How Much Is A Lotus Belle Tent

16ft Outback Deluxe

Please keep in mind that this item is currently on backorder and will not ship until mid-December 2021. ***Order now to ensure that you don’t miss out*** With two doors and two windows that open with zip-open mesh panels, the Outback Deluxe allows for optimum ventilation while keeping pests out. A groundsheet with a sealant is included to keep insects from creeping into the structure. The Lotus Belle Outback tent has the following features:

  • Our custom-made canvas
  • In order to keep the creepy crawlies out, seal in the tub type groundsheet using velcro. 2 zipped mesh (fly screen) windows with zipped canvas roll-down shades on the inside. There are two huge zippered doors with a zipped mesh (fly screen) layer between them. Extra ventilation is provided via a velcro rectangle panel on the rear wall. Roof vents that are larger to allow for more ventilation
  • Standing space of 193.8 square feet that may be used

The Outback is a multi-purpose vehicle that is ideal for hotter, drier seasons. Because of the mesh screens, it is almost completely insect-proof! What distinguishes it as Deluxe? All versions with the word Deluxe in the title have two doors, one in the front and one in the back, and each door includes a mosquito net that can be zippered shut to keep the troublesome bugs away. Double doors provide for the greatest amount of ventilation, which is ideal for the warm weather! It has a 16-foot floor diameter, which means it can accommodate six twin-size beds.

* The 16ft Lotus is 56 percent larger than the 13ft Lotus and can accommodate everything except the kitchen sink!

Despite the fact that we have made every effort to provide accurate descriptions based on customer feedback, everyone’s perception of size is different!

Take a look at our 20-foot Outback Deluxe.

20ft Outback Deluxe Tent

The first batch of our December 2021 batch is now available for pre-order! Order soon to ensure that you do not miss out. *** Our most popular 16ft tent has now been increased in size by 56 percent! This tent is enormous, occupying 314 square feet of floor space. The king of all tents, the greatest of all worlds, in a single package. The Outback Deluxe features two doors and four windows, all of which have mesh layers that can be opened to allow for optimal circulation while keeping pests out of the vehicle.

The Lotus Belle Outback tent has the following features:

  • Our custom canvas
  • A velcro ‘bathtub’ type groundsheet to keep the creepy crawlies out
  • And our customised canvas. 4 zipped mesh (fly screen) windows with zipped canvas roll-down shades on the bottom half of the window
  • There are two huge zippered doors with a zipped mesh (fly screen) layer between them. Metal center pole (composed of three parts)
  • Roof vents that are larger for better ventilation
  • 314.2 square feet of usable standing area

This tent size is great for families, groups, seminars, yoga and meditation retreats, and other similar events. Because the floor diameter is 20 feet, it can accommodate eight single-size beds, three queen-size beds, and gatherings of 20 to 24 people. *If in doubt, please take measurements of the available space. Despite the fact that we have made every effort to provide accurate descriptions based on customer feedback, everyone’s perception of size is different!

Lotus Belle Glamping Tents

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Lotus Belle Tents bring the glamour to camping:

Is it true that you enjoy camping but that the woman in your life is not the outdoorsy type? It is imperative that you notify your girlfriend that the future of camping has here! Using Lotus Belle Glamping Tents, you can completely transform your camping experience into something that the entire family will love. Lotus Belle Tents are built from high quality canvas that is supposed to last for years, making them a more livable alternative to the “nylon-nightmare” tents that have been in use for decades.

The ten supporting tent poles and many guy ropes ensure that the tent will remain erect and sturdy even in high winds and storms.

With a small amount of alteration, they may be used to safely and readily accommodate a burner flue.

Lotus Belle gives everything you need to camp in luxury and comfort, and it is available in a number of configurations to meet your specific requirements.

13 Foot Lotus Belle Tent, $1,800 (currently sold out)

Lotus Belle’s most popular tent model is this one. It’s constructed of cream canvas and is 13 feet in diameter at the base when laid flat. The Lotus Belle Glamping Tents have a circumference of approximately 14 and a half feet when measured at waist height. It is equipped with a 6-and-a-half-foot wooden center pole as well as PVC see-through windows for ventilation.

13 Foot Lotus Belle Outback Tent, $1,950

The Lotus Outback is similar to the Lotus Belle, but it has a few unique characteristics that set it apart. These feature a zippered mesh door, windows, and a rectangular panel on the rear wall, as well as larger ceiling vents and a rectangle panel on the front wall. The Outback is a more adaptable version of the Lotus Belle than the original, and it is ideal for hotter, drier summers. Additionally, because of the mesh screens, it is almost bug resistant. You can also buy your Outback in a stunning shade of red, known as the Lotus Belle, which costs $2,300 and is available only in limited quantities.

