Where Do You Pitch Your Tent At San Onofre

San Onofre State Beach Bluffs

Camping at San Onofre State Beach Bluffs Campground is located along the former U.S. Route 101, near to a sandstone cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The campground includes 175 campsites. Approximately half of the sites are allocated for self-contained RVs, and the other half are reserved for tents. In addition, there are three group campsites available. Online bookings are accessible from the middle of March to the middle of September, while other times of the year are on a first-come, first-served basis.

The remaining lots have a barrier or shrubs in the way of your ocean view.

RVs will find the most suitable campsites in numbers 1-23, 26-44, and 95-175.

There are two check-in and check-out times: 2pm and 12pm.

  1. In addition, each campground is equipped with a fire pit, grate, and table.
  2. There are no connections available.
  3. and 8 p.m.
  4. From the campsite, there are six paths that run down to the shoreline and back.
  5. In fact, the town of San Onofre is world-renowned for its historic surf break.

San Onofre State Beach Bluffs – Day Use Areas

In addition to the campground, there are two day-use sites (each with a $15 per day admission charge) located at the south and north ends of San Onofre Bluffs Campground. San Onofre Surf Beach also has a day use area with parking directly close to the sand, which is convenient. On weekends, this location is approximately one mile north of the campsite and is frequently completely booked by 8:00 a.m. (so get in line by about 6:30 a.m. for a good chance at getting in and finding a parking spot).

It’s also important to remember that Highway 5 is extremely close to the campground, so you’ll be hearing the traffic rather than the surf break.

Inland from San Onofre State Beach Bluffs Campsite, this campground is located 3.5 miles away.


  • There is a campground host on site, as well as picnic tables, drinking water, a dump station, a fire pit and fire rings, and group camping. Pets are allowed, as are picnic tables and restrooms (Vault Toilets). Showers are also available.
  • The beach, beach access, beach combing, biking, bird watching, fishing, hiking, kayaking, nature trails, ocean, photography, picnicking, snorkeling, stargazing, surf fishing, swimming, volleyball, walking trails, whale watching, wildlife viewing, wind surfing, and whale watching tours are all available.

5200 Pacific Coast HighwaySan Clemente, California 92672(949) 492-4872 5200 Pacific Coast HighwaySan Clemente, California 92672 Map of the Campground

Where Do You Pitch Your Tent At San Onofre

Campgrounds in the San Onofre Group It is strictly a tent-only campground. It is not permitted to sleep in automobiles. The campsite is accessible to those who use wheelchairs. Among the amenities at the group site are two fire pits (one standard and one for people with disabilities), one huge BBQ (for charcoal or wood), six picnic tables, two shade Ramadas, and potable water.

Can you tent camp at San Onofre?

The Campsites of the San Onofre Group Tents are the only kind of accommodation permitted at this location. It is not permitted to sleep in automobiles. Wheelchairs are welcome at the campsite. One normal fire pit and one ADA-accessible fire pit are available, as is one big BBQ (for use with charcoal or wood), six picnic tables, two shade Ramadas, and potable water.

What is primitive camping at San Onofre?

Despite the fact that certain campsites on ReserveCalifornia are marked as ‘trailer/rv/primitive,’ tent camping is permitted provided a tent can be set up on the dirt area. While the majority of campsites offer adequate space (in the dirt area) for a tent, there are a handful that do not.

What does San Onofre mean?

This name may refer to: Onuphrius, also known as Saint Onofre in Spanish and Saint Tomás in Portuguese, a 4th-century Egyptian hermit who was canonized by the Roman Catholic Church and is commemorated as a saint in his native country. San Onofre is a municipality in the Colombian department of Sucre and is the seat of the Sucre Municipality.

Are there showers at San Onofre?

Cold outdoor showers and chemical toilets are available at the campsite. A dump station, hot indoor showers, and flush toilets are among the other amenities available. Camping is offered throughout the year. San Onofre Surf Beach is a world-famous and historic surf break in Southern California. 7 days have passed since

Can you park overnight at San Onofre?

Day-use parking is available at the San Mateo Campground. Day-use parking is available at the Bluffs Campground. You are welcome to park in any of the unnumbered spaces in the lot. The beach known as “Old Man’s” is, nevertheless, the most intriguing location on the island.

Are California campsites open?

California’s state parks have now been closed for the most part, but some are still open in limited numbers. You may search for individual parks on their website, and you can view the parks that are still completely closed by clicking here. RV parks in California have been recognized as “essential services,” and they will continue to operate on a case-by-case basis.

What was the worst nuclear disaster in the United States?

The greatest nuclear power plant disaster in the history of the United States began at 4 a.m. on March 28, 1979, when a pressure valve in the Unit-2 reactor at Three Mile Island fails to close.

What happened to San Onofre nuclear power plant?

According to plans, the iconic twin domes of the now-decommissioned San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, which sits along the 5 Freeway, will be removed by 2026.

Is San Onofre safe?

“Liquid batch releases” are discharged directly into the Pacific Ocean in the case of San Onofre. Despite the fact that the plant’s operator, Southern California Edison, maintains that the levels are acceptable for marine life as well as for humans who swim and surf at San Onofre State Beach,

Is San Onofre beach closed?

