How To Replace Tent Pole Bunjie

Question: How To Replace Tent Pole Bunjie

Mine are just minimally screwed on with the stress created by the cable within the earbuds. They simply twist themselves off. There should be a little tooth that just barely fits into a groove to complete the look. It is necessary to use a large adjustable wrench, which I move around the pole and then use to pound the end off.

How do you remove a ferrule from a tent pole?

Place the pole in a vice and heat the ferrule’s tip with a heat gun, grabbing the ferrule with pliers as it heats up, and turning it to check if it starts to move. It is important not to overheat the pole, since this will cause it to burn.

How do you clean cut fiberglass?

The Most Effective Techniques for Cutting Fiberglass Panels Router. If you decide to use a router to cut your panels, make sure to choose a blade with a fine edge so that the edges are clean and smooth when you are finished. Fiberglass Trimmer with a lot of power. A trimmer is a lightweight and strong tool that can readily cut through durable fiberglass, such as that used in paneling, without damaging it. Jigsaw. A circular saw is a saw that goes around in a circle. Hacksaw.

How do I put up a tunnel tent by myself?

How to Set Up a Tunnel Tent (with Pictures) Prepare the location of your tent. Locate a location that is as level as feasible. The tent should be unfolded. This is where having a groundsheet or tarp comes in in, especially if the weather has been very drizzly. The tent should be unfolded. Tent poles should be inserted. Ensure that the tension in the poles is taken up. Raise the tent to the proper position. Prepare the tent by pinning it down. Set up the inner tents on the ground.

How do you repair a canvas tent?

What is the best way to repair small tears and rips? Take a piece of canvas and cut a little area in the middle of it. Glue the patch to the interior of the tent, making sure that it completely covers the rip in the fabric. Re-create the procedure by gluing another patch over the tear and attaching it to the tent’s outer. Make sure the patches are well-supported and allow the adhesive to cure completely before moving on.

Can one person put up a tent?

There is absolutely no need to be afraid. Despite the fact that dome tents appear to be tough to put together by oneself, they are actually one of the simplest tents to put together! Installing a dome tent is now easier than ever before if you have a recent model on hand.

Can you cut an umbrella pole?

The only option to change the overall height of the umbrella is to cut the end of the umbrella pole. The bottom pole part may be cut to a shorter length with a metal-bladed hack saw, which is included with the kit.

What does tent pole mean?

As used in broadcast and motion picture programming and films, the term “tent-pole” refers to a program or film that is important to the financial success of a film studio or a television network. It is intended to be an analogue for the way a strong center pole offers a secure framework to a tent construction.

Can you shorten tent poles?

Simply cut the cord; cutting the cord one inch shorter is OK. Making a new knot with only the small-diameter part of the pole allows you to attach the last segment of pole to it. (Optional)

How do you cut fiberglass without splinters?

Place masking tape along the cut line of a panel, mark the line on the tape using a pencil, then saw through the tape to reduce chipping and splintering.

Inside corners cut in a panel should be rounded to prevent a fracture in the completed item as a result of a sharp corner.

How long does it take to put up a 6 man tent?

My 6 person tent takes around 5 minutes to put together by myself and approximately 10 minutes with another person assisting. Pitching a large cabin type tent with several poles can take a long time, especially in windy conditions. The answer to this question is dependent on a variety of elements such as the location, weather conditions, complexity of the tent, and competency of the person who is putting up the tent.

What is the fastest tent to set up?

The Grand Prize Recipient This tent was chosen as the most convenient to set up because of its quick set-up time. It doesn’t get much easier to put up a tent than this one—just pull it out of the bag and it pops right up! There are other amazing features on this tent as well, such as mesh pockets and completely dark inside.

Can I cut a fiberglass tent pole?

What is the best method for cutting fiberglass tent poles? Without a doubt, a basic hacksaw. If you don’t already have one, you’ll soon realize that you’ll need one. Masking tape a few loops around the area you wish to cut, then do it outside. It will take around three minutes total.