13 Foot Lotus Belle Outback Deluxe, $2,100

While the Outback retains its essential characteristics, it also contains a second entrance at the rear of the tent, as well as Velcro flaps to link the walls to the groundsheet, which increases the tent’s level of security even more. For for $50 extra, you can upgrade your Outback Deluxe to include a burner hole.

16 Foot Lotus Belle Tent, $2,250 (currently sold out)

Compared to the 13 foot original, this 16 foot version of the Lotus Belle Tent is 56 percent greater in space. It features a cream canvas pattern and is 16 feet in diameter at the base, 18 feet in diameter at waist height, with a 10 and a half foot center pole. It is available in two sizes: standard and deluxe. Both the Outback and Outback Deluxe versions of the Lotus Belle Tent are available in 16-foot lengths. The Outback version, which includes a zipable mesh door and windows, costs $2,400 (and is currently sold out), while the Outback Deluxe version, which includes an additional rear door, costs $2,700.

Lotus Pearl Tent, $400

This smaller Lotus Belle Glamping tent, which can accommodate two people for approximately $400, is a great deal. For music festivals or a fast camping trip on your motorcycle, this is the perfect accessory. However, don’t be concerned that this little tent will not last as long as the larger variants of same model. The Lotus Pearl is constructed of the same extremely waterproof and breathable canvas as the Lotus Belle, and it features a PVC floor that is entirely waterproof and long-lasting.

Lotus Belle Porch Tent, $220 (13 Foot) and $280 (16 Foot)

The Lotus Belle Porch tent, which is a covering that connects to the exterior of your Lotus Belle Tent, allows you to increase the living space in your Lotus Belle. The Porch Tent, which is made of canvas that is somewhat thinner than that of the Lotus Belle Tent (but still thicker than most other canvas tents on the market), is available in sizes to accommodate the Lotus Belle models that are 13 feet and 16 feet in length, and costs just $220 and $280, respectively.

You should get a Lotus Belle Tent as soon as possible if you want to experience camping like you’ve never experienced it before. : Lotus Belle Tents

THE RESULTSPrice and other information may differ depending on the product size and color selected. Customer ratings and star ratings are used to determine how highly regarded a product or service is.

  1. A 5% discount is applied at the time of purchase. Save up to 5 percent with a coupon (on certain sizes and colors)

A 5% discount is applied at the time of purchase. Save up to 5 percent with this discount (on certain sizes and colors). At the time of purchase, a $55.00 discount was applied. Save $55.00 when you use the coupon (certain sizes/colors excluded). At the time of purchase, a $6.00 coupon was applied. With the code, you may save $6.00 (on certain sizes and colors).

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KTT Large Tent 4~6 Person,Family Cabin Tents,2 Rooms,Straight Wall,3 Doors and 3 Windows with Mesh,Waterproof,Double Layer,Big Tent for Outdoor,Picnic,Camping,Family,Friends Gathering.…

At the time of purchase, a $10.00 discount was applied. With the voucher, you may save $10.00 on certain sizes and colors. Ships to the Netherlands are available. There are only 10 left in stock, so place your purchase now. At the time of purchase, a $10.00 discount was applied. With the voucher, you may save $10.00 on certain sizes and colors. Ships to the Netherlands are available. Only 11 of these items are left in stock – purchase soon. A 5% discount is applied at the time of purchase. Save up to 5 percent with this discount (on certain sizes and colors).

With the offer, you may save 15% (on certain sizes and colors).

Durable, Spacious and Comfortable lotus bell tent

At the time of purchase, a $10.00 coupon was used. With the coupon, you may save $10.00 (on certain sizes and colors). Netherlands is a destination for shipments Please place your purchase as soon as possible since there are only 10 remaining! At the time of purchase, a $10.00 coupon was used. With the coupon, you may save $10.00 (on certain sizes and colors). Netherlands is a destination for shipments Please place your purchase as soon as possible since there are only 11 remaining! At the time of purchase, a 5% discount is applied.

With the voucher, you may save 15% on certain sizes and colors.

