How To Set Up Nemo Galaxi 2P Tent

NEMO Galaxi 2 Review

Camping and short backpacking journeys will be made more comfortable with this substantial yet sumptuous tent. Photo courtesy of NEMO Equipment”>Photo courtesy of NEMO Equipment Price: $200 (list price) Pros: It is comfortable, has a footprint, is long-lasting, and is simple to assemble. Cons: It is heavy and has a huge pack size. Manufacturer: NEMOOur Editors do independent research, testing, and rating of the top items available on the market. We only receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on one of our links.

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  • Comfort received a 25 percent 9.0 rating
  • Weight received a 25 percent 3.0 rating
  • Weather resistance received a 20 percent 8.0 rating
  • And ease of set-up received a 10 percent 8.0 rating. Durability – 8% with a 10% chance of failure
  • 10 percent 3.0 in terms of packed size

Our Verdict

As of 2020, NEMO will no longer be offering the Galaxi tent in their range. When we want a high-quality tent for any activity in which we require a spacious and sturdy shelter that we do not wish to transport over long distances, we turn to theNEMO Galaxi 2. It’s a comfy, long-lasting tent that comes at an affordable price. A number of attractive luxury features are included as well, which distinguishes it from the competitors. The fact that it seems like you’re carrying a boat on your back means that if weight is your primary concern you should go elsewhere.

Our Analysis and Test Results

We had a great time putting this tent through its paces. It provides lots of space while also including a few luxuries such as a stargazing window, retractable fly, and an included footprint.

Performance Review

When it comes to comfort and ease of setup, theGalaxiis second to none. It is also quite sturdy and holds up well in adverse weather. It’s a heavy, thick tent, and as a result, it ranks worse in the ratings for weight and packed size. The tent stood up to the elements on a chilly October weekend. When the leaves are still on the trees, it is considerably more difficult to detect. Ben Applebaum-Bauch is the photographer. “>The tent stood up to the elements on a chilly October weekend. When the leaves are still on the trees, it is considerably more difficult to detect.


This tent is exceptionally spacious and comfy for its size. A pre-bent pole construction means that it sets up with vertical walls, which maximizes the amount of space available within your home. It features two oddly formed side entrances on either side of the building. If you compare them to some of the award-winning tents, we believe they are a touch on the tiny side. They are also diametrically opposite to one another, with the assumption being that sleepers are expected to orient themselves from head to toe.

  • On the inside, it is really spacious.
  • Photo courtesy of Ben Applebaum-Bauch”> On the inside, it is really spacious.
  • Ben Applebaum-Bauch is the photographer.
  • ft.
  • It features two large windows that provide lots of natural light.
  • It also comes with a footprint, which is uncommon among trekking tents but is provided with this one.
  • Photo courtesy of Ben Applebaum-Bauch”> Because of the peak height and lateral headroom, it is possible to sit up comfortably without hitting the ceiling.
  • Although there are no privacy screens in the tent, the bathtub floor does stretch up a little higher at the head and foot ends of the tent for added comfort.
  • The two side gear storage compartments can accommodate a large amount of gear that you may wish to have readily available.

Ben Applebaum-Bauch is the photographer. “>The two side gear storage compartments can accommodate a significant amount of gear that you may wish to keep easily accessible. It’s a little inconvenient because they’re located at the bottom of the stairs. Ben Applebaum-Bauch is the photographer.

Ease of Set Up

TheGalaxi is simple to put up because to its single hubbed-pole construction. The setup is simpler with two people because of the number of ‘legs’ that are moving at the same time, but one person can execute it reasonably simply as well. The fly, like the tent body, is attached to the four major corners of the poles via grommets, precisely like the tent body. This tent’s single pole layout with a central hub making it simple to set up for one person and a breeze for two people to put together.

In addition to being simple to put up for one person, the single pole construction with a central hub makes it a breeze for two people.

Between the tent, fly, and footprint, there are three grommets to try to squeeze into the corners of each pole between the three components.

Weather Resistance

This competitor kept us dry during downpours and remained sturdy during heavy gusts. Because the waterproof floor reaches quite far up the sides of the walls, protecting against splashback, this tent worked admirably in conditions when many others failed. Bathtub flooring that is at least three inches thick keeps ground moisture and splashback out of the sleeping quarters. “>The deep bathtub floor keeps ground moisture and splashback out of the sleeping space. Photo by Ben Applebaum-Bauch”> Ben Applebaum-Bauch is the photographer.

  1. There are no dedicated condensation vents on the fly.
  2. The fortress, on the other hand, should keep you dry for the duration of the night once you have safely tucked yourself within.
  3. Photo courtesy of Ben Applebaum-Bauch”>The kickstand on the fly allows for better airflow while still keeping out mild to moderate rain (as long as the wind isn’t too strong).
  4. If the weather prediction is favorable, you may always fold back the fly halfway to allow more air to circulate while simultaneously gazing up at the stars while camping.


