 lb 13.5 oz | Peak height (provided): 3 ft 6 in. $279.00

  • Large enough for a two-person tent
  • Simple to erect
  • There is a footprint included

Aside from the somewhat reduced specifications of the 2021 model, the Half Dome remains one of the most spacious two-person tents available on the market. In addition, it is now 10 percent lower in weight as compared to our previous season’s test sample. The fact that the tent now includes a footprint, which was previously unavailable, makes this even more stunning. Among the measures used to reduce weight include reducing the number of roof vents from four to two, decreasing the peak height by two inches, redesigning the door to remove a portion of the zipper, and utilizing finer textiles for the floor and the fly.

  • That’s enough of space for us to not feel like we were sleeping on top of our bunkmate the whole night.
  • Color-coded clips were simple to snap into position, allowing us to move quickly through the setup process.
  • Even with the doors and windows closed, the Half Dome provided adequate airflow.
  • Buy for two people |


63 sq ft of floor space | 4 ft 11 in. peak height | 1 Sundome door | Packed weight: 9 lb 3.2 oz | 4

  • Very reasonably priced
  • Two windows
  • Has a cable connection and a ground vent

Dome tents have long been the standard in the camping industry, and with good reason. They’re simple to pitch, are often reasonably priced, and do exactly what you need them to accomplish. Coleman’s Sundome series is one of the most well-known of them. The Sundome is equipped with two huge windows as well as a ground vent, which helps to boost ventilation and prevent condensation from making the interior moist. An innovative feature added by Coleman is a zippered port on the front of the tent that allows you to put electrical wires inside from your campsite’s outlet, giving it a modern feel.

Even though there were no vertical boundaries or a high ceiling, the space appeared to be large in size.

There is only one door and two pockets, both of which are rather tiny.

Just be care to seal the seams before putting them to use for the first time.

Those who don’t want a lot of bells and whistles and prefer to spend their time outdoors in pleasant weather will find that the Sundome is ideal. Purchase a 2-person|purchase a 3-person|purchase a 4-person|purchase a 6-person


It weighs 10 pounds, 6 ounces when it’s packed. The floor space is 32 square feet, and the peak height is 3 feet, 7 inches. There are 22 doors. EasyDecathlondecathlon.com $199.00

  • Simple to assemble and disassemble
  • If you want to sleep in, light-blocking fabric will keep the sun out of your eyes. Affordable

Decathlon, a European outdoor and sports gear business, is well-known for producing high-quality equipment and apparel at a reasonable price while maintaining high performance. The company’s newest model in its 2 Second Tent series meets this requirement. With a pre-assembled design that operates through a linked system of hinged poles, wires, and handles, the Easy has received our 2020 Gear of the Year award. Pulling on the two handles causes the tent to rise, complete with fly. To be honest, it didn’t take precisely two seconds to pitch on the first try since one of the hinges failed to lock into place on the first try.

  1. It was also quite simple to take down the tent.
  2. We enjoyed how dark the interior of the tent was, which made it more livable in our opinion.
  3. The thick polyester fly, on the other hand, made the tent seem stuffy as soon as we set it up on an early August day with temperatures in the 70s, which we experienced shortly after.
  4. The size of the tent is also a bit of a mixed bag.
  5. At the very least, we were relieved that each individual has their own door.
  6. It will very certainly cause more experienced campers at the next site over to rethink their own more intricate arrangements, as well.
  7. Lakota Gambill is a member of the Lakota tribe.


The following are the dimensions: 18 kg 12.8 oz | 64 sq ft of floor area | 7 ft of peak height | Doors: 1 Copper Canyon LX 4Eurekallbean.com $249.95 The following dimensions are provided: 18 kg 12.8 oz | 64 sq ft of floor area | 7 ft of peak height | Doors: 1 Copper Canyon LX 4Eurekallbean.com $249.95


57.9 square feet of floor space | 5 ft 8 inches of peak height | 2 doorsHouse Party 4 | Packed weight: 10 lb 11.2 oz UST’s House Party appears to have been designed specifically for summer. To be clear, this is a three-season tent, and we put it through its paces during the latter days of winter when nightly lows dropped into the teens. However, given the bright colors, hybrid single-wall design, and big mesh panels that provide excellent ventilation, we couldn’t help but picture ourselves pitching the tent at a beachfront camping and setting up the grill.

