How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Carnival Tent

Quick Answer: How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Carnival Tent

A tent large enough to accommodate 20 to 40 people will cost between $350 and $500 to rent. An inexpensive tent in the 400-600 square foot range will be yours for the taking with this option. Large tents may be rented for $500 to $1,500 per day, depending on their size. These sorts of tents will have a total floor area of 1,200 square feet.

How much does it cost to rent a 20×40 tent?

Generally speaking, a 2020 party tent rental will cost between $200 and $500, while a normal 2040 party tent would cost between $300 and $750 per day, depending on how it is purchased.

How much does it cost to rent a 40×60 tent?

Price List for Tent Rentals Twenty-foot-by-eighty-foot tents cost $1,350.00 a day; thirty-foot-by-fifty-foot tents cost $1,450.00; forty-foot-by-sixty-foot tents cost $2,300.00; forty-foot-by-eighty-foot tents cost $2,500.00.

How many round tables fit under a 10×10 tent?

Tents TableChairs and Chair Information SIZE The number of people that can be accommodated by a square foot of seats (using 60′′ round tables) is 1010 100 10 1020 200 20 1030 300 30 1010 100 10 1010 100 10 1010 100 10 1010 100 10 1010 100 10 1040 400 40 1040 400 40 1040 400 40

How many tables can you fit under a 20×20 tent?

In the case of a 2020 canopy, a maximum of six 6′ banquet tables and 48 seats might be accommodated (36 chairs if not using the table ends).

How many 60 round tables can fit under a 20X20 tent?

A 20 × 20 tent has enough space to accommodate up to 32 people comfortably. There are four tables that will fit under this size tent if you use 60-inch round tables.

How many round tables fit under a 20×40 tent?

It is possible to utilize a 2040 canopy to accommodate a maximum of twelve 8′ banquet tables and 96 seats (72 chairs if not using the table ends). As illustrated in the third example, five-foot-round tables and eighty chairs might be utilized with the same 20-by-40-foot canopy, as shown in the second example.

How much does it cost to rent a camping tent?

Camping, hiking, glamping, and canvas wall tents are all popular outdoor activities. Daily rates range from $25 to $75. Two-person vehicle camping tents are available for rent for $29-$55 per day. Marmot camping tents are available for rent for $37-$105 per day.

How big of a tent do I need for 30 guests?

When guests are sitting ceremony style (as opposed to at tables) or standing around cocktail tables, you will need a 1030 tent to accommodate them. When visitors will be sitting at tables, you will want a tent of 20 x 30 feet. If you want to have other items inside the tent, such as a bar, buffet line, or stage, you need increase the square footage of the tent.

What is the difference between a pole tent and a frame tent?

Putting a pole tent on concrete or asphalt surfaces is not recommended since the tent is fixed and supported by stakes that are driven into the ground to hold it in place. A frame tent is self-supporting and may be set up on any surface, including grass, asphalt, concrete, or a deck.

How big of a tent do I need for a family of 4?

The relationship between tent floorspace and sleeping capacity Capacity as determined by the manufacturer Capacity of the tent’s floor area is comfortable. a pair of adults that live in a 60 to 70 square foot home 6-person 90-100 square feet for a family of four; 8-person 120-130 square feet for a family of six

What size dance floor do I need for 100 guests?

The size of a 1212 dance floor is appropriate for a gathering of 100 people.

This will comfortably accommodate 30-40 people dancing at the same time in this space.

How big of a tent do I need for 75 guests?

In a Single Glance Standing Cocktails Seated Dinners are available in various sizes. ten to ten (100 sq. ft) 16 to 20 ten ten and twenty cents (200 sq. ft) 30-35-years-old 10:00 a.m. 10:00 a.m. 10:00 a.m. 10:00 a.m. 10:00 a.m. 10:00 a.m. 10:00 a.m. 10:00 a.m. 10:00 a.m. 10:00 a.m. 10:00 a.m. 10:00 a.m. 10:00 a.m. 10:00 a.m. (300 sq. ft) 50-55 years old 30 20/20 is a mathematical formula that represents the square root of the square root of the square root of the square root of the square root of the square root of the square root of the square root of the square root of the square root of the square root of the square root of the square root of the square root of the square root of the square root of the square root of the square root of the square root of the square root of the square root of the square root of the square root of the square root of the square root of the square root of (400 sq.

ft) 65-75 years old 40

How big of a tent do I need for 50 guests?

The tables where the attendees would eat and drink should be carefully considered when planning this sort of gathering. Each visitor will require only 8 square feet of space even with the tables in place, allowing you to accommodate a big gathering of people without the need for a huge tent. A frame tent of 20 feet by 20 feet is required for 50 guests.

Is a tent wedding cheaper?

In addition to the high expense of renting a tent (beginning at $1,500 for 100 guests), you’ll be responsible for the costs of all the other rentals, décor, and equipment that will be required to transform the bare area into a welcoming environment for your wedding reception.

Does REI rent paddleboards?

The Adventure Center of the REI Co-op offers stand-up paddleboard rentals.

How big is a 20X20 tent?

Featuring 400 square feet of clear inside space, the 20′ by 20′ frame tent is a popular choice for many events. Installing it on surfaces that do not allow the use of pegs, such as pavers, is possible with the help of weights to keep it in place.

How many chairs does a 60 round table fit?

A 60-inch round table can accommodate between 6 and 8 people at a time comfortably.

How big should a dance floor be for 150 guests?

Here’s a decent rule of thumb: for every two attendees, there should be at least three square feet of dance floor area. To accommodate 150 people, a 15′ by 15′ dance floor is required; 200 visitors will require an 18′ x 18′ space; and 400 attendees would require a dance floor of around 25′ x 25′.

How many chairs and tables do you need for 100 guests?

When serving buffet style, with lines flowing along both sides of the table, you will typically need two 8-foot tables for every 100 persons at your party.