This tent is quite heavy, but in this case, the added weight is compensated for by enhanced durability. It features a ripstop fly that is 68 denier (D) and a 75 denier (D) floor. Additionally, a custom-fit footprint is supplied to provide additional abrasion protection and preserve the tent’s bottom. The Galaxi comes with a good quantity of guyline and adjusters, as well as stakes that remain in the ground, a couple of patches, and a pole splint, among other things (not pictured). Ben Applebaum-Bauch is the photographer.

Ben Applebaum-Bauch is the photographer.

This tent, on the other hand, should survive for a long period if it is properly cared for and stored. This tent has a few minor flaws, but one of them is that it is not very long-lasting.

WeightPacked Size

TheGalaxieshave a significant impact on the outcome. It weighs a whopping 6 lbs. 1 oz. At this weight, it’s definitely not intended for prolonged backpacking journeys, even if it’s shared between two individuals. In addition to taking up far more room when crammed inside a pack, its thicker, more robust textiles also take up significantly more space. You should plan on carrying a large-capacity bag to accommodate the 19″x8″ packed dimensions.


TheGalaxiis an excellent deal. We were pleasantly impressed by the low cost of this camping equipment. There are similar tents available at this price point, but only a few of them have a footprint like this one does. This tent offers many luxurious features, which means the price is reasonable if you’re seeking for a reliable, general-purpose tent.


TheGalaxiis the crowning achievement of this tent review; it is a large, hefty boat with enough handy additions to keep the oohs and aahs going long after the initial pitch is completed. Even with two people, we wouldn’t want to take it deep into the bush, but for car camping or paddling expeditions, it’s hard to find a better model. Jessica Haist and Jess McGlothlin are two of the most talented women in the world.

NEMO Galaxi 2P Review

Few trail-seeking folks limit themselves to a single form of outdoor activity when they are out exploring. The majority of us car camp from time to time, and many of us also enjoy a weekend of backpacking when we get the opportunity. Why not have a tent that can be used for both purposes? In addition to being a terrific home away from home, the NEMO Galaxi 2P tent is also a great choice for camping trips and hiking expeditions alike. Even though this tent performed admirably, the REI Half Dome 2 Plus (which I also reviewed!) is our Classic Pick for Wilderness Backpackers looking for a multi-purpose tent.

However, if you appreciate NEMO’s design aesthetic, fancy features, and desire a smaller footprint, the Galaxi is well worth considering (the footprint is included).

Please see below for our whole Nemo Galaxi 2P review.

NEMO Galaxi 2P Star Rating

Summarized, the Galaxi 2P provides ample room for two people – it’s virtually gigantic, so you and your dog and your spouse may snuggle comfortably. In typical NEMO fashion, the Galaxi has been constructed from high-quality materials that will stand up to the weather while also having you, the wonderful outdoor explorer, in mind during the design process. With its straightforward freestanding structure, it’s easy to put up in minutes. Cool additions like the headlamp Light Pockets add flair and comfort, giving you the impression that you’re relaxing in your own wilderness home.

The Aurora is somewhat smaller and lighter in total weight than the Galaxi, and its walls are thinner and more vertical than the Galaxi.

The price, the number of doors and vestibules, and the quality of the cloth are all the same. We have updated our price widgets to reflect the Aurora’s current price.

NEMO Galaxi 2P Specifications

Feature Type Feature Specs What This Means
Packed Weight 6 lbs. 2oz. (2.78 kg) (includes footprint) A moderately heavy tent for backpacking, but lightweight for car camping. For the size, and with the included footprint, it’s still a decent weight for two people, especially beginners.
Type Freestanding You can set up this tent without staking it down.
Wall Type Double The rain shell and mesh body are separate. This helps increase airflow, and is standard for most general backpacking tents.
No. of Doors 2 The Galaxi 2P has two full doors that are shaped like triangles. Well designed.
Sleeping Capacity 2-person Two 25-inch sleeping pads can fit in here with a bit of room to spare. Plenty of room for two people, and if you’re not both really tall, you can fit a small animal in there too.
Seasons 3-season This tent has durable materials and is built to withstand three seasons. It is not a tent for winter.
Packed Size 19 x 8 in. (48 x 20 cm) Not exactly small. It’s a large 2P tent, so this makes sense, but you’ll notice the size. Size includes footprint.
Floor Dimensions 87.9 x 53.2 in. (223 x 135 cm) Ample dimensions on the floor. Plenty long, and wide enough for two 25-inch width pads, which is already a luxury when backpacking.
Floor Area 32.4 sqft Decent square footage, especially when nightly rent is so low!
Peak Height 38.6 in. (98 cm) Not the highest peak out there, but you can sit up easily. The tent does slope well, so you don’t lose a lot of that height right away.
No. of Vestibules 2 Plenty of space for two to store gear, boots, and cook in the rain if you have to.
Vestibule Area 11 sqft per vestibule Ample space for the above activities.
No. of Poles 1 hubbed pole (prebent) NEMO has a single hubbed pole, which makes setup rather simple. The poles are prebent, which gives the Galaxi it’s turtle-esque appearance, and lessens the chance of them breaking due to over-bending (already pretty unlikely).
Pole Material Aluminum 9.02 mm Not the lightest and bendiest poles on the market, but this is not a premium tent. These are well made and aluminum does not break easily, as opposed to fiberglass.
No. of Interior Pockets 4+ pockets Plenty of pockets on the Galaxi, including two overhead Light Pockets, a clutch design feature from NEMO. You can place a headlamp in these pockets and the material softens and diffuses the light to create a well-lit, lantern-esque environment.
Rain Fly Material 68D PeU Polyester Ripstop (1500 mm) Decent thickness and durability.
Floor Material 75D PeU Polyester (3000 mm) A bit of extra thickness and durability for the floor, always a good idea.
Mesh/Body Material Polyester/NoSeeUm Mesh Keeps the bugs out!
Footprint, Fast Setup? Comes with footprint, On the Go setup The Galaxi comes with a footprint, which helps increase longevity of tent and allows you to set up the tent as a shade shelter without the inner mesh section if you want.
Manufacturer Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty NEMO warranties all its tents for life. If something breaks on you, or stops working, get in touch.
Retail Price $249.95 Not cheap, not exorbitantly expensive. A solid price for a long-term backpacking and camping tent, and it comes with the footprint!
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Gear Review of the NEMO Galaxi 2P

