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Hyoko 21st March, 2016 at 4:39 a.m. I believe it should not be placed near water. Players may use the beginning tent as a spawn location, temporary storage, and even as a hitching post for one animal, according to the game’s official wiki. To drop the tent, right click it in your inventory and pick drop from the context menu. You’ll need at least a 2 × 2 area that’s free of any other objects to put your stuff in. I hope it is of assistance! The following was first posted byhyoko.com: I believe it should not be placed near water.

I’m virtually on the lake right now.

It’s worth noting that I only recently began and came into this completely by chance.

I eventually discovered a location where it would allow me to drop it.

  1. Now I’m on the hunt for some iron.
  2. I eventually discovered a location where it would allow me to drop it.
  3. Now I’m on the hunt for some iron.
  4. Were you able to locate the vein even if you did not have the Mining Skill: Prospecting?
  5. Arbus 21st of March, 2016 at 6:34 a.m.
  6. In the past few weeks, I’ve discovered around 4 iron ore veins, all of which are identical to the ones I detailed before.
  7. There must be something wrong with my technique.

Perhaps this is something about which to post a query.

Except for the fact that you can use it to store items and tether a horse to, it isn’t really useful.

When it comes to searching for iron, you’ll need to improve your prospecting and then your analysis abilities.

It’s likely that you’re acting in the role of a game master because you’re depleting ore veins in a single hit.

Romen 21st of March, 2016 at 11:13 a.m.

Therefore, avoid mining ore while playing as a GM at all costs.

Arbus 21st of March, 2016 at 11:35 a.m.

Now that I’ve hollowed out an entire mountain, I’m laughing:-) I was able to raise my mining skill to level 22.


Just keep prospecting until you find a way to unlock the analysis.

Keep in mind that analyse provides information based on the tile from which the shard originated, not the tile on which you are currently standing!

I went ahead and created a new character (not a GM) and am currently working my way through the tutorial with him before bringing him to the settlement and my homestead.

only have the examine, look, no target, attacks, and emotes options.

Guess it applies to the account on the server, not the indivdual character.

Arbus 21 Mar, 2016 @ 2:14pm I figured it out. I had the newbie buffs but I needed to belong to the same faction as the guide. there was an option to convert on the guide and when I did that the bartender would interact with me. I guess it just depends on where you spawn intitially.

Explorer tent – Wurmpedia

Hyoko at 4:39 a.m. on March 21, 2016 Placement near water, I believe, is out of the question. Players may use the beginning tent as a spawn location, temporary storage, and even as a hitching post for one animal, according to the game’s wiki page. Simply right-click the tent in your inventory and pick “drop” to put it where you want it. When putting things down, you’ll need at least a 2×2 area that’s clear of clutter. Thank you for your time! Hyoko had originally put this on her blog, saying: Placement near water, I believe, is out of the question.

  1. I’m virtually floating on the water at this point!
  2. Remember, I only recently began and came into this completely by chance.
  3. on March 21, 2016 Eventually, I came upon a location where it was okay for me to let go.
  4. hahaha The search for iron has begun.
  5. Eventually, I came upon a location where it was okay for me to let go.
  6. hahaha The search for iron has begun.
  7. You didn’t have Mining Skill: Prospecting, but were you able to discover the vein?

Arbus at 6:34 a.m.

In the past few weeks, I’ve discovered around 4 iron ore veins, all of which are identical to the ones I detailed previously.

What an unusual situation.

When it comes to the tent, you can’t put one on deeded land, which is why you had to walk outside your deed and drop it near water.

Your colony will serve as a spawn location for you to explore the world around you.

Iron and other ores may be discovered by analyzing rock fragments with a 20+ skill level.

Normal Wurmians are not aware of the exceptional abilities that they possess.

on March 21, 2016 According to Explora, GM can mine a vein or rock in a single hit!

You’ll need a tent early on while you’re setting up your base of operations, as well as later on when you’re out exploring and want somewhere safe to return to in the event that you lose your life.

on March 21, 2016 It all makes sense now, thank you so much!

I was able to raise my mining skill to 22 points.


on March 21, 2016 All you have to do now is keep prospecting till you find the key to analysis.

Take note that the information provided by analysis is dependent on the tile from whence the shard originated, not the location of the user!

on March 21, 2016 I created a new character (not a GM) and am currently working my way through the tutorial with him before escorting him to both a village and my own home.

There are just the inspect, look, no target, attacks, and emotes choices available to you.

When I made an alt, I found that he didn’t have the rookie benefits that allow you to purchase meals from the bartender.

Arbus 21st of March, 2016 at 2:14 p.m.

I have the rookie bonuses, but I needed to be a member of the same group as the guide in order to use them. On the guide, there was an option to convert, and when I chose to do so, the bartender interacted with me. I suppose it all depends on where you spawn when you first wake up.

  • Activateshaft (1.00kg)
  • Right-clicks square piece of fabric
  • Selects “CreateTents” from the drop-down menu
  • Six pegs, nine shafts, and six cordage ropes make up a nine-square piece of fabric.


A more durable version of the basic tent, but without the constraints on what may be stored within. A pole has been engraved with the name of the property’s owner, XXX.


Player’s may utilize an explorer tent for several purposes, such as a spawn spot, temporary storage, and a hitching post for one animal. Right-click the tent in your inventory and pick “drop” from the drop-down menu. For a successful placement, you will want a minimum of a 2 × 2 space that is clear of any objects. You can do the following:

  • Lockpickand If you are on a PVP server, you can take other players’ tents
  • If you are on a PvE server, you can take other players’ tents when they are unlocked. Mines should be placed around them. It is acceptable to smash other players’ tents if they belong to players on your friends list or who reside on the same deed as you
  • Tether a companion animal to it (the companion animal will remain online after the player logs out and will be subject to assaults from violent critters)
  • You should put them on a deed in which you are a citizen.

