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Are you in a hurry? Following much study, I discovered that theREI Kingdom 8is the greatest 8-person tent available on the market today. Perhaps you’d want to expose your children to the delights of camping by taking them on a family camping vacation together. Alternatively, you may like to ask a couple of your friends to accompany you on an adventure vacation. Whatever the reason, sleeping in a smaller tent is not going to cut it in this situation. If you want to accommodate the entire group, you’ll need a larger camping tent – and 8 person tents are ideal for the job.

Best 8 Person Tent: Our Top 7 Recommendations

  • NEMO Wagontop 8 Tent(Best Premium 8 Person Tent)
  • REI Kingdom 8(Overall Best 8 Person Tent)
  • Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent(Best Budget 8 Person Tent)
  • Coleman 8 Person Red Canyon Tent(Best 3-Room Tent For Large Groups)
  • Browning Camping Big Horn Tent(Most Spacious 8 Person Tent)
  • Eureka Copper Canyon LX(Best 8 Person Tent for Wet Weather)
  • We

REI Kingdom 8

The REI Kingdom 8 will elevate your family camping adventures to a whole new level of comfort and convenience. The 75-denier nylon taffeta used to construct this freestanding tent is combined with a polyester floor and rain fly. That implies two things: it’s extremely durable, and it will keep you dry and protected from the rain, no matter how hard it’s falling outside. With a peak height of 75 inches, 104 square feet of floor area, and a vestibule of slightly more than 33 square feet, this tent is extremely spacious.

As you’ll see in a moment, some of the others on this list are far larger.

This level of excellence, on the other hand, does not come cheap.

It’s true that with money comes quality, and in this case, the investment was well worth it.

  • Excellent ventilation is provided by the mesh roof and paneling. Interior has 104 square feet of floor area in the main part and a large vestibule of 33 square feet
  • The use of color-coded pieces makes assembly a snap. Movement in and out of the tent is made simple by the presence of two doors
  • The use of vertical walls creates a feeling of more space within
  • Because it is freestanding, you won’t have to bother about tent poles or guylines unless the wind comes up significantly.
  • The ventilation provided by the mesh roof and paneling is exceptional. Large interior with 104 sqft of floor area in the main portion and a big vestibule of 33 sqft. Assembly is simplified by the use of color-coded pieces. Moving about the tent is made simple by the presence of two entrances. When you enter through vertical walls, you will feel more roomy. If you have a freestanding tent, you won’t have to worry about tent pegs or guylines unless the wind cranks up a notch.

Best suited for: campers looking for a high-quality family tent that will last them for many years. Check the Price at REICheck the Price at eBay

Browning Camping Big Horn Tent

With 150 square feet of floor area and a ceiling height of more than 7 feet, the Browning Big Horn Tent is almost a castle in comparison to other tents on the market. When you combine that with straight sides and a room divider, you end up with a camping tent that has plenty of internal space for both people and their camping equipment. Not only that, but it also has two doors, which means you won’t have to wake up the rest of the house if you need to go pee-pee in the middle of the night. All of this, on the other hand, comes at a cost.

It’s also a little heavier — over 35 pounds – than the previous model.


  • HUGE – with 150 square feet of floor space and a peak height of more than 7 feet, it qualifies as a true castle. The presence of two doors allows you to enter and depart the tent without stumbling over your tent companions. Having a mesh top, four windows, and two doors allows for excellent air circulation in this tent
  • Superior materials, such as the polyester fly and polyester oxford floor, ensure that you will remain dry even when it rains heavily. Small items may be conveniently stored in the six storage compartments on the interior. You’ll have extra privacy as a result of the room divider.

This tent is ideal for: families that want the most amount of room available in their tent Check Amazon for the latest pricing information. Price on Moosejaw may be found here.

Eureka Copper Canyon LX

A massive 130 square feet of room and a peak height of 84 inches are provided by this freestanding cabin tent from Eureka. Although it is not quite as spacious as the Browning Big Horn, it comes pretty damn close. You can choose to have two smaller rooms if that is what you like. This tent comes with a divider curtain that you may use to split the space anyway you see fit, depending on your preferences. The walls are virtually vertical, which means the space inside is open and you will not feel claustrophobic as a result of this.

The entire tent is constructed of 75-denier 190T polyester taffeta, so you won’t have to worry about it becoming wet if a storm rolls in.

The airflow provided by the large mesh windows is excellent. When a large number of people are sharing a tent, it can get suffocating. However, this is not the case on the Copper Canyon LX. Pros:

  • With 130 square feet of floor area and an 84-inch ceiling height, this apartment is quite spacious. A divider curtain allows you to divide a large space into two smaller ones. Because the walls are nearly vertical, you can stroll around within without hunching over
  • Because to the big mesh windows, there is excellent ventilation. Fabricated from long-lasting polyester taffeta that is exceptionally water resistant

Best suited for: campers seeking for a large family tent that can withstand the elements. Check out the price on REI and the price on Amazon.

NEMO Wagontop 8 Tent

It’s hard not to be impressed with the NEMO Wagontop 8 Tent. It has enough space for a modest family, with little under 125 square feet of floor area and a vestibule measuring 27 square feet. It has an 80-inch peak height, and the structure is constructed in such a way that you can move about within the tent while remaining completely erect. It has panoramic mesh windows that enable air to flow while also allowing you to soak in the breathtaking views of nature all around you, making it the perfect place to relax.

  1. In contrast to the canopy, which is composed of 75-denier polyether urethane-coated polyester, the tent poles are made entirely of aluminum.
  2. This tent, on the other hand, is anything from inexpensive.
  3. But don’t worry, everything will be OK.
  4. In fact, they back it up with a lifetime warranty on the product.
  • With a total floor area of 125 sqft and a vestibule measuring 27 sqft, there is plenty of room. Due to the use of 75-denier polyether urethane-coated polyester and aluminum poles, this product is extremely robust. A large number of mesh windows provide for excellent ventilation. You can stroll around in an upright position because of the structure’s design. The product is covered by a NEMO lifetime guarantee.

With a total floor area of 125 square feet and a vestibule measuring 27 square feet, there is plenty of room. Because of the polyether urethane coating on the polyester and the aluminum poles, this product is extremely durable. A large number of mesh windows allow for excellent airflow. Walking upright is made possible by a unique structure. Guaranteed by NEMO for the duration of its useful life

Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent

It is a wonderful entry-level tent for casual camper families that wish to upgrade to a larger tent but do not want to spend a small fortune. This family camping tent has 112 square feet of floor area and a ceiling height of 6’2″, making it spacious enough to accommodate families with many children in tow. Installation and dismantling are quick and simple, and they may be completed in 10-20 minutes if you have multiple people assisting you. Pros:

  • Even when it’s pouring, the angle of the windows allows for air circulation. The tent is spacious, with 122 square feet of floor space and a 6’2″ ceiling, making it simple to walk around. Tents are reasonably priced, especially for entry-level models. The tent is fairly durable when the rain fly is attached, and it will withstand heavy winds without issue. The covered porch area allows you to open the door to allow for additional ventilation when it rains.
  • There have been some reports that the tent is not completely watertight and that it can leak
  • There is only one door, which makes getting into and out of the tent a little more difficult

Best suited for: families that enjoy casual camping and are searching for a low-cost tent. Check Amazon for the latest pricing information. Check out the price on Walmart.com

Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

If you enjoy tents that have a screen area, you might want to consider purchasing this tent for your next camping trip. The Wenzel Klondike Tent is spacious – the inner room is 98 square feet, and the screen room adds an additional 60 square feet of area. Furthermore, the inner area has a ceiling height of 6’5″, allowing you to comfortably stand erect in the tent. In order to use it as a second room, you may zip up the screen room. If the weather is nice, it can double as a porch, and the mesh walls will allow you to take in the scenery without worrying about insects entering into your tent.