As the State of California continues to safeguard all Californians from the COVID-19 pandemic disease, State Parks today announced the temporary full closure of San Onofre State Beach, which will take effect at sundown today, April 7, 2020, in order to protect all Californians from the sickness.

Are dogs allowed at Trestles Beach?

The best part is that dogs are permitted on the beach at this location. If you plan on camping, please sure to get firewood from the ranger station before you leave. The park is also a fantastic area to go bike riding. The restrooms are pit toilets, and the showers are located outside the building.

Where do you park at San Onofre Beach?

Parking. Located three miles south of San Clemente along Interstate 5 on Basilone Road, the main parking area at San Onofre State Beach is accessible by car. Following the Basilone exit, continue south on the old Pacific Coast Highway until you reach Beach Club Road. The cost of parking is $15 per vehicle.

What is a tent primitive campsite?

Tent Primitive Sites offer a parking lot close by where you may store your vehicle. Toilets and potable water are conveniently located near each site. Restrooms (with flush toilets, sinks, and mirrors) are located at the Visitor Center, which is only a short walk away. There are no showers or RV hookups available at this location.

What time does San Onofre open?

Entrance to San Onofre State Beach Surf Beach is accessible from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. from April 15 to September 31 and is open year round. From October 1 to April 14, it is open from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. The Bluffs/Trails area is open from 6:00 a.m. to sunset every day of the year.

Can you pay with card at San Onofre?

Cash or credit/debit cards are accepted as forms of payment. The disabled fee can only be obtained if the visitor has a valid State Disabled Discount card.

How much does it cost to camp at San Mateo?

San Mateo Campground has 157 campsites, each of which has picnic tables, fire rings, and access to restrooms with coin-operated showers. There are no pets allowed in the campground. Characteristics of the San Onofre State Beach – San Mateo Campground. Campgrounds are classified as either organized or unorganized. Cost each night is $35. $10 per night for each additional car Dogs with a medium to high use level Yes, this is permitted.

Does San Mateo campground have hookups?

San Onofre State Beach is located in San Diego County. Overview of the city of San Mateo San Onofre State Beach is located in San Diego County. In addition to the sandy beaches of San Onofre State Beach, the San Mateo campground has 157 single-family campsites a little more than a mile inland from the park. Water and electricity are available for campsites 1 through 67.

How do I get to San Onofre Trail 6?

Look for the trailhead gate and trailhead marker for Trail 6 towards the end of the road. Hike down to the beach on this route, then go south on the beach away from the lifeguard tower to reach the clothing-optional zone, which is shown on the map.

How many cars can park on San Onofre Beach?

OCCUPANCY: Each campground may accommodate a maximum of eight people (including children). RV sites can accommodate a maximum of three cars, while tent sites can accommodate a maximum of two vehicles. Tents must be placed up between the asphalt and the first berm in order to prevent flooding. Tents are not permitted on the bluffs or on any of the forest service roads.

Can you swim in a nuclear reactor pool?

When it comes to nuclear reactor cores, despite the fact that the pools of water around them appear to be radioactive, they often contain less radiation than the air around them.

In other words, unless you’re swimming in water that is directly surrounding a nuclear reactor, you shouldn’t have any problems.

How many nuclear power plants are in California?

Currently, California has two active nuclear power reactors at a single facility, three nuclear facilities in various phases of decommissioning, and a number of research reactors that are either functioning or undergoing decommissioning

San Onofre SB

Known as one of California’s most popular beaches, San Onofre State Beach draws surfers, swimmers, sunbathers, campers, kayakers, bird watchers, fisherman, and bikers to its shores. It receives almost 2.5 million people every year, making it one among the state’s top five most frequented state parks in the state of California. From time to time, whales, dolphins, and sea lions can be spotted in the vicinity of the coast. In 1971, Governor Ronald Reagan founded San Onofre State Beach in the state of California.

  1. In addition to camping and day-use parking along Old Highway 101, San Onofre Bluffs is situated at 5200 S.
  2. Six steep dirt access routes cut into the cliff above provide access to the beach below, which is popular with swimmers and surfers.
  3. Cold outdoor showers and chemical toilets are available at the campsite.
  4. A little distance inland from the 3.5 miles of sandy beaches that make up San Onofre State Beach lies the San Onofre – San Mateo Campground, which may be found at 830 Cristianitos, San Clemente, CA, 92672.
  5. It is believed that surfers riding on redwood boards have been visiting San Onofre since the 1940s; San Mateo Creek flows just east of the campground out to sea, creating important riparian and wetland habitats that support several rare and endangered species.
  6. RV hookups with electricity and water are available on the property.
  7. Camping is offered throughout the year.

There is no camping allowed in this portion of the beach, which is only for “day use.” Toilets that contain chemicals.

Please keep in mind that alcohol is not permitted on any of the beaches in San Onofre.

Onofre features multiple surf breaks, ranging from beginner-friendly moderate breaking waves to Trestles, which is considered one of the finest surfing spots in the United States.

This world-renowned surfing destination is renowned for producing consistent waves.

The name is derived from a church that was formerly located nearby and has since been demolished.

The finest conditions are found on a south swell.

Route 66 (Trails) – Route 66 (Trails) is the most southern of the surf sites in this region, and it features both rock bottom and sandy breakers.

