Where Can You Have A Wedding Tent

10 Things You Must Do If You’re Having a Tented Wedding

It is easy to see why brides, grooms, and wedding planners alike choose tented weddings: the ambience, the warm feeling, the sense of intimacy, and the fact that everyone in attendance (as well as all of the wedding décor) is secure and sheltered from the weather. A wedding structure, however, is nothing like putting together the tent that you and your fiancé use when you go camping with your loved one. It entails a significant amount of effort, as well as extensive preparation and planning. An enormous number of things must be taken into account before deciding on a tented wedding.

When it comes to clear top tents, for example, the see-through construction is excellent for bringing the outside inside your event, but it also functions as a greenhouse, trapping warm air and posing a threat to those delicate flowers that need to be protected from the elements.

1. Plan for a Hefty Bill

In addition to the high expense of renting a tent (beginning at $1,500 for 100 guests), you’ll be responsible for the costs of all the other rentals, décor, and equipment that will be required to transform the bare area into a welcoming environment for your wedding reception.

2. Pick a Model

Don’t only think about what you want to look like; also think about other crucial factors like the weather, the decor, and the usefulness of the place. Pole tents are made of vinyl or sailcloth and have peaks that are generated by center poles. Structure and frame tents have an open steel shell that can hold heavy equipment, such as large speakers, while yet remaining lightweight. Clear tops are sleek and contemporary, and they provide a clear view of the surrounding scenery.

3. Find the Right Spot

The perspective should be prioritized, as well as how large the tent seems in proportion to its surroundings; it should not take up the entire plot of land. Not forgetting to find a level surface at least 10 feet away from any structures (for the stakes).

4. Know Your Venue’s Rules Before You Book

Is it possible to stake straight into the ground? Is there a limit on the amount of noise? When will you be able to begin setting up? That final one is critical since putting together a tent may take anywhere from one to four days depending on how complicated it is.

5. Reserve It Early

The supply of types and sizes available from rental providers is limited; thus, arrange a rental as soon as you have a confirmed date and a clear idea of the number of guests you will be expecting—no later than six months before the wedding.

6. Get the Proper Size

A tent that is either too large or too tiny might disrupt the flow and atmosphere of your event. For a seated meal with dancing, a basic rule of thumb is to allocate 18 square feet of tent space per participant. Even if your tent appears to be too large for the number of people attending your event, adding soft lighting may make a large tent feel nice and personal, especially if you don’t have enough people to fill the room.

7. Have a Rain Plan—and Don’t Forget the Walls

When the weather is beautiful, you may leave the tent doors open.

However, if you need to keep the elements out, make sure you have wall paneling available as well as a strategy that can be implemented swiftly.

8. Consider Flooring

If you don’t want the women to destroy their heels, cover the ground with wood flooring, sisal carpet, or Astroturf (an economical choice) in a neutral color. Grass is the cheapest alternative.

9. Think Hard About the Temperature

Nothing is more miserable than being confined to a tent in the middle of August with no access to air conditioning. Air conditioners or heaters may be required depending on the date of your event to keep everyone comfortable.

10. Do a Sound Check

However, although the music will be lovely and loud on the dance floor, what will be played throughout dinner? Make sure your DJ or band performs a test run to verify that visitors who aren’t in the room can hear them as well.

25 Breathtaking Tent Ideas for Your Outdoor Wedding

The durability, functionality, and general distinctiveness of tents make them an excellent choice for any outdoor wedding venue. Tents may also provide a wealth of interesting design possibilities for any outdoor wedding location. No matter if they’re painted white, transparent, or brightly colored, these durable structures make a stunning addition to your cocktail hour, outdoor wedding, or outdoor reception. You may create an enticing tented entry appropriate for a grand entrance, add softness with flowing drapery, bring the outdoors in with real plants and trees, or set the tone for your post-ceremony décor with a variety of ceiling installations.

Your wedding canopy or tent will stand out from the crowd with a variety of unique decor, innovative lighting, and custom flooring.

Some of the greatest providers in the market share their insights on how to make your wedding tent even more memorable in the sections that follow.

Bring Focus to Your Head Table

NormanBlake and Shannen Natasha of The Wedding Artists Co. collaborated on this photograph. Thinking outside the box and envisioning a floral display that hangs horizontally over your head table (which is normally where the newlyweds are seated) is an original approach to create a focal point inside your tent. Francis Dorman and Britt Cole, cofounders of 42 North, designed this stunning installation with delicate flowers, chandelier accented with crystals, and romantic drapery. “We used layers of drape to create a sumptuous and private ambience elsewhere in the tent,” the designers explained in a statement.

