How To Pee Inside A Tent

Pee In Your Tent

What is the question? Whether to pee or not to pee. The sound of your bladder crying to you from deep inside the forest jolts you awake. It’s time to urinate. You’re in the middle of nowhere. You put up a fight and try to go back asleep. There is nothing you would rather do than stay in the warmth and comfort of your heated sleeping bag. Once you have settled down and warmed up the bag, you must leave it to go pee in the cold, dark, and bug-infested night outside on the tarmac. Every bone in your body is fighting to keep you from passing out, but your bladder is beginning to exert an unpleasant amount of pressure.

Nature is calling, and you must respond.

It is necessary to express the obvious before proceeding forward.

Women can do it as well, but it will require more effort, better aim, and a higher level of danger.

  1. Please accept my apologies.
  2. So when nature calls late at night, simply unzip your bag, take your pee bottle, and insert your God-given urinating device into a wide mouth pee bottle and void.
  3. There is little loss of valuable heat, and there are no mosquito bites.
  4. When you’re sneaking about in your vehicle, van, or tiny camper at the local mall, you should also bring a pee container.
  5. Fill your bottle with water throughout the night and dispose of your “fluid” in the coffee shop restroom in the morning on your morning coffee run, if possible.
  6. This will conceal the real color of the fluid contained therein.


  • Indulge yourself when canoeing because the weight and bulk are generally less of a consideration. Bug Season- Leaving your tent in the middle of the night during bug season, or anywhere north of 60 degrees Fahrenheit, can result in significant blood loss. In cold weather, your sole source of heat is your own body heat. As a result, leaving your sleeping bag for a late-night pee may result in your sleeping bag being cold when you return. Weight- ultra-light backpacking or thru-hiking is recommended for this trip. A pee bottle is a ridiculous concept
  • Road Trips- With a bladder full of fluid and traffic on the eight-lane highway that is bumper to bumper, road trips are not recommended. Is there anything more I should say? When traveling by vehicle, camper, or small RV, you may not always have access to a restroom
  • However, Walmart provides a convenient solution.


Duct tape should be used to identify your pee bottle first. You’ll be able to distinguish between your water and pee bottles when you’re fumbling around in your dark tent, thanks to this distinction. Your night might be ruined by a simple blunder. Second, if you’re sharing a tent with someone, try to position your sleeping bag zipper so that it’s not directly across from the other person. Also, make your tent partner aware that you have a pee container with you. There are two solid reasons for this: first, you don’t want your tent mate to wake up to the surprise of an exposed peeing device, and second, you don’t want your camping companion to inadvertently grab a full pee bottle for that late-night liquid refreshment while you’re sleeping.

yikes. The urine container, to be precise. If done correctly, it has the potential to be a fantastic idea.

The Best Pee Bottle is not a Bottle

Hiking in the Winter on January 3, 2014 Peeing outside your tent door on a crowded campsite, especially in mixed company, is a difficult proposition, to say the least. You may find yourself unable to leave your tent in order to relieve yourself. When it’s raining or snowing outside, or when it’s freezing cold and windy, or when you’re in a crowded tent site where you can’t just pee out the front door at night, you don’t want to go for a long walk to the bathrooms, especially if you have to do it several times in one night, you should consider using a portable toilet.

  • My winter pack is already overstuffed, and there’s just no place to fit a stiff bottle in there.
  • These thick gusseted Ziploc bags weigh just 10 grams (in the medium size, which holds 3.5 cups) or 13 grams (in the large size, which holds 6 cups), yet they stand up on their own and remain firmly closed even if they are tipped over, eliminating nasty mishaps within your shelter.
  • Packit Gourmet Cook-in-Bags are only $0.60 each if purchased separately – which is less expensive than most bottles – and you can receive them for free if you purchase one of the company’s excellent Cook-in-Bag meals.
  • Please note that while Philip Werner purchased his final Packit Gourmet Cook-in-Bag with his own money, Packit Gourmet provided him with sponsorship money for his participation in the 2010 TGO Challenge.

The Best Pee Bottle for the Backcountry

The incident in the firstBetween The Peaksfilm where I pissed a complete bottle of water in the tent at 16,000 feet on Mount Aconcagua was one of the most questioned and occasionally ridiculed parts in the feature. I was watching with my back to the camera, so there was nothing offensive about it, but I get that in a 60-minute film, dedicating a minute and a half to peeing is an intriguing decision. I don’t have any regrets about it. I was fully hydrated, and that was a pretty candid view at our mountaineering lifestyle in a tent on the mountainside.

