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  • When a bird is flying or preparing to fly, it will move (its wings) up and down as it does so. ‘the wings of a pheasant fluttered in the wind’
  • “gulls flapped around uttering their strange cries,” scientists discovered. “These tiny birds can flap their wings up to 70 times per second,” they speculated. “I’ve seen our power lines go down when a bird flaps its wings near them,” they speculated. “Perched atop a man’s shoulder, this bird flaps her wings to the sounds of the concert Thursday night,” they speculated. “Birds can flap their wings up to 70 times per second,” they It has been proposed to conduct an unusual physiotherapy session involving holding the buzzard’s wings while it flaps its wings to prepare the bird for release. It has also been proposed to conduct an unusual physiotherapy session involving holding the buzzard’s wings while it flaps its wings to prepare the bird for release It seemed as if a colorful bird had sprung out of the jungle, fluttering its wings and whirling around, as if it were attempting to chase its tail. Other birds flap their wings from back to belly, but partridges flap their wings from head to tail. It seemed if a bird had darted across the glass, fluttered its wings, and flew off into the black vacuum.

Beat, flutter, move up and down, agitate, wave, wag, waggle, shake, swing, and twitch are all terms used to describe movement. View a list of synonyms

  1. There is no fluttering or waving of an item (of anything connected at one point or weakly fastened) in this sentence 1.1. When the wind picked up speed, the tent bowed and the corners flapped frantically.
  • I strained my neck to see the price tags flapping furiously in the wind as they were locked away next to the cafe.’
  • ‘A thin breeze caught some strands of her short hair and sent some waves flapping in the wind.’
  • ‘This motion always tended to loosen that sleeve from its anchor until finally (to the relief of the class) it came loose.’
  • ‘A thin breeze caught some strands of her short hair and sent some waves flapping in the
  • Flutter, swing, sway, ripple, undulate, stir, shake, quiver, shiver, tremble, fly, blow, flutter, swing, sway, ripple, undulate View the list of synonyms 12Wave (anything) around or in the direction of something or someone else The duster was flapping wildly as she screamed.
  • Flapping her arms helped to dispel the pervading cold
  • ‘I was nearly mauled by an easily excitable Olympic volunteer flapping her security pass around because I tried to take the quicker way out of the train station’
  • ‘Do you stand there and keep flapping the tray around until the traymat dislodges itself?’
  1. In order to drive anything away, it is necessary to strike or attempt to strike it lightly with one’s hand, a piece of cloth, or a broad object.


