How To Pack Up Your Kelty Tn2 Tent

How To Pack Up Your Kelty Tn2 Tent

Kelty’s Dirt Motel 2 Tent – New Version Replacement For TN2 | Dirt Motel 2 Tent | Kelty.

Is Kelty a good tent brand?

Kelty tents are the best choice for camping and backpacking trips because of their lightweight design. Their price is often less expensive than the tents from the above-mentioned companies, but they are also heavier and less appropriate for use in adverse weather conditions. Kelty also manufactures high-quality tarps in addition to tents.

What is the best brand of tents?

The following are our top selections for the best tent manufacturers: Hilleberg. Agnes the Great. MSR. Vango. The North Face is a brand of outdoor clothing. Black Diamond is a rare and valuable gemstone. Alpkit. Nemo.

How heavy should your backpacking tent be?

In general, a tent should weigh roughly 2.5 pounds per person, according to the manufacturer. It’s important to remember that while hiking with a group of people, you may divide the weight of the tent, rain cover, and poles among the participants.

Are core tents good quality?

CORE tents are often more expensive than Coleman tents, but they are typically constructed with a few additional features than a comparable Coleman tent, and they are meant to be waterproof. CORE tents are noted for their great construction quality and are intended for campers who like spending time outdoors.

Are Big Agnes tents good?

Designed for individuals who seek more room and comfort than lighter hiking tents can provide, the Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL2 is a high-performance two-door backpacking tent from Big Agnes. It receives our Editors’ Choice Award for its exceptional execution of a sound concept, which results in a large, lightweight shelter with a lot of space.

Can I machine wash my tent?

We do not recommend that you wash your camping tent. Since of this, you should never machine wash a tent in a top loading washer because it may cause damage to the tent. Tent and fabric seams can be torn apart by washing machines, which can also melt textiles and delaminate waterproofing. Even while your tent may be washed in a front-loading washer, it is nearly always preferable to wash it by hand instead.

Who make the best quality tents?

Brands of Tents to Consider Coleman, M.S.R. Agnes the Great. Kelty. The North Face is a brand of outdoor clothing. Black Diamond is a rare and valuable gemstone. Nemo. Nemo was a latecomer to the outdoor market, having only entered in 2002, when it was already oversaturated. Mountaineering in the Alps. Alps Mountaineering was established in 1993 and has been producing high-quality outdoor gear ever since.

How much does a good tent cost?

The majority of tents range in price from $35 to $1000. The cost of a tent will vary depending on the size, weight, and features of the tent. The process of determining how much money to spend revolves around analyzing your requirements and choosing a tent that meets those requirements. Despite the fact that the relationship is not perfect, the more money you spend on a tent, the bigger tent you will normally receive.

Where is the best place to buy a tent?

Are you in a hurry? The following are the finest websites to purchase tents online: Sierra Trading Post,,, REI Co-op, Campmor, Backcountry Edge, and many more.

Are Big Agnes tents worth the money?

The Big Agnes Copper Spur 3 tent is a real 2-3 person trekking tent that is well worth considering if you are looking for a true backpacking tent.

In order to withstand the elements, it is constructed with a favorable weight-to-space ratio and a sturdy frame.

What are the four different types of tents?

What are the many types of tents available? Tent in the shape of a dome. Eric Bergdoll captured this image. Tent with an A-Frame structure. The A-frame tent, which was formerly highly popular due to its straightforward construction, is shaped like a capital A, as its name indicates. Tent with many rooms. Tent for Backpacking. Temporary geodesic and semi-geodesic structures Tent that pops up. Tent in the shape of a tunnel. Tent that can be inflated.

Where Are Big Agnes tents made?

Camping Equipment headquartered in Steamboat Springs, Colorado The name of the firm was inspired by Big Agnes Mountain, which is located just north of Steamboat Springs, where the company’s headquarters are located. Tent manufacturer and retailer Big Agnes is celebrating its 17th year of producing and selling award-winning tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and camping chairs.

Are Olpro tents any good?

4.0 stars out of 5 for this product The tent has a beautiful layout and size, as well as some amazing features; it’s just a bummer about the poles. My recent purchase of the Wichenford was the culmination of a lengthy search for an 8-person tent. When the tent is fully erected, it looks wonderful and is really roomy.

How do you put a Kelty tent on a Ridgeway?

Ensure that the tent’s floor is taut by pulling on either end of the tent’s floor. Pinch pegs into the ground loops of the tent with a rock to secure them. Stake the floor mat to the ground in front of the screen room door, and place the mat in the same location as the door. Place the fly on the tent and make adjustments until the fly’s form is consistent with the tent’s overall shape.

Should you wash a tent?

Given that a tent represents a significant investment in camping equipment, the longer it lasts, the better. Andy recommends that you wash your tent should the following situations occur: It has a soiled appearance: A little dust doesn’t necessitate a thorough cleaning after every trip, but if your tent is exceptionally caked in dirt or if you’ve left dirt to accumulate for an extended period of time, it’s time to wash it.

What is the best cheap tent?