Lotus Belle Luxury Canvas Tents

With the help of my partner, I recently acquired a new word: “She-Ra: Princess of Power,” and although I said I’d never use it, it’s the first thing that comes to mind when I see these canvas tents from Lotus Belle. Glamping is a term used to describe this type of vacation. The Urban Dictionary has a few definitions for the term “glamping.” In the simplest sense, it may be described as “shorthand for glitzy camping.” “Glamorous camping; when rich bitches can afford to hire someone to do all the labor for them,” says definition3, which is my favorite interpretation.

  • So if you fit into one of the aforementioned categories and want to go glamping, I would definitely recommend renting a Lotus Belle for the duration of your vacation.
  • I’m not making fun of them.
  • When I can perform yoga, eat homemade Spanish paella, drink free flowing wine, and hang out with a stuffed rooster from the comfort of my Lotus Belle, why would I want to traverse mountains and cook Ramen on my Pocket Rocket burner while also worrying about bears raiding my tent?
  • Alternatively, if a particular firm was interested in allowing me to test it out for free for a week or two, I would accept.
  • Lotus Belle luxury tents are available in two distinct floor diameter sizes: 13′ and 16′, as well as several various versions of each.
  • It is outfitted with a pair of 2.6 x 2.3′ windows and a door that measures 5′ x 3.5′.
  • Even though it is large, the yurt-style luxury dwelling packs down into a small footprint.
  • Despite being just slightly larger, the 16′ model weighs only 146 pounds and can be packed down to dimensions of 4.2′ x 1.3′ x 1.3.
  • Upon completion, they will feature a total of 10 supporting poles and various man ropes for anchoring.

Although the firm suggests slackening the ropes during storms to allow for some flexure, they claim to have personally tested their tents in winds of roughly 45 mph, with customers writing in to state that their tents have withstood gusts of more than 60 mph in their own backyards!

Quick Answer: How Much Is A Lotus Belle Tent

Glamping Yurts- This style of glamping tent ranges in price from $500 for the most basic to $3000 for the most luxurious. Glamping Cabin Tents- This form of glamping tent ranges in price from $100 for the most basic to $400 for the most luxurious. Glamping Tipis- This glamping tent will range in price from $130 for the most basic to $1000 for the most luxurious.

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Who makes the best bell tents?

My top 10 picks for canvas bell tents The DANCHEL Cotton Bell Tent with Two Stove Jacket is made of cotton. The Klondike Tent by Robens. The Stout Bell Tent is made entirely of cotton canvas. The Sierra 16 Canvas Tent by Teton Sports. White Duck in the Great Outdoors The Avalon Canvas Bell Tent is a great choice for any occasion. The WHITEDUCK Regatta Canvas Bell Tent Premium is made of canvas.

Is a bell tent worth it?

They are extremely breathable, excellent at regulating body temperature, and, if handled with care, are quite durable. One of the drawbacks of a cotton canvas bell tent is that you must be extremely cautious not to store the tent in a moist environment, as mould and mildew can soon take root and cause damage and decay to the tent and its contents.

Can you cook in a bell tent?

Because most bell tents are equipped with a stove hole, it is necessary to carry your own cooking stove so that you may prepare your own meals while camping. If you intend to prepare your own meals, don’t forget to bring the necessary pans, glasses, silverware, and plates.

What is the 28 day rule regarding camping?

In many cases, tent campsites operate under the ’28-day rule’ (now 56), which is a type of ‘permitted development’ that allows land to be used without planning permission ‘for any purpose for not more than 28 (now 56) days in total in any calendar year and the provision on land of any moveable structures for the purposes of the permitted development’.

Are Bell Tents hard to put up?

Because of the amount of room a bell tent gives, you may include mattresses, chairs, couches, wood burning stoves, and other amenities to create a relaxing refuge. Furthermore, they are remarkably quick and simple to assemble and dismantle, with the majority of models under 5m being readily built by a single person.

How long will a canvas tent last?

A decent quality canvas tent should serve a typical person for 20 to 30 years if it is maintained properly. In addition to storing the tent damp, leaving it set up in the sun for extended periods of time (months) without a fly is one of the most significant factors affecting the life expectancy of canvas tents.

How long can you leave a tent up?

It is possible for your tent to endure for at least 5 years if you don’t use it too frequently and take good care of it. As a general rule, there is no set time limit for how long you can leave a tent up. There are a variety of elements that might have an impact on its longevity.

How much does a safari tent cost?

According to one provider in the United Kingdom, the cost of a Superior 6m x 7m Safari Tent is £3,696 plus VAT.

Can I put a glamping pod in my garden?

Glamping pods that are erected in a garden as an extension to a house are free from the requirement of obtaining planning approval.