  • With two individuals, the setup time is less than 15 minutes. Rain will not be able to get inside your tent because of the seams being sealed and the bathtub floor. Roomy – the rooms are 98 square feet and 60 square feet, respectively, with 6’5″ of headroom
  • Mesh windows keep pests away while while providing excellent ventilation. Given its size and features, it is reasonably priced.
  • The screen room has a ceiling that is 6 to 8 inches lower than the inner room, which means that you will not be as comfortable moving around as you would be in the interior room.

You will not be as comfortable moving about in the screen room since it has a ceiling that is 6 to 8 inches lower than the inner room.

Coleman 8 Person Red Canyon Tent

To be quite honest, I was debating whether or not I should add this tent. On the one hand, this Coleman tent is reasonably priced, spacious, and simple to erect. A large number of customers, on the other hand, claimed that the tent did not endure more than a few journeys before they began to discover rips and tears. Just make sure you’re aware of what you’re getting yourself into. Even if you only camp a few times a year, the low price and large size of this tent should be sufficient justification for purchasing it.


  • Attractive price to size ratio — like most Coleman tents, this one has a reasonable price to size ratio. Dividers may be used to create three separate rooms for even greater solitude. With two persons, the setup time is less than 15 mins. The bathtub bottom provides additional shelter against rain that collects under your tent.
  • Because it is not made of the highest-quality materials, it is possible for rips and tears to occur.

Best suited for: those seeking for a reasonably priced 3-room tent to use in moderate weather. Check Amazon for the latest pricing information. Check out the price on Walmart.com

What To Look For When Buying An 8 Person Tent

Purchasing an 8-person tent is a more involved procedure than purchasing a smaller tent for a family. Because they are larger, more expensive, and have more features, no one will blame you if you feel overwhelmed when attempting to select the most appropriate one for your needs. In order to remedy this, I have narrowed down the list of criteria you should be aware of to just a handful. We’ll talk about them in more detail below.


Obviously, an 8-person tent has the capacity to accommodate 8 people.right? Well, yes and no. Eight people can squeeze in if you love being crowded in like packed sardines, experiencing everybody’s body heat around you. These sorts of tents can easily accommodate up to 6 people, which is a realistic expectation. This will provide you with more space to move around and keep your camping equipment inside the tent. Pay close attention to the height as well. It should be noted that most 8-person tents have a high ceiling (about 6 feet), so standing erect should not be an issue, but it is something to consider anyway.

Except if you prefer lugging approximately 20-30 pounds of tent on your back, backpacking is out of the question.

Ease of Setup

Besides the size, assembly time is one of the key distinctions between a large camping tent and smaller tents. While two and four-person tents may be set up in minutes, an eight-person tent will take you between 20 and 30 minutes to set up depending on your skill level. Without a doubt, the most significant advantage of this approach is that you will have someone to assist you in setting up your tent, allowing the process to be completed more quickly. Having saying that, the most of the tents on our list should be rather simple to put together (even just by yourself).

Thus, you will not lose valuable camping time reading instructions and will be able to concentrate on having a nice time and appreciating the natural surroundings.


The advantage of larger tents is that they are loaded with a slew of amazing supplementary features that are not available in smaller tents. Some of these characteristics are as follows:

  • Multiple doors
  • Room dividers for further privacy
  • And other features. Extra storage space as well as spacious vestibules
  • A number of windows for improved ventilation

Accessing and exiting a tent when there are multiple people sleeping in it might be difficult. If you need to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, you’ll have to step over everyone just to get to the front door. Due to the fact that having two doors makes the exit more accessible to everyone, it addresses the problem. Another fantastic feature of bigger tents is the ability to construct additional rooms with the use of a room divider. The use of a tent may be quite beneficial whether you have a mixed group of men and women camping together or just want to offer your children more solitude.

The ability to carry additional gear and comforts means that you won’t have to stress about where you’re going to store all of your stuff.

Having many windows is advantageous since it not only allows for improved ventilation but also allows for a better view of the outdoors.


Proper ventilation is always vital, but it’s much more critical when you’re camping with a group of 6 or 8 other people in a tent. Because windows are the primary source of ventilation, you should ensure that your tent has a sufficient number of them. In addition, look for air vents that will allow air to move freely throughout the tent structure.

Dome Or Cabin Style

The decision between a dome tent and a cabin style tent is a matter of personal choice. While a dome tent will provide superior wind protection, you will be unable to stand up and walk around in the tent if you choose to choose one of these options. While a cabin tent offers more space and comfort than a regular tent, they are not the most effective when it comes to withstanding severe weather conditions.


The decision between a dome tent and a cabin style tent is a matter of personal taste. While a dome tent will provide superior wind protection, you will be unable to stand up and walk around in the tent if you choose to use one of these structures. However, while a cabin tent gives greater space and luxury, they are not the most effective when it comes to withstanding inclement weather. In spite of the fact that a canvas tent is quite sturdy and has excellent permeability, it is not waterproof straight out of the box and is extremely heavy.

Tents constructed of ripstop nylon are becoming increasingly popular these days.

Polyester tents are essentially similar to nylon tents, with the exception that polyester tents are more resistant to UV damage. If you and your tent will be spending a significant amount of time in the sun, they should be your first pick.

Weather protection

When camping with a large party, the last thing you want is a tent that leaks water all over you and your belongings. The majority of tents sold nowadays claim to be waterproof, but in reality, this is not the case at all. Features such as a high HH rating (above 1500 mm), inverted seams, and bathtub floors should all be looked for. These qualities are found in the best tents and will ensure that you remain completely dry even when it rains heavily. To ensure that your tent is completely waterproof, it is a good idea to invest in a decent waterproof spray before you go.

Check to be that the rain fly stretches all the way down and covers the entire tent before setting it up.

Our Verdict

Upon thorough consideration, it has become evident that the REI Kingdom 8 tent is the greatest 8-person tent available on the market right now. Not only is it tremendously big, but with two doors, a mesh top and mesh paneling, it also provides fantastic ventilation. Also included is a rainproof weather flap that will keep you dry even if you are caught in a thunderstorm because to the sealed seams, reinforced floor, and reinforced floor. True, it is a little more expensive than the majority of other huge tents.

Best 8 Person Tent – Camping.org

When I’m immersed in nature and on the verge of exploring unexplored terrain, I feel more at ease than I ever have. There are several things, though, that I have learned over the years as a seasoned camper, trekker, and adventurer – and sometimes the hard way! It’s enough to say that I’m a firm believer in the need of physical comfort when camping. else, the entire trip becomes exhausting. Who would like to travel across new territory with heavy eyelids and little vitality in their bodies?