Tents for Camping at an Affordable Price: 25 of the Best Wenzel Klondike Tent — Sleeps up to 8 people. ALPS Mountaineering is a mountaineering organization based in the United Kingdom. Meramac Tent for Two People. Coleman Hooligan Tent – Sleeps 2 People Tent for two people by Yodo, made of lightweight material. A basic dome tent for four people from Amazon. The Ozark Trail Family Cabin Tent – 10 Person is a great value. Extended Dome Tent – CORE Extended Dome Tent – 9 Person.

Should I get a 1 or 2 person tent?

Even if a one-person tent may suffice, a tarp may require an area large enough to accommodate two people in order to lay their things out below it. Two-person tents are ideal since they provide ample space for all of your belongings. If you choose a one-person tent, you may not have enough space to keep your belongings dry in the event of rain.

Can you wash a tent footprint?

After each camping trip, you’ll need to wash down the footprint of your tent to keep it looking clean and fresh.

Using cold water and a sponge, wash them thoroughly, and if the dirt does not come off with the water alone, use a tent-specific wash. The coating on your footprint will not be degraded by using a tent-specific wash.

Do Big Agnes tents leak?

Tents that provide solar protection Tents may be destroyed by ultraviolet rays. Exposure to ultraviolet light eats away at coatings and damages textiles, leaving them brittle and more susceptible to leakage and ripping.

How do you care for a Big Agnes tent?

Warm water should be used to damp down your tent, which you may do in the shower, bath tub, or backyard. Use a tent-specific wash to clean your tent. Using the soap and sponge, gently lather your tent in preparation for use. Remove it from the water and carefully rinse it. It should be hung up to dry. When your tent is completely dry, fold or stuff it and stow it in a stuff sack as large as you can manage.

Kelty TN2 Review: Backpacking Tents

When it comes to tent features, the Kelty TN2 includes all of the essentials that you will require in varied weather conditions. The color coding and connected poles make assembly simple, and the mesh walls keep it cool and airy. You can also lower the 3,000 mm Nylon fly on chilly nights or wet ones to keep it more comfortable. While the Kelty TN2 does not stand out in any one area when compared to its competitors, it performs admirably in all of the areas for which it was designed. As a result, it is an excellent generalist at a somewhat cheaper price than its competitors.

Key Features

  • Stargazing The fly folds back for unhindered evening views and may be quickly deployed for coverage if the weather changes without having to depart the tent. The freestanding tent body is equipped with two doors, a color-coded clip design, taped floor seams, mesh wall panels, internal storage pockets, and DAC technology. Jake’s Foot tiny pole attachments are made of rubber. Rainfly has two vestibules, taped seams, DAC Jake’s Foot attachments, airflow vents, welded transparent windows, noiseless zipper pulls, and guyout points
  • It also has DAC Jake’s Foot attachments. Included are aluminum DAC® Pressfit poles with a firmly fastened, pressed-in ferrule, guaranteeing that the poles will stay strong and dependable for years to come
  • And

Category Scores

81 percent of people prefer comfort and liveability. Weather Resistance (61 percent) and Durability (76 percent) 49 percent of the total weightPacked size 81 percent of respondents said it was simple to set up.

  • Fly with a stargazing motif
  • Two-doors with noiseless zippers
  • Setup is simple, and there is plenty of headroom.

Conclusion: This is a decent beginner tent that will not break the wallet. Despite this, the size and weight of the packaged unit are a little disappointing.

Hands on Review

Something special happens when you leave the conveniences of four walls and a roof behind and head out on the trail. It’s called “trailing.” It’s called freedom, and it’s much tastier than a piece of candy. You are well aware of this. You’ve poured this taste into your coffee while looking out over a foggy lake or when perched high on a jagged mountain crag, facing the wind full on. There is no such thing as a path to happiness; pleasure itself is the route. However, without the proper equipment, it is impossible to navigate that course securely.

When you can, you bring the glitzy devices, and when you can’t, you bring the bare essentials.

You’ll need to invest in a high-quality tent.

To determine whether or not the Kelty TN2 TrailLogic tent is the correct choice for you, we’ve conducted a thorough evaluation of the tent itself.


One of the most significant advantages of the TN2 is the amount of headroom it provides. In the center of the tent, the walls rise almost vertically to a 42-inch height, and the little half pole that runs across the crossing poles provides a generous amount of room above you. As a result, you will be able to move about freely without worrying about straining or ripping the nylon with any sharp things that may or may not be attached to your body. This may appear to be a frivolous indulgence, but for anybody who has spent a significant amount of time in the great outdoors, things can become stressful very quickly.

Kelty’s length of 83 inches has been deemed to be a bit liberal by some backpackers.

When compared to other tents, this one is a touch too short for backpackers above 6’1″.

The TN2 is just 27.5 square feet in size, but most tents are closer to 30 square feet.

It does, however, reach a greater height than most at 42 inches. When it’s hot and humid, or when it’s wet, you’ll find the fly to be quite breathable. In the next part, we’ll go into additional detail about the nylon material.

Weather Resistance

When it comes to weather resistance, waterproofing is the most important factor to consider. The fly of the TN2 is 1800 mm in length, while the floor is 3000 mm in length. It’s true that this isn’t the most water-resistant tent on the market, but it’s still pretty darn decent for the money. Unfortunately, nylon is not inherently waterproof; it requires an extra coating to be waterproofed. Given enough time, this coating will begin to degrade and you will need to reapply it to maintain its effectiveness.

