How Many Waterbarrels Would You Put On A 40X120 Tent

Quick Answer: How Many Waterbarrels Would You Put On A 40X120 Tent

Canopies with adequate weight distribution will contain at least 24 pounds each leg. One canopy maker suggests putting at least 40 pounds on each corner of a 1010 tent, and double that amount on a 1020 tent for added strength. Umbrellas should weigh no more than 50 pounds. It is important to note that the weight of signs will vary based on their size.

How much wind can party tents withstand?

Some tents can withstand winds of up to 30mph (48kmph) for an extended period of time. However, unexpected gusts of wind should also be taken into consideration. If a tent is not securely tied down, it might be blown over by unexpected, quick bursts of wind (more on that shortly).

How do you secure a camping tent on concrete?

To assemble the tent on the inside, unzip the entrance and lay one medium-sized rock in each corner, starting from the inside. Make sure to do this gently so that you do not rip the tent’s bottom. If there is a heavy wind, this will help to keep the tent in place. If necessary, tuck an extra item of clothing, a cloth, or a towel beneath the rocks to provide additional protection.

How do you secure a tent on the beach?

To anchor your tent, you may simply utilize anything found on the shore such as bits of driftwood, pebbles, and other such items. For example, you may pick a smaller branch and connect your man line to it, then bury the branch below the sand so that the line is taut and the boat is stable. That should be plenty to hold it. Repeat the process for each of your tent’s lines.

How do you secure a tent in high winds?

Point the low end of the tent (often the foot end) against the wind, or in the case of a dome tent, attempt to line it with the direction of the prevailing wind to keep it from blowing away. Secure the tent thoroughly by securing it with every stake loop. This will prevent the wind from getting underneath it and starting to lever it. Every guy loop and taut lines are used to finish the job.

How do you anchor a tent to concrete?

What Is the Best Way to Anchor a Canopy to Concrete? Tent weights are a good idea. Using tent weight bags to secure your canopy tent to the ground is a terrific alternative to consider. Make use of weights for workout. Weights for exercise are also excellent anchors. Use buckets filled with sand, water, or gravel to collect the waste. Buckets of concrete can be used to make permanent weights.

How do you hold a marquee down?

It is best practice to secure any big weight to the marquee directly, rather than utilizing straps to secure a weight that is a small distance away from the marquee in the event that the weight moves and causes the strap to loosen.

How do you strengthen a tent?

Weatherproofing your Tent in 6 Simple Steps Set up your tent in the proper manner. It appears to be a joke, doesn’t it? Set up your tent in a sheltered area. The wind is a tent’s most formidable adversary. Extra Guy Ropes and Pegs should be used. Awnings / Verandahs are structures that provide shade and shelter. Ensure that your entire tent is covered with a tarp! Make a trench around your tent to keep water out.

How do you keep a pop up tent from blowing away?

If you’re setting up your tent in a parking lot or on a concrete sidewalk, you should connect tent weights to each of the tent’s legs to assist keep it from wobbling, sliding, or blowing over completely.

Sandbags that are both sturdy and suitably weighted are an ideal choice for this application.

Can you put a tent up on artificial grass?

However, while artificial grass is comprised of a durable synthetic fiber, it is not indestructible! Tent pegs, for example, should not be driven into your lawn since they will puncture the grass and weed layer, causing irreversible damage.

How do you secure a party tent in high winds?

How to Prevent Damage to the Event Tent Due to Strong Winds Tighten the cloth on each sidewall to transform the construction into a sealed compartment. Setting “X” bearings or steel wires in each unit of the sidewalls and roof to strengthen the structure is a good idea. Each base plate will have a larger weight to it.

How do you anchor a party tent?

Stakes should be driven into the ground with a hammer or mallet. Make sure the pins are 3 to 4 in (7.6 to 10.2 cm) above the ground so that you can easily connect the anchor ropes to them once they have been driven in. Metal stakes may be obtained at most hardware stores and outdoor specialty stores, as well as online. Additional support can be provided by placing a stake on each side of the tent at the corners.

How do you camp on concrete?

If you’re taking a tent and want to set it up on concrete, you’ll need to figure out how to keep it securely planted on the ground. Make use of pebbles or sandbags to help weigh down the tent’s corners on all four sides. Extra bedding between you and the ground is required in order to maintain comfort. Locate a mat or egg crate to use as a sleeping pad underneath your sleeping bag.

How much weight do you need to hold a gazebo down?

Use sand rock or stones weighing up to 40 pounds as filler. I use tiny boulders weighing around 30 lbs per canvas bag, which works quite well to hold down a 12 × 12 gazebo in high winds. When it’s snowing or raining, heavy-duty canvas bags hold up nicely. There is no need to use water.

