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LoginStoreCommunitySupport View the desktop webpage in a different language Detective Grimoire is a fictionalized account of a detective’s life. 166 people have given their opinions. a hundred percent Guide to Earning Accomplishments in the GameA guide to earning achievements in the game. The Swamp’s topographical map This map is intended to assist you in locating the areas you require. Let’s Get This Party Started Examine the site of the crime. Simply go to the “OUTSIDE OFFICE” and investigate the crime scene.

Once you’ve gained entry to the “OFFICE,” simply take a peek at his desk and move the papers out of the way until you can see the letters.

This accomplishment may be obtained through the “Gift Shop.” Just have a look at all of the different Boggy merchandise available in the store.

Who is that Little Girl with the mug, toy, baseball cap, costume head, shirt, map frame, boggy frame, swamp frame, and who is that Little Girl?

  • As you go through the game, you will be able to locate the little girl at the Entrance, Cafe, Woods, and Crossroads.
  • Complete the game’s objectives.
  • You must wait until the credits have finished in order to receive your accomplishment and listen to the ending.
  • In your notepad, make a lovely ghost to represent yourself.
  • “PROTEST” has just one that comes to mind, and it’s the task that you unlock for the character Echo.
  • Alert for Intruders Take a seat inside the tent.
  • The combination to the lock may be found on a placard at the Museum.
  • Due Diligence is a term used to describe the process of conducting research.
  • In order to earn this accomplishment, you must first access your suspects file.

The image below contains a spoiler, so only look if you don’t mind knowing who the perpetrator is. Thanks! Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope it will assist you in achieving your goals if you have become stuck. Best of luck in your gaming endeavors! THE FINAL SECTION!

Detective Grimoire : The Walkthrough King

Discuss your options with Officer James, then proceed forward along the deck toward the marsh entrance. Speak with the little girl in this area to obtain a map. After taking a look at the cardboard cutout and statue, proceed to the entrance gate. After you’ve unlocked the gate, come up with the following conclusion:

  • Due to the swamp’s remoteness, it is unlikely that the tourist attraction will generate much revenue.

Take a look at the hollow in the tree and the base of the tree before turning left. Take a look at the flower petals that have fallen on the walkway here, then continue on until you reach an opening. Take a look at the tiny route on the left, then follow it to discover Remington’s office on the second floor. Look to the left for a marsh, and then click on the number 3 to obtain the lock pick there. After that, take a peek at the reeds and push them away to discover several green flippers. Examine the footprints on the ground and the crimson curtain in the window, then have a look at the chalk outline on the boards of wood in the corner.

Try to head inside, then walk back to the clearing.

After that, speak with Van de Peer and arrive to the following conclusion:

  • This is the first time that Vincent Van de Peer has been granted permission to film here in the marsh by Richard Remington.

Inquire with Van de Peer about his employment and what happened yesterday night, and then arrive to a different conclusion:

  • Inquire with Van de Peer about his employment and what occurred yesterday night, and then arrive to a different conclusion:

After that, choose Van de Peer’s challenge topic and state that “Remington has previously denied you permission to shoot there.” Money will be dragged onto your notebook. Present him with a hint, and then choose the film footage; you will have an opportunity to evaluate the film footage at this point. Speak with Burle once more, and this time choose a theme for the task. You may say something like “You left it with Van de Peer, and he used it instead,” and then say something like “Van de Peer stated you had a pastime on the side.” You will eventually come upon an image and recognize it as a fresh clue.

Have a conversation with Echo about his employment and about what occurred last night.

The gift shop may be found by returning to the crossroads and turning right.

Present her with a hint, and then choose the black and white photo, after which you will show her Echo’s profile.

  • It appears like Echo is spending less time waving his protest banner and more time in his tent.

It appears like Echo is spending less time waving his protest sign and more time in his tent;

  • This is explained by the outfit design I discovered in the trash bin
  • Burle’s black and white photograph is showing me this.

Chapter 2

To find this location, look for the little entrance at the back of the ship, followed by a sign on the right side of the café. Then, after speaking with Harper about his employment, you can arrive to the following conclusion:

  • The Bog-Dog that Harper sold to Richard Remington made him feel unwell, so he departed the café.