The summertime family reunion camping trip is a long-standing custom in the United States. My first adventure with the NEMO Galaxi 2P was a family reunion at Fall Creek Reservoir State Park in Oregon, where I car camped with the vehicle. The crew had a great time trekking along Fall Creek, cooling down in ice-cold swimming holes, and canoeing across the reservoir during their visit. Days spent on the reservoir throughout the summer. As it turned out, not only was the Galaxi 2P large enough to accommodate a twin-sized memory foam mattress for my wife and myself (oh, the comforts of vehicle camping), but we also had enough for our 55-pound pit-mix pooch.

Following this, I went on a 24-mile hiking journey on theBroken Top Loop Route, a network of linked routes that circumnavigates the mountain, skirting between it and South Sister in the Three Sisters Wilderness.

Huckleberry the pit-mix came along with me, which necessitated the purchase of a tent large enough to accommodate both of us.

Walking together up the Tam McArthur Rim Trail, we entered the Cascade Mountains, where there were many of lakes and spectacular views to be seen.

Revelation: The Moment I Knew

Everyone has their own set-up procedure for their camp. I prefer to put up my tent, choose a tent-site, and immediately lay out all of my evening essentials before going to bed. The fact that my shoes, backpack, and any bugs must remain outside of the tent is something I’m extremely particular about, and this may be tough to do when I’m attempting to bring in all of my sleeping gear one piece at a time. Thanks to its double-zippered angular entryway, the NEMO Galaxi 2P tent fit in well with my own aesthetic.

  • Did I mention that I don’t enjoy taking my shoes off until I’m ready to go to sleep?
  • It’s possible that my regimen might be improved with a little tweaking.
  • A little triangular door is visible on the right, which is ideally placed to keep the majority of the mesh intact while providing a small entrance for my feet.
  • It appeared to have been designed specifically for my ways, and I was relieved that it had kept out the hundreds of flies that had gathered on the mesh by evening.

Digging Deeper

The NEMO Galaxi 2P is an excellent backpacking tent for individuals who are new to the sport. The hubbed pole construction makes setup a snap, and the Galaxi’s boxy form is achieved by the use of pre-bent poles that allow plenty of headroom for sitting or moving around within the tent. Setup is simplified by the use of pre-bent poles and a single pole hub. Two sleeping mats may be placed side by side on the 32 square feet of floor area (plus the 53-inch width), and you’ll still have some wiggle room.

  1. However, you need be prepared to sacrifice your inflated sleeping pad and, depending on the cat, maybe your sanity in order to accommodate the feline companionship.
  2. The ripstop rainfly will keep you dry and protected from most types of inclement weather, and the 75D PeU floor is exceptionally durable for a trekking tent of this size.
  3. There are two versions of the Galaxi 2P: with and without rainfly.
  4. When fully assembled, the Galaxi 2P weighs six pounds and two ounces (with the rainfly), which is reasonable given the high level of protection it provides, while it is not the lightest hiking tent available on the market.

It’s also self-supporting and equipped with two entrances, which some people believe to be a must-have feature in a camping tent. The Light Pockets transform a headlight beam into a pleasant, steady light that is ideal for late-night reading or playing games on a computer.

Sleep Comfort

Even with a snoring wife by my side and a kicking puppy at my feet, I couldn’t have been more comfortable sleeping outside than I was when vehicle camping in the Galaxi 2P with a memory foam mattress. Camping with Huckleberry on the trail was also a great experience. There was enough of space, as well as accessible inner compartments, and the strong construction made me feel completely at ease.