  • The term “cover” refers to a thin piece of anything, such as fabric, paper, or metal, that is hinged or connected only on one side and is used to cover an opening or hang from something. (informal) “the flap of the envelope”
  • It was a very large room, with several holes in the side of the wall that were covered up by metal flaps that looked like they could be opened.’
  • ‘The neck is covered by flaps attached to the vest.’
  • ‘He nodded to Hazel and she left, keeping an eye on Katrina until the flaps of the tent covered her face.’
  1. The lift of an aircraft wing is controlled by a hinged or sliding piece of its wing. hydraulics are usually responsible for moving the flaps
  • The aircraft has composite ailerons, spoilers, flaps, vertical tail skin, and horizontal tail skin, but it has aluminum wings.’
  • ‘Agglomerations of wings and cowling, flaps, rudders, and fuselage rise dramatically from narrow steel legs.’
  • ‘The landing gear was retracted, and the flaps were retracted.’
  • ‘The landing gear was retracted and the flaps were retracted.’
  • ‘The landing gear and wing ‘New flaps and ailerons were constructed and installed.’
  • ‘At the pilot’s command, retract the landing gear and raise the wing flaps.’
  • ‘The wing was also equipped with flaps, which reduced the landing speed down to 50-60 mph.’
  • ‘He reduced power, lowered his flaps, and prepared the aircraft for landing.’
  • ‘Pilots need a complex endorsement to fly airplanes with retractable gear, flaps, and
  • Wing or arm movement from one side to the other, or from one end to the other, is defined as 2. ‘the last few hopeless flaps were produced by the survivor’s bird’
  • It has been fascinating to watch as the young birds progress from falling to the ground after just two flaps of their wings to confident flyers.’
  • “The Butterfly Effect” is derived from the chaos theory, which suggests that the simple flap of a butterfly’s wings has the potential to set off a tornado thousands of miles away.’
  • “He could feel the wind blowing his bangs backwards and hear the soft flap of his headband.”
  • “It hovers for two flaps and draws its head back
  • Ebb and flow, flutter and flail
  • Beat and beat
  • Waving and shaking
  • Flail and flail View the list of synonyms 3informalin singular grammatical use An agitated condition
  • A state of panic
  • It appears that they are divided on who will be attending Henry’s lectures
  • ‘Size isn’t crucial, or so the adage goes.’ However, abseilers may have a different opinion after a banner caused consternation among them and Rochdale Council.’
  • ‘An injured cygnet put a rescue team in a tizzy as it took five days to catch in Chippenham.’
  • ‘I remember a Christmas, not too long ago, when I was in a flap because our new daughter-in-law was coming for Christmas Dinner and I wanted it to be perfect.’
  • ‘Do A Cheshire farmer has been caught up in an ugly turkey contest, despite the fact that his birds aren’t the most attractive in the world.
  • ‘Never one to get himself into a pickle, Nigel agreed to give the bird a temporary home while he sought the bird’s owner.’
  • ‘The most important trick is to listen carefully, which sounds simple but isn’t when you are caught up in a flap.’ The following stories have been published: ‘However, I woke up late and had to go to work this morning, which put me in a flap.’
  • ‘An Ilkley theatre audience was left in a flap after an unknown visitor appeared out of nowhere, quite literally.’
  • ‘A stork left bird watchers in a flap when it flew away from a stately home.’
  • ‘Now, I know Mother well, and I know her tendency to get into a flap
  • Panic, fluster, agitation, and a state of panic are all terms used to describe a state of mind. the bustle of people’s lives
  • The commotion of people’s lives
  • The stir of people’s lives
  • The excitement of people’s lives
  • The uproar of people’s lives
  • The commotion of their lives View the list of synonyms 5Phonetics It is a form of consonant that is created by permitting only a short contact between the tip of the tongue and the alveolar ridge.


Middle English is most likely a copy of the original.

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This indicates the grade level of the word based on its difficulty. This indicates the grade level of the word based on its difficulty. Flapped is a verb that means to swing or sway back and forth loosely, especially when there is noise: flapped Outside the window, a sagging shutter blew in the breeze. to move up and down as if they were wings; flap the wings or produce movements that are comparable. to deliver a powerful blow using something wide and adaptable When under stress, it is common for people to get enthusiastic or confused.

the action of moving one’s wings, arms, or other appendages up and down (when employed with an object),flapped,flapping to induce to swing or sway erratically, especially when accompanied by noise it is necessary to hit with something wide and flat Smart, hard, or loudly tossing, folding, closing, or other actions Phonetics.

noun anything flat and broad that is only fastened on one side and hangs freely or covers an opening: a tablecloth.

one of the two sections of a book jacket that folds under the front and back covers of the book folding door, shutter, or other similar device with only one leaf a flapping action is used the sound made by anything that flaps its wings An attack delivered with something wide and flat.

  1. It may be defined as a condition of tense agitation, bustle, or disorder, an emergency situation, scandal, or crisis.

Surgery. a section of skin or tissue that has been partially removed from the body and is capable of being transferred by the use of grafting Aeronautics. When an airplane is flying, a moveable surface is employed to increase the lift or drag. Phonetics.

  1. The flipping out of the lower lip from a position of pressure against the upper teeth to produce an audible pop, as in emphatic utterances containingf -sounds or v -sounds, is referred to as a trill. Ther -sound is a common British pronunciation ofvery, and thet -sound is a common American pronunciation ofwater.

Trades in the construction industry.

  1. Backflap hinge (/bkflp hnd/) and flap hinge are other names for the same thing. any of the following: one leaf of a hinge with a strap or plate for screwing to the face of a door, shutter, or the like
  2. Any one of the following:

EVALUATE YOUR KNOWLEDGE OF AFFECT AND EFFECT VERSUS AFFECT! In effect, this exam will determine whether or not you possess the necessary abilities to distinguish between the terms “affect” and “effect.” Despite the wet weather, I was in high spirits on the day of my graduation celebrations.

