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Glamping Hub: Check out the best glamping yurts and the best spots to camp with these luxury yurt rentals in the United States! Today is the day to reserve an outside yurt.

Find yurts for rent for family vacations, romantic getaways, and large group trips; go glamping in a yurt in the best places to camp near me! Book a camping home for rent ‘near me’ today

Have you ever found yourself asking yourself, “What exactly is a yurt?” This may be accomplished by camping in a circular construction that was influenced by Mongolian roots. Yurt camping is one of the most popular glamping trends right now, and Glamping Hub is here to assist you in discovering the finest spots to camp near me. These one-of-a-kind constructions give a cozy and isolated atmosphere in which to enjoy incredible outdoor excursions. Consider it similar to renting a yurt for a camping trip.

So if you’re thinking of renting a beach yurt cottage, we’re here to guide you through the process.

  • One of the reasons that it has become so popular among glampers is because of the added level of comfort it provides when camping.
  • In spite of this, the greatest apartments for rent near me will allow you to remain completely in touch with the natural world.
  • Even if you’ve never experienced the pleasure of yurt living before, keep reading to find out more about what it means to stay in a yurt house, how they’re constructed, and where you might find one for rent in your neighborhood.
  • Yurt houses for rent ‘near me’ are available for you to rent right now!

Book from a list of luxury yurts to rent, with some of the most unique yurt camp rentals worldwide. Find a camping yurt tent perfect for you. Affordable yurts are available today!

So, you’re probably asking, ‘what exactly is a yurt?’ When it comes to dwellings, the yurt (also known as the ger) is a moveable circular building built of lattice wood and covered with cloth. In Central Asia, particularly Mongolia, yurts have been the traditional and predominant kind of dwelling for thousands of years and continue to be so. These constructions were ideal for the nomadic lifestyle of Mongolian nomads since they are simple to set up and take down, can accommodate a large family, and are extremely well insulated.

  • As a result, yurts evolved in Central Asia, where nomadic people used them to accommodate their herding lifestyle.
  • How did these Mongolian nomadic yurts make their way into the tourism business and become luxurious yurts for rent?
  • Yurt dwelling is still connected with Mongolian heritage today, but it has also evolved into a unique sort of holiday accommodation that can be found in many remote places throughout the world.
  • We’re confident that among this selection of large yurts, forest mountain yurts, campsites with yurts, and even posh yurt rentals, you’ll discover something that’s right for your next holiday!

Are you looking for camping locations in your area? Today is the day to reserve a camping house for rent “near me.” Here’s where you can find yurt tents for overnight camping near me!

Yurtstents camping: book your yurt vacation

Having established what a Yurt camping structure is, you may be wondering if there are any Yurts near you or if you should get into yurt camping in the first place. The answers to both queries are straightforward. Yurts are available for rent in your area, and camping yurts are an excellent choice for your next holiday! Camping in a yurt, also known as yurt camping, is a type of holiday in which you rent a yurt tent and go glamping in a remote location. These glamping buildings are available for booking all over the world, from Denver vacation rentals to places to stay in California and all the way across the ocean to accommodations in the French countryside and all the way to Australia vacations.

  1. As on a family vacation in Florida, it may serve as your home away from home while you explore the greatest hiking trails the state has to offer.
  2. Taking a yurt vacation in Upstate New York might be a romantic weekend retreat for the two of you among the mountains.
  3. Do you see what we’re talking about?
  4. If you want to go beach camping in Mexico, you can even locate a beach yurt to stay in.
  5. There are a plethora of reasonably priced yurts on the market nowadays that will not let you down.
  6. You can find yurt camping near me no matter where you are.

Go glamping in a yurt: holiday accommodations and top vacation spots

What exactly is a yurt? Yurts make it simple to go glamping and spend time in the great outdoors with friends and family. The majority of glamping yurt trips have running water and heating, as well as comfy mattresses and all of the amenities you might want for a restful night’s sleep. Even better, you may locate yurt home rentals to suit any financial situation. If you’re wanting to plan a luxury camping vacation for two people, our luxury yurt rentals provide everything you’re searching for in a luxury camping experience.

Although these yurt dwellings are no longer movable, they make it possible for you to be mobile and visit new vacation areas!

The greatest primitive camping ‘around me’ is right here, at your fingertips.

Everything you could possibly need is right here.

Why would you go anyplace else? Best camping tents near me are accessible right now, and they are certain to put a grin on your face.

Yurt Getaways in the U.S.

Yurts were erected by nomads on the steppes of Central Asia as movable dwellings that were both snug and weatherproof, but also minimalistic and simple to put up and take apart. Since ancient times, these round accordion-lattice wall tents have been passed down from generation to generation. Modern-day derivations now allow you to go glamping in a modern-day yurt hotel and enjoy the outdoors in a new way. Contemporary yurts may be found “near me,” which implies there are yurt rentals “near me” all over the world, which have been gathered here for visitors looking to enjoy a rustic and unique outdoor getaway experience.