Continue to discuss what happened last night with Harper, as well as the Boggy costume, with her. Present him with a profile of Echo, and then choose a challenge issue for him to complete. “The store room was broken into using a lock pick,” says the player after selecting poison. Return to the area outside Remington’s office and enter the building (green key at top, blue key at bottom). Check out the entire interior, which includes the wooden cabinet, fireplace poker, animal heads, a chair that has been flipped over, a shredded curtain, and a hunting rifle.

Make a few adjustments to the papers on the desk so that you can see Van de Peer’s business card, two letters from Mystery For Tomorrow, and a map on the table.

Return to the room and have a look at the images over the fireplace. After you’ve finished the jigsaw puzzle, you might come to the following conclusion:

  • Continue to discuss what happened last night with Harper, as well as the Boggy mask. Prepare a profile of Echo for him to review, and then choose a challenge topic for him to participate in. “The store room was broken into using a lock pick,” says the character after selecting poison. Revisit the area in front of Remington’s office and enter through it (green key at top, blue key at bottom). Check out the entire interior, which includes the wooden cabinet, fireplace poker, animal heads, a chair that has been flipped over, a shredded curtain, and a gun. Look at the desk for a moment after that! Make a few adjustments to the papers on the desk so that you can see Van de Peer’s business card, two letters from Mysteries for Tomorrow, and a map on the desk. Return to the living room and have a look at the paintings over the fireplace. To get to this conclusion, first solve the jigsaw puzzle.

Chapter 3

Bring yourself back to the area and speak with Van de Peer about the Boggy outfit and Richard Remington’s death. Now, speak with Burle about the Bog-Dog outfit and Richard Remington, and then provide a hint and choose the Bog-Dog from the list. Make your way to the gift shop and speak with Sally about the Boggy costume and Richard Remington’s legacy. Provide her with two pieces of information: the Boggy hat and the head piece. Go to the cafe and have a conversation with Harper about Richard Remington.

  1. After you’ve left here, proceed forward across the bridge.
  2. You must first solve the cog problem before you can use the handle to get access to the inside.
  3. Now is the time to speak with Weybridge about anything and everything.
  4. Give her a glass of swamp juice to drink (match it with blueberries and yellow flowers).
  5. You can now come to the following conclusion:
  • The fireplace poker that was discovered at the crime site, as well as the black leggings, have been covered with the same “swamp slime” for several days.

This “swamp slime” is detected on the fireplace poker that was discovered at the crime scene, as well as on the black leggings that were worn by the victim.

  • It’s possible that the lock pick I discovered beside Remington’s body belonged to Agent Folder.

Continue to discuss about the Boggy outfit and Richard Remington, and then provide him four pieces of evidence: a Boggy hat, gloves, flippers, and a hunting photograph. Also, give him a copy of Echo’s biographical information. Now he must choose a theme for his challenge. “You already acknowledged to having a lock pick and used it to unlock locked doors,” you remark after showing him the lock pick, selecting a place outside the office, and then saying, “You lost your lock pick in the swamp and had to buy a new one.” Return to the gift store and speak with Sally about your experience.

To communicate with Weybridge, go to the tree house.

Now, provide her with the explorer’s logbook and come to the following conclusion about it:

  • When the swamp monster was found by the explorer 60 years ago, Lady Weybridge was residing in the marsh.

After that, you may choose her challenge topic, which is as follows: “‘You were living in the marsh 60 years ago when the Explorer came to visit,’ says the guide. ‘There’s a page missing from the diary.’ “I believe you know where it is,” and “I have absolutely no idea.” If I could only see it, I may be able to make up my mind on what to do “. Turn the page over to reveal footprints on the reverse side of the page you have received. Now return to the protest area and speak with Echo about the Boggy costume and Richard Remington’s role in the incident.

Present him with several clues, such as the fireplace poker, a hunting snapshot, and an explorer’s logbook, to continue the game. Agent Folder and Harper’s profiles should also be shown to him.

Chapter 4

Afterwards, you may choose her challenge subject, which is as follows: “In 1960, the Explorer came to see you in the marsh,” says the narrator. “There’s a page missing from the diary.” You might know where it is,” and “I truly don’t know where it is.” Perhaps if I could see it, I might be able to come to a decision “, Turn the page over to reveal footprints on the reverse side of the page you’ve been handed over. Now return to the protest area and speak with Echo about the Boggy costume and Richard Remington, if you have not already.