How much is a clear top tent rental?

Price List for Tents 30′ x 60′ $1,350.00 – $1,375.00 40′ x 50′ $1,500.00 – $1,550.00 40′ x 50′ Clear Top $1,500.00 – $1,550.00 40′ x 50′ Clear Top $2,200.00 40′ x 60′ $1,800.00-$1,850.00 40′ x 60′ Clear Top $2,600.00 40′ x 60′ Clear Top $1,800.00-$1,850.00

Can you rent camping gear from REI?

Prices for Tents A 30′ x 60′ shed costs $1,350.00 – $1,375.00, a 40′ x 50′ shed costs $1,500.00-$1,550.00, and a 40′ x 50′ clear top shed costs $1,500.00 – $1,550.00. Clear Top 40′ x 60′ $1,800.00-$1,850.00 40′ x 60′ Clear Top $2,200.00 40′ x 60′ Clear Top $1,800.00-$1,850.00 $4,200.00 40′ x 60′ Clear Top $4,200.00

How big should a dance floor be for 50 guests?

Each individual should have 4.5 square feet of space, and each couple should have 9 square feet of space.

If you are holding a 100-person event, you may expect 50 individuals or 25 couples to be on the dance floor at the same time.

Can I rent a tent from REI?

All of the tents available for rent are REI brand tents, which include types such as the Quarter Dome, Half Dome, Kingdom, and Base Camp. If you are considering renting a tent rather than purchasing one, this is a fantastic approach to determine which tent will work best for you.

What size tent do I need for 100 guests?

The number of guests who will be seated only at the bar buffet 90 30′ × 30′ (900 sq ft) Dimensions: 30 × 40 feet (1200 square feet) 100 1000 square feet on a 20 x 50 foot canvas 30 × 40 feet (1200 square feet) 120 x 40 foot (1200 sq ft) 30 x 40 feet 1550 sq ft, 30 x 50 feet 180 30′ x 60′ (equivalent to 1800 sq ft) 40 x 60 feet (2400 square feet)

How many tables can you fit in a 20X30 tent?

The 20 x 30 tent has enough space for six enormous 60-inch round tables and up to 60 people.

Cirque de Bohème – Rent the Circus Tent.

handleVimeoPostMessage”>zoogle-video handleVimeoPostMessage Based in Sonoma, California, this tent is available for short or long term rentals across North California, with an extra fee for long term leases in some areas. We rent out a stunning, medium-sized, real circus tent that is both eye-catching and functional. This spectacular structure is ideal for corporate gatherings, weddings, and theatrical productions in which people want to experience a true circus tent atmosphere. Up to 150 people can sit on chairs, and up to 80 people can sit in a formal seated dinner table format with a stage or dance floor.

  • An extensive list of technical requirements must be met.
  • If you have any concerns concerning the material included on this website, please contact the office at (833) 293-2003 for more assistance.
  • The tent is delivered in a 24-foot truck.
  • In addition to the tent, we can supply you with a variety of technical (lighting, audio, and so on), scenic (circus decorations), and entertainment (circus performers) packages to meet your specific needs.
  • Springfield, Illinois is a city in the state of Illinois.
  • 20347 is the serial control number for a flame resistant product that has been registered.
  • Capacity of the Tent The following basic seating configurations are included in the tent capacities stated below: a.

Please keep in mind that all seats must be provided locally by the purchaser unless otherwise agreed with in advance and specified in the contract. With a stage area of 24′ by 16′, it can accommodate up to 150 people comfortably in seats.

  • Elegantly seats 80 for gala sit-down dinners, with a stage area of 24′ x 16′. Custom seating arrangements are feasible with this venue. Make a phone call to discuss

DIMENSIONS. The following are the internal measurements of the tent’s footprint inside the guy lines: 50 x 50 ft. Approximately 75 x 75 feet is required for the perimeter of the exterior guy line (total space required). The height of the tent from the top of the masts is 28 feet. The lowest point of the tent ceiling within the tent, between the masts, is 28 feet above the ground. Height of the sidewalls: ten feet

  • There are three exits, each with an aperture of eight feet. The recommended stage size is a maximum of 24 by 16 feet.

OPTIONS. We offer a variety of performance, scenic, and technological options available to enhance the real circus flavor of our tent, allowing you and your guests to enjoy an even more unforgettable experience. THE CIRCUS PERFORMS. (everything has been made to fit precisely within the tent) “Ringmaster of Ceremonies” – Organizes and coordinates your event. Silks, static trapeze, and other aerial performers Hoop in the Air Jugglers, unicyclists, and magicians are examples of circus stage acts.

  1. Cirque du Soleil Cabaret Shows are also available.
  2. Staging Truss.
  3. We have a ton of “circusy things” that may be utilized to make your circus-themed event even more realistic by incorporating it into the event.
  4. Circus Costumes are available in a variety of styles.
  5. Here’s a collection of frequently asked questions regarding our tent, organized by category: How much does it cost to hire a tent for a weekend?
  6. Call now (833) 293-2003 for more information on pricing for your event.
  7. Our tent has the capacity to accommodate up to 150 people on chairs or 80 people at a formal seated dining table.

We have stage and dance floor alternatives available, however this will have an impact on the number of people that can sit at the event.

In a typical layout, the floor is grass or the ground below, but we also have floor covering alternatives available.

What is the size of the tent?

This is a smaller, more intimate circus tent with only one pole, which is better suited for private and business occasions.

Is it necessary to obtain a permission in order to put this tent on my property?

A construction permission may be required for the installation of this or any other large tent, depending on the location and jurisdiction where you are located.

We have a bundle available that has all of the technical data that will assist you in this procedure.

They are not prohibitively expensive, but the cost of renting a tent does not include the cost of these items.

If permission is obtained to drive our tent poles through the pavement, this tent can be put up on asphalt or concrete.