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Important Features Of An 8 Person Tent

Here are a few of the most crucial characteristics of an 8-person tent to consider:

What Are The Poles Made From?

Although there are numerous 8-person tents available with fiberglass poles, this does not imply that you should purchase one. It is entirely dependent on your level of caution. Fiberglass is brittle, and the last thing you want is to begin setting up your tent only to discover that it isn’t cooperating with your plans. However, as long as you believe you can be cautious (and maybe keep a spare pole or two in your vehicle), fiberglass may be a good choice. Learn how to repair fiberglass poles before you go on your adventure, just in case.

Are The Seams And Stitching Top Quality?

One of the first things to look at is the seams and stitching – both the method used and the quality of the stitching. The correct sort of 8 person camping tent would feature folded steams that are double stitched together for added strength.

You should never be able to see through a seam if you pull both sides of it together. Using a seam sealer is one of the most effective ways to ensure that your seams are completely airtight and watertight. To put it simply, this entails applying silicone to the seams using a little brush.

Is The Rainfly Up To The Job?

There is nothing more uncomfortably uncomfortable than a downpour. As beautiful as they might be, it’s probably safe to assume that the majority of people would prefer them to take place outside of the tent. That being the case, you will want your 8-person tent to come with a rainfly that is appropriate for the weather. For first-time campers, the rainfly may be thought of as an umbrella for your tent. In this scenario, the size of the object is critical. Make sure that it extends over the sides of your tent, since if it only protects the top of your tent, you may anticipate the sides to be pelted with water.

How Sturdy Are The Guy Lines And Stake Loops?

In case you weren’t aware, stake loops are the loops that are sewed into the canvas in various locations, and they allow you to tie your guy lines to the tent with them. The latter are the lengths of rope that are looped through so that you may tighten the sides of your tent and attach it to the ground with the stakes once it has been set up. Look for loops of a decent size, making sure there are some on the rainfly and some towards the centre of the tent, among other things. In addition, material loops should be used to secure the tent’s foundation; plastic loops are prone to breaking when in use.

Does It Have A Sown In Ground Mat And Heavy-Duty Zips?

The floor of the tent, like the rest of the tent, should be waterproof. In an ideal situation, it will be fastened to the tent walls using the type of seams I explained previously. For the best possible waterproofing, the seams should be raised a few inches above the level of the floor. It is preferable to have stronger zips when it comes to zippers. A large amount of use should not be difficult to tolerate.

Does It Have Quality Ventilation?

Last but not least, you’ll want to choose a tent with enough bug protection. Sharing your tent with insects – especially the stinging variety – isn’t particularly pleasurable experience. This also ensures that there is sufficient ventilation. Look for tents that include roof vents as well, since these may be opened to allow condensation to be reduced. Instead, a pop-up canopy that offers protection but does not have traditional walls and so allows for lots of air circulation is an option. It goes without saying that these types of tents are designed for use in hot climates.

If you’re not sure where to begin, I’m here to guide you through the process of finding the finest 8-man tent for your needs and budget.

The Best 8 Person Tents in 2021

Camping is usually more enjoyable when shared with a larger number of people, whether it’s your expanding family or a bunch of fantastic friends.

Finding a tent large enough to accommodate the entire group, on the other hand, is not always simple. Fortunately, we’ve done the research on the finest 8-person tents on the market and looked into some of the technical aspects that you’ll want to be aware of before making a decision.

  • With more people, whether it’s your growing family or a bunch of wonderful friends, camping is always more enjoyable. But finding a tent large enough to accommodate the entire group is not always straightforward. Because of this, we’ve studied the finest 8-person tents available on the market and looked into some of the technical aspects that you’ll want to be aware of before making a purchase.

More information may be found at: 8 Person Tent Buying Guide Before making a purchase, make sure to thoroughly inspect each of the tents that have been recommended. Here are six of the best camping tents for eight people to consider. Photo courtesy of REI

  • Dimensions: 150 inches by 100 inches by 75 inches
  • Floor area: 104 square feet
  • Weight: 25.2 pounds / 11.4 kilograms

The REI Co-op Kingdom 8 Tent, a vehicle camping tent from one of America’s top camping gear companies, is the finest value for money when it comes to 8-person tents, especially for families that wish to share the same tent. Our favorite feature of this tent is its creative vestibule, which can be used as an awning during the day. It has two huge doors for convenient entry and departure, as well as a large window for natural light. The divider of this REI 8-person tent, on the other hand, is really useful since it creates two separate sleeping areas.

By separating them, you will be able to put the children to bed earlier and will not have to worry about knocking into them later in the night.

  • There are two private rooms, which are ideal for allowing everyone to stretch out a little more
  • And Setup is straightforward. Everything is color-coded to make setup as simple as possible
  • There are two doors. It is possible to enter and depart the room through two zipper doors without disturbing anyone who is still asleep.
  • Problems with leaking. In heavy rain, the rain fly isn’t the most trustworthy feature
  • This is especially true.

Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent

Coleman provided the photograph.

  • 11.2ft2 of floor space
  • Dimensions: 192″ 84″ 62″
  • Weight: 24.5lbs / 11.1kg
  • Floor Area: 112ft2

When it comes to camping tents for eight people, the Coleman Montana from one of America’s oldest camping gear businesses is a great option for those on a tight budget. Not the fact that you can easily fit three queen-sized air mattresses inside this 8-person tent, but rather the cleverly-designed awning entrance that allows you to leave your muddy boots and wet raincoats before leaping into the sleeping space that makes this tent stand out. Coleman has also included several unique waterproof seams that are both visually appealing and functional.

It’s important to examine your tent properly thereafter in case you find yourself in that circumstance since Coleman’s guarantee will cover any damage that occurs.

  • Extremely generous in size. Sleeping bags or up to three queen-sized air mattresses may easily accommodate eight guests
  • An extended awning is available. Very convenient for pulling off dirty shoes and preventing mud from tracking into the sleeping area
  • It is also reasonably priced. This is the most affordable eight-person tent on our list
  • Durability. It can tolerate a little rain, but it has difficulty with hail and strong winds.

Eureka Copper Canyon LX 8

Photograph courtesy of Eureka

  • A total of 130ft2 of floor space is provided by the dimensions of 156 x 120 x 84 inches and a weight of 34.1lbs / 15.4kg.

The Eureka Copper Canyon LX 8 tent is a high-quality alternative at an affordable price, whether you and your spouse just want a lot of area to spread out or you need the extra space because you have a large family. The fact that this enormous tent has two large entrances on the front and rear is something we like. During bad weather, some campers utilize the tent’s divider to create a huge vestibule where they may drop off their shoes and set up a table for a game of cards, while the back of the tent is used for sleeping.

We recommend that you install a tarp below thisEureka 8-person tent in order to protect the floor and prevent any water from leaking into the tent.

  • This is a great height. It is not necessary to worry about hitting your head on the ceiling unless you are above seven feet tall. The rainfly is incredible. Campers have reported zero leaks with this fly when it has been properly placed. Rooftop observatory. If the weather is clear, take advantage of the mesh ceiling to observe the night sky
  • It’s a difficult scenario. It will take some time to become proficient. First and foremost, we recommend that you set it up at home before traveling to the campground.