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Agent Folder and Harper’s profiles should be shown to him in addition.

Final Chapter

Present your points of contention to Officer James in the following sequence:

  • Photograph in black and white
  • Costume ideas
  • A lost page
  • Fireplace poker
  • Swamp juice “In order to ensure that Remington became unwell and had to return to his office,”

The Murder

Rearrange the descriptions so that they correspond to the sounds:

  1. The assailant enters Remington’s office through the front entrance. Remington screams in surprise when “Boggy” emerges on the scene
  2. Remington takes aim with his hunting gun at the perpetrator. Remington is stabbed in the back by an unknown assailant with a metal poker. Remington screams out in amazement and falls to the ground a few steps. Remington tears some curtain fabric as he falls to the ground. After landing on the planks outside his office, Remington continues on his way. The perpetrator leaves the metal poker in the workplace

Demonstrate the helmet to Officer James. Drag the costume parts into position on the drawing, then click on the Protest area to make it active. After confronting Echo, you should come to the following conclusion:

  • It appears to me that Richard Remington was here to hunt Boggy, based on the hunting photo.

The Hunter and the Hunted

Keep an eye out for the game’s climax, Nice Hat.

How to crack the case: the complete walkthrough for Detective Grimoire on iOS and Android

Game for iOS and Android devices Detective Grimoirewill truly transport you into the role of a detective. You’ll have to pay close attention, follow leads, rely on your instincts, and dig for the truth. This is wonderful fun, but it may also make things extremely tough if you are unable to figure out what you need to do next. So if you find yourself in a bind, here is the guide for you. We’ll simply provide you with the minimal necessities to get you through the game. However, you will not be given all of the indications, key details, and suspicious information about your suspects that you need to solve the case completely.

  1. Instead, here’s all you need to know about cracking the case.
  2. To proceed to the next spot, simply tap it.
  3. Then she’ll provide you an useful map, which you can use to jump between different regions of the swamp at your leisure.
  4. Make a move with one of the latches to one of the red circles at the bottom of screen to complete this basic puzzle!
  5. You’ll come upon your first deduction as you’re reading.
  6. It appears to be in the midst of nowhere.” says the Grimoire.
  7. When you reach the crossroads, turn left.

Take a look at Remington’s body contour drawn in chalk.

Then touch on the bubbling swamp water close to the bridge to get it to stop bubbling.

Look at the reeds at the end of the footprint path when you are back outside the office.

Return to the clearing by retracing your steps.

Inquire about his employment.

Now it’s time to speak with the director, Vincent Van De Peer.

In response to the question “Vincent Van De Peer” + “just recently obtained permission from” + “Richard Remington” + “to film here in the swamp.” Speak with Van De Peer once again.

Then inquire as to what he was up to the night before.

Grimoire will ponder this question to himself.

In response to the question, say “Vincent Van De Peer informed me so” plus “Bobby Burle” and “was nowhere to be located yesterday night.” Speak with Van De Peer about the issue of his challenge.

Van De Peer’s challenge will be completed as a result of this.

Speak with Burle, the cameraman, once again.

Use the following responses: “You left it with Van De Peer, and he ended up using it instead.” “Van De Peer informed me that you have a recreational interest.” The picture of Boggy will appear when you rub your finger over it, indicating that the developing fluid has been used.

Take the first right, which will take you to the museum route.

You’ll need to figure out how to solve this basic problem.

Then, with the bottom lock fully extended to the right, close the door.

To the right of the upper lock, turn the key.

When you go to the museum, have a look at the journal to see if you can include the explorer’s journal into your proof.

Take a look at the glass display case on the left-hand side of the room.

You’ll keep them as proof in your case.

Inquire about his employment (you’ll receive a copy of Folder’s file as evidence).

Assuming you have the lock pick in your possession, Grimoire will state, “I’ll need to ‘select’ my questions very carefully.” In response, say something like: “The lock pick” + “I found near” + “Remington’s body” + “may belong to Agent Folder.” (If you’ve previously inquired about late-night availability, you may simply present the lock pick to Folder by pressing the “Present a hint” button on your keyboard.) Speak with Folder about the issue of his challenge.

