How To Fold Up Quechua Tent

How to Put Away a Pop-Up Tent?

Pop-up tents are a fantastic invention. They make camping a piece of cake. They are, on the other hand, quite difficult to transport. That’s why we’re providing you with step-by-step instructions to assist you in putting your tent back into its original storage bag. Make certain that your tent is completely dry. Using a clean, dry cloth will work if you can’t bear the thought of waiting for it to dry naturally. Alternatively, you may use a sponge dipped in water and mild soap to remove any mud or debris off the underside of your tent.

With one hand, fold the top high arches of your tent into the centre, while keeping them in place with the other hand.

All three points may be obtained with a single hand.

Your tent should be in the shape of a taco.

  • Once the tent is erect, lower the uppermost component of the tent.
  • Twist the tent to make two circles, dragging one of the circles over the other to form a ring.
  • Using the built-in snaps, Velcros, or ties, you can keep your tent secure.
  • You’re finished!

How to Fold Up a Pop Up Tent

Documentation Download Documentation Download Documentation A surprising number of individuals utilize pop-up tents as quick and simple shelters, but discover that folding the tent is an unanticipated headache. Folding the tent poles together and then over each other is the best method for storing it. Using this method, you can collapse the tent into a circle that can be stored in a bag until you need it again. With a little understanding of tent folding procedures, you’ll be able to store your tent until you need it again.

  1. 1 Before you begin folding the tent, clean it well. In most cases, shaking out dirt, sand, and pine needles is all that’s required of you. Despite the fact that you can try again later, the debris may become lodged in the tent folds. Tip the tent to the side to allow the debris to drain. When you have the opportunity, thoroughly clean the tent using a little amount of powdered laundry detergent and a damp towel.
  • Never put away a wet tent, otherwise you’ll wind up with mold on your hands
  • 2Fold the top two poles together to form a triangle. Place yourself next to the tent. The poles are the ridges on top of the tent to your left and right that go parallel to the ground. Extend your arms to grab both sides and bring them together at the same time. Advertisement
  • s3 Fold the bottom two poles together to form a triangle. The tent’s outside boundaries are formed by the bottom poles, which now protrude to the left and right of the tent’s center pole. You’ll have to find a way to get to both of them. Fold one of the bottom poles up and over one of the top poles to create a v-shape. Repeat the process with the other bottom pole to ensure that all four poles are held together.
  • 4Turn the tent so that it is on its side. The folded tent has the appearance of a large taco. Continue to hang on to the four tent poles as you turn the tent on its side to the other side. Position the taco so that the open side of the taco form is flush with the ground
  • 5 Fold the top poles over to the back of your hand. You’ll have to stretch your hands out once more to complete the task. Reach out over the highest portion of the tent while holding the four poles together. Grab the rear of the taco form with one hand and pull it down to the other with the other. Wrestle the tent to the ground in order to flatten it, and then repeat the process.
  • You won’t require more than a minimal amount of force to draw the tent down because of the lightweight nature of the poles. The poles are also flexible, making it unlikely that they would break.
  1. 6Put the tent parts together by sliding them together. If you fold the tent correctly, it will seem as two circles of cloth that are side-by-side in shape. Bring one over the other to make it easier to pack your tent
  2. And 7 Place the tent in a bag and press down to seal it. In order to keep a strong grasp on the poles, pop ups are intended to rebound back into the shape of a tent after being smashed. You may use your hands and knees to press down on it to eliminate any remaining air that is keeping it from resting completely flat. Then, slide the tent into its bag to stow it away for your next trip. Advertisement
  1. 1 Before folding the tent, shake it to remove any particles. Before you put the tent away, make sure it’s completely clean. Turn it over and shake off any dirt or sand that has become trapped within. With a little water and a hose or a towel, you can clean the tent up well after that. In the event that you don’t have time to deal with severe stains right away, you may pack up the tent and clean it at home.
  • When washing away difficult stains, a small amount of powdered detergent might be beneficial.
  • 2 Grab the tent’s sides with both hands. Position yourself in front of the tent’s entrance. The tent pole that runs from side to side above the entrance is the one that is closest to you. Grab hold of both edges of the tent with both hands. Even if the door has a cover on it, leave the door open.
  • Beach tents are often smaller in size than conventional tents, and they do not have poles running across the width of the tent as do regular tents. In addition, if you’re still having difficulties folding any other tent, you may try this method.
  • 3Fold the tent’s sides together to form a square. The tent should be pulled in one direction toward the center, then pushed flat against the ground. While you’re holding it down, move the other side across and place it on top. It should now be in the shape of an oval
  • 4 Turn the tent on its side and press it down to make it as flat as possible. Turn the tent so that it is resting on its side. Push down on the middle of this edge with your fingers. As you flatten the tent, it will take on the shape of a figure-8. If you want to guide the tent to the ground, you can put one hand on the side of the tent. Fold the tent in half so that it is completely enclosed. Keep your hands on the tent! If you release go, it will return to its original shape. The tent should be picked up from one side and then carried over to the other side. This results in the tent collapsing into a circle. It’s a good idea to keep one leg on the tent while doing this to keep your grasp from slipping.
  • Because the poles are extremely flexible, there is no need to be concerned about them breaking.
  1. 6Disassemble the tent and put it away. Alternatively, if the tent came with an elastic band, you may use it to keep it in place. Place the tent in its carrying bag. Any poles that are protruding out should be tucked in, and the bag should be closed until you are ready to use the tent again. Advertisement