Who makes the best pop up canopy?

Detailed evaluations of the best pop-up canopy 10′ x 10′ Pop-Up Canopy from CORE Canopies (Best Pop-Up Canopy) The Coleman Instant Shelter Canopy is lightweight and portable (Best Canopy For Beach) Escape Shelter 9879 (Quick Set 9879) (Premium Choice) The Eurmax Ez Pop-up Canopy is a lightweight, portable canopy (Best Canopy With Wall Sides) Delta 32’x16′ Canopy Tent on a Budget (Best Large Canopy)

How do you hold a tent down without stakes?

Securing a tent without the use of pegs is not impossible if you have the proper expertise. In order to protect your tent from blowing away, you may use rocks, logs, tree ties, your own wooden tent pole, firewood, and sticks to assist keep it from blowing away.

Can you put a tent on concrete?

The answer is yes, but there are several conditions that must be met. Here’s some information on how tents are normally set up on concrete surfaces. First and foremost, a FRAME TENT is the sort of tent that is most appropriate for this configuration (versus a POLE TENT). Tents that can stand on their own without the assistance of ropes or supports are known as self-supporting tents.

Do tents kill grass?

If a tent is left in place for more than a week, grass will die as a result. It is necessary for grass to have access to water and sunlight, which are both unavailable when a tent is erected on top of it. Move the tent about your yard to keep it from destroying your lawn grass.

Tents, Events and Tools – University Rental Nacogdoches

Events held outside are wonderful, but you can make them even more memorable by adding little details to accentuate the natural beauty of the area and make your event even more memorable. In terms of design, tents are great blank canvases waiting to be changed by your event theme, and the only limit to what you can do with them is your imagination. We may use a variety of lighting colors to illuminate the tent’s ceiling. We have a beautiful assortment of linens that we may use to cover the tables.

  1. We provide advanced flooring.
  2. Don’t forget to include windows or walls in your tent as well.
  3. Q: How will I know whether a specific tent will fit in the space I have available?
  4. For staking, you must add an additional 10 feet to the measurements.
  5. Installers from University Rental require a minimum height clearance of about 18 feet.
  6. For any questions or concerns about whether your space meets these conditions, please send us two digital images of the area, as well as the dimensions, to [email protected]
  7. We will get back to you as soon as possible to let you know whether or not the tent will work.

Is set up and delivery included in the cost of the product?

We are pleased to provide this service for the majority of our rental goods.

For price information, please contact (936) 560-0800.

A: No, you do not have to be present.

We will need you to provide us with all of the phone numbers at which you can be reached on the day of your installation so that we can contact you.

Include a layout of your yard, showing where the tent will be set up, in the mail as well.

For properties with sprinkler systems, septic tanks, or anything else in the ground that we should be aware of before staking, you will be required to be there to point out where we should not stake so that our stakes don’t come into contact with anything.

A pole tent is kept up by tension and requires anything from 12 to 40 stakes to hold it up correctly.

People typically purchase framed tents when they wish to set up their tent in a location where they are unable or unable to stake their tent.

Water barrels are not permitted to be used with pole tents.

A:The estimates that follow are predicated on seating eight people at each table.

tables and chairs: 20 x 20 = 4 tables and 32 chairs The sum of 20 x 30 equals 6 tables and 48 chairs.

There are 18 tables and 144 chairs when you multiply 30 by 60.

For example, 40 x 60 = 24 tables and 192 chairs; 40 x 80 = 32 tables and 254 chairs.

Q: I’m looking to rent advance flooring; what size will I require?

We recommend a 12×12 dance floor for the first dance alone.

IMPORTANT SUGGESTIONS: It is generally advisable to put up your seats the day before your function.

Please ensure that your sprinkler systems are turned off while our equipment is being installed on your property.

Water and rain will unquestionably cause harm to our equipment. It is also critical that you ensure that all of our equipment is put up under a tent or housed in a garage in order to keep water out.

Staking Basics – Party Tents for Sale

Please keep in mind that this is only a guide. If you want unique anchoring specifications for your location, you will need to speak with a local engineer. Providing a source of information geared at installers, foremen, and customers that explains in layman’s terms the safe processes for building tents is the goal of this publication. An increasing number of tent installations are reliant on alternate techniques of anchoring their structures to the ground. Many businesses are adjusting their business practices as a result of these non-staking positions.

It should be your primary concern to ensure that everyone on the road is safe, including members of your crew and the rest of your organization.

If you are not paying attention to the project, your staff may suffer an injury while erecting the tent.

It is possible that an engineer will be required according to the conditions in your location.

