How To Divide The Vivosun Grow Tent In Half

splitting my grow room in half?

What about this: I have a second, larger tent that was my first, and the door has been torn in half, so I’m thinking of putting it up and using the space for a vegetable/clone tent instead. I don’t want to take up another complete room, but I don’t have the funds to do so at the moment, understand? After removing the 265 cfm fan from my wood stove and attempting to buy a scrubber, I have just scraped together enough money to purchase one. I’m not sure whether to get one with a lower or higher cfm setting on the scrubber.

As far as the tent goes, I think I can get it to work for now for vegging and cloning.

thx If that’s the case, duct tape is your best friend, so tape that torn door up as neatly as you possibly can, and remember that on the veg side of things, you don’t have to worry about light leaking IN, and light leaking OUT is only a concern if it can be seen by nosy eyes or if it can leak into the budding chamber.

Here are a couple of photos of my own vegging setup, and you’ll notice that I’m only using a pair of 2bulb T12 shoplights that cost me $20.00 each at Lowe’s, a couple circulation fans to keep the air moving, and an old squirrel cage blower that I’ve had for about 8 years now, it was actually As you can see, it is as simple and inexpensive as it possibly can be.

To be honest, if you are truly on a tight budget, cheap builders supply businesses, rather than big box stores like Lowes, may provide some incredible bargains because they deal in close-outs, over-runs, seconds, and other such items.

For the really cunning, you may hunt for office building remodels and either raid the dumpsters or contact someone on the jobsite for permission; often people will let you to just take what you want so they don’t have to pay for the junk to be removed.

peace, bozo


The following items were purchased: VIVOSUN Grow Tent 4×4 Update: After a year and a half of living in the tent on a full-time basis, my opinion has not changed. This is a really great grow tent for usage in an indoor environment. All of the seams are still in good condition. All of the zippers are still in working order. The following items were purchased: VIVOSUN LED Grow Light VS1000 This lamp is a beast when it comes to price and size! It covers a 3×3-foot space. I have three other LEDs that are now available on the market, and they all perform identically; however, I believe the Vivosun has the greatest ppfd output of the three, making it an excellent 2×4 T5 substitute.

(I would use this light for vegetables rather than flowers.) The following items were purchased: VIVOSUN 4 Inch 190 CFM Inline Fan Combo I have flesh-eating beetles that clean bones and always smell like rotten meat, which you could smell from the garage all over the house before, but now you can’t tell anything smells from next to the tent, and if it can remove this smell, it can remove any smell!

I would recommend this fan to anyone who has a rotten meat smell.

VIVOSUN 10×10 Grow Tent 120

/VIVOSUN 10×10 Grow Tent 120″x120″x80″VIVOSUN 10×10 Grow Tent 120″x120″x80″VIVOSUN 10×10 Grow Tent 120″x120″x80″VIVOSUN 10×10 Grow Tent 120″x120″x80″

VIVOSUN Mylar Reflective Grow Tent is a clever solution to a grower’s needs. Whether you’re starting a new growing operation or have mature plants this grow tent will be the perfect environment for them. Insulated with Mylar, the interior of the tent is 98% reflective, boosting the growth rate of your plants, and with a layer of 600D canvas, your grow tent is both tear-proof and lightproof.

  • Construction: The VIVOSUN Grow Tent is made of 600D Oxford material and heavy-duty zippers to prevent any light leakage and assure longevity. Lights and ventilation systems of various sorts may be hung from the all-iron metal frame, which offers substantial support. Human-centered design (HCD) is a method of creating products that are oriented on the needs of people. Vents in a variety of sizes are available for use with various ventilation systems. A set of filter straps is supplied for hanging the filter. An observation window can assist you in keeping track of the progress of your plant’s growth. Keep Growing Under Control: The VIVOSUN Grow Tent allows you to keep track of the humidity, temperature, lighting, and other factors that affect the development. It assists in achieving the best possible results without having to worry
  • Installation is simple: It normally takes one person 15-30 minutes to install the grow tent by following the procedures outlined in the instruction manual. Everything you need to put it together is provided
  • Warranty for one year is guaranteed.
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Tech Spec

