Instructions For How To Set Up A Columbia Bugaboo 11 Tent

Instructions For How To Set Up A Columbia Bugaboo 11 Tent

Find a flat area to set up your tent. Remove any things that are projecting from the ground surface. Place the tent body on the ground, flattening it out. Find the instant set poles that have already been fastened to the tent body and put them up. Fold the fly over the top of the tent and secure it in place. The fly straps should be attached to the hooks on the tent’s corners, and the straps should be pulled taut.

What are 4 types of tents?

What are the many types of tents available? Tent in the shape of a dome. Eric Bergdoll captured this image. Tent with an A-Frame structure. The A-frame tent, which was formerly highly popular due to its straightforward construction, is shaped like a capital A, as its name indicates. Tent with many rooms. Tent for Backpacking. Temporary geodesic and semi-geodesic structures Tent that pops up. Tent in the shape of a tunnel. Tent that can be inflated.

What’s the easiest tent to put up?

What is the quickest and most straightforward tent to erect by yourself that we recommend? For Backpacking, the best option is the Teton Sports Instant Tent (1/2 Person). Core Instant Cabin Tent for up to 9 people. The best all-around tent. The Vango Dart Pop Up is a little inflatable boat that can be taken anywhere. Tent for three people. Wenzel Klondike is a fictional character created by author Wenzel Klondike. Tent for eight people. 2/3/4/6 Person Coleman Sundome Dome Tent (Coleman) Vango Airbeam Odyssey Air 500 Villa Tent is a Vango Airbeam Odyssey Air 500 Villa Tent.

How long does it take to set up a canopy tent?

Q: How long does it take to put up a tent? A: It takes around 15 minutes. A: It is dependent on the size and design of the tent. Instant pop up canopy tents are simple to set up and can be completed in a matter of minutes by one person. Some of the larger tents may take longer to construct due to their size, intricacy, and the number of individuals that are assisting with the operation.

How do you set up a Hillary 2 room tent?

Place the tent on the ground and stretch it out flat so that the bottom of the tent is touching the ground. Make a 180-degree turn of the tent so that the door is facing in the desired direction. The pegs should be hammered or driven through with a rock to ensure that the tent is securely fastened to the ground. As you pound the pegs into the ground, tighten the floor.

Can Boy Scouts sleep in a tent alone?

Parents and guardians may choose to share a tent with their children while participating in Cub Scouting. In all other activities, adolescents and adults are accommodated in separate tents. Couples are permitted to share tents. Cabins or accommodation for male and female adults, as well as separate facilities for male and female kids, should be made available wherever it is practicable.

Can Lion Scouts camp overnight?

Using Lion, Tiger, Wolf or Bear Cub Scout dens for overnight camping is not permitted by the BSA. Tiger, Wolf, and Bear Cub Scouts, as well as Webelos Scouts, may engage in a resident overnight camping program run by the council under the supervision of BSA National Camping School–trained leaders.

How do you put up an American camper tent?

Place the tent on top of the ground cloth and stake it down.

Attach one tent stake to each loop or grommet on the tent stake loops or grommet. One corner of the tent should have a stake driven through the open area of the tent loop. Repeat the process on the diagonal corner on the opposite side of the room, and then stake the remaining two corners.

What percentage of Boy Scouts make it to Eagle?

In 2019, 8 percent of all Scouts in the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) received the Eagle Scout rank. According to data from 2019, the average age of youngsters who earned the Eagle Scout rank was 17.3 years old.

When should you use a dome tent?

Many dome tents will feature a small porch area, and other designs may have an additional pole to increase the size of the porch area. Despite the fact that they are available in a variety of sizes, dome tents are best suited for groups of up to four people since the larger they get, the more unstable they become.

How many people can fit in a 10 person tent?

Table 1 shows the size of each tent, its square footage, and the number of people it can accommodate. The total number of tents is as follows: A Square Tent Sleeps a Total of 1012 120 6 1012 120 6 12-14 168 8 13-13 169 8 12-14 168 8

What is the difference between a tent and a canopy?

What You Should Know Essentially, a canopy is a structure that has a roof and supports but no walls or other external features. If it is completely enclosed, it is referred to as a tent. In most cases, you’ll find canopies in commercial settings, such as fairs or outdoor performances. Tents are more widely used by individuals for camping than any other type of accommodation.

How long does it take to set up a 10 person tent?

Configuration Alternatives For individuals who don’t mind spending a little more time setting up their tent. Normal setup times might take anything from 10 to 20 minutes to complete.

How long does it take to set up a canvas tent?