As I previously stated, the Galaxi 2P is comparable to a bunker and a turtle in that it is a high-quality piece of outdoor engineering. It will endure storms and dirt just fine, and it may even withstand one of those golfball-sized hailstorms, but I would prefer not to put it through that. Please don’t force me to do anything.

Ease of Setup

Building a tent is a process of layers: first, lay down your footprint, then your tent on top of that, then your hubbed pole system on top of that and attach your tent to it, and finally your rainfly on top of it all. Place a stake or guyline where necessary. Once you have all of the components in front of you, everything becomes really straightforward and obvious. Having said that, the pole hub on the Half Dome 2 Plus is a little clunkier than the one on the Half Dome 2. A single hubbed pole makes for a quick and simple setup.


Galaxi 2P can accommodate two people comfortably, and a small dog can accompany you to keep your feet warm if you so desire. Additionally, the vestibules are rather spacious. You’ll have no trouble concealing all of your travelling belongings. Large vestibules provide ample space for stowing away stuff while on the trail.


The combination of excellent ventilation and enough of headroom made this a fantastic tent to relax in. In addition to providing a fantastic privacy screen when vehicle camping, the rainfly also gave a pleasant location to read a book or change clothes. The magnetic door tie-backs are a lot of fun to use and experiment with. Their flappy nature and the fact that they contain magnets are both appealing. A large two-person tent with a lot of space. The rainfly reclines on one half of its body to stargaze.


According to an Ultralight Backpacker who has finished the PCT, when it comes down to it, the packed size and weight are on the heavier side for backpacking. In addition, when packed in its stuff sack, the Galaxi 2P is considerably larger than my own thigh, making it tough to put into any typical hiking bag. I had to attach it to the exterior of my backpack using a strap. However, while there are lighter alternatives available, they will most certainly sacrifice a significant amount of the strength and storage space that the Galaxi 2P delivers.

You get durability and space, but you’ll have to make place for it in your vehicle.

Final Word

The NEMO Galaxi 2P will make you feel right at home no matter where you chose to set it up. It has a host of convenient functions and a sleek appearance.

Its rapid setup and spacious inside will appeal to first-time hikers, while seasoned explorers will feel confident sheltering under its solid structure during stormy weather. And ultralight backpackers — well, you don’t even need a tent, do you, anyway?

Where to Buy NEMO Galaxi 2P

The NEMO Galaxi 2P tent in Earth brown was put through its paces. It is also available in Birch Leaf green, which is a traditional NEMO hue. The tent includes a footprint, poles, a rainfly, a mesh body, stakes, a repair kit, guy-out cables, and a drawstring stuff sack in addition to the footprint. TheGear Loft, which adds some extra compartments to the top of the tent (which is useful for lengthy excursions), and thePawprint, NEMO’s dog-protective floor cover, are both excellent additions to this tent that you should consider purchasing.

This is fantastic if you absolutely need it, but the weight makes it unsuitable for hiking unless you have three individuals who can divide up all of the pieces.

Prices for the NEMO Galaxi 2P Tent may be seen in the table below.

Arthur McMahon — Lead Editor’s Lead Editor, Arthur, is a travel enthusiast. He enjoys taking walks. That is all there is to it. Walking, he feels, is the finest way to see and experience the world. His first backpacking trip was a 2,000-mile trek down the Pacific Crest Trail, and he hasn’t looked back since. Follow his personal travels and tales on his website,, as well as his Instagram account. Review Policy: We do not take fees or gifts from companies or merchants, and we make every effort to give honest, independent recommendations.

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NEMO Galaxi 2 Tent Review

In addition to the included footprint, the NEMO Galaxi 2 Tent is a roomy and cheap ($199) two-person tent with plenty of storage space. Setting up the tent is simple thanks to a single hubbed pole and the fact that the inner tent and rain fly may use the same corner grommets. A large number of inside pockets and a gear loft provide ease and comfort to the interior of the tent. With a weight of 5 lbs 1 oz, the Galaxi 2 is on the heavy side for a hiking tent, but it has the versatility to be set up in a variety of various weight-saving configurations, extending its usefulness beyond basecamp or vehicle camping.

As a whole, we truly appreciate the Galaxi 2 because of its size, comfort, and reasonable pricing.

The Galaxi 2 Tent has been phased out of the NEMO product range, and the Aurora 2 Tent has taken its place.

This tent is huge and roomy, and it is simple to erect on any surface, including tent platforms and rock ledges. Ample gear storage, superb seclusion, and ventilation are provided by the multiple pockets and big vestibules of this bag. Now is the time to shop.

Specs at a Glance

  • Number of people in the building: 2
  • Number of doors and vestibules in the building: 2
  • Kind of building: semi-freestanding
  • Minimum number of stakes to pitch in the ground: 2 Dimensions of the floor: 88′′ x 53′′ Floor area: 32 square feet
  • Vestibule area: 11 square feet plus 11 square feet
  • Peak height: 38.5 inches Yes, the seams are taped
  • The weight is
  • Poles weigh 21.4 ounces
  • Inner weighs 30 ounces
  • Rainfly weighs 30 ounces
  • Footprint is 8.3 ounces.
  • Rainfly is made of 68-denier PeU ripstop polyester and the floor is made of 75-denier PeU polyester.