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Camping is available on the bluffs, and adjacent facilities include cold showers and ‘flush’ pit toilets.

Location-Directions It is located three miles south of the city of San Clemente on Interstate 5 near Basilone Road, and it is a state beach.

The San Mateo Campground is located on the outskirts of San Clemente, approximately one mile inland from Interstate 5. (Exit Cristianitos) Visitor Services that are not included in the basic package

  • Sani-Star, LLC (Automated RV Dump Fee Collection System in Bluffs Campground and San Mateo Campground)
  • LUV-2-CAMP, LLC (Camp Trailer Rentals)
  • The Holidays Delivered (833) 268-8956 – (Camp Trailer Rentals)
  • LUV-2-CAMP,

History of Native Americans: Panhe San Onofre State Beach was formerly the location of a holy California Indian hamlet known as “Panhe,” which was destroyed by the Spanish. 8,000 years ago, it was a huge community and burial ground for the “Acjachemen” people who lived in the area. There are many Acjachemen people who can trace their ancestors back to Panhe. Acjachemen Indians continue to regard the place as a religious, ceremonial, and cultural center. Among other things, it was the location of the first baptism in California and the site of the first intimate interaction between Spanish explorers, Catholic missionaries, and the Acjachemen Indians in 1769, when the latter met the former.

San Onofre State Beach is located in San Diego County.

The variety of geologic processes that contribute to the scenic beauty, many of which are hazardous and difficult to control, are responsible for the scenic beauty.

(Photo courtesy of Mike Fuller.) The entire Geo Gems report|Geological Gems of State Parks in their entirety

10 Best Campsites In Southern California

Southern California is considered to be one of the most scenic locations in the United States. It’s no surprise that Southern California is home to a plethora of wonderful camping destinations. If you have a dream of waking up in a forest, in the desert, alongside a lake or on a beach with the sound of birds singing, then Southern California has everything you could ever want. Finding the greatest campgrounds in Southern California, on the other hand, might be a difficult task. Listed below are the top ten campgrounds in Southern California for setting up a tent or sleeping under the stars for the night.

A camping trip in this region is something that everyone should do at least once in their lives.


If you make a purchase after clicking on one of those links, you will not be charged any additional fees, but I will receive a little compensation, which will motivate me to continue providing you with useful material.

Best Beach Camping in Southern California

From the northernmost point in Santa Barbara all the way down to the southernmost point in San Diego, there is no shortage of wonderful beaches to camp on in California’s Southern California.

In this list of the ‘Best Campsites in Southern California,’ I’ve included the best three beach camping spots in the region.


It is located at South Carlsbad Beach, which is three miles from the city of Carlsbad in San Diego, and is a popular beach camping destination in Southern California. It is well-known for its extensive stretches of warm sand and for the numerous bright days that it receives. In all, 215 campsites are available in the South Carlsbad State Beach campground, all of which have spectacular ocean views and easy beach access via a wooden stairway. Swimming, surfing, fishing, and beach volleyball are all popular activities for visitors.

South Carlsbad State Beach Campground has a small camp store, firewood, ice, picnic tables, and toilets with showers in addition to all of the other standard facilities.

Attractions in the surrounding area include Carlsbad City Beach, Carlsbad Seawall Promenade, bicycle rentals, Carlsbad Lagoon, Legoland, and South Ponto Beach, among others.

Address: 7201 Carlsbad Boulevard, Carlsbad, California $35-$50 per night (no hookups); $60-$100 per week (with hookups) (Hook-ups) Reservations for a campground can be made here.

2 Best Campgrounds in Southern California: SAN ONOFRE BLUFFS CAMPGROUND

Bluffs Campground, located along the Old Pacific Coast Highway, is one of the greatest family campgrounds in Southern California and is a popular destination for campers from all over the world. Family-friendly activities such as wildlife programs and geocaching are available, as is quick and simple beach access via a short and steep trail. It is a fantastic RV campsite in the heart of Southern California. The campground includes 175 campsites, each of which is equipped with a fire pit, grill, and picnic table.

Surfers, swimmers, surf fisherman, kayakers, and sunbathers go to San Onofre Surf Beach, which is located on the Pacific Ocean.

Attractions in the area include surfing, Bluff’s Beach Trail, Panhe Nature Trail, fishing, and the Surfing Heritage Foundation Museum in San Clemente, which is open daily.

Pacific Coast Highway, San Clemente, California 92672, 5200 Pacific Coast Highway Fees: $40 per night (plus tax) (Standard) Reservations for a campground can be made here (Book early in the peak summer weekends)


San Elijo State Beach, located on a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean in northern San Diego County, has 165 campsites and is considered to be one of the greatest campgrounds in Southern California. The campsite gives easy access to a huge and lovely sandy beach that is within walking distance. It is equipped with a camp store, a quick-service restaurant, restrooms with flush toilets, and warm showers. Each campground has a table, a fire ring, and a grill for your convenience. If you plan on pitching your tent at San Elijo State Beach, you should bring a beach tent that is both lightweight and robust.