  1. A built-in window cover protects against the weather, and it must be staked out much like a typical fly to be effective.
  2. Just keep in mind that if you are caught in a pop-up shower, you won’t be able to change the flap from within the tent.
  3. Inside, the high ceilings give the tent a spacious feel, despite the fact that the floor area is a little tight for four people.
  4. The setup of the tent was the most difficult aspect of the experience.
  5. Though the blue and green poles were clearly distinguishable, we were surprised to see that the pole system is color-coded.
  6. Because of such sleeves, it was a little more difficult to fasten the roof poles.
  7. Making the necessary preparations ahead of time will make your journey simple, exactly like a summer weekend away should be.
  8. Purchase a 6-person Adrienne Donica is a model and actress.
  9. The author, Will Egensteiner, is an associate test director for Hearst’s Enthusiast Group, where he writes about gear and product evaluations for publications such as Bicycling, Runner’s World, and Popular Mechanics, among others.

This material was generated and maintained by a third party and imported onto this website in order to assist users in providing their email addresses for further consideration. You may be able to discover further information on this and other related items at the website piano.io.

Tent question – Isle Royale Forums

Let me put my hat in the ring and see what happens. Basically, this is the path I took. Eureka solitaire one-person tent with a tarp. Until last year, this tent was plenty for myself and my kid (5 yrs old). For the money, it’s a really good tiny tent; I believe it cost around 65 dollars. Its waterproofing is incredible; during one storm last summer, it was submerged to a depth of 2 inches of liquid. I was completely devoid of moisture. According to the reports I’ve read, the foot poles are the only thing that has a tendency to break.

  • The identical tent is also in the possession of my father.
  • After two years of usage, mine broke in a strong gust, yet his is still as good as new.
  • With a few modifications, I was able to reduce the weight to 2.3 pounds.
  • I used fencing tie wires from Home Depot to hold the fence together.
  • They are thin, yet they are quite light in weight.
  • The tent is just stunning.
  • You should have no difficulty kneeling.

Setup is facilitated by the use of form-fit aluminum poles and fast clamps.

I believe it weights roughly 5 pounds, but with small modifications such as stakes and removing the contents sacks, it can easily be reduced to 4 pounds.

I’d rather spend a bit less money on a little less expensive goods.

Alternatively, I may discover a newer piece of equipment and then feel terrible about replacing a pricey piece of equipment that I just do not enjoy.

That is, however, only my own perspective.

When it came to sleeping bags, I chose a Kelty cosmic down 20-degree bag.

At night, I prefer to feel warm and toasty.

My daughter sleeps under a down quilt and enjoys it.

I create all of my own quilts, therefore I am unable to recommend a certain manufacturer or model for you. Despite the fact that quilts are rather lovely, it is the sum of my 5 bucks. I wish you the best of luck in whatever you decide to wear. I’m glad to hear you’re on your way back!

Lightweight 1-person free-standing tent. Anyone own the LLBean Microlight FS 1?

I’m using the Microlight FS1 as my primary light source. Even though it’s a couple of years old (I have the red version; the current edition, I believe, is yellow), I believe the specifications are the same. In general, I am/was pleased with it. As a result of my switch to a hammock, it is very sometimes used, although it is still in high demand. I lend it out to friends who don’t have access to lightweight clothing. I’m 5’7″ and weigh 155 pounds “in addition to fitting well in it My tent has probably slept in it for 15-20 nights while on the trail.

  • I don’t generally spend a lot of time in the tent, so this isn’t a deal breaker for me at all.
  • It’s about as budget-friendly as you can get when it comes to lightweight clothing.
  • I usually take a rubbish bag from a construction site and stuff my backpack inside of it.
  • I’ve been in it through some very heavy rainstorms and have never had a problem with it leaking at any point.
  • It also worked great for that, despite the fact that we only had an inch of snow overnight.
  • Overall, I’d give it a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5.
  • At this price point, I’m not certain that the FS1 can be outperformed.
  • There are three of them in my circle of pals that go hiking and camping together.

LL Bean Backcountry Two Person Dome Tent

Reviewer rating: 0 out of 5 stars| 16 forum posts On December 26, 2012, at 2:03 p.m. (EST) Purchasing this tent just for the purpose of winter camping is something I’m considering. Anyone who owns one and would want to share their thoughts on it? Thanks! Nobody should be concerned 172 reviewer rep| 3,814 forum posts On the 27th of December, 2012, at 11:53 a.m. (EST) Although I have not used this tent, I would be cautious about using it in snow because the fly does not extend all the way to the ground.

16 forum posts On December 27, 2012, at 3:29 p.m.

Ed I get what you’re saying.

In the absence of a budget, I would not have selected this tent.