Big Agnes Mad House 8 Tent

Photograph courtesy of Big Agnes

  • Dimensions: 176″ x 116″ x 73″
  • Floor Area: 124ft2
  • Weight: 24.6lbs / 11.1kg
  • Dimensions: 176″ x 116″ x 73″

Mountaineers who want to take their camping experience to the next level may consider the Big Agnes Mad House 8 Tent, which is a higher-end 8-person tent that shouldn’t be overlooked. First and foremost, the fundamentals: With a floor space of 124ft2, it is more than enough. It has two doors, which allows for various entrances and exits. It also offers a multifunctional vestibule that might be used as an outside seating space in the warmer months. One thing that is particularly noteworthy about this tent is its long-term endurance.

This means that the likelihood of ripping is reduced by approximately 25%.

Prepare to open your wallets for this Big Agnes tent, since it will be expensive. The higher the quality of the goods, the higher the cost of the product. However, in exchange, you will have a tent that is incredibly waterproof and will last you for an extraordinarily long period.

  • Super-tough. This is intended for use in all four seasons and under the most adverse situations. Divider that can be removed. You can either have one large room or two smaller rooms.
  • Pricey. This tent falls into the four-figure price range
  • Yet,

Marmot Lair 8 Person Tent

Photograph courtesy of Marmot

  • Weight: 26lbs / 11.7kg
  • Size: 156x156x96″
  • Floor Area: 165ft2
  • Dimensions: 156x156x96″

It’s time to take a closer look at the Marmot Lair 8 tent, which is perfect for snow-loving mountain campers. This lovely orange dome tent is intended to serve as a base-camp tent as you explore the most difficult of alpine terrain. A number of campers have claimed success with it throughout the Alaska Range, which is notorious for its severe weather. Our favorite feature is the detachable floor since, if you’re camping in snowy mountains, there’s a good possibility that snow will find its way inside your tent.

Inspect the tent for cracks or openings where bugs may get in.

With a weight of about 26 pounds, this Marmot 8-person tent is ideal for individuals who want to go on long, strenuous trips.

  • Extreme camping is made possible with this product. Do you require a tent for base camp before attempting to climb a mountain? This will suffice: sufficient ventilation. This tent features many vents to keep the heat in and the dampness out
  • It also has a removable floor. In the event that you need to get snow out of your tent, this will come in handy.
  • Expensive. Yet another high-end tent with a hefty price tag

The North Face 8 Person Tent

The North Face provided the image.

  • Weight: 51 pounds / 23.1 kilograms
  • Dimensions: 155″ x 155″ x 83″
  • Total Floor Area: 125ft2

The North Face 8 Person Tent isn’t for everyone, but if you’re hoping to explore the harshest of environments or need something ultra-durable for a major trip, you might want to have a look at this model. But take care. It’s pretty pricey. It is supported by the specs when we remark that this tent is robust. It makes use of a fly composed of super-strong 210D nylon, which helps to reduce wind resistance. The floor is likewise composed of same durable nylon, and it has been coated with 10,000mm PU to provide the finest waterproofing available.

With a chimney ventilation system, you may cook with a tiny camping stove that is housed within.

If you’re planning on camping with this North Face tent, be aware that it weighs 50 pounds.

  • Unbelievably difficult. This is intended for professional mountain climbers because to its wind-resistant construction. The dome form significantly reduces the amount of wind
  • Chimney vent. In fact, you may prepare meals within this tent.
  • Super-expensive. This is a high-end tent with a high-end price tag to match

8 Person Tents Buying Guide

You’ve now seen some excellent tents; nevertheless, what specs and characteristics should you be searching for when purchasing an 8-person tent that will meet your camping requirements are still unclear. Make the best decision possible by following the advice in this guide. When it comes to 8-person tents, there are two major styles to choose from.

  • Given that you’ve already seen some excellent tents, how do you know the specs and features to search for when purchasing an 8-person tent that will meet your camping requirements? Make the finest decision possible by using this advice. In terms of 8-person tents, there are primarily two different styles to choose from.

Averages 120 to 130ft² of floor area

Obviously, you want to ensure you have adequate floor space to accommodate up to eight people. It will take 120 to 130ft2 of room to comfortably host that many campers in sleeping bags. Even if you have a group of fewer than eight individuals, you may still want the extra space. TheColeman Montana 8 Person Tent, for example, measures 112ft2t and has enough for three queen-sized air mattresses (not included). With that in mind, 120ft2 is more than adequate space.

Head height between 80” to 90”

It is essential that your tent provides at least 80 inches of head height when it comes to sleeping arrangements. Considering that the majority of campers are no higher than 6 feet, having an elevated tent ceiling that is near to 7 feet, such as the Eureka Copper Canyon LX 8, is optimal.

There are undoubtedly shorter 8-person tents available on the market, such as the Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent, which stands at 62 inches in height. Even while this method will still work, taller campers will most likely brush their heads against the ceiling.

3 season vs 4 season tents

You’ll hear these names used to describe tents of different shapes and sizes.

  • Three-season tents are meant to be used in three seasons: spring, summer, and fall. When it comes to the winter, they don’t do well in the snow. Such is the REI Co-op Kingdom 8 Tent, which is on the more cheap end of the spectrum. Four-season tents, such as the Big Agnes Mad House 8 Tent, are meant to be utilized in tough winter circumstances and are thus more expensive. They are normally constructed from the most durable materials and coated with the highest-quality waterproof coating available on the market. When you purchase the North Face 8 Person Tent, you will receive a chimney ventilation system, which will allow you to cook inside your tent while it is blizzarding outside.

The materials used in the manufacturing of 8-person tents have an impact on the longevity of the structures. 210D nylon is used to construct the North Face 8 Person Tent, which is an extremely durable type of nylon that can endure even the most extreme situations. In comparison, theREI Co-op Kingdom 8 Tent is constructed of 75D nylon, which means it is not as hefty and robust as the previous model. However, it is not intended for usage during the cold months. Aluminum is used to construct the majority of tent poles because it is robust, lightweight, and flexible.

Doors, windows and vestibules

You’ll need an 8-person tent with at least two doors to accommodate your group. You should aim to have an entrance and an exit on both sides of the tent, ideally. This is especially vital for families who wish to put up sleeping bags or a pack-n-play for their toddler kid. It is possible to keep the kids area of the tent quiet with a room divider, while the adults may spend more time outside before calling it a night.


There is usually a vestibule in an 8-person tent, which is an entrance space where you may remove your dirty shoes and relax before moving to the sleeping room. It’s a simple but effective method of keeping the bedroom part of the tent tidy. When covered with a canopy, some vestibules, such as the one seen in the Big Agnes Mad House 8 Tent, may be transformed into an outdoor dining area.


Windows may also function as vents, which is particularly useful when camping during the hot summer months. Having windows in your tent is also a great method to let in some natural light if you’re locked inside due to severe weather. The Eureka Copper Canyon LX 8 comes with a number of wide windows to let in plenty of light. Most manufacturers promise that their tents are simple to erect, however keep in mind that 8-person tents are large and can be challenging to erect. To put them up, it usually takes two persons, and we recommend that you practice at home before heading to the campground.

Because of how simple it is to set up Eureka tents, we are great supporters of them.

Packed weight vs trail weight

When searching for an 8-person tent, you’ll come across two phrases that refer to the weight of the tent. The first is “weight capacity,” which refers to how much space the tent can hold.