The most ideal location is a field of grass.

Our highly skilled staff can put up and take down the tent in a single day.

The tent can be purchased as-is or customized with any of the features mentioned below.

We now have one circus tent and one “green room” tent both measuring 20’X20′, but we may be able to acquire additional as time progresses.

The tent is fully impervious to water.

Our facility offers a variety of heating and air conditioning configurations.

With this tent, you can create a fantastically dramatic atmosphere.

We offer a variety of lighting, sound, truss, scenic, and dramatic packages available to help you transform the space to your specifications.

It is conceivable that this will be achievable if the tent is on hire near to the time of your event and we are able to secure authorization for you.

In order to obtain the tent for my event, what steps must be taken?

When you reserve the tent for your event, we request a 50 percent payment to secure the date.

Our professional staff will put up the tent and then take it down when your event is complete.

In order to cover the tent and its inhabitants from the time of set up to the time of dismantling, event insurance is essential.

More information, technical specifications, and images of the tent may be found on our website.

$15,000 $2,500 for an additional show day; $2,500 for an additional storage day Between concerts, there is a tent on the property that is not being utilized.

– For the duration of the time that the tent will be put up on your property, you will need to provide security for it.

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The purchaser will be solely responsible for the tent and any events that take place inside it during that time period and for the remainder of the event.

– The rental price includes the services of ONE tent master and ONE assistant tent master for the duration of the setup and striking.

– The rental charges do not include the costs of travel and lodging for the two tent masters who will be on site.

– One full day is required to put up and one full day is required to strike this tent.

A Bobcat with a hydraulic jackhammer attachment will be necessary for driving the tent poles if the ground is really hard.

The tent cannot be packed wet, thus if it is raining or wet, there is a chance that the tent may be struck later than scheduled.

Please plan ahead of time if it is raining or wet. Please contact our office at (707) 363-3601 if you would like additional information about our magnificent tent. Circus Tent For Rent is a branch of MM Productions that specializes in circus tent rentals.


Individual games do not come with carnival booths, but they can be purchased separately.

  • Increase the amount of fun and carnival vibe at your gathering. In the event that you employ us to handle your booths, we shall dress our attendees in traditional carnival gear. (For a tiny additional price, of course.) Vest with Red and White Stripes (vest style may vary) 2 Arm Bands in the color red 1 red bow tie (optional) Hat with a red band around the brim Shirt with long sleeves in white Pants in black Price:Rental Price: Please contact us for a quote. Colors may vary. Booths in the colors red and white Our typical red and white booths will be a great addition to the carnival environment. The carnival atmosphere will be enjoyed by guests, who will also experience the excitement and adventure of being there. (Additional tables are available for a charge.)
  • 8′ x 8′ steel frame
  • 500-weight polyester fire retardant fabric with red and white stripes on the top
  • The rail skirts are red and white striped, while the rear wall is solid red and white striped. Tent comes with anchors and weights to keep it in place.
  • Carnival tents are available for rent for $110.00 per tent (colors may vary). Booth with Mesh Wall (Food and Concessions) Stay in keeping with the carnival spirit by renting out our red-topped booth for your food and concession goods. Using the four mesh walls to serve food at your special occasion is a great option for your needs. As a result of the pest-free environment provided by the zipper-connected mesh walls, your food products will keep their quality during preparation and serving (Tables available for addional fee.)
  • Carnival tents are available for rent for $110.00 per tent, with colors varying. Booth with Mesh Walls (Food and Concessions) Rent our red-topped booth for your food and concession goods to keep with the carnival motif. Using the four mesh walls to serve food at your special occasion is the best solution. Using the zipper-connected mesh walls, you can ensure that your food products retain their quality by creating a pest-free environment for meal preparation and serving (Tables available for addional fee.)
  • Rental Price: $495.00 apiece, Colors May Vary
  • Take a deep breath and put your ring tossing talents to the test! In this game, you’ll be transported back in time by the vintage Pepsi bottles, which will be paired with a carnival classic. In contrast to the traditional milk bottle throw, this game combines a sense of nostalgia with a sense of rivalry. Bring the nostalgia to your next party, which is suitable for people of any age and for any occasion. Rental Price: $95.00
  • Dart Game Rental Price: $95.00 This magnetic dart game is a perennial favorite at fairs and carnivals. This is a fantastic carnival game for any occasion, including birthday celebrations, family reunions, school carnivals, and business events. To win, players must utilize their six darts to land on a balloon. Darts are magnetic for the sake of safety. Rental Fee: $95.00
  • Enjoy yourself to the fullest. Balloon popping carnival games are sure to be a major success at your upcoming carnival party or event. In the past, balloon pop games have been a popular attraction at carnivals and fairs. This carnival-themed game has all of the excitement and music of a real carnival to offer. The game comes with legs, or it may be placed on a tabletop, as well as 50 balloons and a pump. Extra balloons can be purchased for a little extra charge. The rental price is $95.00 and the colors may vary. This is another old-fashioned carnival staple. Start with three bean balls and then, one at a time, knock all of the bottles off the pedestal with each one you toss. It’s a pleasant task that appeals to people of all ages and backgrounds. Three balls and three milk bottles are included in the package. Price: $95.00, colors may vary
  • The Trash Can Tipping game is as follows: Players take up a position around 15 feet away and attempt to knock over their garbage cans. Get three garbage cans out of the way and you’ve won! Colors may vary
  • Can Can Toss is included in the rental price of $95.00. Another old-school carnival staple from way back when! Start with three bean bags and then hurl them one at a time to knock all of the cans off the pedestal until they are all gone. RING TOSSE INCLUDED IN RENT FOR $95.00
  • Colors May Vary Historically, this is one of the earliest carnival games ever devised. A real carnival classic, to be sure! It is a little difficult, but once players have started, they are unable to quit. Take turns ringing the bells and doing your best to reach one of the target rows. The rental price is $95.00, and the colors may vary
  • The Monkey Bean Bag Toss game is included. With this carnival game, it’s a case of “monkey see, monkey do.” Allow this adorable little monkey to bring hours of entertainment at your next carnival or backyard bash. This game will appeal to children in particular. It comes with three bean bags to use as food for the monkey. Rental Price: $95.00, Colors May Vary
  • Tic-Tac-Toe Board Rental Price: $95.00 Tic-Tac-Toe has always been a favorite game for children, whether they were growing up in the 1950s or now. This carnival version of the traditional Tic-Tac-Toe game can add some old-school excitement to your next gathering. The players are given two different colored balls, which they must alternately place into the holes. See who can score three consecutive wins in a row to take top place. Adding a mark, aiming, and trying to toss their ball into the desired hole will make it more engaging for the participants. The perfect addition to school festivals, fundraisers, birthday celebrations, and other events. Price: $95.00, Colors may vary
  • Shooting Gallery available for rent Be a part of the history of the Old West. With this all-time classic carnival game, you may put your shooting talents to the test. We provide either a Nerf gun that fires foam darts or a foam dart gun. The goal of this carnival game is to knock down the star circles that are displayed on the screen. You’ll need to brush off your chaps and holster before you can compete in this old-fashioned country time tournament. Price: $95.00, Colors may vary
  • Rental Price: $95.00 Skee Ball – 8 Games in 1 HourThis iconic carnival game provides hours of entertainment. Choose three games from a list of eight. OverUnder, Blackjack, 3 in a Row, Golf Hoops, Football, Strike Zone, and Homerun Zone are some of the games available. Rental Price: $95.00, Colors May Vary
  • Fish Bowl Rental Price: $95.00 This classic carnival game is a favorite of both children and adults alike. Placing four fish bowls on each shelf will allow you to select between two different game modes: If you leave the bowls empty, you may give the player the opportunity to try to throw the ping pong ball into one of the bowls. 2. Fill the bowls with water, and then instruct the player to throw the ball into one of the bowls to score. (If you want to have even more fun, paint the water using food coloring.) Ping pong balls are included with the game. There are a total of 16 bowls on each of the four tiers. The game is 2′ in height, 2′ in width, and 3′ in depth. Rental Fee: $95.00
  • Matchmaker Included “Match Make, Match Maker, make me a match,” says the narrator. Throw the bean bags, one on each side, with the goal of making each row the same form or color as the previous one. Alternatively, you may utilize your talents to bounce off the sloping sides for an added challenge. The Match Maker game is 6′ long and 4′ broad. It has a total of six players. Strike Zone is available for an additional fee of $95.00. If you get 1, 2, or 3 strikes, you’re out of the game. At your next function, demonstrate to your buddies how strong your arm is. Make sure to get all three balls through the strike zone on every play. This carnival game would be ideal for your next outdoor gathering or event. 24″ x 32″ x 4″ Colors may vary
  • Tip-A-TrollTrolls have taken over the carnival, and you may help them! You have five opportunities to knock three of them out and take control of the game. This entertaining vintage carnival game will determine who will be in command of your next family reunion, work party, or other get-together. The rental price is $95.00, and the colors may vary
  • Bank Shot This carnival game is a little unconventional, but it’s perfect for any occasion. You have three opportunities to get your balls into the red holes, and you must bank your abilities in order to do so. Therefore, planning is essential. 42″ x 18″ x 42″ The rental price is $95.00, and colors are subject to change. Have you ever had a bee sting you? Use this carnival game at your next party or event to repay them for their time and effort. You have three opportunities to stomp on the center bee and knock him off the game board. Great for people of all ages and for any occasion. 24″ x 32″ x 4″ Price: $95.00, Colors may vary
  • Rental Price: $95.00