You are unable to:

  • Tents can be dyed
  • They can be loaded into vehicles utilizing theloadability
  • Tents may be repaired or repaired.

How to Give a Tent to Another Player

  • Remove your tent lock (by selecting it with the right-click button)
  • Change the ownership of the tent to another player or character. That player adds a lock of their own. The tent is now in the possession of the new player. Tents for newbies cannot be swapped


  • The explorer tent is pre-locked upon construction
  • However, the lock may be replaced with a larger padlock if desired (see Accessories). It must be situated inside your kingdom’s area of influence in order to be used as an arespawnpoint on PvP servers. On PvE servers, on the other hand, the tent will function as a respawn spot from any location on the ground where it is placed
  • The tent will weigh more when it is being constructed than it will when it is finished. The weight of the tent will be reduced to 3.50KG after the project is completed. When you’re finished with it, the tent will fall to the ground, even whether you’re on a deed or deed perimeter. It has a capacity of 100 items.

See Also


This item cannot be crafted.

No-drop tent is located in the main area of the building (Starter tent) This is a tiny yet functional tent. Nobody has the right to remove anything from within, even if the door is unlocked. Anyone who comes into contact with it will be unable to steal the creature. A tent that has not been damaged will decompose within a few weeks if left on the ground. A pole has been engraved with the name of the property’s owner, XXX.


Starting from the beginning, players may utilize their initial tent as a spawn location, temporary storage, and a hitching post for one animal. Right-click the tent in your inventory and pick “drop” from the drop-down menu. If you want to be successful with your placement, you will need at least a 2 by 2 space that is clear of things. You can do the following:

  • Use an extra-large padlock to keep them safe
  • Store stuff inside of them. Put them in mines if possible. Attach an animal to them (the animal will remain online even if the user logs out and will continue to be exposed to assaults from violent creatures)
  • You should put them on a deed in which you are a citizen.

You are unable to:

  • Color the dyetents and load them onto vehicles with theloadability.


  • All new players are immediately provided with a starter tent as part of their starter kit, and they are unable to make another tent at any time in the future. Alternatively, if you lose your tent or it begins to deteriorate, you will need to purchase an entirely new tent if you desire to replace it. It must be situated inside your kingdom’s area of influence in order to be used as an arespawnpoint on PvP servers. On PvE servers, on the other hand, the tent will function as a respawn spot from any location on the ground where it is placed
  • It starts at 10QL and cannot be fixed or improved
  • It cannot be upgraded. In some cases, such as when throwing anything, the tent may sustain significant damage and may even be destroyed

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It’s hardly unexpected that the nameWurm Onlinesounds familiar to some people. Development on Wurm Online began in 2003, with the game’s formal PC release taking place two years later in 2012. Wurm may also be familiar to players from the standalone game Wurm Unlimited, which was released in 2015. Wurm Online is being touted as a sandbox MMO that gives players the freedom to engage in whatever activity they wish in the game. Due to the fact that the player is very much on their own after the tutorial concludes, this is generally correct.

  • This is our review of Wurm Online on Steam, which is intended for beginner gamers.
  • Players had issues with theWurm Onlineclient, which was constantly disconnecting from the download server, resulting in many players being unable to get into the game for many hours.
  • Later, depending on which server you choose after finishing the lesson, there was a persistent delay with resources requiring several minutes to refresh/process, at times lasting several minutes.
  • Players who were experiencing latency on the current PvE server were moved to a new PvE server, which served as an instructional server to accommodate the increased demand from the new players.
  • Following the adoption of a few updates, the Wurm Onlineservers are presently operating with just a few minor glitches to report.
  • As a new player, my initial experience with theWurm Onlinelauncher encapsulates the vast majority of the issues and disappointments I have while participating in the game in general.
  • It only made rational sense to me when my wife informed me that I needed to enter a character name that the launcher was not working.
  • I made the error of assuming that I would only be able to create a character name once the game had been opened for the initial time.

Fortunately, the developers have been fast to respond to concerns like these and have patched in improvements/fixes as soon as they have been discovered (there is now a text note below the character name field so that players are not left wondering or having to go searching on the forums).


Unfortunately, this lack of direction can be found throughout the game’s whole. Welcome toWurm Online, where you will want to bookmark theWurmpedia and improve your Google-fu right away, because otherwise, practically everything you do will be trial and error based on your findings. Wurmpedia is so important to playing this game that when you right-click on most in-game things, a link will open the item’s Wurmpedia entry, which is a great convenience. Remember to click on the “faintly gleaming mirror” in your inventory after logging in for the first time if you wish to modify the gender and/or look of your character.

  1. The new player tutorial experience is straightforward and brief, and as long as you are willing to read the in-game signals as well as the UI instructions, you should have no trouble finishing it successfully.
  2. The tutorial is fairly brief, and once it has been done, the user will be presented with a gateway that will enable them to pick from PvE, PvP, or Epic islands (server).
  3. Your first few hours will most likely consist of roaming around until you locate a suitable location to pitch your tent and begin leveling up your talents; anticipate to die at least a couple of times during this time period.
  4. Do you want to build a cottage high in the mountains?
  5. Do you want to put your efforts into creating a castle, where you may create the layout and then invite all of your friends to live with you in it?
  6. Do you want to be in charge of a kingdom’s construction and administration?
  7. The main drawback is that you must continuously train your talents by constructing and accumulating everything – in order for the skills connected to the goals you want to pursue to level up, which takes a significant amount of time and effort.
  8. Even putting together your first cart is a multistep process that involves producing all of the components and assembling them (once you have high enough skills to do so).
Endgame, Sound, Graphics, Price

So, as a player, what exactly can you accomplish in the latter stages of Wurm Online? Anything you desire is the short answer. You have the option to build a kingdom, go out on your own and explore the world, go monster hunting, engage in PvP, participate in epic server scenarios, or manage a blacksmith shop. For example, I’m tempted to train as an alchemist and construct a fortress for my own use. Players must create enjoyment for themselves by creating objectives, achieving those goals, setting new goals, and repeating the process.