A Nalgene 16oz Widemouth bottle was used in the film, and each of us had one of these bottles as well.

All three of us were dangerously close to a near-fatal accident!

That’s always a good option for a one- or two-day excursion since you can pack in the electrolytes and drink when you’re thirsty, and the 20oz bottle will usually enough overnight.

Furthermore, they are far too inflexible to be considered “nicely packable.” Following all of my wilderness trials and errors, I finally discovered the ideal pee container for the backcountry.

The Nalgene Wide Mouth Canteen 48oz

This device was designed to be used as a pee bottle from the beginning. You can squeeze 3-4 decent pees in this before it’s completely filled (this has been proven successfully). If you do this, you will have plenty of time to cool your tent before you have to fight the weather, which was really crucial for me at 14,200ft camp on Denali when we had 35-40 inches of fresh snow overnight and into the early afternoon one day. After it has been emptied, the canteen is light, collapsible, flexible, and easy to pack.

And here’s a special extra for you.

Warning: I will not be held responsible for a broken bottle that is found in the bag.

I, on the other hand, do it and have never had a problem.

And the runner up…

Another bottle that has been recommended to me but that I have not tried myself is worth mentioning. Introducing the Hydrapak Stash 1 Liter Flexible Water Bottle. On our recent journey to Denali, Ryan made use of the Hydropak Stash flexible liter container. It was a last-minute buy at the Anchorage REI after he failed to remember to bring a pee bottle with him on the climb, which occurs far too often. Ryan tried out the Hydropak and didn’t have any problems with it, other than the fact that he had to empty it more frequently than he did with the 48oz Nalgene Canteen.

Just make sure you don’t mix them up!

What about the ladies?

The story is recounted from a male point of view, and certainly, it is a little simpler for men to enter the tent than it would be for a female. In talking with a few female hikers, it turns out that the Nalgene Canteen is a popular destination for both men and women. I haven’t heard back from any females who have used the Hydropak, but I would assume it would be just as effective. When using the cantene, the FUD (female urination device) such as theSheWee or theWhiz Freedom is the preferable solution for females who want to keep their tent clean while camping.

Personally, I like the Nalgene Wide Mouth Canteen and urge you to as well.

Very important last tip.

It is important to label your bottle! To guarantee that you never have a mixup and that nobody, including yourself, unintentionally starts mixing Scratch hydration powder with melting snow in a well-used pee bottle, write your name on your canteen or any other container you may be using with a bold permanent marker.

Ryan’s brother made the mistake of using his as the bottle he carried to the gym before recognizing his error, and he was, to put it mildly, dissatisfied with himself. Make a mark on your pee bottle.

Jonathan Ronzio

Founder of Explore Inspired | Chief Marketing Officer of Trainual | Co-Host of The Stokecast Podcast | Mountain Athlete | Award-Winning Adventure Filmmaker | Keynote Speaker

Feminine mid-night calls of nature

Please provide suggestions to a FEMALE on how to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night without having to get out of her camping tent. The Coolwhip container with lid that I’m now using is lightweight yet hefty when it comes to packing. Do you have any better suggestions? Thanks. Alternatively, if you are unable to make the cool whip container work, how about a strong duty ziploc style bag? I merely grit my teeth and drag myself out into the darkness, but I’m not willing to jeopardize the integrity of my down bag for the sake of it!

  • [email protected] The location is PNWI.
  • much like a male, but a little more tidier (they can be found in a variety of locations, but here is a link to REI:).
  • I can install a longer tube for peeing while kayaking, or whatever else you need.
  • Inquire with my husband!;-) This is something that my wife has recently added to her wish list.
  • P.
  • However, results may vary.
  • At 11:38 p.m.

One of my female pals pees in our floorless shelter, which is a first for me.

Are you sure you’re serious?

It may seem strange, but I look forward to getting up in the middle of the night.

Jack [email protected] resides in Sacramento, California.

Keith [email protected] [email protected] Northern Virginia is the location.

With the exception of the absurdly high price for a piece of molded plastic, she believes it to be the greatest innovation since goose down.

Her trekking experience has been much enhanced as a result of the freshette she has brought with her.

on November 23, 2009, 1547415 Retropump Member Lynn TramperMembe[email protected] The location is known as the Antipodes of La Coruna.

That’s when I realized it was all just unnecessary weight for something I could accomplish outside without having to carry around an extra bag.

I’m not joking!

I wake up to the sound of a lot of cussing from one tent over.