Setup is quick and easy, requiring no more than 20 minutes. Take a virtual tour of the canvas tent in three dimensions.

How long does it take to set up a pop up tent?

According on your trailer and other settings, you could expect a popup camper to take between 50 minutes to 2 hours and 20 minutes to completely put up and be ready to camp.

Can you set up a tent by yourself?

There is absolutely no need to be afraid. Despite the fact that dome tents appear to be tough to put together by oneself, they are actually one of the simplest tents to put together! Installing a dome tent is now easier than ever before if you have a recent model on hand.

What is an instant up tent?

Due to the fact that the inner tent is coupled to the integrated steel frame, set up is quite straightforward. Nothing more complicated than laying it down, spreading the cloth, and extending the poles out from the hub until it is securely fastened in place. There’s something for everyone in the Coleman Instant Up Series, which is comprised of three distinct models.

What is the easiest family tent to set up?

My top ten picks for the finest fast camping tents Outsunny 5 Person Easy Pop Up Tent is a lightweight, portable shelter. Oxley Oztent Lite 5 Fast Frame Family Tent is a lightweight, fast-frame family tent. OzTent 30 Second Expedition Tent RV 5 is rated 5.0 out of 5 by 1. Mobihome 6-Person Tent for Family Camping with Quick-Setup Instructions LENCE OF THE MOON An instant pop-up tent that can accommodate 4-5 people. Lightspeed in the Open Air The Mammoth 6 Person Instant Set-Up Tent is enormous.

What is the fastest tent to set up?

The Grand Prize Recipient This tent was chosen as the most convenient to set up because of its quick set-up time.

It doesn’t get much easier to put up a tent than this one—just pull it out of the bag and it pops right up! There are other amazing features on this tent as well, such as mesh pockets and completely dark inside.

What are the 3 R’s of youth protection?

The “three R’s” of Young Protection provide a straightforward message to our youth members that they should keep in mind at all times: Recognize that anybody has the potential to be a molester; If someone does something that goes against your instincts or against the safety requirements, speak up; and report attempted or real molestation or any other action that you believe is inappropriate.

Columbia Bugaboo II Tent • Campetent

In addition to being a modified dome tent, the Columbia Bugaboo II Tent is also built for warm weather. The tent is 12 feet wide by 9 feet deep by 74 feet long “a great deal The Bugaboo is constructed with a Geo Dome design that is simple to assemble. It is formed by two sets of flexed fiberglass poles that are arranged in an extended floorplan that tapers at both ends to form an octagon. In order to keep rain out, the door is recessed into the front wall of the tent, allowing it to be more vertical and therefore more effective.

  1. Storage lockers are what these spaces are referred known as.
  2. Taking into consideration the recessed door and octagonal form, the actual sleeping measurements look to be roughly 12′ wide by 8′ deep in the central extended region, with each end being 6′ deep on each side of the bed.
  3. The tent is equipped with a divider curtain that can be used to create two different rooms within the tent.
  4. The zippers have a self-healing feature.
  5. Campers should take good care of their zippers and avoid forcing them.

Columbia Bugaboo II Tent in Warm and Cool Weather

The tent’s ceiling and upper rear wall are made of non-closable mesh, and they are protected from the elements by a 3/4 rainfly that extends over the ceiling and higher walls. There are windows on each end of the tent to allow for more airflow. The rainfly extends over the windows, however it is equipped with a vertical zipper that allows the windows to be seen through. Storm flaps are installed on the windows, which may be opened to provide a better view and more ventilation. Fresh air is introduced into the tent body through a low hooded vent below each window.

It features an upper mesh glass panel with a storm cover on the top of the door. Because of the excellent airflow, this tent should work well in hot weather. It’s possible that this tent will be a little too cold on early spring or late fall evenings because of the non-closable mesh rear wall.

Columbia Bugaboo II Tent in Wind and Rain

A Geo Dome is a family tent design, not a geodesic adventure tent design, and it is not intended to withstand high winds or heavy rain. The second set of poles is used to increase the floor and ceiling area of the tent, but they make no major contribution to the overall strength of the tent. It is possible to function well in mild winds thanks to four guyout points on the tent rainfly. The rainfly and tent body are made of 800mm polyurethane-coated polyester, which should hold up well in the rain.

When you open the tent entrance in the rain, the canopy helps to decrease the quantity of water that goes inside the tent and into you.

This tent may be utilized in light to moderate winds for places that are exposed to the elements.

