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Red Tent Training

You are familiar with the intense need for silence that occurs during your Flow Time: The need for rest is felt in every cell of your being, yet the culture encourages you to push on regardless of the circumstances! Having a monthly meeting place can assist you in the following ways:* Living and working in harmony with your cycle (rather than being at the mercy of it!) * Develop your intuition and inner guidance* Welcome young women into the world of empowered womanhood You, people around you, and ultimately the entire world will be changed as a result of a RED TENT!

This is Why I Created the RED TENT Academy

More information may be found by clicking here: Are you prepared for a Red Tent? To purchase our Host Manual, please click here.

Red Tent Host Manuals:

Designed to assist you in starting a RED TENTin your community, where you will be nurtured, renewed, and replenished on a monthly basis, and where other women will gather to give and receive – the Red Tent Host Manualwill assist you in opening a Sisterhood Red Tent in YOUR community, whether you have never hosted one before or if you are a seasoned host of women’s gatherings. This is the first level of membership available: In Every Neighborhood, There Are Red Tents – A Global Network I wrote TWO RED TENT MANUALS for this purpose:

Red Tent Host Manual –

Using these Host Manuals, women may learn how to hold Red Tents in a collaborative setting. Prevent burnout by ensuring that they receive at least as much as they offer (if not more!). Are you prepared for a Red Tent? To purchase our Host Manual, please click here.

Red Tent Host Manual – for Women of ALL ages

Introduction – The numerous sorts of Red Tents – The duty of the host Table of Contents:– Foreword Making your own Red Tent – Starting your own Red Tent community – Marketing your own Red Tent community – Butterflies in the stomach – Preparing the venue – Creating holy space In this section, you will find invigorating, creative, nutritious, and entertaining activities for your Red Tent! Activities that engage your body and senses, as well as your want to be seen, acknowledged, and heard, are recommended.

Red Tent Host Manual – for WOMENGIRLS

Contents:– Preface – Mentoring: Teaching our daughters about femininity – The many varieties of Red Tents – The responsibility of the host when dealing with multi-age groups The creation of a Red Tent community is something you can do on your own. The importance of outreach marketing, butterflies in the stomach, preparation of the venue, creation of holy space, and suggested Red Tent activities forWOMENGIRLS are all covered. Women and girls may participate in a variety of inspiring, creative, nutritious, and entertaining activities under the Red Tent!

A weekly or monthly Red Tent is being planned to provide a secure, meaningful, empowering, and entertaining atmosphere for women and girls. Hosts of all skill levels are welcome. Please scroll down to the bottom of this page for Spanish-language manuals.

Benefits of Red Tent Hosts:

The Red Tent for Women and Girls Host Manual is included with your purchase, and you will become a member of our Red Tents in Every Neighborhood Global Network!

As A Global Network Member

You will receive the following benefits:– A listing by name and location on our Global Network Page– Hyperlinks to your website You will be listed on our Global Network list if you have a Facebook page. You will also be listed on our Global Network list if you have an email address and contact information. Your Red Tent Events will be posted on our Facebook page. You will be given our MEMBERSHIP BADGE to post on your website. Pages on social media sites

Are you Ready For a RED TENT in YOUR Neighborhood?

In order to make this available to as many ladies as possible, I am offering both Manuals at a 30 percent discount: WOMENGIRLS ONLY: Red Tent Host Manual (57.00 USD) Red Tent Host Manual – for Women of ALL Ages –$57Total:$114.00 Red Tent Host Manual – for Men of ALL Ages –$57Total:$114.00 When you purchase BOTH manuals, you will save 30%: 77.00 dollars for either English or Português In order to make this accessible to all women, I’m offering both of the following manuals at a 30 percent discount: For women and children, the Red Manual Carpa Host is available for $57.00.

A total of $114.00 was spent on the following items: Red Manual Carpa Host for women of all ages –$57 Take advantage of a 30% discount on the purchase of both manuals: 77.00 dollars in Spanish

To buy each Manual by itself, please click below:

For women of ALL ages (in English, Spanish, or Portuguese), here is the Red Tent Host Manual. English, Spanish, or Português versions of the Red Tent Host Manual for WOMENGIRLS are available.