  • Bring the lock pick to your attention.
  • “You’ve already acknowledged to possessing a lock pick and using it to open locked doors.”, say the authorities.
  • Return to the protest location by selecting it on the map screen.
  • Talk about his employment with him.
  • Return to the fork in the road.
  • Take a look at that wagon.
  • Next, touch the large Boggyhead-piece to obtain the head as well as the curtain piece for your clue collection.

Let’s talk about her profession.

Talk to her about Echo by selecting “display a profile” from the menu.

“Echo” + “spends less time holding” + “his protest sign” + “and more time in his tent” = “spends less time holding” + “his protest sign” + “and more time in his tent.” Go back to the protest location and speak with Echo again.

When it comes to jotting down a thought in your notebook, it doesn’t matter which one you use.

Make your way back to the gift shop and into the café.

Move the garbage out of the path and collect the outfit designs for your records.

In response, say “The costume design” + “I discovered in the trash can, please explain what” + “Burle’s black and white photograph” + “is showing me.” You’ll be able to inquire about the Boggy costume now that it’s available.

Harper, you should speak with the cook.

In his mind, Grimoire will wonder aloud, “Did something unusual happen at the cafe yesterday?” With “Richard Remington” + “I felt sick after leaving the café” + “Harper” + “I sold him a Bog-Dog,” you’ll have an answer.

Then you may chat about the issue of his challenge.

Choose the correct response: “A lock pick was used to gain entry to the store room.” Take a short walk up the bridge.

Place the gears onto the pegs in the manner shown.

Weybridge, go into the tree house and speak with the woman there.

Inquire about the previous night.

Provide Weybridge with a copy of the journal page that you used as proof.

Speak with Weybridge about the topic of her challenge.

I saw that one of the journal’s pages was gone.

If I could only see it, I may be able to make up my mind on what to do “.

In addition, you may turn it around to see the image of the footprints on the reverse side.

After that, knock on the door.

I’m not sure how you’re expected to figure out the solution, to be completely honest.

In Remington’s office, take a look at the hunting gun on the floor to see if it may be used as evidence.

You’ll need to complete this basic jigsaw puzzle in order to obtain the image seen above.

It is possible that Grimoire may question himself, “Have I discovered a secret in here?” Give the following response: “The hunting rifle” + “is historical proof that” + “Richard Remington” + “belonged to a secret club.

Return to the tree house if you haven’t already.

First, let’s talk about the swamp juice.

Drag the blue berries and yellow flowers into the cauldron and turn on the faucet to complete the process.

Grimoire will think to himself, “There’s something about that green slime,” and go to investigate further.

Speak with Sally about the topic of her challenge.

“They’re loose and stretched out.” Sally will provide you with the final clue, which will be aBoggy toy.

There are a few folks we need to speak with before we can begin to unravel the mystery of this case.

Remington is being discussed by Burle, Van De Peer, Echo, Sally, Weybridge, and Harper.

Return to the swamp dock and speak with Officer James about your situation.

“I don’t have to,” you can say.

Display the outfit designs for your audience.

Present the poker for the fireplace.

“To ensure that Remington became ill and had to return to his office,” you might say.

The perpetrator then gets a metal poker and stabs Remington.

Drag the flippers to the feet, the gloves to the hands, the leggings to the legs, and the headpiece to the head to complete the look.

You’ll notice that the body piece has been removed from the set.

Demonstrate the protest area. “Not unless. you’re in on the secret,” the Grimoire will respond. In order to finish his thought, he says “The hunting photo leads me to believe” + “Richard Remington” + “was here to hunt Boggy.” For the final questions, you are free to provide any response you want.

opening of lock in the tent

byalfion Apr 2, 12 4:39 AM
could somebody tell me how to open the lock because the numbers will not open itI try it already since two days I have the clues, the combinations but the lock is not open. What do I wrongly? Help me before I will be mad!