Sleeping Capacity and Equipment

The approximately 90 square feet of floorspace is designed to accommodate up to 5 individuals. When set up, the Columbia Bugaboo II 12-by-9-foot 4-pole 5-person dome tent should be able to comfortably accommodate two adults and two small children. If you plan on sleeping in this octagonal-shaped tent with three or more adults, self-inflating sleeping pads are the most appropriate sleeping equipment. A queen mattress should be able to fit to one side of the doorway, but it will extend over the majority of the opening.

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Columbia Bugaboo II Tent Specs and Setup

Due to the fact that the seams are factory taped, just a little amount of seam sealing is required to get the tent ready for usage. The walls and rainfly are composed of 185T (thread count) polyester taffeta that has been coated to 800mm, which is identical to the material used in many low-cost recreational tents on the market. Floor is 1000mm thick polyurethane (PU) coated polyester taffeta that also seems to be a bathtub floor with raised seams to decrease water seepage in standing water, according to the manufacturer.

  1. With a weight of about 21 lb, the Bugaboo II will be simple to load and transport.
  2. The first pair flexes and seems to create a about 12′ x 7′ rectangular dome when viewed from above.
  3. With these poles, the 7′ floor dimension is extended out to approximately 9′, creating an elongated octagon.
  4. The tent body cloth is attached to the poles by clip and sleeve connectors.
  5. In order to facilitate installation, the clips reach all the way down the walls.
  6. Campetent makes every effort to investigate and deliver correct information to site users, but it cannot promise that every detail will be met in every case.
  7. Tent campers should always conduct due diligence when purchasing a tent to ensure that any critical elements are included.
  8. This tent does not have a wind rating.

The tent comes with a one-year limited guarantee that covers flaws in materials and construction. When purchasing a tent, campers should carefully inspect the materials and workmanship to ensure that they are completely happy with the product before using it. Customer reviews: Columbia Bugaboo II 12-Foot-by-9-Foot 4-Pole 5-Person Dome Tent [Discontinued]

a rating of 2.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Concept, but Terrible Execution On April 5, 2010, a review was published in the United States. I recently acquired this tent as a last-minute replacement for my ten-year-old tent, which had finally begun to show signs of wear and tear. The design of this tent appealed to me, and it appears to be a high-quality tent in principle. The concept of having little gear hatches is a fantastic one. Multiple vents, a plethora of pockets, and a gear storage compartment are all excellent ideas.

  1. I had the same problem as another reviewer in that I couldn’t get the tent to sit flat.
  2. The rain fly pole is expected to be attached to grommets on either side of the door opening where it is intended to be used.
  3. In addition to what has already been said, the tent floor is made of the same material as the sides.
  4. Finally, we got a little rain, which caused the rain fly to leak, which brings up a major disadvantage of this tent.
  5. This is not immediately apparent from the promotional photographs.
  6. Furthermore, because the rain fly does not extend all the way to the ground, you will experience a strong breeze coming through the rear of the tent.
  7. I’m quite dissatisfied with the overall quality of this tent.
  8. I’ve had a lot of Columbia camping gear over the course of my 40-year camping career, and the quality of this tent is simply unacceptable.
  9. However, if you’re planning on travelling somewhere with chilly weather or if there’s a risk of rain, I would recommend staying away from this tent.

Columbia Bugaboo II 12-Foot-by-9-Foot 4-Pole 5-Person Dome Tent [Discontinued]

  • The Dome Tent is a large dome tent with sleeping space for up to 5 people. The use of a cyclone venting system improves air circulation within the tent. The GoBe Dry rain protection technology prevents rain from penetrating the building. 2 outside storage compartments, a gear loft, and cupholders are provided. It has dimensions of 12 x 6.16 x 9 feet (W x H x D) and weighs 21 pounds
  • It is made of steel.

With the Columbia Bugaboo II dome tent, you’ll be able to bring the whole family to the campground and still have room to spare. The Bugaboo II, which can accommodate up to five people, is fitted with a Cyclone ventilation system as well as a GoBe Dry rain protection system to keep you dry in the rain. This method significantly improves air circulation within the tent, allowing you to keep cool on hot summer days or dry out after a heavy downpour, depending on the situation. Alternatively, the GoBe Dry technology ensures that the hammering rain does not find its way inside.

Color-coded fiberglass poles and sleeves make assembly simple, as does a polyester taffeta body and rainfly.

A Camp Port allows cables to be routed through the tent. The Bugaboo II measures 12 by 6.16 by 9 feet (W x H x D), weighs 21 pounds, and is available in a variety of colors including fossil, carbon, and boa. The following are the most important characteristics:

  • The camper can accommodate up to 5 people. GoBe Dry Rain Protection System is the ultimate in rain protection. Camp Port is designed to facilitate the movement of cables. The use of cyclone venting allows for improved air circulation when the rainfly is in operation. External storage compartments, as well as inside pockets, cupholders, and a gear loft are provided. Fiberglass poles and sleeves that are color marked to make set up simple
  • The body and rainfly are made of polyester taffeta. It is 21 pounds in weight.