The Galaxi 2 is comprised of a single hubbed pole, four corner poles, and a central ceiling pole, all of which assist in the creation of vertical sidewalls. The advantage of a single-pole architecture is that there is no possibility of losing any poles because they are all connected together.which is why users like them and manufacturers produce them. Because the tent is made of a single hubbed pole, it is simple to put together. The four corner poles are slotted into grommets on each side.

  • Because the rainfly fits into the same grommets as the vestibule doors, you only need to anchor the vestibule doors if you wish to use them for covered storage, rain protection, or privacy.
  • That may be really helpful, especially if you have to put up a tent in an inconvenient location where staking it out would be difficult.
  • The inside tent attaches to the pole structure using clips, making it extremely simple to put up.
  • There are two wide doors, which allows you and your companion to enter and exit without bothering one other, which is essential if you are camping with a partner.
  • Simple magnetic strips of fabric are used to lock the bag when it is rolled open.
  • Large vestibule doors allow you to keep your belongings on one side of the tent without obstructing entrance to the interior tent.
  • Both are pretty spacious, allowing you to store equipment below them while still being able to get in and out of the tent with some ease.
  • The vestibule doors are available in two sizes.
  • The vestibule doors are made of nylon and have two zippers, one on the top and one on the bottom.

The rod attaches to a velcro tab on the bottom of the door, which is located somewhat lower down on the door. The Galaxi 2 is delivered with a footprint that requires no additional coast. It may be used in conjunction with a fly to produce a shade structure.

Setup Configurations

It is one of the many advantages of the NEMO Galaxi 2 tent that it can be put up in several different configurations at the same time. The inner tent with the poles can be used for bug protection, for example, if all you need is insect protection. In the event that you must sleep under a canvas boy scout tent or are camping somewhere relatively dry and do not require morning dew protection, this would be a good option. Alternately, you may combine the rainfly, poles, and footprint to construct a beautiful sun shelter for the beach or to use as a 2-person tarp-style cover when bug protection isn’t necessary.

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Finally, you may roll one side of the fly up to the central hub to allow for stargazing and increased ventilation on those hot, star-filled evenings when the weather is warm.

Comparable Budget Backpacking Tents

Doors Weight Footprint Price
REI Passage 2 2 4 lbs 2 oz included $159
3F UL LanShan 2 Pro 2 2 lbs 0.3 oz no $195
Mountain Hardwear Mineral King 2 2 5 lbs 2.7 oz included $250
Marmot Catalyst 2P 2 4 lbs 11 oz included $183
Dan Durston X-Mid 1 2 1 lb 11.7 oz no $225
Six Moons Designs Lunar Solo 1 1 lb 10 oz no $230
Sierra Designs Full Moon 2 2 3 lbs 15.5 oz no $200
REI Trail Hut 2 2 4 lbs 14 oz included $199
NEMO Aurora 2P 2 4 lbs 9 oz included $250
The North Face Stormbreak 2 2 5 lbs 5 oz no $159


The NEMO Galaxi 2 Tent is a huge and roomy tent that is simple to erect. It comes with a carrying bag. We believe it is the best value for money at $199, which includes a footprint. While it’s a little on the hefty side for lengthy backpacking journeys, it’s a fantastic alternative for base camping or car camping because it can be pared down to its bare essentials to conserve weight. The interior of the tent features several of pockets and is rather big, while the huge vestibules give additional space for gear storage.

The following disclosure applies: NEMO provided the author with a sample tent for the purpose of this review.

We may (but not always) get a small portion of any sales made using the links provided above.

Although the cost of the product remains the same for you, your purchase allows us to continue to test and create unsponsored and independent gear evaluations, beginning FAQs, and free hiking guides for you.

REVIEW: Nemo Galaxi 2p Tent

When I originally bought the Nemo Galaxi 2p, it wasn’t my first choice of tent because it didn’t fit my needs. It now occupies a prominent position among my belongings, having successfully captured my heart as well as the hearts of others I’ve shared my journey with. Originally, we acquired the tent with a specific journey in mind: the Larapinta Trail, which runs from Alice Springs to the McDonnell Mountains and is 231 kilometers long. The trail’s terrain is renowned for being both rock hard and jagged, and this is no exception.

  • Because of the harsh terrain, there was also a chance that it would not survive the trip’s duration, so it made sense that it would need to be significantly less expensive than some of its much lighter competitors.
  • Specifications in terms of technology First, let’s go into the technical jargon.
  • It weighs approximately 2.4kg in total and has a 68 Denier PU Polyester Ripstop fly with a hydrostatic head of 1500mm.
  • The base is made of a stronger 70 Denier material and has a greater waterproof rating of 3000mm than the rest of the garment.
  • The Galaxi is designed with two similar mirrored entrances and vestibules for ease of access and living.
  • The interior dimesions are a 137cm x 229cm, with a ceiting max height of 109cm -Quite spacious for a 2 person hikig tent indeed.
  • The footprint also allows for the tent to be pitched without the mesh-inner, making for a lighter tarp-style 1.7kg package (when bug protection isn’t a factor!) In summary perfectly decent set of specs.

