How Much Does A Pod Tent Cost

Purchase POD Tents directly from POD Tents -POD Maxi & POD Mini

POD is a revolutionary new concept in social camping, bringing a refreshing new approach to outdoor living. POD is the first of its kind in the world. Purchase only what you require when you require it because the system is meant to be totally modular. There are four sleeping spaces in this POD Tent Mini, which measures 3.8 by 3.6 meters (12.46 by 11.82 feet) in diameter and 2.2 by 7.21 meters (7.21 ft) in height. It is equipped with an exterior rain fly as well as a sleeping cell within the tent itself.

In fact, two people can easily erect this tent in 15 to 20 minutes.

As a result, the POD MINI Elite is transformed into an exterior bedroom on the POD Maxi Elite, allowing the POD Maxi Elite to be used as a central social area across the whole structure.

This is the ideal product if you are camping with a large group of people, each of whom has their own POD that is all connected.

Pods are classified as a leisure tent since the nylon material is not suited for long-term pitching or prolonged UV exposure.

POD Tent Maxi Elite- Pod the revolution in social interconnected camping

£ 799.00 is the price of the item. In the world of social camping, the POD Tent is a revolutionary new concept that offers a refreshing new approach to outdoor living. Purchase only what you require when you require it because the system is meant to be totally modular. This massive outer POD measures 5 meters (16.4 feet) in diameter and 2.7 meters (8.85 feet) in height, and it can accommodate up to 8 people in an open communal living arrangement, or it can be subdivided to provide more privacy for those who prefer it.

In fact, two people can easily erect this tent in 20 – 25 minutes, depending on their strength.

You will be able to sleep in one and socialize in the other as a result of this.

Just image the enjoyment you and the kids will have and the safety of knowing that your children are just a tunnel away while you socialise in the center POD.

*Pods are classified as a leisure tent because the nylon material is not suitable for long-term use in a tent. UV exposure for a lengthy period of time There are 6 available.

ShiftPod Presents: The Ultimate Guide To Tents

Finally, fall has here, and Shiftpod is ready to give your camping trips an unforgettable experience! We looked everywhere to put up the best guide to tents, which includes everything from single-walled tents to four-season cabin tents and everything in between. The kinds and designs of outdoor shelters that ShiftPod has to offer are designed to complement your lifestyle, budget, and aesthetic preferences. Continue reading to find out how to start your tent journey! Outdoor Tents 101 is a related article.

What Style Of ShiftPod Tent Will Fit Your Adventure?

This is a good question, and it is one that should be properly considered in its entirety. The answer to this question will serve to inspire and mold the type of ShiftPod tent that you and your crew will use for your next camping expedition. Perhaps you want a tent that can accommodate your entire party of friends as well as a dog? Alternatively, you could want a tent with an exceptionally strong frame to withstand the rigors of frigid winters or monsoon spring rains. On this page, we’ve included some of Shift Pod’s most popular tent types, along with descriptions and pricing information that outline the ideal setting for each kind of tent design.

  1. Speak with a ShiftPod Tent Professional The ShiftPod Mini Tent is a portable shelter that can be set up in minutes.
  2. Those who prefer a more simple approach to life may find the ShiftPost Mini Tent to be the ideal outdoor shelter.
  3. As previously said, the ability to fold up and fit effortlessly into a bag is one of the many advantages of this convertible tent.
  4. It is just 34 lbs in total weight when the shelter is fully collapsed, making it easy to transport this convertible tent.
  5. This allows the shelter to not only reflect light but also hide the sun, allowing you to take a sleep even in the middle of the day’s hottest temperatures.
  6. Affordable Shelters: Take a Look at ShiftPod’s Financing Options The ShiftPod-XL is a large cold weather tent that is fit for a king.
  7. Have you ever walked past a tent and thought to yourself, “I could live here?” The ShiftPod-XL may give you and your family or group of friends with a lot more space than you could ever imagine.

Because of its size and modern technology, this cold weather tent is ideal for family camping trips in cold weather.

It’s an outdoor shelter that will keep you cozy and warm during extreme weather and cool during the dog days of summer, and it has a blast shield to protect you from harmful UV rays.

Associated: The ShiftPod Adventure The ShiftPod2 is a portable outdoor shelter that can be taken anywhere.

The ShiftPod2 has arrived and is ready to welcome you and your team.

This single-walled tent is ideal for those who want to experience the outdoors while also having access to modern conveniences.

Improved canvas storage bag, multi-pocket wall bag organizers, and revised fine mesh insect screen windows are just a few of the features of this outdoor shelter that have been updated with new technology.

With a price tag of $1,499, this is a significant investment, but the quality and adaptability of this four-season tent make it a buy that is well worth the money invested. Related: Everything You Need for the Great Outdoors

How Do I Know If The ShiftPod Tent Is Right For Me?

The short and straightforward solution. It all depends on the situation! For example, as we described previously in this post, the type of outdoor activity you imagine will determine whether ShiftPod tent is the best fit for you and your family. Consider how many others will be joining you on your journey as one of the important considerations. What’s the countdown from one to four? The ShiftPodMini can be the ideal camping solution for you and your small group of outdoor lovers. Are you hosting a rough and tumble outdoor family reunion with 10 members of your extended family?

  • What sort of climate you will be experiencing is yet another issue to take into consideration.
  • However, it is still necessary to be on the lookout for sudden changes in weather that may occur during an outdoor adventure trip.
  • Previously, we discussed how you can get a ShiftPodtent for less than $399, and how you can have the freedom to splurge on an outdoor shelter that costs upwards of $2,499.
  • You and your family will be able to take advantage of outdoor activities whether they take place in the Rocky Mountains, the Serengeti, or even in your own backyard.
  • Get Your Outdoor Adventure Off to a Great Start!

POD Maxi Tent // Sleeps 8

In the world of social camping, the POD Tent is a revolutionary new concept that offers a refreshing new way to outdoor life. The system is meant to be totally modular, allowing you to add to it as you see fit, or even start with just one tent if that is what you want. Featuring a massive 5 meter circumference and a height of 2.7 meters, this POD Maxi Tent will comfortably accommodate 8 people in an open communal living arrangement— or, for those who like a little more solitude, you can put in the inside sleeping pods.

In reality, two individuals can simply assemble this tent in 10 – 15 minutes with no difficulty at all.

A large group of people camping together in their individual PODs that are all networked is the ideal scenario for this device.