For years, I’ve valued LL Bean’s return policy and customer service, not to mention the high-quality of their items and services.

It is worth noting that I am selling a 1970 Holubar on this website through the classifieds section.

Due to the weight and simplicity of assembly of the Holubar, I am discontinuing use of it.

Best of luck on your journey!

3,814 forum posts On December 28, 2012, at 11:15 a.m.

I am not aware of any current options at this time, as it has been a long time since I purchased my previous winter tent.

On the 28th of December, 2012, at 9:32 p.m.

Best of luck on your hike.

On the 28th of December, 2012, at 10:29 p.m.

A few years back, I purchased a fantastic winter tent on eBay for less than $100.

I knew exactly what I was searching for and, while I was unfamiliar with the tent, I was familiar with the brand.

Depending on where you live, Craigslist may also be a helpful source of information.

Some internet shops (REI, for example) offer outlet sites where they sell models from the previous year or that have been discontinued at deep prices.

In my search this morning, I came across a couple decent tents on eBay, but no genuine deals.

That’s like selling a vehicle and putting a photo of your garage on the internet—just that’s silly.

A new winter tent in your budget range is something I would consider purchasing if I were in your position.

Another option is to purchase one of the pyramid or teepee designs, which are often significantly less expensive.

They are manufactured by BD, Golite, and Titanium Goat.

He now has a couple of winter tents to keep him warm.

Zeno Marx0reviewer rep|

411 forum posts On the 30th of December, 2012, at 1:23 p.m.

Reviews by Brerarnold85reviewer|

(EST) Holubar is a fictional character created by the author of the novel Holubar.

I wouldn’t recommend the Bean tent to anyone.

The period in which they were providers of high-quality outdoor gear has come and gone.

The pac boots are still in fantastic condition.

It will serve as a starting point for you.

For $350-450, you can get a better deal in nearly any parameter – size, weight, and dependability are all better.


On January 3, 2013, at 9:25 a.m.

I agree that they have morphed into a yuppie hangout over the course of the years.

In addition, there is a store in my town where I can walk in and speak with someone in person if I have a problem, if that should arise.

For starters, it was on sale for $90 cheaper than the previous 2 man model, and I now have a tent large enough to accommodate all of my stuff while still having a tent large enough to accommodate my wife and dog.

A large number of tents were considered before I finally decided on this one.

I agree that there are some goods that should not be scrimped on because of their value on a vacation, but I don’t believe I scrimped on anything.

I could have paid an extra $100 or $200, but would I have received a tent that was that much better for the money?

I did look at REI and Campmor, to name a few of places.

If I’m being really honest, REI isn’t that far removed from a rich guy’s gear shop either, nor is LL Bean, in my humble view.

Campmor is the only one about whom I can’t say the same.

I spent $299 for a sturdy three-person tent that would more than sufficient for my one or two actual winter camping trips per year in the depth of winter.

The two-man version was only one pound heavier than the single-man version, not that weight was a major problem.

My companion did make an excellent point last night, though, in that we can now split it down and carry it amongst three people, allowing us to have it in case of an emergency on longer backpacking excursions with room for two or three people and their gear in an emergency.

Two weeks from now, I’ll be in New York for perhaps four nights, possibly only three.

Thank you for all of your suggestions and thoughts.

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(EST) I’m not sure what you’re getting at with your comments regarding REI and Campmor.

Their tent inventory included 13 tents priced below $500 and just 5 tents priced higher than $500.

I didn’t look at Campmor since I know from past experience that the pricing and variety will not be that much different there, either.


On the 7th of January, 2013, at 7:29 a.m.

That was exactly what I was seeking for, what I was talking about, and what I was searching for on the websites.

To each his or her own when it comes to REI and LLBean.

For more vital things, EMS, REI, LL Bean, or Campmor are often recommended, whereas for less necessary items, Army Navy, Amazon, or Walmart are frequently recommended.

Three-person winter tents for $299 are not available at REI.

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(EST) It’s difficult to tell.

Among the companies I know is Eddie Bauer, the ultimate yuppie haven, who has focused on the design and quality of their First Ascent line, which has resulted in excellent gear that is receiving rave reviews.

They claim it is quite robust, and it appears to be of great quality, and I must admit that some of the distinctive design characteristics have left an impression on me.

The vents on the fly also appear to be a smart idea, however they appear to be a little vulnerable to rain and snow. The other manufacturers employ tube vents or vents that are far lower in profile. Please let us know how it performs and how it holds up over time.

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