To have a Red Tent in Every Neighborhood –

Red Tents have been set up in communities all over the globe as a unique space for people who have recently given birth to share their birth stories, celebrate their positive delivery experiences, and heal from traumatic ones. Throughout the year, we come together as a community to hold that holy space with and for one another. Every Red Tent has as its purpose the formation of community, the recording of our tales, and the practice of attentive listening. SDBN will have its 14th Annual Red Tent event on Saturday, September 12th, 2010 from 10 a.m.

The Red Tent is a safe space for menstruation individuals of all ages to share and/or listen to their birth experiences with others.

Registration Open Now!

When Karen Brody, a writer, activist, mother, author, and playwright of Birth (a realistic representation of delivery), formed and started BOLD, red tent events began to reemerge in a more prominent platform in the United States. Ms. Brody and BOLD wished to devise a method through which diverse women and groups could organize and hold local Red Tents on or around Labor Day, utilizing BOLD’s framework to make it simple and establish a precedent in the process. SDBN, under the direction of Karen Brody and BOLD, began hosting Red Tents in local communities in 2006.

This annual event has grown in popularity (and continues to do so), and SDBN continues to host our Red Tent on or around Labor Day as a special opportunity to recognize “labor,” birth, and the importance of telling and sharing our experiences.

Working to establish a safe environment for all birthing people to share their stories and engage in community activities, we hope to see you there!

Poem from 2018 Red Tent

Revising and reimagining our stories: paying attention to the dancers’ movements pertaining to the sea Flowing I’m pleased with myself. Returning to One’s Home I am deserving of being loved. No matter how late you are, it is never too late to find your tribe. In the Pelvis, there is happiness and connection. Determination J amie Mossay, our Red Tent matriarch for 2018, provided this image.


Non-profit San Diego Birth Network hosts the SDBN Red Tent event as a method to connect out to the community while also raising funds to support their mission. The raffle, which takes place at the Red Tent, is a lot of fun. For local businesses looking to promote their brand and products to the community, providing items or services to be raffled off at the conclusion of the event may be a suitable option. If you would like to make a donation to the raffle, please contact us! If you are planning on attending the next SDBN Red Tent, keep our raffle in mind as well.

The raffle is really incredible!

Future Goals

The overall purpose of SDBN’s outreach program is to host multiple Red Tents for the various communities in San Diego as part of our overall mission. In hopes of better serving birthing individuals who have specialized needs like as access to our yearly venue, cultural norms, different languages, and special services that are not addressed by our larger event, we have decided to localize and perform more than one birthing event. Contact us through our volunteer page if you are interested in assisting SDBN Red Tent, have suggestions for how to best serve the birthers in your community, want to hire an interpreter so that you can participate more fully in our annual September event, or if you would like us to assist you (or your organization) with hosting a local event in your community.

Red Tents

Sisterhood is a novel written by Maria Greene. Zoom meetings for collaborative learning and assistance are held under our Red Tents. We share tales and ideas with one another, and we take strength from the fact that we are all in this together and supporting one another. We communicate and listen with our hearts. Every week, we gather in Virtual Sacred Space, where we begin with a poem, a brief meditation, and a Talking Circle. The majority of Red Tents fall into one of these two categories, however there is some overlap:

  1. Topic investigations are carried out through presentation and discussion. These Red Tents, or inward adventures, are frequently reported. Meditation with a guide and a Talking Circle. Attendees should plan to stay for a while after the event to integrate and catch up with a buddy if they are attending. There are no records of these Red Tents.
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Current students and recent graduates can benefit from the Red Tent Video Library and Live Virtual Red Tents: Students enrolled in the Certificate and Non-Certificate Training Programs, as well as previous students! You are cordially invited to participate in any of our live Virtual Red Tent sessions. To view the current Red Tent Calendar, please visitJOYW Global. You also receive unrestricted access to the Red Tent Video Library, which is a great resource.

To watch a previously recorded Red Tent: Start by logging into theStudent Portal. 2. From the drop-down menu, select Training Information, Facebook Links, or the Red Tent Video Library. 3. Scroll down a little bit and then click on 5.Tents in the color red.

  • In each month, we conduct a number of Virtual Red Tents
  • Attendees include current undergraduate and graduate students, as well as active mentors (both certificate and non-certificate). On occasion, we invite subscribers to our newsletter and friends of the Journey of Young Women’s Facebook page to attend public Red Tents.