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  • Question What happens if the top of my tent collapses? If you need to replace it for safety concerns, you can use duct tape, glue, or other materials to temporarily repair it
  • However, this is not recommended. Question Do pop-up tents have compartments on the inside? No. In addition, there are various types of tents that do contain them
  • For example,

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  • Every tent is a little bit different in how it folds. For more folding information, go to the instructions that came with the tent
  • If you don’t have the instructions that came with the tent, look online for folding videos. Because all pop-up tents employ the same fundamental folds, you should be able to fold up any tent with a little practice and experimenting.

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To fold a tiny pop-up tent, begin by facing the entrance of the tent and gripping both of the poles on either side of the entryway. Article SummaryX Once this is done, bring one side of the tent down to the ground and press the other side of the tent down on top of it, forming an oval shape with the tent. Flip the tent so that it is standing on the edge and press down on the middle to form a figure-8 shape with the sides.

Fold the canvas over itself into a circle and slip it into its storage bag to complete the process. Continue reading to discover how to fold a huge pop up tent! Did you find this overview to be helpful? Thank you to all writers for contributing to this page, which has been read 95,542 times so far.

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3.0 stars out of 5 for this product In many respects, it’s fantastic, but in others, it’s terrible. The article was reviewed in the United States on May 14, 2018. Despite severe winds and much stronger gusts, this tent held up better than any other tent in terms of water resistance. In contrast, the Coleman tent I owned, which was certified for 35mph winds, would actually collapse in gusts less than 20mph, allowing rain to seep through the outside canvas and inside. When it comes to setup and takedown, I appreciate that it is too quick.

When the wind grabs it, it is difficult to catch, therefore it is best to hang on to a string linked to it while unpacking and staking it to prevent it from being carried away.

There are so many holes in it from beetles and a local kind of roach chewing on it, and it serves as an excellent refuge for them as well as providing food for them.

Immediately after the warranty period passed, the tent zippers became fully inoperable (but not the case zipper).

The Quechua 2 Seconds Pop Up Tent // Gear Review

How do you vanlife if you don’t have access to a van? That’s how: with the Quechua 2 Seconds Pop Up Tent, to be precise. As an all-year-round outdoor pastime, camping appears to be gaining more and more appeal in recent years, which is a fantastic development. In conjunction with this expansion, we have witnessed some great inventions that have transformed camping into a whole new experience: hammocks, king-size swags, rooftop tents, contemporary bivvy bags, and a slew of other innovations. However, sometimes the hunt of the perfect piece of equipment might take precedence over the real pleasure of being in the great outdoors.

It’s a simple, yet useful, piece of equipment.

The Best Free Campgrounds in New South Wales

The Quechua 2 Seconds Pop Up Tent

If you’re like most people, the phrase “pop up tent” may bring up horrible memories. Imagine yourself enclosed in a leaking plastic bag, which the camping store guy swore was truly a tent, spending chilly, restless nights in the middle of nowhere. Those days are past! Finally, the outdoor industry has made the decision to develop a high-quality pop-up tent. I must say that, prior to obtaining this pop-up tent for review, I had little previous experience with pop-up tents. They appeared to be cumbersome, clunky, and little more than a rudimentary shelter that wouldn’t be considered ‘adventurous’ enough to warrant the effort.

The Quechua 2 Seconds Pop Up Tent, on the other hand, has caused me to reconsider my position. Continue reading to learn more about the characteristics of this pop-up tent phenom.

Size And Versatility

Quechua offers the 2 Seconds Pop Up Tent in two different sizes: for two people or three people. For this evaluation, I was provided with the two-person option. With a weight of 3.3kg, this isn’t the most small or weight-saving tent on the market. Keep in mind that this tent is not designed for hike-in situations. If you are camping next to your car and need a quick and easy choice for shelter, this is the product to get you through the night. I found that for two adult guys it was a touch cramped, but easily do-able if shelter was needed for two.

