How To Make A Cat Popup Tent

DIY Cat Tent

I kept seeing photographs of cat tents on Pinterest and being shared on Facebook, but none of them came with clear directions, which was frustrating. I decided to create a cat tent for Luna and chronicle the process so that you guys may learn how to make one as well.:D This cat tent is quite simple to construct; all you need is a t-shirt, a few wire hangers, and a piece of cardboard to complete it. As an added plus, it just takes five minutes, so even if your cat ignores it, you haven’t put in too much work.;)

Step 1: What You’ll Need:

  • You’ll need the following items: a cat
  • A medium t-shirt
  • A 15 by 15 inch piece of cardboard (my was 13 x 15 and a bit wonky)
  • Two wire hangers (like these)
  • Tape
  • Safety pins
  • Something to cut the hangers with and something to assist bend them (I used huge set of pliers.:)

Step 2: Cut the Hangers

Remove both of the squiggly ends. Initially, I untwisted mine and then sliced it, although this isn’t really essential. (Although it was a lot of fun!)

Step 3: Shape the Hangers + Reinforce the Cardboard If Needed

Make the hangers look like the ones seen above – attempt to make them smooth and somewhat consistent in appearance. You’ll need two beautiful curves that will go from corner to corner of your piece of cardboard to complete your design project. (This was done really well by Lu.) I also used this opportunity to glue a few of supports to the cardboard and to tape all around the edges of the cardboard to give it a bit more support. Only if you’re using cardboard that has been folded will you need to do this step in the first place.

Step 4: Poke a Hole in Each Corner

To do this, you should be able to utilize the hanger’s other end. It should be at least half an inch in from each edge and should not be too huge to be seen.

Step 5: Tape the Two Hangers Together

Cross the two hangers in the center and make sure that all of the ends of the hangers are in contact with the surface you’re working with. Make sure they’re securely taped together so they don’t move. Insert the ends of the ties into the holes you just created in the corners of the ties.

Step 6: Bend the Ends and Tape Them Down

Each hanger’s bottom should be bent by at least an inch so that it rests on the bottom of the cardboard box. Prepare your ends by taping them to the cardboard – make sure you glue them down carefully so they are smooth and won’t catch on your shirt when you pull it over!

Step 7: Check and Make Sure Everything’s Lined Up

The wire may be bent at this stage to make it more attractive – fool about with it and use the pliers if necessary to straighten it up a bit.:)

Step 8: Create the Tent!

The shirt should be pulled over the tent frame and positioned so that the neck hole is in the middle of the shirt’s front and the bottom of the shirt is trailing behind the frame. Reposition everything so that the bottom is facing you and the hole is looking upwards. The bottom of the shirt should be folded up and tightened up so that the neck hole is taut. The bottom should be secured with safety pins to keep it in place. Once you’ve done that, pull the sleeves tight and safety pin them in place as well.

Continue tucking and safety pinning until it is finished!

Step 9: Give It to Your Cat!

Because it’s been really hot here and a blanket would be far too warm, I used a paper bag as a floor instead.

As an added treat, I tucked some catnip into the bag. As you can see, she was quite pleased with herself.:D

130 People Made This Project!

Let’s get this party started! Make a wire mesh out of the wire. Extend the wire mesh on the grass to the necessary length, depending on how long you want the tunnels to be. Fitting the tubing into the tunnels is the next step. The corners of the tunnels are being joined together. Decide where the connecting point for the entry will be located and mark it on the map. Securing the cat tunnels to the ground is an important step.

Do cats like tents?

The answer we received from all of our foster cats and kittens was, “For many of the same reasons that your young humans like hiding out and playing in tents and forts — they’re fun!” We questioned all of our foster cats and kittens, and they responded immediately (we believe). Aside from the amusement aspect, cats want to feel secure and cuddly, especially while they are resting.

Can a cat live in a tent?

5. Don’t forget to bring a cat tent or playpen. There are a variety of excellent options for housing a cat while camping; obtaining them a tent or an enclosed portable playpen is a wise decision. Putting your cat in a travel carrier to transport them to a campground and taking them for walks is a reasonable method of transporting your cat from one location to another.

Should you leave cats toys out at night?