Consider how much fun you and your children will have (as well as the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your children are only a tunnel away) as you enjoy excellent company in the central POD.

Product Details

  • Black and orange colors
  • Polyester, steel, PVC, and fiber glass as building materials

— The building was constructed in: Aproximate dimensions: Dia: 197″x 106″H— Packed dimensions: 32.7″Lx 17″W x 17″H— Material: 210T Ripstop Polyester with PU coating Water pressure rating: 6000mm— Flamability rating: ISO6491CPAI-84 certification was obtained. — Silver Coated — Seams are taped — Certified in accordance with BS EN ISO5912:2011 Quality Standards — The floor material is 160G/sqm PE; the poles are 8 x12.7mm Fibre Glass; the poles are 1 x Steel; the attachments are a unique 8-fingered attachment; and the poles are 24 x 6mm and 23cm.

With Inner Cells, the cabin can accommodate 4 people in two-by-two configuration.

Shipping Information
  • Availability of Shipping Services Delivery to Canada and the United States is by standard ground shipping, which takes 2 to 3 weeks. Returns are accepted. Returns and cancellations are not permitted after the final transaction.

Glamping Pods ( What are they, Cost, Where to rent one )

In recent years, glamping has risen to become the hottest new trend among individuals who seek the comforts of home while still taking in the sights and sounds of the great outdoors. Glamping is a joyful and relaxing experience in general, but the time and work it takes to set up the right glamorous pad is not. You must purchase a shelter and erect it yourself, pack all of the most basic luxury goods, and worry about what you do and don’t have room for in your belongings. In comparison to your typical glamping experience, glamping pods eliminate all the added tedium and tension that comes with it!

Let’s have a look at it.

  • What glamping pods are and how they work
  • What they have to give that tents do not include
  • What you should do to locate one
  • What it costs to stay in one
  • How long it takes to get there. Why you should consider glamping in a pod instead of a tent

What are glamping pods?

Glamping pods are tent-like structures built of wood, rather than flexible fabrics such as canvas or cotton, and are used for camping. They come in a variety of sizes, but most feature extra space for amenities that a conventional tent may not be able to support on its own. Consider them to be little cabins; in essence, they’re the same as a regular cabin, but with less wasted room for a small group of people. The normal pod can easily accommodate 2-4 people, however you could bring as many as 5 if you really wanted to and still be satisfied with the arrangement.

What Glamping Pods Offer that Tents Do Not

The question that you may be asking yourself right now is: “That sounds nice, but how is it that much better than staying in a tent?” Trust me when I say that glamping pods provide a plethora of benefits that you simply will not receive if you set up your glamping spot on your own.

  • Increased weather protection is provided. It’s actually not that complicated. Canvas is less effective at protecting against snow, wind, and rain than wooden structures. Both perform an excellent job, however flexible tents just do not measure up
  • Toilets that are accessible from within the building. Some glamping pods are designed to allow you to “go” in complete privacy. There’s no longer any need to hide behind a bush and hope that no one notices you when nature calls. Sure, you could get a privacy tent and a portable toilet, but why go to all that trouble? Some glamping pods, though not all, are equipped with electricity, so you won’t have to worry about running out of power. If you’re feeling chilly, you may use the light from a real bulb, rather than a lantern, to charge your phone or plug in a heater. No longer will you have to be concerned about saving battery life by leaving your portable chargers at home! That, in my opinion, is what true luxury is. Many glampsites across the world offer the option of staying in a pod that has already been outfitted with sleeping quarters. It can be uncomfortable to sleep on a cot or an inflatable mattress, and they take up a lot of precious room in your car that might be used for other items you might want to bring along. There is no setup. Enjoy the freedom from the burden of driving pegs into the ground or hauling large, heavy posts! The glamping pods have already been constructed and are ready to be used. Glamping pods are distinguished by one important security feature that tents lack: solid doors. You have a sturdy front door that keeps animals and potential intruders out of your property. An ordinary zipper is no longer the only thing that separates you from unwanted attention.

Where to Find a Glamping Pod

A glamping pod isn’t something you can just bring around with you. Isn’t it true that they’re simply too large to fit in a vehicle? Around the world, these pods have been set up at various glamping destinations. Depending on where you want to travel, this might completely alter the outcome of the game!

  • Culloden Farm (Higher Culloden Farm) (Cornwall, England.) These glamping pods are complete with everything you need. You’ll have access to king-sized mattresses, a shower, a toilet, chairs, communal kitchens, and power, to name a few amenities. If you’re searching for a relaxing break in a charming European village, you should consider staying at Camping Merry-sur-Yonne (France.) This park offers the cutest glamping pods, and they’re conveniently located in the heart of a beautiful campground with much to do! Each pod can accommodate four people comfortably, with enough space left over for a table without feeling crowded. 68 degrees west longitude (Wales.) When you choose to go glamping in Wales, you can expect to be greeted with open arms. Each of their pods is highly insulated, spacious (and can accommodate 2-4 people), and equipped with the greatest restroom amenities available anywhere. Eco-Pod on the outskirts of the Mojave Desert (Ridgecrest, CA.) If you truly want to get away from it all, glamping in the desert could be the best option. Take heart: you will not be required to give up any of the comforts that you are accustomed to. In addition to the two bedroom pods, there is a restroom pod that is equipped with a shower, a hand basin, and a toilet as well. The room pods are equipped with their own televisions
  • Suburb Glamping Pods (College Park, MD.) You have access to the entire globe while you are here! Washington, D.C. is within walking distance of the park, but it is not so close that you are bothered by the noise and light pollution of the capital city. Restrooms with showers, swimming pools, hot tubs, and free WiFi are available in the communal areas. Air conditioning and power are provided in the pods themselves. What more could you possible ask for in a life? Pod in the vicinity of Melbourne and Victoria (Australia.) These pods are perfect for two individuals to share! This may be the ideal escape for a couple or a group of very good friends looking to get away from it all. WiFi, an LCD TV, a king-sized bed, an en-suite bathroom, an armchair, power, and kitchen equipment are included in the rental price. This is a pod suited for a king or queen
  • Pod rental in the vicinity of Peninsula de Setubal (Portugal.) This pod is conveniently located near everything. You’re tucked away in the countryside, yet both a beach and a forest are within walking distance of your location. Three individuals would be quite comfy and pleasant in a single capsule! The accommodations include a bed, a sofa, a private bathroom, power, running water, and a kitchenette. The Shire is a fantastic place to live, and if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be a Hobbit in the Shire, now is your opportunity to find out.
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a farm in the Scottish Highlands called Higher Culloden (Cornwall, England.) All of the amenities are included with these glamping pods. With king-sized beds, a shower, a toilet, a couch and chairs, a communal kitchen and power, what more could you ask for? The Camping Merry-sur-Yonne in France is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a relaxing vacation in a small town in Europe (France.) This park offers the cutest glamping pods, and they’re conveniently located in the heart of a stunning campground with much to do!