  • It is, in my opinion, the ideal shape and size for carrying one person and their belongings.
  • It fits perfectly in a car and can be transported with relative ease.
  • Yes, it is possible to achieve success!
  • Do not be intimidated by the prospect of hiking with this tent if you are willing to carry a little more weight.
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When I first received the Quechua 2 Seconds Pop Up Tent, I was pleasantly delighted by the high quality of the product. I couldn’t wait to get it out into the wilderness, and to my surprise, it passed the rain test on the very first night. In the aftermath of a severe downpour, I was afraid to go inside, worrying that I would be forced to give the tent a less-than-satisfactory rating. Amazing! As bone-dry as a bone! In fact, given the fact that it was a pop-up tent, I was pleasantly pleased at how well it had held up.

  1. How will the 2 Seconds Tent do in the second round?
  2. I’m pleased to report that this pop-up tent is completely waterproof.
  3. This is by far the greatest fly screen I have ever experienced on any type of camping equipment, and I have tried a lot.
  4. I’m confident that I could even persuade my insect-hating mum to sleep in it.

Not to mention the ‘Fresh and Black’ technology, which keeps it cold and dark on the inside, making it ideal for hot camping and festivals throughout the summer. As a whole, I’d have to say that it well surpassed my expectations for what a pop-up tent could do.

Ease of Setup

On getting the Quechua 2 Seconds Pop Up Tent, I was pleasantly delighted by the high-quality construction. I couldn’t wait to get it out into the wilderness, and, to my surprise, it passed the rain test on the first night out. Despite the fact that it had been raining for several hours, I was afraid to go inside, worrying that I would have to give the tent a less than stellar rating. Amazing! Almost bone dry! Because it was a pop-up tent, I was a little amazed at how well it had held up considering the circumstances.

  1. In the second round, how will the 2 Seconds Tent fare?
  2. Happy to report that this pop-up tent is completely waterproof.
  3. In terms of fly screens for camping gear, this is by far the finest I’ve ever come across in my travels.
  4. Every aspect of this tent, including the zips, seams, and ropes, looks to be of high quality in my view.
  5. As a whole, I’d have to say that it well surpassed my expectations of what a pop-up tent could do.

Bang for Buck

With a price tag of $140 from Decathlon, this is a very reasonable tent. The materials appear to be of great quality, and I believe that in the proper hands, the Quechua 2 Seconds Pop Up Tent would last for an extended period of time.

Who is it for?

With its insanely quick setup and surprisingly simple pack-up, this tent is ideal for car camping. It is also quite lightweight. This tent would allow you to travel across Australia in all kinds of weather while being shielded from the elements. Also, for festival attendees, weekend campers, and anybody who appreciates erecting a tent near their car, I’d definitely recommend a Quechua 2 Seconds Pop Up Tent. Although this review was not compensated, the author was given permission to retain the product after it was completed.

  1. Just bear in mind how big it is.
  2. Sorry!
  3. It remains absolutely dry.
  4. When it is put up, it is not large enough.

Review of Quechua 2 Seconds Tent

Is the Quechua 2 seconds 3 man tent an excellent choice for your camping needs? Take a look out our evaluation of the 3 person pop-up Quechua 2 seconds Fresh and Black tent to find out more. We decided that we needed a new tent before embarking on our road trip through Italy.

What we were looking for was something that was simple to put up, wasn’t too heavy, and didn’t take up a lot of space in our car. The Quechua 2 Seconds 3 Man Pop Up FreshBlack Tent ended up being the winner in the end. The reasons behind this were rather simple to understand.

  • For this three-week road trip, we needed a lighter and smaller tent because we had so much else to bring with us
  • We needed the simplest camp setup possible because we were moving campsites every one or two days, so we needed to be efficient
  • And we needed a tent that would keep us cool in the summer heat.

After considerable consideration and deliberation about whether or not to sacrifice size and amenities, we chose to purchase the Quechua fresh and black tent. We have not been disappointed, and this is by far our favorite camping tent at the moment; nevertheless, I will go over all of the features and offer you some insider information to help you determine whether this is the finest camping tent for you. However, if you are already persuaded that this is the tent for you and would want to save yourself the time of reading everything below, then have a look at the best pricing listed below:

Quechua 3 man pop up tent review

Specifically, the Quechua 2 seconds FreshBlack pop-up camping tent | 3 man is the subject of today’s review. When it comes to pop-up tents, you haven’t seen anything like it until now. With its innovative design and materials, this Quechua 2 second tent is all about making your camping experience as simple as possible for you. Let me explain why this 2 seconds Quechua camping tent is such a superb camping tent in more detail. It will make your next camping excursion a whole lot less difficult.