How long should tent pole shock be?

To complete this project, you’ll need a shock cord (1/8′′ or smaller). You’ll need at least the whole length of all of your poles combined to complete the task. My poles were 152 inches in length each, and I purchased 30 feet (or 360 inches) of rope.

What’s the easiest tent to put up?

What is the quickest and most straightforward tent to erect by yourself that we recommend? For Backpacking, the best option is the Teton Sports Instant Tent (1/2 Person). Core Instant Cabin Tent for up to 9 people. The best all-around tent. The Vango Dart Pop Up is a little inflatable boat that can be taken anywhere. Tent for three people. Wenzel Klondike is a fictional character created by author Wenzel Klondike. Tent for eight people. 2/3/4/6 Person Coleman Sundome Dome Tent (Coleman) Vango Airbeam Odyssey Air 500 Villa Tent is a Vango Airbeam Odyssey Air 500 Villa Tent.

Are all tent pole sections the same length?

Fibreglass tent poles come in millimeter-measured lengths alone, thus if you measured 3/8′′, the 9.5mm pole size would be the correct choice. A number of different sizes are available, including: 7.9mm (tent flap), 8.5, 9.5, 11.2, 12.7mm, and 12.7mm.

What is the best tent repair tape?

Fibreglass tent poles come in millimeter-measured lengths only, thus if you measured 3/8′′, the 9.5mm pole size would be the appropriate choice. A number of different sizes are available, including: 7.9mm (tent flap), 8.5, 9.5, 11.2, 12.7mm, and 13.3mm.

How do you repair a mesh on a tent?

If you have a rip in a mesh door or window, use these steps to repair it: Place the torn portion on a flat surface to prevent it from fraying. Placing the mesh patch included in the patch kit over the hole will seal it. Remove the backing from the ring of repair tape that was included with the patch kit and set it aside. Make sure that the tape and the patch are lined up correctly, and then push them together to secure them.

How do you measure for replacement tent poles?

A vernier calliper can be used to determine the diameter required, or a tape measure can be used if one does not have access to one.

Take a part of your pole and place it end down on a tape measure or a ruler on a table. Then take another section of your pole and repeat the process with the tape measure. Now have a look at the diameter.

How to Repair Tent Pole Elastic Cord (Re-thread) – the Easy Way

Determine the diameter of the cord that has to be replaced. When it comes to low-cost tents, this will often be approximately 2mm in diameter, which is not particularly sturdy or long-lasting. Depending on how large the opening diameter is of the pole, you may be able to utilize a thicker diameter than you originally planned. I increased the diameter of the cable on my tent poles from the standard 2mm to 3mm. The cable may be purchased on eBay for a reasonable price. I live in the United Kingdom and purchased 10 meters for around £3.

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In order to set up a two-person dome type tent with two tent poles, you’ll need at least ten meters of space.

In an updated version of this post, I measured the original cable and discovered that it was half the length of the poles after they were completed.

Step 2: Find Your Threader

A threader, which you will need to obtain, will be required to feed the cord through. An nice metal threader was discovered within an old windshield wiper, which I was able to save. Consequently, when it is time to replace your windshield wipers, save them or borrow some from your neighborhood auto repair shop. The wiper blade assembly has two strips of metal that span the length of the wiper blade. You must remove these strips of metal from the wiper blade assembly. The greatest wiper blades are those from a saloon vehicle or a van since they have the longest blades available.

Please keep in mind that my photo displays a windscreen wiper, however it is too short.

Metal inserts are uncommon to be found in the lower-priced wiper blades.

Step 3: Join Threader to New Cord

It is now necessary to connect the threader to the new cable. This is accomplished by joining the threader and cable together using a butt joint and then fastening the junction with a very little quantity of adhesive tape. In this shot, I used one revolution of double-sided adhesive tape. Use only a little amount of tape, as too much will cause the threader to drag and cause it to stick to the inside wall of the tent pole.