The bottle had spilled over, spilling urine all over the floor and soaking her bag.

cuss-a-thon going on around me.

If you don’t have a pee bottle or a gadget, you’ll have to carry an iPod to cover for your hiking partner’s oversight.

Hikinggranny [email protected] Mary DBPL The location is the Columbia River Gorge’s gateway.

At my age, I have to get out of bed multiple times every night to use the restroom.

I decided to give the Freshette a go.

Made from a wishbone salad dressing bottle, I constructed my own urinary apparatus.

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I peed into my cookpot, which I had handy.

Simply wash your pot first thing in the morning.

It was necessary for me to align certain skin creases appropriately in order to utilize the gadget.

I have a Freshette, and I’ve had success with it.

Until now, I hadn’t considered rinsing/flushing it directly into the container—Duh!

However, how do you make a ziploc bag “stand up” and not collapse at a vital point is something that has been addressed.

Is it really leak proof?

Does this mean that it gets washed off in the morning and then reused?

Now you can leave the small Brillo pad at home, which is a nice change.

Because I got rid of the tent, I eliminated the need to go out of the tent.

I go the distance, complete the duty, and return — I considered the pee bottle option, but discovered that not having to hoist myself off the ground and out a zipper door between guy lines made the chore less awful.

It might be used as a tp.

You know the feeling you get when you open your eyes and the sky above you is both black and brilliant?

Alternatively, around 4 a.m.

Alternatively, in the winter when it is softly snowing.

There are no sounds other than the snow crystals near your ears.


I was amazed by the spectacular show of the northern lights that spanned the entire sky, even as far south as I could see.

I’ve discovered that simply exiting the tent is substantially less hassle.

So far, there have been no leaks!

In the morning, simply invert the bag and throw out the frozen pee that has accumulated.

However, it appears that if you have a somewhat well-balanced squat, you’ll have both hands free to position and keep the baggie in place while doing the maneuver.

The concept of a freshette makes a lot of sense.

For example, you might have the strongest squatting muscles in the world, but having “aim” is something a woman typically lacks, especially when she has a full bladder.

While it is possible to hold the bag directly up (which is what I believe you are suggesting), it would be difficult to do so if one’s pants are about the ankles or even if one is wearing underwear.

on November 24, 2009, 1547774 Retropump Member Lynn TramperMembe[email protected] The location is known as the Antipodes of La Coruna.

On November 24, 2009, at 12:15 p.m.

that’s why I referred to it as gymnastics!

As a man, it’s not the most convenient operation to go through.

Because I believe it COULD work for me, I came up with the ziploc concept as a result of my brainstorming session. However, I’m one of those people that doesn’t mind waking up and walking outside to take care of business. I also enjoy the opportunity to gaze at the night sky.

Backpacking with a Pee Bottle

Some people find the idea of peeing in a bottle revolting and will not even contemplate it. Others believe it is a perfectly sensible and effective method of disposing of their pee in “more constrained conditions,” such as when camping. Are we for real this time? Yes, indeed, we are. Pee bottles have been around for a long time in the backpacking world, and they need to be discussed more. Despite the fact that they are not absolutely necessary, they do have their advantages in some situations and for certain persons.

Why Use a Pee Bottle, anyway?

1. You don’t have to get out of your sleeping bag. Getting into and out of your liner, sleeping bag, and tent isn’t a hassle anymore. Getting out of your mummy-like sleeping arrangement to use the bathroom at 3 a.m. may be a wakeup experience in and of itself. 2. Stay away from inclement weather. Getting into and out of your tent in inclement weather is not only unpleasant, but it may also be dangerous in severe weather conditions. It’s possible that you’ll have to bundle up with all you have in cold weather or cover up in the rain simply to use the public restrooms.

In extremely cold situations, a pee bottle can be used as a little hand or foot warmer.


If you’re one of those unfortunate people who needs to go to the bathroom numerous times during the night, this is the most convenient way to do it without waking up your spouse or yourself.

Pee Bottle Options

No one likes to carry around additional baggage. There are a number of lightweight DIY pee bottle choices available that will only add a few ounces to your pack weight. Make an effort to keep them inexpensive and disposable. You should keep in mind that you could already have some:) Bottles of water: Gatorade and Powerade bottles are excellent choices. You can also employ aNalgene or aHydrapak Stash to your advantage. They feature a large enough capacity to retain the waste you will release during the night, as well as a tight-fitting cover to eliminate the danger of a leak.