Structural failures

In addition to being knocked down, a tent can also fail catastrophically by the actions of rolling, shear failure, and uplift failure. Despite the fact that they are not technical explanations, they can assist you in comprehending the various ways in which things might go horribly wrong. Every one of them is the product of high winds or storms. It is possible for the tent to be knocked down when a downward force from the wind effectively bursts or flattens the tent. It is possible to roll a tent when the wind gets below it and one of the anchoring points fails.

  • Narrower tents pose a larger risk of rolling.
  • When the tent rises off its moorings and “fly away,” this is referred to as uplift failure.
  • Strangely, broader structures are more vulnerable to collapse than narrower buildings, perhaps because they have a more aerodynamic side profile.
  • Shear failure may or may not be caused by a failure of anchoring (ballast), but it can be the initial step in a series of events that is potentially disastrous.
  • Ballast units can get dislodged as a result of structural movement.
  • In rare instances, the wind can elevate one component of a structure while crushing another portion of the structure.
  • Tent makers have always urged customers to stake tents into the ground in order to keep them from blowing away.
  • Some tent manufacturers, on the other hand, have recently begun to specify the amount of holding strength necessary for their tents in terms of weight.

Isn’t it true that water is essentially weight that water barrels are suitable for securing tents to their foundations? It’s a mathematical equation in the minds of tent safety specialists.


The depth of the stake has a direct relationship with the strength of the stake withdrawal. See Figures 1011 and 1012. This is true for a variety of legitimate engineering reasons.

  1. The depth of the stake has a direct relationship with the pullout strength of the stake. Figures 1011 and 1012 illustrate this point. A number of sound engineering considerations support this conclusion:
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The holding capacity of a tent stake is attributed to a substantial degree to the friction that develops between the stake and the soil that surrounds it during its installation. As a result, the deeper the stake is embedded in the soil, the bigger the surface area of the stake that is in touch with the soil, and therefore the higher the holdingpower of the stake is. The further a deep-sea diver descends, the higher the amount of water pressure he is subjected to. Additionally, as you descend deeper under the earth, the pressure on the surface of the planet grows steadily stronger.

In order to counteract the lateral component of forces acting on the tent stake, which is created due to the angle of the guy rope, a wedge of earth is placed in front of the stake.

The greater the size of the wedge, the greater the amount of sideways resistance it provides to prevent the stake from collapsing and falling over.

The better the soil, the greater theholdingpower.

Because of the friction that forms between a tent stake and its surrounding soil, a tent stake’s holding capacity is significantly increased. As a result, the deeper the stake is embedded in the soil, the bigger the surface area of the stake that is in touch with the soil, and therefore the stronger the holding power of the stake is. Increasing water pressure is experienced by deep-sea divers as they descend further into the ocean. Additionally, as you descend deeper into the ground, the pressure on the surface increases exponentially.

By placing a wedge of dirt in front of the tent stake, you may resist the sideways component of pressures acting on it that is caused by the guy rope’s angle.

As the wedge grows in size, it exerts additional sideways resistance to prevent the stake from collapsing and falling over.

A Proper driving angle yields greaterholdingpower.

It has been observed in the field that putting stakes vertically is preferable to installing stakes at an angle. This also facilitates the process of removing the stake. Take a look at Figure 13.

Optimum guy rope angle provides optimumholdingpower.

There are a variety of elements to consider while determining the appropriate circumstance. Take a look at Figure 14. Note: If there is wind and there are no sidewalls, the guy rope angles should be besteeper, which means that the stake should be closer to the tent than usual. To ensure that the tent is not harmed by downloading or ponding, guy rope angles may need to be shallower, which means that the stake should be placed further away from the tent. If there is no wind and the tent is equipped with sidewalls, the guy rope angles should be shallower, which means that the stake should be placed farther away from the tent than if there is wind.

  1. As a result, the stake should be placed closer to the tent than it otherwise would be.
  2. The classic pole tent may fairly be anticipated to endure the pressures of wind uplift while maintaining a balance between vertical and lateral stake forces when pitched at 45 degrees or slightly steeper.
  3. The stakeholding capability of a stake knot reduces when the height of the stake knot above the ground is increased.
  4. Take a look at Figure 15.
  5. It is necessary to avoid the chance of the stake crawling in order for it to remain stable in the ground.
  6. To ensure optimum stakeholding capability, it is extremely necessary that the guy rope be kept as low as possible on the stake, ideally no higher than two or three inches above the ground.