As a gesture of sisterhood collaboration, all Red Tents are made available in a virtual holy area on the internet. Often, the emphasis is on female empowerment. Our growth as adult women is intertwined with this process. On occasion, we cast a wider net, focusing on issues such as boy mentoring. We’re all in this together, I promise!

CLICK HERE for Upcoming Red Tent Topics

It is possible to discuss real-life difficulties or ideas connected to girls’ circles, mentorship, parenting, or our own experiences as women in a Mentor Training Red Tent. Topics can be requested by students. If you have a skill or a story to share with others, students can volunteer to co-host a Red Tent. All you need is a computer, a mobile device, or a phone to participate. Red Tent information is available to students and graduates on the Training Information Page, as well as on every Red Tent Event Announcement on JOYW Global and in their own student Facebook page.

Please get in touch with me if you have any queries or suggestions.

Karen MacKenzie’s “Sister Circle,” a detail from a student Facebook community, is featured.

For invitations to freely offered public Red Tents, subscribe toThe Journey, the occasional JOYW newsletter:

How My ‘Hippie W.I.’ is one of my favorite things. We are not talking about the Women’s Institute or the dreaded “blue-rinse brigade.” More of a gathering of ladies who get together around the time of the new moon to simply ‘be,’ to listen and be heard, to be seen and accepted by others. I recently assisted in the birth of a Red Tent in my hometown (see here for a list of Red Tents in your region), after years of visiting a group in my hometown and the town of my upbringing that I admired and enjoyed.

  1. It is a valuable, secure environment for women, something I had not realized was lacking until I attended my first event.
  2. Often, we care so much for our friends that we don’t want to bother them with our own demands, or we care so much about them that we are willing to take on their concerns.
  3. It is an acknowledgement of the need for many women to seek and provide assistance, as well as the necessity for them to have a safe area to be themselves.
  4. Almost.
  5. As a result, this is about women taking care of themselves.
  6. This is about women fueling their well-being by spending time with other women who are tolerant and supportive of them.
  7. Each dose, each gathering, is a tonic for the soul.

In a safe and supportive environment.

For the first time in years, it brought to the surface a host of feelings I had been avoiding for years: why had I avoided female gatherings whenever possible for so long?

As a result, I began to perceive a group of women as inevitably poisonous and venomous, rather than as life-affirming and mutually supporting.

That has, however, changed in some way since becoming a mother.

I had finally taken the risk of walking inside a women’s refugee camp.

I am not referring to stereotypical thinking.

I identify as a feminist.

We are everything and nothing at the same time; we are unique and diversified.

We are mammalian beings.

The Red Tent and women’s circles are about something that can happen when a group of women with an open mind come together to share their experiences.

Even still, I get the distinct impression that we ladies of the Red Tent were previously sentenced to death by burning at the stake for our beliefs.

Tapestries cover the walls, while cushions and throws are scattered around the floor and on the sofas.

Meditation, wholesome food, a circle in which to talk and listen, and a space to share and reflect are all part of the experience.

It is expanding slowly and naturally around the planet.

To paraphrase: “However, despite the fact that women’s lives have altered dramatically over the previous 50 years, we still live in a horribly unequal world in which many women feel powerless and unheard.

Meanwhile, terrible levels of violence and discrimination against women continue to be perpetrated in our communities and around the globe.

This is work that, we feel, will make a difference not just for the women involved, but also for the individuals in their immediate environment.

This can only be a positive development. It is something that many ladies are losing out on. Don’t bother with the Brotherhood of Man. Welcome to the Sisterhood of the Feminine.

Online Red Tent: Sacred space for women to connect and grow together

The Online Red Tent is a 1-1/2-hour event in which we, as women, come together to breathe and learn in a virtual sanctuary. Come rest in a confidential zoom video conference with me so that we can dig into a topic together. After some writing and sharing, we’ll go on to a hands-on exercise, which may be a meditation, soul art project, or interactive game. Bring a notebook and a pen with you. Ages 16 and above. Despite the fact that this is an internet forum, it is an open faith and sober area for all women.

Joy Is Embedded Within You Because of the limited number of available places, your tent slot is non-refundable, however it may be transferred to another person if you can find someone to take your place.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you would like to obtain a partial scholarship for your participation in the show.