How Much Do Wedding Tents Cost to Rent?

To some extent, it is similar to putting on an elaborate show: you have to keep track of a lot of minor details and make sure that everything comes together at the appropriate moment. Getting a wedding tent is one of the most important parts of the puzzle, and after you’ve completed it, you’ll feel a bit more prepared. In addition, you can frequently package other services with the tent, making the entire procedure more manageable. Because a tent is likely to be one of the more expensive components of your entire wedding budget, you might be wondering how much it will cost you.

How Much are Wedding Tents to Rent?

For those asking how much it costs to hire a tent for a day, the short answer is that it varies depending on the location. The number of people attending your wedding can have an influence on the size of the tent and the number of tents required, just as it does on the majority of other wedding expenses. Other considerations, such as whether or not you choose extras like as a liner, pole drapes, tent sidewalls, and flooring, will have an influence on the overall cost of your tent purchase. As a result, the cost might range anywhere from $135 per day for a small event tent to tens of thousands of dollars for a lavish event.

Take a look at some of our most popular tent options in the gallery below.

Frame Tents

Before you can estimate how much your tent for the big day will cost, you must first get an estimate of the number of people that will be attending the event. Of course, it’s hard to predict how many people will accept an invitation, so it’s best to start with the entire guest list to be on the safe side of things. Following that, you’ll need to make an educated guess as to how much square footage you’ll want. For a seated dinner on a dance floor, multiply the number of guests in attendance by 18; for a seated dinner at round tables, multiply the number of guests in attendance by 12; and for a seated dinner at banquet tables, double the number of attendees by 10.

Once you’ve determined how much room you’ll want, you can begin looking for a tent.

A frame tent, for example, costs $1,190 (not including delivery) and provides 1,600 square feet of area, which would be sufficient for 130 guests for a sit-down dinner as well as 88 attendees at a celebration with dancing floor, depending on the configuration.


Once you’ve calculated the cost of the basic wedding ceremony tent, don’t forget to include in the costs of the other items you’ll need for the event. Weights to assist secure the tent, lights, and generators are all examples of needs, while luxuries such as carpeting and tent liners are examples of extras.