Origin offlap

Flappe and flappen were first attested in Middle English in 1275–1325; compare Dutchflap and flappen, which mean “to strike or slap.”

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Flap·less,adjective un·flap·ping,adjective

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Flannelmouth sucker,Flanner,Flannery,flanning,flanny,flap,flap amputation,flapdoodle,flap door,flapdragon,flaperonDictionary.com: Flannelmouth sucker,Flanner,Flannery,flanning,flanny,flap,flap amputation,flapdoodle,flap door,flapdragon,flaperonDictionary Unabridged Random House, Inc. 2022, based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Random House, Inc.

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How to useflapin a sentence

  • It’s possible to use them as mittens when the weather is really cold, and if you need to use your fingers, you can transform them into fingerless gloves with only one tuck of aflapor pull of a zipper. This is correct, we’re talking about earflap hats, which are also known as trapper hats. It sounds like a thunderclap, according to Darden, who has written more than 50 publications on high-lift wing design in supersonic flow, flap design, sonic boom prediction, and sonic boom mitigation. Beanies and caps with earflaps usually seem to ride up, especially when worn beneath my motorcycle helmet.
  • SpaceX has provided a number of films in which we can observe that the flaps are under good control. “Do a story on this Lena Dunhamflap!” my editor said as I answered the phone. Nonetheless, after flicking through Not That Kind of Girl, I am beginning to comprehend what “this Lena Dunhamflap” is all about
  • In the event that you flap your arms repeatedly, a pair of enormous feathered wings appears to sprout from your shoulders. Take, for example, my old employer, Mitt Romney, and the flapover at a Jeep factory in Ohio. Singing songs of the Hyades, whereflapthe tatters of the King, must die unheard in Dim Carcosa
  • In the tent’s entrance, he adjusted his weight and raised the flap, fixing it against the tent pole so that he could see out
  • The minister spoke something in hushed tones as he pushed the door wide to the maximum extent possible. In fact, as I stood there watching the canvas tremble and hearing it boom and flap, I was delighted. Theflapwas wide open, and any regular animal would have gotten out and away without the slightest difficulty
  • But, According to Mother, the greatest form of dash-churn is to stand and flap the dasher straight up and down until your arms and legs give out
  • Nevertheless,

British Dictionary definitions forflap

The curtains flapped in the breeze(intr)informalto become agitated or flustered; panicto deal a blow to (a person or thing) with a broad flexible object(trsometimes followed bydown)to toss, fling, slam, etc, abruptly or noisily(tr)phoneticsto pronounce (an (r) sound by allowing the tongs to move freely (intr)informalto become agitated or flustered; panic nounthe action, motion, or noise produced by flappingwith a single flap of its wings, the bird flew awaya piece of material, such as a tent, envelope, or pocket, which is connected at one side and is typically used to cover an opening, such as on a pocket, envelope, or tent a hit delivered with a flat item in mind; smack when an aircraft wing has a moveable surface attached to the trailing edge of the wing, it boosts lift during takeoff and decreases drag during landing.

surgerya piece of tissue that is partially connected to the body, either following an amputation or to be used as a graftinformala state of panic, distress, or agitationphoneticsan (r) produced by allowing the tongue to give a single light tap against the alveolar ridge or the uvulaphoneticsan (r) produced by allowing the tongue to tap against the alveolar ridge or the uvulaphoneticsan (r) produced by allowing the

Word Origin forflap

C14: most likely of imitational origin Complete Unabridged Digital Edition of the Collins English Dictionary, published in 2012. William Collins Sons Co. Ltd. was established in 1979 and 1986. In 1998, HarperCollinsPublishers published the following books: 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, and 2012.

Medical definitions forflap

A type of surgical graft that is only partially separated from its donor site so that it can continue to be fed while being transported to the recipient location. The Stedman’s Medical Dictionary, published by American Heritage® Houghton Mifflin Company owns the copyright for the years 2002, 2001, and 1995. Houghton Mifflin Company is the publisher of this book.

