How To Fold Up A Mountain Hardwear Tent Manual

Mountain Hardwear Tent User Manual

ContensSelecting a Location. 2 Sets of Footprints . Care for Your Tent While Hiking. 3 Stormproofing Your Tent. . 3 Guy-Out Cord . 4 Guy System on the Inside . 4 Internal Guy System continued. 5 Ultraviolet (UV) Light.

Sixth, Tent Pole Maintenance.



  • 7 Tears and Other Deterioration Cleaning and Maintaining Your Tent at Home.
  • .
  • .
  • 9 Keeping Your Tent Safe .
  • 10 Camping with Minimal Environmental Impact .
  • 10 11 Repairs Included in Mountain Hardwear’s Lifetime Warranty .

We take great delight in producing lightweight, long-lasting shelters for outdoor lovers.


If you are unsure about any aspect of the warning, call Mountain Hardwear at 800-330-6800 or 510-558-3000 before using the tent to clarify your understanding.

If you want to capture the first rays of sunlight in the morning, you may choose to position your tent facing south or east.

Our tents are all free-standing, however we urge that you stake them down to keep them from blowing away during a strong wind.

Tighten all webbing adjustments to a tight fit.

Footprints are custom-made to fit perfectly beneath each tent model and protect the tent floor from sharp twigs, pebbles, tree sap, and other potentially harmful objects such as these.

TAKING GOOD CARE OF YOUR TENT ON THE TRAILStormproofing Your Tent Mountain tents in general: 1.


2b, you may adjust the tension by moving the tightener to either tighten or relax the line as needed.

Cord with a diameter of 2 – 5 mm (5/64 3/16 inch) is recommended.

1.Feed the cord through the cord cleat and tighten it (Fig.1a). (The code and cleat should be shown as shown in Fig.1b) 2.Sliding the cleat higher will help to tighten the cable (Fig.1c). 3.To alleviate tension, pull the cords apart from the rest of the body (Fig. 1c).

Expedition tents: Internal Guy System cont.
Guy-Out Cord

Guy-out loops are attached to the outside of the flysheet using thread. Clips are stitched onto the inside of the flysheet (on the other side of the flysheet from where the guy-out loops are sewn) (Fig. 3). Using these clips, hook a cable to the guy-out loop and secure the tent in a correct location on the tent pole. Make certain that the guy-out rope is tied to solid items (tent pegs, boulders, snow pickets, etc.) that will keep the tent up in a high wind before setting up your tent. The Internal Guy System is depicted in Figure 3.

  1. Connect two sections of 96″ cable together to produce a single long cord.
  2. 4a) at one of the tent’s inner corners, and then thread the other end of it through the webbing loops at points C, D, and E.
  3. 1 on the previous page) and guide it through the webbing loop at point F (see previous page).
  4. Using the second long cable and cleat, repeat the method for points G, H, D, I, and J using the long cord and cleat.
  5. 4b).
  6. The cloth will fade, lose strength, and finally dissolve if exposed to ultraviolet radiation.
  7. The exposure to high altitude throughout the day, if the tent is left erected, might cause it to become unusable within one month.

A shaded location is preferable whenever feasible while pitching a tent.

5 Food Preserving and Preparation Never keep food or drink in your tent.

Tent Pole Maintenance When constructing the poles, be sure that the portions of the poles do not crack against each other.


As with any assembly, always begin in the middle and work your way out to the ends of the poles.

FIGURE 5 Tent poles are used near seawater in this illustration.

Fresh water may be used to clean the tent poles, or an aluminum lubricant such as Boeshield can be used for further protection.

It is not essential to apply aluminum lubricants to Easton aluminum poles in most situations because they are hard anodized right out of the factory.


Splinting broken tent tubes may be accomplished with the help of ski pole repair sleeves, tent pegs, and even branches.

When you’re setting up your tent, make sure to keep the zippers on the doors and windows out of the soil.