Anchoring Your Tent Safely

A simple technique was devised for determining the number of pegs required to hold a non-rated tent in place. Simply increase the square footage of your tent by 9 psf to get the total square footage (pounds per square foot for up to a 30-45 mile-per-hour wind). The total number of anchor pounds required is the outcome of this calculation. This is not a pure scientific investigation. Some tents are more suited to wind resistance than others, but when compared to a wide range of tent specifications from major manufacturers, the vast majority of sizes up to 60 feet in width will fall within these criteria.

  • An anchor weight of 16,200 lbs.
  • A 20′ × 20′ tent is 400 sq.
  • x 9 psf, which equates to 3,600 anchor pounds.
  • We discovered that a standard 1″ diameter stake, hammered most of the way into the ground (on an ordinary lawn), had a holdingpower of around 1,000 lbs by testing it.
  • So, what exactly does all of this mean?
  • In order for the example tents to be built on a typical lawn, the following stake criteria must be met: The safety factor is 1.5 to 1 for 40 x 8028 stakes (28,800 pounds).

– A total of 44 stakes (43,200 lbs.) 30 × 6016 Stakes (16,200 lbs.) with a safety factor of 1.5 to 1 – 24 Stakes (24,300 lbs.) Twenty-four-by-204-inch stakes (weighing 3,600 pounds) with a 1.5-to-1 safety factor – six stakes (5,400 lbs.)

Water Barrels

Experts recommend that tents be installed such that the holdingpower is one and a half to two times more than the forces acting on the tent. A tent can resist around nine pounds of force per square foot of space when exposed to winds of 30 to 45 miles per hour, which is far less than the wind produced during a severe thunderstorm. When it comes to a frame tent, the minimum holding strength required is 5400 pounds for a 20-foot by 20-foot frame tent. That’s 400 square feet and 3600 pounds of force for a frame tent of that size.

  • As a result, how many barrels would be required to reach a holding power of 5400 pounds – 12 barrels, correct?
  • Because plastic is a relatively smooth material, its friction coefficient is just.4, which means that the effective weight of a full water barrel is only 40 percent of its actual weight, or 176 pounds, when filled.
  • The number of barrels required for our sample tent has increased to 30.
  • When the anchors are secured at a height of three feet or higher, such as with water barrels, they lose approximately one-third of their holding ability.

Concrete Weights

One tent maker did a research in which they discovered that one – 1000concrete weight had the same holding power of nine – 440water barrels, and that this results in a considerably cleaner finish to the tent installation. Concrete is far more effective than water barrels in this situation. Despite the fact that the weight of a block of concrete might vary based on its consistency, a cubic foot of concrete weighs on average 150 lbs. A block that is approximately the same size as a 55-gallon barrel (3600 lbs.

of holding force.

Tent Installation and Maintenance Procedures Manual Developed by the International Federation of Tent Associations (IFAI).

Tent Rental Cincinnati

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How Does our Cincinnati Tent Rentals Work?

In order to determine whether or not you need to hire a tent, it is advisable to determine where the tent will be situated on your land once you have made the decision to do so. We’ve put up a list of 8 Tent Planning questions to help you get started. You may reach out to us, your friendly Cincinnati Tent Rental Company, using the details provided above:). Please feel free to call us or fill out our quotation request form. We will lead you through our 3-step procedure. It is entirely up to you!

  1. Consider the following: Recognize your event’s requirements, even if you aren’t certain of the specifics
  2. Organize: Provide insight and ideas for bringing your concept to fruition
  3. Deliver: We take care of the details so that you can enjoy your event with your guests in complete relaxation.

Throughout the planning phase, we will be at your side every step of the way.

8 Planning Questions to Expedite Your Quote and Layout

When arranging to hire a tent, there are several variables to consider when preparing for your tent rental in order to choose which tent design would be the most appropriate for your event’s needs. Please take a moment to examine the eight Tent Planning Questions listed below to help our staff expedite your event price and layout. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you do not have all of the answers to these questions. We would be happy to assist you in working through any issues.

  1. Is the tent going to be set up on a level grassy area, blacktop, concrete, a patio, or a deck
  2. And Are we able to anchor down the tent on all four sides? If not, how many different sides are we allowed to take a position on
  3. What kind of event are you putting together? Are there any subterranean utilities, whether private or public, that you are aware of in the region where the tent will be set up? If so, what are they and where are they located? As a convenience, we will contact OUPS to have any public telephone lines marked.) What is the approximate size of the area where you would want the tent to be set up
  4. And How many people do you want to have under the tent at the same time? What more goods would you want to have stored inside the tent with you? The following are examples: guest tables, food tables, a bar, a cake table, high top tables, a dance floor stage, and so forth. Is it possible for the truck to get into the area within 30 feet of where the tent will be set up?
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What is the right tent Style for my Event?