Columbia Sportswear is a well-known sportswear brand. Columbia Sportswear Company was established in 1938 as a small family-owned hat wholesaler. Today, the company is one of the world’s top outerwear companies and the leading seller of skiwear in the United States, having developed from its humble beginnings. A large range of outerwear, sportswear, tough footwear, and accessories are available from Columbia, as is a comprehensive product line. Columbia is a leader in the development of creative items that are both useful and elegant while also providing excellent value.

  1. Columbia’s history begins with Gert Lamfrom’s parents, Paul and Marie Lamfrom, who escaped Germany in 1937 and founded the city.
  2. The Lamfroms became dissatisfied with the slow delivery of their items from their suppliers and decided to create their own manufacturing business.
  3. Neal entered the family business and eventually rose to the position of president of the expanding enterprise.
  4. The next year, the company experienced a significant increase in revenue and profitability.
  5. When they launched the Columbia Interchange System, they were considered groundbreakers in the industry since it allowed users to mix a shell and liner to provide different wearing alternatives.
  6. As a result of its initial public offering (IPO) in 1998, the firm transitioned into a new era as a global leader in the active outdoor wear market.
  7. The Bugaboo II dome tent has a footprint of 12 by 9 feet and can accommodate up to five people.

Here are a few things to bear in mind when planning your trip: Be Prepared for the Worst In general, it’s a good idea to buy a tent that’s built to endure the worst potential circumstances you expect to encounter when camping.

Backpackers, alpine climbers, bike explorers, and those who prefer to car camp in all weather conditions may want to bring equipment that can withstand greater challenge.

In order to be considered high-quality, three-season tents must feature lightweight aluminum poles, a reinforced floor, robust stitching, and a high-quality rainfly.

Many high-end tents will include pre-sealed, taped seams, as well as a silicone-impregnated rainfly for improved water resistance.

Four-season tents are designed to withstand heavy snowfall and severe winds without collapsing because they often have more robust fabric coatings and more poles than other tents.

In addition, they are typically more costly.

Domes are frequently used in freestanding tents, and most four-season tents are made in this manner because a dome eliminates any flat regions on the exterior surface where snow might accumulate.

Many three-season versions, on the other hand, use a tunnel configuration, which is a modified dome configuration.

Despite the fact that many one- and two-person tents are not freestanding, they make up for this by being far lighter in weight.

It Is Important to Be Big Consider the number of guests you’d like to accommodate in your fabric hotel both today and in the future.

A waterproof-breathable bivy sack is the perfect choice if you’re a super-minimalist or if you’re planning some serious wall climbing in the near future.

Alternatively, if you don’t want insect protection and want to reduce weight, open-air shelters are a good option.

Three- and four-season hiking and expedition tents are also available in a variety of sizes with a variety of capacities.

When comparing models, it’s also beneficial to examine the volume and floor-space dimensions of the various options.

With the GoBe Dry(r) system for dependable rain protection, and Cyclone venting for improved air circulation while the rainfly is in use, it’s a stylish and functional addition to any wardrobe. The color-coded fiberglass poles and sleeves make it simple to put up the structure.

Family Tent Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to camping, while most parents who take their children camping have fond memories of extended hiking and exploring expeditions from their own childhoods, camping nowadays is more about enjoying shorter outdoor holidays in comfort and luxury. Bright, beautiful, and highly practical family tents have been created by the tent industry’s producers in response to this desire for innovation. This year’s tent lineup includes solar-powered inside lighting, highly sophisticated screened-in porches, large proportions, and shelters that can be clipped directly to the back of the family vehicle.

  • Tents like the Quad Pole Dome and WestWind are examples of this kind.
  • When necessary, large zippered doors and arch-style windows allow air to flow in from all four corners of the room.
  • The 210-denier nylon oxford used for the floor is extremely durable.
  • The tent also has a shock-corded fiberglass structure with a pin and ring system, as well as quick-clip connectors for quick and simple set-up.
  • Coleman (800/835-3278; is a manufacturer of outdoor furniture.
  • However, we have to confess that the new Trispace 8 ($500) will not leave you wishing for many of the comforts of home.
  • The Trispace 8 tent has a total floor area of 125 square feet, which is divided into three chambers.