Maintain the cleanliness of zippers by cleaning them (at home) using a garden hose and high-pressure nozzle.

Once that protective coating has worn away, the metal begins to corrode quickly, and the zipper slider no longer firmly links the continuous plastic coils.

With our revolutionary Zipper Repair Clamp, you can quickly and easily repair a worn-out zipper slider.

7) may be purchased from your local Mountain Hardwear dealer for around $10.

Any field repairs will not violate the warranty on the tent.

Mildew can build on your tent’s waterproof covering if you do not follow these instructions.

Your tent will begin to leak as a result of this.

Hydrolysis can occur if there is excessive moisture on the polyurethane covering (for example, if the tent is left damp for more than a few days).

Our LifetimeWarranty does not cover damage caused by mildew or hydrolysis in any way.

The tent canopy and zippers should not be seam sealed.

Clean, dry, and taut tents are essential for successful camping.

When working in chilly, moist (humid) settings, avoid seam sealing.

Because the water repellent finish is put on the uncoated side of the seam, the seam sealer does not cling as effectively to that side.

Apply pressure to the seam sealer and brush the liquid back and forth to ensure that it penetrates completely into the floor perimeter seam.

8 Putting the Tent Fly Together Hot tape is used to seal the seams of the flysheet at the manufacturing.

However, if the fly will be subjected to extended rains or will be in a consistently damp environment, we recommend that you seam seal some spots on the inside of the fly to prevent water from seeping in through.

Face the cloth so that the coated (shiny) side is facing the outside of the room.

The procedures mentioned in the preceding paragraph should be used to work the sealant into and around these connection points.

Tent Maintenance and Cleaning Never wash or dry your tent in the washing machine.

When cleaning the entire tent, fill a tub (bathtub) with cold water and scrub well.

If you must use soap, make sure it is a non-detergent soap.

Never dry your tent in the washing machine.

The tent should be packed in a relaxed manner, and if at all feasible, the shock-corded poles should be left totally or partially built.

One of the most essential considerations for consumers when making purchase selections is the weight of the tent they are considering.

As a result, comparing tent weights across different manufacturers is difficult.

When you say “MinimumWeight,” you are referring to the weight of the tent body, flysheet, and tent poles together; it is the weight of the minimal essentials.

PackagedWeight (also called asTrailWeight) is the weight of a package that has been packaged.

Packaged Weight does not include shipping materials.

Use biodegradable soaps sparingly and keep them at least 200 feet away from water.

For more information about LEAVE NOTRACE camping, please contact the company at 800.332.4100.

They are stiff and durable.

Tent Footprint: a custom-made ground sheet that is designed to fit perfectly beneath the floor of your tent.

These items may be purchased from your local Mountain Hardwear retailer.

We at Mountain Hardwear promise that the materials and workmanship used in every product we manufacture will be able to withstand the conditions for which it was intended.

Returning any items to us for review will result in a decision on whether the product should be repaired or replaced.

Free repairs will be provided for any items covered by our guarantee that cannot be fixed or replaced (at our discretion).

According to California State Law, all goods that are to be fixed must be clean before they may be repaired.

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Tents that have become soiled will be returned to the owner for cleaning before the item may be repaired or replaced.

For warranty information, contact Mountain Hardwear at the following addresses: Mountain Hardwear4911 Central AveRichmond CA 94804 510-558-3000800-953-8398 [email protected] 11

Manual Mountain Hardwear Trango 3 Tent

Do you require an instruction manual for your Mountain Hardwear Trango 3 Tent? You may see and download the PDF manual for free from the links provided below. Users’ comments and commonly asked questions are also included to help you get the most out of your product and make the most use of it. If this is not the handbook you were looking for, please let us know. Is your product faulty, and the documentation fails to provide a satisfactory solution? Repair services are available at no cost at a Repair Café.