Much like when you meet someone for the first time, assume they are someone you wouldn’t like and go on to say a few negative comments behind their back – only to find they’re one of the nicest people you will ever come across.

I almost creased under the pressure as I thought about replacing it for a lighter model.

Along with some friends and my girlfriend, we took the Nemo out to Girraween for a couple of nights camping, including one night on top of South Bald Rock.

The serenity was not to last, however, as in the distance we witnessed one of the most incredible electric storms I have ever seen.

Fortunately the rain never arrived, but the winds did pick up.

I can only assume he Nemo did well, as I was able to sleep soundly through the night as it casually fended off the gale force winds.

The Larapinta was the next time we went out with the Galxi.

For me, the Nemo was ‘make’.

We didn’t hesitate once when selecting a spot, in fact we often tried to push our luck sleeping in more and more exposed spots in adverse weather conditions.

We watched as the Larapinta lived up to its reputation and went on to destroy the gear of many other hikers.

Others had boots dropping off, or stoves pack in, mattresses give up or bags fall apart at every seam.

Its ample vestibules both housed our kit over night, fended off several packs of dingos and provided a spacey spot to cook dinner on the odd freezing cold night.

It even has a pair of magnetic loops that hold the doors back, for those moments when you’re tucked up in your sleeping bag and have to release the door with your teeth.

How this story ends So, did it go in the bin?

I have since spent almost 2 months since the trek traipsing around Australia in boots and hiking trousers having ditched other clothes to ensure that it fitted into our luggage back to Brisbane.

When selecting a lightweight tent, there are compromises, mainly durability.

The Nemo Galaxi 2p is, however, a highly liveableincredibly stable free standing tent that is very tough for its weight and all at an affordable price.

I would recommend the tent to all, from hikers and mountaineers to weekend backpackers. REVIEW: Nemo Galaxi 2p Tent LIVABILITY90 percent DURABILITY95 percent ADAPTABILITYSETUP85 percent WEIGHTSIZE70 percent WEATHER RESISTANCE70 percent VALUE90 percent PRO’s

  • The apartment is spacious and highly liveable, with plenty of space for two people and large bags in the vestibules. It’s also quite simple and quick to put together
  • When set up, it seems robust and windproof (I camped on top of mountains in less-than-ideal wind conditions with complete confidence)
  • It is easy to transport. The tent performs well in rainy circumstances because to its adequate ventilation and spacious bathtub bottom.
  • Ample space for two people and large bags in the vestibules make this apartment highly liveable. Besides that, it’s quite simple and quick to put together. When set up, it seems robust and windproof (I camped on top of mountains in less-than-ideal wind conditions with complete confidence)
  • It’s easy to transport. The tent performs well in rainy circumstances because to its outstanding ventilation and spacious bathtub bottom.

The apartment is spacious and highly liveable, with plenty of space for two people and enough for large luggage in the vestibules. Additionally, it is quite simple and quick to set up. When put up, the tent seems robust and windproof (I tented on the peaks of mountains in less than ideal wind conditions with complete confidence); The tent performs well in damp situations thanks to its adequate ventilation and spacious bathtub bottom.

Nemo Galaxi 2P Backpacking Tent and Footprint (Birch Leaf Green)

5.0 stars out of 5 for this product Motorcycle camping tent that is ridiculously nice. On October 18, 2015, a review was conducted in the United States. At the time of purchase, I intended to use the Alps Mountaineering Lynx 1 tent for motorcycle camping while riding my dual sport. Even while that is a really excellent tent as well, it is plainly designed for a single person. I decided that I needed something a little larger so that I could have my gear bags inside the tent with me while I was sleeping.

  1. This is another another significant victory.
  2. There are a few crucial considerations to remember when riding a motorcycle: 1.The size and weight of the package.
  3. 2.I am 6’1″ and there was enough of room for me, my air mat, sleeping bag, boots, riding jacket, gloves, and other camping essentials, as well as the usual camping messes.
  4. 3.You may relax in the tent by sitting on the roof.
  5. 4.You have two entrances, so you can simply get in and out, or you may arrange all of your belongings so that they are easy to find.
  6. 6.It is also quite simple to disassemble and can be stored in the bag that it was sent in.
  7. Is it possible to put it back in the bag it came in without having to rely on four persons to do so?
  8. 7.It’s a nice low-key hue if you’re planning on doing some stealth camping.
  9. 9.The magnetic flies, tie downs, and other accessories are quite convenient to have.
  10. I truly like this tent, and I believe you are getting a good deal for your money with this purchase.