There is a different topic each month, and each month contains a fantastic community, a Tent, group coaching and community calls, a music, meditation, and instruction, as well as suggestions.

What is the difference between a Red Tent and a Women’s Circle? What is the difference between priestess training and Red Tent training?

This pair of courses are programs that guide you through a full initial process of self-discovery, professional development, and professional training. The Practical Priestessing curriculum is a six-month intensive program that is unusual in that it is entirely devoted to the study of vocational priestessing (access complete draft program syllabushere). Ten weeks in length, the Red Tent course is unique in that it focuses on leading you through an investigation of your own personal initiations and discoveries while also equipping you with valuable materials for leading Red Tents of your own.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When it comes to circles, what is the difference between the Red Tent Circle and the Women’s Circle? Women’s Circles are comprised of the following:

  • Not directly connected to menstruation (but menstruation is not a taboo issue)
  • Not specifically related to menstruation
  • Women of all ages and stages in their lives are welcome to participate. Are frequently closed groups (i.e., they are not open to the general public, but rather are restricted to a certain group of women)
  • Have a presumption of being receptive to or having a relationship with goddess spirituality or women’s/ feminist spirituality

Women’s Circles can take on a variety of forms and provide a variety of services.

  • Ceremonies for the passage of time and the cycle of life
  • Retreats
  • Moon circles
  • Seasonal rituals
  • Circles that meet once a month
  • A closed group that consists of the same group of women who meet on a regular basis for a lengthy period of time, allowing for the development of strong personal ties as well as professional work

The following are the Red Tents:

  • Offered once a month, generally around the time of the new moon
  • Include some form of red fabric area, ranging from red blankets on the floor and red curtains on the wall to totally enclosed red fabric meeting spaces (yurts, genuine tents, and so on)
  • These images are thematically linked to the “Red Tent” notion that has been speculated in ancient cultures—a woman-only place designated for menstrual women
  • Typically, evening sessions lasting 2-3 hours are provided. The ritual “container” is usually the same each month, while the precise activities and talks change depending on who is in attendance. Open to any female who expresses an interest
  • Establish “rolling” membership—the ladies who come up each month may be different, and the form, texture and ambiance of your group may alter on a regular basis depending on the unique dynamic that each group creates
  • Connected to the greater Red Tent Movement, which spans over cultural, geographic, religious, and political borders and extends throughout the world in a variety of iterations and expressions, this group is part of the Red Tent Movement. There is an aspect of menstruation empowerment and/or bodily empowerment in this. It is not restricted to any one faith
  • Women from a variety of backgrounds, from mainstream to alternative, will be attracted to this campaign.
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Red Tents can take on a variety of forms, including special event Red Tents, perpetual (or permanent) Red Tents (which are available to the public on a regular basis), festival or conference Red Tents, and Red Tents that are only open for a weekend or an entire day in a retreat-style setting. Red Tents may be charged a price, depending on donations, or provided for free. They might be spontaneous or they can be planned and guided. To some extent, they are always collaborative in nature, because the process of group or circle participation is, at its heart and soul, a co-creative enterprise.

  • Women from a variety of diverse backgrounds have an immediate affinity to the word “Red Tent,” but women’s circles can be uncomfortable or even frightening to certain women from other backgrounds.
  • I enjoy both forms of labor and both types of ritual, and they are fairly similar; the only differences are a few little “twists” that give them the sense of a Red Tent or a Women’s Circle, respectively.
  • Which of your programs do you recommend I try?
  • You may enroll in the Red Tent course at any time and work at your own speed to complete it.
  • It is especially suited to women who are experiencing the need to bring this work to their communities at the present time.
  • It is a professional training program that is intended to guide you through the difficult process of “self-facing” that is required in order to perform publicly as a community priestess.

For the most part, however, there are some differences: thePractical Priestessingcourse is longer and more in depth, includes an optional face-to-face component, requires a self-designed practicum experience, and places a strong emphasis onvocationalpriesthood–that is, priestessing as a dedicated and professional job.