Step 4: Remove Old Elastic Cord and Re-thread New Cord

Push the threader through the pole aperture after you have cleaned out the old cable from the poles. When it is sliding smoothly, slowly draw the threader through to the other end, where it should poke out the other end. Remember that if this is tough, it is likely that you have too much adhesive tape. Having passed through, pull the threader back through and continue to thread all the remaining poles.

I use up the old elastic cord because I’m a thrifty person. lanyards and neck cords can be made out of the old cord if necessary. I strung all of my USB storage sticks from the old cord that had frayed.

Step 5: Tension Cord and Tie Off the Ends

Trial and error is required to achieve the desired tension, so after threading the entire pole, experiment with your cord tension. The tension must be light enough to allow the poles to be pulled apart, yet firm enough to keep them together when threaded through the tent’s opening. The figure of eight knot is my preferred method of tying off the ends because it is a bigger knot that is also easy to alter. A more substantial knot at the end will last longer. You can then cut the cord after the tension has been reached to your satisfaction.

Step 6: Finished – Store Threader for Next Repair

You should have completed the repair of the tent poles by now. Remember to have your threader handy for when you need to repair your tent! I hope you have found this information beneficial. Thank you for taking the time to watch!

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Based on how it was damaged, repairing a Kelty tent pole might be either a simple fix or a near-impossible task. Fortunately, obtaining a replacement pole is as simple as contacting Kelty and placing an order for a replacement pole. However, before obtaining a replacement, experiment with a couple of the do-it-yourself repairs.

Items you will need

  • Duct tape
  • A thin bungee cable
  • A replacement tent pole
  • And other supplies. Pliers
  • A computer with Internet connection

Splitting and Cracking

Determine the source of the problem with your tent pole. It is possible to repair a cracked or split pole in a matter of minutes if the problem is discovered early. Wrap a piece of duct tape around the pole where the split is occurring. If the pole is constructed of fiberglass, there is a good chance that it will be breaking towards one of the ends, in which case you will need to wrap a thin layer of tape around the end and two to three layers higher up on the pole. Insert the pole into the sleeve where it joins with the next adjacent pole to ensure that you have not applied too much duct tape to the end of the pole, which would prevent it from fitting.

Bungee Cord Broken

Examine your tent pole to see what is wrong with it. It is possible to repair a cracked or split pole in a matter of minutes if the damage is minor. Using duct tape, wrap the pole where it is separating from the rest of the pole. Assuming the pole is constructed of fiberglass, there is a good chance that it will be breaking towards one of the ends. In this instance, you will need to wrap a small layer of tape around the end, followed by two to three layers higher up on the pole. Examine the end of the pole where it links with the next adjacent pole to ensure that you have not applied too much duct tape to the end, which will prevent it from fitting properly.

Replacement pole

Purchase a generic replacement tent pole from any sporting goods or outdoor supply store. As long as the length of your family dome tent and the length of the generic tent pole are the same, the generic tent pole should work for you. Depending on the design of your tent, it may be necessary to make it a little longer or shorter. Inspect the remainder of your poles for signs of wear and strain such as breakage, splits, cracks, or bungee cord deterioration. As a result of the necessity to repair one pole, there is a possibility that you will need to replace the other poles at the same time.

The majority of speciality trekking tents feature a unique pole arrangement that is not compatible with regular tent poles sold at most outdoor retail outlets.

Even if your Kelty tent is just a few years old, if the tent pole breaks as a result of natural wear and use or a manufacturing error, Kelty may repair it for free.

  • If you’re working with fiberglass poles, keep an eye out for fiberglass splinters while you go about your business. Due to the transparency of fiberglass, the splinters will be incredibly minute and difficult to remove


  • If you’re working with fiberglass poles, keep an eye out for fiberglass splinters while you go about your business. Due to the transparency of fiberglass, the splinters will be incredibly minute and difficult to remove

Biography of the Author David McGuffin is a writer from Asheville, North Carolina, who began writing professionally in 2009. He has published two books. He holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in history and music from the University of North Carolina at Asheville and Montreat College, as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in outdoor education from the University of North Carolina at Asheville. McGuffin has been named an Undergraduate Study Scholar for his unique research on postmodern music theory and analysis, which was published in a journal.