  1. 68 Degrees West is the latitude of Vancouver (Wales.) In Wales, you can expect to be greeted with open arms if you go camping.
  2. Mojave Desert Eco-Pod with a view of the mountains (Ridgecrest, CA.) Why not spend your vacation glamping in the desert, where you can truly get away from it all?
  3. Among the amenities are two bedroom pods, as well as a restroom pod that is outfitted with showers, washbasins, and toilets.
  4. Washington, D.C.
  5. Bathrooms with showers, swimming pools, hot tubs, and free WiFi are available in the communal areas.
  6. What more could you possible ask for in a relationship?
  7. If you’re a couple or have a couple of extremely good buddies, this may be the perfect escape.
  8. Pods like this are appropriate for a king or a queen.
  9. In the countryside, you’ll find a beach and a forest within walking distance, which is ideal for families with children.

The accommodations include a bed, a sofa, a private bathroom, electricity, running water, and a kitchenette. The Shire is a fantastic place to live, and if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be a Hobbit in the Shire, now is your opportunity to find out;

The Cost of Glamping in a Pod

The cost of your stay may vary depending on where you go, but you can typically anticipate to pay between $100 and $300 each night on average. The average cost of a hotel stay appears to be approximately $200 per night. Consider the cost of a DIY glamping trip with the cost of a hotel room. You might be surprised at the difference. Let’s take a look at the typical cost of the goods you’ll need to get started.

  • Glamping tents range in price from $200 to $1,000 (with an average cost of $600)
  • Privacy tents (bathrooms) cost $30
  • Portable toilets cost $30
  • Portable showers cost $35
  • Luxury cots cost $130
  • Glamping kitchen costs $200
  • Phone chargers (solar and portable) cost $25.

This is simply the beginning of what you may require, and the whole cost rises to more than $1,000. Some of these items may never be used again by the user. Furthermore, you will still be unable to connect to the internet or watch television. You shouldn’t expect to have access to power either. Many of these glamping pods are large enough that you could easily spend a week in them without spending a penny of the money you would have spent glamping on your own with items you would seldom use.

Why Stay in a Glamping Pod?

At the very least, it has become evident to me why glamping pods are such an excellent alternative for individuals who wish to camp in elegance.

  • It is a cost-effective solution. You will be able to take advantage of all of the conveniences without having to purchase separate goods, and you will be able to pack them all up for less than you would otherwise pay
  • You will be safer. If we are being completely honest with ourselves, tents do not give much protection against the elements or intruders at all. DIY glamping is entertaining, but staying in a pod is the safest and most secure option
  • It also requires less effort. This time, all you will be putting up is your wardrobe, rather than everything else you would need to feel even half as comfortable as you would if you had just stayed at home
  • Instead, you will just be setting up your wardrobe. You have extra time on your hands. Apart from the fact that putting up everything oneself requires a significant amount of labor, it also consumes a significant amount of time that might be spent resting or meeting new people
  • Yet, it is an unforgettable experience. Of course, you can always come back
  • What I’m getting at is that glamping in pods is something that only a select few individuals get to experience on a regular basis. Some of them include skylights so you can see the stars while lying down
  • They are suitable for any situation. Whether you are going glamping with your entire family or just searching for a romantic retreat, a glamping pod is the perfect match for the occasion. It is certain that you will create wonderful memories in this space because of the openness of the designs, the natural light that floods in, and the warm cabin feel of it all.

As a result, what exactly are you waiting for? A beautiful fairytale mansion is the setting for your next adventure!

More glamping articles for you

Glamping Tents are a type of tent that is used for camping (what are they called, pros and cons) Glamping accommodations are exactly what they sound like. (Tents, yurts, pods, and cabins are examples of temporary structures.) Glamping accessories that are a must-have are included in this article. How to Transform a Camping Trip into a Glamping Experience

Question: How Much Are Pod Tents

Sure, you could go glamping or stay in a standard tent, but why would you want to do that when bubble tents are available? Despite the fact that the majority of possibilities appear to run anywhere from $700 to a several thousand dollars, if you’re seeking for the experience of a lifetime, one may be well worth the investment.

What is a pod tent?

POD Tent is a revolutionary new concept in social camping, bringing a refreshing new approach to outdoor living. It is the first of its kind in the world. Because the system is meant to be totally modular, you can simply purchase what you need when you need it. Pods are classified as a leisure tent since the nylon material is not suited for long-term pitching or prolonged UV exposure.

How many times can you use a tent?

The lifespan of a tent should be at least 5 years of continuous usage if it is properly maintained. A tent’s lifespan can be significantly extended or significantly reduced based on a variety of conditions.

Are bubble tents waterproof?

2) The ability to withstand adverse weather conditions Some bubble tents are waterproof and windproof, allowing you to use them almost anywhere and under any weather conditions.

How much does it cost to rent a large wedding tent?

Tent Rental for a Wedding: How Much Does It Cost and What Sizes Are Available Tables that fit in a tent (8 ft. or 60′′ round) Price 15 x 15 2 $160.00 20 x 20 4 $185.00 20 x 30 6 $210.00 20 x 40 8 $260.00 15 x 15 2 $160.00 20 x 20 4 $185.00

Do bubble tents get hot?

Several individuals have pointed out that even when it’s chilly outside, the sun’s heat is contained within the bubble, keeping it warm without the need for a heating source.

Others have stated that a disadvantage is that it may not be able to withstand really high winds, and that it may be necessary to take it down in certain circumstances.

What is a shift pod?

It is designed around an integrated carbon fiber framehub system, which allows for rapid setup and makes it our hardest shelter to date! All-season fabric system with heat reflecting and insulating properties, as well as mildew prevention and hydrophobic properties.

How do you stay warm in a tent?

In Your Tent Camping Tips: How to Stay Warm in Your Tent Don’t wait until you start to feel cold before putting on extra layers. Thermals are both large and intelligent. Always remember to have a hot water bottle with you. Don’t go to bed with a chilled body. Sleeping bag liners might be of assistance. Invest in down insulation to keep your home warm. Tent carpets and rugs can help to keep your tent warm. Invest in some disposable heat packs to keep your hands warm.