Reviewing Quechua 2 seconds Features

The Quechua 2 seconds FreshBlack pop-up camping tent | 3 man is the subject of our review today. If you haven’t seen a pop-up tent before, you don’t know what you’re missing out on! With its innovative design and materials, this Quechua 2 second tent is all about making camping a breeze for you and your guests. Allow us to explain why this 2 seconds Quechua camping tent is such a superb camping tent in more detail for your consideration. Taking advantage of this will make your next camping excursion much more enjoyable.

Speed of Setup

You can just pull it out of the bag and it will automatically build itself. This is a brilliant invention. Everything is completed with the addition of around 8 tent pegs to fasten it to the ground. Our Quechua tent takes approximately one minute to set up (the label “2 Seconds” may be a bit of a misnomer, but “Easy” is absolutely true!). We sleep in it for around one night. Make certain to follow the set-up instructions, since the inner and outer fabrics are really near together, and if your set-up is incorrect and they come into contact, you will get wet!

Setting up the Quechua 2 seconds XL freshblack in video format


This inexpensive Quechua tent provides excellent value for the money. Check the pricing on the website linked below, however we acquired our item online from Decathlon for around 85 Euros, and it was well worth the money! A word about the price: They come from all over the world, and I’ve looked around for the greatest deals on a number of different sites for them. In my opinion, there is no greater deal than what Decathlon is offering right now. Quechua items are available in all Decathlon stores, therefore you should be able to find it on the Decathlon website for your local store.

For further information, see the table below. I have never been able to find a competitive pricing for this tent on Amazon, thus I would strongly advise you to get your tent from Decathlon instead:


The interior of the tent is quite dark, which is why it is referred to as Quechua Fresh and Black. As a result of our purchase, we were not aware of the benefits that would accrue. As our child continued to sleep through the night, early mornings became lie-ins. For families camping with little children, this tent is an excellent choice because of its spacious inside. It was wonderful not to be woken by the morning, which is something that happens frequently when camping. If you are traveling during the summer, this is an absolute necessity!

The black-out fabric creates a dark and cooler environment for tents and sleep-ins.


Even though it was somewhat smaller than our previous three man tent, this Quechua 3 man pop up tent was plenty for the three of us — two adults and a seven-year-old – to sleep comfortably. We were able to set up three camping mats, three pillows, and three sleeping bags, but that was about the extent of our accomplishment. The only drawback was that there was only so much storage capacity. There was no place to put anything near the entrance of the building. That is where the Air Seconds and Arpenaz Quechua tents have an edge over the 2 Seconds tent – but, the pricing for the larger versions will be greater than those for the smaller ones.

Storage inside

Given the fact that this is a tiny tent, it has several little pockets for keeping small items such as glasses, toothbrushes, iPads, and water bottles, among other things. You may also hang a torch or a reading light from a hook in the middle above the head area, which is a nice touch. These are little yet thoughtful and useful additions. Pop-up tents are simple to set up.


The fresh and black Quechua has many fabric openings for air to flow through – but not so many that the pests may get in as well. However, if it is cold outside, make sure the flaps on the side are closed, else you may as well sleep outdoors, since it is cold there while it is chilly inside.

Size of folded tent

However, although the folded tent is smaller than our other camping tents, the difference is not that great. In addition, it has a completely different form from what we are used to. It comes in a bag with a diameter of around 1 yard, therefore it is not intended for use as a hiking tent. Having said that, there is a strap on the bag so that you may carry it on your back, but we would not recommend it as a trekking tent. The Quechua 3 man tent, on the other hand, was ideal for a road trip because of its ease of set-up and take-down.


After a few attempts, we finally realized that the bendy portions were intended to be bent, and that we could pack the tent without damaging it. We were first concerned that we would damage the parts, but as you can see in the video below, we were successful in our endeavor.

Once you have done the pack up a few times, it just takes about a minute, which is much less time than packing a regular tent! TIP: Practice opening and packing up your tent at your home before you go camping to become comfortable with the procedure before you head out to the wilderness.

The Quechua Brand

Quechua is a mountain sports brand that was established in France in 1997. Decathlon Group manufactures a wide range of equipment for outdoor activities such as hiking and trail running, as well as climbing and mountaineering, which can be found in every Decathlon Group shop. We have purchased other Quechua items in the past, such as our favorite thermal backpack, and we can speak to the great quality of Quechua products on the market today. Even after years of usage, our products remain in excellent shape.