  1. Additionally, it contains considerable information concerning priestess work, ethics and professional practice, as well as the priestess function explicitly (albeit the Red Tenttraining does so mostly in “facilitator” rather than priestess terminology).
  2. ThePractical Priestessingclass focuses more on women’s rituals and ceremonies with an ongoing group of women who are open to goddess-oriented, feminist spirituality.
  3. Which training program is the most appropriate for me?
  4. Women may believe that they may safely start a Red Tent in their region, but that a women’s circle would be “too much” for them, depending on their geographical location and cultural environment.
  5. However, they must be as open as they can be to other women and their comfort levels.

During your deliberation between the two options, consider the following questions to help you choose whether program is a better fit for you:

  • What do the people in your community require
  • What do you see yourself doing or providing
  • What do you see yourself doing or offering

The combination of the two is yours to choose. If you are interested in any of the following:

  • Facilitating rites of passage rituals
  • Hosting spiritual retreats for women
  • Hosting full moon circles
  • And many more activities. Creating ceremonies for families to participate in
  • Priestessing a women’s circle that is still in existence
  • With a sacred circle of women, we’ll be delving into goddess spirituality. Ascension to the acknowledged position and initiation as a Priestess in a professional capacity
  • Working as a priestess in the public eye

The Practical Priestessingwill assist you in getting to where you want to go in life. If you are interested in any of the following:

  • Maintaining a monthly Red Tent Circle that is available to all interested women in your community on an ongoing basis

The Red Tent Initiation program is a perfect match for you! Is it true that a Red Tent is just for ladies who are menstruating? No! A Red Tent provides a safe haven for women going through the complete spectrum of their lives, from menarche to menopause. It is the Red Tent’s position that a woman has the right to define her own experience, including the complete evolution and process of her life’s journey. Is a Red Tent a religious structure? It is all about coming together as women in holy space, and Red Tents are safe spaces for all women that transcend religious, cultural, and political barriers.

  1. To paraphrase Deanna L’am, a Red Tent is a time and space dedicated to connecting with one another as cyclical beings and speaking and listening from the heart about what it means to be a woman in the world.
  2. For the sake of expanding relationships and dialogue, for the purpose of discovering new ideas, ourselves, and other people.
  3. Is it true that a Red Tent is solely for women who have given birth?
  4. Women’s health issues (including but not limited to menstrual disorders and pregnancy loss) are addressed in this section.
  5. These individuals are cordially invited.
  6. We are committed to empowering women to take charge of their own lives.
  7. YES!
  8. The moment we go back to the essence of the matter: “defining her own experience,” all options, feelings, and emotions are welcomed and recognized.
  9. What distinguishes your training from other Priestess or Red Tent trainings?
  10. My doctorate degree is in clinical social work, and I have more than seven years of experience teaching college courses in group dynamics.

This implies that each woman’s voice is heard, her narrative is valued, her experience is welcomed, her effort is incorporated, and all of this takes place in the context of a holy space that celebrates female bodies, female divinity, women’s mysteries, and bodily experiences, among other things.

However, when guided by strong concepts of group process and facilitation, Circles may become richer, deeper, and safer.

As an aside, I’d like to clarify the difference between a women’s circle and a ritual because I tend to use the terms somewhat interchangeably, and the Priestessing class is designed to prepare you to facilitate women’s circles, ritual rites of passage (such as initiation rites), and ceremonies (such as naming ceremonies).

  • Some bigger, public, open rituals that you may have witnessed or experienced are referred to as “ritual theater,” which means that a group of priestesses or organizers plan, direct, and prepare the ritual as the rest of the congregation comes to watch.
  • Skilled facilitators will include everyone in the ritual in some ways, while others will not utilize participant energy and will be more of a spectator event.
  • All of the women are a part of the circle.
  • And, because we are all accountable for how the ritual unfolds, and individuals are unpredictable, it might be tough or difficult to have a “perfect” ritual in a small group environment or to feel like you’ve done everything correctly.
  • I’m not sure whether I want to be a circle facilitator; would I still benefit from this program if I don’t participate?
  • Practical “nuts and bolts” are also part of the session.
  • Even if you have no immediate intentions to create your own circle, participating in the Red Tent Initiation process will be personally fulfilling and will help you to build your toolbox in preparation for a possible future group of your own.

The class was created in response to the large number of people who expressed interest in an initiatory type of women’s circle “how to” training but who did not specifically want to lead Red Tents (feeling as though they did not want to focus on or weren’t particularly interested in the menstrual phase of life–which, as I explain in the class, is not what a Red Tent circle has to be about at all!) Is this the kind of instruction I need?