Are bubble tents warm?

It is built of waterproof and wind-resistant PVC material with warmth retention capabilities to keep you comfortable in colder weather. It is designed to function in all weather conditions and is meant to last.

How long does a bubble tent last?

According to our recommendations, they will last roughly 5+ years if you utilize them as directed.

Why are tents so expensive?

Because of the usage of specific materials, lightweight and ultralightweight tents are much more expensive than traditional tents. Tents that are lightweight but robust must be able to withstand the same amount of use as heavier tents. As a general rule, the lower the weight of the tent, the more expensive the tent will be in terms of price.

What are bubble tents?

Bubble tents are unusual in that they are inflatable, which means they require little to no work to set up and take down. These tents are meant to contain air and keep their shape for short-term camping vacations in a manner similar to that of inflating a huge inflatable balloon.

How much does a 20×20 tent cost?

On average, a 2020 party tent will cost between $200 and $500 per day, while a normal 2040 party tent would cost between $300 and $750 per day, depending on how it is purchased and how many guests are attending.

How do you make a bubble dome?

1 cup dish soap dissolved in 6 cups of water in a separate container. Slowly whisk the water until the soap is completely dissolved and the soap is evenly distributed. While you’re stirring, try not to allow any froth or bubbles form. 1 tablespoon of glycerin or 1/4 cup of corn syrup should be measured and added to the container before closing it. Using a whisk, stir the solution until it is thoroughly combined.

Are there insulated tents?

Crua is one of the few manufacturers that provide a selection of totally insulated camping tents, and we are proud to be one of them. When compared to a standard tent, our materials provide 19 times the insulation. Not only that, but for a truly restful night’s sleep, you also need to be protected from the light and noise of your surroundings.

Are bubble tents noisy?

Some of the bubble tents are quite noisy, whilst other bubble tents are not at all noisy. Although bubble tents are equipped with a blower, the most of them are not particularly loud. The tent must be kept up at all times if you want it to stay up.

What are bubble tents made of?

The tent’s outside is made of translucent PVC with a thickness of 0.8 mm, according to the manufacturer.

Consequently, it is completely waterproof and has the ability to survive extreme weather conditions at the same time. This bubble tent is available in either a geodesic or a dome configuration. In order to accommodate this, it is both roomy on the inside and attractive from the exterior.

Should I invest in a tent?

While you are not need to purchase the most costly tent on the market, the majority of high-quality tents are not inexpensive. Investing in a high-quality tent will allow you to relax and enjoy your time outside without having to worry about severe weather or other damage. A low-cost tent may be adequate in some circumstances, but only when the surrounding environment is ideal.

How much does a normal tent cost?

The majority of tents range in price from $35 to $1000. The cost of a tent will vary depending on the size, weight, and features of the tent. The process of determining how much money to spend revolves around analyzing your requirements and choosing a tent that meets those requirements. Despite the fact that the relationship is not perfect, the more money you spend on a tent, the bigger tent you will normally receive.

How much does a sleeping tent cost?

The Price of Various Sizes Tents Tent Size and Price Range on a Typical Day $50.00 – $200.00 per person for two people 4 – 6 Persons: $50.00 – $250.00 6 – 8 Persons: $150.00 – $400.00 8 or More Persons: $50.00 – $250.00 Between $250.00 to $500.00.

Durable, Spacious and Comfortable white pod tent

Sets range from $50.00 to $239.00. 1 Set (assorted colors) (Min. Order) The following are some advantages of using an event trade show tent: The following are the characteristics of our Canopy tent: It is simple to construct, is made of aluminum, can be folded quickly, and is portable. It is also water proof, fire proof, and UV resistant. It is perfect for fairs and exhibits, and it is affordable and durable. It combines aspects such as beauty, durability, and portability. Packaging and shipping are two important aspects of every business.

5.0 Number of Sets (Min.

Size 6m/20ft in length, 6m/20ft in width Heavy-duty 560gsm PVC material is used for the roof.

Transparent plastic film for the windows window in a church or an oblong shape Frame Setup is simple.

Uses for a wedding marquee tent include: events such as weddings and parties, festivals, racing tents, sports tents, exhibitions such as tradeshows and exhibitions, warehouse storage tents, outdoor activities such as camping, and tent rental businesses such as tent hire businesses, event design businesses, and churches, among other things.


a single piece (Min.

You will discover a heavy-duty zipped-in ground sheet at the base of the wall, which will allow you to roll up the wall or zip off the wall in the ground sheet at any moment.

Currently, our goods are shipped to more than 30 countries and regions, including the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia. Our items are also available for purchase online.

Durable, Spacious and Comfortable pod tent

Sets range from $580.00 to $780.00. 5.0 Number of Sets (Min. Order) Specifications pvc 6 by 6 high peak tent pagoda marquee tent in 2018 new white color with high peak White is the predominant color. Size: 6m/20ft in length and 6m/20ft in width Heavy-duty 560gsm PVC material is used for the roof. Sidewalls are made of a heavy-duty 560gsm PVC compound. transparent plastic film used in church windows or oblong windows Frame Aluminum Alloy is a lightweight alloy that is simple to set. Accessories Fully equipped accessory kits, including stakes, ropes, and instruction booklets, among other things are included with the game.

  1. Features 1.W ind resistant (W ind resistant) 2.W ater-resistant Resistant to fire in three ways: 4.Cold-resistant 5.UV -Anti 6.Easy to install and with instructions Framework of superior quality and durability, with strong connections and a metal foundation.
  2. Pieces range from $199.00 to $217.00.
  3. Order) THE FOLLOWING CERTIFICATION IS AVAILABLE TO US: Tent with a bell Description Camping in a bell tent is one of the most elegant and romantic ways to experience nature.
  4. Currently, our goods are shipped to more than 30 countries and regions, including the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia.
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How Much Does A Storage Unit Cost?

If you are an existing client, you may log on to to plan or edit services, as well as monitor the projected arrival time of your driver. You may also simply update payment information, change your mailing address, and examine bills at any time of day or night. In order to ensure your safety, PODS is always open. More information about our COVID-19 reaction may be found here. Prices for PODS storage units begin at $149 per month. The average cost of delivery and pick-up is $74.99. Depending on the length of your container rental, you may be able to avoid paying delivery and pick-up fees in most instances.

We’re looking through more than 200,000 containers to get you the best deal possible.