  1. I anticipate that over time, a number of smaller communities will expand spontaneously, uniting to form a larger community, and so forth.
  2. Graphics are weak (you can tell this game was made more than a decade ago), but they aren’t terrible either.
  3. The music and sound effects are OK, but they don’t always line up with what you’re doing, and I found myself turning off the music and sound effects as I watched Netflix in the background most of the time.
  4. Most of the time, battle for novice players boils down to the following: you activate attack and wait to win; you activate attack and wait to perish horrifically; or you run away from the fight.
  5. However, keep in mind that with a free account, you will only be able to ride cows and not be able to build a settlement, and if you stop playing, your account data will be deleted after three months.
  6. It will not only provide you with a variety of benefits while it is active, but it will also ensure that your account data is never removed as a result of inactivity.

You may also acquire silver, which is the game’s money, using the Steam platform. While there are methods to gain the cash through in-game activities, they are few and few between unless you manufacture things and exchange with other people.

Final Thoughts

Wurm Onlineis a sandbox game designed for gamers that enjoy the freedom of a totally open world. It offers a sophisticated classless skill system with more than 100 abilities. Building up your character will take hours upon hours of work, and while many of the tasks I’ve mentioned previously may appear tedious, you will be rewarded on a regular basis through skill progression and by having crafted every piece of your equipment and belongings as well as your entire community. As a player, you have the opportunity to contribute to the creation of the game world, which might be quite intriguing to some.

There are no missions, no fast-paced fighting, and no typical plot in this game; thus, it is not a game for you.

If you do end up loving the game, you may sign up for a one-month subscription to keep playing.

Kevin Chick

He began playing video games on an Apple III with the Wizardry Series and Questron before the age of ten, and he has been a passionate player ever since. With the debut of D D 2nd Edition in junior high, he made the transition from video games to tabletop gaming. In his first year of university, the video game Everquest was created, integrating two of his favorite pursuits into one package.

Wurm Online (Video Game)

Wurm Online is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Code Club AB, which is based in Sweden. The game’s development began in 2003, and it was officially launched in 2006. Since then, it has received several upgrades and modifications. The game takes place in Wurm, a fantasy world that is rather ordinary in terms of setting. With the exception of gender, there are no courses or options available at the time of character creation. Before the huge upgrade on December 12th, there was just one model per gender available for purchase.

  • All abilities are gained via practice.
  • Trees may be harvested and used to construct containers, structures, and firewood, among other things.
  • Even soil may be dug up and repositioned in order to change the elevation of a piece of ground.
  • On that piece of dirt, plant a tree, a shrub, or a flower.
  • Digging it up, packing it, or paving over it are all options.
  • Players can also engage in battle, just like they can in most other games of the same type.
  • The type and quality of weaponry and armor used in this situation are critical considerations.

Interesting tidbit about the author: As a member of Wurm Online’s development team before departing to pursue other interests, Notch is best known as the inventor of the Minecraft video game.

Wurm Onlineprovides examples of:

  • Due to the wide sky, mountains, and caverns, it’s difficult to discern the second dimension at first. The constraints are only fully realized when mining activities are being carried out. However, if two tunnels of differing heights intersect an other, a dropshaft is constructed, no matter how far away you believed they were vertically. You Qualify as a Homeowner: You may even construct it on your own. It includes everything from little hermit shacks in the woods to majestic stone houses with paved complexes encircled by stone walls and street lighting
  • And everything in between. You Have the Qualities of an Interior Designer: Once you have purchased a home, you may begin collecting items to furnish it. These can be functional objects such as ovens and containers, or they can be just decorative items such as seats and tables. Anti-Poop-Socking Measures: Sleep benefits, which allow you to double your skill gain, are available. This is accomplished by clicking on a bed that you own and selecting “Sleep,” which will then log you out of your account. For the time being, your character gains sleep bonus at a rate of 1 hour every 24 hours spent “sleeping” (a maximum of 5 hours of sleep bonus)
  • Until the next time you check in. Weapons that can be broken: In truth, everything is brittle and can be broken. Items suffer harm as a result of their usage, and they will also deteriorate over time. Fortunately, all objects may be restored, however the quality will be reduced in proportion to the amount of damage. Bribing Your Way to Victory: How to Get What You Want in Life. Along with the monetary expenses of Premium, gamers have the option of spending even more real money on in-game currency. The only other option for acquiring in-game cash is to trade with other players, which is never a guaranteed method of acquiring currency. If you have enough money, you may swiftly purchase high-quality things from more experienced players, build settlements (by claiming otherwise public territory as your own), and maintain such settlements (which will be dissolved if you fail to do so, with no returns)
  • It should be noted that, for some reason, purchasing Premium with real money is less expensive than paying the comparable amount in in-game currency. To put it another way, it costs 10 Euros to purchase two months of Premium using real money. It costs 10 silver to purchase a month of Premium with in-game money, and it costs 1 Euro to purchase a single silver in-game. Could it be that the Premium experience is intended to be more accessible than having additional spending money? On the other side, it makes it more difficult for players who are more focused on business to keep their Premium status through trade.
  • Horses may be dressed out in bardings of various materials and colors, and they can be supplied with horseshoes, saddles, and bridles to make them quicker or easier to ride
  • A cool horse can be described as follows: Gaining a specific degree of proficiency in a talent might result in the addition of titles to your name, such as “Mason,” “Master Blacksmith,” and so on. Technically, crippling overspecialization is conceivable because to the large amount of grinding required to improve a single skill. In practice, this is extremely tough to attain on one’s own, and because of the way skillgain works, there is no harm in developing other abilities as well. The Freedom Cluster is particularly forgiving when it comes to death, as you will respawn at your village or tent with only a minor loss of experience in a few skills (and 10 times less if you die at your deed or village), and you will have an ample window of time to track down your corpse and retrieve your items, or decide when to release it and have someone else retrieve them for you. Those on Epic and Chaos islands, however, are a little less fortunate, as whatever you have on you becomes fair game for the person who murdered you.
  • The Bag of Keeping, which allows you to retain some items with you after you die
  • Certain spells that allow you to recover your body from anywhere
  • And the Path of Knowledge passive talent, which cancels practically all skill loss can all help to mitigate the consequences of death.
  • Enlightenment Superpower: Long hours of meditation can provide you a variety of abilities, such as quicker healing, teleportation, and the ability to blow holes in the brains of your adversaries with the power of your mind
  • However, these abilities are not guaranteed. A fluff tamer has the ability to tame hazardous creatures such as bears and crocodiles if they have adequate animal taming expertise. As an extra benefit, bears may be ridden into battle as a mounted unit. Hellhounds are unleashed by the glass cannon. They are the mob with the largest aggro distance, but they are also the fastest, and they can close that gap in a matter of seconds. It takes only a few strong, well-aimed strikes to bring them down, but they can also deal enough damage to take down the ordinary fighter in a matter of minutes
  • Gold–Silver–Copper Standard: This standard employs a Gold–Silver–Copper–Iron system with 100:1 ratios across the board, but injects a little of realism by limiting the use of gold and silver coins to extremely high-value transactions
  • Only a small number of players will ever see a gold coin. Taken into consideration while crafting an item When leveling up to Eleven, a lone player may be able to construct an entire village with only the basic tool set and raw resources available to them. The game even boasts about its emphasis on player-created goods and the game’s environment. Furthermore, practically all handcrafted objects may be enhanced, hence enhancing their overall quality, by employing the same tools and raw materials that were used to create them in the first instance. Most non-bulk objects of a certain quality or higher will contain the maker’s signature, which gets more readable as the item’s quality or higher increases. A conceivable consequence for players who want to be self-sufficient is to become a Jack-of-All-Trades. A somewhat more Mediterranean vibe than normal, with olive and lemon trees and wine instead of beer, but it still counts as Medieval European fantasy.
  • Corn, tomatoes, peas, potatoes, and even cocoa beans are included in the crop choices, which goes against the grain. Indeed, it’s lampshades in the sense that viewing some of these crops may elicit the question “Where did this come from?”
  • Perpetually Static: This has been avoided in order to maintain the emphasis on a player-driven universe. Communities may be established and dissolved, public roadways can be constructed to link points of interest, fences can be created to stop mob spawns, woods can be cleared to make room for potato fields, and so on. Since theExcuse Plotfor the PVP servers consists of three essentially interchangeable groups engaged in a never-ending series of raids and conflicts for territory with no end in sight, the mythology has been played a little more straight. Every Day Is a Play Day: To the point that it becomes a little irritating. If you leave it more than 24 hours between caring to a certain crop-tile, it will perish. If buildings are not properly maintained, they will break apart completely within a week, especially the wooden structures that free players are confined to. Furthermore, this is not a game that can be played on a low-cost tablet
  • There is a player-generated economy, which can be observed in the forums and chat rooms, where users may be seen providing and requesting for different commodities and services. There is just one guaranteed buyer for commodities, and that is an NPC Trader, whose contract is obtained for 50 silver. Additionally, it takes time for his money supply to replenish itself. Other than that, everything is determined by supply and demand, however players may access a “get price” for any item they investigate, which is displayed as “a Trader would pay x for this.” It is possible for the value of rare things at auction to skyrocket fast, with enormous profits to be made. The ability to regenerate health: Very mild wounds, such as those done by a weak animal through high-quality armor, would recover entirely in 10 minutes, allowing a player to go from near-death to good as new in a matter of seconds, providing they do not get harmed again. Religion Is Magic: While followers of the deities receive only slight advantages and are subject to minor restrictions, priests receive access to a broad array of spells in exchange for additional restrictions. Landscape Porn: Aside from the fact that mountains and oceans are a generally pleasant area to look out over, the planet changes appearance with the passage of time and as celestial bodies orbit it. There are also celestial phenomena such as rainbows and eclipses to look out for. Damage to Subsystems: Each bodily area may be targeted, with each wound being logged individually. Critical Existence Failure, on the other hand, happens when the cumulative amount of damage sustained exceeds your health. As a result, you may die from a few serious wounds or dozens of minor ones. Tech Points: Skills improve only when they are used, and only when they are used often. Certain skills have sub-skills associated with them
  • Raising the success rate of a sub-skill increases the success rate of the parent skill, and increasing the success rate of the parent skill raises the success rate of all sub-skills. As this system is extended to include all talents and abilities, each skill is paired with a characteristic such as Body, Mind, and Soul. Increasing the success rate of a linked skill improves a characteristic, whereas increasing the success rate of a characteristic raises the success rate of all connected skills. It’s all about the waxing and waning: Even ordinary occupations like as farming, constructing, or working will progressively enhance the attributes of the Body, Mind, and Soul, which have a significant influence on fighting capability. A tool’s performance as a weapon is also improved by merely using it
  • For example, a character who has done nothing but dig for weeks will have a very excellent fighting chance with it. Unrestricted Sandbox: The lack of missions is explicitly advertised on the main page as a positive feature. If you compare Wurm Online to your typical MMORPG, connecting with other players goes a long way toward providing some variation and difficulties to the experience. To do this, you can join a settlement, start a settlement, trade products and services with other people, participate in community initiatives, and so on. The Wizard is in desperate need of food: The game keeps track of your hunger and thirst, which, although not fatal (yet), will limit your stamina regeneration if you do not get enough of either. A low hunger bar also stops you from performing physically demanding tasks such as mining and excavating. In addition to determining whether or not you are hungry, the nutritional content of your food is recorded. Increased nutrition accelerates the rate at which you develop skills while also slowing the rate at which you become hungry.
  • When the hunger bar is down to an unsafe level, the player will automatically fast, replenishing the hunger bar while depleting fat stores. This acts as a form of safety net. A player who does not consume food will soon exhaust his or her fat stores and will be forced to live in a condition of permanent frailty.