In the realm of tents, there are two primary tent models to choose from: the pole tent and the frame tent. There are high peak pole tents and high peak frame tents available for each form of tent. The sort of event you’re hosting, the area where the event will take place, and the number of attendees expected to attend will all influence the size of the tent required. Which of the following is the most appropriate option for your event? When comparing a pole tent with a frame tent, what is the main difference?

Not Sure what tent is best for your Location? Check out this video.

Staking and water barrels/concrete ballast are commonly used as tent anchors, with staking being the most common. The ability to anchor a tent is a crucial consideration when determining which form of tent would work best in a certain region. A pole tent should be suitable for your event if it can be anchored on all four sides and is going to be set up on grass.

It would be necessary to use an aframe tent if your tent is positioned on a patio, driveway or parking lot that cannot be staked down completely or is not staked down at all during your event. Frame tents are the most adaptable and may be used on grass as well as on hard surfaces.

Anchoring Options:
  • This approach involves driving stakes into the ground that are 42 inches long. It may be used in locations such as yards and driveway perimeters where there is grass, mulch, or gravel. The stakes are forced into the earth with a stake driver, a jackhammer, or a sledgehammer once they have been driven in. Staking is occasionally used on asphalt or blacktop, mainly in business areas, but it is not common. Drilling the area where the stake will be placed using a drill before driving the stake into the ground with a stake driver, also known as a jackhammer, is the first step in putting stakes into asphalt. It is corporate policy to contact underground utility protection services prior to installation, assuming that the customer has provided sufficient lead time prior to installation. Only public utility wires are identified and marked using this method. Each location should tell us if there are any sprinkler systems or private water, gas, or electric lines in the tent areas so that we can avoid those driving in the 42-inch long posts from hitting them.
Water Barrels/Concrete Ballast:
  1. When pegs cannot be driven into the ground, this anchoring mechanism is used as an alternate method of securing the structure. Water barrels are normally filled on-site, and access to water is required in order to fill the barrels with water. If no access is available, concrete ballast or pre-filled barrels can be used to anchor any of the tent sections that cannot be secured with stakes because of a lack of access. There are more obstacles surrounding the tent while using this approach than when using a normal stake alone. Nothing, on the other hand, is driven into the earth, and hence no subsurface utilities would need to be indicated.

Cincinnati Tent Rental STyles

Once the site and tent anchoring choices have been determined, you may begin searching for the appropriate tent type for your event. We’ve broken down our tenting options into several categories, with a brief description of each style. Once we have determined the location of your tent as well as the projected number of guests attending, we may make recommendations for the tent that will work best for you. If you have any concerns or require assistance along the road, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or by completing the form below to acquire a tent rental price.

  1. The internal center poles of this design tent are used to elevate it off the ground, and it is fastened into the ground with the use of a ratchet strap and 42-inch stages.
  2. A high peak pole tent is our most opulent style, and it is also our most expensive.
  3. A higher center pole height is used in our High Peak Tents, which allows for a more beautiful design by creating a “swoop” on the tent.
  4. Stakes and ratchets are used to secure this form of tent, just as they are for a normal pole tent installation.
  5. They can be secured using 42-inch pegs, ballast (water barrels), or a combination of the two methods mentioned above.
  6. Unlike the typical frame tent, high peak frame tents are a hybrid type with an installation procedure that is comparable to that of the traditional frame tent.
  7. This form of tent may be secured to the ground with ballast (water barrels) or set into the ground with wooden stakes.
  8. Unique in its design, a transparent top lets in the night’s external elements while also providing cover for your visitors and guests’ belongings.

Custom CAD Drawings and 360 Degree Virtual Tours

It is no longer necessary to speculate about how your tent will appear once it has been filled with all of your tables and chairs. At Academy Rental Group, we take the uncertainty out of it. As part of our free services, we give comprehensive CAD plans to assist our customers in visualizing how their tent arrangement will appear when it is completed. Our crew can also offer you with a visual tour of your tent in 360 degrees. All of these advantages come with the ability to make limitless adjustments to your layout.

In addition, having a well-trained and courteous workforce is beneficial!

We will then be able to draw on our previous expertise and make any recommendations that may help to make your event even more successful.

Cincinnati’s Favorite Outdoor Tent Rental Company

Our huge assortment of tents is complemented with a variety of colorful festival tents and booth designs that are appropriate for any Festival. We can handle many different sorts of events that require tent rentals, so if you do not find what you are looking for on our website, please call us and one of our friendly staff members would be happy to assist you. Pole tents, frame tents, high peak pole tents, engineered tents, festival booths, high peak frame tents, frame tents, DIY pop-up tents, and tent packages are some of the numerous types of tent rental choices we have available to you.