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Quechua 2 seconds tent reviewrecommendation

When it comes to pop-up tents, the QUECHUA 2 Seconds Easy III Fresh Blackis one of the best options available on the market today. When it comes to road excursions, short camping vacations, or an extra tent for a caravan camping trip, this is the tent for you. It is quick and simple to set up and take down and is ideal for people who want to travel light. It is possible that this tent is not the best choice for extended camping vacations where you may want extra storage space. We have, however, tented with this tent for seven straight days while utilizing the car as a storage area, and it was successful, so you may give it a shot.


Decathlon Quechua Pop up Tent Review

Quechua 2 Seconds Easy III Fresh Blackpop-up tent is one of the most popular pop-up tents on the market right now. When it comes to road excursions, short camping vacations, or an extra tent for a caravan camping trip, this is the tent for you. It is quick and simple to set up and take down and is ideal for people who want to be outdoors. It is possible that this tent will not be suitable for extended camping excursions where you will want extra storage space. We have, however, tented with this tent for seven straight days while utilizing the car as a storage place, and it was successful; thus, you may give it a shot as well.


Decathlon Tents Brand Overview

You may be familiar with Decathlon as the global outdoor gear retailer that it is now, but the company had a modest beginning. Decathlon founded its first store in France in 1976, more than two decades after other prominent brands such as Coleman and Kelty. Decathlon is a French sporting goods retailer. Decathlon’s expansion has been pretty remarkable. Decathlon launched 20 passion brands across a variety of outdoor activities with the goal of delivering the advantages of sports to everyone. And Quechua is the brand of tent that Decathlon sells.

The iconic 2 Second FreshBlack tents are equipped with a special blackout fabric that effectively shuts out both heat and sunlight.

Quechua 2 Second FreshBlack Pop Up Tents

I’ve looked at a lot of pop-up tents, and I have to say that the Quechua 2-second FreshBlack is one of the better ones out there, with a slew of useful features.

It is available in both 2-person and 3-person configurations. Many of the attributes of both models are identical to one another. Click here to see a comparison chart of the Decathlon Quechua tent with all of its specifications.

Quechua 2 Second FreshBlack

You might be wondering what the term “FreshBlack” refers to. It is the term used to describe a specific blackout cloth that is used to keep the inside cold (fresh) and dark long after the sun has risen (black). This means that you may genuinely enjoy some sleep-ins without being awakened up by the bright light of the sun in the early morning. After that, you’ll have plenty of energy for a day full with outdoor activities and explorations. However, there are compromises, as there are with everything.

  1. There is simply something about it that doesn’t go with the blackout textiles.
  2. Both the fly and the walls have a waterproof rating of 2000mm, which indicates they should be able to withstand moderate rain without any problems, even if some wear and tear has occurred.
  3. The waterproof rating of the floor was not specified by Decathlon, but I am confident that it is at least 2000mm.
  4. The Quechua 2 Second is equipped with two side panels that can be opened from the outside to show meshed walls that provide additional ventilation.
  5. However, the meshed walls are smaller than those of many other pop-up tents, and the tent does not include a mesh roof.
  6. In addition, you may only open the side panels/flaps from the outside of the tent, and you must use a guy rope to completely stretch them.
  7. Again, this tent is really simple to erect, however the claim of “2 seconds” is a bit of an exaggeration.
  8. However, as seen in the video, you will only need a minute or two to stake it down.
  9. The Quechua 2-second has a very ordinary amount of interior room for a vehicle of its size.
  10. When you consider that a queen-sized bed is 60 inches broad, this is going to be a tight squeeze.
  11. Pros:
  • Easy to set up
  • Will not overheat
  • Very quick. Keep the room dark once the sun comes up for better sleep. Waterproof in the majority of rain showers, while it is not suggested to use it in severe rain. Because the rain flap and side panels can be raised, it is breathable. Designed to withstand winds of up to 30 miles per hour
  • The typical wind speed is 6 to 12 miles per hour. There are several storage spaces on the inside. The 2-person variant is compact and lightweight, making it ideal for short hiking journeys.
  • There is no mesh ceiling to allow for stargazing
  • Aside from that, only the exterior of the vehicle may be opened. Inside, it can be a little claustrophobic with two or three people
  • We recommend going up a size.