The cost of PODS storage is determined by a number of factors, including:

  • Geographical location
  • Time frame and season
  • And other relevant information. The size and quantity of containers that will be required
  • Whatever you choose to store your container in, whether it’s on your driveway or in a safe, indoor PODS facility, we can help.

Check out ourdiscount offersto see what deals and discounts are currently available. Learn more about how our transparent, up-front pricing benefits you.

  • There are no deposits and no obligations: You may book your PODS storage unit with a credit card, just like you would for a hotel reservation – there are no payments necessary until 7 days before your container is delivered. Cancellation is simple: If you cancel your order up to 24 hours before your first container delivery, you will receive a full refund. There will be no unexpected costs: When we provide you with a thorough price, which you will get in writing through email, we are completely honest about our pricing. Avoid late fines by following these steps: Because your containers are hired on a month-to-month basis, you can take your time loading and unloading – without having to worry about the additional expenses that might be associated with a truck rental. Schedules that are adaptable: There are no tight schedules while working with PODS. Do you want to change your plans? Just let us know
  • We’ll take care of it.

In order to properly compare storage unit pricing, it’s critical to understand what services you’re getting and which variables are most essential to you. Take a look at the comparison between PODS portable containers and self-storage for additional information. If you choose to keep your container at home after we deliver it, you can either load it yourself or have it picked up and transported to a securePODS Storage Center, where you can access it at any time. When you’re ready for your belongings, we’ll bring your container back to you or to your new residence.

If you’re attempting to save money by utilizing self-storage, consider how much time and worry it will save you in the long run.

When you use your own truck or rent one, you will have to load and unload your belongings multiple times, often while racing against the clock to complete your task on time. That’s a significant amount of work and pressure you’re avoiding.

More built-in advantages with PODS portable storage units

  • We are responsible for all of the driving: You are not need to operate a large truck. Neither accidents, parking, nor breakdowns need to be a concern. There are also no additional late fines or petrol charges. Steel-framed structure for sturdiness: It’s much easier to breathe when your items are stored in a weatherproof container. Options that are adaptable: Make sure to keep your container close at reach at home or at one of our storage sites. There are three distinct sizes to choose from. You have complete control over the timeline: Make sure you take your time loading and unloading the truck. Are you unsure of how long you will require storage? It’s not an issue. Your flats are rented on a month-to-month basis. There are no obligations. You can rely on our years of experience: PODS was the first company to offer portable storage in 1998, and we’re currently setting the bar for customer service excellence. Options for coverage of your personal belongings include: Extra peace of mind while you move and store your belongings. A variety of coverage levels are available, from which you may select according on the worth of your goods.

Average cost of storage units

According to the 2020 Self-Storage Almanac, the national average rental fee for a 10′ X 10′ storage space is $107.11, and the national average rental rate for a 10′ X 15′ storage unit is $132.97. Take note that this pricing applies to self-storage exclusively, with variations based on factors such as location and other considerations. There are no typical costs available for movable containers since the services provided are too different to allow for apples-to-apples comparisons to be made between them.

Factors that affect your storage unit prices

  • Storage fees might vary greatly depending on where you are in the country. Storage can be more expensive in big metro regions where real estate is in high demand, much as apartment leases are more expensive in high-demand places. Depending on where you live, prices might be lower in less highly populated regions, says Sparefoot
  • When it comes to time, while most self-storage and portable storage firms provide rents on a monthly basis, some may need minimum time commitments in return for cheaper storage fees. For those who want to shop for three months or more, it’s a good idea to inquire about discount opportunities
  • Another issue that affects cost is the amount of room you require for your belongings. The cost increases according to the size of the unit required
  • Service: Because self-service storage facilities require you to do all of the labor yourself, they might be the most affordable alternative if you don’t need to rent a vehicle. A fee is usually charged for delivery and pick-up service, which is occasionally eliminated if you hire your unit for a certain amount of time. Portable storage units are typically available for rent for one to three months. Added costs: If you decide to rent or purchase packaging supplies from the facility, keep in mind to account for these additional expenses. Labor services for packing, unpacking, loading, and unloading are also available from some self-storage and portable storage unit providers
  • However, these services are often more expensive. Insurance: Take into consideration the cost of insurance, as most storage facilities require clients to have some form of insurance. When it comes to homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, you may be able to fulfill the need. However, depending on the worth of your goods, you may choose to acquire additional insurance coverage.

When it comes to saving money on storage unit fees, there are a variety of options available to help you stay within your budget. Make use of these suggestions to gain more room for less money. Don’t miss out on the chance to save money with special specials and discounts. Just make sure to have all of the specifics in writing.

  • Check out the company’s website for special deals and always inquire about discounts if you don’t see any on the first page of results. If you rent portable storage for three months or longer, you may take advantage of our BUNDLE discount, which includes free delivery and pickup. This provides the flexibility and convenience of portable storage at pricing that are close to self-storage. Discounts for military personnel: If you’re a member of the military or a veteran, you may be entitled for additional discounts on your purchase. As an example, PODS provides military discounts on storage and moving services to active duty, retired, and veteran members of the United States Armed Forces. Possible cost savings from long-term storage: If you anticipate storing for three months or more, it’s a good idea to inquire about the cost of long-term storage. There may be unique reductions available for purchases made over a longer period of time. Make sure not to commit to anything for a longer period of time than you really need to because you may wind up paying more in the long run. Take a look at the fine print: Check to see if a discount is indeed the most cost-effective method of cost-cutting. Don’t get caught up in a bait-and-switch situation. Several self-storage companies offer “first month free” or extremely cheap pricing promotions to entice clients, only to raise your monthly cost after you’ve gone through the trouble of moving your belongings into the facility. Others have leases that are for a year.

Organize and declutter

The less you have to keep, the more room you will be able to save on storage. Even while it may need additional effort up front to clear and simplify your belongings, taking this step may yield huge returns in terms of cost savings, as well as time and hassle loading and unloading your vehicle.