With the tent’s five color-coded poles for easy construction, you should have as little frustration as possible during tent set up, and the tent’s distinctive louver design will provide protected ventilation for all eight of you.

Columbia (866/706-9377; rents out family-style tents that may accommodate up to 10 individuals.

In addition to being big for four to five people, the Bugaboo Dome ($170) is efficient, allowing for quick set up and take down.

The camp adventure comes to an end in the same manner as it began: just pack up the 21-pound tent in the canvas carry bag and wheel it back home.


When the two pioneering Johnson Outdoor businesses Eureka!

The new Eureka!

It is 11 x 11 feet and has two poles.

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military tents.

It also contains brightness controls that may be adjusted, as well as the ability to operate as an AA battery charger.

Kelty’s (800/423-2320; base-camping range for 2006 kicks off with the Pavilion luxury camping tent, which is available in a family-sized configuration.

The Pavilion, which is both vast and beautiful, is a destination in and of itself, and is ideal for group weekends or extended family trips.

The dimensions of Pavilion 6 are 162 x 108 x 79 inches.

We discovered that the characteristics of four-person tents are also ideal for camping with a family.

This base camp-style tent has been designed to accommodate four people and is simple to set up due to its free-standing construction.

This variant, like other CrossFlow tents, compresses down to a very small size.

Napier Enterprises (800/567-2434, allows you to go on an adventure on the open road while keeping the campground close by.

The Sportz Full Size SUV ($230) variant, which is Napier’s largest family tent, beds five to six people, plus two more in the cargo space.

Water resistance and durability are provided by a double-coated polyethylene floor that incorporates ripstop technology.

By removing the entirely removable sleeve, the Full Size SUV can simply be transformed into a self-contained ground tent that may be used as a stand-alone shelter.

The North Face tents (800/447-2333; are named after the dangerous north face of Mount Everest, which is the highest peak on the planet.

The Trailhead, which is also available in four- and six-person configurations ($299 and $349, respectively), contains a communal space as well as two individual sleeping areas.

The internal prayer-bound floor seams of the tent provide more usable area by creating clean angles.

Tailhead 8 is 206x104x78 inches in size (inches).

Our favorite and a pastCamping LifeEditors’ Choice award winner is the Perry Mesa ($499), which is one of our faves.

The dimensions are 120x168x78 inches.

This is a first-rate alternative for three-season campers because of its innovation and quality, as well as its excellent livability.

Aluminum combi-poles combine pole sections of varied diameters in order to maximize strength, weight savings, and overall value.

Two huge O-shaped doors and two eyelid-shaped windows are equipped with mesh for ventilation as well as an inner zip-up cover for privacy and protection from the elements.

Hobitat is also available in a four-person configuration for $249.

Wenger (888/797-2769; offers the Appenzell ($199), a premium family camping tent that is suitable for camping trips with the family.

It provides sewn-in room dividers (rather than merely hanging divider drapes), allowing campers to have totally separate sleeping quarters.

The breezeway common area is located between the rooms in the center of the tent and provides plenty of space for socializing on a wet day.

The use of color-coded poles and sleeves, as well as parallel pole design, makes set-up a breeze.

Dimensions: 240 x 120 x 80 inches.

For example, the Aspen Trail ($90) is one of Wenzel’s newest family tents.

The Aspen Trail blends a mid-sized sleeping room that is appropriate for a family of four to five people with a screen porch that can easily accommodate a pair of camp chairs and a small table for a small gathering.

A tub-style floor covered with rain shingle helps to keep the tent dry during inclement weather.

Dimensions: 186 x 132 x 70 inches.

Winchester manufactures high-quality, reasonably priced tents that are both durable and long-lasting for the family camper.

Dimensions: 96 x 96 x 59 inches.

Within a single large space, the floor is 10×13 feet and the ceiling measures 76 inches.

We selected models from both lines for inclusion in the family buyer’s guide.

Featuring full-length flys, aluminum poles, and built-in high vents in the vestibules to decrease condensation and promote air circulation while still offering protection from the weather, this series is ideal for any climate.

Entry and exit in all tents are made simple and convenient by D-shaped mesh doors with a zippered nylon privacy flap. Dimensions (Galaxy 6): 120x96x72 inches.

Columbia Tents [current_year] Reviews and Comparisons

With any luck, the comparison table above was useful in providing some quick comparisons of the various Columbia tent types’ most important characteristics. The Columbia Sportswear Fall River, the Columbia Sportswear Pinewood, the Columbia Cougar Flats, and the Columbia Bugaboo II tents are just a few of the popular Columbia tents we’ll be looking at in further depth below.