  1. A famous dog beach in San Diego, where your pooch is welcome to play but must be on a leash at all times.
  2. Visitors on a tight budget can buy for food and supplies in town, where they will find them to be less expensive than at the camp store.
  3. A 45-minute trip will take you to nearly all of San Diego’s most prominent tourist sites.
  4. Visit Cardiff State Beach, Solana Beach Bike Rentals, Fletcher Cove Beach Park, San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve, and the San Diego Botanic Garden, which are all within driving distance.

Cardiff, California 92007, 2050 S. Coast Highway 101, Cardiff, California Expenses: $35 per night (Standard); $50 per night (Extraordinary) (Premium oceanfront no hook-ups) Reservations for a campground can be made here (Book early in the peak summer weekends)

4 Best Campsites in Southern California: PASO PICACHO CAMPGROUND

This campground is located in Cuyamaca Rancho State Park, about an hour’s drive from San Diego County and close to the town of Julian. Those seeking for mountain camping in Southern California will find it to be one of the greatest spots to stay in the area. An elevation of 5500 feet, there are 85 campsites, each with a picnic table and a fire ring, but no electrical hookups or running water. You are welcome to bring your own tent. Check out the shopping guide for huge camping tents for more information.

Cuyamaca Rancho State Park is located in San Diego County.

Besides that, the park provides a variety of other outdoor activities like as bird-watching and picnics, as well as photography, horseback riding, and swimming in several of the creek’s “swimming holes.” Camping in Paso Picacho State Park Visit Cardiff State Beach, Solana Beach Bike Rentals, Fletcher Cove Beach Park, San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve, and the San Diego Botanic Garden, which are all within driving distance.

Paso Picacho Campground’s nicest campsites are located at numbers 8, 22, 36, 52, 62, and 65 on the map below.


Indian Cove Campground is located on the north side of Joshua Tree National Park, which is a well-known landmark in the California state of California. Campsites are tucked among massive rock formations that have been carved by wind and weather over thousands of years. The campgrounds can accommodate 28 sites for tents, trailers, and RVs, with 63 sites reserved exclusively for tents. Visitors to Indian Cove in Southern California who are seeking for a group camping should look no further. Every campground is equipped with a table, a fire ring, and a grate.

  1. Climbers will find the campsite to be a haven, thanks to the abundance of great rock climbing routes.
  2. This campsite does not have a pool or a beach within walking distance.
  3. Please keep in mind that there is no drinking water accessible at Indian Cove Campground at this time.
  4. Take a look at our top ten picks for the finest travel-friendly water purification systems.
  5. Popular surrounding attractions include hiking the Boy Scout Trail, several rock climbing places nearby, visiting the Oasis Visitor Center, 49 Palms Oasis, and participating in ranger-led interpretive programs.

Joshua Tree National Park, California 92277 is the location. Fees: $20 per night (plus tax). Campground reservations (book early during the busiest summer weekends)Recommended Reading:10 Best Places to Live in Southern California (Part 1).


Serrano campsite is located near to Big Bear Lake and is one of the most affordable camping destinations in California. In the midst of towering fir and pine trees, this is another another excellent camping spot in Southern California. In the San Bernardino National Forest, Serrano Campground has over 100 campsites and is the largest of the campgrounds. All of the sites are spacious and equipped with picnic tables, fire rings, drinking water, and a free hot and cold shower every day of the week.

  1. Fishing, kayaking, and hiking are all popular activities on Big Bear Lake, as is mountain biking and trekking.
  2. Guests at this campsite may enjoy an aromatic California retreat while also engaging in outdoor activities.
  3. If possible, visit this location in the spring or fall when the crowds are at their lowest and the weather is pleasant.
  4. Attractions in the area include: fishing from the shore, boating on the lake, exploring nearby hiking trails, taking part in nightly informative events, visiting the Big Bear Discovery Center, and walking or bicycling along the gorgeous Alpine Pedestrian Path.
  5. The following address is located Fawnskin, California: 40800 N Shore Drive Expenses: $37 per night (Standard); $47 per night (Extraordinary); (RV hook-up) Reservations for a campground can be made here (Book early in the peak summer weekends)


Where can you go camping with your family in Southern California? Green Valley Campground is located in Cuyamaca Rancho State Park in San Diego County, near Julian, and may be reserved online. A variety of outdoor activities, such as picnics, photography, animal viewing, horseback riding, and swimming are available at the park, which has 81 campsites and an abundance of outdoor activities. In addition to facilities with flush toilets, tap water, and a campfire circle, the park gives each campsite with a picnic table and fire grill.

The facilities at this campsite are akin to an aglamping tent in terms of comfort.

After a hard day of hiking on the Pine Ridge route, relax in the refreshing water of Green Valley’s swimming pools.

Attractions in the region include gorgeous hiking trails, cascades and stunning pools at Green Valley Day-use Area, boating and fishing on Lake Cuyamaca, and a variety of restaurants.

The best campsites are numbers 28, 35, 38, and 76. It is located at 13652 Highway 79, five miles north of Interstate 5, fifteen miles south of Julian. Fees: $30 per night (plus tax). Reservations for a campground can be made here (Book early in the peak summer weekends)

8 Best Camping in Southern California: FERN BASIN CAMPGROUND

It is the best camping destination in Southern California for those who want to be in the midst of nature and away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Fern Basin Campground, located at an elevation of 6300 feet amid a forest of mixed oaks and bushes, provides a calm and tranquil environment. There is a magnificent RV park on the grounds, as well as just 23 spaces for your tent, making it the least congested campground in Southern California. There are plenty of parking spots for your recreational vehicle.