Pack of 2 Tent Pole Shock Cord 5m x 3mm Tie Down Bungee Cord for Camping Tent Pole Rod Repair Kit Elastic Ropes

Description of tent pole shock cord: Tent poles, shock cord retainers, tarps, and camping equipment are all included in this category. This kit is not only for making tent poles, which are expensive, but it can also be given as a present to friends who enjoy making their own items, such as tents, backpacks, and other camping gear. A bungee cord and an elastic rope are included in the packaging, allowing you to stretch and modify the product to your specifications. Camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities are all suitable for this product.

  • Under heavy winds, the bungee will not crack or break, and it will be able to hold the boat in a bent position for an extended amount of time due to tremendous stress.
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  • AliExpress has a great selection of tent pole shock cord.
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  • Shopping online at AliExpress for pack of will allow you to take advantage of discounted costs.

If you’re looking for a great deal on a pack of, you’ve come to the correct location. When you buy for pack of on AliExpress, you will get incredible bargains. Join us for a fun-filled day of shopping for a pack of today!

How to Replace Shock Cord in Tent Pole

There are various little components in a tent that might fail, but these do not need the purchase of a completely new unit. Tent pole shock cords are susceptible to failure, deterioration, and brittleness with time, and finally loss of their elastic qualities. Your tent pole may no longer operate properly if the shock cord is no longer functioning properly. You may believe that new tent poles are required. Purchasing new tent poles, on the other hand, may be quite expensive, and there is a lot more affordable option.

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It is simple to replace the shock cord in your tent pole; all you need are a few simple components and a positive mindset.

We’ll also talk about why shock cords are vital, as well as some preventative actions you may do to avoid more harm.

If you know how to mend a broken tent pole in the field, a broken tent pole in the field does not have to be a reason for panic.

What is a tent shock cord and why is it important?

Modern tent poles are equipped with shock cords, which serve primarily to keep your tent poles connected to one another. Tents of the past had poles that easily split apart into tiny portions, however the newer design preserves all of your poles in one piece and makes pitching your tent much simpler. You may still utilize the fragments of a broken shock cord from one of your poles if the cord is from another pole. Nonetheless, because your tent poles are intended to be linked, pitching your tent may prove to be a significant issue.

Upon assembly of the poles, the shock cords are formed of an elastic material, which allows for the individual segments to be kept together with elastic once the poles have been joined.

What you need to replace the shock cord in a tent pole

In modern tent poles, shock cords are used to keep the tent poles together, which is their primary function. In contrast to older tent designs that had poles that easily split apart into tiny bits, this modern invention retains all of your poles in one piece and makes pitching your tent much easier. You may still utilize the parts of a broken shock cable from one of your poles if the shock cord is from another. Given that your tent poles are intended to be attached, pitching your tent can be difficult given the design of your tent.

In order to ensure that all of the segments of the tent poles are kept together with elastic once they have been erected, shock cords are used.

Although you may use a non-elastic shock rope to hold your tent poles together in one piece, the elasticity is undoubtedly advantageous when putting together your wilderness shelter or tarp.

  • Shock cords are commonly seen on modern tent poles, and its primary function is to keep your tent poles connected to one another. Tents of the past had poles that simply split apart into tiny portions, however the newer design preserves all of your poles in one piece and makes pitching your tent much easier. If a shock cable from one of your poles snaps, the parts can still be used independently as a replacement. However, because your tent poles are made to be linked, it may be difficult to get your tent up and running. Shock cables are also really handy in this situation since it is much simpler to lose components of your tent and poles when they are not connected together. Tent pole shock cords are formed of an elastic material so that when the poles are connected, the individual segments are kept together by elastic. Although you may use a non-elastic shock rope to hold your tent poles together in one piece, the elasticity is undoubtedly advantageous when putting together your wilderness shelter.