How to Get Rid of Tent Worms

Tent worms, also known as Eastern tent caterpillars or Malacosoma americanum, are a kind of caterpillar that lives throughout North America. They may not constitute a significant threat to us, but they can be a significant source of frustration. These birds are most frequently observed around the beginning of spring, when they build nests on the branches of trees that resemble tents. They are medium-sized caterpillars that have the potential to develop into moths.

Where do they live?

There are a total of 26 recognized species of oftentcaterpillars, with 6 of them being found in the United States. The remainder of them may be found in abundance across Eurasia. Once they hatch, the tent worms will construct their little silken tents in the vicinity of the tree where the early morning sun shines through. This permits them to warm up sufficiently in order to begin their digestive process properly. Tent worms are most commonly seen on ornamental fruit trees such as wild cherry trees, but they have also been found in maple trees, ash trees, and willow trees, among other places.

What do they eat?

Tent worms eat on the leaves of trees, and if they congregate in sufficient numbers, they can cause defoliation of the trees. Trees seldom die as a result of leaf loss, although it does render them much more vulnerable to the development of diseases. Tent worms may also feed on other plants and flora in the surrounding area. As they make their way to their food supply, the tent worms emit a stream of pheromones that help to create the trail that they have traveled. This implies that they will have an easier time returning to their nest and that other tent worms will be able to locate the food supply as well.

Because of this, big tent worm colonies will generate a considerable amount of droppings, which can be a nuisance.

How to remove tent worms

Generally speaking, you can pick out the egg sacs and nests with your hands in the majority of situations. Tent worms may be found as high as 30 feet in the air, right at the top of a tree, and they can be difficult to find. Tent worm removal may be accomplished using a variety of approaches, all of which are quite successful.


Birds are a natural predator of the tent worm, therefore the only thing this strategy does is to maintain the natural order of the universe. To begin, we recommend that you put a birdhouse in your tree to attract the attention of the birds. If the infestation is located higher up in the tree, you can raise the birdhouse or feeder to a higher level in the branches to combat the problem.

This is likely to attract the attention of the birds to the tent worms, and ideally, they will consume them as a result of their presence. If you have a cat, raising the height of your birdhouse will most certainly assist to safeguard the birds as well.


It is very simple to simply dislodge the tent worms’ nest from its perch in the tree’s canopy. This may be accomplished by utilizing a brush or pole that you may have laying about your house. If they are located at a high elevation, we recommend using a ladder to get to them more easily. You could also use a pressurized water spray to force the tent worms and their homes out of the tree, if they are still inside.

Other species

To keep the tent worm population under control, you may also employ natural predators of the worm. The tent worm is preyed upon by a variety of parasitic wasps, including the Cotesia, Bracon, and Hyposter. These wasps are particularly active during the tent worm’s larval stage. The Trichogramma wasp preys on the tent worm eggs and kills them. Assassin bugs and paper wasps will also consume live tent worms if they are available.


There is a naturally occurring insecticide in soil known as BT (Bacillus thuringiensis or Bt-kurstaki) that is extremely powerful against pests. It is a microbe spray that is effective against caterpillar, worm, and moth larvae. It is a selective insecticide, which means that it will specifically target specific species while leaving other species entirely unaffected by its presence. Simply apply the spray to the afflicted region and leave it alone for a few minutes. After a while, you will see that the tent worms are beginning to fall from the branches of the tree and onto the ground, where they will no longer be a problem.

  • In addition, you can use pesticides as a spot treatment for the tents that the worms have built.
  • During the winter months, you may spray the eggs with dormant oil, which will coat them uniformly and keep them from drying out.
  • Spinosad is a biological substance that is produced naturally by fermentation.
  • Another effective pesticide is azadirachtin, which may be obtained in products such as AzaMax and neem oil.
  • It is also a selective product, meaning that it does not damage honey bees or other beneficial insects.


You should be trimming your trees and plants during the winter months. During this period, you can look for bunches of eggs on the branches of your trees and remove them.

These will appear as little swellings on the skin and may be easily removed and disposed of. This will result in the eggs being removed off the tree before they have a chance to hatch. It is also a good idea to remove any webs that you may have seen on the limbs of the tree throughout the spring.


Tent worm traps are widely accessible in the commercial marketplace. These tend to be sticky and have a similar look to tape in appearance. Installation options include placing them near the base of the tree and in a variety of spots throughout the branches. This will ensure that the greatest number of tent worms are trapped.

Live tent worms

Tent worms should be exterminated if you notice them crawling around your house or in your trees. This can be accomplished by smashing the beans or soaking them in a pail of warm soapy water for several minutes.