In addition to assisting you with selecting the ideal tent rental Cincinnati choice for your event, we can also assist you in accessorizing your tent.

When hiring a tent, take the weather in mind; you may choose to have sides to help keep out the wind and rain, or you can choose to have no sidewalls so that the sun can shine directly into your tent.

Tent Rental Cincinnati Pricing

  • Package for 22 guests $35015×15 Frame Tent, 22 Chairs, 3 Guests Tables, 1 – Food Table, Linens
  • 32 Guest Package$47520×20 Frame Tent, 32 Chairs, 4 Guests Tables, 1 – Food Table, Linens
  • 36 Guest Package$47520×20 Frame Tent, 36 Chairs, 4 Guests Tables, 1 – Food Table, Linens
  • 48 Guest Package$47520×20 Frame Tent, 48 Chairs, 4 Guests Table Call for a 32-guest package during high season. The following items are included: 20×20 High Peak Frame Tent, 32 chairs, 4 Guests Tables, 1 – Food Table, linens. 48 Guest Package: $59020×30 Frame Tent, 48 Chairs, 6 Guests Tables, 1 – Food Table, Linens
  • 64 Guest Package: $600020×30 Frame Tent, 64 Chairs, 6 Guests Tables, 1 – Food Table, Linens
  • Tent, 64 chairs, 8 guest tables, 2 food tables, linens, and other supplies for $76020×40 frame tent

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In every area, our tent rental choices are the most cost-effective method to provide additional cover and room for your visitors. Tents provide shade and shelter from the summer sun as well as the possibility of rain, and they instantly elevate the appearance of any outdoor gathering. Aside from tent rentals, we also provide a large selection of table and linen rentals, as well as chair rentals, which are all excellent complements to any event. Academy Rental Group is your one-stop-shop for all of your event needs and extras, like tent rentals, to go along with them.

(Google) Continue reading Working with Ian was one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life.

He was always quick to respond when I had a query or wanted to make a little alteration.

The tent set up team, which consisted of Ryan, Dillion, Jarrod, and Tramel, was really professional and asked several questions during the process to ensure that the tents were precisely how I had envisioned them to be!

Classic white tents for rent in Cincinnati

White tents are a timeless choice for any occasion and make a stunning background for any design. Prepare for your visitors’ arrival by hiring a tent and setting up decorations ahead of time. We’ll take care of the dirty job. You can concentrate on what really matters, which is entertaining your guests and providing an unforgettable experience, because our tent rentals include free installation and take-down service. Following your event, we remove the tent on-site and transport it back to our warehouse for storage.

Our delivery fee includes pick-up service as part of the package. Our procedure is straightforward and uncomplicated. If you have any questions, please contact one of our knowledgeable staff members. We are more than delighted to assist you in any manner we can!

Commercial Grade Tent Washer For Cleaning

“Can you tell me how you maintain your tents so clean?” — our clients inquire of our employees. Our solution: a commercial-grade tent washer and a little old-fashioned tender loving care. You can rely on Academy Rental Group to ensure that your event will be held in a clean, high-quality tent, whether it is for a graduation party, wedding, business event, or any other occasion. Contact us now to learn more. Our quality control procedure is used when building and dismantling tents to ensure that your tent is clean at all times.

We also own and operate a huge industrial tent washer, which we put to good use.

Before each event, we thoroughly clean our tent and prepare it for use.

Because of our quality control method, which is complimented by our professional tent washer, we can promise that our tents will be dazzling white for your event, leaving our clients highly delighted with the quality and cleanliness of our tents.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

In order to accommodate 48 people, the most popular size tent we provide is a 2030 tent, which can easily accommodate 6 tables and 48 guests sitting at once. This would be reserved for visitors who were dining. If you wanted to store additional objects under the tent, the overall size of the tent would grow.

What Size Tent do I need for 150 Guests

Even if you are simply searching for tables and chairs for dining and food tables, the size of the tent you would need to accommodate 150 visitors at a time would be determined by the items you would like to have beneath the tent. It would be possible to accommodate 150 guests in a 4060 tent. Adding more objects inside the tent (such as dance floors, a stage, and a head table) will necessitate increasing the tent’s overall size.

How much does it cost to rent a 40×60 tent?

A pole tent is the most cost-effective alternative for a 40 x 60-foot tent. A 4060 pole tent may be rented for between $930 and $1030 per night, depending on whether you choose a conventional or high peak pole tent design. You will be charged $1610 in rental fees if you are unable to pitch your tent and require a frame tent. You will also be charged the cost of the anchors. Tables, chairs, and linens are not included in the price of the tent, nor is shipping and/or any applicable taxes based on your region.