  • Hiking on the Marion Mountain Trail, which climbs to the summit of San Jacinto Peak, is a popular activity for visitors.
  • Biking and fishing are two more popular outdoor sports.
  • A tough climb to Devil’s Slide can be enjoyed by campers, as can a relaxing day in the adjacent town of Idyllwild.
  • Fern Basin Campground is located in the Fern Basin National Recreation Area.
  • The best camping spots are numbers 12, 13, 14, 15, and 20.
  • Reservations for a campground can be made here (Book early in the peak summer weekends)
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Moro Campground is the ideal destination for people seeking the greatest beach camping in Southern California. If you are going through Los Angeles, you should stop at this campsite, which is located north of Laguna Beach on Pacific Coast Highway and offers spectacular sunset views over the Pacific Ocean. It is a large campsite that has been divided into three loops for your convenience. Moro Campground includes 57 seaside terrace sites for both RVs and tents, and it is open year-round. In addition to 3.2 miles of sandy beach and 2400 acres of backcountry wilderness, this well-liked beach camping offers a variety of outdoor leisure opportunities.

Crystal Cove State Park’s Moro Campground is a great place to spend the night.

Corona del Mar’s botanical gardens The best RV campsites are numbers 13 and 21; the best tent campsites are numbers 51-60.

Address: 8471 N. Coast Highway, Laguna Beach, CA 92651, United States of America Fees: $55 per night (Standard); $75 per night (Extraordinary) (Hook-ups) Reservations for a campground can be made here (Book early in the peak summer weekends)


South Fork Family Campground is located in the San Bernardino State Forest at a high elevation of 6400 feet and is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Because of the limited number of campers and the abundance of natural resources in the San Bernardino State Forest, this campground has emerged as one of the greatest family campgrounds in Southern California for a variety of reasons. The South Fork Family Campground is open from mid-May to late September, depending on the weather. There are a total of 24 campsites available exclusively for RVs, trailers, and tents in the park.

  • Near the confluence of the Santa Ana and South Fork rivers, the campsite is situated alongside the Santa Ana River.
  • Lake Jenks is located close to South Fork Family Campground.
  • Take the Lost Creek Trail from the campground over Grinnell Ridge to South Fork Meadow, hike the 212-mile Rio Monte Trail, hike the Jenks Lake Trail, and enjoy non-motorized boating at Jenks Lake are all options.
  • Fees: $23 per night (plus tax).
  • It’s first-come, first-served, so arrive early.
  • PIN IT.

San Clemente State Beach

San Clemente State Beach, located on the coast of the Golden State of California, is the ideal spot for your next RV vacation. The region is well-known for its abundance of animals as well as its pleasant climate throughout the year. Most days, you can expect highs in the 60s and 70s, but temperatures can dip as low as the 40s after the sun goes down, so be prepared for anything. The San Clemente State Beach region is also rich in cultural and natural heritage, which will appeal to people of all ages, including children.

You could even believe the bluffs look like they belong in a desert setting, and you’re not alone in thinking so.

While you’re not taking photographs of the breathtaking surroundings, you can also explore the nature paths, have a great picnic, or head down to the beach where you’ll find opportunities to surf, relax, boogie board, play, and fish.

When you stay at San Clemente State Beach, you may choose from a variety of RV and tent sites with full hookups, tent sites, and group campsites. Generators are permitted at this State Beach, so feel free to bring yours with you if you so like.

Campsites inSan Clemente State Beach

The campsite at San Clemente State Beach is a vacationer’s dream come true for everyone who enjoys camping in their RV. With 72 sites accessible with water, sewer, and electrical hookups, you’ll have everything you need for a relaxing camping trip right at your fingertips. The RV parking spurs at the campsites are paved and flat, and they can accommodate RVs with a length of up to 30 feet. The park may be able to accept slightly bigger RVs in some of the campsites, but you should double-check with park personnel before making your reservation.

  • In addition to a dumping station nearby, there are restrooms and paid showers accessible at two separate places across the campground.
  • A nature path can be found just above the campsite, while the shorter Butterfly Trail can be found right next to the nature trail.
  • While your pet is welcome to accompany you to the campground, dogs are not permitted on the beach or on the trails and should be kept in a tent or car during the night.
  • and 8 p.m.

Tent Campground at San Clemente State Beach

If you would prefer to pitch a tent instead of parking your RV at San Clemente State Beach, there are 87 tent spots to pick from at the beach. The tent campsite is located just across the street from the RV park. Tent campers are not the only ones who may camp on these sites; RV campers can also stay on these grounds. The sites, on the other hand, are not equipped with connections, which some RVers may find preferable. The locations of sites 74 to 94, which are perched on the cliffs’ edge, provide the most spectacular vistas and provide the most value for money.

  • A total of eight persons can be accommodated at each site, and if you are especially searching for an ADA-accessible site, you can reserve sites 74, 104, 134, and 156.
  • A disposal station is conveniently located nearby in case you need to use one.
  • When heading to the facilities at night, it is recommended that you carry a flashlight because there is wildlife, such as skunks, roaming the area.
  • You are also welcome to bring your four-legged companions on your camping excursion.