  • Sell or give away excess items: The nicest part about selling or giving away excess items is that others will come and cart it away for you. Holding a garage sale or listing stuff on applications such as OfferUp, Nextdoor, Craigslist, and other online marketplace sites might help you earn some additional money. If you’re short on time or don’t have a car large enough to transport your belongings, you may arrange for a charity to pick up your stuff for you. In either case, your belongings will be put to good use. Recruit the assistance of a buddy or an organizing professional: When it comes to decluttering, it is usually simpler when it is not your own belongings. Involve a buddy or engage a professional to assist you with sorting, purging, and getting organized. Get some instant inspiration right now with How to Declutter Your Home in 6 Easy Steps
  • To make the procedure easier, portable storage containers can be used on-site: When the amount of things appears to be overwhelming, you may take a few days or weeks to transfer goods into a movable container in your yard or driveway to free up some room while you decide what you want to retain and what you want to store

Pack and load to optimize storage

In addition to reducing the size and quantity of containers you may require, efficient packing and loading practices will help you reduce your expenditures.

  • Tips and a video from an expert on packing and loading are available here: Learn how to pack and load like an expert so that you can make the most of your limited space. This covers wall-to-wall coverage as well as floor-to-ceiling coverage. You’ll be shocked at how much can be packed into a single container after reading our recommendations and watching the video. Engage the services of professional packers and loaders: Professional movers and storage providers know how to make the most of available storage space, which may result in cost savings for you. Obtain assistance with packing and loading
  • Make a firm decision on the type and amount of storage you require. Examples: Find out more about how to find the best storage facility for you by reading our recommendations on locating a storage facility.

More Resources for Saving on Storage Costs

Everything about the PODS experience was fantastic for us.” We enjoyed loading and unloading at our leisure, knowing that our belongings would be safe in storage for three months, and that the cost was comparable to that of other movers. The nicest aspect was that we didn’t have to drive it from California to Texas, which was convenient. The convenience alone was well worth the investment. Thank you, PODS, for providing such excellent service to our family.”

Dan P., Central Jersey, NJ

“Everything was just great. “It was really convenient and reasonably priced, and everyone with whom I had to interact was competent, kind, and nice.” “This was a fantastic concept that was quite simple to implement. It was only a matter of loading and unloading it. “It’s also quite inexpensive!” “The personnel was really educated and courteous, the pricing was reasonable, and everything was as described; there were no hidden costs or fees, and pick-up and delivery were scheduled to coincide with my schedule.”

Choose the service you need.

Every day, new evidence emerges showing the globe is getting more linked as a result of technological advancements. Activities that were formerly done alone or with a small group of friends are now shared with nearly everyone you’ve ever met through social media sites like Facebook. Even camping, which was formerly associated with tranquil, lonely retreats into nearly uninhabited natural places, is not immune to the current trend of increasing human population. Campers may become more sociable by using POD Tents, which were developed by M2C Innovation in the United Kingdom.

  • To be fair, camping is frequently seen as a social activity in and of itself, providing opportunities for families and groups of friends to spend quality time together away from the distractions of regular life.
  • The interior of the tent is where M2C Innovation makes camping even more communal than it already is.
  • Eventually, the collective is broken up into smaller couples and groups, each of whom retreats inside their own little, private dome, not to be seen again until the next morning’s dawn.
  • The modular camping system is made up of various tents that may be joined together with connecting tunnels using zip ties or connectors.
  • Tent for eight people made by POD Maxi.
  • They are available in two sizes: the eight-person Maxi and the four-person Mini, both of which have eight sides.
  • When the Mini is purchased, it has an interior sleeping cell that divides the sleeping space into two two-person chambers; a similar cell can be purchased and installed in the Maxi to divide it into two two-person sleeping sections and a separate lounge area.

Campers have the freedom to walk between tents without having to leave the grounds, which opens up new possibilities for indoor activities.

In order to create shelters of any design or size, PODs may be stacked together.

When you consider that the tents cost £499 for the Maxi and £399 for the Mini (about US$780 and $625, respectively), they are already rather pricey for what they are: big automobile camping tents constructed of basic materials such as polyester ripstop and fiberglass.

Consequently, if you want to establish a large communal shelter built on PODs, you’ll either have to spend four figures on all of the tents and tunnels or spend a lot of time encouraging everyone you camp with to invest in POD equipment.

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It’s worth noting that, while M2C is working on creating a higher-end “Elite” line that will launch around 2016/2017, the company has no imminent plans to create a lower-cost line.

When compared to the regular versions, the upgraded tents had superior components and specifications, such as aluminum poles.

The Maxi Elite is expected to price for £525 to £599, while the Mini is expected to retail for £425 to £499, according to M2C. POD Tents and supporting equipment are currently available for purchase and can be transported to any location in the world. POD Tents is the source of this information.

The super-durable Sky Pod tree tent can support up to 550 pounds

Take a look at the slideshow Campers may avoid the rough terrain by sleeping in a hangingtree tent strung from the treetops, which allows them to dodge the nighttime sun. With a suspension system that can sustain up to 550 pounds, the Sky-Pod is a cocoon-like tent that may be used for camping. Ample room exists within the webbed module for two people to lie down, sit, and even stand up comfortably and comfortably. Continue reading farther down this page. Our Featured Videos are listed below. The Sky-design Pod’s has a fascinating backstory that deserves to be told.

  • The voluminous, semi-rigid petticoats of Victorian-era skirts serve as inspiration for the frame’s bell-shaped design.
  • Thank you very much!
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  • Related: It is possible to escape away from it all by using a Cacoon hanging tent.
  • The tent is 7 feet wide at the base and 9 feet high, and it is geared for campers, gardeners, and nature enthusiasts.
  • In addition, the construction is fairly strong.
  • Because it is suspended from a single point, it is simple and quick to assemble.
  • Furthermore, they are equipped with a choice of coverings, including a mosquito net and a weather-resistant cover.
  • The cheapest Sky-Pod starts at $210, and the most expensive models may cost up to $1,120.

Modular POD tents

These awesomePOD tentsfrom M2C Innovation are a great option if you’ve ever wanted to camp with a group of people but didn’t know where to start. POD Tents may be configured into multi-room units for festivals or large family gatherings, with accessories that allow each user to customize the design to their liking. These tents, which are completely waterproof, provide a comfortable home away from home, regardless of the weather. POD Tents are quite spacious, with the Maxi design sleeping up to eight people and the Mini design sleeping up to four people.

  1. In a manner, these tents may serve as mini-houses for those who are camping in the outdoors.
  2. The only thing that shoppers are concerned about is the price.
  3. M2C attempted to raise funds through a Kickstarter effort last year for a more costly Elite model, which would have cost £425 for the Elite Mini and £525 for the Elite Maxi.
  4. If campers have the means to spend that much money on the connected PODs, they may purchase them directly from the designer’s website; however, those on a tight budget may be out of luck.