One thing I would recommend if you are feeling the call, the bone-deep hum of resonance, the fire blazing within you that screams, “This is who I am,” would be to go with your gut instinct and follow your heart.

In addition to years of experience, training, and hands-on exploration, these courses offer you the opportunity to co-create a living, vibrant circle of women as you journey through the training together, practicing and modeling the processes of this work as they unfold from your vulnerability in opening your hearts to it as a group.

  1. Your Tour Guide’s Bio: For the past eight years, Molly has gathered women to circle, sing, rejoice, and tell their stories.
  2. She is an ordained priestess who possesses master’s, doctoral, and doctoral-level degrees in social work, divinity, and ministry.
  3. Molly’s origins are in the field of birth work as well as in the fight against domestic abuse.
  4. She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

At Brigid’s Grove, Molly and her husband Mark collaborate on the creation of original Story Goddess sculptures, tiny goddesses, ritual kits, and jewelry. Molly writes on thealogy, nature, and practical priestessing on her blog, Brigid’s Grove, which you may see here.

The Red Tent and the launch of Global Women’s Purple Tent

Anita Diamant released her novel The Red Tent in 1997, which relates the narrative of the rape Dinah and how she and her companions seek sanctuary in the Red Tent while menstruation or giving birth, where they find mutual support and exchange wisdom with other women who are going through similar experiences. Women have been gathering in Red Tents throughout their menstrual cycle for hundreds of years. Red Tent events provide a safe space for women to come together and celebrate their womanhood as part of a growing worldwide movement.

  1. Women gather at these gatherings to share food, secrets, troubles, laughing, and vitality, among other things.
  2. In the United Kingdom, in 2009, ALisa Starkweather founded the Red Tent Temple Movement with the goal of creating spaces where women can care for one another through healing, song, meditation, story-telling, council, quiet rest, good food, and sharing.
  3. In theRed Tent Directory, you may find information about Red Tents activities held by 57 active organisations in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.
  4. In the Red Tent Temple Movement, women may use their inner momentum, that sense that the time is now, to come forth with all that defines them as women, while also having a safe space to incubate ideas, dream, calm down and not have an agenda or plan.
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Additionally, it’s not just empty space, but woman space, where we can share tales and laugh together over music and food, and where we can acknowledge the unique cycles that we experience each month throughout our bleeding period, as we approach menopause, and in the years preceding up to it,” says the author.

  1. We make connections with other women and discover a bit of ourselves in each of these encounters.
  2. ‘Having grown up in a world where women were constantly encouraged to compare themselves to one another physically and to struggle to compete, we believe that Red Tents provide a good alternative method for women to interact to one another.
  3. It also appears to us that Red Tents provide a safe location for people to talk about things that have previously been forbidden.’ Cathy Bussey, a journalist for The Telegraph, recently wrote about her experience at a Red Tent event.
  4. The Red Tent activities are open to all women, although they are mainly geared at females who are of reproductive age and experience menstrual periods.
  5. The Purple Tentevents, which will be launched in 2017 by Global Women Connected, will be geared towards women of any age, but particularly at those over the age of 40.
  6. We want to be able to take some time to recall who we are and to celebrate our femininity in a secure environment where we can share our stories.

For more information about The Purple Tent, please visit their website by clicking here. We also want to have a few Red Tent events in the future. You may get in touch with Joyce Harper at [email protected] if you are interested in taking part in one of the Red and Purple Tent events.


Red Tent Events creates inspiring markets, events, festivals, and weddings in Western Australia. We work with some of WA’s most exciting festivals and community events helping to develop market and food area’s that reflect artistic creative communities.Red Tent Events can take any public or private event from concept development all the way through to execution and completion. If it involves people coming together for a purpose, we can make it happen. The options are only limited by your needs and aspirations. We are a full service special event company that is focused on sustainable positive economic outcomes for our business partners. We love community, celebrations, inclusiveness, the arts and we LOVE to bring people together. We are dedicated to creating new and exciting events that bring communities together. Our Database encompasses Western Australia’s quality Stallholders, Artisans, Celebrants, Performers, Foodies, Farmers, Musicians, DJ’s and Community Artists. Our weekly market “Freo Farmers Market” operates every Sunday from 8am – 12 noon at Fremantle College Beaconsfield.