Sites 100 to 160 are closed from October to April, with the exception of significant holiday weekends and periods. The remaining 26 locations are open for visitors to pick from throughout the year, including holidays.

First-come first-served

Getting a campground without making reservations is possible, although no sites are specified first-come, first-served. If you want to be sure of getting a campsite, make reservations in advance.

Alternate camping

For parties seeking to go camping together, there are two group campgrounds that may be reserved in advance. Each group site can seat up to 50 people and is outfitted with picnic tables and a fire ring to keep everyone warm in the winter. These group campers are located near the tent campsite, and site1 has a spectacular view of the cliffs from its perch above the ground. You may get to the beach from this location by using a paved route that has a steep rise to it. Site2 has a stunning partial view of the cliffs, and campers may also access the beach via a service road that climbs steeply to the top of the cliffs.

Group campers will have access to the bathrooms in the tent campsite, but they should remember to bring quarters for the showers, which are not provided.

Three-year lease extension signed to keep San Onofre State Park open to public

Surfers may continue to ride the sweeping waves at the remote cobblestone beach, which is accessible only by boat. Campers may still set up their tents at San Mateo State Park for a weekend escape. Hikers and bikers can continue their explorations on the extensive trails just south of San Clemente’s city limits. At least for the next three years, at the very least. It was decided this week by representatives from the Department of the Navy, the United States Marine Corps, and the California Department of State Parks that the lease for San Onofre State Beach would be extended “in order to continue servicing visitors to San Onofre State Beach.” On the route to San Onofre Surf Beach, there is a sign along Beach Club Road.

  1. (Photo courtesy of the Orange County Register/SCNG/Leonard Ortiz) It was announced on Tuesday that the Department of Navy’s existing lease on the state beach property, which is located on a section of Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, will expire.
  2. “With this renewal, the majority of the provisions of the original lease remain in effect, and California State Parks will continue to manage the park’s operations,” the statement stated.
  3. “We’re hoping for a longer lease,” Mignogna said.
  4. Since 2006, the non-profit has been working with government authorities to reach a settlement on the issue of immigration.
  5. “If you don’t sign a contract before it expires, the deal will terminate automatically.
  6. The current three-year lease has a one-time fee of $1.
  7. “The aim remains an inexpensive 50-year lease renewal, and the extension provides all parties with the chance to properly draft that contract,” Mignogna stated in a social media post informing the public of the development.

San Onofre has a long and illustrious history.

By the 1930s, the beautiful, tucked-away surf was drawing early wave riders who would bring in large, wooden boards to ride the waves that were reminiscent of those seen in Waikiki.

A south-bound Metrolink train passes past San Onofre State Beach, near Lower Trestles, on its way to the San Diego International Airport.

(Photo courtesy of the Orange County Register/SCNG/Leonard Ortiz) During World War II, individual landowners agreed to sell San Onofre to the Marine Corps for a sum of money.

The property will be utilized for amphibious landing exercises.

A number of surfers travelled north to waves that were previously off-limits, like as Lower Trestles, and returned with tales of military officers escorting them out of the area, confiscating their boards, or issuing fines to them.

It would go on to become the first park built under President Nixon’s “Legacy of Parks” initiative, which attempted to provide the public with a location to escape urban sprawl while also making use of surplus government property that was otherwise unused.

The San Onofre Surf Club fought for the inclusion of Trestles, which formerly boasted a world-class wave and continues to attract some of the world’s greatest surfers, within the jurisdiction of the California State Parks system.

Surfers make their way down a trail near Lower Trestles, which is located within San Onofre State Park, towards the water.

(Photo courtesy of the Orange County Register/SCNG/Leonard Ortiz) The 2,000-acre park isn’t only for surfers; it also has other activities.

It’s one of the most visited sites in the State Parks system, with an estimated 2 million visitors each year, making it one of the most popular.

Beach Camping in Southern California

Only a tiny number of tourists to Southern California prefer to camp instead of staying in one of the many resorts and hotels located near the beach. If you prefer camping and are fortunate enough to acquire a place at one of the 14 campsites along the Southern California coast, you will be rewarded with one of the most memorable experiences of your life! A few of these campgrounds offer camping directly on the sand, but the majority are near enough to the beach that you may walk there. Some campgrounds are just for recreational vehicles, and tent camping is not permitted at any time.

Read about each campground and surrounding beach to learn about the laws, such as where campfires are permitted and where dogs are permitted to wander on the beach.

Are you planning a trip north of Southern California?

San Diego County

Coronado’s Silver Strand State Beach Campground is a great place to camp (RVs only) This is a huge asphalt parking space for recreational vehicles, which the state park refers to as a campsite. With direct access to Silver Strand State Beach and easy access to Crown Cove with calm water and rentals for a variety of water activities, this is an excellent area for RV camping. If you have an RV, this is a great place to park because it is right on the beach. San Diego’s Mission Bay is home to a campground (TentsRVs) Campland is a private campsite located on the beaches of Mission Bay in San Diego, California.

