How To Design A 40 Foot X 80 Foot Wedding Tent Layout

How Many People Fit Under A 40 x 80 Tent?

We’ll assist you in determining the precise number of people that can fit inside a 40 x 80 tent, which will assist you in determining which size tent is most appropriate for your event. Because we want to respect your time, we’ll give you a straightforward answer: A 40 by 80 tent has a capacity of 256 – 384 people, depending on the size. This tent can accommodate up to 256 guests at round tables, and 384 guests at rectangular tables when the 40 x 80 tent is used for the same occasion. However, if you want to include other elements under your tent, such as a dance floor, food tables, gift tables, and so on, you will most likely require a larger tent, depending on what you have in mind for the space beneath your tent.

This tent rental is one of the most popular items we provide, especially for weddings and business celebrations.

Need More Than Just Seating?

The question then becomes, what if you require more than simply chairs for your guests. So, let’s have a look at it together. We’ll walk you through a few different3D Event Plans to demonstrate how to properly position your 40 x 80 tent.

Wedding Layout1

We design 3D layouts for our clients in order to provide them with the greatest visual representation of their wedding. There are 17 round tables for 136 people in this image, as well as a large head table for the wedding party, buffet food tables, and a dance floor. The tent is 40 by 80 feet in size. This arrangement is PERFECT for a small wedding of 120-140 people, and the total cost of all of the rentals might be less than $3,500!

Wedding Layout2

Take note of how we still have a 40 x 80 pole tent in our 3D Tent Layout, but we have rectangle tables instead of round tables, allowing us to accommodate up to 240 guests. With ample room for a dance floor, DJ setup, buffet lines, and two (2) tables for a bar and gift table, you can have a successful event. Oh, and of course, there will be a sweetheart table set up for the lovely bride and husband. This is an actual 3D layout that was created for one of our customers. In this plan, you could have a wedding with 225-250 people for less than $3,500 in total expenditures (including all of the rental items!).

Want Help Planning Your Event?

Then you’ve come to the perfect site if you’re searching for a wedding tent hire to fit your big celebration. Tent rentals from Deborah’s Party Rentals provide a significant increase in capacity, which is ideal for not just weddings but also major corporate events such as annual meetings and family reunions as well as tent revival ceremonies. These tents are available in three different sizes: 40 × 40, 40 x 60, and 40 x 80. These can accommodate up to 128 guests, 192 guests, and 256 people in total.


Each of our three sizes of 40 foot wedding tent rentals is available in two different styles: the Navitrac and a more classic pole style tent. Historically, pole tents have served as an excellent alternative for renters on a tight budget, and they have been in use since the days of the touring circus. These tents have stood the test of time. When using a pole tent, the most significant constraint is that it can only be set up on grass due to the length of the tent stakes that must be hammered into the ground in order to hold the tent up.

The center pole, which is located within the tent and must be taken into consideration when designing your floor layout, is a considerably less restrictive aspect. Clients who want to make a statement with their poles can do so by decorating them with vines, plants, cloth, or flowers.


While most of the companies that rent wedding tents only offer 40 foot wedding tent rentals available in a pole type of tent, Deborah’s Party Rentals also has the Navitrac Frame Tent, which is a much more modern design than the traditional pole version. These frame tents offer all of the advantages of smaller frame tents, including the fact that they may be set up not only on grass, but also on pavement or concrete since they do not require the use of supports to keep them from falling over. For the purpose of preserving the structural integrity of your asphalt surface or concrete, we employ concrete blocks or water barrels as anchoring systems.

Having no center pole and the difficulties that this might bring about is another advantage of the Navitrac.

For further information, call (205) 631-2670 |

We’d be delighted to assist you in planning your special occasion.