Exploring Wurm Unlimited

You have arrived to a welcoming small handbook for the gameWurm Unlimited. We began playing Wurm for the first time in Creative mode because we were intrigued by the prospect of creating our own universe from the ground up. The game’s creative mode does not include any introductory quests; instead, you are left alone in the universe, and the interface is not intuitive. With this guide, I hope to make the first learning curve for anyone who desire to play this manner a little easier, while still leaving you with a lot to discover on your own.

Getting Started

What is Wurm Unlimited and how does it work? Single-Player: Playing Alone on Your Computer is a Bad Idea Making friends and playing with them on their server or on yours Strafe (and other) keybindings can be configured. Backing up your database (also known as creating a “Save Game”)

Your First Day in Wurm:Step-By-Step Beginner Tutorials

These lessons are incredibly in-depth, and they are written as though you had never playedWurm Online orWurm Unlimited previously. They will walk you through the basics of the game’s rules and interface as you do some simple chores that will help keep your new character alive while they do so. How to Create and Customize a Character: You’ll discover how logging in is linked to your Steam account, as well as how to select (and alter) your in-game appearance. What am I doing here? You will become familiar with the map and how to traverse it.

You will learn how to forage and botanize while preparing a casserole, two vital skills for preparing healthful meals.

Learn about the crafting window, how to use Wurmpedia to plan your crafting projects, the quality of things, how to improve and repair them after you have used them in this section of Getting Started Fishing.

Big ProjectsTips

Once you’ve mastered the UI, the only game objectives in Wurmar are the ones you create for yourself to achieve. Harvesting Wild Crops during the Time of the Wurm Farming Suggestions Animal capture, taming, and fencing are all common practices.

Creating a Level Surface for Buildings and Roads Putting a House Together (finding a site for your deed) What Is the Best Way to Replant Grass? Help! I’ve misplaced every tool!

The Power of a Private Server

It is your responsibility to strike a balance between “rewarding” and “masochistic.” Making a GM Character and Performing Common GM Tasks: What the Server Settings Mean Taking a Look at the Map


This guide is not intended to be exhaustive. Forums for Wurm Unlimited, Wurmpedia, and the Official Wurm Unlimited Forums Wurm Unlimited Discussion Forum on the Steam platform. The Wurm section of MMOQuests, a gaming site with a focus on MMOs.

Our Wurm Adventures

Is it difficult for you to judge whether or not you’ll like playing Wurm Unlimited? Come have a peek at our experiences thus far at our family community in Ocrea, Romania. (And don’t forget that you can get a flavor of the gaming UI by playingWurm Onlinefor free!) Wurm Unlimited with Friends and Family is a game review (coming soon)

  • Our first fortnight consists of three people establishing a community. During this time, the Paladin and Shieldmaiden are tormented by fauna, while Dad is digging a trench to China. Shieldmaiden is murdered by a unicorn so many times that her maidenhood is called into question, while the others perform things that are actually beneficial
  • This is our second example: Our third point of interest is that Dad’s aforementioned hole has reached China

Thank you for taking the time to read this tutorial, and please let me know if there are any errors in it in the comments or in one of the threads listed below: On the Wurm Forums, there is a discussion topic. Discussion thread on the Steam platform This is a fan website and is not associated with, promoted by, or sponsored by Wurm Unlimited or Code Club in any way. To the extent that they are not otherwise mentioned, all photos are screenshots taken by the author and published here for the purposes of critique and analysis.

Wurm Unlimited on Steam

It is the standalone version of the fantasy sandbox world Wurm Online, and it expands upon the already expansive sandbox by putting players in charge of server management, which allows them to dictate skill gain rates, action speeds, creature counts, and much more. Wurm Unlimited is available for PC, Mac, and Linux. It was a pioneer in the concepts of player involvement, crafting, and adventure, and it is currently considered to be one of the most comprehensive and feature-rich real sandbox experiences on the market.

Investigate the globe and leave your mark.

They can also build up their own game server and ask others to join them in their adventures in the Wurm universe.

What can I do in Wurm Unlimited?

  • Create your own Virtual World and share it with others! The Server Management graphical user interface (GUI) allows you to make changes to settings such as skillrate gains, action timings, PvP or PvE, creature count, and other options. Learn about the species and mysteries that live on vast, varied landmasses. Modify the terrain
  • Dig, elevate, flatten, and shape the ground around you
  • And sculpt the land around you. Create and utilize thousands of one-of-a-kind products
  • Whatever you require may be created. War against other kingdoms, and then plot, collaborate, and battle together to bring your kingdom to victory. On a PvP server, you can discover religious relics and engage in combat over them. Prepare over 500 meals, each with over 10,000 variants, by harvesting and growing materials on your own farm. Take wild creatures and train them to be tame and breed them, then battle with them to increase their power. Play the game your way! Become proficient in almost 130 talents, 10 player qualities, and three religion traits. Choose one of four distinct deities and faiths to follow. Alternatively, you might try to become a Deity yourself and join the already existing ones on the moon of Valrei. Roam the regions in search of diverse animals and creatures to kill. Destroy the famous troll king, the woodland giant, dragons, and several other monsters
  • In combat, study and wield strong spells and enchantments to establish yourself as a priest or champion of your religion. Learn extraordinary skills and explore the secrets by choosing one of five meditation pathways. Earn as many of our 200+ skill and accomplishment titles as you can in the time you have available to you. Riding horses and other animals, such as bears, unicorns, and even dragons, is encouraged. Build, crew, and even captain ships in collaboration with other people, ranging from simple rowing boats to spectacular caravels. build a diverse range of structures, from watchtowers to stone dwellings to fences, bridges, and sculptures
  • Create your own community wherever you choose
  • Own property, create a farm, a castle, or even a full village
  • And control your own destiny. Roads should be paved to connect towns, and signs should be installed to improve local infrastructure. Create fields for up to 22 different crop varieties, ranging from cotton to cucumbers, to let you live off the land
  • Cultivate your own food. Preparing healthful meals using a wide variety of components, experimenting with different recipes, and even creating your own
  • . and more, much more

Whispering Dunes

Whispering Dunes is a new place that was made available to players on the 24th of January in the year 2020.