Columbia Sportswear Fall River Tent

TheColumbia Sportswear Fall River 10 Person Instant Dome tentis one of the most highly recommended and top-rated Columbia tents. It’s at the top of the list for family camping tents and tents that can sleep 10 or more people. With a carry weight of 38 pounds, it is a heavy tent that is best suited for car camping (rather than having to carry it miles up a trail, for example). However, it is extremely simple to put together. In fact, if a single person wanted to, they could put this tent together by themselves.

Alternatively, for longer camping trips with a smaller group, one room can be designated as a sleeping area and the other as a lounge or living area.

The Columbia Fall River comes with a removable awning, and buyers have had a wonderful experience with it from a waterproofing viewpoint.

It is the priciest of the Columbia tent models, but is well worth it as a good buy, and if you have an Amazon Business account you may be able to find it for even cheaper than the normal retail price.

Columbia Sportswear Pinewood Tent

In addition to the Fall River, the Columbia Sportswear Pinewood Tentcan accommodate up to ten people and is significantly less expensive. It features the same center height and floor space as the previous model, as well as the same kind of divider and utility port, although it is available in green rather than blue. While there are some similarities, there are some significant differences as well. The Pinewood is made from 68D polyester, but the Fall River is made from 150D polyester, which means that the Pinewood is produced from a thinner polyester.

Given that the Pinewood is often $50 or more less expensive than the Fall River, it’s a reasonable tradeoff.

Simply select the size that is most convenient for you!

Columbia Cougar Flats Tent

TheCougar Flatshas enough space to accommodate families of up to six or eight people sleeping comfortably. The Cougar Flats Columbia tent offers more than 150 square feet of useable area and is divided into two rooms by two doors, which is convenient and gives the advantage of seclusion. The tent is available in two sizes: large and small. The Cougar flats Columbia tent is constructed of fiberglass poles for the ceiling area and aluminum side poles, which together provide a sturdy structure that protects a family from the elements during windy conditions.

The GoBe Dry technology featured in this Columbia tent gives additional rain protection, which several customers have stated has been a significant benefit to them.

One of the biggest challenges with family tent camping in the summer is that it may get hot and stuffy when everyone is in the same place at the same time, which raises the need for ventilation even more.

It is also easy to put up, since the Columbia cougar flats tent includes color-coordinated poles that make it possible to do it in less than thirty minutes.

If it’s pouring, it’ll be even worse. The Columbia Cougar flats tent, which has a suggested retail price of $340 but has a price tag of roughly $280.00, has been recommended by customers as a good value for the money for family camping tents in the same price range.

Columbia Bugaboo Tent

TheColumbia Bugaboois designed for a smaller family of up to four or five people and offers around 108 square feet of space, which is more than enough space for you, your family, and all of your stuff. You won’t have to worry about having your muddy or dirty equipment or clothes in your living area because this Columbia tent offers an additional storage room (vestibule). The Bugaboo and the Cougar Columbia tents both include a rain canopy flap that connects directly to the tent poles, keeping it away from the tent structure and allowing for enough air movement inside.

The fibreglass poles used in the Cougar Columbia tents, as previously indicated, are the cheapest poles available from tent manufacturers.

A inexpensive tent, which we seldom really grade, but a few make it through the net, like this one, since it may still fulfill the demands of a person on a tight budget while still providing adequate protection from the elements.

When you consider the price range for this size tent and the amenities it offers, it is a reasonable purchase for recreational campers who want a roomy tent without spending a lot of money on it.

Columbia High Trail Tent

Designed to accommodate six to eight people, the Columbia high trail family dome tent features a room divider that divides the canvas into two smaller chambers. As a result, you’ll have plenty of space to move around while you’re sleeping. Each side also has its own door, so you don’t have to wake up the rest of the family when you need to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. To ensure that you have adequate ventilation, this tent has four huge no-see-um mesh windows, roof vents, and side vents.

Seams that are too near to the floor will be subject to leaks, which is why the bathtub floor design is designed to prevent this.

When compared to a cabin, the space and access are more restricted in a dome tent.

This tent is less expensive than the Cougar Columbia tent, which retails for $240 and is now available online for about $200.

When it comes to Columbia tents of this size, the Columbia Cougar flats tent, which costs an additional $80 but has garnered overwhelmingly positive user ratings, may be a better purchase because of its larger size.

Final words

We hope this article has answered any questions you may have had regarding Columbia tents. However, we recommend that you thoroughly investigate your alternatives before purchasing a camping tent. Due to the fact that Columbia does not sell tents directly through their website, purchasing Columbia tents from Amazon is an excellent option.