  • The packed weight of a tent is the total weight of the tent kit, which includes everything from the stakes to the stuff bag and any other accessories that may be included. In terms of tent setup equipment, trail weight refers to the minimal minimum of items you’ll need to get the job done, such as the rain fly, tent fabric, and poles.
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If weight is a consideration for you, it’s crucial to know that the majority of 8-person tents weigh between 25 and 35 pounds on average. This is perfectly okay for vehicle campers, but it may be more difficult for backpackers. In addition, the more durable a tent, such as the North Face 8 Person Tent, the heavier it is on average, according to industry standards. That tent is around 50 pounds in weight. The Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent, which weighs 24.5 pounds, is an excellent example of a lightweight 8-person tent.

Fortunately, all of these tent manufacturers include warranties that may entitle you to a free replacement tent if yours is damaged beyond repair.

However, that has changed.

Normal wear and tear are not covered by REI’s guarantee, but if there is a proven manufacturing fault, the firm will replace the item at no cost.

Most of the time, as is the case with the Marmot Lair 8 Person Tent, you will only notice a one-year guarantee that covers just manufacturer defects.

Andrew Dodson

Andre Dodson is a lifelong camper who likes spending time in the great outdoors with his wife and little kid, who is two years old. He currently resides in Colorado, where he can frequently be found on treks with a kid slung to his back and his little goldendoodle, Percy, by his sides.

The Best 8 Person Tents [2021] – Full Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

With his wife and two-year-old kid, Andrew Dodson is an ardent camper who likes spending time in the great outdoors. You can frequently find him on treks with a child strapped to his back and his tiny goldendoodle Percy close by. He currently resides in Colorado.

The Perfect 8 Person Tent for YOU

  • Best 8-Person Tent: Core Instant 8-Person Tent
  • Best 10-Person Tent
  • Heavy-Duty Work Tent for 8 people made of Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe. Tent for 8 people
  • The best tent for 8 people InstantTent:Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent
  • Best 8 Person Tent on the Market CampingTent:Hikergarden Coleman 8-Person Waterproof Tent
  • Best 8-Man Tent at a Low Price: Montana Tent for eight people
  • The best 8 people are in the group. Gazelle T4 Plus is a pop-up tent. Best 8-person pop-up tent on the market 8 people are in the group. DomeTent:Coleman Dome Tent for 8 People
  • The Best 8 Person Tent CabinTent:Wenzel 8 people are in the group. Best 8 ManTunnel Tent:Vango Capri
  • Klondike Tent:Vango Capri Air Tent for 8 People

So there you have it, your definitive guide to the top 8-person tents available on the market today. Continue reading if you want to learn more about each of these tents, including their important features, customer reviews, and images.

The Best 8 Person Tents – Product Reviews

A tent for eight people is just a description of the tent’s size. However, there are quite a number different 8 person tents, each with its unique set of characteristics, and which one will be the most suitable for you will depend a great deal on what you want to use it for. In this article, we’ll go through the greatest alternatives for you, from the 8 man tent with porch to the 8 person inflatable tent, to the best waterproof8 person tent to the instanttent, and more besides. I understand that trying to figure out which product would be the best for you may be a pain in the arse, especially when you have so many different alternatives, from so many different companies, and they all look the same at the same time.

I’ve compiled a list of the nine greatest “8 person tents”; they are all of the highest quality, and I’m confident that they will be ideal for you.

THE Best 8 Person Tent:Core Instant 8 10 Person Tent

When it comes to eight person tents, the Core Instant 8 10 Person Tent is our top pick out of all the options available on the market. It’s an instant tent, and it takes less than 60 seconds to set it up and the same amount of time to take it down again after use. The tent can accommodate up to 9 people, which makes it ideal for accommodating as many as 8 people comfortably inside. The design of the cabin tent, with its vertical sides, is excellent, since it allows you to stand completely upright within the tent.

Purchase of high strength tent stakes to replace the ones that are given will provide additional solidity and help to complete the look.

Stakes that are included are not the greatest.

To see this tent in action, have a look at the video below, which was uploaded to YouTube: See what’s available on Amazon.

Best Heavy Duty 8 Person Tent:Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe 8 Person Tent

When it comes to eight person tents, the Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe 8 Person Tent is the most dependable option available. Because it is made of Hydra-Shield canvas, this bad boy will last till the end of time. No, seriously. It has survived multiple Burning Man events as well as several floods. There is enough space in the tent for you to stand up, and the twin doors (front and rear) with mesh windows are ideal for providing vision and ventilation when camping.

This tent is obviously on the pricey side, but it is well worth the money if you are a frequent camper. Pros Extremely long-lasting Weatherproof Entrance from the front and back There is enough space to stand up. See what’s available on Amazon.

Best 8 Person Instant Tent:Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent

The Coleman Rapid Tent 8 Personis our top recommendation for an instant camping tent that can accommodate up to eight people. The tent can be set up in less than 60 seconds thanks to a well-thought-out design. It also takes very little time to pack away, which eliminates all of the stress associated with the tent-pitching process. You definitely can’t go wrong with this one, since it has over 1,000 5-star ratings. Pros Setup in a matter of seconds Massive mesh windows provide plenty of ventilation.

ConsThis product is not waterproof.

See what’s available on Amazon.

Best 8 Person Camping Tent:Hikergarden 8 Person Waterproof Tent

If you’re going to be camping in wet weather on a regular basis, you’ll need a waterproof tent. The Hikergarden tent is completely waterproof, and it will keep you dry even in the most extreme conditions. This 8-person tent is ideal for taking on travels since it is tiny and lightweight, and it folds up simply into a carry bag for easy storage. You’ll like the large mesh windows and complete mesh roof; they’ll allow you to gaze at the stars on a clear night and provide excellent ventilation, allowing you to keep cool even in the hottest of temperatures.

Cons of mesh windowsroofsBad installation instructions This product is not intended for use in cold weather.

Best 8 Man Tent Cheap:Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent

Interested in being able to go camping with your family and friends without breaking the bank? The Coleman 8 Man Tent Montanais our top selection for the most budget-friendly 8-person tent on the market. I believe this is the best value for money 8 person tent you can buy right now on the market, and it certainly does not look or feel like a budget model. It’s a well-constructed tent with a convenient hinged door for easy access. Pros The best overall value for money Easy access is provided through a hinged door.

ConsThis product is not waterproof.

See what’s available on Amazon.

Best 8 Person Pop Up Tent:Gazelle T4 Plus 8 Man Pop Up Tent

Are you looking for the greatest pop up tent for 8 people? Look no further. For you and your friends and family, the Gazelle T4 Plus 8 Person Family Tent is the perfect choice. Simply pull the tent out of the bag and it will automatically spring up; you’ll be ready to camp in 90 seconds! It is completely waterproof, and you can easily remove the floor to clean it when necessary. We appreciate the second entrance at the rear of the tent, which is ideal for slipping out of the tent without waking up everyone in the other room, as well as the additional storage space.

This product is not intended for use in cold weather.