Gear Review: SHIFTPOD Insulated Tent

We had just returned from nine days in the scorching (and freezing) Black Rock Desert, which was incredibly windy, sandy, and unfriendly. and we thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Burning Man is a spectacular display of beauty, love, art, and magic (see our travelogue about the event here), but you must be mentally prepared in order to truly appreciate it. Are you curious how we managed to withstand daily temperature variations of 50 degrees, dust storms of 40 miles per hour, and a nine-day cultural phenomenon?

This year’s Burning Man, SHIFTPOD invited us to test out their new SHIFTPOD2 during the festival.

What’s more, guess what?


Burning Man Interior Shiftpod” data-image-caption=”” data-image-caption=”” In both cases, the data-medium-file attribute is set to 1 and the data-large-file attribute is set to 1. loading=”lazy” src=”is-pending-load=1 038;ssl=1″ loading=”lazy” src=”is-pending-load=1 038;ssl=1″ alt=”SHIFTPOD Interior Burning Man” title=”SHIFTPOD Interior Burning Man” description=”SHIFTPOD Interior Burning Man” width: 800 pixels; height: 343 pixels data-recalc-dims=”1″ data-lazy-srcset=” ssl=1 875w, ssl=1 555w” data-lazy-sizes=”(max-width: 800px) 100vw, 800px” data-recalc-dims=”1″ data-lazy-srcset=” ssl=1 875w, ssl=1 555w” data-recalc- ” data-lazy-src=” is-pending-load=1 038;ssl=1″ srcset=”″ data-lazy-src=” is-pending-load=1 038;ssl=1″ data-lazy-src=” is-pending- Burning Man veterans who have camped in every imaginable arrangement on the “Playa” for over two decades came up with the idea for the ultimate shelter, which was designed by Christian Weber and his colleagues.

With a seven-layer fabric that provides excellent insulation against heat, cold, wind, dust, rain, and sunlight; this roomy pole-free tent is also extremely portable and attractive, making it ideal for even the most picky Burner.


  • When not in use, the SHIFTPOD2 is 12 feet wide by 12 feet tall by 6.5 feet high. It weighs 64 pounds when in transit. Two doors, six portal windows, two ceiling vents, two air conditioning duct vents, and two power cable pass-throughs are among the features. In Transit: 6 feet tall x 1 foot wide
  • 64 lbs
  • In Use: 6 feet x 6 feet x 4.7 feet tall
  • SHIFTPOD Mini (currently $200 off) In Transit: 6 feet tall x 1 foot wide
  • SHIFTPOD XL (currently $500 off) In Transit: 6 feet tall x 1 foot wide
  • In Use: 14 feet x 14 feet


In only 29 seconds, I was able to put up this nomadic castle in my brother’s SF apartment (albeit his living room was too tiny for the complete growth of this nomadic palace). Check out our IG highlights for this setup and more BRC gems to see how I did it! When you factor in the time it takes to zip in the floor and hammer in the stakes, it takes around three minutes for one person to completely assemble the SHIFTPOD2. On your next camping vacation, picture yourself struggling to put together a big tent or taped-together hexayurt in the middle of a blinding dust storm or heavy downpour, and you’ll see why a speedy set up is so important.

In addition, it comes with stainless steel stakes (which won’t corrode or break) that can be hammered almost flush with the ground to prevent people from tripping over them in the dark.

In addition, they include a convenient hole at the top for tying off guylines and are simple to remove with the back of your hammer when finished. PRO TIP: Before you spread down the floor on the dusty ground, make sure it is shiny side up so that you can begin cleaning right away!


After looking at a variety of other structures, it became clear that no camping configuration made as much sense as the SHIFTPOD. Sure, there were some incredible creative buildings and $200,000 RVs on display, but none were as casually attractive and inviting as the ones on display for the amount of time and money spent. It provides you the opportunity to settle in and decorate your 1212 construction since it is tall enough for you to stand up in. As a starting point, we bought two SHIFTPOD cots, each of which is equipped with quilted sleeping mats and blankets for further comfort.

We were able to fit a table and chair into the space while still having enough room for our baggage and storage shelves.

TAKE ADVICE FROM THE PROS: By tying bungee cords between the built-in tent poles, you may make a clothing rack for your closet.


The Black Rock Desert may be exceedingly chilly at night, especially in the summer. The SHIFTPOD2 insulated tent is designed to withstand temperatures below 0 degrees Fahrenheit:

  • Because of the multi-layer walls, condensation is reduced compared to single or even double-wall tents. When camping in snowy climates, use the center pole to hold the ceiling. Ceiling vents for the CO emitted by a heater, as well as your own CO2. The Overland Bound Community’s camper detailed a recent camping excursion, stating, “The weather service reported temperatures ranging from -2 to 9 degrees Fahrenheit, not considering windchill.” With the help of my SHIFTPOD and a Buddy Heater, we were able to keep the temperature about 60 degrees all night, even as the cold crept into the valley.”

KEEP COOL (Day Sleeps for the Night Burners)

a shade structure for Burning Man The caption for the image is “data-imagecaption=”” The data-medium-file is “ssl=1” and the data-large-file is “ssl=1”. The loading attribute is set to “lazy.” The src attribute is set to “is-pending-load=1 038;ssl=1” The alt attribute is set to “Shade structure for SHIFTPOD.” width: 800 pixels; height: 812 pixels data-recalc-dims=”1″ data-lazy-srcset=” ssl=1 875w, ssl=1 100w, ssl=1 555w, data-recalc-dims=”1″ data-recalc-dims=”1″ data-recalc-dims=”1″ data-recalc-dims=”1″ data-recalc-dims=”1″ data-recalc-dims ” data-lazy-sizes=”(max-width: 800px) 100vw, 800px” data-lazy-sizes=”(max-width: 800px) 100vw, 800px” data-lazy-src=”is-pending-load=1 038;ssl=1″ srcset=” “> Under addition to the NASA-inspired fabric that can withstand extreme temperature changes, this insulated tent includes a complimentary “Blast Shield,” a shade structure that will keep you even cooler in the hot summer sun.

The blast shield on my SHIFTPOD2 was 15-20 degrees cooler than my original SHIFTPOD, according to a friend who has had both versions.

Having said that, we did bring a floor air conditioner that we purchased on Craigslist for $80, which came in handy when we were up all night and wanted to sleep during the sweltering heat of the day.

PRO TIP: Look for an air conditioner with two vents (air out and in).