Dont Purchase the Columbia Bugaboo II Dome Tent Ju

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  3. This is a great feature.

The Bugaboo II dome tent has room for up to 5 people. You will find it to be really large for your family of five people, and in addition to being extremely spacious, it also features a Cyclone venting system as well as a GoBe Dry rain protection technology. When it comes to air flow technology, the BugabooII dome tent’s air flow approach is ideal for you, mostly because you enjoy feeling cool and comfortable when bugabooing within your shelter. Cool, relaxing, and serene days will be yours even on the hottest of summer days thanks to the excellent ventilation provided by the Bugaboo II dome tent.

  1. Fortunately, the Bugaboo II dome tent is equipped with GoBe dry, the most effective rain protection technology available.
  2. You and your family will be safe and dry inside your Bugaboo II dome tent even if the rain continues to fall throughout the evening.
  3. You are even now checking the dome tent when you realize that the Bugaboo II dome tent only weighs twelve pounds.
  4. It also includes a huge storage area, which includes two exterior storage lockers, multiple interior pockets, and a gear loft, which is ideal for storing camping equipment, luggage, or just your bugaboo.
  5. Additionally, these cup holders may be used to keep your hot coffee warm, as well as your cold cool beverages or your beer bottles.
  6. It is also lightweight and compact.
  7. The Bugaboo II is equipped with a larger rain fly than its predecessor, which you will undoubtedly enjoy when a surprise storm comes through your camping area.
  8. This mechanism ensures bugaboo that no drinking water gets into the tent and endangers the enjoyment of a risk-free and comfortable camping stay.
  9. It will come in in on a stuffy, oppressive summer evening, or just after a heavy downpour when your clothes and gear are drenched and you need to get some additional ventilation.
  10. Allow me to share with you what existing owners have to say about the property: I’d want to clarify something on a single level right now.
  11. In several instances, the rain was falling in a slanting fashion.

It was a never-ending cycle for me. This has never happened before! In the event of a deluge blowing in from behind the tent, water seeped in through a seam where “instructions” had been sewed into a seam on the rear window, resulting in a bugaboo that looked like a boat.

Columbia Bugaboo II Tent: Reviews By Actual Owners

courtesy of william (Colorado) The Columbia Bugaboo 2 tent is completely ineffective. On the Fourth of July, I was at 11 Mile Lake/Res in Colorado with my family. The weekend was wrecked when a strong wind destroyed two poles made of cheap fiberglass, causing them to collapse. As an added bonus, setting up this tent with even the slightest breeze is a nightmare. It’s completely unstable, and it leaks as well. Forget about Columbia, and shame on you, Bass Pro, for having sold it to them. To leave a comment, please visit this page.

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It’s a simple process.

You may just click here to return to Columbia Tent Reviews – Consumer Reviews of Columbia Tents by clicking on the link above.

Help! My Brand New Columbia Bugaboo’s Zippers Broke

Submitted by Lee (Hamilton, Ontario) My seven-year-old son accidentally destroyed the main zipper on my Columbia Bugaboo tent last night while attempting to seal it by himself. Now I’m out the $200.00 and won’t be able to utilize the tent. I was under the impression that I was purchasing a high-quality tent, but I clearly fell into the trap of being duped into purchasing Columbia tents just for the brand name and not for the quality of the tent. To leave a comment, please visit this page. Participate by creating your own page!


The Columbia Bugaboo II Is NOT a Great 5 Person Tent

Pamela Marcus contributed to this article. (San Anselmo, California, United States) I find it really amusing that the Columbia Bugaboo ii tent is regarded as one of the top five-person tents on the market. I bought this tent on the way home from Burning Man because my previous tent leaked on me the first day of the festival due to severe rain. ‘Perfect, enormous size, can camp with the girls, piece of cake,’ I reasoned to myself. ‘Plus, it was available for purchase at Cabela’s.’ I bring it back home, and we set it up in the back yard together.

  • It is universally acknowledged that the girls adore it.
  • Please remember that you are in Northern California!
  • I’m thinking I might be able to duck tape a sheet over the mesh at the rear.
  • Fast forward to Spring Break, when we decide to go camping at Mount Madonna, which is located outside of Santa Cruz, for two nights.
  • We are freezing since the tent is too large to be heated.
  • It was quite simple to put up with two persons, one of whom was nine years old.
  • Camping in the spring, fall, and/or winter is not a good option if you enjoy spending time outside in these seasons.

However, it appears to be a fine summer camping tent. To leave a comment, please visit this page. Participate by creating your own page! It’s a simple process. How? You may just click here to return to Columbia Tent Reviews – Consumer Reviews of Columbia Tents by clicking on the link above.