Tent Layouts & Seating Capacity Chart – AA Party and Tent Rentals Dallas – Fort Worth

SIZE Square Feet Stand-Up Cocktail (chairs only,no tables) of chairs will seat (using 8′ rectangles) of chairs will seat (using 60″round tables)
10×10 100 16-20 10-12 10
10×20 200 32-40 25-27 20
10×30 300 48-60 37-40 30
10×40 400 65-80 50-55 40
10×50 500 81-100 62-68 50
10×60 600 97-120 74-81 60
20×20 400 65-80 50-55 40
20×30 600 75-100 60-75 60
20×40 800 85-120 70-100 80
20×50 1000 95-140 80-100 100
20×60 1200 105-160 96-120 120
30×30 900 150-180 96-120 72
30×50 1500 188-250 150-188 120
40×40 1600 260-360 200-230 160
40×60 2400 400-480 300-340 240
40×80 3200 530-640 400-455 320
40×100 4000 650-800 500-550 400

Tent has a floor area of 0 x 20 ft.

6-6′ Tables 48 Chairs 8-6′ Tables 52 Chairs
4-60″ Tables 32 Chairs 5-8′ Tables 48 Chairs
6-8′ Tables 54 Chairs

Tent with a floor area of 20 x 30 feet

8-6′ Tables 64 Chairs 9-6′ Tables 72 Chairs
6-60″ Tables 48 Chairs 7-8′ Tables 70 Chairs
8-8′ Tables 76 Chairs 100 Chairs

Twenty-foot-by-thirty-foot tent

10-6′ Tables 80 Chairs 12-6′ Tables 96 Chairs
10-60″ Tables 80 Chairs 10-8′ Tables 100 Chairs
10-8′ Tables 100 Chairs 130 Chairs

Tent with a floor area of 20 x 50 feet Tent measuring 20 x 50 feet with eight-foot tables Tent 20 x 50 feet with two 60-inch-long third tables Tent with a floor area of 20 x 60 feet THERE ARE 20 X 60-FRAME-TENTS AND BANQUET-TABLES Tent with two 60-inch rd tables (20 x 60). Tent with a 30′ x 30′ footprint

8- 8′ rectangle tables w/ 64 chairs and dance floor 12- 8′ rectangle tables w/ 96 chairs
8- 60″ rd. tables w/64 chairs 7- 60″ rd tables w/ 2-8′ rectangle tables, 56- chairs and dance floor

The dimensions of the tent are 20′ by 50′. Tables and chairs are provided in a 20 x 50 tent. Tables for the thirds are 60 inches in diameter in a 20 x 50 tent. The dimensions of the tent are 20′ by 60′. THERE ARE 20 X 60 FRAME-TENTS AND BANQUET-TABLES tent with two 60-inch rd tables, 20 by 60 inches tent with a floor area of thirty feet by thirty feet

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12- 60″ round tables, 120 chairs, 1- 9′ x 12′ dance floor, 1- Bar, 2- 8′ tables, 1- 48″ round cake table Cathedral Seating 250 chairs
Seating for 120 guests 5 foot spacing between tables 18- 8′ tables, 120 chairs

Tent with a footprint of 20 x 50 feet Tent measuring 20 x 50 feet with eight foot tables Tent 20 x 50 feet with two 60-inch-wide third tables Tent with a footprint of 20 x 60 feet 20 x 60-FRAME-TENTS–BANQUET-TABLES Tent with two 60-inch rd tables (20 x 60) Tent measuring 30 feet by 30 feet

16-60″ round tables, 128 chairs 12- 60″ round tables, 2- 8′ tables, 1- 6′ table, 1-12′ x 12′ dance floor. 96 chairs
18- 8′ tables, 3- 6′ tables, 114 chairs 3- 6′ tables, 14- 8′ tables, 112 chairs,1- dance floor
20-8′ Tables, 160 chairs
30-8′ foot Banquet tables, 240 chairs 24- 60″ round tables,192 chairs
16-60″ round tables, 2- 8′ banquet tables, 136 chairs, Head table seating 8, 16 x 16 dance floor. 16 4×4 dance floor sections

Tent Styles

An EZ-up fabric canopy is a tiny, lightweight structure with a foldable frame. A shelter and protection from mild rain are provided by this type. It is often a do-it-yourself rental that can be set up and taken down in a short amount of time.

Size Stakes Side Poles Center poles
10 x 10 Tent, All White 4

Frame Tent

A frame tent is one that is supported by a metal frame rather than by center poles. The advantage of a Frame tent is that it eliminates the need for center poles, allowing for the most efficient use of the available area under the tent top. Because of this, you can make use of the whole square footage of the tent, giving you more possibilities for how you want to arrange your event.