Also available are complete set-ups, including everything from tables and chairs to serving dishes, place settings, and décor. Check out our price list to see a complete overview of all we have to offer you.

Contact Us Today to Book Your Tent

Once you’ve learned how to estimate wedding reception tent rental costs, it’s time to choose a firm and reserve your tent. Contact The Wright Group now to learn more about how we can assist you not just with your tent but also with the equipment you need to use it. Our complete event services will assist you in creating the right atmosphere for your special day!

Carnival Game Booth Rental · National Event Pros

Carnival booths are a fantastic choice for bringing any event to life, but they are especially effective at bringing a circus or carnival theme to the forefront. These high-quality tent rentals are not the same as the pop-up canopy you could get at your local Costco. In addition to being constructed of a heavy-duty hexagonal aluminum structure, the tents include a top that is boldly decorated with red and white stripes. Traditional tent walls or red and white striped sidewalls can be used on all four sides, or you can mix and match them.

  • There aren’t any actual limits on what may and cannot be brought inside the carnival tents.
  • If you want to have carnival games, any deluxe game will fit nicely inside, while a half-wall in the front allows guests to see the games.
  • This is a perfect method to accommodate covered entertainers like as balloon artists, face painters, henna artists, and caricaturists.
  • It might be quite beneficial to have a kettle corn station, cotton candy, hot dogs, or snow-cones available to aid in the creation of a nostalgic carnival atmosphere.
  • Consider looking at our other Carnival Games, Tents, and Attentiongrabbers if you’re seeking for products that are commonly associated with this booth.
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Carnival Game Tent Rentals, Party

Tents for Carnival Games are available for rent! Our 8’x8′ red and white striped tents will provide a festive touch to any Carnival-themed event. This is an excellent choice for carnival games, snacks, and live entertainment. The Carnival Tents will add a special touch of circus flair to any occasion! (The table is not included.) They’re perfect for sprucing up your carnival games, snacks, and live entertainment! Tents are 8’x8’x10′ in size and can accommodate an 8′ rectangle table on the interior (table sold separately).

Acme Partyworks has one of the largest inventory of party rentals and carnival games in Michigan, and they provide competitive delivery prices as well as cheap customer pick-up choices for its customers.

Since 1992, Acme Partyworks has been your go-to source for party rentals, inflatables, and other related things. Today is the day to reserve the Carnival Game Tent Rentals!


Our illustrious history of success! Acme Partyworks is responsible for cleaning and maintaining their rental equipment. Being on time and early, as well as being dependable and dependable, are all important tasks. Additionally, the safety of our consumers and the provision of competent service are equally important. That is why we keep our large inventory of inflatables, party rentals, and delivery vehicles in excellent condition on a regular basis, cleaning, repairing, and replacing them as necessary.

Additionally, Acme Partyworks is a fully insured firm, including liability, workers’ compensation, and other coverages.

Rent Circus or Festival Tents – Chicago, Illinois

Tents for a circus or festival can be rented. Chicago, Illinois is a city in the United States of America. Striped Tents exude a joyful and cheerful atmosphere! They draw the attention of passersby and help to establish the theme for your event. They are an excellent choice for a huge festival, fund-raising event, or sales event of any kind. Special garden parties, such as Sweet Sixteen or Kid’s Birthday parties, as well as baby showers, are best held in smaller quantities. Need striped tents for an outdoor festival, birthday celebration, or charity event?

  • In Chicago, Illinois, you may rent circus tents or festival tents.
  • A white tent has always been a classic aesthetic.
  • Chicago, Illinois is a city in the United States of America.
  • Colors, styles, and sizes may all be mixed and matched.
  • Chicago, Illinois – A circus tent with red and white stripes.
  • Added rental opportunities in the Chicago, Illinois metropolitan area


TENTING FOR RENT In order to make your ideal wedding, business event, banquet, or party a success, EZ Rentalz provides a comprehensive choice of rental products to the Triangle Region of North Carolina. The company EZ Rentalz provides party/wedding tent rentals, tables rentals, chairchair covering rentals, dance floor rentals, and beverage fountain rentals amongst other services. The following is a photo gallery as well as a price list for the things that EZ Rentalz presently has available. Please come back frequently as we are always adding to our stock of items.

Allow yourself to be pampered by our full-service event planning option so that you can focus on other aspects of your special day.

This will ensure that you remember every detail of your special day. For more information on wedding rentals, special event rentals, or to talk with a Special Event Planner, call EZ Rentalz at 919.225.3407 or 919.556.7700 now. Booth at the Carnival Tent ​$100.00

40×40 Party Tent Rental$1,100Set up/Installation Fee$50
40×60 Party Tent Rental$1,700Set Up/ Installation Fee$50
​White Poly Folding Chairs$1.75

Black Poly Folding Chairs ​$1.50 Bar Stools$6.00
​6ft Rectangle Table Fits 3 chairs on each side$7.508ft Rectangle Table Fits 4 chairs on each side$8.50 36in Round TableSeats 3-4 ppl30in Height42in Bar Height$8.5048″ Round (Cake) Table$8 60in Round TableSeats 6-8 ppl$8.50 ​72in Round TableSeats 8-10 ppl$14

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Party Tent?

When it comes to planning an outdoor tent event, there are a slew of questions. In addition, “How much does it cost to hire a party tent?” is one of the most often asked questions. You may expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $500 for a modest party tent, with some tents costing up to $2,000. Larger party tents can cost up to $600. Shortly put, the cost of your party tent will be determined by a number of things. To help you determine whether or not you’re overpaying for your party tent, we’re going to break down all of the expenditures you should be aware of and explain why.

Tent Rental Costs Based On Size and Style

The cost of renting a tent is the first and most visible expense that we’ll go through in this section of the breakdown. Depending on the rental company you’re considering, you should be able to choose from a vast selection of party tent rentals. It is the quickest approach to select which tent to rent is to answer a few simple questions below, which will remove the vast majority of possibilities that aren’t a good fit for your needs.