Dimension (in.) 120″ x 120″ x 80″ / 10ft X 5ft
Weight (lb.) 98
Warranty 1 Year
Package Size 61 x 19 x 7.5
Suggested Plant Count 24-32
Suggested Lighting 6Bar Grow Light fixture
2pcs- 4pcs VS4000 Watts or Equivalent
Recommended Ventilation 8″ Inline Fan
Doors (1) Large Front Door(2) Side Access Doors
Vents (2) 11.8″ x 6″Pre-Filter Air Vents
Windows (1) Large Front Window
Ducting Ports (4) 4″ Ducting Ports / (8) 10″Ducting Ports
Interior Material Mylar 98% Reflective
Exterior Material Oxford fabric
Includes (2)Spill Trays / (4) Filter Straps

Which tent is the best fit for you? Take a look at our tents and decide which one is right for you. The VIVOSUN 2×2 Grow Tent has a capacity of 24 square meters “24” x 48″ x 24″ Description: VIVOSUN Hydroponic Mylar is a transparent material that allows all light to pass through. 1-2 plants are required. Size of Plant24″ x 24″ x 48″ Dimensions of Plant24″ x 48″ Recommendation for the VS1000Light 4 “Recommendation for Duct Fan Ventilation in Line with Ducts Details VIVOSUN 4×2 Grow Tent with 48″ x 48″ x 48” “The x24x60″VIVOSUN Mylar Reflective Grow Tent is an ingenious invention.

16-24 plants are recommended.

Plants ranging from 24-36 in number Recommended Lighting Capacity120″ x 120″ x 80″DimensionsVS4000 x 2Lighting VS4000 x 2Lighting 8 “Installation of Inline DuctFan Ventilation Is Recommended Detailstop The following items have been added to your cart: Add to cart failed due to the following reasons: succesfully added to wishlist after successful submission

[3 Easy Tips] How to Fix your LED Spectrum for Flowering Plants – The Green Sunshine Company

A quick shot of myself with some of my plants. this is just one of my growing chambers, nothing fancy. Welcome! My name is Dan, and I’m delighted that you’ve come to visit. I study the science of photobiology, and I can tell you that not many grow lights on the market are capable of providing your plants with the colors they require. or desire. I can’t wait to share with you the mysteries of how color affects plants, how most grow lights on the market emit the incorrect color, and what you can do to fix this problem without having to replace your entire grow light system!

  • This suggests that happier plants and higher harvests are on the way.
  • With a few easy measures, you may unleash better growth in your garden.
  • You’ve made a significant step ahead in your efforts to correct the spectrum of your LED system.
  • Increased growth and improved quality are achieved by adjusting the spectrum.
  • In certain cases, the colors emitted by ordinary LED grow lights are completely out of sync, and your plants just “live with it” while failing to reach their full potential.
  • You may have purchased these lights online, and they are, without a doubt, effective, but have you had the opportunity to see growth greatness?
  • One piece of good news is that most of these remedies will only demand a little expenditure, and one of them is completely free!

If you’re searching for particular assistance, please provide the model number of your grow lamp in your post. My excitement for you and your garden is contagious! Are you ready to take on the world? Let’s get this party started.

All LED Owners – TemperatureAirflow Check!

Even if your LEDs are running at a comfortable temperature, you must maintain high temps in your grow tent in order to get optimal yields. Because the High Pressure Sodium bulbs emit a burst of heat that plants really like, you’ll need to operate your grow environment at a higher temperature than you would typically use with high pressure sodium. This is beneficial since allowing your area to become hotter reduces the amount of energy required to cool it! Aim for eighty degrees, although the sweet spot is between 78 and 82 degrees.