This is only applicable when the pods are to be utilized by the homeowners themselves; they are not permitted to be rented out. This is owing to the fact that the pods fall within the scope of the house’s approved development permissions.

Can you live in a bell tent?

Bell tents may serve as a place of residence as well! Bell tents are often reserved for pleasant weekends or weeklong vacations for the majority of us. Others choose to live in bell tents on a semi-permanent basis, turning them into a way of life.

Should I buy a canvas tent?

Cotton canvas tents are regarded to be a superior choice if you want more protection due to the fact that they are naturally more durable. Canvas tents are especially popular for longer-term excursions since, once the tent is set up, you can reap the benefits of the fabric’s insulating properties immediately.

How long do glamping tents last?

It is possible to build glamping tents out of impregnated wood that will last 10 to 15 years.

How do you clean Mould off a bell tent?

If the cotton canvas of your bell tent has been harmed by mould, mildew, or adverse weather conditions, follow these instructions: Wet the cotton with water. 1 unit of bleaching liquid should be dissolved in 10 units of water. Apply the solution on the wet canvas and let the canvas to absorb the solution for approximately 30 minutes before removing it. Using plenty of water, thoroughly rinse the canvas.

Are Bell Tents good in the rain?

On most weather conditions, bell tents will hold up well – just make sure you pitch it with its back to the prevailing winds and use good quality pegs — it is definitely worth investing in some heavy duty ones.

How long do Lotus Belle tents last?

It is reasonable to anticipate that a Lotus Belle tent will survive at least 2-5 years with casual use, and perhaps much longer if properly maintained.

Do you need planning permission for a safari tent?

How about the placement of seasonal ‘tents’ such as bell tents, yurts, and safari tents? Yes. Obtaining planning permission will be necessary if the’season’ lasts for more than 28 days out of the year.

Can people live in a tent?

Living in a tent may seem like an extreme measure, but some people are ready to take the risk because of how inexpensive it may be. As a result, not only will you avoid the stress of having to pay large amounts of property taxes, but you will also save money on the costs of amenities and other extras that come with living in a concrete apartment.

Are Glamping Pods profitable?

During the off-season, glamping pods are typically available for relatively little money. During the busy season, however, this is more than made up for by the abundance of activities. In the low season, you may expect a glamping pod of a quality comparable to that of North Coast 500 Pods to generate around £750 per pod per month in revenue.

How long do safari tents last?

In general, safari tents have an eight- to ten-year life expectancy. We exclusively utilize the highest-quality materials in our tents in order to maintain their long-term durability.

Do you need a Licence for glamping?

While your glamping pods or tents will only be used for short-term vacation rentals, you will almost certainly need to submit a formal planning application, even if the structures you’re building aren’t intended to be permanent.

How do you clean a Lotus Belle tent?

Mud spatter – once the canvas has been allowed to cure fully, the majority of soiling may be readily removed with a soft brush.

It is possible to eliminate any leftover markings. We’ve discovered that using Ecover laundry solvent (which does not destroy the proofing in the canvas) and a microfiber cloth is the most effective method of cleaning.


Glamping Tago offers its guests to stay in lotus belle tents, which are the name of the tents that we provide. There are a total of seven of these tents, with three of them watching the sunset and sunrise and four of them overlooking the mountains. A sanitary building with toilets and showers is commonly found on the property and is open to the public. Guests can gather around a communal campfire. At the evenings, visitors may dine in the Yurt restaurant, which serves a combination of Georgian and European fare.

  • The ambience in the town is one-of-a-kind and real.
  • However, there are exciting activities and the companionship of like-minded individuals here, so there is no need for huge barriers.
  • This is a little tent with a floor space of 12 square meters.
  • Because our property is situated on a ridge, the views from our property are unparalleled.
  • Price According on the perspective as well as the amount of people attending, the pricing may vary.
  • When you want to get your day started but are forced to wait an interminable amount of time to take a shower, it may be really irritating.
  • In addition, because visitors will be bathing while gazing out the window at the gorgeous surroundings, these facilities will enhance the whole experience.

There’s nothing more magical than the glow of a campfire

Visualize yourself enveloped under a blanket, watching sparkles and bright ash drift gently upward into the starry sky above your head. But do you know what we enjoy most about the campfire at Tago’s? It’s the company. It is the sense of community that it fosters among those seated in a large circle. Just add some Georgian wine to this and you’ll be set for the evening. Because life is comprised of little details such as this3

Lotus Belle Tents -The Ultimate Luxury Bell Tent For People That Love Glamping!