  • Are you looking to rent a yurt in your neighborhood?
  • Why spend another boring holiday in a hotel room that looks the same as every other vacation when you can stay in one of the top yurts to rent in the world?
  • Rainier to Southern California, Texas Hill Country to the Ozarks, Upstate New York and New England, and everywhere in between.
  • Rent a yurt in the United States for your next vacation!
  • These yurt holiday rentals are far superior to any standard hotel accommodations.
  • Make sure you’re not wasting time searching for a yurt rental near me and reserve the finest choice available immediately.
  • Find and reserve the best yurt camping ‘near me’ anywhere in the United States of America.

Searching for yurts for rent or ‘rent a yurt near me’? Find the best yurt glamping in the United States—book top yurt rentals and go glamping in a yurt today! The perfect yurt hotel awaits

Yurts are unquestionably among the most unique and appealing of all the glamping options on the market. They are based on millennia of history, with origins that may be traced back to the medieval khanates of the Mongolian steppe region. These days, they can also be quite lavish, complete with four-poster beds, marble baths, and other amenities. This guide is intended to assist you in your quest for the ideal yurt rental while also providing some destination inspiration along the way.

Great thingsabout a yurt stay

A yurt is something absolutely unique — it’s the kind of holiday rental that you’ll remember for a long time. Many factors contribute to this, but it is typically the unexpected value of a visit to an authentic yurt and its centuries-old traditions that come to mind first and foremost.

Auniquebuilding style

The yurt has a long and illustrious history, which it is proud to proclaim. Its architectural style may be traced back to the undulating steppes of Central Asia as its genesis. A ger, or yurt, is a traditional Mongolian dwelling that has served as a base of operations for herders, as well as Genghis Khan’s armies, in the world’s most inhospitable regions for centuries.

The luxurious yurts of today are still built in the same manner as their forefathers, with sturdy timber frames and natural canvas on the roof.

The affordability of ayurt

Despite the fact that you’re sure to be impressed by the sheer amount of room and elegance that certain yurts for hire have to offer, these glamping tents nevertheless tend to give exceptional value for your money. They may frequently be found for a fraction of the cost of an upmarket villa or condominium, even when equipped with a steaming hot tub and fully-equipped bathroom on-site, according to some sources.

Yurtinteriors and exteriors

A yurt’s allure may be found both within and outside of the structure. Continue reading to find out what it is about both half of these unique vacation rentals that makes them so.well, intriguing.

Delve inside aluxury yurt

When you walk through the entrance of a luxury yurt, you may be excused for believing that you’ve been transported to the penthouse of a five-star hotel in the mountains. Because of the distinctive circular construction of these residences, they frequently feature an abundance of interior space. There are still enough spaces for the king-sized bed, the winged armchair, and the writing desk to fit in. There are some that will even have their own attached kitchens or wood-burning stoves, not to mention permanent bathrooms with marble tile floors and walls.

The allure of theoutdoorsin a yurt

It is generally the close contact to nature that makes a glamping trip such a memorable and enjoyable experience. Swish yurts take full use of this by providing some pretty beautiful al fresco places. A few of them feature decks and porches that wrap around their oval façade, with swinging hammocks and comfy benches for sunset rendezvouses with a special someone. There are many of alternatives with BBQ grills, and there are even possibilities with hot tubs that bubble beneath the stars at night.

Stateswith amazing yurts for rent

If you’re hooked on the concept of staying in a luxury yurt but aren’t sure where you want to go, the section below is jam-packed with wanderlust-inducing suggestions. It describes numerous states that might prove to be a serious challenge for travelers wishing to live the nomadic life in Mongolia.

Yurts on oldTexan ranches

Because of the breadth of the Lone Star State, this massive swath of land in the South includes riverways, steep valleys, and rolling plains. It was formerly known as the Cowboy Capital of the Wild West, but now days it is peppered with eco ranches that have their own yurts. Discover them and you may be on your way to a holiday packed with horseback riding and stargazing.

California has some amazingluxury yurts

When you step out of your yurt on the shores of Lake Shasta, you’ll be greeted with sights of snow-capped peaks and sweeping slopes, all surrounded by ponderosa pine forests. When you go through the door of a pad in the Big Sur, you are greeted with the rocky cliffs of Pfeiffer Beach. If you stay in a yurt along the Smith River, you’ll have access to massive redwood woods and alpine streams just outside your door. It’s true: California is a hotbed for yurt vacations.

Tennessee– A yurt in the Smokies

In the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, you may expect to find only moss-caked cottages and porch-fronted shacks. But that is not the case. Yurts, on the other hand, may be found among the basswood and sugar maple groves.

They are an excellent choice for families, as they provide enough of space to accommodate the entire group while being accessible to both the aerial tramway of Ober Gatlinburg and the observation point of Clingmans Dome.

Yurt camping inColorado

For yurt enthusiasts who wish to be on the border of a true hinterland, Colorado is an excellent choice. It is the state where the Rocky Mountains first crumple the Great Plains and spike through the skies. Certain areas, such as the easily accessible Golden Gate Canyon, are within a short distance from downtown Denver. Others are far more isolated, clustered between the icy ranges of the Bow Mountains on the outskirts of Wyoming’s Yellowstone National Park.