Frame tents are ideal for a variety of occasions such as weddings, trade fair exhibits, graduations, parties, and other gatherings that necessitate the use of a party tent. Frame Tents may be weighted and used over a variety of hard surfaces, including concrete.

Size Weights Side Poles Square Ft.
10 x 10 Frame, All White 4 4 100sq ft
10 x 20 Frame, All White 6 6 200sq ft
10 x 30 Frame, All White 8 8 300sq ft
10 x 40 Frame, All White 10 10 400sq ft
10 x 50 Frame, All White 12 12 500sq ft
15 x 15 Frame, All White 4 4 225sq ft
20 x 20 Frame, All White 6 8 400sq ft
20 x 30 Frame, All White 8 10 600sq ft
20 x 40 Frame, All White 10 12 800sq ft
30 x 30 Frame, All White 8 10 900sq ft
30 x 45 Frame, All White 10 12 1350sq ft
30 x 60 Frame, All White 12 14 1800sq ft
30 x 75 Frame, All White 12 16 2250sq ft
30 x 90 Frame, All White 14 18 2700sq ft
30 x 105 Frame, All White 16 20 3150sq ft
30 x 120 Frame, All White 18 22 3600sq ft

Pole Tent

A heavy-duty tent with poles around the outside and in the middle to sustain the weight of the structure. Pole tents lend a classic appearance and feel to any occasion by using wood poles. Pole tents, because of their high peak ceilings, must be anchored into the ground and are thus not ideal for use on concrete or asphalt surfaces (unless we can post into the hard surface). However, pole tents are excellent for use as party tents, carnival tents, or for any outdoor event.

Size Stakes Side Poles Center poles
20 x 20 Pole, All White 12 8 1
20 x 30 Pole, All White 14 10 2
20 x 40 Pole, All White 16 12 2
30 x 30 Pole, All White 20 16 1
30 x 45 Pole, All White 22 18 2
40 x 40 Pole, All White 32 24 1
40 x 60 Pole, All White 38 30 2
40 x 80 Pole, All White 44 36 3
40 x 100 Pole, All White 50 42 4
40 x 120 Pole, All White 56 48 5
40 x 140 Pole, All White 62 54 6
40 x 160 Pole, All White 68 60 7
60 x 60Pole, All White 72 24 4
60 x 70 Pole, All White 78 26 6
60 x 80 Pole, All White 84 28 6
60 x 90 Pole, All White 90 30 8
60 x 110 Pole, All White 108 36 8

Festival Tent

Our 10 x 10 festival tents, which are mostly used for festival booths, include a built-in table on three sides for serving clients. In addition, they make an excellent food vendor tent or a bar tent for a large gathering.

Size Stakes Side Poles Center poles
10 x 10 Tent, All White with red table 4

Delivery and Installation:

All tents, with the exception of the EZ UP, must be delivered and installed by us. If you are unclear about the size tent you want for your event, please contact us to discuss your requirements, arrange an on-site evaluation, or use our tent planning tools to assist you in finding the ideal tent for your event. If you need to know about delivery fees, you may use our Delivery Calculator to figure out how much it will cost you. Depending on the results of an on-site examination, all tent prices may change.

Tents & Accessories

The TENT MATRIX is intended to serve as a fast reference for estimating the size of the tent you will require. Only suggestions are made for tent sizes, and they do not represent the full range of sizes and styles available. For a bespoke tent size, please contact one of our event advisors at the following number: 240-651-5948