If you have any thoughts on the Mountain Hardwear Trango 3 Tent, please share them with us by leaving a product rating on this page. Do you want to share your thoughts on this product or ask a question about it? Comment at the bottom of this page if you have any questions or comments. Are you happy with this Mountain Hardwear product? Do you have any suggestions? YesNo Be the first to provide your opinion on this product. There are no votes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our customer service staff is constantly on the lookout for relevant product information and solutions to often asked questions. If you see an error in one of our commonly asked questions, please let us know by contacting us using our online contact form. Is it possible to keep my tent when it is wet? Verified Only for extremely short periods of time, and only temporarily. Mold may grow on tents that have been stored in the rain for a week or more at a time. This is detrimental to your tent’s structure and, maybe, to your health.

  • Verified Inflate the tent, wipe the material, and set it aside to dry.
  • Use of a paint roller or brush is also an option while painting.
  • Additionally, treat the interior of the tent.
  • Do not allow the impregnation agent to dry on the surface.
  • If necessary, the therapy should be repeated.
  • Verified Special self-adhesive patches of fabric are available for use with synthetic tent canvas that are designed specifically for this purpose.
  • It is preferable to utilize patches that can be ironed on to cotton tent canvas or mixed-material tent canvas while working with cotton tent canvas.

This was quite helpful(61)What can I do if the zipper on my tent isn’t running smoothly?

Do not spray directly onto the fabric; instead, spray preventively to avoid future issues.

Verified This is most likely condensation, not condensation.

This was quite beneficial (32) What kind of tent pegs should you use for certain types of surfaces?

Rock pegs must be used on rocky terrain in order to prevent slipping.

Pegs that are semicircular or universal in shape are required for gravel surfaces, while wooden pegs are required for sand surfaces.

Is there anything I can do to prevent this?

This is not hazardous, and the stains are usually gone within a short period of time.

When it comes to stain prevention, it is not recommended to use less impregnation agent. In order to get satisfactory results, the fabric must be completely soaked with the impregnation agent. This was quite beneficial (25) Mountain Hardwear initially released this handbook in its entirety.

View All Tents

Whether you’re going camping in the mountains in the summer or alpine climbing in the winter, understanding how you’ll use your tent is the best way to guarantee that you pick the proper one. Camping Constructed for everyday outdoor outings and intended to provide the most room possible for you and your belongings. It’s an excellent location for day trips from camp or for traveling lesser distances. Drive to the crag, set up camp, climb for the entire day, and then tell stories around the campfire till the wee hours.

  • Even though they are less in weight and smaller in size, they provide amenities like as full-mesh canopies and rainflies that allow you to enjoy the scenery while being protected from the weather.
  • In extreme settings like as Everest, K2, Annapurna, the Arctic, and the Antarctic, these tents are created for insulation and stability.
  • Accessories Tent accessories can help you get the most out of your tent’s durability and comfort.
  • RECOMMENDATION: Look for a number in the tent’s name to see how many people it can accommodate.
  • A larger group or more equipment?
  • A “two-season” tent may be suitable for use in warm or moderate weather, but a “four-season” tent is intended for use all year round in all weather conditions.

Mineral King™ 3 Tent

Chevron left chevron right The vista is preserved in this spacious retreat. Please choose a size from the drop-down menu. The model is wearing a size XL. breast measurements and waist circumferences are provided. the length of the inseam shoes are of the following sizes: Members of Elevated Rewards are entitled to free standard ground shipping. Our partners’ products are available for purchase. Style1886241addremove We don’t go camping to spend the entire day in our tent; thus, when it’s time to zip up into your sleeping bag and lay your head down, the Mineral KingTM keeps the view intact.

Because you’re still “within,” it’s as if you’ve never left what you came to do in the first place.