Cincinnati’s Premier supplier

Academy Rental Group is a full-service event rental company that takes a boutique approach to customer care while also providing high-quality, environmentally friendly items. We understand that organizing an event may be a difficult task. We have been assisting thousands of clients in successfully planning their events for over 25 years. In order to guarantee that your event is a success, our highly trained personnel will work side by side with you during the planning process. We will also be there for you if things change.

Our customer-centric commitment to surpassing our customers’ expectations has enabled us to handle hundreds of events throughout the years, ranging from tiny backyard parties to big community gatherings, as well as every size corporate event and wedding in between and wherever else in between.

We are fully insured with theHusman Schmid Insurance Agency, a member of the ARA, and are the proud supplier ofAnderson Township Eventsas well as many other local and largeCincinnativenues, among other things.

most Popular Rental Items

Tent rental in Cincinnati is available. Organizing an event in Cincinnati Cincinnati Party Rental Services Rental of Chairs in Cincinnati Table Rentals in the Cincinnati Area Cincinnati Linen Rental Services Dance Floor Rentals in Cincinnati, Ohio Rental of Pipe and Drape in Cincinnati

Dallas / Fort Worth Party & Event Rentals

A real hybrid event tent that is a favorite for backyard weddings as well as merchants at festivals and other outdoor gatherings. With its cross cable system integrated into its frame, the High Peak Frame Tent combines the functionality and aesthetics that come with a normal frame tent with the appealing appearance that comes with a pole tent. High Peak Frame Tents are distinguished by having their center pole erected overhead, 8 to 10 feet above the ground, giving the tent an eye-catching sweeping high peak without the need to build around a central support structure.

Our High Peak Frame Tent Rental may be set up on a variety of surfaces including grass, concrete, asphalt, and gravel.

Concrete anchors, concrete blocks (ballast), stakes (grass or asphalt), and, in some cases, water barrel drums are used (smaller tentsizes).

High Peak Frame Tent Rentals

The Center Pole is suspended over the head on a cross cable system, which is a plus. This allows for a high sweeping peak to be achieved without the need of any interfering center poles. Tents for backyard weddings and gatherings, as well as vendor tents, are all available. CONS: Only available in 10′, 20′, and 30′ widths (the biggest being a 30″ x 40′ Hex Tent), and only in 10′, 20′, and 30′ lengths.

Structure Tents / Gable Tent Rentals

Is a popular choice for high-end weddings and business gatherings of many kinds. The structural tent is constructed with kedered channels, which ensure that the vinyl tops and sides remain tightly sealed during the duration of the show. The performance of the structure event tent is excellent for both short-term and seasonal applications alike. Gable ends provide an ideal branding opportunity since they provide an elevated vertical space for the installation of event or corporate logos, among other things.

It is highly open and airy since there are no obstructive poles in the interior of the tent and vertical perimeter poles spaced out every 20′ feet, which gives it a very open and spacious feeling inside.

The structure tent may be set up on a variety of surfaces, including grass, concrete, asphalt, and gravel.

Installation of the tent may be done with or without gable ends (triangular shaped vinyl on the short side of the tent), which eliminates the need for “restricted view seats” and allows for high clearance drive through tent installations.

Structure Tents

  • White or clear vinyl tops are available
  • They are ideal for weddings and corporate events alike. There will be no blocking center poles. Designer lighting, flower arrangements, and A/V equipment may be installed on the roof’s frame work because of the high roof line. Kedered Channels maintain the tightness of the top and sidewalls (for a clean, sharp appearance)
  • Available in a variety of widths including 20′, 30′, 40′, and 50′.

CONS: A higher price point is involved.

Tent & Canopy Rentals

ten thousand dollars ($100.00) (Customer Set-up) $185.00 is the price of the item (A.R. Set-up)

Canopy Tent 20′ x 20′ (seats 40)

Dollars one hundred dollars (Customer Set-up) $185.00 is the amount you will pay (A.R. Set-up)

Canopy Tent 20′ x 30′ (seats 60)

$295.00 is the price of the item (A.R. Set-up)

Canopy Tent 20′ x 40′ (seats 80)”

$295.00 is the amount you will pay (A.R. Set-up)

Canopy Tent 30′ x 30′ (seats 90)

$295.00 is the cost of the item (A.R. Set-up)

Canopy Tent 30′ x 45′ (seats 135)

$295.00 is the price of this item (A.R. Set-up)

Canopy Tent 30′ x 60′ (seats 180)

$295.00 is the price of the item (A.R. Set-up)

Frame Tents

Include the cost of installation.

Frame Tent 10″ x 10″

Please contact us for a quote.