What does flap mean

  • In a sense, try to go up into the air
  • “Door” to the tent
  • Swing your arms freely
  • Envelope flap, part of an envelope
  • Pocket cover This is a portion of a cereal box
  • The opening at the back of the onesie
  • Move as though they were wings
  • One should flap one’s wings
  • Exercise, as if they were wings
  • Dr. Dentons’ back entrance is secured with an envelope closure. Perform a portion of the chicken dance
  • Part of the book jacket
  • Defeat the wind
  • Movement of the wings
  • What is responsible for the opening of a doggie door
  • It is the act of a bird flapping its wings in order to fly. Wave your arms like wrens’ wings
  • Toss the ball around to turn it over. Make an effort to get off the ground
  • The door to the tepee
  • Tent-like structure
  • A tent’s entrance
  • Swing loudly, as if it were a shutter
  • The sound of sails flapping in the wind
  • The roar of a sailboat in a wind
  • Shirt pocket design element
  • A pop-up book function is included. Closer to the pocket
  • A portion of a book cover that is contained within the book
  • The buttocks of pajamas
  • Some pajamas have an opening in the back
  • Some children’s pajamas have an opening in the back as well. Once upon a time, putting on some jammies
  • It is possible to be on the fly
  • For example, a mudguard. Move in the same way as one’s wings would
  • Move in the same way that a duck’s wings would Move like the ear of an elephant
  • Move like the wings of a bird
  • There is a minor debate
  • Part of a hunter’s hat
  • To make a futile attempt to get off the ground
  • A portion of an envelope that has been gummed
  • Part of a pet door that is adaptable
  • The sound of a flag blowing in the wind
  • The sound of a flag
  • Some pajamas have this design on the back
  • Perhaps the entrance to a bivouac
  • Or Part of the dust jacket
  • A Dr. Dentons feature
  • Door in the woods
  • Frequent use of the dog door
  • Concert noise
  • Concert to-do
  • A commotion in the middle of a concert
  • Essentially, a codpiece Tents are being put up for the night. Occasionally, the buttoned portion of pajamas
  • It has a “bubble-mailer” function. Foldover of the book cover
  • Position of the blurb The start of the flight
  • A “Door” for pets
Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English

Noun 1 (Flap I.noun) MATCHING COLLOCATIONS FROM DIFFERENT ENTRIES A bird flaps its wings (= it moves its wings up and down) The baby birds were attempting to flap their wings as they flew around. the usage of a cat flap (= a particular entrance for a cat to enter and exit a house) the cat was becoming too large to pass through the cat flap All of the trees seemed to be swaying and flapping in response to the breeze. The ducks woke up and flapped their wings in response to the cat’s flapflap its wings (= move them).

  1. The thud of thecatflapas may be heard in the distance.
  2. I gained confidence and managed to pry the cat flap open once more.
  3. It’ll only be a matter of time until he figures out how to utilize thecatflap.
  4. wing The data suggested that the wing flaps were in the retracted position at the time of the collision.
  5. EXAMPLES FROM OTHER ENTRIES Kelly quit as a result of a scuffle over videotaping job applicants’ interviews.
  6. CAR AND TRAILER EXAMPLES FROM CORPUS Cars and trucks honking, speeding and braking caused Dawn to lose her balance.
  7. She put her palm over the flap of the pocket to conceal the cup she had forgotten she had in her pocket.

The helmet was so tight around my skull that it was causing my brain to ache, but the earflaps were dangling.

The antenna was unfolded two hours later, when the box’s flaps were folded down and the lid closed.

The second part of the sentence is verbCOLLOCATIONS FROM CORPUS.

I arrived at work flapping around like Charlie Chaplin on my first night of employment.

Yellow, withered bean leaves rustled on the stalks and flapped their wings around the ground.

The batflapped his malformed hat around his head and dashed out into the night.

NOUNbreeze She made a quiet promise to the piece of wallpaper that fluttered in the wind as she walked down the street.

A forty-five degree perspective was taken with his shirttails flying in the breeze as he faced the green.

His tongue was jutting out of the corner of his lips and fluttering in his mouth as he walked!

The quarterback is dressed in a green plaid shirt, which flaps in the late-afternoon breeze.