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Your yurt inMichigan

Yurts are a natural match for Michigan’s undulating hills and countryside. They may be found in the middle of cherry orchards, on organic apple farms, and even right next to the sandy shores of Lake Michigan, allowing you to explore a variety of attractive Midwestern settings.

Yurt Rental

Weddings, festivals, and other gatherings are enhanced by the presence of yurts. Yurts, which range in size from modest lodging yurts to enormous gathering areas, provide a really particular and unique ambiance when contrasted to the more traditional square tents or marquees. Yurts are great for a variety of purposes, including meetings, entertainment, workshops/classes, and lounges. While our primary base of operations is on the west coast, our team is capable of traveling anywhere to put up and outfit the yurts.

Rental Yurts – Part 1

Yurts as a kind of accommodation Smaller 12ft yurts are available in a great number of sizes, with the majority of them being suitable for use as lodging. These “Boutique” type “Glamping” or “VIP Accommodation” yurts are a fantastic method for event organizers to present visitors with a profitable, one-of-a-kind, and luxurious lodging option at a reasonable price. Yurts for hire that are 12 feet in diameter may easily accommodate two or more people (depending on the furnishings) and can be rented either equipped or unfurnished.

  • Queen Bed (which may be converted into a sofa)
  • Comforter, linens, and pillows
  • Wooden Shelves (on each side of the bed)
  • Soft Shelving (for clothes)
  • Groundsheet, canvas ground cloth and a teak wood table are included. Also included are an LED lantern and a solar LED light ring. A fruit bowl is also included.

A “community” or lounge yurt can be provided in conjunction with the rental of numerous 12ft accommodation yurts. To serve as a primary social gathering area, construct a huge 20ft or 25ft yurt, thereby creating a lovely “Yurt Village.” We frequently place the large yurt in the center of the camp and then surround it with all of the smaller yurts for lodging. The large yurt can have 2, 3, or 4 doors, and it can be decorated in a variety of styles, including: 1. Middle Eastern Lounge & Restaurant Persian rugs, huge floor cushions, and low tables are all excellent choices for creating a soothing cool atmosphere.

  1. Secondly, there is a wine bar concept, which includes Teak bar height tables for standing or bar stool seats for when seating is desired.
  2. Patio Lounge No.
  3. Large yurts cannot accommodate as many people as they would want due to the size of the furniture, but they are an excellent social setting for smaller groups.
  4. If you are planning a small, private wedding, they are perfect for the ceremony and as a unique reception location.
  5. Large yurts can house large gatherings of people while also providing a much-needed structure of shade.
  6. Our top-of-the-line 25-foot yurt, which we refer to as the “Lord of the Rings” yurt, features four horseshoe-shaped doorways and roof poles in the Art Nouveau style.
  7. A yurt from the “Lord of the Rings” may be seen in action at The Mongolian TeaCoffee House (), where they offer organic wood roasted espresso coffee, speciality teas, and baked goodies at music festivals across the world.
  8. Services We can also provide concierge, “meet and greet,” and even housekeeping/maid services for “Yurt Villages” that provide Boutique or VIP accommodations.
  9. Constructing a structure At events all around the West Coast, our crew makes the process of setting up and breaking down as simple as possible for you.

For events taking place further afield, we can supply yurt rentals as far as the Midwest and possibly the East Coast, but transportation and travel charges would be significantly higher.

Teepee Rental

We also have a couple 18-foot teepees available for rent. In comparison to yurts, they are less user-friendly since they have such long poles to move and because the available standing area inside is restricted, but they have such an antique aura that they generate their own mysticism all their own. In addition to accommodating groups at festivals, backstage entertainment for bands, as shown in the photograph showcasing the band Omnia is a viable option. Our line-up will be expanded in the near future with the addition of smaller teepees, which will be available for boutique camping and VIP accommodations.

Family-Friendly Yurts & Camping Locations

Yurts were designed to be used by families from the very beginning. Within the nomadic tribes of Central Asia, each family’s yurt (or Ger) served as the center of the family’s social and cultural life. For families that want to spend quality time together, whether indoors or outdoors, the contemporary yurt is an excellent choice of accommodation. They are known for bringing family together for food, rest, and entertainment because of their circular design and frequently accompanying fire pit.

This blog post outlines only a few of the various grounds for this conclusion.

Today, have a look at our entertaining 3D Yurt Builder!

No Set-up Time with Yurt Rental Camping

Yurt camping in parks or campsites with children eliminates the need for any of the traditional camping setup, which can be challenging with young children. In this situation, there is no scrabbling to put up a tent while also watching a toddler, kneeling to put up travel cribs, or contending with inclement weather with only a canvas barrier separating your child from the elements. Yurts are sturdy and safe, with high ceilings and a comfortable temperature. Apart from that, you may relax in your yurt while listening to the rain instead of being soaked by rainfall on your skin or things as you would be doing in your tent.