Best 8 Person Dome Tent:Coleman 8 Person Dome Tent

The Coleman 8 Person Tent with Screen Room is our top recommendation for an 8-person dome tent. The screen room is a useful addition to the tent since it can be used as a storage area for your gearshoes and because it will reduce the amount of dust and sand that enters into the tent during use. If you’re planning on camping mainly in dry, hot environments, this tent is an excellent choice. The screen room, on the other hand, does not have a footprint and is not enclosed. When you combine it with the large mesh windows in the tent, you get a tent that is not designed for rain or cold weather.

Pros Proper ventilation is essential. The screen room has a footprint. WeatherproofDisadvantagesThe screen room is not sheltered from the rain. This product is not intended for use in cold weather. See what’s available on Amazon.

Best 8 Person Cabin Tent:Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

The Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent is a sturdy camping tent with two chambers that can comfortably accommodate up to eight people. This tent is quite adaptable, and it is actually one of our favorite tents for camping with dogs (because to the large screen room), but it also works well as a stargazing tent (with the see-through mesh roof). You’ll need a little time to put this one up: it should take around 20 minutes for two people. Pros Exceptionally large. Mesh windows that are rather large WaterproofCons When the temperature is warm, it becomes really hot.

See what’s available on Amazon.

Best 8 Man Tunnel Tent:Vango Capri 8 Man Air Tent

The Vango Capri 8 Man Inflatable Tent is the final cat tent that we will be evaluating. It’s an air tent, which means you’ll need an air pump to get it up and running. This tent was initially intended to accommodate 4 people, but there is so much space inside that it can accommodate up to 8 people comfortably. As a result of its large shape, it is ideal for remaining inside while it is pouring outside! It is entirely waterproof. Pros Exceptionally large. Waterproof Pump for compressed air is included.

The greatest 8-person tents are listed above; I hope you discover one that meets your requirements!

What Makes a Great 8 People Tent?

A few things to look for while looking for the finest 8 person tents are whether or not the tent will meet your demands and your budget. I’ve detailed the many criteria below to provide you with additional information on how I picked these tents to be highlighted as the best in their respective categories. This information may also be useful to you in determining which tent is the best fit for you.

1- Enough space for everyone

The first thing to look for is available space within the tent. You must ensure that the tent has adequate area to accommodate everyone as well as your equipment (unless you plan to store the gear in your car). What distinguishes a top-rated 8-person tent is mainly its height: can you stand up completely inside the tent?

2- Weatherproof

Another key quality of a top-rated 8-person tent is its capacity to endure inclement weather conditions. Is the tent entirely impervious to water? Is it well-insulated and suitable for use throughout the winter? Of course, this will vary based on where you intend to use the tent: if you intend to use it primarily in hot, dry climates, you will not require weatherproof characteristics in your tent.

3- Ease of setup

For more seasoned campers, this may not be as vital as it appears at first glance. However, if you want to avoid the hassle of setting up a tent, you’ll want to make sure that the tent is simple to set up. How long does it take to erect the tent from scratch?

Is it simple to put together? For packing things away, ask yourself how long it will take and whether or not it will fit comfortably back into the carry bag after you are through. If you really must have a tent that is simple to set up, have a look at this guide to the finest 8 person quick tents.

4- Multiple doorsrooms

Do you all want to sleep in the same area? Whether not, you’ll need to see if the tent has numerous rooms so that you can have some privacy if necessary. Having many entrances and exits is particularly beneficial when there are a large number of people sleeping in the tent: image having the need to pee in the middle of the night and having to go through the first room, step over everyone, and open the main door. Ugh. It is recommended to have one front door and one rear entrance to make it easier to go in and out.

5- Small carry size

Do you all want to be in the same place to sleep? You’ll need to see whether the tent has numerous rooms if you want to have some privacy if it doesn’t already. Having many entrances and exits is particularly advantageous when a large number of people are sleeping in the tent: image needing to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and having to go through the first room, step over everyone, and open the main door. Ugh. To make access into the house as simple as possible, one front door plus one in the back is ideal.

6- Good ventilation

Finally, we’ll talk about ventilation: having a decent air flow in the tent is crucial, especially because there will be a lot of people inside the tent, and it may rapidly become moist if there isn’t enough ventilation.

Things to Know About Tent Size

The size of a tent is a difficult matter to discuss. Most of the time, tents are classified according to their size, which is determined by the number of people who may sleep inside: 1 person tents, 2 person tents, 4 person tents, and so on. However, how do tent manufacturers determine how many people can fit inside their tents? They’re just interested in seeing how many individuals can fit inside the tent, taking up all of the available space. This means sleeping in a camping bag with little to no space between people, and it may even entail sleeping with one’s head next to the other’s feet at times.

Do you want to be as comfortable as possible in your tent?

  • In addition to having enough room to be comfortable, you also have enough space for your stuff and even accommodate inflatable beds.

However, some tents are really spacious, as previously said. It may be described as a 4 person tent, but it may be really roomy, allowing you to fit as many as 4 people plus your stuff. For backpacking trips, the weight and size of the tent are critical considerations; in this instance, you’ll probably want to go with the normal size. Now that you’ve learned what to anticipate in terms of tent size, you’ll discover instructions for a variety of additional tent sizes that you might find interesting: 1 person: 2 people: 1 person: 2 people: 3 person:4 person: The Best 4 Person Tents on the Market 6 person: The Best 6 Person Tents on the Market Tents for 8 people: The Best Tents for 8 People 10 person:12 person:10 person:12 person:10 person:10 person:10 person:10 person:10 person:10 person:10 person:10 person:10 person:10 person:10 person:10 person:10 person:10 person:10 person:10 person:10 person:10 person:10 person:10 person:10 person:10 person:10 person:10 person:10 person:10 person:10 person:10 person:10 person:10 person:10 person:10 person:10 person:10 person A complete buyer’s guide for 12 person tents is available here.

FAQ About 8 Person Tents

You’ll find answers to the following questions concerning an eight-person tent in the section below:

1- What is the best 8 person tent to buy?

It is very dependent on what you want to use it for: camping in dry places or camping in wet areas? Do you like cold or warm weather? Do you use it on a regular basis or just occasionally? The Core Instant Cabin Tent is the greatest all-around 8-person tent you can buy since it is versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes. If you want additional information, read the section titled “what makes an excellent 8 person tent” above, as well as the sections on the many tents recommended in this book.

2- How big is an 8 person tent?

It is large enough to accommodate 8 persons in sleeping bags arranged side by side on the floor. If there are eight of you in the tent, you will all be very close to each other, with no room for your belongings. If weight is not a problem for you (for example, if you’re going vehicle camping), we recommend choosing a larger tent than you need: this will provide you more space for comfort and will also allow you to store more items inside the tent.

3- What’s the biggest tent you can buy?

Tents for 12 people are readily available. When you’re going camping with eight people, you’ll have plenty of space to spread out and feel completely comfortable. Check out our list to find which are the finest 12 person tents available on the market.

Final Thoughts

All of the 8-person tents reviewed in this article are excellent choices, and which one is the best for you will depend on your unique requirements and preferences. After a complete evaluation of the top 8 man tents available on the market, our overall best recommendation is theCore Instant Cabin Tent. It’s a fantastic value for money product that’s also really simple to put together (it takes less than 60 seconds), waterproof, and you’ll enjoy spending time outdoors with your friends and family in it!

Then share this page using the button below to ensure that they are found again and to assist other tourists in finding the best tents.