  • Suitable for camping
  • Two big doors enable simple access and departure as well as an expansive view when the vestibule is folded back. In the evening, the fly folds back and secures halfway, allowing for stargazing or shade during the day. Pre-bend poles increase the amount of usable internal space. Pitching is made easier by hubbed cross poles and a symmetrical construction. DAC PressfitTM poles, which are the best in the business
  • 5 compartments provide plenty of storage space on the inside
  • Two full-size vestibules with dry-entry doors and a vent at the top
  • Individual space and comfort are maximized by the symmetrical and rectangular shape, which provides for head-to-toe sleeping position. The seams have been taped to provide a watertight structure. Floor in the shape of a bathtub
  • Lightweight
  • The use of a full mesh top canopy improves ventilation while also allowing for unimpeded views. There is a footprint included
  • This tent may not comply with CPAI084 since it does not include any flame-retardant chemicals. 112 ounces / 319 g
  • Fabric Tent Floor: 68D 210T Ripstop Polyester 1500mm PU
  • 75D Plain Weave Polyester 1500mm
  • The approximate weight* is 112 oz / 319 g
  • The approximate weight packed is 7 lb 1.2 oz / 3209 g
  • And the approximate weight minimum is 6 lb 1.7 oz / 2770 g. The tent has a capacity of 3 people
  • There are 2 poles
  • 2 doors
  • 2 vestibules
  • The interior height is 48 in / 122 cm
  • The tent floor area is 42.5 sq. ft. /

*The actual weight may differ. The minimal weight requirement comprises the tent canopy, tent fly, and tent pole.

Shipping Information

Shipping Method Rate Expected Delivery Time
Standard FREE 3-7 Business Days
Expedited $12.00 2-3 Business Days
Rush $19.00 1-2 Business Days
FREE Standard Shipping Available for Elevated Rewards members.Learn more

Return Policy

Returns are allowed for up to 60 days after the date of purchase.

We would gladly accept returns on any items purchased on our website that are still in their original packaging, unused and with the tags still attached.

Still Have Questions

For additional information, please see ourCustomer Servicesection.

Seam Sealing Your ; Cleaning Your Tent; How Much Does Your Tent Weigh?; Low Impact Camping – Mountain Hardwear Tent Owner’s Manual [Page 7]

s e a m s e a m s e a m s e a m s e a m s e a m s e a m s e a m s e a m s e a m s e a m s e a m s e a m s e a m Set up your tent and have it ready for guests. If your tent will be subjected to heavy rain for an extended period of time, the double-needle seams on the tent body as well as the floor perimeterseams must be taped together. The zip-p e rs should not be seam sealed. Pitch the tent in a well-ventilated region to provide maximum comfort (preferablyout of doors and in the shade). Clean, dry, and taut tents are essential for successful camping.

  1. When working in chilly, moist (humid) settings, avoid seam sealing.
  2. On the Satellite, the coated side is on the outside of the tent, while the uncoated side is within.
  3. Instead of applying a single heavy coat, apply multiple light applications.
  4. All locations where webbing is sewed into or along a seam should be sealed with seam sealant.
  5. Theseams along the perimeter of the tent floor where the webbing is fastened should also be given special care.
  6. Efficiently Manage Your Time (Employees and Students) Never wash or dry your tent in the washing machine.
  7. When cleaning the entire tent, fill a tub (bathtub) with cold water and scrub well.
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In the event that you must use soap, make certain that it is non-detergent.

Never dry your tent in the washing machine.

The tent should be packed lightly, and the shock-corded poles should be left totally or partially constructed if at all feasible.

Underfold the seal.

One of the most essential considerations for consumers when making purchase selections is the weight of the tent they are considering.

In conjunction with the Outdoor Recreation Coalition of America (ORCA), the Tent Manufacturers Association (T.M.A.) has established voluntary standards for tent manufacturers on how to determine and report the weights of their tents, which can be found here.

guidelines: the Minimum Weight and the Packaged Weight.

Weight Requirement: When we talk about Minimum Weight, we are referring to the overall weight of the tent body, flysheet, and poles; it is the weight of the minimum necessities.

Packaged Weight (also known as Trail Weight): This is the total weight of the product after it has been packaged.