  • On the basis of these characteristics, you should avoid taking this tent to Scotland, any tropical jungle, or India during the rainy season.
  • There is typically a direct relationship between waterproofing and breathability, with the exception of some high-end materials such as cuben fiber or non-woven Dyneema.
  • When you’re out in the woods, may there always be more of the latter in your life.
  • We noted before that we enjoy this tent because of the additional headroom it provides.
  • If you expect anything close to gale-force winds, either carry some reinforced stakes with you or consider an alternative plan of action altogether.
  • If you use it to camp in the winter, you’re not going to have as much fun as you think you will.
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When it comes to the poles, you should expect to receive a lot of use out of them. The Dongah Aluminum Corporation, a Korean company that has been in the business since 1997, manufactures the poles for the TN2. Like a blade of grass blowing in the wind, their aluminum alloy is light, resilient, and flexible, just like them. The Pressfit method of attaching tent poles ensures that the poles are straight and tightly joined, reducing the likelihood of cracking or stress fractures occurring. The floor is constructed of nylon 70D 3000 mm in thickness.

That appears to be reasonably durable.

The internal walls of the tent, on the other hand, are made of a basic mesh.

Some trekkers have noticed that the fly window has separated from the fly in their backpacks.

This is a rare occurrence, though, and Kelty will correct the situation if you return the tent to him. The only thing you’ll have to do is reapply waterproofing at some point, and this tent should last you for several seasons.

WeightPacked Size

This is not a category in which the Ketly TN2 excels. It weights 4 lbs, 4 ounces, and can be packed down to 14 inches in length and 11 inches in diameter. This may not appear to be particularly large or burdensome, but while you’re packing your belongings, every pound and square inch matters. It is roughly twice as hefty as conventional tents, making the TN2 an excellent choice for backpacking. The Nemo Blaze 2p Ultralight, for example, weighs 2 lbs. 7 oz., while the Tarptent Double Rainbow weighs 2 lbs.

  1. The Tarptent Double Rainbow weighs 2 lbs.
  2. However, there are some areas where a line should be drawn.
  3. Some excellent tents are as heavy as or even heavier than the TN2 despite their superior quality.
  4. The Hilleberg Anjan 2 weighs 4 lbs 1 oz.
  5. Many lightweight tents are not self-supporting, which means they must be anchored into the ground to provide stability and support.
  6. Others continue to utilize cloth that is extremely lightweight but also prone to tearing or burning.

Ease of Set Up

The setup of this tent is simple, and it is color-coded to make it easy to find. Two similar poles form an x, which allows the tent to be stretched out into a basic square shape. Another rod goes horizontally over the top of the x, which helps to stretch the walls apart. You will be able to set up this tent in the dark, even if you have had a significant amount of whiskey over the last stretch of the day. Another significant advantage is the fact that you can raise and lower the fly into stargazing mode just by stretching your arm out the door.


While we appreciated the TN2 for its headroom, the tent’s most significant shortcoming is its lack of floor area. We just feel that it is a smaller tent than many other two-person versions, and we do not suggest it for those above 6’1″. The majority of these tents have a total square footage of around 30 ft. The TN2 has a maximum height of only 27.5 feet. There are 2.5 square feet of unusable area where you will be unable to accommodate yourself or your stuff.

Best Applications

The TN2 is best suited for shorter-term adventures (2-5 nights) such as hiking, kayaking, or vehicle camping. In general, it is a fine all-purpose tent that may get a bit tight if used for lengthy journeys, particularly those in which you may be forced to spend the most of your evenings and mornings inside to avoid the rain.


This tent is neither the cheapest nor the most costly; it is also neither the greatest quality nor the lowest quality available on the market. In terms of price, it is at the lower end of the spectrum, while in terms of quality, it is somewhere in the center of the range. TN2 is a fantastic choice if you don’t want to break the budget or travel through any harsh weather conditions. This is because of the cost-quality ratio. It is remarkable that Kelty was able to incorporate the DAC poles in this tent; they are the highest-quality component of the tent, have shown to be lightweight, sturdy, and durable, and should withstand anything short of a direct lightning strike, alien abduction, or tornado, among other things.

The waterproof ratings of some tents, the majority of which are more expensive than the TN2, are as low as 1500 mm, 1200 mm, or even as low as 1000 mm. TN2 has a water infiltration rate of 1800 mm, which means it should keep you dry for several years before you need to reapply waterproofing.

Other VersionsAccessories

The Kelty TN TraiLogic is now available in three and four-person configurations. If it’s possible, we like a comfortable and spacious setup when we’re out on the trail. Even if you just have a small group of individuals, purchasing larger sizes might be a wise decision. Larger sizes are, of course, more costly than smaller sizes. Kelty also provides a footprint to go along with the tent. Footprints are waterproof ground coverings that are meant to keep groundwater from leaking into the tent and getting you wet from beneath you as you sleep.

The use of a ground sheet will not help you much if you are concerned about water seeping into your tent.

If you’re still concerned about water, you may get a tarp from your local hardware shop and cut it to the appropriate size.