In the evenings, when nothing else is moving, giving your cats interactive cat toys before bed may provide them with hours of enjoyment while also providing them with cerebral stimulation! If you have ever been in the presence of cats, you are well aware that your sleeping body serves as a runway for them to flaunt their stuff.

How do you travel with a cat in an RV?

RVing with Cats: 8 Points to Keep in Mind Make a driving strategy. Make a designated area for the litter box. Keep plenty of fresh food and water on hand. Make your cat’s environment as comfy as possible. Provide your cat with safe havens. Preparation is key if you want to leave your cat behind. Prepare an emergency action plan. Practice at a leisurely pace.

How do cats stay warm while camping?

Some people consider this to be their backpack (which is lined with a fleece blanket). Cat-specific tents, playpens, and blankets may all be used to keep your cat safe and comfortable. Some dog owners may utilize an outside kennel or a travel pen. If you are camping in an RV, you may install a cat flap that will only open if your cat’s microchip is present.

Do cats get attached to toys?

Pet cats will occasionally exhibit a modified form of this behavior, such as toting toys about and possibly burying them in various locations. Some female cats may also store collections of toys that they will move about on a regular basis, almost as if they were moving a litter of kittens.

Will my cat run away if I take it camping?

While tossing your cat into camping may work out great, most cats will not respond well to being forced into a new scenario, and it is highly probable that your treasured pet may become harmed or even lost as a result of your actions. So prepare properly for your camping trip by brushing up on all of the essentials before you hit the trail.

Can you connect cat tunnels?

Even giant cats will have no trouble turning around in this tunnel since there is so much space.

Multiple tunnels may be linked together with the help of the built-in connection buttons to form a genuine maze! The 9th of May, 2018

Are cat tunnels good?

Tunnels for cats are a great way to keep your cat safe while also providing them with enjoyment. Cats are natural hunters, and a cat tunnel offers them with the ideal environment in which to run, hide, and stalk prey! Cats also enjoy hiding and resting, and providing them with a cat tunnel provides them with the ideal location for hiding while also making them feel safe and comfortable.

Will my cat sleep in a tent?

“Do your pets go camping?” I inquire. They do, in fact, exist. But it hasn’t been an easy road, and a cat isn’t going to make the transition from catnip and sofas to a tent in the woods in one night.

Why do cats hate water?

Animal behaviorists think that the flow of water and the noises it generates attract cats, and that this might increase a cat’s instinctive urge to hunt prey in its natural environment. Because just the cat’s paws get wet, this type of play is suitable to even the most water-averse cats.

What is the most popular cat toy?

The Top 6 Cat Toys for the Year 2021 The Trixie 5-in-1 Activity Center, available at Amazon, is the best overall choice. Chewy has the SmartCat Peek-a-Prize Toy Box, which is the best option for indoor cats. Amazon has the best interactive toy: the Cat Dancer Cat Charmer Toy. SmartyKat Skitter Critters Cat Toys are the best catnip on the market, according to Amazon. Chewy has the best laser: the Ethical Pet Laser Exerciser. The best battery-operated device is:

How do you secure a cat tunnel?

You may also want to check that the tunnel is secure and won’t roll about while being used. Some cats may be frightened by this. If you want to keep the tunnel in place and prevent it from rolling about as the cat travels through it, you may position it between two pieces of furniture or two heavy items. This will hold the tunnel in place and prevent it from rolling around as the cat walks through it.

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What is the best cat tunnel?

The Top 10 Best Cat Tunnels — Based on Customer Reviews 2021 In general, the Frisco Foldable Crinkle Play Tunnel is the best. The SmartyKat Crackle Chute Collapsible Cat Tunnel is the best value on the market. A Premium Choice, the Feline Ruff 4-Way Collapsible Cat Tunnel is made of durable materials. Super Catnip Crazy Pants Cat Tunnel made by Four Paws. Pet Magasin Collapsible Cat Tunnel is a cat tunnel that collapses. The Frisco Peek-a-Boo Cat Tri-Tunnel is a fun way to get some exercise.

Can a cat claw through a tent?

Despite the fact that you have your tent all set up, your cat’s claws will rip straight through the canvas. In order to ensure safety, bring your carrier into the tent with you at all times. If any wild creatures skulk around the campsite at night, prompted by meows or a weird feline odor, you’ll be right there to fend them off.

Can I take cat to camping?