L O W I M P A C T C A M P I N G I S A L I T Y Keep your campsite away from streams, lakes, and hiking routes.

What you bring in should be packed out.

T E N T A C C E S S O R I E SMountain Hardwear provides the following tent accessories:Mountain Hardwear offers the following tent accessories: The Stuff Loft is a clip-in “attic” for storing gear within the tent’s walls.

The Snow and Sand Anchor is a foolproof method of securing your tent in the snow or sand. v – P e g s v – P e g s V – P e g s V – P e g s These Mountain Hardwear accessories are available at your local Mountain Hardwear retailer.

Best Tents for Heavy Rain: Ultimate Buyer’s Guide 2022

Even the most ardent outdoorsmen will acknowledge that a little rain can ruin any camping vacation, no matter how well planned. Even the greatest rain jackets, gaiters, and other waterproof camping gear can only keep you dry to a certain extent. However, it is still beneficial to be as prepared as possible. Few things are as important for surviving a storm when camping as having a well-designed, water-resistant tent. In light of this, we’ve put together a list of the finest tents for heavy rain in 2022.

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  • Instructions on how to stay warm in your tent when camping in the rain.

Kelty Late Start 1 Solo Tent

Instructions on how to stay warm in your tent when camping in the rain

REI Co-op Arete ASL 2 Tent

Most campers don’t want to, or simply cannot afford, to purchase various tents for different seasons, weather conditions, or hiking expeditions, and this is understandable. Designed for two people, the Co-op Arete ASL 2 Tent from REI is adaptable enough to accommodate practically any camping style. Two persons and their belongings may comfortably fit in the more than 40 square feet of combined floor and vestibule area. Furthermore, the design is durable enough to withstand adverse weather conditions in every season.

Read More:Best 2-Person Tents

Among the most dedicated trekkers and thru-hikers, Mountain Hardwear has long been a go-to brand. Its Aspect 3 tent is a near-perfect lightweight shelter that is meant to withstand heavy rain and other inclement weather. The rainfly that comes with the package is silicone-coated on both sides, making it completely waterproof. Furthermore, it is a real three-person design that is lightweight and compact for those who are concerned about weight savings.

The North Face VE 25 Tent

Backpackers and thru-hikers have long regarded Mountain Hardwear as their go-to brand for tough, durable clothing. In terms of weight and durability, the Aspect 3 is a near-perfect lightweight tent that is intended to withstand heavy rain and storms. A silicone coating is applied to both sides of the included rainfly, ensuring that it is totally watertight. Furthermore, it is a real three-person design that is lightweight and compact for those who are concerned with ounce weight.

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 2-Person Tent

For years, Alps Mountaineering has earned a reputation as the manufacturer of some of the most straightforward tents available. The Lynx 2-Person has a freestanding design that can be assembled in minutes owing to the use of an aluminum two-pole construction. The polyester fly that comes with the jacket is water-resistant, and it has two vestibules that provide additional outside storage space.

Exped Outer Space III Tent

Finding a three-person tent that is both lightweight and backpacking-friendly while still being water-resistant is no simple feat. Expedit’s Outer Space III tent is one of the most well-designed tents available, and it is also one of the finest tents for severe rain. Even for solitary campers, the exostructure poles (located on the outside of the fly) give amazing durability while also making it a breeze to set up and take down the fly.

It has a 65-inch peak on the inside and more than 40 square feet of vestibule space for storing gear and other things outside your tent while it’s raining. It’s very big.

Eureka! Copper Canyon LX 4-Person Tent

Finding a three-person tent that is both lightweight and backpacking-friendly while still being water-resistant is no small feat. This tent from Exped is among the best on the market, and it’s also one of the best for dealing with severe rain. Even for solitary campers, the exostructure poles (located on the outside of the fly) give great durability while also making it a breeze to set up this fly. Inside, it has a 65-inch peak and a vestibule that is more than 40 square feet in size, providing enough of space for storing gear and other things while you’re out camping.

