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r/CampingGear – Any experience with Big Agnes Frying Pan SL2?

It’s available for purchase at REI and includes a footprint, but I’ve been unable to locate any reviews other than those found on the REI website. I’m looking to locate a tent that will work for car camping and short backpacking excursions (although, for the time being, I’ll probably stick to car camping for the time being). It should also be able to withstand rain. Are there any other waterproof tents that you’d recommend that are cheaper than $180? To make a comment, you must first log in or create an account.

a second-grade education If I opt with a heavier tent, would it be preferable to acquire something more budget friendly like the Kelty Grand Mesa 2, TNF Stormbreak, or an ALPS tent rather than something more expensive?

level 1If you’re primarily interested in car camping and short pack excursions, the TNF Stormbreak series is for you.

The Marmot Limelight and Tungsten line tents are also excellent choices because they come with footprints.

  • The weather remained quite dry.
  • It is quite strong when properly supported by man wires and posts.
  • If you can find a 5lb setup for $118 on sale at REI, that’s an excellent value.
  • Although I do not possess a Big Agnes tent, Paria Outdoor Products manufactures a tent called the Zion that is quite comparable to the frying pan and the copper spur.
  • It could be worthwhile to give it a chance.
  • level 3I purchased an ozark trail 2p that was identical down to the poles to the Zion for $22 for a fast camping trip to Pisgah, North Carolina.
  • However, because it was orange, it drew the attention of all the bugs in the neighborhood, and I discovered a couple of insects inside, but nothing hazardous.
  • In my experience, short treks or vehicle camping when you don’t mind the weight are ideal for this pack.
  • level 2I believe it is included with the footprint.

I was hiking the Appalachian Trail when I came across two ladies who had purchased a similar backpack on Amazon for a third of the price and had found it to be an absolute beast in the rain. 2nd levelWhat kind of tent did they have? Is it a good beast in the sense that it performed admirably?

r/CampingGear – Big Agnes Frying Pan SL3. My first tent. Set up in the backyard to check it out, make sure I like how it goes together. I’m very impressed with the weight and packed size.

For the past five years, I’ve been utilizing the Copper Spur UL2 on 40-50 nights a year, which amounts to 40-50 nights each year. Despite the fact that it is a touch discolored and old, I recently spent the night in it under heavy downpours and high winds and not a drop of water went inside. Still as rock-solid as ever. Congratulations on your beautiful tent and the many years of enjoyment you will have with it. 1st grade It appears to be in good condition. Big Agnes is a company that makes high-quality products.

  • Have a great time camping!
  • For the past four years, it has served me well and has shown to be a reliable shelter.
  • Although it appears to be a less popular model, I really enjoy it.
  • level 1I just used this tent for two tall adults beach camping in Seattle last night, and it worked perfectly for them.
  • Excellent zippers.
  • I didn’t give it much thought at the time, but those zippers are excellent.
  • Your first tent is something you’ll never forget.
  • 1st grade The only thing I’d be concerned about with them would be the wind.
  • A rainfly and footprint are included in the level 2 price!

Big Agnes – Frying Pan SL2 Tent with Footprint

There were so many things about this tent that I enjoyed, but when a simple issue like the foot print did not fit, it was a deal breaker, especially for the amount I paid! Nothing held it in place due to a lack of tension! My first experience with the Frying Pan SL2 was while trekking and rafting down the Gauley River in West Virginia. Two characteristics instantly drew my attention. The first thing that stood out was how quick and simple the setup turned out to be. The entire procedure took less than 5 minutes, from footprint to rainfly and back again.

  • After it, the tent’s small weight was one of the most noticeable characteristics.
  • Weight reduction has never been a top goal for me, and I never want to sacrifice durability for the sake of weight reduction.
  • My pack weighed 2 pounds less when I swapped the bag for a compression sack and lashed the polls to the pack’s straps.
  • Despite the fact that it was made of a lightweight material, the rainfly proved to be up to the challenge.
  • The following characteristics make it simple to recommend: quickness of setup, lightweight, and durability.
  • The tent was simple to attach to my hiking pack and did not add an unreasonable amount of weight.
  • It’s really simple to set up, and I was able to do so on my own the first time I tried it without any assistance.
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The pockets and loops on the inside are intuitive and proved to be extremely useful.

I’m not sure whether we’d be too warm on a hotter day, but we were OK in the cool temperature.

When I bought this tent, it was mostly for motorcycle camping.

When I set it up by myself, I discovered that it was extremely simple to do so, and I appreciate that the provided footprint can be attached to the poles as well (you don’t have to choose which one you want to chase around the campsite in the wind).

In addition, I found the storage compartments on the interior to be really useful and convenient.