“Do you want to go camping with cats?” Yes, that is a possibility. It’s also a wonderful opportunity for you and your kitty companion to get some exercise while spending time together in the great outdoors. If you want to take your cat camping, you can’t just tie a leash to his collar and carry an extra can of tuna in your backpack and walk into the woods with him.

Do cats like play tunnels?

Cat tunnels – Cat tunnels are a pleasure for cats because they allow them to engage in some of the behaviors that they would naturally show in the wild, such as running, hiding, playing, and pouncing, while remaining safe.

Can cats hike?

Hiking, on the other hand, is not for everyone’s cat. Your pet must be comfortable in a harness and in the outdoors, and he must be in good physical shape as well as being comfortable in the harness. When it comes to walking a cat, “there is nothing to imply that it cannot go for a great long stroll as long as it is kept secure from predators and from running away,” Dr. says.

How To Fold Up A Cat Tent

Cat Tent Made From Scratch Step 1: Gather your supplies, which will include a cat. Step 2: Remove the hangers from the hooks. Step 3: Form the hangers and, if necessary, reinforce the cardboard with tape. Step 4: Make a hole in each of the four corners. Step 5: Tape the two hangers together to hold them together. Step 6: Curl the ends and secure them with tape. Observe and double-check that everything is in the proper place. Step 8: Put Together the Tent!

How do you fold a square pop up tent?

Instructions for Folding Your Pop-Up Tent: Step by Step Instructions Step 1: Open the door by unzipping it. Unzip the front entrance of your tent from the inside by walking to the front of it. Step 2: Fold the paper from the back to the front. Step 3: Raise the tent and rotate it around. Pulling down is the fourth step. Step 5: Slide the rings around. Step 6: Put everything in a bag.

How do you make a box for a cat bed?

Easy Instructions on How to Fold Your Pop-Up Tent 1st step: open the door by unzipping it. Exit your tent through the front entrance, which should be unzipped. 2. Fold from the back to the front of the envelope. 3. Raise the tent, turn it around, and repeat the process. Step 4: Take a deep breath and pull yourself back. 5. Slide the rings on the ringscrews 6. Put everything in a bag.

How do you make cat toys out of old clothes?

First, cut two squares of T-shirt fabric (we chose alternate colors) and then cut them into thin strips to make the first cat toy. Each strip should be wrapped around an elastic hair band and knotted to ensure that it is securely fastened. Continue to connect pieces to the hair band until you achieve a fluffy, flingy look.

Do cats like tents?

The answer we received from all of our foster cats and kittens was, “For many of the same reasons that your young humans like hiding out and playing in tents and forts — they’re fun!” We questioned all of our foster cats and kittens, and they responded immediately (we believe). Aside from the amusement aspect, cats want to feel secure and cuddly, especially while they are resting.

How do you make your cat cozy?

What to Do and How to Do It To make the blanket more cushiony, fold it in half lengthwise. Place the tote on the blanket so that it is upside down. Wrapping-paper-style, pull the blanket edges around the bottom of the bag until they meet in the middle. Sew the edges together with a needle and thread. Toss the tote over. Keep an eye on your cat when she sleeps.

Where do most cats live?

What to Do and How to Do it To make the blanket more cushiony, fold it in half.

On a blanket, turn tote upside down. Using wrapping paper as a guide, pull the blanket edges around the bottom of the bag so that they meet in the center. Put your stitches along the edges. Toss the tote on its side and enjoy. While you’re away, keep an eye on your cat.

Is there a cat subscription box?

Cat-only subscription box Meowbox delivers entertaining toys and delectable goodies to your home every month or bi-monthly, depending on your preference. Each item has been carefully chosen or created to appeal to even the most difficult to please kitty.

Why do cats lick you?

to express one’s feelings of fondness Licking is not just a grooming method for cats, but it is also a way for them to express affection. Your cat is forming a social link with you, other cats, and even other animals by licking you and licking them. Many cats continue to exhibit this behavior throughout their adult life, licking their owners to convey the same message.

Where should I put my cats bed?

Generally, a warm location, such as near to a radiator or in the sun, is preferable. Some cats also love to sleep high up, so don’t be afraid to put their bed on a piece of furniture where they will feel comfortable and protected.

Will my cat sleep in a tent?