  1. Bags that can be sealed: A plastic bag with a tight-fitting zip or screw closure.
  2. These bags are lightweight, flexible, and easily transportable.
  3. * Women:It is true that using a bottle in your sleeping bag is a little more difficult for women than it is for males.
  4. Gravity, on the other hand, is often the more difficult obstacle to overcome here.

Consider them to be specialized funnels designed specifically for the female anatomy. These let women to stand and pee without the need to remove any (or very little) clothes, exactly like males do. They come in a variety of designs and are all reusable and machine washable.

A Few Last Tips

  • Make sure the bottle’s mouth is, shall we say, sufficiently large. Keep in mind that you will be lying down in a sleeping bag, half-asleep, and very exhausted. Maintaining a secure mouth will aid in keeping things clean
  • Maintain things hygienic. The business of containing and storing urine might be a filthy one. Replace your bottle or container on a regular basis if at all possible. either that or to carefully wash it as often as possible
  • Make sure to label your bottle or store it in an easily accessible location in your tent, away from your drinking water. We don’t want anyone to be misled in any way. I’m not going to pretend it hasn’t occurred before


Hate leaving the tent to pee at night

My camping experience has been hampered by having to wake up in the middle of the night to go outdoors and pee. Sometimes it’s too chilly, and other times I’m afraid of tripping over something in the dark. What should I do in this situation? — Anonymous, from Tampa, Florida A. I’ve come up with a fantastic option for you. Every outdoor adventurer should be aware of the importance of staying hydrated while on the road. So continue to drink your water as much as possible. However, it is likely that you will need to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

I prefer to utilize wide-mouth containers, such as an empty Gatorade bottle, for this purpose.

When I’m finished, I tighten the top of the tent and place it outside the tent entrance to dry.

When you’re sharing a tent with someone, it’s a good idea to check in with them first to make sure they’re on board with your restroom plans before pulling out the old bottle of toilet paper.

Can I Pee in a Bottle If I’m Stuck in a Tent?

In preparation for your first lengthy backpacking trip, you may be concerned about what to do if you wake up in the middle of the night with a sudden urge to relieve yourself of your bladder. It’s possible that you don’t want to stomp around in the dark looking for a suitable urinal site, or that you’re trapped in your tent due to inclement weather. Alternatively, you may be concerned about your ability to squat when out and about. When you’re hiking, your knees feel good, but when you’re bending at 90 degrees or more, they don’t.

The Art of Peeing in a Container

Whether you believe it or not, peeing in a bottle is always the best answer, no matter what the scenario is. With a little effort, most of us can get enough control over our urine stream to be able to urinate into a wide-mouth water bottle if we can get the container near enough to us. Other options include the use of recyclable plastic food containers and zip-close plastic bags, among others. You may even purchase specialized plastic bags that will transform your pee into an odorless, biodegradable gel that you can dispose of.

  1. If you don’t like the notion of using a disposable device (even if the Stand Up is biodegradable), you can experiment with any number of reusable devices, such as thesea.
  2. Practice at home to acquire a sense of what you’re most comfortable with before going out.
  3. Of course, if you’re out in the wilderness, you might have to take your trousers off to go to the bathroom.
  4. However, if you ever find yourself in the unfortunate situation of sharing a tent with someone to whom you do not like to expose your bare bottom, you should investigate the wonderful world of urine directors or the “coat around the waist” pee technique.

It also works in a tent, as long as there is enough space to bend your back and squat comfortably.

After You Go

Following that, you may either rinse with a little water or wipe off with whatever you’ve selected as your pee towel to finish the job. And keep in mind that wiping from front to back is even more critical when you’re in the wilderness, where you’re likely to be distant from medical assistance if you have an incipient urinary tract infection (UTI). In addition, at least one urine director, the Lady J, is available with an optional jug for storing pee. If possible, we like to make existing products multi-task, but if you’re concerned about peeing in a tent, having this purpose-built interface makes it simple to catch pee every time.

Thank you for informing us about this!

Any tips to reduce chance that I have to get up and pee in the night (not counting dehydration, of course)

12k times it has been asked and seen So, here’s how things stand right now. You’re on an outdoor excursion during the winter. It’s freezing outside, and after a hard day at the office, all you want to do is get into your warm sleeping bag and not come out until the next morning. Unfortunately, you have to get up and out of your tent again quickly after reaching the comfort of your tent because you have the desire to urinate. The obvious remedy of peeing shortly before bed does not appear to be effective, since the act of warming up in the sleeping bag appears to induce a second round of peeing to take place.

Do you have any suggestions?