Following closely after, Duvall fluttering her jacket in the wind and rain.

Furthermore, the Linwood facility has been transformed into a cemetery, with grass growing between the assembly lines and corrugated-iron roofs blowing in the wind.

Example sentences from other submissions: The wind whipped the sails of a ship.

Gloria escorted Dot up the outdoor stairs from the basement to take in the view of the cotton flags waving in the sun.

The wind blew his shirttails as he faced the green at an angle of 45 degrees, slicing every shot with his left hand.

Nursing students were sprinting towards a hospital, their unbuttoned navy-blue jackets hanging over their pale uniforms, as she watched the following image. ▪ He glided down the street with his arm resting on the window well, the breeze rustling his sleeve as he went.

The Collaborative International Dictionary

Flap With a flick of the wrist, “Flap” is a verb that means to “flap.” [imp.p.p.Flapped; vb. n. Flapping.] (Also also D. flappen, E. flap, n., flop, flippant, fillip.) [Probably of imitative origin; see D. flappen, E. flap, n., flop, flippant, fillip.]

  1. To hit with a flap of the hand
  2. To beat. However, allow me to flap these golden wings on this beetle. -Pope
  3. To move anything broad and flaplike
  4. For example, to flap one’s wings
  5. To allow something to fall, such as the brim of a hat. to make a sneering face or to taunt. -William Cartwright
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flap flap flap flap flap flap flap flap flap flap Flap, n. [OE. flappe, flap, blow, bly-flap; cf. D. flap and E. flap, v.] [Old English flappe, flap, blow, bly-flap] Whatever is broad and limber that hangs loosely, or that is attached by one side or end and may be moved easily; for example, the flap of a garment. When the larynx opens, there is a cartilaginous flap that forms. Sir Thomas Browne (Sir T. Browne) A hinged leaf, such as on a table or a shutter, is defined as follows: 3. The action of anything broad and loose, or a stroke or sound produced by it; for example, the flap of a sail or the wing.

  • pl.
  • The fifth definition is a moveable element of an airplane wing that may be utilized to boost lift or drag, particularly during takeoff and landing.
  • Flap tile is a type of tile that has a piece that has been folded up to turn a corner or catch a drop.
  • Flap Flap, v.
  • Flap, v.
  • Flap, v.
  1. To move as if with wings, or as if with something broad or loose
  2. To fly with wings pounding the air
  3. To swoop through the air. The crows flew above in groups of twos and threes. -Lowell
  4. The ability to fall and hang like a flap, such as the brim of a hat or other wide item. -Gay
Douglas Harper’s Etymology Dictionary

Mid-14c., flappe”a blow, slap, buffet,” most likely imitating the sound of striking a person or object. The phrase “device for slapping or hitting” first used in the early 15c. The phrase “something that hangs down” was first attested in the 1520s, most likely fromflap (v.). “Bird’s wing” was first used in the sense of “motion or noise” in 1774; the meaning of “disturbance, loud uproar” was first used in 1916, according to British slang. Later “strike, hit” (mid-14c. ); possibly eventually imitative.



Flapn. 1 Anything broad and flexible that hangs loose, or that is attached by one side or end and is easily moved. 2 A hinged leaf, as of a table or shutter. 3 A side fin of a ray – also termed a wing. 4 An upset, stir, scandal or controversy 5 The motion of anything broad and loose, or a stroke or sound made with it. vb. (context transitive English) (context transitive English) To move (something broad and loose) back and forth.

  1. N. any broad thin and limber covering that is fastened at one edge and hangs loose or projects freely
  2. “he wrote on the flap of the envelope”
  3. “he wrote on the back of the envelope” flap a term used to describe an agitated state of agitation
  4. “there was a terrible flap over the theft”
  5. The motion produced by flapping up and down
  6. A movable patch of tissue partially linked to the body
  7. A movable airfoil that is utilized as part of an aviation wing
  8. Used to enhance lift or drag.
  1. Move in a wave pattern or with a rising and falling motion
  2. “the curtains undulated”
  3. “the waves rolled towards the shore”
  4. “the curtains undulated” move with a thrashing motion
  5. “the bird flapped its wings”
  6. “the eagle beat its wings and flew far into the sky”
  7. Move with a flapping motion
  8. “the bird’s wings were flapping”
  9. Move with a thrashing motion
  10. “the flags fluttered in the strong wind” make a commotion
  11. Be excited
  12. Enunciate alveolar sounds with a flap of the tongue