Excellent value for money. The proportions are correct. It’s not too heavy, and it’s not too huge in terms of pack size. The construction is excellent. Comfortable. There are several characteristics. Design that has been carefully considered. It’s something I’d buy again.

NEMO Galaxi 2P Tent // Gear Review

If you’ve ever wanted an excuse to take a road trip to the coast and go camping, checking out the new Galaxi 2p tent from American adventure business, NEMO, is as good an excuse as any to go on the road. NEMO is openly and unapologetically environmentally conscious, and one of its core ideas is that “business should be used not just to better the pleasure of adventure, but also to conserve the areas where we adventure,” as stated on their website. This is a belief that I believe all explorers can enthusiastically endorse.

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After picking up the tent from the local post office and squeezing it into my saddlebag, it was time to get into the NSW Parks website and the We Are Explorers website to choose a new camping spot along the South Coast for the night.

It was obvious that I needed to shoot some astrophotography images of the tent under the stars since the tent was given such a cool name as the Galaxi.

Size and Weight

In addition to a footprint, the NEMO Galaxi 2p tent also comes with a stuff sack, which makes it a manageable 2.78kg when fully filled with all of its accessories. Not bad for a two-person hiking tent that is intended for beginners. In length and diameter, the stuff bag is slightly over half a metre and 20cm in diameter, respectively. As a result, it would be feasible to carry for a short trip, and much better if the burden were shared between two people. To go even lighter, though, the footprint is engineered to function independently of the outer fly, allowing you to save both weight and space in your luggage.

This will result in a tent that is lower in weight and more compact in packaging.

Ease of Setup

The single-hub pole architecture, which we dubbed the spider-pole because of its arachnid-like look, provides for a simple and quick set-up. Following my discovery of a spider pole dangling from the tent’s body, I discovered that the tent’s legs locked into position before effortlessly fitting into their central hub. This eliminated the need to search for poles, which was especially useful in the dark, and made it simple to insert two pole ends into their respective corner grommets before erecting the tent.

Put a couple of pins in the vestibules to hold them together, and you’re ready to go.

One disadvantage of the fly is that the guy ropes do not come attached to the tent, which isn’t a major thing, but it does mean that you’ll need to practice your ropemanship in order to properly fasten them to the tent.


When it comes to liveability, the NEMO Galaxi 2p tent, in my opinion, is a true standout among the competition. The pre-bent poles and single hub pole structure work together to provide a higher sense of headroom, resulting in a squarer area that seems much more palatial on the inside than the footprint would indicate. The ‘no see-um’ netting is the nicest feature of the tent, especially when combined with the increased headroom. As the name implies, the mesh allows you to see the whole sky from inside the tent, which adds to the exquisite sensation of spaciousness you get from being inside.

The fact that when the wind blows (and it did blow hard during testing, gusting to 30kph at times), the wind flows directly through the mesh and the tent remains reasonably still is an extra benefit of sleeping with the fly off while camping.

You and your friend will have no trouble slipping out for nighttime potty excursions thanks to the huge side entrances on either side of the tent.

DurabilityWeather Resistance

During the testing process, I was really pleased with the apparent quality of the finished product. Since there are no corners to turn when zipping the doors, there were no issues to contend with in that department. The pole grommets in each corner appear to be exceptionally sturdy and strengthened, which gives this location a sense of security and stability. It is particularly beneficial for vehicle camping because the footprint is included in the box, which means your floor will be covered for a longer period of time without the need to worry about extra space or weight.

Both offer a high level of robustness and weatherproofing, but on this particular test, I was fortunate enough to have clear skies to work with.

Star Performer

Looking back on NEMO’s view that their goods should enhance the adventure experience, I can surely attest to the fact that sleeping in the NEMO Galaxi really enhanced my most recent trip to the coast. Viewing the stars above and up at the trees moving (or perhaps lurching) in the wind, lighted by the night sky, made for a great night camping on Australia’s South Coast. Because it was so simple to assemble and collapse, thanks in large part to the spider-pole system, it allowed me and Jon to bring the NEMO Galaxi down to the beach for some astrophotography under the clear skies, and there was no risk of losing one of the poles in the dark – although we should have been more cautious when pegging the tent down because it nearly flew away in the wind!

The no-see-um mesh allows for unrestricted views of the sky.

The use of a spider pole simplifies the setup process. For a two-person tent, it appears to be rather spacious. ConsMagnetic door ties are a bit of a novelty item. The no-see-um mesh allows you unrestricted views of your camping experience even when the fly is off (choose your campsite carefully)

The Nemo Galaxi 2P Tent Is Visually Appealing But Is It Worth It?

The fact that I’ve never heard of this tent brand before raises the question: what exactly is this tent, and is it a worthwhile investment? The amount to which tent manufacturers overstate the quality of their products is beyond me, because the most majority of them are of low quality and inferior construction. If this product is worth the price tag, the true quality, and all else it has to offer, I’m going to investigate more. Continue reading my Nemo Galaxi 2P Tent review to learn the truth about this product.