Re:opening of lock in the tent

Hialfi,I had look through the Forums to see what advice helpful Fishies may have provided on this.I was able to find the following advice:The combination for the lock is 12-5-20. You can’t open it until you have looked up these versus in the Book of Numbers in the Bible in the bookstand by the bed: Chapter 6 verse 10 is the day+of doves +of pigeons=12. You get that from Tape 3. From the Artifacts tape,(Chapter 15,verse 24) the 2ndwhich isof bulls (1)plus 5 minusof goats (1)=5. Thirdis in Chapter 8, verse 25-50 minus thirty. (I had a hard time understanding him when he said 30). Also, pay attention to the letters on the back of the hand when you are turning the safe dial. “T” means just turn at least one time in either direction. “R” means turn Right and the “L” means turn left. I drove myself crazy with that one.One more thing-when you put the tapes in, be sure to rewind completely before resetting the counter, then FF to 0105 for tape 3, 0223 for Artifacts tape and 0031 for tape 1.I hope that helps!Just to let you know, a great way to find a specific answer without searching through page after page of threads is to use theAdvanced Forum Searchoption underSearch All Forums, which you’ll find on the upper-right side of this page.Just choose a specific game from the drop-down menu and type in some keywords like “lock” and then all of the posts in that forum containing those words will appear!Happy Gaming!bfgBaikal
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Tangle Tower Puzzle Walkthrough

This page contains information about the numerous puzzles that may be discovered inTangle Tower, as well as the answers to these problems in order to proceed through the game’s levels. You may ask Detective Grimoire and Sally for help if you’re still lost by pressing the button in the top-right corner of the screen. They will discuss the puzzle and give you advice on how to solve it.

Part 1

This puzzle may be found in Flora’s Tower, on the far left side of the room, on the far left side of the room. The diamonds must be rearranged in accordance with the hint on the back of the egg, which the player must decipher.

To solve this puzzle, check the clue on the back of the egg and pay attention to the lines connecting the gems. The lines vary in shape, size, and sharpness, and correspond to the same lines in the main puzzle, just in different positions. Place the gems in the main puzzle on the same lines as shown in the clue. HintFinal solution

Hawkshaw’s Clock Box

Located in the Stone Squareto the bottom right of Hawkshaw’s desk, this puzzle will test your logic and reasoning skills. The player must adjust the dials such that the numbers on each clock (3, 6, 9, and 12) match to the positions of the numbers on a real-world time clock.

There are numerous ways to solve this puzzle with some trial and error. A quick way to solve the puzzle would be to move the far left clock’s dial to 3 and the far right clock’s dial to 6. The 6 needs to be on the right and facing backwards. The center dials should then work themselves out to 9 and 12 on their own. Final solution

Pointer’s Mechanical Solar System

This puzzle may be located on the right side of the room, in the Astronomy Tower, on the upper level. As well as the planets within the solar system, and the sun and moon on the outer ring, the player must rotate them in such a way that the shadows line up with the forms underneath them.

To solve the puzzle, rotate the planets, sun, and moon to the following position. Make sure the shadows line up. Final solution

Felix’s Treasure Chest

There is a shelf above Felix’s workdesk where this puzzle may be discovered in theWorkshop. Based on the treasure map clue, the player must figure out how to open the chest and locate the combination.

The painting on the chest depicts an X island, with a sea serpent on the left, a rock formation on the right, as well as palm trees and birds in the distance. To solve the puzzle, you must find which X island on the treasure map corresponds with the one on the painting, which has been highlighted below. The first two values correspond to the X island’s coordinates (“H6”) while the third value corresponds to which direction the painting is facing, which is west (hence “W”), making the final solution to the puzzle “H6W”. Treasure map hintFinal solution

Freya’s Paint Brushes

Fréya’s Room has this puzzle, which can be located in the center of the room, to the right of Fréya’s bed. After completing the problem on the left, the player must rearrange the paint brushes on the right in the appropriate order.

First, solve the scrap paper puzzle on the right, the completed puzzle will serve as a legend for the order of the paintbrushes. The legend depicts the different elements of the paintbrushes, (from top to bottom) the height, color of paint, type of brush, and color of handle. Arrange the paintbrushes according to the legend, so the first paintbrush must be one inch long with an orange handle, the second paintbrush must have second paint, the third must have a cone-shaped brush and a pink handle, and so on. Final solution

Fifi’s Miscroscope

On the right side of the room, near the window, is where you will find this puzzle. For the player to be able to construct a picture, the magnifying lenses must be moved over the shaft.