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Attn: All Purple LED Light Owners With “Veg” And “Flower” Switches or Color Dials

Is there a “Vegetable” or a “Flower” switch on your LED grow light? Otherwise, refrain from turning off the “Flower” or the “Bloom” option for vegetables, unless you’re planning to keep a little plant in a nursery environment. Withholding red light from your plants and flooding them with blue light can hinder their growth. Take a look at what happened to lettuce in a scientific research when the percentage of blue light was raised. The behavior of lettuce when it is exposed to different amounts of blue and green light is seen here.

  • Isn’t that crazy?
  • If at all feasible, operate your LED light with both the “Vegetable” and the “Flower” modes activated.
  • If your LEDs have dimmable dials, try keeping the blue setting lower than what you would typically use during veg and see how it affects the outcome.
  • If you could reduce that figure to 15 percent, it would be much better.
  • “White” really contains a significant amount of blue light, just enough to provide what plants require without causing them to “stretch.” Isn’t that interesting?
  • Larger leaves, quicker development, and a greater crop are all possible.
  • Turn on all of the channels at maximum power during the early stages of flowering, when leaf development is halting.
  • Believe me when I say.
  • But, honestly, don’t utilize the veg and bloom switches on your grow lamp in the manner in which they were designed.

You will wind up with lower yields as a result. Send me a message below with a remark and then click “Submit” with any questions you have, and I will answer and assist you with “fixing” the settings on your grow light!

All Purple LED Light Owners

We’re attempting to do two things using grow lights that have a mostly red and blue color spectrum.

  1. Correction of Blue Light– If your grow light emits mostly blue light, this is the most critical step to take. If you own a “ViparSpectra,” this is unquestionably a necessary step for you to do (this light is really meant for aquariums). Look for the manufacturer’s website on the internet. You’re looking for a graph of the spectrum. To get an idea, you may also count the amount of red and blue LEDs on the board. If the amount of BLUE is equal to or more than the amount of RED, you’ll want to make sure that this is corrected throughout all phases of growth. We want blue light to account for less than 30% of the overall spectrum and more than 10% of the total spectrum. We want to provide plants with some full spectrum light (green/yellow) in order to help them grow by providing more light information to their cells. That should also assist to relieve the strain on your eyes! Adding white light can aid you in taking care of your plants and allowing you to see them in their natural coloration. This is a win-win situation.
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My proposal is that you install a 50W Warm White LED Flood Light in your garden to illuminate it. It costs around $35 and uses CREE LEDs, so you cannot go wrong. Above importantly, it will restore balance to the majority of blue-heavy or red/blue spectrums. These flood lights are fantastic to have around, and I personally use them! They are excellent for use on their own for early seedlings and may be easily tucked away in tight spaces inside your grow space. Furthermore, the greater the number of light sources present in your grow room, the greater the light penetration and dispersion that will be achieved.

  • Furthermore, you may experiment with putting these lights to the side in order to provide additional angles of light towards your plant, which will encourage bushier growth.
  • To begin, determine how much power your grow light consumes from the wall, rather than the claimed wattage.
  • Make certain that you have the correct number.
  • You’ll want to divide the total number of watts by two and aim for that number in your supplementary lighting.
  • We require around 70W of supplemental lighting.
  • Is there anything more you want to do?

White And Purple LED Light Owners (The Best Solution)

Purchase a low-wattage high-pressure sodium light! You will not be disappointed. I deal with growers at the production level, and even if they are using LEDs, many of them are supplementing with high-pressure sodium (HPS) bulbs. What is the explanation behind this? It is effective. I understand that gaining greater yields with the type of yellow, red, and infrared light that the HPS emits appears to be counter-intuitive, but you will save more energy by getting greater yields. Simply supplying a little quantity of the hues that are lacking in white or purple LED systems will result in a significant increase in the amount of growth in your garden.

It will transform your purple and white LEDs into a monster grow setup in a matter of seconds.

Half-HPS power is also quite effective.

What about Next-Gen LED Technology?

I had no idea you were going to ask! When it comes to keeping an eye out for the next big thing, you’ve come to the perfect spot.

Check out how plants use light now that you’re here and learning more about them. You can also watch the video piece to discover even more! Maintain your semblance of green, my friends, and don’t forget to post a remark below!

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