Kazoo Uranus 4-Person Tent with Porch

Kazoo’s 4-Person Tent is the best option for camping families on a tight budget because it is both lightweight and durable. When it’s raining hard, the sealed seams and 210T rip-stop polyester rainfly work together to give excellent water protection. Internally, the design is spacious enough for up to four people, and the built-in “porch” provides additional storage space for hiking gear, wet clothing, and other necessities. The nicest thing about this one, on the other hand, is the price. At a little more than $100, it’s a great deal.

Ayamaya Popup Family Camping Tent

Ayamaya’s Popup Camping Tent is ideal for families that place a high importance on convenience over anything else. The no-frills design includes pre-assembled poles that are incorporated into the tent, allowing it to almost pitch itself in seconds. The inside is spacious, measuring 12.5 by 8.5 feet, and can accommodate up to six persons sleeping in sleeping bags or even air beds. When the weather turns sour, the PU-coated polyester roof and heat-sealed seams assist to keep the interior of the tent completely dry and comfortable.

Editors’ Recommendations

  • Ayamaya’s Popup Camping Tent is ideal for families that choose convenience over anything else. Since the tent has pre-assembled poles built in, it can almost pitch itself in seconds thanks to the no-nonsense design. Because the inside is 12.5 by 8.5 feet, it has ample space for sleeping bags or even air beds to accommodate up to six adult guests. When the weather goes sour, the PU-coated polyester roof and heat-sealed seams help to keep the inside of the tent completely dry.
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Mountain Hardwear Lightwedge 2 DP Review

Isn’t it true that a tent is just a tent? Yes, in certain respects. In other words, features, weight, and size all matter—especially whether you’re hiking for an extended period of time or anticipating challenging terrain and weather conditions. Lightweight hiking or car camping shelter, the Mountain Hardwear Lightwedge 2 DP includes a footprint, canopy (tent), rainfly, three poles and stakes, which is essentially a conventional tent kit in and of itself. When you dig a little deeper, there is one essential characteristic that distinguishes this tent from the rest of the pack of camping shelters.

Dry Pitch Makes It Different

This crucial ingredient, as well as the Lightwedge 2 DP’s distinguishing attribute, is the source of the DP: Dry Pitch. The rainfly may be set up first or entirely by itself, allowing you to take cover fast if you are caught in inclement weather and need to get out of the elements. Once you’ve gotten the fly up and running, the remainder of the tent is surprisingly simple to put together from the inside of the fly. This also means that you have a set-up option, which allows the camper to put up just the rainfly, just the tent canopy, or both at the same time, depending on their preference.

These little plastic pieces may be connected to each component of the tent or to each of the tent’s poles individually, allowing for a wide range of configuration choices.

Setting Up the Mountain Hardwear Lightwedge 2 DP

The DAC system simplifies the process of building the tent in the conventional manner, without the use of instructions. Simply lay the footprint and tent out on the ground with the poles on top, attach the corners to the DAC clips, assemble, and put the poles into the DAC clips to complete the project. Set up the tent by attaching the center slider attachment to the central hub and the tent hooks to the poles. Then spread the fly over the whole tent and clip the corners to the DAC connections.

“Dry pitching” the tent is essentially identical to “wet pitching” the tent and is just as simple.

Finish by connecting the tent clips to the tent, starting at the rear of the tent and working your way toward the front of the tent.

Despite the fact that the DAC clips were really simple to use, I discovered that sand, mud, and other material accumulated in them.

How Big Is The Mountain Hardwear Lightwedge 2 DP?

Lightwedge 2 DP is a two-person hiking tent that provides ample room for me (6′ 2′′ male) and my girlfriendSteph (5′ 2′′ female) to sleep comfortably with only a modest quantity of additional clothing stored inside the tent. This tent offers plenty of headroom, especially for someone as tall as I am, measuring 48 inches tall, which is higher than the reported 45 inches. A Tension Shelf right above the entrance, which we found particularly handy for keeping eyeglasses and devices that needed to be recharged while you’re out and about, is also located inside for fast access to items like as torches and keys.