Lotus Belle Tents is the sponsor of today’s sponsored article, and I’d like to introduce you all to them. They are a Bristol-based company that sells its incrediblebell tents all over the world! For those of you who prefer Glamping to traditional camping, you may have seen them on one of the campsites you have visited, but if you haven’t, you should definitely have a look! Lotus Belle Tents are extremely popular in the glamping business since they are reasonably priced, provide a large amount of useable area when they are set up, and have a distinctive onion form.

  • Exactly like a meringue, the Lotus Belle Tents are extremely light and airy on the inside, thanks to the generous amount of space provided by their roomy interior.
  • She developed the early thoughts for what would become known as the Lotus Belle tent while still in her first year of a design degree.
  • However, I couldn’t figure out what qualifications I would need in order to get a job with one of the big tent businesses.
  • After a while, my enthusiasm for tent-building began to resurface, and I found myself pushing adolescent males in my class to design and construct one-man tents.
  • I was taken under his wing to the factory where we built the first Lotus Belle prototype because he believed the design was fantastic.” Because, as you might have imagined, the Lotus Belle Tents were a huge success, the company began commercial manufacture of the tents in 2012.
  • Designing a new form of tent and then being forced to decide whether or not to pursue the job she had her heart set on can’t have been an easy road to travel.
  • Everyone who has used the Lotus Belle has raved about it, and you only have to read their testimonies to know how beautiful they all believe the tent is!
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), but not a camper is something I’ve never really considered myself to be.

I could easily picture myself as one of those individuals!

Numerous campgrounds, as seen by the photographs in this blog article, opt to provide ‘real beds’ in these tents, with some even including wooden flooring, full-size furniture, and scatter cushions!

I’m sure that would create a lot of heat in the tent, which would make your luxury glamping house really comfortable!

In one case, you may book your accommodations with a camping site that already has one of their bell tents pre-erected and ready for you to use, along with all of the glamping essentials.

However, if you choose the latter option, you will have to fork out in excess of £1090 to get one of their larger tents.

Even though purchasing one may appear to be a significant financial commitment, considering that staying in a Lotus Belle while on vacation would likely cost you upwards of £100 each night, it may be an investment that you should consider making in the future.

You will also discover that having a Lotus Belle is a time-saver, as it can be erected in under an hour by a single person – and this is no small achievement for a tent of that size!

Every year, over 100 of these are stationed at Glastonbury, and do you know how much it costs to stay in one for the weekend (excluding the cost of festival tickets).

Using a banana bag, which you can purchase separately, Harriet’s 8-year-old son puts up the tent in less than 20 minutes in the video below.

He has also already connected the guy ropes to the tent before arriving at the campground – this is something you should do as soon as you receive your tent since it will save you even more time when you arrive at the campsite.

You will also discover that having a Lotus Belle is a time-saver, as it can be erected in under an hour by a single person – and this is no small achievement for a tent of that size! Some relevant information that you might find interesting is as follows: –

  • Lotus Belles are extremely easy to set up and can be completed in under an hour by a single person. They are simple to clean, store, and repair, if the need calls for it. Each Lotus Belle tent is backed by a one-year manufacturing warranty, but even with frequent use, the tents should endure for many years. They are constructed of strong gauge canvas and are equipped with enormous guy ropes and large wooden toggles. The largest tents are created by hand using 360-gram fabric, which allows them to “breathe.” On hot summer mornings, you will benefit from this since you will remain cool. The canvas material has been treated with the most up-to-date high-tech water, rot, and fire retardant treatments available
  • It is the outward curving steel wall poles that are responsible for the spacious interior space, but it is also these that give the building its stiffness and form, which makes it extremely resistant to severe winds. There is a “bath ground sheet” included in the package, which curls up 4 inches all along its edge, ensuring that even if the tent is pitched straight onto the ground, you will remain dry, even in the event of severe rain and/or a water-logged field. As a bonus, it keeps creepy crawlies from creeping inside your home. That’s exactly what I’m looking for! Lotus Belle is a beautiful flower. Compared to a bell tent, tents are equivalent in height to a yurt and offer greater standing room than a bell tent. In addition, the Lotus Belle is unique in that it provides standing space throughout the entire interior, making for a much more comfortable camping experience. It is also simple to store and transport, requiring only one center pole and ten lightweight and flexible wall poles that are simple to assemble and disassemble. An additional unique feature of The Lotus Belle is that it has separate wall and roof canvases, which makes it lot more manageable and allows for a much faster drying tent. The Lotus Belle also has two windows, which allow for natural light to come in and fresh air to circulate around the tent. Each window has a canvas curtain that can be pulled up and secured with a zipper.