  • Before you go to sleep, take a bowel movement. People neglect to keep themselves warm and well-rested, which may seem apparent to some. You might wake up in the middle of the night needing to pee, or you can wake up in the middle of the night needing to pee but not being able to go back asleep. The more soundly you sleep, the more probable it is that you will be able to sleep through the occasional urge to urinate
  • Avoid drinking a lot of liquid in the evening. If you drink a litre of anything simply because it tastes good, you know where that litre will end up:-)
  • Don’t starve yourself, but don’t overindulge yourself either:-)
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A pee jar, in my opinion, is a bad concept, especially when it comes to children. It would only result in urine being splattered all over the tent in one way or another. Not wanting to wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom is a terrific motivation, and if you don’t get up in the middle of the night at home, you shouldn’t have to get up in the middle of the night when camping. answered 2nd of May, 2013 at 12:22 p.m. Kate Gregory is a young woman who lives in the United Kingdom.

68 bronze medals3 were awarded.

That is something I would prefer not to do.

answered At 23:08 on May 1, 2013, Don Branson is a businessman and philanthropist.

  1. In addition to what has previously been stated, pee and avoid drinking before bed
  2. If you need to, have a bowel movement in the evening as well. Urination can be triggered by the full rectum pushing on the bladder. Avoid eating a lot of fruits, beans, and other foods that might create gas, which can also cause urination, for the same reason. Avoid consuming excessive amounts of salt. After many hours, sodium helps to maintain water in your body
  3. But, during the night, your kidneys will eliminate both the extra sodium and the water, which will most likely cause you to wake up and urinate
  4. In a sleeping bag, you can keep yourself warm. Low temperatures cause the excretion of urine, which is referred to as “cold diuresis.” Keeping my feet warm is quite important, at least for me. Before you go asleep, try to feel at peace with yourself since anxiety might cause you to urinate more frequently.

There are several other reasons of frequent urination and nocturia (urination at night) solved the question of frequent urination At 16:49 on September 10, 2014, 3 bronze badges and 11 silver badges were awarded in the month of January. All middle-aged and older guys who prefer not to get up in the middle of the night should consider utilizing a pee jar, in my opinion. I do this all the time at home, and it takes me only a few minutes to get out of bed to do it. A wide-mouth salsa jar is ideal since it has a tight-fitting cover that prevents any unwanted ingredients from escaping.

  1. I was getting yellow urine deposits in the jar, which I would clean out with a Brillo pad every now and again, but I recently started placing a little dab of hand soap in the jar with a small amount of water and shaking this up on the way back to the bedroom, and it has worked well.
  2. I was also planning to experiment with a tiny quantity of vinegar as a deposit preventer, but the soap seems to be effective.
  3. One advantage of using a jar is that it causes less disruption to my sleep and is far less likely to wake up my wife, even if she is in another room with the jar.
  4. on July 12, 2015 Disclosure- GottaTinkle!
  5. It is important to note that, unlike funnels, GottaTinkle!
  6. Rather, it is designed to carry a little ziplock-style bag.
  7. Our SUV, tent when camping, and small fishing boat have all benefited from its use when we didn’t want to get into the water to get anywhere.

Device for Female Urination (WomanChildren Can Pee Standing-Up) YouTube.

answered At 3:094 p.m.

One idea that has remained popular, though it has been challenged, describes how it works in the following manner: Your body will seek to decrease heat loss by narrowing blood vessels and decreasing blood flow to the surface of the skin when your temperature begins to drop.

As a result, your kidneys will remove extra fluid from your body in order to lower your blood pressure, causing you to have to go to the bathroom.

LaceyLacey211 bronze badge1 (LaceyLacey211) It is fairly typical for climbers and trekkers to use a pee bottle, especially in the winter and during inclement weather.

I’ll have something to pee in at night or during storms, such as a Gatorade bottle or something similar. Here’s a conversation among travelers with plenty of experience. answered @ 1:08 p.m. on March 7, 2016

Not the answer you’re looking for? Browse other questions taggedwinter-campingorask your own question.

When you use this female urination system when camping or trekking, you will be able to pee like a man. The most of the time, Eric writes the postings on my site, but today I have something special for all of us ladies. For those who do not want to go camping because they do not want to deal with outhouses or walking to the restroom in the middle of the night, this is an excellent alternative.

How do I pee while camping without a bathroom?