You may use it to construct rain shelters over other campground areas, or you can place your stuff on it in dry circumstances to keep things organized and clean.

Technical Specifications

Best Use Backpacking
Seasons 3-season
Sleeping Capacity 2-person
Minimum Trail Weight 4 lbs. 4 oz.
Fly / Footprint Pitch Weight Not applicable
Packaged Weight 4 lbs. 13 oz.
Packed Size 14 x 11 x 3 inches
Floor Dimensions 83 x 50 inches
Floor Area 27.5 square feet
Vestibule Area 10 + 10 square feet
Peak Height 42 inches
Number of Doors 2 doors
Number of Poles 3
Pole Material DAC aluminum pressfit
Pole Diameter 8.5 millimeters
Canopy Fabric 15-denier no-see-um mesh
Floor Fabric 45-denier nylon
Rainfly Fabric 40-denier coated nylon
Design Type Freestanding


However, while the Kelty TN2 and the Big Agnes Copper Spur are extremely similar tents, the Copper Spur tends to win by a fraction of a point in almost every area. In addition to having an additional square foot and a half of room, it is also one pound lighter, has better and lighter poles, and folds up smaller. In contrast, the Kelty has a better waterproof rating, albeit its fly is more prone to rips than the other two models. The Copper Spur is much more costly than the TN2 in terms of material costs.


In the event that you’re dealing with a really limited budget, thisNorth Face tentmay be more of a necessity than a superior option. It is inexpensive. Its aluminum poles contribute to the weight of 5 lbs. 14 oz., despite the fact that it packs down smaller than the TN2. It also provides an additional three square feet in floor space. Although the waterproof grade is not specified, the fabric is coated polyester, which is typically considered to be a lower-quality fabric than nylon. The Stormbreak is less robust, less weather resistant, and weighs more than the TN2, although it costs less than half as much as the TN2.


The Nemo Hornetis a good alternative if you’re searching for something that’s really light in comparison to other options. It is only two pounds in weight and has a larger capacity than the TN2. When it comes to durability and weather resistance, however, it falls short of the competition. The fly has a waterproofing rating of 1200 mm, but the ground fabric has a rating of just 1500 mm (compared to 3000 with the TN2).

It all comes down to your own choice, size, and the type of hiking you’re interested in doing. Last updated on February 13, 2022 / Affiliate links included / Images sourced from the Amazon Product Advertising API

Kelty TN2 Reviews – Trailspace

Kelty provided an upgrade over a large, hefty tent, but it was not what I had hoped for. Pros I had a three-man ‘backpacking’ tent from Wal-Mart that weighed around 9 lbs and was quite light. Since my kid has been going on camping excursions with his Boy Scout Troop, I wanted, no, need, something smaller and lighter for myself and my family. The only thing I liked about the enormous, heavy tent was that it had zipped windows, which allowed me to lie down and gaze up at the stars before falling asleep.

  1. I took a few steps back and peered around the tents that individuals in the Troop were sleeping in.
  2. Setup is simple, with one hubbed pole that sort of self-assembles itself and one little pole for the fly, both of which are color labeled so you know which end is whose.
  3. Not had it through any major storms yet, so I’m not sure how dry it will remain, but I have had it through a strong wind and a few small raindrops with no problems.
  4. However, after the first time out, the square bag was thrown in the trash and replaced with a stuff sack to keep everything organized.
  5. Now that the tent, fly, and ground cover are all folded up together, it’s a little bit smaller and can be hung from the back of my pack with relative simplicity.
  6. Summer weather that is calm and pleasant may be a different story.
  7. The length of the tent is said to be 6’11”, however even at 6′, I am unable to fit inside it comfortably.

This forces me to sleep diagonally across the tent, and even then I tend to wake up with my feet or head pressed against the tent’s side walls.

Although it weighs over 5 pounds with the footprint, I was aware of this before purchasing it and believed the star gazer was worth the few additional pounds.

Fortunately, it was on sale at the time, so I only spent roughly half the regular amount.

UPDATE 4/26/15: Okay, so after a few of nights in the rain, I was dry on the inside!

Nothing catastrophic, but I was relieved to discover that I could get in and out of the car without getting water inside.

Some tents were in puddles on the second day, and others had soaked floors, damp sleeping bags, and soiled clothes on the third.

Surprisingly, the only water that got into the tent was from my dripping rain gear.


I spent the entire night in a puddle with no access to water in my tent.

Despite the fact that I have not had a good opportunity to utilize the Star Gazer, it is still a bit smaller than I had anticipated and a tiny bit heavier than others, but it has kept me dry and after all, isn’t that what a tent is for?

Kelty TN2 Tent Review

The Kelty TN2 tent is Kelty’s response to the pleas of stargazers everywhere. The tent is equipped with a roll-back flap and see-through mesh walls that allow for uninterrupted 360-degree views of the surrounding area. The roll-back, stargazing top is, without a doubt, the major attraction here. Sure, it affords you magnificent vistas of nature, but does it provide you with any protection from it? The 3TN2 is the apex of the Kelty Trail Logic System, providing living space for two people with a 27.5-foot floor, two doors, and two vestibules while weighing only four pounds.