40 20’ X 20’400 SQ FT 20’ X 30’600SQ FT 20’ X 40’800 SQ FT 8’ X 12’
60 20’ X 30’600 SQ FT 20’ X 40’800 SQ FT 20’ X 50’1000 SQ FT 12’ X 12’
80 20’ X 40’800 SQ FT 20’ X 50’1000SQ FT 30’ X 40’1200 SQ FT 12’ X 16’
90 30’ X 30’900 SQ FT 30’ X 40’1200 SQ FT 30’ X 50’1500 SQ FT 12’ X 16’
100 20’ X 50’1000 SQ FT 30’ X 40’1200 SQ FT 40’ X 40’1600 SQ FT 16 X’ 16’
120 30’ X 40’1200 SQ FT 30’ X 50’1500 SQ FT 30’ X 60’1800 SQ FT 16’ X 20’
180 30’ X 60’1800 SQ FT 40’ X 60’2400 SQ FT 40’ X 80’3200 SQ FT 20’ X 20’
240 40’ X 60’2400 SQ FT 40’ X80’3200 SQ FT 60’ X 60’3600 SQ FT 20’ X 24’
320 40’ X 80’3200 SQ FT 40’ X 100’4000 SQ FT 60’ X 120’7200 SQ FT 24’ X 30’
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Ten feet by ten feet costs 160.00 dollars for a seat up to ten feet ten feet by twenty feet costs 295.00 dollars for a seat up to ten feet ten feet by thirty feet costs $440.00 ten feet by forty feet costs $ 585.00 ten feet by forty feet costs $ 585.00 twenty feet by twenty feet costs 395.00 dollars for a seat up to forty feet twenty feet by thirty feet costs $595.00 dollars for a seat up to sixty feet twenty feet by forty feet costs $


Please keep in mind that Knight’s Rental Inc. does not guarantee that our tents will not leak. These aren’t meant to be long-term buildings. Over the past 50 years, Knight’s Rental has established itself as a leader in the tent and party rental market in Reading, Pennsylvania and the surrounding Berks County region. We have some of the best tents for hire in Berks and the neighboring counties. Contact us now to learn more. While supplying the highest quality party rental equipment, we also provide assistance in the planning of your event or wedding, including determining the square footage required and the types of equipment your event may necessitate.

  • It is possible to visualize your event in 3-D before it takes place because to our Party Cadsystem!
  • It is important to drive a stake into the earth.
  • We offer widths of 20′, 30′, 40′, and 60′.
  • Tents of this sort do not have center poles and are totally open across the whole interior of the tent, allowing for maximum ventilation.
  • Awnings are also available in a variety of sizes ranging from 14′ x 15′ to 14′ x 52′ and are available in 7 1/2 ft.
  • Tents of this sort are ideal for covering decks, patios, and other spaces that need to be tucked up against a permanent structure.
  • Knight’s Rental also provides marquee tents in a variety of sizes ranging from 9′ x 5′ to 9′ x 100′ and much more.
  • Also useful in locations where there is a requirement for tight coverage, such as grilling around pools or any other type of outdoor activity.
  • We also offer sides that are plain white, as well as a cathedral window option.
  • People seated at 8-foot-long tables occupy an average of 8 square feet per person.

People seated at 60-inch circular tables occupy 10 to 12 square feet each person. People seated at 54-inch circular tables occupy 10 to 12 square feet each person. Approximately 8 sq. ft. per person for cathedral seating (row seating).

Call or email us today for tent pricing information or brochures!

When it comes to selecting a tent, it might be difficult to determine exactly what you’ll require. As an example, in order to determine the type and size of tent you will require, it is necessary to compute the following factors:

Expected Guests

Calculate the approximate number of persons that will be attending your event. This would include all of the persons who are actively participating in the event, eliminating those who are serving or attending as observers.

Event Type

The sort of event has the largest impact on the amount of space required. For cocktail parties and standing tables, double the number of guests by 3 square feet. 8 sq. ft. per guest is recommended for a buffet or reception. A seated supper might need up to 12 square feet of space per person.

Floor Space

When it comes to required space, the event type is by far the most important factor to consider. Consider 3 square feet per person for cocktail gatherings and standing tables. 8 sq. ft. per guest is recommended for a reception or buffet. Each guest can take up to 12 square feet of space during a seated supper.

Will the tent be needed for hours, days, weeks or months?

The sort of event has the largest influence on the amount of space required. Calculate 3 square feet per participant for cocktail parties and standing tables. For a buffet or celebration, 8 square feet per person is recommended. Each guest can take up up to 12 square feet of space during a seated supper.

Will weather be an issue?

A Structure Tent is the most appropriate choice for large tents that need to be weatherproofed. A frame tent is a good choice if the primary purpose of the tent is to give shade in an area that will not be subjected to strong winds or snow.