  1. Among the many amenities available are an arcade, swimming pools, a cafe and a store, as well as laundry and other facilities.
  2. San Elijo State Beach Campground is located near Encinitas, California (TentsRVs) San Elijo is a linear campsite located on a hill above a long sandy coastline in the Cardiff-by-the-Sea section of Encinitas.
  3. It offers 170 camping places, but they fill up quickly, so make your reservations as soon as possible.
  4. It is considerably more convenient for families to camp here during the summer because they have a café and camp shop on site.

There are stairs and ramps leading down to the beach, as well as multiple lifeguard towers. As is the case with San Elijo, South Carlsbad is an excellent location for family camping.

Orange County

Beach Campground at San Onofre State Beach in San Clemente, California (TentsRVs) This linear campsite is located on a cliff above the beach, high above the water. The entry is located at the end of a dead end section of the Old Highway 1 Road, making it difficult to detect. Six separate pathways meander down the steep crumbling bluffs to lonely seeming beaches. Dogs are permitted on the first and sixth beaches. Camping at San Onofre State Beach and San Mateo Campground is located in San Clemente (TentsRVs) Even though this campsite is one of the furthest away from the beach, it is in a fantastic setting on the outskirts of the city of San Clemente.

  • There are also additional sandy beaches in this state park that are close by.
  • Each campsite is very large and both offer easy access to a lovely sandy beach.
  • The beach is really popular in this area.
  • Crystal Cove State Park – Moro Campground, Laguna Beach (TentsRVs) (TentsRVs) Moro Campground is just across Pacific Coast Highway from the beach.
  • This park has a long beach to walk, paved paths on the bluff, and a historical district with a restaurant and bar.
  • Bolsa Chica State Beach Campground, Huntington Beach (RVs only) This state beach has a paved lot with electrical and water hookups that can accommodate 50 RVs (tent camping is not allowed) (tent camping is not allowed).
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Los Angeles County

Dockweiler State Beach RV Park in Los Angeles is a great place to camp. (Only applicable to RVs) RV campers may park their vehicles in a huge paved parking area that is directly on the beach at this location. It is close to the flight path of planes arriving and departing from Los Angeles International Airport, but it is also close to several large sandy beaches. A lengthy concrete road snakes over the sand, offering visitors the opportunity to explore the Santa Monica Bay shoreline. Malibu’s Leo Carrillo State Park Campground is a great place to camp (TentsRVs) Located in a ravine behind South Beach, Leo Carrillo maintains a big campsite with 140 camping spaces.

  • Hiking routes lead into the hills from the campsite and tourist center, and they are well marked.
  • The Sycamore Canyon Campground is located directly across the highway from a beautiful sandy beach with a waterfall.
  • Thornhill The Broome Beach Campground in Malibu is a great place to pitch a tent or park an RV close to the coast.
  • Catalina Island Camping is located on the island of Catalina (tentstent cabins for rent) Catalina Island includes a number of campsites, the most of which are located on or near the shore.

If you wish to kayak or canoe into them, they also offer remote tiny beaches where you may camp if you get lucky. Laguna Beach’s Moro Beach Campground is located near the beach.

Beaches on this list

  • Visitor and campers alike may enjoy the beautiful beaches on both sides of the Coronado Island Peninsula at Silver Strand State Beach, which is open for day use. The ocean beach at Silver Strand State Beach has a variety of activities. See the specifics.

Campland on the Bay

  • Mission Bay is home to Campland on the Bay, a resort campsite and marina on the San Diego waterfront. This RV and tent park is located on property that has been leased from the See more information

San Elijo State Beach

  • Located near Encinitas, California, San Elijo State Beach is a lengthy stretch of sand that occupies much of the oceanfront area in the neighborhood of Cardiff-by-the-Sea. This state park offers a great amount of space. See the specifics.

South Carlsbad State Beach

  • South Carlsbad State Beach is a three-mile-long beach located on the shores of Carlsbad Bay in the California city of Carlsbad. The majority of this state beach is located in front of the linear South Carlsbad Campground, which may be found here.

San Onofre State Beach – Bluffs Beaches

  • In Southern California, the San Onofre State Beach is located between the cities of Oceanside and San Clemente. The major part of this state park, which is known as “Bluffs Beach,” includes a long continuous parking lot that runs the length of the park. See the specifics.

Trestles Beach

  • Despite the fact that Trestles Beach is the northernmost portion of San Onofre State Beach and of San Diego County, entrance to the beach is only available from San Clemente, which is in Orange County. Surfers are familiar with the region nearby. See the specifics.

San Clemente State Beach

  • Located on a great piece of San Clemente California real estate, San Clemente State Beach features a spacious campsite as well as a day-use parking space. The state park was constructed between 1934 andSee more information

Doheny State Beach – South Beach

  • In Dana Point, California, the South Beach of Doheny State Beach is located on the south bank of San Juan Creek. The southern section of the state park contains a great number of trees. See the specifics.

Crystal Cove State Park – Moro Beach

  • Crystal Cove State Park’s Moro Beach is the southernmost beach in the park, and it is located between Laguna Beach and the Corona Del Mar neighborhood of Newport Beach, California. This was the case for many yearsSee more details

Bolsa Chica State Beach

  • Bolsa Chica State Beach is a three-mile-long sandy beach near Huntington Beach, California, with a broad sandy beach. Because of its geographic position and size, this beach is a popular destination for sunbathers. withSee more information

Dockweiler State Beach RV Park

  • It is three miles long and two miles broad, and it is located in Huntington Beach, California. Beachgoers flock to this beach for sunbathing because of its convenient location and size. Details are available here.