  1. Camping tent Kelty TN2 Trail Logic for backpacking.
  2. ” sizes=”(max-width: 748px) 100vw, 748px”> sizes=”(max-width: 748px) 100vw, 748px”> What I found appealing You can’t help but like the vista!
  3. While the top is removed, even when lying down flat, your views are unhindered from all directions.
  4. Pitching the tent is a breeze owing to the color-coded poles and clips that make it easy to identify.
  5. Simply insert it into the machine.
  6. You must raise them up to the pole and rotate them on to secure them to the pole in the proper position.
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Data-image-caption=”Kelly TN2 Trail Logic” data-medium-file=”Kelly TN2 Trail Logic” data-large-file=”Kelly TN2 Trail Logic” src=” h=560″ alt=”Kelty TN2 Trail Logic” src=” h=560″ src=” h=560″ srcset=” h=560 748w,h=113 150w,h=225 300w,h=576 768w,1024w” sizes=”(max-width: 748px) 100vw, 748px”> srcset=” h=560 748w,h=113 150w,h=225 300w,h=576 768w,1024w” The quality of life is excellent.

  1. One wide entrance allows for easy access and departure, while a second door gives additional usefulness.
  2. I was able to keep all of my belongings beneath one side of my vestibule, which allowed me to enter and depart without being hindered.
  3. Because it is made of coated nylons and durable nylons, you will not have to take care of it as much as you would with many light weight tents.
  4. The fly is made of a tough 40D ripstop nylon that provides great waterproofing on all sides.
  5. When the tent is properly pitched, it is both durable and stiff.
  6. Condensation was kept to a bare minimum on a hot and humid night in the Smokey Mountains, due to excellent ventilation throughout the tent and vents in the tent’s roof.

The caption for the image is: “Kelty TN2 Trail Logic.” The data-image-caption is: “Kelty TN2 Trail Logic.” The data-medium-file is: “Kelty TN2 Trail Logic.” The data-large-file is: “Src=” h=560″ alt=”Kelty TN2 Trail Logic.” The data-image-caption is: “Kelty ” sizes=” sizes=” sizes=” sizes=” sizes=” (max-width: 748px) 100vw, 748px”>100vw, 748px”> What I didn’t care for I was perplexed by two doors, one of which was luxuriously huge and the other of which was little.

  • I reasoned that if I test the tent, I’ll be able to see why they did what they did.
  • While the second entrance is totally functional, it isn’t quite as convenient as the major huge door on the first floor.
  • The tent came with man out lines and storm stakes, however there were only enough for one side of the tent, which was disappointing.
  • But only a smidgeon of it.

Kelty TN2 Trail Logic, with the top of the bike rolled back The caption for the image is: “Kelty TN2 Trail Logic.” The data-image-caption is: “Kelty TN2 Trail Logic.” The data-medium-file is: “Kelty TN2 Trail Logic.” The data-large-file is: “Src=” h=560″ alt=”Kelty TN2 Trail Logic.” The data-image-caption is: “Kelty ” sizes=”(max-width: 748px) 100vw, 748px”> sizes=”(max-width: 748px) 100vw, 748px”> The bottom lineIt’s no secret that I’m a big supporter of Kelty’s goods.

  1. When I first started hiking, my first nice backpacking tent was a Kelty.
  2. That tent is still standing today, several years after it was built.
  3. The tent is lightweight, well-constructed, and long-lasting.
  4. At $250, it is unquestionably one of the greatest deals available on the market today.
  5. It comes highly recommended.

Please check our about me page for a complete disclosure.

Kelty TraiLogic TN2 Backpacking Tent Review

The answer is something that’s small, light, and shaped like a cube. Kelty’s newTN2tent from theTraiLogicseries is, you guessed it, the subject. With their extensive design experience, Kelty was able to create an innovative lightweight hiking tent at an inexpensive price. I’ve been putting the TN2 through its paces during a spring that has been filled with unforeseen weather, and I’m pleased to report that the tent has held up well. The following are the characteristics of the Kelty TraiLogic TN2 Tent:

  • DAC pressfit poles with color-coded clips for easy installation
  • Floors with taped seams
  • Internal mesh pockets
  • A stargazing fly that is one of a kind. Clear windows that have been double welded
  • Floor and fly are made of 40D nylon. The body of the tent is made of no-see-um netting. Weight when packaged: 4 lbs 9 oz The suggested retail price is $249.95.

TraiLogic TN2 is a backcountry palace for two

One of the primary design considerations for the TN2 was comfort; this tent is really opulent. When you have 27.5 square feet of floor area and an expansive 42 inches of headroom, this is the kind of tent you’d want to be locked up in during a storm for extended periods of time. Additionally, it has many of the technical elements that are often seen in more basic tents, such as a rain fly. A well-balanced, highly useful kit is the outcome for travelers who don’t mind lugging around some additional weight into the mountains on their journeys.