Your kitten can alternatively sleep with you in your sleeping bag at night, but it is a good idea to keep the carrier inside your tent in case of an accident. Make a trial run to see how it goes. In the event that your cat has never been in a tent before, it is not harmful to introduce him to it in the yard or even within your home.

Can you bring an indoor cat camping?

“Do you want to go camping with cats?” Yes, that is a possibility. If you want to take your cat camping, you can’t just tie a leash to his collar and carry an extra can of tuna in your backpack and walk into the woods with him. In order to guarantee that both you and Kitty have a good time on your vacation, you’ll need to put in some effort into planning and preparation.

How do you make a cat bed out of a cardboard box and shirt?

After you’ve removed the top flaps of the cardboard box, you’ll need to stuff it with a blanket or a pillow to make it more comfortable for your cat to sleep in. Then drape the t-shirt over the box and tuck the sleeves in against the box to finish the look.

How do you make a cat shelter out of a cardboard box?

Cardboard is actually quite effective as an insulator. (2) Completely cover the box with the drop cloth or garbage bags, ensuring that there are as few seams as possible. Duct tape should be used to attach the box to the wall, generously and securely wrapping the tape over the box’s edges and sealing any seams in the plastic material. The shelter will become waterproof as a result of this.

How do I make my cat a comfortable spot?

By hanging a cat shelf on your wall, you may transform your room into a comfortable sleeping area. Placing bedding on a shelf can help to make the area even more inviting. You can even set up many shelves at varying heights to provide your cat with more alternatives for resting and sleeping. Make a perch for your cat in a window sill.

How do you make a cat cave box?

Take a box as a starting point. as well as an old sweater or jumper The presence of moth holes is an added feature. Open the box’s flaps to reveal the contents. Slide the jumper over the box to complete the circuit. such that the open end of the jumper is aligned with the neck of the jumper Place the sweater opening in the middle of the sweater. Toss the box on its side.

What beds do cats like best?

The Cat Ball is the greatest cat cave bed available. The OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler by Greatest Friends by Sheri is the best cat bed for huge cats on the market.

The 4Claws Furry Pet Bed/Mat is the perfect bed for kneading dough. MidWest QuietTime Deluxe Ombré Swirl is a thick mat that may be used to line a carrier or container. K H Pet Products makes the finest heated cat bed on the market. Introducing the Thermo-Kitty Mat Heated Pet Bed. : RUFFIN’ IT Cat Pop Up Tent, Color Will Vary : Pet Supplies

On April 20, 2021, a review was published in the United States of America. These cat-friendly pop-up tents are the perfect small refuge for your feline friend. They’re a big hit with my kitties. Send two tents to my granddaughter’s house for her two cats, and each of them immediately claimed one of the tents. Setup was quite simple. They just scream out at you. On April 29, 2021, a review was published in the United States of America. This is something that my cats adore. After I added some weight (25lbs) in the bottom of it, they were able to stop dragging it around.

  • verified purchaseReviewed in the United States on February 28, 2020Verified Purchase The tent displayed is not the one you will receive.
  • I’m going to return it.
  • It is a favorite of all five of them, and they like playing in it.
  • One of my cats even likes to sleep in it.
  • This is something I would highly suggest for your kitties!
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Top reviews from other countries

a rating of 2.0 out of 5 stars Okay, that’s not so great. On August 26, 2021, a reviewer in Canada noted that the purchase had been verified. My goods arrived with a hole in it, which was caused by a seam that had not been properly sewed. I patched it up with a piece of tape. I was under the impression that I was purchasing one with two openings, but this just has one. My apologies for the inconvenience. Because my cat hasn’t tried it yet, I can’t comment on its durability, but it appears to be strong enough to endure through the kitten years.

  1. It has been many months since we purchased it, and despite our Bengal’s rigorous treatment of it, it has remained in excellent condition.
  2. 5.0 stars out of 5 for this product On June 9, 2021, a fun tent will be reviewed in Canada.
  3. I would buy it again because kids seem to be having a good time with it.
  4. I had to clip the hanging bird out since my one tried to take it and flee with it while I was working.
  5. Excellent pop-up tent

5 Best Cat Tents to Bring Your Kitty Outside

A cat tent is an excellent method for your furry friend to keep you company while you are out in the fresh air.

Camping is not exclusive to humans. You may sit outside and enjoy the fresh air knowing that your dogs are safe and protected. Consider the following five of the best cat tents available.