  1. How many individuals do you anticipate attending? In comparison, a tent for 30-50 people can cost between $250 and $500, and a tent for 150 people can cost upwards of $1,500). What are you planning on doing with the tent? (Simply providing shade and weather protection will necessitate a smaller tent than providing space for seating, food, a dance floor, a DJ, a bar, and so on.) Is the tent going to be set up on grass or on pavement? (This will influence the sort of tent you hire, whether it is a pole or a frame.) For further information on the differences between a pole tent and frame tent, please see this page). Last but not least, when is your event taking place? (If your event is during the “off-season,” you may be able to get a good bargain on tickets.)

Pricing may undoubtedly vary, but the table below provides a broad indication of what to expect in terms of tent rental costs:

  • The cost of a tent rental will undoubtedly vary, however the table below provides an estimate of the average cost of a tent hire:

Every event rental company is unique in its own way. In order to discover whether the rental firm is charging an additional fee for installation, you’ll want to carefully check your quote. The cost of installation is included in the rental fee charged by our firm (Dreamers Event Rentals). As a result, we do not charge an additional fee for installation. Another cost to consider is whether the installation is considered “standard” or if there are any additional costs for a variety of reasons such as an excessive walk to the installation area due to lack of direct access, the need for any special accommodations in order for the tent to fit (for example, cutting down tree branches), and so on.

(as they should, given that it involves more effort and time).

Most tent rental businesses will charge an additional price for concrete weighted blocks if your rental company is unable to stake into the ground to secure the tent.

Tent Add-Ons You Should Consider

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that your tent rental includes sidewalls, lights, air conditioning, or heating. Toutes of these items are regarded as tent accessories, and they can be provided at an additional cost. Not every customer will desire or want every tent accessory that is available. As a result, almost every rental company will provide these as an optional extra if you request them. The number of tent accessories you’ll require will be determined by the size and style of your tent, as well as the weather conditions.

  • Consider the following scenario: you’d like to have a heated tent, but the weather forecast calls for 60 degrees.
  • This may have an impact on the number of heaters and sidewalls that you would want or need to rent.
  • Suppose you want to rent sidewalls to help keep the rain off your roof.
  • The following are the reasons why: Whether or not you use the sidewalls, you will almost certainly still be responsible for the cost of them.
  • While it is much easier to rent a few extra walls (or even more) if you do require them (or even more), it is much more difficult to rent a large number of sidewalls at short notice.

While you are not wasting money if you decide that you do not want all of the sidewalls that you have reserved, you are wasting time.

Get Help Choosing The Right Tent

We hope you found this article to be informative. However, if you want more assistance, such as a recommendation on which tent rental will be most appropriate for your event, please call our event consultants immediately. A Dreamers Event Rentals location can be found at 12300 Owings Mills Blvd, Suite 8, Reisterstown, Maryland 21136. Visit us in person or give us a call at 410-881-2227. Please fill out the short form below and contact us as soon as possible so that we can all rejoice together!

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Carnival Tent Rental – Rent Carnival Tents or Carnival Booths in Arizona

Rent a Carnival Tent that is 10′ x 10′

Starting At:$85.00/4 hours($10.00 per additional hour)* restrictions apply

The bare minimum of space is necessary.

  • 10′ (3.04 m) in width, 10′ (3.04 m) in height, and 10′ (3.04 m) in length

10-feet-3-inches (3.04-meters) broad; 10-feet-3-inches (3.04-meters) tall; 10-feet-3-inches (3.04-meters) long

The carnival barker backdrop shown above is a full size backdrop perfect for the back or side of any of our carnival tents

A stake or highly solid tie down should be placed about 3-5 feet from the edge of the tent around the perimeter of these striped tents, which are supported by center poles. There are several other sizes available. Please contact us for information on additional sizes of tents or for price on WHITEtents.

Size Striped Pole Tent Price
20×20 $212.00
20×40 $312.00
30×30 $400.00
30×50 $541.00
40×40 $531.00
40X80 $1061.00
60X60 $1442.00
Frame Tents

A stake or highly solid tie down should be placed about 3-5 feet from the edge of the tent around the perimeter of these striped tents, which use center poles for support. We have a number of different sizes available. Please contact us for information on additional sizes of tents or for price on WHITEtented structures.

Size Striped Frame Price
20×20 $312.00
20×40 $459.00
30×30 $541.00
30×50 $742.00
Other Items
Size Price
Sides $1.00 Per Linear Foot for Solid White sides. Window sides available upon request at $1.50 per linear foot
8′ Banquet Tables $8.00 each. Plus $1.00 per table for full setup and $1.00 per table fortear down
60″ Round Tables $9.50 each. Plus $1.50 per table for full setup and $.50 per table fortear down
30′ Round Tables $10.75 each. Plus $1.00 per table for set up and $.50 per table for take downThese tables can be bar height
Std. White Rental Chairs $1.00 each with tent rental + $.60 per chair for full setup, or $.40 for just setup and $.20 for just tear down
Fan Back White Chairs $1.10 each with tent rental + $.60 full setup, or.$.40 for just set up $.20 for justtear down

The pricing shown above are for our basic rental, which would include excellent tents in a variety of striped colors, as well as weekday delivery and setup in the Kansas City metropolitan region. Availability is subject to change. This deal is valid for up to seven consecutive days, including one weekend, and is subject to availability. Call if you require extended rental times, need delivery and/or takedown on a day other than a weekday, need other sizes, or if you need white wedding quality linens.

Big T Rental provides a wide range of tent sizes that are reinforced with durable vinyl at vital locations for further safety and security.

We are the number one source of party tent rentals and wedding reception tent rentals in and around the Kansas City area.