Space for Games and Movement

Tent camping with little children is a challenging experience for everyone who has ever done it. Even a large tent might seem cramped when the children are required to remain inside the tent for anything other than sleeping. Modern yurtsprovide room for dressing, indoor play, and even meals when tiny children need to be restrained in chairs or held for feedings while their parents are away.

The Choice of Deluxe or Rustic

Modern yurts are available in a variety of forms, ranging from wilderness primitive to opulent glamping, depending on your preferences. Those who prefer luxury can still enjoy the outdoors while having access to the comforts of home (electricity and plumbing), while those who prefer the feel of camping can do so by booking a rental that includes environmentally friendly features such as composting toilets and lanterns, as well as solar power. When yurt camping with children, keep the following points in mind:

  • Prepare a meal plan: Contact the property owner or management in advance to find out whether there are any supplies you’ll need to bring with you (condiments, coffee, etc.). Then, on your way to the campground, stop at a grocery shop to stock up on snacks and other items for making family meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner while camping. The majority of yurt rentals are conveniently positioned to local towns with dining alternatives if your yurt does not come equipped with a kitchen or outdoor barbecue. Continue to save your pennies: Families must figure out how to make a little bit go a long way. Booking a yurt camping excursion during the off-season allows you to save money. Animals should not be overlooked: You should double-check ahead of time to make sure you receive a yurt that will enable you to bring your family pets.

Great Yurt Spots for Families

Check out some of the most popular sites to go yurt camping with kids all throughout the United States:

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp: New York

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp in the Adirondacks offers Adirondack camping as well as more family fun than you can imagine. It’s the perfect spot for families to spend some quality time together in a yurt, or as they prefer to call them, Mountain Cabanas, with water slides, themed weekends, organized family games, bonfires, and Hey, Hey, Hey rides!

Sky Ridge Yurts: North Carolina

At Sky Ridge Yurts in the Smokies, children and yurts are a marriage made in heaven. Family-friendly activities including as river rafting, mountain biking, and zip lining can be found in plenty in this famous Smoky Mountain region just outside of Bryson City’s borders.

Smokey Hollow Campground: Wisconsin

Smoky Hollow Campground caters to children of all ages with a resort swimming area, a large jumping pillow, fun cycles, a dunk tank, jousting, and water battles among its many amenities and activities. They even have special weekends and parades to look forward to!

Nehalem Bay State Park: Oregon

Neptune Bay State Park, in the picturesque town of Manzanita in southern Oregon, is a beach park that boasts miles of bike trails, plenty of fishing and crabbing opportunities, and over 20 rustic yurts for family enjoyment. Junior Ranger programs are also available on a seasonal basis to round out the options.

Stone Mountain Park: Georgia

Stone Mountain Park is the most popular vacation location in Georgia for families on vacation. This is understandable given the numerous performances and festivals held throughout the year, as well as mountain rides and a massive adventure course. Fortunately, they also have gorgeous lakeside yurts that are suitable for families of various sizes.

Normandy Farms Family Camping Resort: Massachusetts

If you’re looking for the whole family resort experience, Normandy Farms has it all, including yurts! They feature a complete bike park, a creative arts center, a wellness center, as well as a number of playgrounds and swimming pools to choose from. This is a vacation destination in the Northeast that should not be missed.

Orca Island Cabins: Alaska

Orca Island Cabins, located in the scenic town of Seward, Alaska, invites families to retreat to their yurts after a day of hiking, fishing, paddle boarding, and sea kayaking along the shoreline of the world-famous Resurrection Bay. In addition, these yurts come with a fantastic perk: breathtaking views!

Yosemite Pines RV ResortFamily Lodging: California

While visiting the magnificent Yosemite National Park, you may also go camping with your children or stay in yurts. Mountain hikes and equestrian trail riding are just a few of the family-friendly activities available in this picturesque location on the map, which also includes river rafting and touring historic villages. In addition, there are other locations for sports, gaming, and family entertainment throughout the resort. Have a question about yurts or yurt rentals? We’d be delighted to respond to them!

Yurt Sites

Our Yurts, which are constructed of wood and canvas, offer a pleasant camping experience. They are equipped with outdoor decks, picnic tables, a charcoal grill, a metal fire pit, and a water spigot for your convenience. Inside, you’ll discover log furniture, heat/air conditioning, electrical outlets, huge windows, a skylight, a ceiling fan, lockable doors, and enough space to sleep up to five people. Everything is designed for your comfort. Bring just your sleeping bags or sheets, as well as any personal belongings you might like to bring along.

Our Yurts are smoke-free, which means that smoking is not permitted inside or on the decks of the Yurt.

The Yurts at Stone Mountain Park are tastefully decorated, and the view from both the interior and the exterior of the yurts is nothing short of stunning, as is the surrounding scenery.

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It is necessary to check in between 2:00 pm and the closing of business (exact timings vary) on the day of departure, and to check out by 11:00 am on the day of departure.

In the case of Yurt bookings, early check-in is not possible before 2:00 p.m. If you are leaving your Yurt Rental early, please do so so that cleaning may prepare for the next guest.