While an additional door and vestibule would be useful for storing additional items, the weight penalty would be unjustifiable in this case.

This shelter weighs 1 ounce, which is just 2 ounces more than the manufacturer’s advertised weight and is comparable to other two-person hiking shelters.

Wind and Rain Oh My!

Our Lightwedge 2 DP served as our home for three days and two nights while bicycling over the western Colorado and Utah deserts, where the weather may change suddenly and be severe. The first evening, the winds howled at a canyon rim camp site where we were staying. The tent was blown into a low scrub tree by a strong gust of wind while being put up, however the Lightwedge 2 DP was unaffected, even on the lightest mesh sections, and survived with no obvious damage. Despite the fact that the wind remained until daybreak, we did not experience any drafts inside the tent with the entrance and vestibule fully closed.

When a storm swept through at 3 a.m., Mountain Hardwear said that the Lightwedge 2 DP had “guaranteed waterproof construction with completely taped fly, taped perimeter seam, welded corners, and welded guy clip anchors,” and we found it to be more than adequate in that regard.

The Lightwedge 2 DP Sounds Awesome! Any Cons?

I’m quite impressed with the overall performance of the Lightwedge 2 Digital Projector. When I was setting up the tent, I observed that there was some strain between the rain fly and the tent poles, which made using the zippers on the door and fly a little tricky at times. Even though there are only two small windows on the vestibule of the Lightwedge, which didn’t allow for a lot of natural light to enter the tent, this did make sleeping in after daybreak a little more bearable. The Lightwedge 2 DP’s base did not lay totally flat, which helped to keep the seam off the ground, which may have been beneficial in the rainy conditions.

Mountain Hardwear Lightwedge 2 DP Summary

In addition to being a comfortable and adaptable tent, the Mountain Hardwear Lightwedge 2 DP is also an excellent choice for vehicle camping and hiking. This camping shelter is appealing because of the range of setup choices and characteristics that make it a long-term, multi-purpose addition to your camping shelter arsenal. You may learn more about this and other Mountain Hardwear goods by visiting their website. The Lightwedge 2 DP has a suggested retail price of $290.00 and is only available in green.

Mountain Hardwear Lightpath 3 Reviews

I’ve been using this tent for almost a year now, so I thought I’d give it a review. In addition to Dolly Sods, Seneca Rocks, Mount Whitney, Shenandoah, and Spruce Knob, this tent has witnessed many more sights. I’ve spent about 40 nights in the tent, the most of which have been with my wife. Our camping vacation with the tent lasted a week in all. This was my first experience with a non-freestanding tent, and I was a little concerned about its durability at first glance. Fortunately, an evening on a knob with winds blowing more than 30 miles per hour swiftly assuaged such fears.

The rain-proofing performs admirably in torrential downpours.

However, you will not wake up to a saturated sleeping bag due to leaks because it is not present.

Despite being at 12,000 feet in elevation and experiencing severe winds and below-freezing temperatures, it performed well.

It has held up quite well and shows no indications of wear or damage at this point.

My height is 6’2″ and my weight is 225 pounds, whereas my wife is 5’4″ and weighs just more than a buck.

This is, in my opinion, the ideal size for two people.

The fact that I was used to setting up dome style tents made it a little more difficult.

No unfavorable opinions about this tent, however bear in mind that it is not freestanding and so will not function in all situations.

Because trail camp is located at 12,000 feet on top of a boulder on Mt Whitney, it was a difficult climb.

We made do with stones and improvised our way through it.

Depending on when it occurs, I may return to this page and provide an update.

The original client returned the tent since they were unaware that it was not a freestanding tent when they purchased it.

Two pole tunel with a three person bivy type end entrance design 2 people may sleep in this room. Setup is simple with a cake. Weight: 5 pounds 12 ounces when equipped with a rainfly. Purchased at a cost of $75

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