Best in its price range?

SummarizationThe Nemo Galaxi 2P is an amazing tent, and I don’t say it lightly. It is physically pleasing, and it operates just how a tent should — that is, it keeps you safe and dry while exposed to inclement outside weather conditions. And the greatest thing is that it comes at a reasonable price! There are certain disadvantages – without a doubt – but they aren’t all that severe in my perspective.


Name of the product:Nemo Galaxi 2 Person Tent Lowest price to be Colors include: Birch Leaf Green and Earth Brown. Size:2-person Rating:3-season 5.6 pounds in weight Height at the center: 3.3 feet Dimensions of the base: 7.5 x 4.5 ft Packing dimensions: 18 x 6.5 in.

The Rundown

The manufacturers intended to make a tent that was simple to set up (which it is), simple to operate, and sturdy enough to survive for a long period of time. They succeeded. They eventually settled on the Nemo Galaxi 2P Tent. It combines both innovation and quality in one package at an extremely reasonable price. The tent incorporates several excellent features that other tents, even those that are more costly, do not have — but more on that in a moment. Because of the two vestibules and inside pockets, there is more than enough space for everything.

The footprint is included in the purchase price, and it serves to preserve the flooring while also extending the life of the tent’s frame.

Key Features

  • Two huge entrances, one on either side of the tent, provide for easy access and egress
  • The two vestibules provide ample storage space whether you’re camping with a friend or family member. When you require cross-flow ventilation, magnetic door tie backs make it simple to utilize the door.
  • Installation and dismantling are simplified thanks to the single hubbed pole. The “Light Pocket” provides a convenient location for your torch or headlamp to rest while lighting the interior of the tent and ensuring an equal illumination throughout.

What’s in the box?

  • NEMO NEMO patch with Velcro backing
  • Drawstring stuff pouch
  • Footprint
  • Guy-out cord
  • Repair Kit
  • Tent
  • Rain fly
  • Stakes

Who Should Buy This Tent?

It is the Nemo Galaxi 2P Tent that you will fall in love with if you are seeking for a dependable tent with a basic design that does not sacrifice functionality. As you can see, it has a lot of amazing characteristics, despite the fact that it was not what they were going for. Simpleness and efficiency are their goals, and they have accomplished this with remarkable success. Some of the most prevalent pairings are as follows:

  • 1 adult and gear
  • 1 adult and dog + gear
  • 1 adult and 1 child + gear
  • 2 adults and gear
  • 3 adults and gear

Because it is only a 2-person tent, don’t expect to be able to accommodate anyone else.

Where Can I Buy?

This tent is now available for purchase on The reason Amazon is my primary source buying outdoor equipment is straightforward. They have the most competitive rates and the quickest delivery times! Another one of my favorite advantages that they provide is their money-back promise.

Simply return the item for a full refund if you decide you don’t like it, or if there is a flaw, the item will be fixed entirely free of charge as well. This is referred to as the return policy, and it lasts for thirty days.

Do I Recommend The Nemo Galaxi 2P Tent?

I’ve thoroughly investigated this tent from the inside out, discovering all it has to offer as well as all of its shortcomings. I’m relieved to report that the defects aren’t major issues. Yes, those are design problems, and climbing into the tent while it is pouring WILL result in a few drops of water getting into the structure. To avoid this, simply have a towel nearby to catch all of the small droplets. At the very least, it keeps you dry when everything is locked up tight! Also, make sure that the zippers are completely closed and that you pay special attention to them at all times.

Otherwise, this tent is a beast on the field, and it deserves to be praised for that.

I have no qualms about how much you will like this tent — it comes highly recommended!

Alternative/Similar Products

When climbing into the Marmot Limelight 2, the zipper mechanism is completely trouble-free, and there is no chance of rain getting inside. It’s also within the same pricing range! TheEureka Alpenlite 2XT Tentis a bit more expensive and heavier than other tents on the market, but it is built to withstand the most violent winds and does not leak even during days of torrential rainfall.

My Final Opinion

There’s a solid reason why so many people are purchasing this tent and are really pleased with their purchase. It comes in two eye-catching colors, is visually pleasing, and does exactly what a tent is intended to do — keep you safe and protected from the elements like rain and wind. I have no issues whatsoever with this tent as a result of this. I agree that the design isn’t the best, but even the most costly tents have defects in their construction. Despite the fact that I’m not a great fan of this tent, I may have to include it in my “favorites” list.

Nemo has done an excellent job!


Thank you for taking the time to read this review. Any queries or issues you may have should be addressed in the comments section below. Otherwise, have a wonderful day, my fellow camper.

Best in its price range?

SummarizationThe Nemo Galaxi 2P is an amazing tent, and I don’t say it lightly. It is physically pleasing, and it operates just how a tent should — that is, it keeps you safe and dry while exposed to inclement outside weather conditions. And the greatest thing is that it comes at a reasonable price! There are certain disadvantages – without a doubt – but they aren’t all that severe in my perspective.

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