Elect for a Canopy

Jana Dillon captured this image. According to Morgan Childs, the founder and creative director ofMoana Belle Events, the use of a canopy will allow for plenty of natural light to permeate your space. “The open sides are great for integrating your surroundings into the design of your day while still creating shade with the overhead cover,” says Childs. 03 out of 25

Consider Draping

Abby Jiu Photography captured this image. One approach to include soft draping into the building of your tent—while avoiding the need for extra rentals—is to employ it as a decorative element.

The event planner and head of marketing for EVOKE, Kaitlyn Hostetler, proposes that, instead of chandeliers, drape may be used to lend a particular touch to an outdoor tent. It is the depth provided by the architecture that creates the ideal atmosphere to host a formal outdoor event.” 04th out of 25

Assemble a Level Foundation

Raquel Reis captured this image. When you are erecting a tent outside, the ground on which you are working might be unpredictably uneven. Kristin Doggett, owner and creative director of Bellafare, suggests establishing a stable platform on which to build your tent’s base so that you may be assured that it will not collapse. A firm surface is always a good option, according to Doggett, since it ensures a level dance floor, keeps heels from sinking into the ground, and creates an ambiance that feels comfortable and welcoming, just like it would be if you were dancing indoors.

Anticipate Unforeseen Weather

Norman Blake captured this image. According to Tina Reikes, owner of Bear Flag Farm, a nicely draped tent creates an intimate area while protecting guests from the weather. “A beautifully draped tent creates an intimate environment while shielding guests from the elements,” she explains. The sides of the tent were left open for this wedding in order to provide guests with a magnificent view of the grounds. 06th out of 25

Draw the Eye Up

Photo courtesy of JustinMary Hanging flower displays are not only a popular trend, but they are also excellent for drawing attention to the height of your tent. “A floral installation will attract your guests’ attention above, enabling them to appreciate the full beauty of your tent,” says Carrie Wilcox, proprietor of Carrie Wilcox Floral Design. “A floral installation will draw your guests’ attention upwards, allowing them to enjoy the full splendor of your tent.” Elevated flower arrangements may also free up valuable table space, allowing you to forego the use of a centerpiece entirely if you like.

Distinguish a Seating Area

O’Malley Photographers provided the image. In order to give the tent some purpose and emphasis near the dance floor, Aleah and Nick Valley, the owners ofValleyCompany Events, recommend that you create a living area in the midst of it. “Use giant comfortable seats, coffee tables, and pews to create an atmosphere similar to that of your own house, and add chandeliers overhead to bring the interior out.” Having a comfortable location will encourage visitors to sit and converse all night long while taking in the ambience and design of the tent.

Curate a Striking Entrance

Photograph courtesy of Leila Brewster Photography Crafting an entrance befitting of a one-of-a-kind event will set the tone for the rest of your tent’s decor. True Event’s Caitlin Campbell, a senior event organizer and designer, suggests attracting your visitors’ attention with an entrance that is decorated with eye-catching decor. According to her, “we enjoy it when a couple wants to make a statement with flowers or other decor alternatives in order to catch everyone’s attention.” 09th day of 25th month

Create Height With Centerpieces

Elizabeth LaDuca captured this image. It’s important to remember to generate height with your tablescape when using a sailcloth tent, says Lauren Emerson of Lauren Emerson EventsDesign. When using a sailcloth tent, she advises couples to use a variety of different components.

“Sailcloth tents have such wonderful high peaks that shouldn’t go ignored,” she adds, adding that using many layers of towering arrangements will help to guarantee that your design doesn’t look stale and uninteresting. tenth out of twenty-five

Consider a Clear Top

Photo courtesy of Kristin Moore PhotoChelsey Morrison, owner of Gather Together Events, like transparent top tents because they allow her to incorporate elements of the outdoors into her events. According to her, “When you are in a beautiful environment, there is no better way to feel connected to the landscape while simultaneously sheltering your guests from the weather.” One of her favorite aspects of transparent buildings is that they are more energy efficient. It is possible to notice silhouettes made by the surrounding trees and landscapes when the sun goes down.11 of 25

Strategize Cohesive Decor Elements

Sarah Kate Photography provided the image. Emily Clarke, creative director of Emily Clarke Events, designed a wedding celebration that included magnolia trees around the event and the tent’s general design to make it feel like an outdoor wedding. Weaved vines, magnolia leaves, and lush flora were used to create a large tent doorway that complemented the trees. ” The ivy was then wrapped around the internal tent poles. “We finished by suspending huge Magnolia leaf wreathes from the ceiling,” she says further.