What Is a Cat Tent?

A cat tent may provide your pet with access to the great outdoors. It’s a cat-friendly tent that’s specifically designed and scaled for felines. The majority of them are for both indoor and outdoor use.

Benefits of Cat Tents

There are several advantages to using a cat tent, but we’ve narrowed them down to our top three.

Allow Cats to Experience the Outdoors

Cats like spending time in the great outdoors just as much as dogs do. They’re intrigued by the sights, fragrances, and the awe-inspiring birds that surround them. However, it is not always safe for them to be out in the open. An outdoor cat tent allows them to go outside without you having to worry about them. Provide your kitties with the most enjoyable camping experience imaginable. Check out our nine safety recommendations here: Is it possible to go camping with cats?

No Worries About Outdoor Hazards

When your pet is outside in a tent, he or she may remain protected from any predators and from running away. When your cat is comfortable and content, you can enjoy your outside time without stress. Outback Jack kitties go outside for the first time in a long time.

Add Enrichment to Indoor Cats’ Lives

Cats who live indoors spend a lot of time staring out windows at the huge unknowns on the other side. A cat tent is a great way to give your cat the opportunity to explore the great outdoors while keeping them safe.

5 Best Cat Tents

There are many different types of tents available, but here are five that we especially appreciate.

1. Outback Jack Cat Tent

The Outback Jack Cat is a tent and tunnel in one, featuring a zipper entrance on both ends and a carrying handle on one side. It provides more than 30 square feet of floor area for your cat to run about and play with other cats. It is important to note that the mesh fabric is breathable and allows for ventilation, but that it does not provide sun protection. The Outback Jack Cat Tent is a lightweight, portable shelter that is easy to put up. Sale of the Outback Jack Kitty Compound, Playhouse, and other items.


2. Zampa Portable Pet Playpen

Zampa’s Portable Pet Playpen has a circular shape with mesh sides and is ideal for small pets. There’s also a mesh top that you may zip up or down according on your preference. The reinforced corners contain seams that are shielded, which enhances the longevity and quality of the product. It is available in four distinct sizes, each of which comes with a carrying case. You will not be required to assemble anything. It’s as simple as popping it up and folding it flat when you’re ready to put it back away.

3. DAPU Pet Play House Compound

The DAPU Pet Play House Compoundis a fascinating four-way mesh tunnel system that is great for pets. 63 × 19.6 inches is the dimensions of each tunnel, which links to one or more tents of varying sizes. A zipper allows you to attach or detach any of the tunnels. One square cat tent, one four-way cross tunnel, one hexagon tent, one triangular tent, and one oval tent are among the structures on the property. Pet Playhouse with 4 Tents – 5 in 1 Compound Playhouse.

  • A large amount of space: Hexagon tent with dimensions of 31.5″x31.5″x31.5″, Square tent with dimensions of 31.5″x31.5″, Portable Adjustable: Pop-up style makes it convenient to take along
  • Safety A breath of fresh air for indoor dogs, as well as for those who prefer to stay indoors.

4. Large Outdoor Pet Habitat

Benefit The Large Outdoor Pet Habitatis in the United States is 77.17 x 65.36 x 35.43 inches.

Its walls are made of black mosquito netting, with a zipper on one side for access. It rolls up fast and fits into a small carrying box, together with the tent pegs, which are simple to build as well.

5. Pop Up Cat Tent

Outing Man’s Pop Up Cat Tent is made of double-strength, anti-scratch netting, and it includes a parasol for shade. It’s simple to put together on the steel tent stakes. Your cat will get 30 square feet of active room to play in the house.

What to Look For When Buying a Cat Tent

When shopping for a cat tent, keep the following characteristics in mind.


Make certain that the size is appropriate for your requirements. If you’re going to be taking it to a campground, you might want to choose something a little smaller so that it takes up less space at the campsite. In addition, it’s crucial to think about how much room your cat need. In the event that you have more than one cat, you’ll need to provide them with a bit extra space to move around. ➡ Are you a first-time camper with your four-legged friends? The following are the traffic regulations: RVing with Pets: 5 Rules to Follow


When you have a cat tent, you can sit back and relax while your cat is out in the fresh air. Nonetheless, making certain that it is safe against your cat fleeing or a predator entering is crucial. Tents with secure zippers are recommended for added peace of mind.