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Columbia Bugaboo Tent Reviews – 4 to 5 Person Family Dome Tents

Do you need a camping tent that is both dependable and reasonably priced? Read the Columbia Bugaboo Tent Reviewsto find out why the Columbia Bugaboo ii tent is one of the best and most affordable family dome tents available today. Finding a happy medium between purchasing inexpensive camping equipment and acquiring a dependable family dome tent can be difficult. Unfortunately, all too frequently, the cheapest tents are a waste of money since they are unreliable, not waterproof, and may completely devastate your holiday experience.

In particular, the Columbia Bugaboo dome tent, which is a 4 to 5-person tent, is being considered.

It is certainly one of the nicest and most affordable camping tents available, despite the fact that it lacks some of the bells and whistles that owners of lavish, enormous, family tents enjoy.

Columbia Bugaboo ii Tent Review

For what reasons is the Columbia Bugaboo dome tent considered to be one of the greatest family dome tents? To put it another way, let Camping Tent put it this way:

  • The Columbia Bugaboo dome tent has a floor area of 108 square feet, making it a suitable big tent for 4-5 people. The inside structure of the tent includes cup holders, pockets, and gear lofts, which make it easy to store additional camping goods and supplies. It allows for optimum ventilation even while the rainfly is in use, thanks to Columbia Tents’ proprietary Cyclone Venting system. Cheap- Generally speaking, cheap tents should be avoided since the quality is compromised
  • However, the Columbia Bugaboo tent is both economical and dependable.

Okay, we at Camping Tent recognize that they are the fundamental requirements for a family camping tent. You’d be amazed at how many huge, family dome tents are not large enough, are not waterproof, and cost far more than they should (see manyColeman Tents). The Columbia Bugaboo dome tent, however, has a number of downsides that buyers should be made aware of before purchasing the product. Despite being inexpensive and dependable, the Columbia Bugaboo ii tent is far from ideal and is not the finest family dome tent for all situations and needs.

Columbia Bugaboo Tent Specifications

  • There are four poles and the area is 108 square feet. The maximum height is 6 feet, 1.5 inches, and the weight is 21 pounds. Tent poles made of fiberglass are used for this project. Number of doors: 1
  • Sleeping capacity: 4-5 persons
  • Number of seasons: 3

The Columbia Bugaboo Dome Tent: Advantages

For the sake of completeness, below are the most significant benefits of Columbia Bugaboo Tents:

  • Excellent airflow
  • Inexpensive cost
  • Simple interior arrangement
  • Large size
  • Sturdiness

These are the most obvious advantages of Columbia Bugaboo dome tents, but there are several others, such as the following: It is quite convenient to have a gear vestibule for storing additional camping tent equipment and supplies. The majority of low-cost camping tents lack a vestibule, which means that children cannot remove filthy or damp equipment before entering the tent. In order to keep your family tent clean, Columbia Tents realizes how crucial it is, and the Columbia Bugaboo dome tent was created with this in mind.

Both the Cyclone Venting system and the fact that the rainfly ties back are responsible for this.

During bad weather, it allows for air circulation while keeping your tent dry.

This is a modest, but helpful feature that is absent from the majority of huge, low-cost family dome tents. Lastly, did we mention that the best price for a Columbia Bugaboo II tent is less than $150? Did we mention that we have the greatest pricing?

Columbia Bugaboo Tents: Disadvantages

Following the discussion of the positive qualities, we will get down to the nitty gritty and show you why the Columbia Bugaboo ii tent isn’t the greatest family dome tent for every family member in every situation. Tent poles constructed of fiberglass are used in the construction of Columbia Bugaboo ii tents. Tent poles made of aluminum are more robust and dependable. Fiberglass material is more prone to breaking, which might result in a camping experience being ruined completely. Tents for family camping trips must be set up fast.

This implies that you will be slipping each tent pole through a sleeve one at a time.

Finally, numerous customers have said that there is a distinction between Columbia Bugaboo tents and Columbia Bugaboo ii tents, which are both made by Columbia.

Many others, on the other hand, believe that the second version is the best automobile camping tent available.

Columbia Bugaboo Tents: Consumer Reviews

  • It takes a long time to pitch a tent
  • Tent poles are not robust

SummaryIf you’re looking for a basic, inexpensive family dome tent for vehicle camping, the Columbia Bugaboo tent will be ideal for you and your family. To summarize, while the Columbia Bugaboo II Dome Tents will not take your breath away and are far from luxurious, they will do the job without costing you a lot of money in the process.

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