As a last note, I’d like to share with you this customer testimonial (see image below) from Lisa Kingston, which I hope you will find useful. Clearly, she is awestruck by her ‘canvas palace’! If her favorable review has piqued your interest in having your own glamping adventures in a Lotus Belle Tent, please visit our online store to place an order. Lotus Belle Tents would really appreciate it if you could perhaps take a time to become a follower of the company on social media. You may discover them on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

The Lotus Belle Tent Buying Guide – Camping in Style 2022

My first experience with a Lotus Belle tent was utterly unexpected, and it was absolutely fantastic. This year, for my birthday, I was surprised with a surprise stay at a luxurious campground. Until I arrived and found myself among an assortment of weird, bulbous canvas tents, I had no idea where I was or what I was going to do. Interior amenities included enough standing and walking space, as well as a queen-size bed, a mini-fridge, and a small closet. The soft yellow light from the bulb inside the tent gave it a warm and welcoming glow, and the tent remained cool even in the scorching heat of the Thai night.

  1. Lotus Belle tents are both aesthetically pleasing and useful, since they were designed to assist people in reconnecting with nature.
  2. For those searching for a luxurious tent for their personal vacation or a location to host guests, we’ll take a look at what makes the Lotus Belle tent so special.
  3. Their creator, Harriet Seddon, had been infatuated with an outdoor-centric lifestyle for the most of her life before starting the company.
  4. Jessica Walsh, Seddon’s business partner, was aware of the positive environmental impact of the canvas Lotus Belle tents when she purchased them.
  5. The Lotus Belle was an appealing option for festival-goers since it was a canvas alternative that was both lovely and roomy while also being easily transportable.
  6. Its one-of-a-kind form, which fits the lofted ceiling intended to provide optimum headroom in the tent, distinguishes it from the competition.

Not only is it possible to stand and stroll freely in a Lotus Belle, but all of the tents can accommodate a queen-size bed as well. As a result, the Lotus Belle tent is suited for “glamping,” which is a fancy term for luxury camping.

The Lotus Belle Tent and glampin g

The Lotus Belle tent was created by the Lotus Belle company to be used for eco-friendly glamping. This implies that you may take your tent out into the wilderness or into a field for a festival and not leave a trace of your presence. The company’s mission statement includes the goal of assisting individuals in reconnecting with their environment and with one another. This is consistent with the founder’s desire to live a nomadic existence. Their tent design, on the other hand, is intended to make you feel luxurious when you’re out camping in the wilderness.

You can fit at least one king or queen-size bed in a Lotus Belle tent, even the smallest of which is the Lotus Belle.

Not only are they concerned with providing environmentally friendly tents, but they are also concerned with providing the highest possible quality of construction.

Tent center poles can be constructed of wood or aluminum, and the guy lines that keep the tent in place are made of tough 12-millimeter nylon to withstand the elements.

What Others Sa y

Lotus Belle has gained popularity over the past six years as a result of its sturdy construction and visually appealing appearance. Over the course of many North American events, The Festival Guy evaluated the Lotus Belle tent, which is 13 feet in height. He was astonished by the tent’s size – it had a 20-square-foot floor space that could accommodate two queen-size beds or eight people in sleeping bags comfortably. The Lotus Belle’s regal design drew the attention of other festival-goers, who admired it as well.

  1. Finally, the tent maintains its temperature throughout the day, allowing you to sleep comfortably at any time of day.
  2. All of the reviews were five stars.
  3. They also praised Lotus Belle for its dependability in all weather conditions as well as the great customer service they provided.
  4. Lotus Belle tents have a rating of 9.86 out of 10 stars.
  5. It also received praise for the amount of headspace it provides and the simplicity with which it can be decorated.

Products and Pricing

In addition to three different sizes for the main tent (appropriately named the Lotus Belle tent), Lotus Belle also offers three different sizes for the side tent. Known as the “heart” of the company’s product line, these tents provide the biggest amount of area at the most cheap pricing. The Lotus Belle, a 13-foot yacht, costs between $ $ and $ $. Twenty-foot tents can cost up to $$ in purchase price. However, their product line does not stop with the ordinary Lotus Belle tent. This gigantic construction, which basically unites three smaller Lotus Belle tents into an one big pavilion, costs $ $$ and takes up a whole city block.