Before purchasing a tent, research the materials that were utilized to construct it. Investing in a tent made of strong materials will help it endure longer and keep your dogs secure while you are away from home.

Ease of Set-Up

No one wants to spend hours faffing around with the process of putting up a tent of any sort. The tents we’ve selected are simple to set up and take down, and they’re lightweight. In addition, we recommend that you seek for tents that are easy to store and transport. Many of them, for example, come with carrying cases. Are you ready to take your cat or cats on an outside adventure? Do you have a plan for them? Being in the great outdoors may provide your pet with a whole new realm of mental and physical stimulation.

Are you looking for a solution to keep your canine pals secure as well?

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Join over 7,000 other travelers who are receiving instructive, interesting, and motivating articles about RV Travel Destinations, RV Gear, and Off-Grid Living to help you get started on your travels right now! Join us today! Continue reading from The Mortons: TomCaitlin Morton of Mortons on the Move is a freelance writer. They traded in their sedentary lifestyle for one in which they are continuously on the move. The majority of them travel full-time, work as television hosts, and create digital media content.

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pop up cat tent, pop up cat tent Suppliers and Manufacturers at

Each piece costs $27.50-$35.00. a single piece (Min. Order) Please visit our website to learn more about our goods. Thank you for visiting. Name of the Item Pet kennel box with curtain for cat show display tent that pops up. Material 600D oxford cloth, 160GSM netting, zipper, strap, and so forth Dimensions 105*55*60CM 6MM fiberglass poles are used to construct the frame. The package size is determined by the item. 53*58*5CM Each item has a certain weight. MOQ is 200 pieces at 1.6KG. Pop-up tents in many designs are available.

a carry bag for each piece, followed by an opp bag or inner box, or a colored or white box, and ultimately a carton containing numerous pieces of the same item; If you require a pallet to be packaged, please let me know (inside box= one corrugated paper with three layers, outside box= two corrugated papers with five layers) in advance.

  • We welcome OEM orders; simply provide us with the model, size, color, and other specifications that you desire, and we will tailor it for you.
  • High-quality logo printing is available (we have our own screen printing room) Prompt input on the status of the manufacturing Professional in-house laboratory testing On-time delivery is essential.
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  • Order) Keywords to remember: camping pet tent, pop up pet tent, foldable dog tent, pet toy cat tunnel, dome tent for pets, tunnel dome tent for pets Specifications Tent for your pet: 1.
  • Details: New pet bed, Novelty egg shaped plastic pet cat bed, foldable and eco-friendly, OEM orders are accepted.
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Outside Waterproof Cat Tent

Its innovative design and high-quality materials allow you to set it up in minutes, yet it is also durable enough to survive harsh weather conditions for extended periods. A heated pad and door flaps, which may be purchased separately, help keep kittens warm and safe throughout the chilly winter months. This home can easily accommodate one to two cats, depending on their size. They’ve made building of the K and H outdoor heated barn cat housing simple by using a series of hook and loop wall fasteners and a zip-on roof to attach the roof.

  • There is nothing else like the K and H cat home on the market that has the characteristics that it has!
  • Customers may choose between a heated and an unheated version of the cat housing, depending on their preferences and needs.
  • Thermal controls, a washable fleece cover, a 5.5-foot steel-wrapped cable, and a MET safety listing are all included in the price of this product.
  • The heated model’s doors include hook and loop material sewed above them to make the installation of the flaps easier.
  • Because of its innovative shape and water-resistant 600 denier nylon material, it is able to endure snow and protect cats from harsh winter conditions.

The heated model’s front and back door flaps give additional cover while still allowing cats to enter and depart the house. These lightweight, translucent flaps are attached to the inside of the home and may be opened with a simple push of the button.

WOW! Initially, this item was delivered to a location other than my home, and I had to wait another week to receive it. I’ve finally obtained it, and the assembly process was no more than an hour or so. The fact that it appeals to my elderly outside cat is wonderful! I had hardly finished putting it together and plugging it in before she became an immediate fan. Cats may be strange creatures at times, and she doesn’t usually hang out on my doorstep on chilly evenings. Approximately 3:45 a.m., I awoke and went to check on her; she was in it!

I am really satisfied with this purchase and would strongly recommend it to anyone else who is experiencing the same problem.

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