Let’s all agree that males have it pretty good when it comes to urinating, shall we? It saves them the trouble of dealing with filthy toilet seats, and they can just pee on a tree while out in the middle of the woods if need be. “The world is my toilet!” comments Eric on a regular basis. To purchase the shirt, simply click on the image. In fact, he has been known to spray down a tree or two when we are out camping or hiking, so be careful where you let him pee. Some would consider this to be nasty or uncivilized, but those individuals are most likely not engaged in an active outdoor lifestyle.

I really want to be able to stand up and pee like a man!

Female Urinal

I discovered an incredible tool that allows me to pee anywhere I want, whenever I want, and as a result, I am no longer envious of guys while we are camping and don’t have access to a restroom facility. It is a female urination gadget, as the name implies. It is a molded silicone funnel that inserts against the vaginal wall to simulate a penis, allowing you to pee like a male without having to go to the bathroom. Get your mind out of the gutter, since it is not a sexually transmitted disease.

  • There is a fantastic one on the market called Go Girl, which is constructed of a somewhat thicker silicone than the others.
  • I decided to acquire this low-cost four-pack of urinary funnels to experiment with.
  • a girl and a urinal My lady urinals are kept in a number of different locations.
  • This product was brought to my attention by a camping companion who enjoys geocaching.
  • During a recent treasure search in which they were deep in the woods, she was delighted to report that it had prevented her from wetting her pants.
  • I, on the other hand, have solutions.

How do you pee like a guy standing up?

What is the procedure? To position the funnel against your vagina, you must first lower your pants and underwear enough in the front to allow you to do so. There is no need to open and close your drawer completely! Is it effective in the long run? Yes, and it is quite simple to use. What can I do to refrain from peeing on my own arse? Simply stretch your feet apart and keep them in position, and you will remain dry.

Is it safe to use in an outhouse? Yes! I really prefer to stand in the porta potty while it is in use rather than sit on the uncomfortable porta potty seat. Does it make a difference which way the funnel is pointed? The fact that I can use it in both ways is not a problem.

How to Pee at Night without Leaving the Tent

Is it possible to use this inside a tent? Yes! It may be used to pee into a container. I keep mine in a 32-ounce food storage jar. Whenever I have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, I just use the yogurt cup right there in the trailer or tent and pee into it, then replace the cover on the cup. I’ve also made use of a soda bottle. The next morning, I will empty the container and thoroughly rinse it, as well as the funnel. How do you clean it up after you’ve used it? That is a little more difficult.

  1. While out on the trail, I simply place the funnel and used tissue into a zipped sandwich bag after each use to protect them from the elements.
  2. If you leave it in a closed container or baggie for an extended period of time, it will begin to smell.
  3. Is it a humiliating experience to use?
  4. We all have to go, so why not make the most of it?
  5. When there are other people present, I have no problem with using it.
  6. It is not required to expose oneself in order to make use of this product.
  7. In the event that you have any further queries concerning this female urinary gadget, please let me know.
  8. There’s no longer any need to be afraid of going camping without a restroom!

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It’s impossible to go back once you’ve been compelled to pee in front of other people due to circumstances beyond your control. I came to this realization in the year 2000, when squatting on the side of Mt Aconcagua in Argentina, in full view of a campground, and dropping my dacks to go to the bathroom. I felt emancipated as soon as I completed the task. It took me a while to realize that the effects of altitude were what enabled me to commit such heinous actions. After that incident, I found myself weeing close to a track on Tasmania’s South Coast, simply because I could.

The vast majority of people are so kind and considerate that they will not look.

Despite the fact that my teenage children are horrified by the idea of me weeing in public, I have found the experience to be really freeing.

Squatting in public places, however, is not the only wee-related skill you’ll need to acquire if you want to be a dedicated Wild Woman.

While camping in harsh weather conditions, where it’s too cold, windy, or hazardous to leave your tent, you learn additional valuable skills such as weeing into a zipper-lock bag and utilizing a wee funnel.

The zip-lock bag technique

Weeing in a zip-lock bag takes some practice, but here are some pointers to make the process a little smoother the first time: Hercules sandwich-sized bags are the most effective since they are sturdy, have powerful zips, and can store a significant amount of liquid. There are many different techniques, but you’ll only spill once before you work out, so zip up the bag BEFORE you put your clothes on. Even though I prefer to keep my actions away from my sleeping bag, I’ve heard of ladies who are so proficient that they can pee without ever having to come out of their bags.

When you’re finished, place the pee bag outside the tent and inside a second bag in case the first one leaks.

Don’t forget to toss the contents into the trash in the morning, then clean and save the bag for future use.