Our tent alternatives will allow you to keep your whole guest list, whether it’s friends, family, or business acquaintances, while still maintaining within your budget.

Because we place a high value on customer happiness, we will consult with you extensively in order to recommend the best solution. We have the greatest tents in the state of Missouri, and we would love to learn more about your next event! Contact us now!

Carnival Tent Rental

We rent red and white striped carnival tents in Baltimore, D.C., Virginia, and the surrounding areas. Our RedWhite Striped 10 x 10 Carnival Tents for hire are the best in the business for events. Tents for rent in Baltimore, Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Virginia at reasonable prices. We can deliver and set up at your residence or at a venue of your choice. The events we serve vary from school fairs to county carnivals; you can read about our clients’ positive experiences with our unmatched products and service on social media sites such as Facebook and Google.

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In addition to carnival tent rentals, we also provide carnival equipment rentals for hospitals and churches as well as for municipalities and festivals as well as for business, college, and social events.

Tents for registration Tents with red and white stripes Booths during a carnival In addition to carnivals, event registrations, testing, vendors, marketing, and celebrations, red / white striped Carnival Tents are also commonly used for festivals and athletic events to provide shade and protection from the elements.

  • 10 x 10 foot tent with optional tent rear wall and three redwhite striped carnival sides
  • 100 square feet (10 x 10). Installation is offered on a variety of surfaces, including grass, concrete, deck, patio, and rooftops. Please keep in mind that each component is hired separately.

In addition to providing year-round party planning services, ARS Events will collaborate with you to design fresh and appropriate themes to make your event memorable. Our party rentals bring these visions to life and contribute to the most memorable weddings, reunions, workplace picnics, fairs, and bar/bat mitzvahs in the MD, DC, and VA areas. Contact us now for more information. Visit the Maryland Tent Rentals section of our website to discover the right item to rent for your upcoming party or workplace picnic.

[email protected] Tents for Rent Carnival Booth Party Rentals in Washington, D.C.

Among the cities covered by this service are Alexandria, Fairfax, McLean, Annandale, Springfield, Oakton, Vienna, Reston; Great Falls; Potomac; Darnestown; Germantown; Gaithersburg; Rockville; Wheaton; Aspen Hill; Olney; Silver Spring; Burtonsville; Laurel; Beltsville; Jessup; Columbia; Fort Meade; Greenbelt; Bowie; Crofton; Mitchellville; Capitol Heights; Suitland; Upper Tents for Rent in Virginia Carnival Booth Party Rental in Northern Virginia – Rent a Red and White Striped Carnival Booth Party Rental Leesburg, Ashburn, Sterling, Dulles, Reston, Chantilly, Centreville, Gainesville, Brambleton, Great Falls, McLean, Oakton, Manassas, Fairfax, Annandale, Burke, Springfield, Alexandria, Fort Belvoir, Lorton, Fort Hunt, Woodbridge, and anywhere else in the vicinity are all acceptable options for relocation.

Red and white striped carnival booths are available for rent in the Maryland area from Tent Rentals.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Tent?

Renting a tent will typically cost between $.75 and $1.50 per square foot of area, depending on the size. You may pay as little as $150 for a 10×10 tent or as much as $2,500 for a tent that is 5,000 to 10,000 square feet in size. Tent lighting is $1 per foot of length. If you require heaters, they might cost anything from $100 to $300 per unit. You’ve got a formal event to prepare for. It is a rain or shine event, so you must be prepared with appropriate shelter. You wish for sunshine, but you are prepared for rain.

There are both huge and small businesses.

Tent Rental Prices

It is possible to rent a tent for as low as $150 for a single day. This will provide you with a tent of 100 square feet. This is the smallest tent available for rent in the area. This type of tent may be able to accommodate up to ten people. For a very small party, or possibly for a single booth or gathering, this would be an excellent tent to use. It will cost between $350 and $500 to rent a tent large enough to accommodate 20 to 40 individuals. An inexpensive tent in the 400-600 square foot range will be yours for the taking with this option.

  1. These sorts of tents will have a total floor area of 1,200 square feet.
  2. Giant tents may be leased for $500 to $800 per day, plus a $1,000 setup cost, depending on the size.
  3. Tents with that much floor space may accommodate anywhere from 400 to 1,000 people.
  4. 1 person occupies 10 square feet of tent area.
  5. It is important to note that the size of the table has a significant impact on the number of people who can be accommodated in a tent.
  6. Which one you choose is a matter of personal choice and financial constraints.
  7. Are the tables going to be round, rectangular, or square in shape?
  8. It’s significantly more sociable than rectangular or square tables, which are also popular choices.
  9. The cost of renting chandeliers for your tent will range from $50 to $100.
  10. It will transform your gathering from a simple tent party into a formal occasion.

How Much Do Carnival Rides Cost to Rent on Average?

Even though there are several elements to consider when planning an event involving entertainment, one issue that stands out above the others is unquestionably the cost.

The cost of renting rides, games, and other carnival installations can vary greatly, and there are other expenses to consider in addition to the equipment themselves.

The Overall Cost of Carnival Rides

There are a plethora of variables to consider when planning an event involving entertainment, but it’s clear that one specific aspect is at the forefront of everyone’s mind: the cost. The cost of renting rides, games, and other carnival installations can vary greatly, and there are other expenses to consider in addition to the equipment themselves.

The Cost of Setup

There are a plethora of elements to consider when planning an event involving entertainment, but it’s clear that one specific aspect is at the forefront of everyone’s thoughts: the cost. The cost of renting rides, games, and other carnival installations can vary greatly, and there are other expenses to consider in addition to the equipment themselves.