fl ap fl ap fl ap fl ap fl ap fl ap fl ap fl ap fl ap fl ap fl ap fl ap fl ap fl ap fl ap fl ap fl ap fl ap fl a (aeronautics) Generally speaking, flaps are a form of high-lift device that is used to enhance the lift of an aircraft’s wing at a given air velocity. The trailing edges of the wings of a fixed-wing aircraft are often equipped with flaps. It is necessary to utilize flaps in order to reduce the lowest speed at which the aircraft may be flown safely and to increase the angle of descent for landing.

  1. When the wing flaps are stretched out farther, the camber, or curvature, of the wing is increased, which raises the maximum lift coefficient, or the top limit to the amount of lift a wing can create.
  2. Additionally, increasing wingdrag can be useful during approach and landing since it slows the aircraft down and allows it to land more safely.
  3. This is especially true in specific aircraft layouts.
  4. This can obscure the pilot’s vision of the runway.
  5. The most frequent types of flaps are plain flaps, slotted flaps, and Fowler flaps.
  6. The Fowler, Fairey-Youngman, and Gouge kinds of flaps, in addition to altering the camber, increase the wing area of the aircraft.
  7. Some flaps are installed in other locations.
  8. De Havilland’s DH.88 Comet racer was equipped with flaps that ran across the underside of the fuselage and front of the leading edge of the wings.

fl ap fl ap fl ap fl ap fl ap fl ap fl ap fl ap fl ap fl ap fl ap fl ap fl ap fl ap fl ap fl ap fl ap fl ap fl a (film) Flap (also known as The Last Warrior in the United Kingdom) is a 1970 American comedy-western film directed by Carol Reed and starring Anthony Quinn, Claude Akins, and Shelley Winters in the lead roles.

fl ap fl ap fl ap fl ap fl ap fl ap fl ap fl ap fl ap fl ap fl ap fl ap fl ap fl ap fl ap fl ap fl ap fl ap fl a (surgery) When it comes to plastic and reconstructive surgery, flap surgery is a procedure in which any type of tissue is taken from a donor location and transported to a recipient site that has an unbroken blood supply.

A graft is used to fill a deficiency, such as a wound caused by an injury or surgery, when the existing tissue is incapable of supporting a graft, or to reconstruct more complicated anatomic structures, such as the breast or the jaw.

Usage examples of “flap”.

With no words, the Pasha bowed his head and rode out towards the palace on his magnificent white donkey, his pants fluttering over his massive legs. His Abyssinian slaves accompanied him. Grasping at the edge of a crumbling stone wall in a temple orchard, looking past the sloping tile roofs of Grange Head, Maia lifted her gaze to watch low clouds briefly obscure a brightly speckled and placid sea, its green shoals aflicker with silver schools of fish and theflapping shadows of hovering swoop-birds.

  • Immediately after I had landed with my trade-goods and had moved away from my steering sweep apeak, Otoo abandoned his stroke position and came into the stern-sheets, where a Winchester was ready to hand beneath aflapof sailcloth.
  • The arthroscope allows us to view into the knee, where we can locate and cut away the flap that is causing the problem, and then draw it out via tiny holes that will leave the knee almost undamaged.
  • You could even be able to learn how to fly by flapping your arms, according to Hresh, provided you worked hard enough at it for long enough.
  • If the latter had been as alarmed as the former, that appendage may have been sucked into a risingflap.
  • With his jacket billowing and his beard unshaven, Brennan hurried by a pair of bemedalled attaches, aware that just a matter of minutes separated him from security intervention.
  • Due to the fact that if you flap your gums one more without permission, your bloodsucking days are finished.

words that rhyme with flap, words derived from the word “flap,” words that begin with “f,” words that begin with “fl,” words that begin with “fla,” words that finish with “p,” words that end with “ap,” words that end with “lap,” words that include the letter “l,” words that contain the letter “la,”

Games You Can Play With Your Pet Bird

The instructions that follow will walk you through several physically demanding activities that you may play with your feathery friend to help burn some extra calories. All games feature a vocal order that must be said at the beginning of the game to signal to your bird that it is game time.