Tent Rental

On February 8, 2022, there were 0 comments. Having a Successful 2022 as a Newlywed couple is important. When you get married, you’ll want to make the most of your first year together by doing all you can. So, here are four things to add to your “must do” list as a newlywed couple. Make a list of common objectives. When you and your partner are on the same page about what you desire.

Wedding Trends That Will Top the Charts in 2022

Comments Off on ByJim Dzengeleski|January 22, 2022| 0 Comments The top ten wedding trends for 2022 are as follows: Trends have long held a fascination for fashion designers and stylists. A number of renowned design companies, including Vera Wang (who has her finger on the pulse of all things “bridal”), have released their newest predictions for wedding trends in 2022. In order to assist.

Bridal Shower Etiquette: Start the New Year on the Right Foot

The following is a guest post by Jim Dzengeleski on January 22, 2022. In 2022, the top ten wedding trends will include Trends have long been a source of fascination for fashion designers and stylists. Multiple prominent design firms, including Vera Wang (who has her finger on the pulse of anything “bridal”), have released their newest predictions for wedding fashion in 2022. So that I may assist you,

Century Tent Rental

Centuy tents have a sleek, contemporary design that is characterised by its elegant curves and aerodynamic shapes. High peaks generate dramatic impacts for both the external and internal views, giving the building a clean and sophisticated appearance.

Using heat-blocking materials will help to keep your event cooler during the hot summer weather. Regardless of where your event is taking place, a Century tent gives you with a blank canvas on which you may construct your own original design. Call (800) 924-8389 for more information.


  • Poles made of stained white wood or aluminum for the perimeter and aluminum for the inside
  • White vinyl is a durable and reliable material. Option for a translucent peak
  • Valance with Scalloped Edges in the Traditional Style
  • Design with a high apex and rectangular ends
  • On bright sunny days, the blockout material helps to keep the interior of the tent cooler. On the 50′, 60′, and 80′ widths, large unobstructed spaces free of any internal poles are available – ranging from 1000 to 2400 square feet of open space
  • It can accommodate a variety of side walls. Using perimeter poles, guys, and stakes to support the fabric roof, this design depends on the tension of the fabric roof to maintain the structure. Interior pole covers, par 38 lighting, perimeter and café string lighting, and whatever color linen you like are all accessories that improve century tents.
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Longer lengths are available in the widths mentioned above – For further information, please contact us.

Size Available

  • Thirty-five-foot-wide, forty-five-foot-wide, fifty-foot-wide
  • Thirty-five-foot-wide, forty-five-foot-wide, fifty-foot-wide
  • Thirty-five-foot-wide, forty-five-foot-wide, fifty-foot-wide, fifty-foot-wide, fifty-foot-wide, fifty-foot-wide, fifty-foot-wide, fifty Eighty feet wide
  • 60′ x 60’80’ x 70′
  • 60′ x 70’80’ x 100′
  • 60′ x 80’80’ x 130′
  • 60′ x 90’80’ x 160′
  • 60′ x 100′
  • 60′ x 110′
  • 60′ x 120′
  • 60′ x 130′
  • Sixty feet wide
  • Sixty feet long
  • Sixty feet long.

Layout Examples

A professional computer-aided design (CAD) application is used by Special Events of New England to produce prospective floor designs and leasing arrangements for your specific event.

40 x 80 Pole Tent

In order to design prospective floor layouts and establish rental arrangements for your specific event, Special Events of New England use a sophisticated CAD software tool.


Three lofty peaks ensure that this stunning white party tent rental will dazzle and impress your guests.

  • This white tent rental can add a touch of class to any occasion. Create a warm and inviting atmosphere
  • Any huge outdoor event necessitates the use of this product. Beautiful peaks are created by three middle poles

Adding beauty, elegance, and wonder to any outdoor celebration is made possible by this extra big 40′ x 80′ wedding tent rental. This massive party tent rental, which has the appearance of something you might see on the lawn of Buckingham Palace, is a breathtaking sight to behold. This tent is both durable and grand, thanks to the three center poles and matching peaks. Signature Event Rentals takes great pleasure in delivering high-quality event rentals that will ensure that your next gathering goes off without a hitch.