The rivalry is as follows: The Quechua 2-second FreshBlack pop-up tent is almost the only pop-up tent on the market that is made entirely of special black-out materials. If you don’t want to use it, there are several other solutions available:

  • Coleman 2/4-person pop-up tent– a less expensive version with a mesh roof for stargazing and a detachable rainfly
  • However, it lacks blackout materials and is more difficult to pack up
  • It may also have durability difficulties, such as zippers that do not function and poles that snap. This tent is similar in price to the OT QOMOTOP 4 Person Pop up Tent, but it has a bigger internal room, huge windows, and great ventilation. It does not have blackout materials, and its waterproof certification is questionable. In comparison to other tents of comparable size and price, the HUI LINGYANG 6 Person Easy Pop Up Tent has a bigger capacity, a spacious vestibule on one side, is waterproof even in severe rain (3000mm+ rating), does not include blackout materials, and is difficult to pack up.

Quechua 2 Seconds XL FreshBlack – 3 person

This tent, which goes by the name Quechua 2 Second XL FreshBlack, is a larger version of the Quechua tents that we previously evaluated. In comparison to the regular-sized variant, the three-person model is 12 inches wider at 83 inches broad. Each individual would get around 4 inches (10cm) in more room. An example taken from the manufacturer’s website is shown below.

All other aspects are identical to the previous model, including construction, freshblack fabric, waterproofing and side panels as well as the set-up method. Aside from the extra benefit of increased capacity, the advantages and disadvantages are also the same.

Quechua 2 Second Easy FreshBlack – 2 person

This is a 2-person tent with a somewhat different structure from the previous one: When compared to the ordinary Quechua 2 people FreshBlack tent, this one is 10″ wider, giving each camper an additional 5″ of floor area per person. It will have the same effect as two individuals sleeping on one queen-sized bed, which is still quite a confined space. It will be really comfy for a single individual. You may also get it up and running in just a minute. Click here to see a comparison chart of the Decathlon Quechua tent with all of its specifications.

What to Look for In Pop-Up Tents

Pop-up tents have increased in popularity over the years due to their simplicity of setup and portability. The majority of them can be set up in less than 30 seconds. You might wonder how this is feasible. Pop-up tents, on the other hand, are pre-assembled with interconnected and elastic poles that “pop” into position as soon as you open the package. Many conventional tents, on the other hand, need you to physically install the tent poles, which may be time-consuming. Pop-up tents are ideal for gatherings and festivals, as well as for families with small children, because of their simplicity of assembly.

  • It would be better if you avoided camping in them during periods of heavy rain or wind.
  • Setup and takedown are simple.
  • Some tents, such as this Coleman pop-up tent, do not come with any latches, buckles, or instructions to aid in the folding procedure, which can be frustrating.
  • Some pop-up tents, on the other hand, include a clasp on the inside that you may pull to bring the tent down.
  • The Quechua 2-second tent is an excellent illustration of this.
  • It might also be beneficial to view some YouTube videos before to your trip.
  • SpaceComfort The majority of tents are too tiny for the number of people they are supposed to hold.

As a result, always purchase tents that are one size larger than the actual number of campers.

Everyone will feel claustrophobic if this does not happen.

Here’s how to determine if a tent is water-resistant: The waterproof grade of the wall or fly should be at least 1200mm, and ideally 2000mm in height.

However, exposure to ultraviolet radiation and normal wear and tear will cause the waterproof coating to lose its efficacy over time.

Due to the fact that it will be subjected to far greater wear than the rain fly or walls, the floor should have a waterproof rating of at least 2000mm.

It is also necessary to have sealed seams in order to be waterproof.

Look for taped seams, inverted seams, or welded seams on the item you’re purchasing.

When camping in the heat of summer, the last thing you want is to be trapped in a stuffy tent for days on end. Condensation may be avoided by increasing airflow. When shopping for pop-up tents, look for the following features:

  • Tents with mesh walls or ceilings will require a supplementary rainfly in addition to the main one. Large side panels or windows that can be unzipped from the inside or guyed out to show meshed walls are also available.

Quechua Arpenaz 4.1 – 4-person

You need look no farther than the Quechua Arpenaz 4.1 if you want your tent to be more than just a place to rest your head. This tent has a living room and a bedroom that are distinct from one another. The fact that you can stand up in the living room is even more astounding because it is 75 inches high! You may also use the space to store your equipment, set up a dining table, or simply hang out with your children. As you continue to move deeper inside the tent, you’ll come across a room divider with a zipper on it that serves as the entrance to the sleeping area.