  1. I was pleasantly happy to discover that Kelty included DAC pressfit poles with the TN2 despite the fact that it cost just $249.95.
  2. There are four Jake’s Foot pole connection points on each corner of the tent, which makes the TN2 a very versatile tent.
  3. These connections are also readily hooked onto by the fly, as seen in the photo, making for quick set-up in turbulent situations.
  4. That’s not something you often see on tents at this pricing bracket — Kudos to Kelty for being innovative!
  5. Because the tent is only intended for use during the summer months, it is acceptable that the pole structure is somewhat flimsy.
  6. Although the design generates a large surface area for puddles to gather on the fly during a rainfall, this is not a problem because the main consequence is a vast, airy tent that seems far larger than any other two-person tent I’ve tested.
  7. Despite the fact that I keep saying it, I was actually rather surprised when I initially stepped into the TN2 and saw how spacious it is.

You’ve almost certainly heard about Kelty’s one-of-a-kind Stargazing fly.

Keep in mind that you will have to open the doors and reach around the exterior of the tent to get into the tent.

The fly additionally has two tiny, transparent windows on the front and back.

The vestibule zippers are equipped with a storm flap that is held in place by Velcro patches.

Poor quality control is nothing more sophisticated than the old-fashioned way of doing things.

The TN2 also boasts two big doors, which make entering and exiting the building a breeze for travellers of all ages.

Overall, I enjoy the mood created by the tent — the green fly might make you feel like Kermit if you’re in it for a long period of time, but the sheer volume of space created by the tent makes it a delight to spend time in.

One of the numerous advantages of a side-mounted door is that it’s a snap to just unzip the door and have your goods right at your fingertips while you’re on the go.

As a result of the huge amount of airflow provided by the mesh, condensation is almost non-existent on the mesh surface.

And, of course, on clear evenings, you can just leave that stargazing fly up and you won’t have to worry about a thing.

My real-world experience, on the other hand, has taught me that wet tent walls aren’t much of a problem since there’s so much space that you don’t even need to walk near a tent wall. On the fly, take note of the beginnings of a puddle.

Painting the big picture

As we’ve previously stated, the goal of Kelty’s TraiLogic series was to create a collection of gear that would work admirably on its own or in conjunction with the rest of the TraiLogic series’ other components. We’ve spoken so far about how the TN2 performs on its own, but it’s as crucial to Kelty’s designers that the tent performs admirably when used in conjunction with the rest of the system. What stands out about the TN2 most of all is its distinctive packed shape – Kelty built it with particularly short lengths of DAC poles so that it can be packed into its small cube-shaped packing bag with ease.

When it came to packing, I discovered that I needed to roll the body and fly into bundles of appropriate length in order to get them to fit smoothly into a small package – I found myself cramming the bundles in with cold fingers more often than not this Spring, which resulted in a complete disaster of an outcome.

  1. The cube itself is meant to fit snugly within the PK50’s flexible outer pocket without any movement.
  2. Furthermore, the cube form itself restricts the amount of space you can use to stuff the bag – there is no real flexibility with this approach.
  3. The exterior stuff pocket is all you have, and that’s the extent of your options.
  4. This is a positive development.
  • Excellent materials at a reasonable price range. With nearly vertical walls, the pole configuration offers a feeling of spaciousness. Two large doors allow for easy access and departure during the night
  • An absolute hoot, the stargazing fly is both entertaining and simple to use
  • Color-coded pole corners are uncommon at this pricing bracket, but they are quite useful
  • The ambience is enormously spacious. I’m not sure whether I’ve mentioned it yet
  • Excellent materials at a reasonable price. With nearly vertical walls, the pole configuration gives the impression of being quite spacious. For easy access and leave at night, there are two large doors. It’s great pleasure to use the stargazing fly, and it’s quite easy to use. At this pricing point, color-coded pole corners are rare, but quite useful
  • The environment is quite spacious. Has it occurred to you that I’ve said this before?

The Bottom Line: Kelty TrailLogic TN2

Overall, this is a fantastic tent, especially considering the price. The tent is small and light enough to be carried by any hiker, but its array of functions makes it very appealing for folks who are in it for the scenery and enjoyment rather than to put in long days of 20 miles or more. I appreciate how roomy the tent feels, and I was amazed by the amount of innovation and plain-old superb design that the TN2 demonstrates, but I think that’s to be expected from Kelty. A little quibble exists with regard to the quality control, but generally the TraiLogic TN2 is the most impressive member of the TraiLogic group.

Kelty TraiLogic TN2 Review

Price: $250 (list price) Advantages: Two side doors (one of which is rather large), two vestibules, and plenty of mesh for stargazing. Cons: Setup is difficult with chilly fingers, and there are just a few pockets. Manufacturer:Kelty Our Editors do independent research, testing, and rating of the top items available. We only receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on one of our links. We never accept free things from manufacturers. More information may be found here. The TN2 is loaded with amenities that we believe vehicle campers will appreciate.

Once we got the hang of it, it was also quite simple to set up and take down. On the other side, at more than 5 pounds, it is one of the heaviest tents in the study, and we spent some nights watching rainfall pool on top of the fly, which made us wonder about its weather resilience.

Performance Comparison

There are two side entrances, two vestibules, and a lot of opportunities for stargazing. Photo courtesy of Ben Applebaum-Bauch”> There are two side entrances, two vestibules, and a lot of opportunities for stargazing. Ben Applebaum-Bauch is the photographer.