Leo Carrillo State Park – South Beach

  • South Beach in Leo Carrillo State Park is a sandy area near the mouth of a creek that runs out of Arroyo Sequit (on rare occasions) and into the Pacific Ocean. This dry wash drains a portion of theSee more information

Sycamore Cove Beach

  • Located in the southern part of Ventura County, Sycamore Cove Beach is a day-use beach inside Point Mugu State Park. The beach in Sycamore Cove is fantastic, but the main attraction to this location is its natural beauty. See the specifics.

Thornhill Broome Beach

  • Located on the ocean side of Pacific Coast Highway in southern Ventura County, Thornhill Broome Beach is part of Point Mugu State Beach, which is next to a large campsite. There is aSee more information

Little Fisherman’s Cove on Catalina Island

  • Little Fisherman’s Cove is a small cove on Catalina Island that is located on the east side of Isthmus Cove, near the settlement of Two Harbors. The beach at Little Fisherman’s Cove is just a few steps away. See the specifics.

Parsons Landing on Catalina Island

  • Parsons Landing is located on the north side of Catalina Island’s West End, and it is a popular wilderness camping area. The West End Road connects the small community of Parsons Landing with Parsons Landing. See the specifics.

Guide to Camping on the Southern California Coast

There has always been an attraction to the beaches of Southern California, and for those who come to enjoy the golden sand, the sunshine, and the carefree spirit, there is nothing better than the concept that they don’t actually have to go. The good news is that there are lots of camping alternatives along California’s southern coast, whether you’re pitching a tent or bringing your RV along for the ride. While you’re at the beach, you may spend your days riding the waves, relaxing in the sun, throwing a frisbee or smashing a volleyball around.

Two coastal corridors along the southern coast of California, stretching from San Clemente to Encinitas and from Malibu to the Gaviota Coast, are situated between the huge metropolises of Los Angeles and San Diego.

Despite the fact that each has its own personality, both offer a level of comfort (showers!

Camping on the Southern California coast might be pricey, but consider all of the conveniences you’d otherwise have access to if you were staying in a hotel.

San Clemente-Oceanside-Encinitas

In San Onofre, for example, you may see broad white sands being kissed by bright blue waves, which is exactly what you might imagine when you think of a beach. The beaches between Los Angeles and San Diego are known for their world-class surfing conditions, and they are a must-see location along the Southern California coast’s Pacific coast.

  • The San Clemente State Beach Campground, located to the north of Trestles Beach, is an excellent location for surfers wishing to ride world-class waves in Southern California. With showers, easy access to nearby San Clemente, and a prime location at the foot of the Santa Ana Mountains with stunning views of the Pacific, this campground is a must-visit for any outdoor enthusiast. It’s only a few miles away from San Onofre State Beach, another longboard surfing hotspot, and the San Mateo Campground boasts hot showers that are well worth the long walk back to the car after a lengthy day at the beach. The charge is rather steep, as is the case in San Clemente, and there is an additional day usage fee that you will be required to pay. Additionally, San Onofre State Beach has a long row of campsites called San Onofre Bluffs Campground within the park, which is located adjacent to the Old Pacific Coast Highway
  • Further south, San Elijo State Beach Campground puts you close toSan Elijo State Beach, Swamis Beach, and Cardiff by the Sea, as well as its eclectic collection of shops, restaurants, and food carts
  • And further north, San Onofre State Beach Campground puts you close to San Onofre State Beach, Swami

Malibu-Gaviota Coast

A distinct mood may be found on the beaches west of Los Angeles compared to the beaches further south, which are tucked behind the wildness of the Santa Monica mountains. Unlike camping in the south, where the emphasis is firmly on the ocean, camping here affords guests the option of heading interior toward the mountains and the hiking and climbing options they provide. Still, there’s nothing quite like spending the night by the water—and these campgrounds have enough facilities to make it more than worthwhile.

  • Malibu Creek State Park Campground is conveniently located adjacent to Malibu Creek State Park, providing easy access to the park, its wilderness trails, and the wildlife that prefers to hide when the visitors approach. Century Lake, which is popular with kayakers, and Hollywood sites such as the location of M*A*S*H are also nearby. In the far western part of the park, the Leo Carrillo State Park Campground showcases the west Malibu beachfront along with Leo Carrillo State Beachand its surf, tide pools, and sea caves
  • Further west, the Leo Carrillo State Park Campground showcases the west Malibu beachfront along with the Leo Carrillo State Beachand its surf, tide pools, and sea caves
  • Just east of Ventura, the Sycamore Canyon Campground is a new addition to the Boney Mountains State Wilderness Area. The campground is accessible via miles of paths that go into the scrub oak forest and sycamore woodland. Sycamore Cove Beach and its day use area are also located only across the Pacific Coast Highway
  • Santa Barbara and the Gaviota Coast are about an hour’s drive up the coast from Malibu. El Capitan State Beach and Campgroundprovides a welcome respite from the rigors of winter surfing and hiking in the Santa Ynez Mountains.

If you’re planning on spending a lot of time on the Northern California coast, here are some excellent camping spots to consider.


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