Yurts & Unique Accommodations at Georgia State Parks

Go “glamping” for a while! Cloudland Canyon, Red Top Mountain, High Falls, Fort Yargo, Tugaloo, and Sweetwater Creek state parks all provide yurts, which are ideal for campers who like a little more luxury. Yurts are constructed of wood and canvas and come with a deck, picnic table, and grill/fire ring outdoors. Inside, you’ll discover enough furniture to accommodate six people, as well as power outlets, huge windows, and lockable doors. A water spigot may be found outside the building. Sleeping bags or sheets, cooking utensils, a cooler, food, and family or friends are all you’ll need for the trip.

  • Within walking distance is a public bathhouse with hot showers and flushing toilets. Futons may be converted into full-size mattresses by simply folding them out. Guests are required to supply their own sheets (or sleeping bags) and pillows. Cooking is not permitted within the yurt’s wooden structure. The maximum number of persons allowed to stay is six (five at High Falls). Pets are not permitted inside or outside yurts. There is a ceiling fan, a small heater, screened windows, and electrical outlets available for your convenience. Air conditioning is available in the yurts at High Falls, Tugaloo, and Fort Yargo. No portable air conditioners should be brought with you. It is permissible to use portable fans and space heaters.

Yurt Locations

The Suwannee River Eco-Lodge is located near Fargo, North Carolina, approximately 18 miles from the world-renowned Okefenokee Swamp. There are eight cabins with kitchens, meeting space, a barbeque shelter, and a commercial kitchen on the grounds of the resort. Nearby are the Suwannee River Visitor Center and boat ramp, both of which are free to use. Stephen C. Foster State Park is in charge of operations.

The Len Foote Hike Inn: Georgia’s Only Back-Country Lodge

A magnificent five-mile path through national forest leads to the Len Foote Hike Inn at Amicalola Falls State ParkLodge, which can only be reached by hiking. Because all meals are supplied, travelers simply need to bring their personal belongings on the path. Private rooms as well as a bathhouse with hot showers are available in a central location.

Additional Unique Facilities

Will-A-Way is a program run by Camp Twin Lakes that provides services to persons with disabilities.

General Coffee State Park

Elegantly furnished and decorated, the Burnham House cottage offers a romantic country retreat complete with rocking chair porch.

Mistletoe State Park

It is a lovely country getaway with a rocking chair porch, which is nicely furnished by Burnham House.

Smithgall Woods State Park

This mountain getaway on Dukes Creek, just outside Helen, offers unparalleled cottage solitude in a tranquil setting.

Unicoi State ParkLodge

Groups will appreciate the covered Squirrel’s Nest camping platforms in the woods, which are available for rent.

Watson Mill Bridge State Park

Horse owners can stay in log cabin bunkhouses near the equestrian camping area, which are available for rent.

Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center

Outdoor education programs, day camps, fishing, a conference center, banquet hall, and housing are all available at this facility. The Georgia Department of Natural Resources’Wildlife Resources Division may be reached at (770) 784-3152 for further information. Do Not Move Firewood – Learn Why Reservations Are Required.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Think of yourself and your companions lounging in the warmth of a yurt in the backcountry while snow falls outside your round tent, drifting gently past windows rimmed with frost from the cold outside your cozy canvas walls. Alternatively, imagine waking up to a warm summer morning inside your yurt as a cool summer’s breeze softly blows through the huge screen windows of your yurt. Yurts, which are round tents on a wooden frame that are evocative of the tents used by nomads on the steppes of Mongolia and Siberia, are illuminated by circular skylights and windows that are positioned around the perimeter of the tent.

For the casual camper or the wilderness adventurer, Colorado State Parks provides a choice of yurts that are both comfortable and affordable. Yurts are available for rent all year round. Tents for rent are now available at the following locations:

  • There are two yurts in Golden Gate Canyon, both of which are located in the Reverend’s Ridge campsite and provide the ideal retreat from Denver among aspen groves and pine-covered hills. The yurts can accommodate a maximum of six people in each. A twin bed is also provided in each yurt. Mancos offers two yurts located at sites 22 and 24 that are available for rent year-round on a first-come, first-served basis or by making a reservation. The walls and ceiling of both yurts at Mancos are made of timber lattice. An attractive wooden door, pinewood floors, a ceiling light/fan, and a screened skylight in the center of the domed roof complete this ensemble. A combination of three huge screened windows, a skylight, and a ceiling fan make these ultra-modern tents cool and pleasant in the summer and warm and comforting in the winter
  • Pearl Lake has two yurts that are available for rental year-round upon request. There is a two-night minimum stay requirement for each yurts from May 1 through November 30. In addition to a picnic table and four deck chairs, each yurt is equipped with two sets of bunk beds, with the bottom bunk serving as a double-sized futon on the lower bunk. A picnic table and a fire ring are located directly outside each deck. You’ll need to bring your own bedding, which includes sleeping bags or sheets, blankets, and pillows if you want to stay overnight. While visiting Pearl Lake and neighboring Steamboat Lake, guests may take advantage of all of the amenities that are available. Guests will have an entirely different experience in the winter, since the yurts can only be reached by snowshoe, ski, or snowmobile. Ridgway has three yurts placed on the Dutch Charlie site, each of which has three wide screened windows and a ceiling fan to keep them cool in the summer. A propane/gas log fireplace and well-insulated walls keep visitors warm and protected from the chilly winter winds as they enjoy wintertime in the Rockies, tucked under the towering San Juan Mountains, where they may ski or snowboard. You’ll need to bring your own bedding, just as you would for any other yurt in Colorado State Parks. For additional information or to make yurt reservations at State Forest State Park, call (970) 482-9411 or go to the Never Summer Nordic website. Sylvan Lake features three yurts set in a tranquil place at the top of a switchback up East Brush Creek (14 miles from Eagle, CO), roughly 9 miles from the campground sites and cottages. The yurts are available for rent year round. Each yurt is equipped with two double futons and one set of bunk beds, which may accommodate up to six people in total. The yurts are heated and illuminated by solar panels. In addition to the tables, chairs, and cabinets on the inside, each yurt includes an outside picnic table, fire pit, and grill for cooking over an open fire. You will be responsible for providing your own sheets and drinking water. Warm clothes and boots, lanterns and flashlights, matches, and cooking utensils are all goods that you may want to bring with you on your camping trip. Yurts are an excellent base camp for winter activities like as snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing. During the winter months, yurts are not available for reserve
  • Nevertheless, first-come, first-served availability may be affected by poor weather conditions.

12 Best Yurt Camping Sites in the U.S.

Hanging out in the great outdoors is not everyone’s cup of tea, even if it is prepared over an open fire (although they might enjoy said tea if it were served up in one of thebest camping mugs). Many individuals are discovering their “inner campers,” thanks to the rising popularity of “glamping” places and high-end wilderness wonderland experiences that feature luxurious toilets, chef-made s’mores and other delightful amenities. In addition to tent camping, there is another type of camping that is more appealing to those who are not outdoorsy: yurt camping.

  1. Yurts are essentially moveable, outdoor buildings that resemble enormous circular tents in their design and construction.
  2. In Mongolian, the word “yurt” literally translates to “home,” which makes it a far more enticing and comfortable place to set up camp on your next family camping trip.
  3. It’s possible that automobile camping could fall short of your expectations if you’re a lover of luxury camping.
  4. Campgrounds in Georgia, Oregon, California, Colorado, Texas, and other states are among the most yurt-friendly destinations available.
  5. Check out our suggestions for locations where you should consider renting a yurt.
  6. This hidden glamping treasure outside Austin, Texas, is home to a slew of fantastic yurts!
  7. Big Sur, California is a beautiful place to visit.

NOW IS THE TIME TO BOOK3El Cosmico Marfa, Texas is a town in Texas.

If the eclectic design and wood flooring aren’t enough to convince you, the air conditioning, heat, electrical outlets, and, yes, the views, should be enough to convince you to book right now.

Seward, Alaska is a city in Alaska.

(How’s that for a sense of adventure?) In addition, you’ll be enticed to take advantage of the beach setting, since each rental package includes access to kayaks and a two-hour guided lesson for those who are new to the activity.

Big Sur, California is a beautiful place to visit.

The elegant interior décor, which includes a king- or queen-sized bed, adds even more appeal to this hidden yurt camping haven in the mountains.

Lander, Wyoming is a small town in Wyoming.

Prices do rise during peak season (May through September) compared to off season, but there’s never a bad time to take advantage of the comfortable accommodations (with electricity!).

7Frost Mountain Yurts is now accepting reservations.

The absence of running water and electricity in these four yurts is more than compensated for by Frost Mountain’s 60-acre woodland site, which contains various mountain attractions that more than make up for the lack of more luxurious facilities.

Groveland is a city in the state of California.

This camping location, which is just 22 miles from one of the main gates, offers yurts that are equipped with countertop refrigerators, microwaves, coffee pots, and bed sheets.

SUN VALLEY YURTS ARE AVAILABLE NOW9 Boulder, Colorado is a city in the United States.

Two yurts, located at an elevation of 7,120 feet above sea level, may be combined to form a single pleasant dwelling with an attached annex in the middle.

Bryson City is a town in North Carolina.

When you do decide to call it a day, you’ll be met by a comfortable queen-sized bed, a space heater, a small refrigerator, and a pair of shared private bathrooms.

Bristow, Indiana is a town in the state of Indiana.

In addition to two linen-covered double beds, a water dispenser, a microwave, central heating and cooling, and a communal terrace that connects both apartments, guests may expect to find: As an added bonus, breakfast is included.

One of the most spectacular features of this glamping destination is the crimson yurt that can be rented out for a night or longer.