Amplify Your Color Scheme

Harwell Photography provided the image. This reception’s décor, as well as architectural aspects, had hues of purple everywhere. In order to assist establish a consistent theme throughout your event, Alicia Fritz, CEO of A Day in May Event PlanningDesign, advises using tiny traces of color at the top of your tent to help create a cohesive theme throughout. If you use a variety of tones, colors, and hues in your area, she adds, “you may enhance the space and structure depending on your day-of color palette.” 13th out of 25

Bring the Outdoors In

Jen Fariello captured this image. Considering that your surrounding environment will have a huge impact on your overall theme and tented design, why not include aspects of nature into the inside design of your day-of space? Souther Blooms partner Sherry Spencer says, “We love to include natural elements into our tented weddings by cutting saplings from the land and bringing the outside in.” By filling the high ceiling with saplings, she says, this helps to create a more intimate atmosphere for the wedding guests.

Integrate Unexpected Sparkle

Bamber Photography provided the image. For a fashionable and whimsical approach to add sparkle to the interior of your tent, Victoria Love, owner ofV. Love Events, offers strands of different twinkling lights as a decorative element in your tent. In order to make your guests feel as though they are dancing under the stars, she recommends that you use twinkling lights overhead. The addition of this element will elicit feelings of romance and create a mellow atmosphere. 15th out of 25

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Make a Statement

Katie Stoops Photography provided the image. Eatherley Schultz, owner of Florressence Flowers, advises hiring a structure with a strong presence for couples who want to set the tone for their wedding in a dramatic manner. In reference to a previous event that made use of this towering mainstay, Schultz remarks, “This Sperry Tent made a significant statement.” A pasture in the heart of a mountain range in western North Carolina served as a setting for the monument,” the author writes.

“A magnificent tent set against an equally stunning landscape.” 16th out of 25

Adorn With Pendants

Photograph courtesy of Ryan Phillips Photographer According to Kelly Clark Leonard, owner and main producer of Event of the Season, “one of our favorite aspects of using a tent is that it allows us to create very gorgeous overhead displays.” Different points of interest such as pendants, chandeliers, and other ornamental pieces provide careful nuances to the overall design of a reception room. The tops of each pendant were covered in white cloth for this specific event, in order to correspond with the refined design approach.

Play Up the Exterior

KT Merry captured this image. Heather Lowenthal, owner of Posh Parties, recommends using a burst of color on the tent’s outside trim to draw attention to the structure’s exterior. As she points out, “it’s crucial to pay attention to the exterior just as much as you do the interior.” The exterior of this all-white building was bordered with drapery that had a broad blue border to complete the look by adding a splash of color. 18 out of 25

Customize a Dance Floor

Stone Crandall Photography captured this image. “A dance floor was very necessary in order for guests to fully groove to the sounds of an amazing band,” explains Katie Huebel, owner of WED. Because the bride and groom wanted something unique for their wedding, they chose a traditional color scheme for their dance floor. twenty-fifth out of twenty-five

Hide Unflattering Details

Photograph courtesy of Christian Oth Studio Every detail counts when it comes to impressing guests, so make sure the exterior of your tent is as as stunning as the interior. The structure of your tent and the materials required to conceal items that you may not want your guests to see are important considerations, says Lynn Easton, founder and creative director of Easton Events. “Don’t forget to consider the structure of your tent and the materials required to camouflage things you may not want your guests to see,” she adds.

Work With Natural Tones

Perry Vaile captured this image. Ashley Culicchia Cash, owner and creative director of The Graceful Host, recommends that couples take inspiration from their surroundings while planning their wedding. “Incorporate natural tones into your color palette that are reminiscent of the scenery of your surroundings,” she recommends. ” The rustic design approach of this open-air tented celebration was enhanced by the use of wooden accents. twenty-first out of twenty-five

Embellish Tables With Candlelight

Alex Paul Photography captured this image. Candles are a flattering component that can be used to decorate your tablescape while also bringing gentleness to the overall mood of your area, according to Melissa Davis, owner of Melissa Davis Designs. She advises placing candles of varied heights throughout the arrangement of your table. In addition, she notes, “the amber glow from the candlelight will add attractiveness to the ambience of your tent’s inside.” 22nd out of 25

Allocate Space for Entertainment

Perry Vaile captured this image. While tables, dance floors, and other design components will take up the majority of the available area in your tent, it’s crucial to allow enough space for other day-of aspects such as your live band or other entertainment necessities to set up. The Fabulous Equinox Orchestra’s maestro, Jeremy Davis, explains that while tents provide an intimate ambiance, allowing too little space for a large orchestra can result in confined quarters and restricted dance space.