TheTN2 has a few of extremely good features going for it. It features two side doors that are of varying sizes. One of them is smaller than the ones on theREI Half Dome 2 Plus and theNemo Dagger 2P, despite the fact that it is still fully functioning. It is important to note that the second entrance is enormous, taking up nearly the whole side wall of the tent, which our taller testers found particularly useful. It also makes it very simple to go in and out of the tent without bothering your tentmate.

  1. The extra-wide side entrance on the right.
  2. Photo courtesy of Ben Applebaum-Bauch”> The extra-wide side entrance on the right.
  3. Ben Applebaum-Bauch is the photographer.
  4. Although it measures 84 inches in length, the gentle slant of the end walls gives the impression that it is even shorter than that.
  5. The vestibules feature excellent geometry, which allows for the most efficient use of available space for gear storage.
  6. Ben Applebaum-Bauch is the photographer.
  7. However, although this claim is technically correct — it is simple to roll down the fly — it is not nearly as simple to clip it back into place at the tent corners, and it is not even remotely conceivable to stake out the vestibules again without having to leave the tent.
  8. Prepared for evening viewing, the stargazing fly is eager to take flight.
  9. We also believe that the TN2 may benefit from a few extra storage compartments on the inside.
  10. Given that this model is already approaching five pounds and isn’t a lightweight competitor, it’s a little perplexing that Kelty opted to forego a couple of more ounces of mesh in exchange for a handful of additional pockets on the inside.

There are just two storage compartments in the entire tent, and they are both on the floor. Ben Applebaum-Bauch is the photographer. It is important to note that there are just two storage compartments in the entire tent. Ben Applebaum-Bauch is the photographer.

Ease of Set Up

However, not all of the revolutionary design concepts of Kelty were intuitive to utilize. That it comes with enough sturdy Nobendium stakes (ten in all!) to stake out the entire tent, including the two guy points at the ends of the fly, is a plus in our book. The tent, on the other hand, is asymmetrical, which implies that the position of the poles and fly are important. They are color labeled, which is convenient, but it takes a few tries before you are satisfied that everything is aligned perfectly while you are pitching them.

  1. Ben Applebaum-Bauch is the photographer “No Bendium stakes were included in the price of ten.
  2. Hug clips are included with the TN2 tent body and poles, and they work really well at attaching the tent body to the poles with great strength.
  3. In reality, we discovered that they were sometimes difficult to attach, and that the fly clips in the corners were occasionally difficult to disengage, particularly when our hands and fingers were chilly.
  4. Ben Applebaum-Bauch is the photographer “Attaching a pole hugging clip involves a twist and a little of finesse on your part.
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Weather Resistance

There are various difficulties with the TN2’s weather resilience. The vestibules on this tent fly suffer from the same problem as those on a few other tent flies. To be more specific, the geometry never seems to be exactly right – it’s difficult to keep all sides of the triangle vestibule tight at the same time in this configuration. In a rainfall, this indicates that one side of the umbrella will sag and/or flap in the wind. In addition, the fly only has two little vents, one above each door, which are not very functional.

The roof of the tent is also very flat, which is a nice feature.

Condensation on the interior of the tent will accumulate around the underside of the same location in a similar manner as outside.


This tent holds up well to regular usage and is reasonably priced. Its 70D nylon floor will provide you with a lot of useful service. The primary-pole intersection connector, which is made of plastic, is the only weak place we can identify. In addition to making the poles a bit unwieldy, it has the potential to bend and deform the structure. It serves as a pivot point, allowing the poles to move in the same manner as a pair of scissors. if the poles are split out in the wrong direction, it’s possible that the connection may be damaged.

Chunky pole hubs aren’t something we’re really fond of.

Ben Applebaum-Bauch is the photographer. It is similar to the Nemo Dagger 2P in that it is available in a more quiet green and grey color scheme, which several of our testers have shown a preference for.

Weight and Packed Size

A stuff sack that is less cylindrical and considerably more square in shape than most other tents is included with theTN2. With a weight of 5.12 lbs, it is also a rather hefty candidate in this category. If you’re in this weight range, we recommend spending the extra few ounces on the REI Half Dome 2 Plus, which provides a significant amount of additional space while avoiding some of the other weather resistant drawbacks that theTN2 has. The Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL2, NEMO Dagger 2, Sierra Designs Summer Moon 2, and Kelty TN2 are all available now.

Best Applications

Whether you’re going car camping or on a short backpacking trip where stargazing is a regular activity, the Kelty TN2is a good choice. If you want to spend a significant amount of time in the backcountry, the lighter and roomier Nemo Dagger 2 is our recommendation. If weight isn’t a concern, the REI Half Dome 2 Plusprovides significantly more space and storage for a similar price as the previous model.


This tent represents excellent value for money if you’re searching for a reasonably priced, yet practical, model. It provides a nice set of features at a fair price, and it costs $250. The majority of the canopy of this tent is made of mesh, which allows for excellent ventilation and stargazing. Photo courtesy of Ben Applebaum-Bauch”>The canopy of this tent is primarily made of mesh, which allows for excellent ventilation and stargazing opportunities. Ben Applebaum-Bauch is the photographer.