  • Transportation of the equipment to and from your location. Depending on how far you are from the rental property, particularly if you are on the outskirts of their service area, you may be charged a higher price than you would be if you were closer. Although not often the case, some providers do alter prices based on distance traveled or charge a mileage fee for transportation
  • Mechanical installation. Large inflatable rides and slides need the expertise of how to put them up properly in order to minimize damage to the ride or other things in the surrounding area during the installation process. For more sophisticated mechanical devices, such as spinners, mechanical bulls, or swings, mechanical expertise and skilled operators are required to set them up and take them down. Accessories are also required for these devices. In addition to the rides you hire, you may require a variety of accessories and other products to complete your experience. Tables, chairs, and tents are a must-have for any successful event, and a reputable firm will organize ahead of time to ensure that everything needed for the event is provided rather than leaving it to you
  • Power. While some venues permit you to connect to their electricity, some do not, and some do not have power accessible for you to connect to. Generators are useful in these situations since you need electricity someplace, and that’s where they come in. Renting generators is an additional expense, but it is preferable to not having electricity for your event than to be without power.

The setup will differ based on your venue, your event, your requirements, and the resources you have available. Always make sure you have enough money set up in your budget to cover setup and other related expenses.

The Cost of Staff

As previously remarked in passing, equipment often necessitates the use of personnel. Staff who have received training must be compensated for their efforts. In addition, because operational expenses for rides are often included in the rental rate for that ride, you won’t always notice extra line items for personnel costs on your invoice. Personnel are required for the following tasks:

  • As previously indicated, equipment is often accompanied by personnel. Paid time off is required for well trained personnel. In addition, because running expenses for rides are often included in the rental rate for that ride, you won’t always see extra line items for personnel costs on your invoices. For the following positions, additional personnel are required:

Additionally, personnel is necessary for any other extras that you may have at your event, such as the following:

  • If you’re renting the services of a bar for your event, you’ll need a licensed bartender. Concessionaires who will be supplying food for your event. There are a variety of options available, like booking them separately from a catering business or hiring food trucks
  • Hence, this might vary. In some cases, security guards are required. In the event that a machine fails, maintenance must be performed.

Though the most expensive component of any event is usually the people who attend it, the costs of hiring carnival equipment are very variable and rely mostly on the type of equipment, how much you want to spend, and how long you want to hire it for.

The Cost of Prizes

While they aren’t always necessary for carnival rides, you may want to rent games instead of rides on occasion. Even though carnival games may be entertaining on their own merits, we all know what you’re really looking forward to when you’re attending a carnival or fair-like event: the prizes! You may now always give your own awards if you so like. A ticket system for carnival games is simple to install, as long as there is a single centralized booth full of prizes that spectators may purchase with their tickets.

You may also put other goods such as meal vouchers and raffle entries in your package.

Prize support, on the other hand, can be arranged through the firm that is providing the venue for your games.

Of course, the selection of prizes available varies, so you’ll want to review your options with your event organizing firm.

The Cost of Power

This was already said, but any successful event will require some form of power access in order to function well. Generally speaking, you’ll obtain power in one of two methods. First and foremost, you may be able to obtain electricity from the venue. In the case of a fairground, a conference center, or similar public event space, you’ll most likely be able to take advantage of the power of the venue itself to enhance your event’s overall success. Some venues may charge an extra price for electricity, but others may include it as part of the overall cost of renting the space.

Generators, whether you bring your own or hire them, require a lot of room, fuel, and constant monitoring to ensure that they are operating properly.

Always check to be that you have enough power for your gathering!

There are a variety of optional extras that you may purchase from the same persons who book your rides, as well as from other sources.

Purchasing them all together as a package deal can be more cost-effective than scheduling them individually, but you should still double-check the quality of the services you’re buying regardless of how you choose to do it. What kinds of add-ons may you consider purchasing?

  • Photography. Many gatherings are about creating memories, so hiring a photographer to preserve those memories is a no-brainer
  • DJs are also excellent choices. In some situations, having someone in charge of the music, announcements, and other aural entertainment may be a critical component of the event. Clowns. When it comes to events geared toward children, clowns and other performers may be a major value to the event
  • This is especially true for children’s events. Caricature artists are those who make fun of themselves. A unique kind of entertainment and a unique product for your attendees to take home are two things that artists may give. Face painting or airbrushing are popular options. Airbrush tattoos or face painting may be a lot of fun for guests of all ages, and they can help them get into the mood for the event. Balloon sculptures. Some clowns can also perform as balloon painters in addition to their clowning duties. Magicians. A talented magician can keep a crowd entertained all day long with a range of tricks ranging from cards to birds and everything in between
  • Customers who come in seasonally. Some events, particularly seasonal ones, may necessitate the presence of a Santa Claus, an Easter Bunny, or another event-specific costumer who can make the rounds. Other options include movie projectors. If your event takes place after dark or in a dimly lit interior space, a movie projector may be a terrific addition
  • Live music can also be a great touch. Many gatherings benefit from the addition of a live band who will perform a one-of-a-kind performance
  • Depending on the band, this can even serve as the main attraction of the evening.

All of these are optional, depending on the type of event you’re arranging, your budget, and the environment you’re aiming to create for your guests and attendees. Any of them that you decide to book will incur an additional fee, of course, but when factored into the overall cost of your event, they may be pretty reasonably priced.

The Cost of Cancellation

The cost of cancellation is one expense that you want to never have to incur. A cancellation charge beyond a specified date, a non-refundable deposit, or something in between could be imposed, depending on the circumstances. The majority of the time, it is only a source of concern if your event is in disarray, your budget has been disallowed, or your venue has a valid cause to cancel. There are a variety of reasons why a cancellation could occur, and we aren’t here to pass judgment on any of them.

Unless you cancel at the last minute, the corporation loses more than just what you had booked; they also lose the potential revenue that those assets may have generated if you hadn’t locked them up in your contract.

Always be informed of the cancellation rules of any company with whom you are considering doing business.

You shouldn’t have to worry about cancellations at all if you have a good group of people to help you through the process.

All you have to do is set realistic expectations, organize a suitable party size, and reserve the exact equipment you want.

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