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Glamping has grown to be a significant and growing sector, and Lotus Belle has had the opportunity to gain some traction in the market since 2012.

Each of these tents provides a unique experience while keeping the same purpose in mind.

We selected competitors based on their intended usage as well as their overall design.

Other tents are less luxurious than the Lotus Belle, but they provide the same level of protection from the weather and encouragement for natural exploration.

How we reviewed

Forbes and Digital Trends best-of lists, as well as independent research on luxury canvas tents, were used to choose the tented accommodations. We evaluated the competitors on the basis of their usability, simplicity of setup, square footage, and pricing, among other factors. Despite the fact that we did not assign a rating or a grade to the brands featured here, they are displayed in alphabetical order.


CanvasCamp tents are the most close to Lotus Belle’s product line in terms of design and construction. This company is dedicated to assisting people in experiencing nature in environmentally friendly shelters. They sell canvas tents in a variety of types, including bell, tipi, and cabin. Their most affordable options are not really tents, since they include a partition that can be used to close off a wall in a bigger tent. The cheapest canvas tent they provide is a dome tent that sleeps no more than three people and costs $.

  • The Sibley 600 TwinPro, which is at the top of CanvasCamp’s pricing range, employs two support poles to increase headroom in a 220 square foot tent while remaining within the budget.
  • It sleeps four people.
  • This boat is identical to the Lotus Belle, which is 13 feet long, but costs less than half the price.
  • The Sibley 400 has a three-star rating from Amazon customers.
  • Positive feedback revealed that it kept people warm in 10-degree temperatures when used with a gas heater, and that it lasted for 50 weeks of continuous usage.
  • Square footage ranges from 75 to 220 square feet, with prices ranging from $ to $ $.


The tents made by Heimplanet are, in a word, one-of-a-kind. Heimplanet’s tents are constructed using inflated supports and geometric shapes, with an emphasis on comfort rather than luxury. Starting in 2008, the founders of Heimplanet set out to design a tent that was both durable and liveable, while also being simple to assemble. In the end, they settled on a geodesic dome, which lends Heimplanet tents their characteristic appearance. While Heimplanet tents may not have the elegant aesthetic of some of the other tents on our list, they do have a large amount of square footage and are quite durable.

  • It has a footprint of 142 square feet and is priced at $ $$.
  • The Fistral, on the other hand, is a smaller option that can accommodate two campers in a 45 square foot space and costs $ on the Heimplanet website.
  • The Fistral, their smallest tent, received overwhelmingly good reviews, with bonus points awarded for both performance and appearance.
  • The Cave tent, a medium option in their product range that sleeps three people and has 54 square feet of space, is their most popular model.

The Cave received great feedback from the reviewers for being able to be set up in under a minute and comfortably accommodating three people. It’s important to note that the two tents under consideration do not provide the same level of stand-up luxury as the other tents on our list.

  • Approximately 45 to 142 square feet of floor space
  • Price range: $ $ to $ $$

Montana Canvas

Montana Canvas has been manufacturing canvas tents in the state of Montana for over forty years. Their wall tents and lodge tents give hunters in the bush with a solid and safe place to stay. They now also provide bespoke luxury tents, allowing you to customize your tent to meet your specific requirements. They have decades of trustworthy service behind them, and they start at $$ for the most basic luxury tent and go up from there. Montana Canvas creates custom luxury tents that range in size from 80 square feet to an astonishing 414 square feet.

In contrast to Montana Canvas, which does not have any expert evaluations, Cabela’s has a total of 30 user reviews spread among two canvas tents.

Its durable build, along with ample of space and headroom, ensured their safety on journeys throughout the northwest United States.

  • Square Footage:80 square feet to 414 square feet
  • Price Range:$ to $ $$
  • Square Footage:$ to $$$

A Lotus Belle tent is one of the greatest luxury tents money can buy when it comes to the price range. It’s difficult to find a better option for luxury camping than one of them given their price range, square footage, and amount of features. However, they are not without their shortcomings, and they may not be the tent you are searching for in the first place.

  • A Lotus Belle tent is one of the greatest luxury tents money can buy when it comes to price, quality, and overall value! There isn’t a better option for luxury camping than one of them given the price range, square footage, and amount of features. Their shortcomings, on the other hand, mean they may not be the tent you are searching for.
  • At the most basic level, it is more expensive than any of the other tents on the list.