SUPER PRO TIP: If you don’t want to spend the money on an air conditioner and a generator, you can construct your own swamp cooler for less than $30 that can be powered by solar energy.


It may be really windy during Burning Man. One minute you’ll be under clear blue sky, sipping a pia colada that a friend has given you, and the next you’ll be back at work. It’s a full dust whiteout, and someone’s Walmart Tent (boo) is soaring into the skies like a kite in the next moment. SHIFTPODs have been tested in gusts of up to 100mph and have shown to be durable.


All of the doors, windows, and the floor are fitted with water- and dust-proof zippers to keep the environment clean. The floor may easily be removed from the framework, which is quite convenient for cleaning. Additionally, they contain ventilation apertures with dust screens, allowing you to catch a breath without being sprayed with grit. PRO TIP: Place a sturdy doormat outside to catch dirt from your shoes, and a carpet inside to catch any dirt that remains.


Flying above Burning Man” data-image-caption=”” data-image-caption=”” data-medium-file=”ssl=1″ data-medium-file=”ssl=1″ data-large-file=”ssl=1″ data-large-file=”ssl=1″ loading=”lazy” src=”is-pending-load=1 038;ssl=1″ loading=”lazy” src=”is-pending-load=1 038;ssl=1″ Burning Man as seen from the air” alt=”Burning Man as seen from the air” width: 800 pixels; height: 416 pixels data-recalc-dims=”1″ The data-lazy-srcset is set to “ssl=1 875w,ssl=1 555w” in the HTML code.

data-lazy-sizes=”(max-width: 800px) 100vw, 800px” data-lazy-sizes=”(max-width: 800px) 100vw, 800px data-lazy-src=” is-pending-load=1 038;ssl=1″ srcset=”″ data-lazy-src=” is-pending-load=1 038;ssl=1″ data-lazy-src=” is-pending- Are you going to Burning Man with a group of friends?

The tunnel system may be used to link up to five SHIFTPODs together.


It is possible to run energy through two sealable power-cord holes on either side of the pod, without causing gaps in the construction, thanks to the design. PRO TIP: Invest in one of these solar + battery installations and you’ll be able to power your lights, charge your phone, and operate the fan on your swamp cooler without the use of a noisy and fossil-fuel-powered generator.


  • The SHIFTPOD2 complies with airline regulations. Fits inside any car’s interior and/or may be simply secured to the roof
  • In contrast to a rooftop tent, you may leave your SHIFTPOD set up while you go exploring or running errands in your vehicle. A rooftop tent cannot be rented out to family and friends, however it may be switched between your own cars (in contrast to a rooftop tent).


What is included with a Shiftpod? ” data-image-caption=”” data-image-caption=”” In both cases, the data-medium-file attribute is set to 1 and the data-large-file attribute is set to 1. loading=”lazy” src=”is-pending-load=1 038;ssl=1″ loading=”lazy” src=”is-pending-load=1 038;ssl=1″ alt=”SHIFTPOD swag” title=”SHIFTPOD swag” width: 800 pixels; height: 539 pixels data-recalc-dims=”1″ data-lazy-srcset=”ssl=1 875w,ssl=1 555w” data-lazy-sizes=”(max-width: 800px) 100vw, 800px” data-recalc-dims=”1″ data-lazy-srcset=”ssl=1 875w,ssl=1 555w” data-recalc-dims=” data-lazy-src=” is-pending-load=1 038;ssl=1″ srcset=”″ data-lazy-src=” is-pending-load=1 038;ssl=1″ data-lazy-src=” is-pending-

  • Burning Man-themed swag includes a MOOP bag (to promote the Burning Man leave no trace effort), eye masks, earplugs, and two door combination locks
  • Giving Back: For every 20 SHIFTPOD products sold, the company provides one shelter to a community in need. Self-sufficiency: While recreational vehicles (RVs) appear to be a practical option, their water and electricity are prone to failure on the Playa. A SHIFTPOD is glamping without all of the hassle. Value as a resale item: Having second thoughts about whether or not you’ll enjoy it as much as we did? No need to be concerned, since these insulated tents keep their worth and sell like hotcakes every spring, summer, and just before Burning Man each year.


Our Burning Man group had a great time. ” data-image-caption=”” data-image-caption=”” data-medium-file=”ssl=1″ data-medium-file=”ssl=1″ data-large-file=”ssl=1″ data-large-file=”ssl=1″ loading=”lazy” src=”is-pending-load=1 038;ssl=1″ loading=”lazy” src=”is-pending-load=1 038;ssl=1″ alt=”Burning Man crew” title=”Burning Man crew” alt=”Burning Man crew” title=”Burning Man crew” title=”Burning Man crew” title=”Burning Man crew” title=”Burning Man crew” title=”Burning Man crew” title=”Burning Man crew” title=”Burning Man crew” title=”Burning Man crew” title=”Burning Man crew” title=”Burn width: 800 pixels; height: 170 pixels data-recalc-dims=”1″ data-lazy-srcset=”ssl=1 875w,ssl=1 555w” data-lazy-sizes=”(max-width: 800px) 100vw, 800px” data-recalc-dims=”1″ data-lazy-srcset=”ssl=1 875w,ssl=1 555w” data-recalc-dims=” data-lazy-src=” is-pending-load=1 038;ssl=1″ srcset=”″ data-lazy-src=” is-pending-load=1 038;ssl=1″ data-lazy-src=” is-pending- The SHIFTPOD2 is presently available for purchase for $1,299 HERE, with a Blast Shield worth $129 included as a bonus.

With other Burning Man choices such as hiring an RV for around $3,000 or a similar sized HexaYurt for approximately $1,000, the SHIFTPOD is well worth the money.and you can use it for decades to come.

Some customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the size and weight of the unit (important if you are carpooling or driving a rental car with no roof-rack.)


When we arrived to Burning Man, we were a little apprehensive about locating a shelter that was both comfortable and robust enough to withstand nine days in the desert. As I believe you can see from the review above, we couldn’t be happier with our SHIFTPOD and would suggest it to anybody who enjoys festivals, vehicle camping, or simply wants a bit more comfort than a standard tent or sleeping bag.


We were a little anxious about locating a comfy and sturdy enough shelter for nine days in the severe desert when we arrived to Burning Man. The review above should have shown that we were really pleased with our SHIFTPOD, and we would definitely suggest it to anybody who enjoys festivals, vehicle camping, or simply wants a bit more comfort than a regular tent.


If you have any questions, please leave a comment below; we will respond to each and every one.

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