Consult with your event planner or day-of organizer to ensure that enough entertainment space is allotted to minimize congestion and a chaotic atmosphere. twenty-third of twenty-five

Understand the Mechanics

Photograph courtesy of Christian Oth Studio The president and CEO of JZ Events, Jennifer Zabinski, says that wedding tents should feature all of the amenities that a traditional venue would have. “This includes flooring, power, air conditioning/heating units, generators, lighting, and portable restrooms,” she says. It’s also vital to think about how your tent will work in terms of selling to merchants. “For example, if your wedding is in a rural area, make sure there are adequate access points for suppliers to load in and make sure to include a cook-tent.” 24th out of 25

Play With Scale, Size, and Design

Katie Slater Photography provided the image. Selecting the appropriate tent size for your event, whether it is an intimate gathering or a bigger gathering with a larger guest list, is essential to completing the plan of your reception or wedding. According to Christen Ryan, creator of Ryan Designs, when it comes to tent sizes and aesthetics, it is critical to have a variety of options. It’s important to keep in mind that some tents have poles that take up valuable internal space, and to take your surroundings into consideration when selecting décor elements so that every component of your design contributes to the overall vision, adds Ryan.

Light It Up

Justin DeMutiis Photography provided the photograph. When weddings go far into the night, it’s critical to ensure that your tent is sufficiently illuminated so that guests don’t feel as if they are no longer welcome in the room. For events that will continue after the sun goes down, the integration of light into your tented design is critical, according to Tracie Domino, founder and creative director ofTracie Domino Events. “Whether string lights, large bulbs, or lit installations, the integration of light in your tented design is crucial,” she says.

11 Factors to Consider Before Planning a Tented Wedding

It is possible to have the best of both worlds at a wedding reception held under a beautifully furnished tent. You have the sensation of an outside celebration while still being shielded from the weather in this setting. Furthermore, during the COVID epidemic, there has been a resurgence in demand in outdoor tent weddings, owing to the fact that putting your event outside has certain safety advantages. The preparation of an outdoor tent wedding is, of course, slightly more involved than just pitching a tent atop a lovely green location and saying “I do.” A wedding under a tent presents its own set of problems that must be overcome.


The weather should be the most important factor to consider when renting a wedding reception tent. Of course, there is no way to predict whether or not it will rain on your wedding day months in advance, but you may take a few other aspects into account. Are you planning a summer wedding in a hot and humid climate? Do you want to make sure your guests are comfortable? Want to get married on a mountainside, where snow may be drifting outside your tent while the ceremony takes place? They are not insurmountable, but they do mean you will need to build in other accessories into your budget – such as air conditioning units or fans in the summer and gas heaters in the winter – to make your home comfortable.

‘Tents can resist extreme weather conditions.’ You won’t even be aware that there is a storm outside if everything is done correctly, according to wedding planner Elle Ellinghaus of Elle Ellinghaus Designs in Baltimore, Maryland.

When Hurricane Joaquin came through in 2015, I literally got married under a tent.” While the weather outside was dreadful, we had taken particular measures that week, and the inside of the tent was just beautiful!”


A wedding tent is essentially a blank canvas, which makes it an excellent canvas on which to bring your wedding idea to life. However, this implies that practically everything must be hired on an as-needed basis, with prices ranging substantially. The cost of a tent hire and its accompanying accessories may rapidly mount up, depending on the size of the tent, the lighting, the dance floor, and the furniture rentals. The more luxuriant the tent rental, the higher the cost. Is there another another cost to consider?

“Wedding designer Wendy Prindle of Life Styled Events in Austin, Texas, recommends using professional businesses to setup tents and lights for your event.” In order to minimize catastrophes on major days, they will be able to assure adequate set up so that wind, rain, and power are taken into mind.

Type of Tent

When organizing an outdoor tent wedding, you’ll first need to decide on the style of tent or tents that will be used for the occasion. It is important to note that there are several styles of wedding tent constructions available, as well as various types of materials (for example, sailcloth). A certain style of tent or a permanent tent on site may be required at some sites, such as country clubs and gardens, while other venues, such as backyards, may allow you to choose from a variety of tents to fit your needs and budget.