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Wee funnels

A wee funnel is simply a penis that can be detached. Essentially, these are specifically formed attachments that are meant to fit tightly over your labia and route the pee stream down a tube, into a container, or out into the ground. They are particularly useful when driving through remote areas where there are no toilets or where the toilets are too disgusting to use, and they are absolutely necessary in extreme cold environments such as Mt Elbrus or Mt Aconcagua, where removing your pants could result in a frost-bitten arse if you don’t have a pair of pants on.

  • Because it is the most effective, we recommend the ‘Freshette’ brand.
  • Several years before we found commercially made little funnels, Brigitte Muir, the first Australian woman to climb the Seven Summits, taught us how to use one.
  • We didn’t put in enough practice time.
  • When she lost her balance, she stumbled over her crampons and poured the unwelcome liquid down the inside of her jeans, everything appeared to be going swimmingly for her.
  • Everything seemed to be going smoothly at first, then the stress on the elastic in my thick thermals got too much and the garment flipped backwards, allowing the urine to run down the inside of my pants.
  • Fortunately, the weather was pleasant!

Seriously, though, being able to pee while standing up and without freezing is a valuable ability while living at high altitude. If you drink less, you could think you won’t be as thirsty as you are now; nevertheless, this is not a good idea because drinking helps with acclimatisation.

Here are some tips for wee funnels:
  • Begin by practicing at home, first in the toilet, and then fully outfitted in all of your extreme weather gear. If it’s feasible, watch how males shake their heads and imitate their movements. It will keep your pee funnel as clean as possible till you have the opportunity to rinse it in the nearby stream
  • And Wearing tight elastic or high waists in any of your layers is not recommended, nor should you make alterations to the front of your pants so that they all open like a fly.

While on most excursions, the most severe bathroom situation you’ll encounter is crouching in a less-than-private spot or dealing with a nasty drop toilet. Fortunately, there are some solutions. And I believe you are up to the challenge!

Camping: To Pee or Not to Pee….

. in the form of pee bottles? The question is, what do you do? I’m not as youthful as I used to be (this is an apparent statement), and as I get older, I see that my physical characteristics are changing. I now have to wear reading glasses, which is a new experience for me, and one that is taking some getting used to! Yet another, and maybe more relevant, example for this blog article is my current inability to occasionally make it through the night without needing to go to the bathroom! While this is an annoyance, I do not consider it to be a significant problem while I am at home.

  • When I DO need to ‘go,’ it is simply a quick walk to the bathroom in my warm, carpeted home, and the process does not interfere with my sleep pattern in any significant way.
  • only to go to the bathroom is more of a nuisance than anything else.
  • However, on colder nights, I have to put on my down jacket and some footwear before I can exit my tent to pee in order to prevent my body temperature from dropping too much.
  • After climbing back into your bag, you’ve likely woken up from the exertion and cold, and you’ll need to attempt sleeping again.
  • in this weather?
  • You can follow the conversation on Twitter by clicking here.
  • I had previously used an old sports drink bottle that I had sitting around, and although it fulfilled the objective of providing a change of scenery, it was pretty enormous and hefty, and hence not very discrete.

It’s a little bit bulky and not very discreet.

I tried everything from urinating in a corner of your tent to peeing out your tent door to excavating a dedicated ‘latrine’ 60ft away from my shelter – none of these were suitable for my needs.

Peeing on the floor of my tent is definitely not an option for me, especially in the winter when the ground is hard and won’t absorb the liquid!

This is not comfortable!

In addition, the UL (Ultralight) choices I’ve heard about are far too fussy, and while lowering weight is something we all strive for, not all UL solutions are effective in practice, as I’ve discovered.

Is there an example of the UL approach to ‘pee bottles’ that you can share?

However, I’ve tried this approach in the past and found it to be unsuitable for my requirements, and as a result, the weight savings touted in the article are not feasible.

This is my solution.

So, after determining that none of the many choices offered by other travelers were acceptable for my needs, I came to the conclusion that a genuine, dedicated pee bottle was what I required.

An expanding bottle for those long winter nights when I might need to urinate more than once, a wider aperture to avoid “mistakes” and eliminate the need to “aim,” and something more unobtrusive were all things I was looking for.

Not a perfect answer, but at 72g it isn’t exactly a burden, and thanks to its large aperture, I don’t even have to get out of my sleeping bag to go to the bathroom any longer!

The bottle is compacted to approximately the same size as a fizzy drink can and can be stashed discretely in my bag without being mistaken for any other bottle I may be carrying.