  • You can probably put four people in there, but it will be a little tight with each person having 24″ of space.
  • All seams are sealed, and the fly and floor are both rated at more than 2000mm and more than 5000mm, respectively.
  • The use of fly sheets in the living room, as well as front and back vents, provides excellent ventilation.
  • The poles, on the other hand, stayed stable in the wind.
  • In addition, the Arpenaz is not the most straightforward tent to erect.
  • You’ll need to physically erect the poles of this tent, just like you would with any other non-pop-up tent.
  • Pros:
  • Living room and bedroom are separate
  • The living room is tall enough for people to stand up in
  • And the bedroom is spacious. Even in torrential downpours, it is water-resistant. Given the features, the pricing is really reasonable.
  • With a weight of more than 20 pounds, it is difficult to transport over long distances (for example, to hike-in campsites). It is not very simple to set up. Rather of accommodating 4 persons, the bedroom may accommodate 2–3 individuals.
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The Competition: There are several tents available with porches or screened chambers, but only a handful of them are as tall as the Arpenaz. The Arpenaz is without a doubt one of the most reasonably priced tents available with a stand-up living area. The following are some of the competition tents I looked at:

  • Coleman Cabin Camping Tent with Waterproof Screen Room– 6ft center height, more costly, but similarly weatherproof
  • Coleman Cabin Camping Tent with Weatherproof Screen Room– 6ft center height, more expensive, but equally weatherproof
  • Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room– 5 ft 8 in center height, porch is not waterproof
  • Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room– 5 ft 8 in center height, porch is not waterproof

Quechua Air Seconds 4.1, Inflatable Tent, 4 Person

Quechua’s inflatable tent is one of the options available. You could ask why such a thing exists in the first place. Because, after all, metal-poled tents are considerably more popular and appear to be functioning very well. The reason is twofold: it is simple to put up, and it is long-lasting. To erect the tent, start by laying it on the ground, securing it with pegs, and pumping air into it. It would take less than 5 minutes to complete the full operation. Because they do not have poles, they are also appropriate for camping with children.

When exposed to high winds or after prolonged usage, the poles of traditional tents may become brittle.

  • It takes less than 5 minutes to erect an inflatable tent. Separate living room and bedroom, identical to the Arpenaz 4.1 4-person camping tent in terms of construction
  • In a living room that is high enough to stand up in, There is actually enough room for four persons (each person is 27 inches tall)
  • Exceptional ventilation
  • With a 2000mm water resistance rating, it is quite waterproof
  • Wind is also not a problem.
  • Quite expensive
  • Very heavy at 27.6 pounds
  • The air beams really add a significant amount of weight

Forclaz QuickHiker FreshBlack Backpacking Tent – 2P

This deserves to be mentioned because it is the only backpacking tent available from Decathlon. However, because of the setup time and weight, I am unable to suggest this tent. It takes an exceptionally long time to set up. The correct amount of muscle force is required for this task. In this regard, TheOutdoorGearReview has produced a quite in-depth video: In addition, it weights 6.8lbs. That is a significant amount of weight for a 2-person hiking tent. The fact that it is just 47″ wide and 83″ long means that you will almost certainly wind up using it as a one-person tent and carrying all of the weight yourself.

In this price range, there are a plethora of better options for 2-person hiking tents than this one. The Marmot Crane Creek 2-person tent, the Naturehike Cloud-Up 2-person tent, and the Featherstone 2-person hiking tent are all excellent options to consider.

Final Verdict

It is one of the greatest pop-up tents available today, and the Quechua 2 Second FreshBlacktent is one of the best on the market. Not only is it simple to set up, but it also has the following features:

  • The product is weatherproof against rain and wind
  • It is also light and heat resistant.

If you’re looking for a tent with two distinct rooms, the Arpenaz 4.1 4-person tent will provide the most value for your money. It is as follows:

  • Sufficient height to allow you to stand up in
  • Extremely water-resistant
  • Exceptionally durable in severe winds
  • Extremely inexpensive

Overall, I strongly advise you to take into consideration Quechua tents.

How to Fold a Pop Up Beach Tent

As its name implies, pop-up beach tents do exactly what their name implies: they ‘pop-up,’ making them simple and quick to erect. They’re small and lightweight, making them perfect for use on the beach, where they provide shade from the breeze and a place to rest away from the sun. It should be noted, however, that while setting up the beach pop up tents is simple, taking them down again requires some skill. Here’s a simple step-by-step explanation on how to fold a pop-up beach tent for your convenience.

Folding up a Pop Up Beach Tent – Three Key Shapes to Make

Make sure the tent opening is facing you and that you hold onto the edges of the tent entrance. Fold the left side of the tent all the way down to the ground, then do the same with the right side, bringing it all the way down on top. Hold them together, and your tent should take on the shape of an oval.

Step two: Figure of eight

Placing the tent on its side and applying pressure to the centre will cause the tent to fold into a figure of eight. Once you’ve achieved this position, hold your weight in the centre of the tent so that it doesn’t shift.