How to replace a faulty shock cord in a tent pole

The moment has come to get started on mending your shelter now that you have all of the equipment you need, as well as some new shock cable to replace the old, faulty ones you had to start from scratch. If you follow our instructions, your tent will look and function like new! The first thing you should do if your shock cord is still intact is to cut it with scissors by pulling apart two portions of your tent pole and severing the shock cable within them. You will see that your tent pole will come apart into its many components after the cable has been severed.

  1. Because it’s probable that the pole portions in the middle are similar, the end pieces where the rope is knotted are the most critical parts to avoid getting mixed up in the process.
  2. Perhaps you’ll need to remove your grommet pegs and then untie the remaining cable before you can continue.
  3. 2.
  4. Remember to collect the proper dimensions for each tent pole if you’re replacing the shock cord in a number of different models.
  5. Make a mark on the cord using a marker pen to indicate the length that will be needed, but do not cut it yet!
  6. If you are unable to use your previous cord as a reference, measure and mark the new cord to be approximately 8 inches shorter than the pole, or around 75% of its overall length.
  7. You’ll need to cut the cord to a length that’s slightly longer than the length of your tent poles in order to leave enough room to thread it through.

Then, taking the longer end, begin threading it through all of the segments of the tent pole until you reach the other end.

Make certain that the cables are threaded in the proper direction, male to female, or else they will not fit together after you’re through.

Step 4: Finish the job 4.Assemble the tent pole so that all of the sections are attached to one another, just as you would while pitching a tent.

When all of the tent pole sections are securely fastened together, begin tugging on the cord to stretch it out at the other end.

When you’ve reached the desired length with the string, tie a knot here to ensure that the peg is secure.

Then, using your lighter or matches, singe the end of the cord to prevent it from fraying or unraveling.

All of the components should be tucked away and reassembled, and there should be no evidence of a shock cord visible outside the pole.

We’ve come to the end of our lessons on how to replace the shock cable inside a tent pole.

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All camping equipment is subject to wear and tear, but for the most part, it is not required to replace it.

The fact that you can use this approach at home when doing repairs is excellent, but what happens if your shock cord breaks while you’re on a camping trip isn’t so nice.

If you don’t happen to have an extra length of tent pole shock cord on hand, continue reading to learn about potential alternatives to this procedure.

How to Repair a Shock Cord if it Breaks in the Field

A snapped or overstretched shock cable might make erecting your shelter more difficult if you’re already out on the trail during your camping vacation. If you want to repair the wire without having to replace the entire length, fortunately, there is a simple solution. However, while this is not a permanent solution, it will allow you to use your tent for a short period of time until you can replace the cord completely. If the cable hasn’t snapped, but rather has become too stretched out to go around your tent pole, there’s a simple solution.

  • Then, draw the shock cable through the grommet peg until it is taught once again, and reattach it to the grommet peg.
  • If the shock cord on your old tent pole has snapped, you’ll need to remove the pole using the steps outlined above to fix the problem.
  • Remove a few inches of the cord’s elastic core on each side of the break, leaving only the braided sheath on the other side.
  • The reason you need a thinner segment of cord to tie the knot is so that the knot will not become trapped in the poles and will be able to flow through freely.

Using string as a temporary replacement for a broken shock cord

If the shock cord in your tent pole is damaged beyond repair and you don’t have a new replacement cord on hand, you can use a string to tie the poles together until you can purchase a new replacement cable. Although this will not have the same elastic characteristics as real shock cable, it can be used as a temporary replacement until you can make more serious repairs. Keep this in mind when using this. All you need to execute this DIY patch is a length of strong string and a hair bobby pin, making it a simple repair that can be completed with a small number of supplies.