Each magnifying lens has a different magnifying strength and must be moved along the shaft to create a key image from the lines below. To solve the puzzle, move the lenses in the following position and make sure everything lines up. Final solution

Penny’s Birdhouse

On the right side of the room, near the window, you’ll find this puzzle. In order to generate a picture, the player must move the magnifying lenses over the shaft.

The birdhouse basically functions as a family tree with the white lines connecting each bird. Each bird varies in color, eye shape, and beak shape, and each “child” combines the traits of its parents. For example, a blue parent and a yellow parent will create a green child, then a parent with wide eyes and a parent with closed eyes will create a child with half-open eyes. To solve the puzzle, move the birds in the following positions. Final solution

Fitz’s Lockbox

This puzzle may be discovered in Fitz’s room, beneath his bed, on the floor. The player must use the puzzle pieces on the right to figure out how to open the combination lock.

To solve the puzzle, rearrange the pieces of paper on the left. The paper can be rearranged into four different shapes, with each shape corresponding to a part in the combination lock. The solution to each shape, as well as the final combination can be found below. Rearranged puzzle 1Rearranged puzzle 2Rearranged puzzle 3Rearranged puzzle 4

Poppy’s Metronome

This puzzle can be found in Poppy’s Roomon top of the nightstand drawer next to Poppy’s bed. In order for all of the hoops on the metronome to line up with the golden hoop at the top, the player must move them all with the use of the buttons at the bottom of the screen.

There are numerous ways to solve this puzzle and it can be done fairly easily with some trial and error. For one solution, press the buttons in the following order: 2, 2, 3, 3, 4, 4, 4, 4, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2. Final solution

Fitz and Poppy’s Door Locks

These puzzles, which can be found in both Fitz’s Room and Poppy’s Room, may be completed in conjunction with one another since the solution to one offers the solution to the other and vice versa. Please keep in mind that you must solve both door locks in order to unlock the doors.

To solve this puzzle, go to Fitz’s door lock, slide the lid away, move the sun puzzle blocks aside and check which slots the four moon signs are on the base. Go to Poppy’s door lock, slide the lid away, and move the moon puzzle blocks to the position they were in on Fitz’s side. Make sure to check which slots the four sun signs are on the base. Once completed, go back to Fitz’s door lock and move the sun puzzle blocks according to where they were on Poppy’s side. The door locks can be solved in either order. Solution to Fitz’s doorSolution to Poppy’s door

Part 2

In theGardens, you may find theHarp Statue, which is located in a pond.

In order to complete the puzzle of the Tangle Tower, the player must look for clues. Take note that this puzzle can only be solved after you have located theWooden Toy, which can be found in the Gardens after you have gone through all of the Suspect Statements and evidence from theCrime Scene.

To solve this puzzle, players must go around collecting four “melodies” from various places around Tangle Tower. The melodies are as follows: Doorbell: Go to theMain Entranceand interact with the doorbell.Humming: Go toFlora’s Towerand interact with the gramophone. Play theDamaged Tapeuntil you hear someone humming.Piano: Go to theMusic Roomand talk toPoppy. Show her theSheet Music, then select “Can you play the tune for us?”.Birdsong: Go to theLake’s Edgeand interact with the birdbath.Collecting each of these melodies will cause the Wooden Toy to respond and give you the symbols for the Harp Statue’s combination. The final solution is below.Doorbellmelody” data-src=” ofDoorbellmelodyHummingmelody” data-src=” ofHummingmelodyPianomelody” data-src=” ofPianomelodyBirdsongmelody” data-src=” ofBirdsongmelodyWooden Toy after finding all melodiesFinal solution

Laboratory Safe

This puzzle may be located in theLaboratory, on the right-hand side of the room, on the right-hand wall. Slide the latches on the grid in such a way that a path between the key and the lock may be created.

To solve this puzzle, the player must drag the latches across the grid to create a continuous connecting path between the key symbol and the lock symbol. The full solution is below. Final solution

The Soulbearer Crab

Located in theStudyon the left hand side of the room, directly adjacent to where Sallyis was standing, this puzzle may be solved. The player must use his or her hands to move the claws of the mounted crab.