Not every parrot will be interested in participating in every game on this list, but there are at least a few activities on this list that will encourage your bird to get off the perch and move around:

Fetch and Retrieve

Some parrots will engage in fetching behavior similar to that of dogs. Playing with your parrot involves gently tossing a little Koosh ball, decorative bauble, or soft, lightweight toy in the direction of your parrot while saying, “Catch it!” With any luck, your bird will chase after the object and pick it up with its beak when it sees it. If this occurs, say something like, “Good bird!.” Teach your bird to bring the thing back to you after it has found it. Continue to throw the ball toward your bird until it understands that it is responsible for bringing the ball back to you, then stop.

Scratch it on the back of the head.

Your bird will receive a lot of exercise grabbing the toy and bringing it back to your location.

Staircase Dash

In order to play this game, you will need two persons as well as a carpeted stairway. If your parrot has a favorite person, invite that person to join in on the fun! As the parrot moves downhill, the person who has chosen him or her should stand at the bottom of the stairwell while another person sets the bird at the top and gently nudges the parrot downward. The bird’s name is called or “Climb down the steps!” is said by the person who is most liked by the bird. The bird will generally climb down the steps, flapping its wings and using its feet to do so, gaining plenty of exercise in the process.

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After that, the beloved person sets the parrot down, rapidly walks up the steps, and beckons the parrot back to him.

When the bird reaches the summit, give it another round of applause.

I’m Going To Get Your Tail!

“Oh, I’m going to touch the tail of your parrot!” you remark in a highly enthusiastic tone of voice as you place your hand near the parrot’s tail (but without really touching it). Your bird will flee in the other direction of you and then scurry all over your mattress. Allow your bird to rest for a few minutes before repeating the process. You don’t want the bird to claim your bed as its territory, so to put an end to this game, Karras recommends providing a braided rope or a tug-toy dog rope for the bird to climb on and then releasing it.

Gently swing the bird and the rope back and forth back and forth as your bird flaps its wings when it grips the rope with its beak.

After that, you may return your bird to its cage or playstand so it can relax. Keep in mind that if your bird has trust difficulties or doesn’t appear to be comfortable, you should avoid playing this game.

Birdie Basketball

Teach your parrot how to play basketball with a basketball hoop that is the size of a birdie. Purchase one of the parrot-specific basketball games or one of the miniature-sized basketball hoops that are available at many toy stores for tiny children to play with. A suction cup is located on the rear of the hoop to allow it to be attached to a wall. They also come with a little cloth ball or a Nerf basketball. Either type will do the trick. Place the hoop on the floor close to a wall so that it can be seen from both sides.

Then, toss the ball to your bird and watch him fly away.

Even if your bird just ignores the ball, you can attempt again and again until it passes through the hoop.

Let’s Fly

Holding both of your bird’s feet (with your fingers holding down its toes) and saying “Ready, set, go!” as you gently raise your arm over your head (don’t do this in a quick, jerky movement) is a good technique. As your bird ascends, it will flap its wings to keep itself stable. Maintain the bird’s position over your head for a few seconds or as long as it continues to flap its wings. Then lower it down to your chest level one more to finish. You may repeat this as many times as you like, or as many times as you feel your bird would enjoy it.

Climb The Rope

Make knots in a thick cotton or sisal rope that is approximately 8 or 9 feet in length, and space them about every 6 inches. A plant hook is used to suspend the rope from the ceiling. “Climb the rope!” instructs your parrot, who is placed on the floor at the bottom end of the rope. Numerous parrots will instinctively reach for the rope and begin climbing up the structure. To encourage your bird to reach the top, hold a reward (such as a piece of broccoli, sunflower or safflower seed, or an almond) several feet above the bird and gradually raise the treat closer to the ceiling until the bird reaches the top.

Pick up the bird and let it to re-climb to the top of the tree.

If you have a smaller bird, such as a lovebird or a cockatiel, you may provide it with a 4- or 5-foot rope to climb on.