Step three: Circle

To make a circle, take one end of the figure of eight and fold it over (the poles are quite flexible, so don’t be concerned about it breaking). Make sure the tent is in a perfect circle by holding it in place and pulling the elastic band around to hold it all together with your hands (if any poles are sticking out around the edges, simply tuck them in, as this will make it easier to put in the bag).

Step four

Simply toss in the bag, zip it up, and you’re ready to go to your next location! If you follow these procedures, you should be able to fold your pop-up beach tent in a short amount of time. For those of you who have a different pop up tent and find that this approach isn’t working for you, please see our guide on how to fold a pop up tent.

Decathlon Quechua 2 Second Easy Fresh & Black

Setting up your tent in a few of minutes is an accomplishment to be proud of. But what’s a few of seconds in this case? That’s even more remarkable than it already is. By utilizing an innovative pull-string mechanism, the 2 Second Easy FreshBlack is able to achieve this level of differentiation. You only need to pull two ripcords to raise the shelter, which is already completed and folded—yes, even the poles are included—and it will be ready to use in no time (you will have to stake it out, though).

  1. The instructions for correctly folding the tent back up are simple to follow, and you won’t have to work too hard to fit it back into the enormous stuffsack.
  2. On a 50°F night near Creede, Colorado, we discovered that the 2 Second can withstand considerable rain and wind owing to a PU-coated polyester fly, while pop-out vents in the top kept the interior dry and clear of condensation.
  3. Two sleepers will have plenty of room in the 2 Second’s floor space (32 square feet), which is comparable to that of most two-person car camping tents.
  4. Aside from that, the shelter contains three inner mesh pockets and a tiny clothesline that is pre-hung across the top; the shelter’s 43-inch peak height allowed us to sit up comfortably while changing clothes.
  5. Bill Delvaux (Bill Delvaux): Intriguing at first look were the slogan of a two-second setup time and the pull-cords that allow the tent to be popped up.
  6. I had a tinge of nervousness in the pit of my stomach.
  7. Not only did I feel relieved, but I also felt relieved to be back out camping after such a lengthy absence.
  8. The simplicity with which this tent may be assembled is the primary reason for purchasing it: Once you understand how it works, it can literally go up in seconds and down almost as quickly as it goes up.

The zippers, on the other hand, were a little difficult to use, and there are no tie-backs for the doors. However, I would still suggest this tent to someone who is looking for a vehicle camping tent that is simple to set up and take down, and has lots of space inside.

How To Fold A Pop Up Tent

Pop-up tents are notoriously naughty, as we all know. You can set them up in seconds, but every time you try to fold one back up, it either fires out again or doesn’t fit back into the bag because it was folded improperly, giving you unending stress when packing up your camping goods. Now you don’t have to suffer anymore! You will learn how to fold your pop up tent in a few simple steps with the help of this instruction.

Folding Your Pop Up Tent: Step By Step Guide

This tutorial is based on our Malawi tent, which has design elements that are comparable to those seen in traditional pop-up tents.

Step 1: Unzip the door

Unzip the front entrance of your tent from the inside by walking to the front of it. This allows any trapped air to exit the tent, making it simpler to compress and fold later down the road. You may also want to consider giving the tent a quick clean down at this point to ensure that it isn’t soiled for the next time you use it.

Step 2: Fold from back to front

Take hold of the center of the rear base pole and proceed to fold it upwards until you reach the top of the pole. Take both of them in one hand and hold them together. Then, while still holding the two poles in place, reach over and grasp the front base pole, pulling it upright until it meets the other poles you’re presently holding, bringing all of the poles together in one hand for easy storage.

Step 3: Lift the tent and rotate

Lift the tent and turn it on its side so that it stands vertically, holding the tent with one hand while the other holds the tent in place.

Step 4: Pull down

Grab the top section of the tent with your free hand and pull it down towards your feet.

Step 5: Slide rings

The tent frame should be slightly overlapping two circles now that you’ve folded it towards the soles of your feet, as seen in the image below. Slide one ring beneath the other, then press down on the tent to allow any residual air to escape through the opening. The tent should now be folded in half so that it forms a circle.

Step 6: Bag it up

Take any slack elastic straps and draw them across the folded tent, allowing you to stow the tent away in its accompanying bag when you’ve completed this step. That’s all there is to it! Your tent should be completely folded and ready to depart at this point. If you’re still having trouble figuring out how to fold a pop up tent, you might find our video instruction below to be more helpful.

Folding A Pop Up Tent: Video Guide

Thank you for taking the time to read our advice on how to fold a pop-up tent. If you found this article useful and would want to read more pieces like this, have a look at some of our other camping-related content.

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