  • Remember to be careful not to mix up the pole pieces once again, so that you can quickly put them back together thereafter when you’re through.
  • Calculate the length of your string based on the length of your tent pole plus a few additional inches for tying the knots, and then cut it.
  • This will make it much easier to thread the string back through the tent.
  • Dropping the bobby pin down through the pole and then gently pulling it out from the other side is a good way to do this.
  • Because you’re using string rather than an elastic cord, you won’t be able to tighten it before tying it off properly.
  • Tie off your string on the grommet peg, allowing for the additional length, and then singe the ends to avoid fraying.

When you’re finished, we recommend that you unfurl your poles to make sure there’s enough slack to pack away your tent properly. Any mistakes can be corrected by untying the end at a peg and making any required modifications.

How to repair a broken tent pole

The shock cord isn’t the only part of your tent pole that might break; the outer poles themselves can be susceptible to breaking at times. If you experience a tent pole breakdown while on a camping vacation, it might render your shelter entirely inoperable! You should be familiar with these simple methods for repairing a damaged tent pole as well as changing the bungee cord so that you are prepared for any situation that may arise. A pole repair sleeve, also known as a splint, is the most straightforward method of repairing a broken pole.

  1. Purchasing a repair sleeve is a cheap option if your tent does not come equipped with one; you never know when you might require one.
  2. If the tent pole has simply been twisted, and not completely cut, gently bend the metal back into place to prevent further damage.
  3. If there are any shards of broken tent pole metal in your path, try bending them back inwards with some pliers or, if necessary, a rock to clear the route.
  4. Alternatively, if you do not have a tent pole repair sleeve, you can splint the pole with an extra stake.
  5. Using duct tape, secure a stake to either side of the broken tent pole and then line up the broken tent pole the same way you did previously.

Preventing damage to your tent poles in the future

If you’ve had to make a repair to your tent pole shock cord and want to prevent having to do it again in the future, we have some suggestions for maintaining and extending the life of your tent poles to help you out. Keep your poles off the ground at all times, especially if you’re working in a sloppy environment with loose soil, gravel, or mud. Openings into the hollow inside of the poles may be seen when your poles are folded up. It’s ideal to prevent having any debris get trapped inside your tent poles because this might cause the shock cord to become abrasive and eventually break.

When building your tent and connecting the tent poles, start with the central segment and work your way out from there.

This will lower the amount of strain placed on the elastic shock cable within, hence reducing the likelihood of breakages and the need for replacement.

You’ll be considerably more likely to prevent repairs and replacements in the future if you follow these few simple suggestions. If you’re willing to put in the effort to make a few minor repairs, then resting on your camping vacation will be much more enjoyable.

Final Verdict:

It is occasionally required to replace the shock cord in your tent pole, but it does not have to be a difficult process. It is possible to save a large amount of money by making minor repairs and replacements to your camping equipment over time, and it is also considerably healthier for the environment. Learning how to execute these little repairs is simple, and more importantly, it will make you a more experienced camper. As an added bonus, watch this video for some further tent pole repair advice!

Andes Camping Tent Pole Shock Cord Repair Kit, 45ft Replacement Elastic Bungee

The shop will not function properly if cookies are deactivated on your computer or device.

  • UNIVERSAL – The repair kit is suitable for practically all tent poles currently on the market, as long as the elastic is no thicker than 3mm. When changing cords or mending tent poles, there is no need to consult the manufacturer’s specs. LONG LENGTH – With each purchase, you will receive 45ft (13.7m) of cord that is all in one piece, giving you plenty of length to utilize for re-threading neighboring tent poles and tying up tent doors. DURABLE – When they were created and made, durability was a priority
  • The long-lasting elastic will be able to withstand all of your camping excursions. Repairs are made possible by the use of shock cords, which keep pole segments together and allow for a faster pitching time. Because they grow brittle with time, the Andes repair kit is great for tent pole repairs, saving you the expense of purchasing new poles or a new tent. Simply rethread the threads through the poles
  • EASY TO USE – Ease of use is a priority with this product, and in addition to the elastic cord, you will also receive 30 inches of wire cord for installation as well as six washers to secure the cord.

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