To solve this puzzle, the player must refer back to one of the clues,Children’s Book, and match the mounted crab’s claws to the one depicted in the book. Make sure you manipulate both the angles of the mounted crab’s claws, as well as whether the claws are open or closed. Children’s Book hintFinal solution
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Echo Everstone

This is a stub. Please help improve it. You can assist Detective Grimoire Wiki by contributing to its growth. Boggy’s house is being fought for by Edward Everstone, also known asEcho, an activist who claims to be working for the preservation of the cartoon character, yet he appears to be more interested in the cartoon character, admitting that he likesBoggy for the old cartoons in which it appears. In the filmSecret of the Swamp, he appears as a suspect in the murder of Richard Remington, which takes place in the Swamp.


His long, red hair and matching beard, which he has knotted together towards the bottom of his face, distinguish him as Mr. Everstone. The clothes he is wearing are black pants and gloves, along with a yellow poncho and a green camouflage cap with a yellow feather in the center. Despite the fact that he spends most of his time only a few meters away from his tent, he always has some camping equipment on his back.


Echo is a sentimental person who loves to be among others. Though he is battling for the well-being of Boggy, it is clear that he has little understanding about the real creature and is considerably more concerned in the cartoon character, whom he has adored from an early age. As a result, he frequently gets the facts regarding the two confused.


Echo has pledged to continue to fight for Boggy’s right to live a tranquil life until his goal is completed successfully. In order to do this, he dons a Boggy costume and goes to Remington’s office in order to terrify him into obeying. Unfortunately, things do not turn out the way we had hoped. The attempt to shoot “Boggy” is met with resistance from Echo, who uses a fireplace poker to defend herself. Remington is thrown out the window and to his death as a result of the turmoil. Echo, despite his stated affection for Boggy, continues to attempt to frame the unfortunate critter.


  • As long as Boggy does not enjoy a tranquil existence, Echo has determined to continue battling for him until his task is completed successfully. His goal is to terrify Remington into compliance in his workplace, so he dresses up in a Boggy costume and goes to his location. Unfortunately, things don’t turn out the way we had hoped they would. The attempt to shoot “Boggy” is met with resistance from Echo, who uses a fireplace poker to defend himself. Remington is thrown out the window and to his death as a result of the commotion. The unfortunate creature, despite Echo’s stated affection for him, is continually targeted for framing by the man.


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Detective Grimoire: Secret of the Swamp – Walkthrough, Tips, Review

When the dinosaurs still roamed the earth, Super Flash Bros demonstrated that murder can be entertaining (at least for us) with the introduction of Detective Grimoire, a point-and-clickmystery adventure game in 2007. Now, over seven years later, our scruffy, sassy investigator is back for his oddest case yet inDetective Grimoire: Secret of the Swamp, which is accessible for iOS and Android devices as well as PC, Mac, and Linux systems. For this particular case, he is looking into a murder at a weird tourist attraction known as Boggy’s Bog, which is located deep within a swamp that is supposed to be home to a mystery extraterrestrial entity.

  • Maybe.
  • Detective Grimoire is a typical adventure game in terms of gameplay.
  • The game’s default setting will highlight interactive places with a flicker, and you can toggle this feature on and off in the options menu at any time.
  • As a result, be cautious about clicking on anything that appears odd or out of place.

Despite the fact that the majority of the game is spent clicking around and solving puzzles, you’ll also spend a significant amount of time talking to and interrogating suspects, which involves asking questions and showing the clues you’ve discovered, as well as putting Grimoire’s thoughts in order by connecting thoughts and ideas to form a helpful statement that could unlock additional options.

  1. During challenges, you’ll have to make educated guesses based on the information you’ve obtained in order to catch them in their falsehoods, or you’ll have to solve puzzles in order to uncover new clues.
  2. The artwork is vibrant and full of personality, and the animations (both in chats and cutscenes) are smooth and well-executed.
  3. Grimoire makes a lighthearted reference to Professor Layton at one point, but the game is really far more similar to the Phoenix Wright series in terms of investigative gameplay and oddball characters.
  4. Fortunately, it’s a plot with plenty of twists and turns, as well as an eccentric cast.
  5. What’s the drawback?
  6. When you have the kind of stunningly immersive design and compelling storytelling that Detective Grimoire offers, it’s really easy to get lost in it, and it seems like you’re just truly getting engaged in everything and everyone before it’s finished.
  7. A number of the “puzzles” are so simple and straightforward that they nearly come off as afterthoughts.
  8. You’ll like the time you spend with this gorgeously decorated and charisma-packed adventure, even though it’s over far too soon for you to notice.