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Rent-A-Yurt at Petit Jean State Park

It appears that I will not be able to rent a teepee in Petit Jean State Park, which is located near Morrilton. However, I can now rent a yurt, which is a better sounding option in any case. Teepees were available for hire in the park throughout the warmer months for many years. In their place, comparable camping amenities known as Rent-A-Yurt units have been installed, which are also available in a number of other Arkansas State Parks, as well. Because they do not have a hole in the top like conventional type teepees, the yurts give additional sleeping space as well as better protection from the elements, such as rain.

  1. Rental yurts may seat up to six people and come with sleeping mats, a camp stove, and other camping essentials to get you started.
  2. Aside from that, there are 125 individual campsites (including 26 pull-through sites) with water and electricity hookups available at the park.
  3. All sites are available for reservation at any time of year.
  4. Campers have the option of choosing between forested or lake view sites.
  5. It is possible to stay at the lodge or one of the park cottages if you do not like to rough it out.
  6. There is a conference room that can accommodate 50 people for modest banquets, as well as 24 guest rooms and a swimming pool at the lodge.
  7. Internet connectivity is accessible throughout the resort, including the guest rooms, using Wi-Fi hotspot technology.
  8. It is the only Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) lodge built in an Arkansas state park, and it underwent a renovation in 2012.
  9. Some are CCC/Rustic-style structures from the 1930s, while others are recent duplex designs.
  10. The accommodations are fully furnished, with 21 of them featuring kitchens.
  11. Petit Jean State Park is the only state park in Arkansas that has its own airport.

The campground is open from sunrise to sunset. Visitors with disabilities will be able to access one location since it is barrier-free. A modern bathhouse with hot showers and flush toilets is available on this site as well. Inquire about hiring a yurt or other alternative forms of accommodation.

Camping Yurts in Ohio

Taking a break from your stressful daily schedule and escaping into the tranquillity of nature is like nothing else on the planet. It is simple to rest and revitalize when there are no constant interruptions. If the thought of camping in the woods sends shivers down your spine, we have a solution for you. Our bespoke yurt rentals in the Hocking Hills offer the best of both worlds: elegant cabin living and tent camping. Enjoy the soothing sounds, views, and scents of nature without compromising the conveniences you’d find at most hotels and resorts by staying in a cabin or camping out.

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What is a Yurt?

Yurts are circular shelters that have been utilized by Central Asian nomads for hundreds of years. There are various modifications on the fundamental form, as well as several other names for the structure, but the Mongolian Ger is the oldest and most widely utilized of them all. The sophisticated Pacific-style yurts that you’ll discover at the InnSpa at Cedar Falls are a result of this inspiration. BeautifulDouglas fir is used to construct our contemporary version, which is encased in NASA-developed reflective insulation and draped with architectural fabric.

Our yurts are definitely a sight to behold, and they are much more enjoyable to stay in!

What You’ll Enjoy During Yurt Camping in Ohio

In addition, each of our 20-foot circle yurts features either one or two twin beds, a complete bathroom with an enclosed tiled shower, comfy reading loungers and a gas log burner, as well as a microwave and under counter refrigerator and a wood deck. Furthermore, they are heated and air-conditioned, making them suitable for year-round usage! Our yurts do not have a television (although they do have Wi-Fi connectivity), allowing you to completely live in the present while enjoying your unforgettable glamping experience.

Yurt camping in Ohio is the cherry on top of your dream vacation.

Interested in alternative types of accommodations?

Make sure to go over our extensive inventory of 1840’s style cabins, comfortable cottages, and bed and breakfast accommodations.

7 yurts for the ultimate glamping vacation

Yurts have evolved from being a quirky novelty in the United States to being a more practical, ecological, and cost-effective option as a result of the small home movement. The origins of yurts today may be traced back to the history of Mongolian and Turkic shelters, which were developed in the 1960s and 1970s by yurt pioneer Bill Coperthwaite, who used indigenous Mongolian design to construct spherical, dome-like buildings in the American West. Since then, yurts have gained in favor as a low-maintenance shelter that is simple to erect and maintain.

They are frequently off-grid, while some offer facilities such as restrooms and showers, and some include beautiful bedding and furnishings to make your stay more comfortable.

Yurts provide all of the enjoyment of camping outdoors without the trouble for many people (think leaky tents, cold nights, and uncomfortable bedding).

The following yurts are ideal for your next holiday, ranging from a wild oceanside yurt in Alaska to an idyllic family-friendly yurt hamlet in Colorado, among other locations. In New York, a garden yurt is available for overnight rental in a garden setting. HomeAway

Garden yurt in New York

Set in the countryside south of Ithaca, New York, this custom-designed yurt features an organic vegetable and flower garden surrounded by towering trees. An eat-in kitchen (complete with complementary chocolate and coffee), a stone terrace, a fire pit, and mattresses for six people are available to guests. Aside from that, the yurt is close to the Van Burkirk Gorge and its several waterfalls. The starting rate is $182 per night. In El Cosmico, there is a yurt available for rent. El Cosmico provided this photograph by Nick Simonite.