Rain – Gutters 10′, 15′, 20′

$1.00 PER LIN. FIT

Sidewall – Mesh


Sidewall – Solid

$1.00 per LIN FIT.

Sidewall with Windows

$1.00/LIN. FIT.

Outdoor Tent Lighting

$1.00 PER LIN. FIT

Towable Light Tower


Benefits of a Tent Rental

Tents have several advantages, including the following:-Protection from the elements: If you’ve ever cursed the weatherman, you know that the weather may be unexpected at times.-Protection from the sun: Tents provide excellent protection from the sun. Even while the forecast predicts for sunny skies, it does not rule out the possibility of clouds gathering over your event. If you think about it, tents are a form of insurance that your event will go on as planned, even if Mother Nature has other intentions.

Party tent rentals are easy to spot, so you can simply direct your guests to seek for the enormous white canopy when arriving at your event.

Tent accessories, such as sidewalls, movable floors, heaters, and a variety of lighting choices, may help you make your event even more memorable (chandeliers, string lights, pole-mounted globe lights, etc.)

Rental Considerations

Are you unsure of the size of the tent you should rent? Or even how many tents you’ll need to accommodate everyone. In addition to enlisting the assistance of event professionals like those at Arlington Rental, you may begin to anticipate your party tent rental requirements by considering the following event factors. -Number of visitors expected: One of the first things to think about is the quantity of visitors you expect to attend your event. A pole tent is recommended for large gatherings (50 or more people).

(our largest tent accommodates up to 480 guests).

Adding side walls and temporary flooring to an outdoor event to create the illusion of an interior setting is recommended for more formal occasions.

For example, pole tents are only meant for use on grassy fields and should not be used on hard surfaces. Frame tents can be set up on parking lots, patios, driveways, and other similar areas to accommodate large gatherings.

Areas We Serve

  • Addison, Algonquin, Antioch, Arlington Heights, Barrington, Barrington Hills, Bartlett, Bensenville, Berwyn, Bloomingdale, Bolingbrook, Buffalo Grove, Burr Ridge, Campton Hills, Carol stream, Carpentersville, Cary, Cicero, Clarendon Hills, Crystal Lake, Darien, Deerfield, Des Plaines, Downers Grove, Elgin, Elk grove village, Elmhurst, Elmwood Park, Evanston,

All Event Tent Rental

“Simplicity is the pinnacle of elegance,” says Coco Chanel. This philosophy is reflected in our tent inventory as well. Masterpiece Rentals is the main supplier of formal and party tent rentals in northern and central West Virginia. In West Virginia, we have a variety of tents to choose from, ranging in size from little colorful backyard birthday party tents to big white wedding and ballroom-style tents and even grand community-sized festival pole tents. Allow us to assist you in making your next event a Masterpiece Event to remember.

Quality Tents in Crisp, Clean Wedding White

We keep our equipment in excellent condition, and we are happy to give a clean and professional appearance for your big day. For those who like white, we have real “wedding white!” Masterpiece Rentals, the local leader in creating spectacular outdoor weddings and events, provides the natural beauty of quiet grandeur and classic touches to your wedding, creating an undoubtedly sumptuous environment no matter where your venue is located.

Frame Tent Selection

In most cases, our frame tents have a straightforward design with minimal inside framing. Generally speaking, there is no interference with useable area when there are no poles and rigging to get in the way. Interested in providing a very immaculate and attractive interior to your guests? Inquire about our frame tent options. They are the foundation of our small wedding and party event rentals since they are suitable for a wide range of outdoor applications of all kinds. These incredibly strong tents may be put up directly on concrete or pavement without the need of tent stakes; nevertheless, they must be anchored with water barrels to prevent them from falling over.

Choose Your Frame Tent

Are you planning a huge wedding or event? Our pole tents provide the most inside space of any tent on the market. Because to the modern, complex engineering of our newly designed pole tents, there is no longer any need for quarter poles, allowing for the most efficient use of all available floor area. Tent pegs are required for the installation of pole tents.

Choose Your Pole Tent

  • 2040
  • 3030
  • 3045
  • 3060
  • 3075
  • 3090
  • 4040 through 40260
  • 6060
  • 6090
  • 60120

Tent Rentals for Events of All Sizes

In our collection, we offer a vast variety of tents ranging in size from ten feet by ten feet to sixty feet by 120 feet and much greater. Masterpiece Rentals, located in Elkins, West Virginia, can handle any wedding, business event, BBQ, religious event, or community event with relative ease. The size of the tent that is best suited for your occasion is determined by a number of criteria. If you require a tent for an upcoming event, please complete our Tent Rental Formand we will begin producing an estimate for you as soon as possible.

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