Inconveniences: I used this tent for the first time on a President’s Day weekend meeting in Death Valley.

Friday was a particularly windy day, and when I returned to my tent that evening, I saw a 5-inch-long rip along the seam of the tent, near where one of the pole connection straps is positioned (see photos).

When I returned, REI switched the tent (with no questions asked) for a new one, and I’m hopeful that this one will be more durable.

It had been entirely saturated and had lost its capacity to keep its ability to hold back water.

It was a tight fit, but it was sufficient for two nights.

Unfortunately, the pole snapped just where the two poles intersected, making it impossible to restore the power.

I’m not sure whether any other tents in this price range have poles that are as sensitive as this one.

I’ve been impressed at how nicely it breathes, to say the least.

I really like that there are two vestibules for all of our things.

This is the ideal size for two people, as well as being extremely lightweight and simple to put up.

Another outstanding B.A.

It’s great to be able to leave the door(s) open in light rain.

It’s near the top, which allows heat to escape.

I just received the tent, and I couldn’t be happier with it.

Fast assembly, ground sheet included, inside pockets, large interior, protected from rain with doors fully open (in the absence of wind), and even hooks for earphone wires suspended above the headrests.

This tent was on sale lately, so I took advantage of the opportunity.

Exceptionally well-made.

The tent and ground cloth did an excellent job of protecting us.

It was comparable in quality to the quarter dome from REI that my friend was using at the time.

It was also handy because everything was included in one package.

I loved how the rain fly was secured to the tent with a clip, making it very impossible for it to fall loose.

When I closed all of the vents and just allowed a little amount of outside air inside the tent, it became rather warm.

I’m planning on taking this tent camping in Yosemite National Park for a couple weeks next year.

I was quite enthusiastic about this tent.

The setup was simple and could be completed in less than 10 minutes.

It made the process of setting up more simpler.

The vestibule was a good size for all of our belongings.

The quantity of room available for two persons is excellent.

It’s quite simple to assemble, and it comes with a footprint. We were able to stay dry throughout a moderate rain storm. Excellent value for money; highly recommended. The tent is simple to pack up and boasts a number of ingenious design features.

Big Agnes Frying Pan SL 3-Person Tent + Footprint Packa

This tent strikes a good balance between features: it is reasonably large while being lightweight and affordable enough to be used for hiking. It is also not prohibitively expensive, so it will not prevent you from going camping. The Frying Pan may be used as a wilderness tent as well as a tent for campsites and road excursions in the city. When it’s raining, you may take use of the inside space. The inclusion of double doors provides additional possibilities for those who want to sleep in late, and the footprint provides additional protection on rocky terrain.

  • Rain is kept out thanks to taped seams and a storm flap on the vestibule zipper. The addition of a kickstand to a fly vent enhances airflow while also assisting in the reduction of internal moisture. Each individual has their own exit through two doors and two vestibules, as well as a dry area to put their belongings. The quick stash door keeper makes it simple to store the inside doors that have not been zippered
  • Strengthening the DAC Pressfit pole system with steep walls allows for additional usable living space The use of color-coded poles makes set up easier. Reflective guylines are already connected to the tent, making it ready to pitch right out of the package. There are eight lightweight aluminum hook stakes in this set. Headlamps and cell phones are stored in two internal mesh pockets and an enormous ceiling pocket. A gear loft can be attached to the inside loops (sold separately). Incompatible with the Big Agnes Gear Lofts in the shapes of a triangle, a square, a wall, and a large wall. With this package, you’ll get a footprint to protect your tent’s floor from abrasion and extend the life of its waterproof coatings. A fast fly layout allows you to pitch a lightweight shelter by simply pitching the fly and footprint together.
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Big Agnes – Frying Pan SL2 – Tent compare

The Frying Pan SL is a multi-purpose shelter that may be used for hiking, road-trip camping, and any other camping situation in between. Two big “D” shaped entrances with two vestibules make entering and exiting the building a breeze, and the steep walls provide plenty of elbow room for changing clothes or playing dominoes while you wait out a thunderstorm. This is a terrific alternative for someone who wants only one tent to do it all because it is simple to set up and has enough of living space.