/ Event Consulting/ Event Management/ Styling and Decor/ MarketsAwards 2021 – City of Fremantle “Active Citizen” 2016 – Fremantle Chamber of Commerce “Outstanding Community Event” 2008 – City of Fremantle Disability Award ​

Improving our communities’ ability to empower one another in order to end abuse and exploitation Read on to find out more

Wellness Wednesdays

Wellness Wednesdays have been put on hold for the time being as we practice social distancing. This series of events will be restarted as soon as it is safe to do so. In the meanwhile, keep yourself safe and well! DISCOVER MORE

Red Tent Collaborative

As part of Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October, a group of local artists get together to promote awareness and amplify the voices of survivors. DISCOVER MORE

Red Tent 5k

Join us in November to show your support for survivors and allies who are fostering a culture of self-determination. DISCOVER MORE

Red Tent Collaborative 2018

In order to raise awareness and further the cause of Red Tent Initiative, local artists have come together to amplify the voices of survivors in order to raise awareness and further the cause of Red Tent Initiative: Survivors and allies creating a culture of empowerment in order to end abuse and exploitation in our communities. In the United States, a woman is attacked or battered every nine seconds. On a typical day, more than 20,000 phone calls are made to domestic abuse hotlines around the country, according to the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

Year after year, more than 3 million children are exposed to domestic abuse in their families.


“Every time I think of you and pray for you, I think of you with delight because of your PARTNERSHIP IN THE GOSPEL from the beginning to the present day.” Philippians 1:4-5 is a biblical passage. THE VISION OF THE TEAM Every Sunday, we have the incredible chance to serve our visitors in any way we can! Whether they want directions to the nursery, have questions about the service or other ministries, or require specifics on how to complete the Grow Plan and become a member of the Go Team, we are available to assist them in any way we can.

You may be the only person contact that some people have on Sunday, and your position is critical because you are charged with the care and feeding of these individuals.

  • Arrive on time and participate in team huddles before to service. Plan to convene in the Main Lobby 30 minutes before your service begins to ensure a smooth transition. Each service begins with a collective prayer by the entire crew
  • Know a lot about a lot of things. During the service, you will be asked a plethora of questions concerning the Grow Plan, forthcoming activities, and the church in general, among other things. It is certain that you will not be able to answer all of your questions
  • Nonetheless, we have provided you with an information sheet to assist you. If you don’t know the solution to a question, you should seek assistance from your Team Leader. Each service includes the use of First Time Guest T-shirts, bags, and any other materials available in the Red Tent, which are provided free of charge to visitors. Our guests appreciate it when we smile and engage them. This is quite essential since we will be seeing a large number of fresh faces on Sunday. Preferably, take the time to look someone in the eyes, smile, and learn his or her name
  • Then offer your aid proactively. Inquire with folks if you can provide them with any information. The majority of the time, individuals are reluctant to seek for aid. Continue to keep your center well-stocked with supplies. As a result, it is vital that we keep the Red Tent well stocked, so please make sure to check for supplies as you come and replenish it as needed
  • Fill out the Red Tent Tracking Sheets- This sheet is used to keep track of the number of first-time guests. This procedure will be taught to the team by the team leader. If you are unable to serve as planned, please tell your Team Leader as soon as possible. Every month, schedules are produced and disseminated to the whole team using the Planning Center.

Attend pre-service team huddles and arrive on time. It is recommended that you convene in the Main Lobby 30 minutes before the start of your service. Each service begins with a collective prayer by the entire congregation; Keep up your knowledge levels to a high standard. During the service, you will be asked a variety of questions concerning the Grow Plan, forthcoming activities, and the church itself. Given that you are unlikely to know the answers to all of your questions, we have created an information sheet to assist you in your research.

Visitors are welcome to take use of the complimentary First Time Guest T-shirts, bags, and any other materials provided in the Red Tent during each service.

On Sunday, we will be seeing a large number of fresh faces, therefore it is critical that we do this right.

Request information from anyone who may be in need of it.

Continue to keep your center well stocked with supplies.

In this procedure, the team leader will be trained.

Every month, schedules are developed and sent to the whole staff using the Planning Center.

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