The Best 8-Person Family Camping Tents

When looking for a new tent, the Best 8-Person Family Camping Tents is an excellent place to begin your search. It should come as no surprise that the absolute best 8-person tents are manufactured by manufacturers such as Coleman, CORE, Wenzel, and others. When going camping with the family, there are a number of important items to bring with you, such as sleeping bags and/or airbeds, as well as insect spray and sunscreen. The family camping tent, on the other hand, is at the top of the list.

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Take a look at our post “Family Camping Tent Requirements” to get a better understanding of the qualities you should seek for.

  • Size
  • sVentilation
  • sMultiple Doors
  • sEasy Set-Up
  • sPacked size and weight

This is a really lengthy review.

We make every effort to provide you with value for your time. However, if you just want to get straight to the point, our top-rated 8-person family camping tent is the following:

Core 9-Person Extended Dome Tent

And yes, we are aware that it is a nine-person tent.

Benefits of Large Tents

If you want to travel with a family or a large group of people, it is advisable to pack a large tent that can accommodate everyone. A bigger tent allows for far more pleasant sleeping conditions than a smaller one. When compared to sleeping on the ground or even on sleeping pads, resting on a couple of queen-sized airbeds is a world of difference in comfort. Large family tent on the inside, with camping cots, a table, and a chair. On days when the weather does not permit outside activities, a large community area or screen room provides you with the opportunity to spend quality time with your family and friends comfortably indoors.

As an illustration:

  • Height – sufficient to allow one to stand upright
  • Room dividers — provide greater privacy while also aiding in the organization of tent space. There are several entrances, windows, and air vents
  • This tent is both simple to set up and simple to take down. Tough and dependable
  • Waterproof
  • Lantern hooks that are included into the design (or LED lights that are incorporated in)
  • Pockets for storing things on the inside

VestibulesOther Storage Options

the ability to stand up straight; the height required. A room divider allows for greater seclusion while also aiding in the organization of tent space. The presence of several doors, windows, and ventilation vents; and It’s simple to set up and disassemble; The ability to be tough and durable Waterproof; Lantern hooks that are integrated (or LED lights that are built in); pockets for storing items on the inside of the vehicle

Determining What Type of Tent You Need

Before you purchase a tent, ask yourself the following questions to guarantee that you choose the most appropriate one for your camping requirements.

  • How many people will be utilizing the tent on a regular basis, on average? Also consider the possibilities of other guests, such as friends or pets, who may accompany you to the tent. What type of camper do you consider yourself to be? Do you prefer to camp in a variety of temperatures and on a variety of terrains, or do you prefer to stay to a single location? What is the distance between your campsites? Is it more common for you to travel short or great distances to see them?

You’ll also need to be familiar with the many varieties of tents available, as well as their unique features and advantages. Take a look at our post on How to Choose a Tent That is Right for Your Family for a full overview of the various types of tents that are easily accessible for family camping trips.

Types of Tents

The type of tent you require will be determined by how you want to use it. The following are a few popular varieties of huge tents, each of which is classified according to its seasonal use:

Three-Season Tents

Because they may be used for camping vacations that take place in the spring, summer, and fall, three-season tents are the most often used types of tents. They are compact and portable, making them ideal for transporting to and from any camping area. Mesh windows are commonly seen in three-season tents, which allow for appropriate air circulation while keeping out pesky mosquitoes and other insects. But these tents are not recommended for use in places that are predominantly sandy or in locations that experience extreme weather conditions.

Extended-Season Tents

Designed to be used during the spring, summer, and autumn seasons, extended-season tents are most often utilized in the early spring and late fall, when locations may get light to moderate snowfall. Because they are designed for colder climates, extended-season tents often have fewer mesh windows and more elements that allow them to be stronger and keep heat throughout the winter months.

These tents are perfect for campers who want to camp at somewhat higher elevations than the average. They are not, however, intended for use in harsh winter weather conditions, as are four-season tents.

Four-Season Tents

Known as mountaineering tents in certain circles, four-season tents have been designed to resist extreme weather conditions such as heavy snowfall and high winds. This is owing to the thick, heat-retaining textiles used in their construction, as well as their dome-like form, which allows snow to slip off easily. If you intend on camping at a location where you will be spending more time inside than outside (such as a high, frigid mountaintop), this is the sort of tent you should use.

Other Tent Features to Look For

  • Known as climbing tents in certain circles, four-season tents have been designed to resist severe weather conditions such as heavy snowfall and high winds. Their thick, heat-retaining materials, as well as their dome-like form, allow snow to readily roll off their backs. You should choose this sort of tent if you intend on camping at a location where you will be spending more time within than outside (for example, a high, frigid mountain top).

5 of the Best 8-Person Family Camping Tents

The following are some of the most popular camping tents that can accommodate big families or groups of people when they go camping:

1.Coleman Elite Montana 8-Person Tent

The Coleman Elite Montana Outdoor Cabin Tent has a footprint of 16 by 7 feet and a height of just over six feet, allowing it to accommodate up to eight people. Three queen-sized inflatable beds may be accommodated at the same time, which is more practical. The tent is simple to put up and can be completed in less than 15 minutes. Keep in mind that the first time you put up the tent, you should give significantly more time. The rapid set-up gives you plenty of time to get comfortable at your camping site and begin creating lasting moments with your family or friends once you arrive.

Key SpecsFeatures

  • Because of the polyester taffeta material used in the construction of the tent, it is perfect for protecting your family from wind and rain. The WeatherTec system, which is installed in the tent’s bottom, helps to keep everyone dry on particularly wet days. Additionally, the windows of the cabin tent may be opened or pulled down at an angle, enabling warm sunlight to stream in while keeping the rain out. If you’re worried about lighting on your overnight camping trip, the Coleman Elite Montana offers a solution: the tent includes six built-in LED lights (each producing 100 lumens) inside that have three brightness settings: high, low, and nightlight, allowing you to see well at all times of the day. This bright lighting system may be powered by four D batteries or by the rechargeable battery pack that comes with it. Last but not least, the tent’s hinged, expanded door provides not only a dry location to store camping gear when it’s time to turn off the lights, but it also provides a conveniently accessible entry and exit.
Coleman Elite Montana 8-Person – What We Like
  • The addition of LED lights is a lovely touch. The use of a mesh ceiling allows for better ventilation. The tent is easily accessed by a hinged D-door.
Coleman Elite Montana 8-Person – What We Don’t Like
  • Wind-driven poles have been reported to have snapped in multiple locations. Several users reported that their Coleman WeatherTec tents allowed water to enter even in light rain
  • Coleman claims that their tents are not waterproof. This is, in our opinion, misleading. It should be emphasized, however, that the vast majority of customers do not experience any water leaks.

2.CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent

For those in need of a little additional space, the weatherproof CORE 9-Person Cabin Tent is an excellent choice. It can accommodate up to nine people or two queen-sized airbeds, depending on your needs. Please keep in mind that this review contains a number of ‘instant tents.’ If you want to learn more about these tents and watch some footage of them in operation, go to ” Best Instant Family Camping Tent ” on YouTube.