The Whispering Dunes are a huge desert-like area wrapped in dead trees and cactus that may be found on the main continent, north-east of the Colosseum, according to legend. The Whispering Dunes are connected to Scallop Shores by way of The Gauntlet, which is located in the middle of the dunes. Passing across the bridge and gaining entrance to The Gauntlet is only possible once you have beaten the Bandits that hold it (Hunter Occupied). The Whispering Dunes can only be reached if you are in a party with a player who has not yet completed The Gauntlet.

Multiple oasis, each surrounded by palm trees, may be found dispersed over this wasteland, as well as temple-like structures in a few locations.

On the map, there is just one town, which is known as the Outpost. Ravines may be found everywhere in the wide desert, and they are home to a variety of diverse species.


The Dehydration mechanism has been removed from Vestaria’s game world. The Whispering Dunes was the only region so far to include a dehydration mechanism that operates during the daylight, which slows stamina recovery by 67 percent during the daytime hours. That was the case until the developers decided to remove the feature. This used to be avoided in a variety of methods, including:

  • It is prevented entirely by the use of portable water and the use of aeroplanes, which keep you continually hydrated
  • Cactus Fruit may be taken to totally replace your Stamina bar.
  • Additionally, the Assassin’sShadow Walkability lets you to replenish your stamina meter.

Sand Sharks can be ingested to temporarily alleviate heat exhaustion for one complete day and night cycle of activity. Standing in water located in an oasis or the Outpost will provide you a brief hydratingstatus effect, which will last for a short while. The shade will protect you from heat exhaustion, enabling the stamina bar to regenerate at its normal pace while you are standing in it.


Self-explanatory, the route used by the player to travel from the Whispering Dunes to The Gauntlet is described here (Hunter Occupied). The location of this location, like most others in the Whispering Dunes, might be difficult to determine, therefore refer to the following image: Located in between two massive monoliths, you’ll find the road to take.

Tal-Rey’s Tomb Entrance

A sublocation in the Whispering Dunes that is rumored to function as a lobby for the Tal-Tombdungeon Rey’s is known as Tal-Tombs. Rey’s The dungeon has not yet been released, but it will be in the near future. The most likely entrance is located north of the big pyramid (which may be shown on the map below), where a massive building lies surrounded by four corroded sculptures, which is the most likely location.

Vulture’s Landing

From the game The Gauntlet (Hunter Occupied), Vulture’s Landing is a sublocation in the Whispering Dunes that is located in the western half of the desert. It has a large number of monolithic rock formations, as well as a variety of foes and bosses (Deathstings,Sarakis the Impaler, andAuktufiti the Watcher). Access to Vulture’s Landing can only be gained by traveling close to Auktufiti’s Watchtower. In order to reach the summit, you must ascend the pathways that spiral up the sand castles, which are easy to overlook if you’re not looking.

Wurm Pit

TheWurm Pitis a sublocation in the Whispering Dunes that is located between Auktufiti’s watchtower and Vulture’s Landing and is utilized as a farming location forDustwurms. It is located near Auktufiti’s watchtower and Vulture’s Landing. Although the entrances to the Wurm Pit and Cacti Gorge are visually identical, they are located on opposing sides of the map. In addition, there is a “obby” in the Cacti Gorge that, when finished, will award you with aSun Shard for use in theSun Tablet quest.

Hermit’s Cave

Salasalal Salal is the only resident of the Hermit’s Cave, and he trades Crystal Beetles for rare items of equipment at his store, Salasalal’s Salvage. Salasalal SalalThe Hermit’s Cave has a tiny entrance that might be difficult to see at first. A player can reach the Hermit’s Cave by ascending Tetthafut’s Anvil and crossing the Scarab’s Flatlands. At the summit of the anvil, there is a cannon that fires a projectile that returns players back to the area in the middle of the desert (the outpost).

Salasalal Salal is currently offering the following things for sale. All of the goods on this page can only be obtained through the use of Crystal Beetles. Crystal Beetles may also be obtained by utilizing 5Broken Crystal Beetles, which can be found here.

Item Type/Class Price Perk
Savage Shank Hunter 60(300) One Good HitExecute instantly kills non-resilient targets under 25% health.
Savage Axe Paladin 60(300)
Sun-scorched Branch Mage 60(300) Solar WindsIncreases the range of Blink.
Helm of an Ancient Order Warrior 120(600)
Aviators Adventurer 500(2500) You Look GreatNot even the Sun can stand in your way.
Cursed Armor DEF Scroll (60%) Scrolls 25(125)
Cursed Weapon ATK Scroll (60%) Scrolls 30(150)
Crystal Beetle Drops 5

Sunken Palace Ruins

The Sunken Palace Ruins are a sublocation in the Whispering Dunes that may be found in the game. This area containsTal-Templeas Rey’s well as a disk puzzle in the shape of a sun that the player must complete in order to disclose the temple’s entrance.

Tal-Rey’s Temple

Tal-Temple Rey’s is a sublocation in the Whispering Dunes that is connected to The Lost Palace. It is a sublocation in the Whispering Dunes that is connected to The Lost Palace (Quest). It is the official name of The Lost Palace, and it is the location where Tal-Rey presently dwells. Following the wall of the Whispering Dunes until you encounter sun-shaped disks, which indicate the location of theSunken Palace Ruins, is how to get there.