Now, let’s just hope we don’t have to wait nearly as long for the next installment. Download the whole version for Windows. Download the complete version of Mac OS X. Download the complete version for Linux.

Detective Grimoire – Walkthrough, Tips, Review

Posted on July 6, 2007 by zxo 4.7 out of 5 stars (125votes)


4.75 out of 5 stars (125votes)

The book launches straight in to an evocative and sensational description of the state of Europe in 1810, with most of it in Napoleon’s hands save the Duke of Wellington’s foothold in Portugal. After the brief obligatory note about what a role-playing game is, there is a more detailed and personal view from a retired General of the Scots Foot Guards, incongruously illustrated with a picture of Admiral Lord Nelson. A contrasting view comes from a French colonel, a cavalryman by the portrait.Introduction and scene-setting done, attention turns to character creation.

The idea is that all characters in a game will come from the same regiment, and they’ll define it as character creation progresses.

It all seems rather vague but can be a powerful tool to build a character with a rich history who is not just a creation for the purposes of the game but an individual in his own right.

There is a lot of detail here, and it is not something to be rushed but an integral part of the game itself.

There are different levels, depending on how pivotal to the storyline success – or failure – will be.

That’s not to say that characters will always succeed at everything they do, often the fun comes in thinking your way around problems, but if you just cannot proceed without managing this task, it makes for better storytelling if it is, well, managed!

Next, see what skills, traits and special equipment you have available to help.

That gives you the total number of playing cards at your disposal.

If the cards you draw are neither the same suit or number, you fail; if it’s the same card it’s a perfect success and a joker can be used as any card you like!

Rules for damage and healing follow, with the interesting twist that combat isn’t the only thing that can damage you – gambling may damage your wealth or dishonourable behaviour your reputation!The next chapter looks at Wealth and Equipment.

To abstract things somewhat – who wants to have to account for every farthing?

Missions are set by the GM in the main, but can be character-led, and are the things that you do in order to tell the story of your character’s life in the army (and oft-times, what else he does that he may even hope his regiment never hears about!).

Naturally, the players – let alone their characters – may not know what these are at the outset.

Now as well as the obvious – the military mission the whole group are engaged in – a character can have a personal mission of his own (maybe he’s trying to attract the attention of a young lady, or break in a new horse), and he may also have a special promotion mission as well.

Combat is very abstracted, with an entire fight being resolved by one draw of the cards.

The number of cards you have to draw upon mostly depends on the weapon you are using, there are no specific combat skills although you can take appropriate traits if you really want to be a flashing blade or a deadly shot with a pistol.

Whoever is senior determines tactics and assigns tasks to everyone else, those tasks are resolved and that decides the result of the entire skirmish.

Officers, of course, can purchase their way up the ranks, while everyone can hope to fill dead men’s shoes or be promoted for some outstanding act of valour (remember, gallantry medals hadn’t been invented yet so it’s about the only reward available to a commander).

Of course, there needs to be a vacancy as well, and the whole thing can be quite drawn out.Next comes a look at the sorts of missions suitable for the characters, and how to plan them.

There are lots of different things to do, whether you stick with Wellington’s campaigns or venture further afield.

and close the session with three cheers for the King!

It all adds to the flavour.)Things round off with some background to the life and times of the Napoleonic Age, especially as it relates to the military.

There are also some pregenerated characters who’ll make good NPCs, a bibliography, and appendices on the organisation of the British Army of the time, tactics, real regimental titles and even suitable names of the period.Overall, this is a fascinating approach to a difficult setting – a real historical military game.

It manages to find ways to create genuine role-playing opportunities, looks at how to involve everyone and doesn’t get bogged down in lengthy combats. Missions run the risk of being a bit mechanistic, but with care the story and role-playing should win out. A truly original game!

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