The Kelty TN2tent has a number of characteristics that make it more livable than other tents on the market. Some of the amenities, such as the “hug clips” and the Stargazing Fly, gave us the feeling that they were gimmicky, which is unfortunate because they detract from what is generally a really good tent overall.

Kelty TN2 Tent Review

Looking for the best tents on the market? Kelty takes the concept of client focus to a higher degree than many other outdoor firms are capable of, and it shows in the brand’s goods and customer service experience. In our daily lives, we are continually inundated with marketing hype that we can either ignore or embrace – we know most of it is “hot air,” but Kelty’s is different. This tent will keep you and your finest disaster first aid kit protected from the elements while you are out in the wilderness.

Kelty doesn’t skip a beat when it comes to tent quality, whether it’s creating some of the top 3-season and 4-season tents or competing in mountaineering competitions with performance athletes and mountaineering gurus.

Looking for something you can transport on the roof of your car?

Our evaluation of the Kelty TN2 tent, which is one of the brand’s best tiny and lightweight tents in its inventory, reveals that it performs above and beyond on practically every level of our materials and field tests, which is a pleasant surprise.

After the break, you can read our in-depth Kelty TN2 TentReview.


Amazon has a price of $204.95. Available:Now Kelty TN2 is the model number. WHY IT’S A TOP SELECTION: In addition to being an excellent blend of weight, durability, adaptability, and price, the Kelty TN2 earned our Editor’s Choice designation as one of the finest backpacking tents for a good reason. Summary: The Kelty TN2 tent is a fantastic lightweight candidate for anyone looking for a tent that packs down small, is fairly priced, and has unique design characteristics to meet a wide range of sleeping preferences and outdoor settings.

  • Simple setup
  • High-quality materials and workmanship
  • Excellent stargazing performance

What We Didn’t Take into Consideration

Kelty TN2 Tent Specifications

Kelty TN2 Tent
Weight lbs 4 oz1125 Sq Ft
Floor Area 27.5 sq ft
Head Height 42 inches
Rating 3-season
Warranty 1 year
Price $204.95
Buy Now

Kelty TN2 Tent Design

In terms of weight, the Kelty TN2 is a tad on the heavy side for an ultralight category tent (it weighs 4lbs 4oz when packed), but the price and the Kelty name more than make up for it. Camping enthusiasts will like the tent’s completely taped seams, which contain a floor made of 70D nylon, a fly made of 40D count Sil Nylon, and a No See-Um mesh wall that lets campers to observe the sky and surrounding scenery while sitting in class with the supplied fly fastened back. As soon as you get the fly rolled back, you can truly unwind and rest.

  1. The use of a distinctive window on the fly allows people to survey the weather while remaining secure and protected.
  2. See our review of the JakPak tent jacket.
  3. DAC Pressfit poles are delivered in a separate stuff sack and are easy to unfold for speedy tent assembly — they are also color-coded with green ends to match the green color-coded Jake’s Foot pole attachments, which are also color-coded green.
  4. Then, with the tent body flat on the ground, attach one side of the Jake’s Foot clips to the poles on one end of the tent, clip the tent hug-clips along the length of each pole length, and last, put the final pole connections into the final foot attachments; it’s that simple.
  5. The Kelty TN2 tent has 27.5 square feet of usable space and 42 inches of head room, making it a more spacious living area than other similar 3-season tents with a higher vertical clearance.
  6. This link will take you to the Kelty tent user handbook.

Kelty TN2 Tent Field Test

During a very windy night on the Gulf Coast, as well as in the backwoods of the Big Thicket National Preserve near Kountze, Texas, we put this 3-season tent through its paces. In addition to offering adequate space for two persons to comfortably sleep, the TN2 also provided excellent wind protection, with the fly fastened and staked down, blocking gusts of around 25 MPH. Despite the fact that condensation building was not a problem, we were unable to talk with users in scenarios where a bigger temperature change may be expected because the temperature differential between the exterior and interior was never greater than twenty degrees.

The Kelty TN2 tent was put through its paces using a dual sleeping mat in conjunction with two 40° F sleeping bags to determine its comfortability.

In related news, here are the Best Sleeping Pads of 2018.

Despite being completely sheltered from a deluge of huge insects, I was still able to take in the scenery.

Kelty TN2 vs TN3

In case you’re in the market for a somewhat larger tent, the Kelty TN3 is a good option. It’s the same same tent as before, only this time it’s meant for three people instead of two. Almost every component is the same as the other. The following changes occur as a result of the increased size: packed weight, floor measurements, peak height, and vestibule space.

  • The weight of the packed goods increases by approximately one pound. The breadth of the tent’s body increases by roughly one inch. The peak height increases by one inch. The vestibule gains approximately one cubic foot in size.

Wrap Up

As a whole, the Kelty TN2 tent is a fantastic 3-season tent that deserves to be included among the best, most value-rated, lightweight tents available on the market today. We strongly suggest this tent for family outings, backcountry backpackers who do not require four-season protection, and anybody else looking for a great tent to take on the trail. The Kelty TN2 tent is a top selection and Editor’s Choice for the Best Backpacking Tent of 2017, according to Gadget Review. Continue reading this: Related Articles: 5 of the Best Camping Tents for 2018 Related Articles:

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