Guilding The Lotus Belle – Our Verdict

A Lotus Belle tent appears to be equipped with everything. Despite the fact that its bulb-shaped form stands out in a sea of standard-shaped tents, it is quite practical. Its high-quality, environmentally friendly materials ensure that it is both sustainable and long-lasting. When you’re intending on remaining in one place for a few days, it’s better to put up the tent in less than an hour to save time. And what’s more, it prevents dust, pests and water from entering, ensuring that all of your items remain clean and dry.

  • As a result, a heater may ensure that your Lotus Belle is available for use all year.
  • A 13-foot Lotus Belle tent will cost you $ $ if you buy it at the least possible price.
  • There is no way to go wrong with one of the CanvasCamp tents if you’re looking for a canvas tent for your next camping trip.
  • If cost is more important than aesthetics, a CanvasCamp is a better option than a Lotus Belle.
  • With its eye-catching design and ample space, the Lotus Belle is an excellent choice for setting up in your own garden, during a festival, or as an integral element of a tent hotel.

For as long as people choose a sustainable and comfortable outdoor experience, the Lotus Belle will continue in operation. You ought to be a member of that movement, as well.

Luxury Glamping In The Dordogne In A Lotus Belle Stargazer Tent: 2022 Room Prices, Deals & Reviews

Luxurious Glamping in the Dordogne aboard the Lotus Belle The Stargazer Tent may be found in the town of Saint-Jory-de-Chalais. Local sights include the Chateau de Laxion and the Nanthiat Castle, while the natural beauty of the region may be viewed in the Regional Natural Park Périgord Limousin and the Nantheuil Pond.

What’s nearby

  • The House of Foie Gras is 8 minutes away, as is Nantheuil Pond (9 minutes away), Étang de la Barde (13 minutes away), Chateau de Laxion (14 minutes away), and Nanthiat Castle (17 minutes away).

Getting around

  • Thiviers Station is a 7-minute drive away, while Limoges (LIG-Limoges International Airport) is a 49-minute drive away.


  • L’Epicurien is 8 minutes away by car
  • Le Calimero is 8 minutes away by car
  • Kebab Restaurant is 8 minutes away by car
  • La Cuisine is 8 minutes away by car
  • Pizza Thiviers is 8 minutes away by car

Luxury Glamping In The Dordogne In A Lotus Belle Stargazer Tent

Holiday resort featuring an outdoor pool in Saint-Jory-de-Chalais Rental on a monthly basis: a whole home or an apartment Bedrooms: 1; extra rooms with beds: 0; total number of bedrooms: 1 It is possible that taxes of tourism charge 0.25 EUR Per adult / day will be collected during the booking procedure. If this is not possible, they must be paid to the host when they arrive on the premises. This stylish glamping tent can accommodate up to 4 adults and an infant in a foldable travel cot if required, making it ideal for a family of 5.

  • There is a fully equipped kitchen with an oven and a refrigerator, as well as lots of outside dining space.
  • Located on a tiny 6-pitch campground with a shared contemporary heated facilities facility that includes two showers, two toilets, two wash basins, and a hairdryer, the tent is a great place to get away from it all.
  • We have a small playground and an above-ground swimming pool on the premises.
  • The Fiddlers Rest, which offers meals, is about a ten-minute walk away.
  • Among the items on the breakfast menu will be freshly baked bread and pastries; eggs; yogurt; butter; preserves; and juice; as well as coffee or tea brought to the tent.
  • Please keep in mind that, despite our postal code, we are located 600 metres off the Rn21 and are not officially a part of the town of Saint Jory de Chalais.
  • An outdoor pool is among the recreational facilities available at the vacation park.

Property amenities

Check-in is available from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM.

The minimum check-in age is 18 years old. Check out by 10:00 a.m. or earlier.

Special check-in instructions

Please contact the property at least 48 hours prior to your arrival using the details on the booking confirmation to organize check-in arrangements. For check-in details, guests must contact the hotel directly. You will be required to pay the following fees upon arrival at the property:

  • This property’s rental cost includes a necessary cleaning fee, which will be disclosed at the time of booking. The tourism fee is EUR 0.25 per person, per night.

We have included all of the fees and charges that were disclosed to us by the property. If you have more than one guest, additional fees may apply and vary based on the hotel rules. At check-in, you may be requested to present government-issued picture identification as well as a credit card, debit card, or cash deposit to cover incidental expenses. Any special requests made at the time of check-in are subject to availability and may result in extra costs; however, such requests cannot be guaranteed.

Frequently asked questions

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