El Cosmico in Texas

Located south of Ithaca, New York, this custom-designed yurt includes an organic vegetable and flower garden nestled among towering trees and other natural surroundings. An eat-in kitchen (complete with complementary chocolate and coffee), a stone terrace with a fire pit, and mattresses for six people are available to guests. There are also several waterfalls in the Van Burkirk Gorge, which is close by. The first night’s stay starts at $182. Yurt rental at El Cosmico is now available. courtesy of El Cosmico, and photo by Nick Simonite

Snow Mountain Ranch in Colorado

Situated not far from Winter Park, Colorado, the yurt village atSnow Mountain Ranch offers affordable, family-friendly lodgings that come along with a variety of facilities. Each yurt has one queen bed and two bunk beds, which can accommodate a total of 6 people. Outside, a second tent pad is set up next to a fire pit, grill, and picnic table for guests to use. Although the beautiful new bathhouse with flush toilets and showers will be a hit with guests, the yurt village’s central position on the campus of the YMCA of the Rockies provides easy access to an extensive array of top-notch activities.

Rates start at $99 per night and go up from there.

Rustic Yurt in Utah

This rustic yurt, which is close to Zion National Park, can sleep up to nine people in four double beds and three single beds. It is necessary to carry your own food and there is no running water, but the vistas and excellent hiking access more than make up for the yurt’s lack of amenities. In a separate bathhouse, there is a flushing toilet as well as hot water for taking showers. Rates begin at $210 per night. In Alaska, a yurt on the beachfront is offered for rent. Shearwater Cove is a sheltered cove in the middle of the ocean.

Shearwater Cove in Alaska

This seaside yurt is located 10 miles by boat from Seward, Alaska, and is the perfect place to get away from it all. Besides having running water, a refrigerator, cooking supplies, a composting toilet, and a hot shower, the four-person yurt also has a bed. Expect to spend your day hiking trails, swimming, or exploring the shoreline of the Kenai Fjords with the supplied sea kayaks, as the yurt is in a remote position with no access to the outside world.

Rates for two to four persons start at $520 per night and include a round-trip boat ride from Seward as well as use of the property’s sea kayaks. The luxurious yurts at Shenandoah Crossing include two bedrooms and are available for rent. Blue Green Vacation Rentals

Shenandoah Crossing in Virginia

In Virginia, the yurts at the Shenandoah Crossing resort are situated on 1,000 acres of rolling hills and are lavishly furnished with a variety of exquisite amenities. Four-poster mattresses, sumptuous bedding, flat-screen televisions, baths, fully-equipped kitchens, and central heat and air conditioning are all available to guests. A wide range of on-site activities, such as horseback riding, hiking, swimming, and arts and crafts, will be available to you. The starting rate is $129 per night.

Treebones Resort provided the images for this post.

Treebones Resort in California

Big Sur, California, is world-renowned as a scenic beachfront town, and the region has recovered since storms battered the area in 2017, causing Highway 1 to be blocked in both directions for many days. Make your holiday even more unique by staying in one of the yurts at Treebones Resort, which are away from the crowds. These yurts are equipped with everything you need to unwind, including ocean views, king and queen size mattresses, and luxurious bedding. All of this is just a short walk from your front door, including redwood decks, Adirondack chairs, and the smell of fresh sea air.

Unique Stays

Arkansas State Parks have a wide variety of excellent lodging alternatives for visitors, ranging from opulent hotels to comfortable cabins and rustic campsites, among other possibilities. However, if you are looking to try something different, our various lodging alternatives are guaranteed to satisfy your needs and desires. Staying in a YURT (Year-round Universal Recreational Tent) beneath the stars, renting an RV, or spending a night under the sky with your horses are all excellent ways to save time and money.

Rent-A-YURTs are provided in DeGray Lake Resort State Park, Lake Catherine State Park, Lake Charles State Park, Daisy State Park (which has heating and air conditioning), and Petit Jean State Park, among other locations.

Yorts are also furnished with cots, a lamp, a stove, and an ice chest, among other amenities.

It can accommodate up to six people.

With heat and air conditioning, as well as a private bath with shower, refrigerator, microwave, stove, and television, these recreational vehicles are quite comfortable.

Our rental RVs are located on campsites that are permanently set up and have power, water, and sewer connections.

Camper Cabins are an excellent option to tent camping since they do not require the additional expense of a full-service cabin.

Bring your own bedding, since there is a bathhouse nearby that is conveniently positioned.

Do you want to stay in a historically significant location?

Located in a refurbished jailhouse with all of the contemporary facilities, the Jailhouse Bed & Breakfast is a great place to stay.

These provide quick and simple access to nearby multi-use trails where horses are permitted.

A contemporary bathhouse and horse wash bays are available at the campground, which has campsites with electricity hookups and a modern bathhouse.

The horse camp also has a modern bathhouse, horse wash bays, and a modern bathhouse.

The 10′ x 10′ stalls at the stables are equipped with water, electricity, and ceiling fans.

Contact your favorite destination park to learn more about availability and rates. Make your reservations for one of these one-of-a-kind hotel alternatives now and discover Arkansas’s natural beauty in a whole new light.

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