  • A backpack that is light enough for the backcountry and robust enough for the frontcountry
  • Structure with a lot of strength and a lot of living space There are two doors and two vestibules, with storm flaps on the vestibule zippers
  • There are also two windows. Fast and simple stowing of an unzipped door using the Quick Stash door keeper on the tent body door
  • Steep walls increase the amount of usable space, while double doors make it easier to enter and depart. D-shaped door with a large opening
  • A well sized ceiling pocket provides adequate storage capacity. It has a single fly vent, which allows for greater air movement and less condensation. With pre-cut guy lines and tensioners already attached to the fly, it’s ready to pitch. Reflective guylines and webbing on tent corners
  • Reflective guylines and webbing on tent corners
  • Pulls for zippers that are easy to hold
  • Interior loops for use with gear lofts or for mounting other equipment
  • Several interior loops

Materials for Construction + Construction

  • Materials + Construction =

Big Agnes Seedhouse SL2 Reviews

At an affordable price, you can have a real 2-person tent that is both lightweight and spacious. However, pitching takes a large number of pegs, and it is not appropriate for cold weather or heavy use. Pros

  • The material is quite lightweight, and the entire quality is excellent. For a single individual, this is luxurious
  • There’s just enough room for two persons and their belongings. Very good ventilation – there is no humidity at all
  • Stakes and poles of excellent quality
  • The ceiling is really high. Excellent after-sales service
  • Everywhere you look, there is delicate fabric. It is not appropriate for use in cold weather. Small amount of headroom
  • The vestibule is small. Pitching necessitates the use of 11 stakes, five of which are guylines (!).

I acquired this tent in the middle of 2013 for use on 2-day summer cycling journeys with my wife that required speed and lightness. Additionally, it may be utilized as a solitary tent on occasion. Even though we’ve already used the MSR Hoop, this tent is just too warm for summer journeys in North-Western Russia, and it has far too much room for shorter summer visits. As a result, even with the footprint that we use on a regular basis, the Seedhouse has saved us the weight of an additional 1 kg (2 lbs) of equipment.

  1. The tent is not put up in a short period of time.
  2. However, in order to completely separate the inner tent from the outer tent, you must use ALL of the stakes (11 pieces of high quality V-shaped DAC stakes).
  3. This is a feature that I personally despise; more on that later.
  4. Due to the fragile nature of the rainfly and floor textiles, you must handle them with care and always use the footprint (which, fortunately, is frequently included with the tent at no additional cost).
  5. With its rather strong construction, the tent will withstand moderate winds without difficulty.
  6. The indoor room is just big enough for two skinny people, plus it’s a luxury solitary tent, so you won’t be disappointed.
  7. Because the tent has a triangle cross-section, the head room is not as large as it would be in a “square” tent “Hoop from MSR.
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Only in the back part of the tent do I get close to touching the ceiling.

Once again, the indoor area is adequate for two people, and the mesh inner tent dramatically enhances the space by reflecting light.

As a result, there is plenty covered area around the tent for storing pots, pans, helmets, and bottles of water.

The temperatures above and below the rainfly, on the other hand, are exactly the same.

The surplus stuff, on the other hand, must be stored either within or outside the tent.

This disadvantage may be overcome if the main pole had an extension above the vestibule, as shown in the illustration (like inMSR Nook).

In most cases, the interior temperature does not differ from the outside temperature.

We don’t use this tent in temperatures below freezing because it wasn’t intended to be used in such conditions.

In conclusion, this tent is a wonderful summer alternative for people who are willing to pay a premium for a significantly lighter weight while compromising on fabric durability and comfort to a certain extent.

As a result of this guyline being sewn in the midst of a large cloth panel without enough reinforcement, ripping was nearly unavoidable.

Fortunately, the courteous staff at Big Agnes determined that it was a warranty issue and fixed the rainfly at no charge (a new rainfly would have cost us $100).

In addition, we began designating the guylines with bright rain covers in order to prevent similar mishaps.

I made the decision to upgrade from this tent to the Fjallraven Abisko Lite 3 at the end of 2016.

Unfortunately, when our child was born, the Seedhouse SL2 was only used a handful of times.

(A larger vestibule, a hood on the entry, a side vestibule door, rainfly strengthening at the guyline connection, and more adaptable ventilation are all checked.)

Big Agnes Frying Pan SL 3 Package: Tent and Footprint – 3-man tent

The Frying Pan SL3 from Big Agnes is a multi-purpose tool that is ideal for any trip. All in all, this is a fantastic tent, with a free-standing structure, enormous vestibules, and spacious entrances! Not only will you always have your equipment close by, but if the wind changes directions, you can always go through the entrance that is away from the wind. Because the tent is self-supporting, you can set it up almost anyplace and you don’t even have to use man lines to hold it up. The fly and tub floor have taped seams and an extra polyurethane coating to provide the best possible protection from wind and rain.

Because the footprint is precisely sized, it will protect the floor of your tent from sharp pebbles and will also help to limit the amount of condensation that accumulates in the tent as a result of moisture rising from the ground.

In addition, setting up the tent is really simple.

The two side entrances and vestibules on this tent, on the other hand, are the most impressive feature.

Keeping with the theme of organization, the huge number of little compartments in the inner tent guarantee that all of your minor items are always within reach, allowing you to find what you’re looking for quickly and simply.

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