Key SpecsFeatures

  • You can fit up to nine people (or two queen-sized airbeds) in the weatherproof CORE 9-Person Cabin Tent, which is a terrific choice if you’re looking for a little additional space. Please keep in mind that this review includes numerous ‘instant tents.’ You can find out more about these tents, as well as see some footage of them in action, by visiting “Best Instant Family Camping Tent.”
Core 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent – What We Like
  • Setup and assembly are really quick. Can be quickly assembled by a single person in a matter of minutes
  • Users have expressed satisfaction with the rainproofing
  • The large mesh ceiling panels are revealed by the removable rain fly
  • With the rain fly folded back, you can lie in your bed and see the stars while being warm and comfortable. Room divider — we like the added seclusion it provides. T-doors that are extremely large. The process of getting in and out is quite simple. Having bigger doors makes a significant difference
Core 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent – What We Don’t Like
  • There have been multiple instances of poles snapping in the first few minutes of operation. This used to be an issue with quick tents, but it has mainly been resolved in recent years. It’s a little depressing to hear that this is still happening on this Core tent, given that the manufacturer claims the tent is water resistant rather than waterproof. However, despite the fact that this is an honest statement, the tent material has a hydrostatic rating of just 600mm. Other tents in this category include materials and seams that are waterproofed to a depth of 2-3000mm. The fact that instant tents are somewhat pricey reflects the rising complexity of instant tents. Large size and weight when packed

3.OT QOMOTOP Camping Tent

Similar to the previous tent, this weatherproof OT QOMOTOP Camping Tent can be set up in less than a minute and is also referred to as a ‘instant’ tent. All quick tents include user-friendly telescoping poles and color-coded fly positioners, and this one is no exception. It has a total floor area of 13 by 9 feet and a peak height of six and a half feet, providing enough space for eight people or two queen-sized airbeds to sleep comfortably. As is often the case, we would recommend the two queen-sized air mattresses.

Key SpecsFeatures

  • This weatherproof OT QOMOTOP Camping Tent, like the last tent, is a ‘instant’ tent that can be set up in less than a minute. It has the same user-friendly telescoping poles and color-coded fly positioners as all other quick tents on the market. It has a total floor area of 13 by 9 feet and a peak height of six and a half feet, providing enough space for eight people or two queen-sized airbeds to comfortably sleep. Always, the two queen-sized air mattresses would be our first choice.
OT QOMOTOP Camping Tent – What We Like
  • The OT QOMOTOP receives nearly unanimously good feedback — there isn’t anything to dislike about it. Setup is quick
  • Gear loft and gear pockets are included. In a family tent, extra storage space is always appreciated. It’s a wonderful touch to have a door mat. It is less expensive than comparable immediate options
OT QOMOTOP Camping Tent – What We Don’t Like
  • It is billed as a waterproof tent, which it is. The tent fabric, like those of other quick tents, is only waterproofed to a depth of 600mm. We are certain that this is done in order to keep the weight down, but it is not as effective as it would be on more traditional tent designs
  • As with nearly every instant tent we have examined, there have been instances of poles breaking much too frequently. Because the poles are telescopic, it is possible that certain parts will be weaker than others. Instant tents must be handled with caution.

4.CORE 9 Person Extended Dome Tent

I think we’re going to have to bend the rules a little bit for this review to include a 9-person tent. The problem is that 9 persons is an unusually large group. It would be out of place here or in our reviews of 10-person tents. And this tent is deserving of a thorough examination. The CORE 9 Extended Dome Tent, as the name implies, has the capacity to accommodate up to nine campers in a sleeping bag to sleeping bag, elbow to elbow arrangement. Furthermore, it has a wide 16 by 9-foot floor surface that can accommodate three queen air mattresses at the same time.

Specifications and features that are important

  • The ventilation and openness of this specific tent are two features that campers particularly like. Hot air is allowed to escape through the tent’s mesh ceiling by means of adjustable air intake vents that are strategically placed along the ground. Some of the best views of the sky are provided via the ceiling as well. You do, however, have the option of attaching a rainfly on wet days if necessary. There are two ridge poles within the tent, which assist to optimize the amount of space you have available
  • This tent also has an electric cable access point, which allows you to remain connected to your power source while using it. Other characteristics include: Interior storage and lantern hooks are included.
Core 9-Person Extended Dome Tent – What We Like
  • Large tent with a lot of useable floor space
  • Good ventilation is provided through a mesh ceiling and low-level vents. Easy to put up and take down — it outperforms many instant tents in this regard. A significant number of people believe that this is the nicest tent they have ever bought
  • And Given the characteristics of this tent, it is an excellent value.
Core 9-Person Extended Dome Tent – What We Don’t Like
  • It takes two persons to put up this item. Anyone who is vertically challenged may find it challenging to set up their equipment. The center of the tent must be raised to its full height in order for the poles to be properly positioned in order to tension the tent
  • There have been reports of broken poles and shredded fabric in certain reviews. To be honest, this is something we see on every single tent we inspect. The percentage of complaints for this tent is lower than for most others

5.Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

The Weather Armor materials used in the construction of the Wenzel 8-Person Klondike Tent will keep your family comfortable on windy and wet days in the outdoors.

Is it effective? Please continue reading. Specifications and features that are important

  • The tent is 16 by 11 feet and can accommodate up to eight people or two queen-sized inflatable beds. Its maximum height is six and a half feet, which allows even the tallest campers plenty of space to walk about within. The tent is equipped with a big screen awning that may be used for storage and protection from the elements. On warm days, the Wenzel Tent is equipped with vents in the roof and the rear of the tent, which allow for high-low air circulation. Rain fly can be added to the window during rainy days in order to keep water out of the window. Other characteristics include: Pockets for small items
Wenzel 8-Person Klondike Tent – What We Like
  • The screen room is generously large, providing lots of sitting space as well as storage
  • Our ventilation system has been thoughtfully designed. Simple to assemble
Wenzel 8-Person Klondike Tent – What We Don’t Like
  • The screen room occupies approximately one-third of the total useable space in this tent. One must enter the screen room in order to get onto the two queen airbeds. This is a great cry from being perfect. As compared to other high-end 8-person tents, this tent has received more complaints about poor quality and water leakage
  • The WatertTec system simply offers water resistance. Wenzel does not offer any hydrostatic numbers that may be used to compare its tents to other brands. At 27 pounds, it is rather heavy for a typical tent. You will not want to transport this tent for an extended period of time.

Bottom Line

A claustrophobic tent might result in a dissatisfied family. You may completely avoid this issue by buying in a high-quality tent that can accommodate eight or more people, giving you the freedom to roam around freely and pleasantly while camping. Before purchasing a tent, prepare a list of the features and specifications you want, such as the amount of area you require and the amenities you must have. Take a look at our family tent baseline and use it to help you establish your own specifications.

Keep this in mind when you begin your hunt for a new home.

Remember that this tent will be used by the entire family, so make sure you have their approval before clicking “Buy Now.” In the long run, this will contribute to pleasant camping experiences, and it will almost surely result in satisfied campers.

Our Choice

This review has a plethora of excellent camping tents. We believe that this is a viable starting point for genuinely comfortable family camping in the great outdoors. It appears that tent manufacturers agree, and they are pulling out all the means to ensure that 8-person tents are specified. Our selection, which was made by incredibly narrow margins:

Core 9-Person Extended Dome Tent

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