It is possible to comfortably accommodate around 550 guests in church-row type seating, or between 300 and 400 persons with round table rentals or banquet tables in a 4080 party tent rental.

Make your reservation today!

Use Our Space Calculator to Estimate Your Event’s Needs

It might be difficult to determine how much room you will require for your next event. When it comes to comfort, how much space does the typical person require? What happens if they’ve already been seated? Standing? Is it a combination of the two? And what role do table sizes and dancing floors play in this equation? Take a deep breath and know that we’re here to assist you. Consider this your guide sheet for estimating space in order to choose the best venue for your event, no matter how large or little it is.

  • A safe bet is anything between six and ten feet.
  • A more densely packed crowd occupies less than five square feet per person on average.
  • Having determined how many square feet per person would be required, you can begin to estimate your overall space requirements for the organization.
  • A buffet line, a dance floor, and various table sizes are all available options for your event.

Your final space need will eventually be determined by the other factors that are in play at the time. If you’re organizing a large event, you’ll want to pay attention to the following chart to get a feel of how your space needs may fluctuate based on the sort of event you’re planned:


Cocktail party, guests standing 600
Cocktail party, guests standing and seated 800
Banquet/reception, round tables, plated 1,200
Banquet/reception, rectangular tables, plated 1,000
Banquet/reception, round tables, buffet 1,400
Banquet/reception, rectangular tables, buffet 900
Banquet/reception-style, with dance floor 900 (minimum, 12×12 dance floor)
Theatre/auditorium style, spacious rows of chairs 800
Theatre/auditorium style, maximum rows of chairs 600
Conference style, standard 3,000
Trade show, 8×10 booths 8,600

By referring to the chart above, you may begin to get a feel of how much room your event may take in terms of setup and breakdown. A banquet-style event with circular tables will require around 12 square feet per person, but an auditorium-style presentation with comfortable rows of seats will require approximately 8 square feet per person, and so on and so forth. Here’s another fast method to planning based on the size of the projected crowd:


25 150-875
50 300-1,750
75 450-2,625
100 600-3,500
125 750-4,375
150 900-5,250
175 1,050-6,125
200 1,200-7,000
500 3,000-13,000

*The following room configurations are not included in this graph: trade exhibitions with booths, receptions with a dance floor, etc. We’ve also put up a map of Earle Brown’s event rooms, including their square footage and maximum capacity, as well as some suggestions on how you may use them to make your planning even easier. You may also learn much more about these areas by taking use of Earle Brown’s interactive online resources. Check out our virtual tour or use the map to find us!


Gwen’s Room 255 12 Boardroom for business or personal gatherings and retreats.
Earle’s Room 240 16 Boardroom for business or personal gatherings and retreats.
Loft 813 15 Board meeting, office space, and green room.
Morgan 640 (16×40) 30-60 Trade show office, storage area or green room.
Sunroom 372 24 Boardroom for business or personal gatherings, retreats and small weddings.
Tack Room 2,808(Can be divided into two rooms:Tack Room A – 1,512 sq. ft; Tack Room B – 1,296 sq. ft.) 100-230 Meetings, presentations or workshops.
Harvest Room 4,477(Can be divided into three spaces:Harvest Room A – 1,985 sq. ft; Harvest Room B – 1,279 sq. ft; Harvest Room C – 1,184 sq. ft.) 80-300 Meetings, presentations, workshops, banquets and weddings.
Captain’s Room 2,128 100-230 Meetings, presentations, workshops, banquets and weddings.
Garden City Ballroom 4,631 230-330 Weddings, banquets, trade shows and dance.
Carriage Hall Pre-Function Area 4,300 300 Event registration, networking and socials.
Carriage Hall 12,960(Can be divided into two spaces:Carriage Hall A – 8,640 sq. ft; Carriage Hall B – 4,320 sq. ft.) 200-1,200 Conferences, meetings, exhibit shows, galas, weddings and banquets.
Courtyard (Outdoor) 80,793 3,000 Wedding ceremonies, picnics or team building exercises.

We hope you find our event space calculator table to be of use! For additional information about Earle Brown’s event spaces, or to schedule a visit of our historic location, please contact us at your convenience. We would be delighted to assist you in making your next event special!

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