Tethaffut’s Anvil

Tethaffut’s Anvil is a sublocation in the Whispering Dunes that may be found in the Whispering Dunes. Its form resembles the tip of an anvil, and it points in the direction of a neighboring Bandit Camp. A pretty straight path from the entrance leads to a Bandit Camp, after which players should continue in the direction of the anvil to discover this sublocation. In order to get to the top, players must first walk beneath the surface through a canyon system that containsBandits andBandit Skirmishers, then ascend through smaller channels that lead up to the platform where theScarab spawns on the other side.

One of the sites where players can locate a missing page for theLost Journal is in this area of the game.

Cacti Gorge

The Cacti Gorge, which may be discovered to the left of the entrance through a gap in the dunes’ walls, is a popular tourist attraction. The Cactus Gorge is comprised of several tall cacti and rocky formations that serve as a trail for parkour enthusiasts to navigate. Getting to the finish rewards the player with a Sun Shard, which may be used to complete the Sun Shard Quest. It can be rather frustrating for certain players, as slipping into the holes would make it difficult to navigate the map.


The Outpost is the largest village located within the boundaries of the Whispering Dunes. Many homes and tents are constructed around a big oasis, which serves to replenish water supplies. However, only “archaeologists are permitted in there,” alluding to the fact that the players must finish The Lost Palace before they may speak with a merchant in one of the buildings (Quest). The Sun Shard task giver, who is in charge of the Sun Tablet, may be located here. Every week, a leaderboard titled “Defender of the Dunes” keeps track of which guilds have killed the most bandits in Bandit Camps.

Bandit Camps

One of the bandit camps, which may be found in several areas across the Whispering Dunes, has a portion of the sun tablet. Defeating all of the bandits in a single battle will cause a chest to be launched from the main tower, with at least 95-120 silver hidden within. In addition, the bandits provide a good quantity of experience and have a number of drops.

As a result, they are well-known cash-grinding locations (and possibly experience). Another option is to grind forMushcoins in a Bandit Hideout, which is the most popular (but least visible) location because it yields roughly 150+ silver per Mushcoin.

Scorch Pass

The Scorch Pass is placed directly above Sarakis the Impaler’s spawn site, making it a convenient location. An extensive track with projecting petrified bones and cactus plants may be seen here. At the end of the journey, there is a large hole in the ground where Sarakis the Impaler may be discovered.


  • The Lost Palace (Quest) (Level 35+): This quest is began at the Gauntlet (Hunter Occupied), but it leads into the Whispering Dunes. It is a difficult quest to complete. Mississippi Bones, the son of Dr. Henry Bones, has gone missing somewhere in the Whispering Dunes and has not been seen since. Unless you have theLost Journal, which may be discovered in a tent near an oasis, you will be unable to complete this task.
  • A total of 9,993,150 EXP has been earned
  • The following weapon at Level 45 has been selected (indirectly): A Warrior’s sword, a Hunter’s dagger, or a Mage’s staff are all examples of weapons. In the town, it provides entrance to the Archaeologist’s shop.

Salamahi Habahaffi has charged you with trekking over the wide, scorching Whispering Dunes in search of six Sunshards in order to finish his sun tablet, which is now incomplete. The locations of the Sun Shards may be found on theSun Shardpage.

  • The following items are available: portable water
  • A choice of Level 45 weapon (indirectly): asword, staff, dagger, or shield


  • A ‘launch party’ was held before the Whispering Dunes was made available for purchase, during which Berezaa transported a group of individuals to the location and gave them a tour
  • This location is renowned for causing ping to rise during the daylight
  • As a result of the high ping connected with this area, bandits frequently glitch and become more slower in their movements. The Whispering Dunes is presently the largest map available in the game.
  • Players have frequently taken advantage of the high ping when farming minibosses as a means of preventing them from attacking at all.

Due to the large number of minibosses that drop a diverse range of treasure, the Whispering Dunes is a popular place for gamers to farm resources. It is very unusual for fire pits to experience technical difficulties, resulting in their flames being totally detached from them. Mississippi The name Bones is a play on the character Indiana Jones. Due to their resemblance to a block of cheese, sun shards are commonly referred to as ‘cheese’ by players. If a player is a member of a guild and kills bandits within a Bandit Camp, the guild will receive points that are recorded byHalakalali Esrahiahim, who will then reward the player.

The map below shows the location of all of the chests in the whispering dunes, as well as the terrain.

  • The name “Whispering Dunes” refers to the presence of whispering spirits in the desert
  • Whispering spirits were mentioned in a note left by Azariah’s captive in his cage at Azariah’s camp, as well as in a local’s dialogue in the outpost
  • And whispering spirits were mentioned in a note left by Azariah’s captive in his cage at Azariah’s camp.

A book is found in a tent in the midst of a community teeming with Bandits, Deathstings, and Bandit Skirmishers. The following is a note regarding bandit new year’s resolve

  • The following are my New Year’s resolutions: discover a fully glass beetul, communicate my feelings to the other bandits more effectively, kill a sandwurm with no assistance, get huge, figure out how to duble leap, murder everyone in the village as they sleep during the summer solstice, floss.”
  • Given that Whispering Dunes is the most extensive map in Vesteria, the map below should serve as a guide for your explorations. (Image courtesy of userbubbley552.) The Tal-tomb, Rey’s which is located near the bandit outpost that takes you to Auktufiti’s tower, was not included in the map’s construction because it already exists.
  • You will not be able to set Monster Lures on this map
  • This was done in order to prevent severe slowness and a possible server crash. This means that unless a developer spawns one in, massive hordes are difficult to create.
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