In the case of nighttime toilet requirements when wildcamping, what is your solution? Comments are always welcome.

The Pee Bottle and Pee Funnel

The Pee Bottle and the Pee Funnel are two different things “data-image-caption=”The Pee Bottle and the Pee Funnel” data-image-caption=”The Pee Bottle and the Pee Funnel” “ “ “> The following is an example of a formalized formalized formalized

The Flats, Ingraham Glacier, Mount Rainier – 10:00 p.m.

It’s the night before your summit push, and you’re laying awake in your tent, thinking about what you’re going to do. In the tent next to you, your tentmate is fast sleeping. After supper, adrenaline and anxious energy made it difficult for you both to relax, especially when the sun was still high in the sky in the Pacific Northwest when you retired to your respective beds at 7:30 p.m. for the obscenely early wake-up you knew was ahead. However, after a few minutes of chit-chat, you were able to pass off into a fitful slumber, despite the constant howl of the winds howling across Ingraham Flats.

After supper, you lie there immobile, scolding yourself for being so conscientious about staying hydrated.

After all, who should be forced to pick between a cup of soup and a cup of hot cocoa?

How come you didn’t make one more trip to the approved pee place before retiring for the evening?

On top of that, an ominous drop into the unfathomable chasms that await just below camp is looming on the gentle slope of the Ingraham Glacier (which was so wonderful for those Instagram-worthy images of Little Tahoma you captured earlier!) It’s no surprise that your guides instructed you to call out to them if you needed to leave the tent in the middle of the night.

  • The first is to lay here miserable for the next two and a half hours till it’s time to get up and go.
  • You’ll just get ready in a jiffy and dash off to the bathroom before anyone else can catch up.
  • Finding a resting posture where gravity isn’t doing such a number on your dangerously full bladder is the next step.
  • After a few minutes of contemplation, you recall something: an empty Gatorade bottle that you had drained while driving to the trailhead the day before, which you had tucked in the bottom of your pack and had completely forgotten about until this moment.
  • You rummage around in your bag for a bit and are able to easily identify the item thanks to the duct tape you used to separate it from your other water bottles when packing.

The bottle is now sealed and ready to be emptied in the morning at the chosen place, which will take another 10 seconds to complete. It is then with great pleasure that you burrow back into the cozy folds of your sleeping bag and fall off to sleep for another 2 precious hours.

Why We Love Pee Bottles and Pee Funnels

Despite the fact that the narrative is written with a lighthearted tone, the idea is completely factual! There are various reasons why having pee bottle/funnel skillssupplies (as needed on the pee funnel) with you might be really beneficial:

  1. Safety. There will be no fumbling about in dark, unknown, and perhaps dangerous territory. Remember that even safe, soft snow may freeze solid at night, creating a slippery and very deadly surface
  2. Be Mindful of Your Environment. slamming shelter doors, unzipping zippers, or allowing cold air to enter (both on entry and leave!) are prohibited. Your tent mates will be grateful to you. More sleep is needed. Because dehydration to prevent peeing in the middle of the night is not an option, greater sleep leads to higher physical performance
  3. Comfort. You never have to leave the comfort of your tent, you don’t have to put on freezing boots, and you can get back to sleep almost immediately. Let’s be honest about this. We all sleep better when our bladders are empty.

The Equipment

In terms of materials, any wide-mouthed container will suffice. Some people like a 28 oz Gatorade bottle (which is lightweight! ), which they can drink on the way to the trailhead and then preserve until they get there. Some individuals use hard-sided Nalgenes, which are preferable in the mountains since they prevent undesirable fractures. Others choose to utilize the foldable version, which may be particularly convenient while traveling. The minimum volume container recommended for use with collapsible bottles is 1.5 liters.

In the dark, a duct tape wrap around the selected bottle is useful since you can feel the difference between them.

Make certain that whatever funnel you get does not have any type of filter of any sort.

It’s also a good idea to keep a tiny hand sanitizer bottle nearby for easy access.

Skills are Learned

In most cases, climbers do not arrive at their first climb adept and familiar with the use of a water bottle and a water funnel. It is vital that you practice with these items before your vacation! The first time you use a pee bottle or a pee funnel is not a good experience when you are high on a mountain. If you don’t have enough time to travel to the outdoors, the shower makes an excellent practice site. Unfortunately, we’ve seen a lot of people make the mistake of using a pee bottle and pee funnel for the first time, with disastrous outcomes.

As a result of these resources and expertise, you are now officially prepared to hydrate without hesitation on your next climb!

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