This is likewise done on a bed and necessitates the presence of a second person in addition to oneself. Place a huge bath towel or a throw blanket on top of the bed and have the other person hold it up in a tent shape. “Peek-a-boo!” is a fun game to play with your bird. Place it at one end of the tent and, when it passes through, rush to the other end and yell, “Peek-a-boo!” Your bird should begin to run in the other direction, toward you, as soon as you release it.

When it gets close, scurry back to the other side of the tent as soon as you can. Running back and forth will provide plenty of activity for your bird, as well as for you!


Consider introducing the bird to a new area of your home, such as the basement or a room it has never been in before. Place your bird on the floor at one end of the room and then leave the room without looking back. “Find me!” you can say. Travel for several yards before peeking through gaps in the fence or sticking your head out over a bed so that the bird may see you before ducking your head back in. Make it a long enough distance so your bird will have to walk a significant amount and at a fast pace in order to catch up with you and pursue after you.

If your pet has formed a strong attachment to you, it will attempt to locate you in order to avoid being left alone in an unfamiliar environment.

A Good Time For All

When participating in any of these activities, don’t give up too quickly. Allow your feathered game player some time to become familiar with what you are attempting to do. If your bird doesn’t appear to be interested in the game, try it again another day. Keep an eye out for the sorts of games your bird loves, as well as what it is in the mood for on any given day of the week. Some days, your bird may feel like chasing a Koosh ball down the staircase, while other days, it may choose to simply flap its wings.

  • If you do this, your bird will immediately begin to rebel.” Instead, show the game and make it appear as though it is enjoyable.
  • “You want to give the impression that it was his choice to play the game, and you want it to be enjoyable for him,” Karras explained.
  • Once you’ve discovered some activities that your parrot enjoys, make an effort to include them into your daily routine.
  • The Florida bird behavior specialist Kim Bear explains that when you interact with your bird, you become the most intriguing thing in your bird’s life.
  • Chewy Editorial contributed this article.


Oxfordviews was last updated on May 29, 2018. When a bird is flying or ready to fly, it flaps its wings up and down: Gulls swung their wings around, emitting weird sounds, as if they were hearing something. flutter or wave around (of something that is attached at one place or that is weakly fastened): the tent bowed as the wind blew, and the corners flapped wildly in the wind. up and down, or back and forth: She began flapping her arms in an attempt to drive away the pervading cold that had crept in through the open door.

waving (anything, especially a cloth) about or at something, someone or something: she yelled and shook the duster fiercely.

n.1.a piece of material thin, such as fabric, paper, or metal, hinged or fastened only on one side, that covers an opening or hangs down from something: the flap of the envelope|the flap of the envelope An aircraft wing having a hinged or sliding part used to regulate lift: flaps are generally operated by the aircraft’s hydraulic system|a final approach at sixty knots with 45 degrees of flap When a dust jacket is folded within a book’s cover, a synopsis of the work or a biography of the author is generally printed on the inside of the cover: A book jacket flap said that the author and her spouse lived in Connecticut, which I found interesting.

Phonet is a kind of consonant created by letting the tip of the tongue to contact the alveolar ridge for a limited period of time.

Flapping is a movement of a wing or an arm from side to side or up and down: the last desperate flaps were produced by the survivor of the attack.

It is a state of excitement or panic: they are in the midst of a flapover who is about to attend Henry’s lectures.

Afterwards, the flap is utilized to fix a defect in another region of the body or to cover the end of a bone in an amputated limb that has been severed from the body.

A Nursing Terminology Dictionary oxfordviewsupdated 29th of May, 2018flap Flapvb.


; cf.


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SEEL Alliteration Dictionary

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flourflowflowerfluffflutefly (bug)flyingfoamfogfoilfoldfollowfoodfoolfootfootstepforforceforestforeverforgetforgiveforgotforkfortforthfortuneforwardfoundfountainfourfourthfoxfoundfountainfourfourthfoxfoundfountainfourfourthfoxfoundfountainfourfourthfoxfound fragileframe FrankfrayFredfreefreelyfreezefreezer French fries are a type of deep-fried food.

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