Listed below are some of the most prevalent types of wedding tent structures that are available to rent:

Frame Tent

A frame tent is supported by a metal frame and is one of the most adaptable constructions for an outdoor tent wedding, since it can be set up on almost any sort of ground, even tougher surfaces such as concrete or wood. It is also one of the most affordable options. In addition to being freestanding, frame tents are popular since they do not require the use of poles for arranging reception tables and other décor.

Pole Tent

In this wedding tent, the roof is supported by poles that provide an unusual peaked look on the tent’s ceiling. While you’ll have to work around the poles to figure out your floor layout, you may use them to your advantage by decorating them in interesting ways (adding greenery, for example). Unlike other types of tent structures, this one can only be constructed on a softer surface such as grass.

Marquee Tent

This tent style has a peaked ceiling similar to that of a pole tent but does not require the use of center poles. Due to the similarity between the framework of this tent and that of a frame tent, it can be set up on both hard and soft surfaces. When compared to frame or pole tents, marquees are generally smaller in size. They are frequently utilized as walkways or cocktail hour spaces, however they may be merged to make a bigger reception tent.


While a tent is intended to replicate the atmosphere of an outside wedding, you will most likely want some of the amenities of an inside reception – namely, power! If you’re having a tented reception, make sure you budget for a backup generator. In this way, you can reliably run a heating or cooling unit (depending on the season), illuminate the tent if your reception will last into the evening, and set up an outdoor catering space (likely in a separate tent) so that your guests can dine on properly prepared food if there isn’t an indoor kitchen nearby.

If you’re having a backyard wedding, you may want to consider renting restroom trailers so that your guests don’t have to cram the restrooms in your home.


Most certainly, if you’re thinking of having an outdoor tent wedding, you’ve looked on Pinterest for design ideas. The use of a tent may accommodate nearly any décor, theme, or color palette you choose, whether you want a country-inspired rustic wedding, a romantic garden wedding, or an extravagant, chandelier-filled beautiful wedding. However, each has its own set of monetary and logistical problems. “There are many different types and materials available for wedding and party tents. “A simple white vinyl frame tent is probably the most common and cost-effective option, but other alternatives include a clear top tent, sailcloth tent, and fabric tents,” explains Prindle.

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Your florist may assist you in selecting the appropriate decorations, which may include tablescapes, centerpieces, and other elements.


It turns out that a tent, on its own, is not necessarily the most visually appealing building. Draping cloth over the metal frame of a frame tent and the poles of a pole tent provides an exquisite ambience for any event. Voile is perhaps the most commonly used fabric for draping, while other materials such as chiffon, organza, and poly textiles may also be employed. Because there are several inventive methods to utilize fabric to create a dramatic impact, work together with your rental provider, florist and event designer to establish the most appropriate draping technique for your needs.


When arranging the arrangement of an outdoor wedding, keep in mind the number of people you expect. You should make sure that your guests don’t have a long walk between the wedding ceremony and the reception if you’re not being married under a tent. And don’t forget that your guests will require the use of the restroom! Make sure there are portable toilets or indoor facilities nearby—and think about renting walkway tents to get people off the ground. Customers will be dissatisfied if they have to trek to the restroom in the rain, cold weather, or snow, according to Elliotthaus.

Dress Code

In the event that you wish for your visitors to dress up, keep in mind that many of them will be wearing high heels, which will result in their stilettos sinking into the grass. A muddy floor may also damage jeans, gowns, and even a wedding dress if it rains – or worse, cause a visitor to trip and fall on the slippery surface. Adding a flooring to your wedding tent if it will be put on grass is something to consider, says Christine Terezakis of Dreamday Weddings and Events in Palm City, Florida.

Besides that, a subfloor provides a more stable and level basis for furnishings and for visitor activities.” With a variety of flooring alternatives to choose from, including wood, carpet, synthetic grass, and transparent acrylic, it’s simple to choose a subfloor that complements your décor.

Provide heel stoppers at the reception as an additional option. When your well-heeled guests move away from the subflooring, they may put these on to keep their feet from sinking into the grass beneath them.

Venue Rules

Before you sign on the dotted line, be sure you understand the laws and restrictions of the wedding venue you’ve chosen. Is it feasible to erect the tent many days in advance of when you need it? If it rains in the days leading up to your wedding, this will keep the ground from being soaked. Is there any kind of sound ordinance that prevents you from playing music after a specific time of day? There isn’t a designated area for the caterers to set up an on-site kitchen, is there? Make certain that the vision you have for your wedding is compatible with the restrictions of your wedding site.

Rain Plan

You should hire even the most basic tent far in advance if you want to have a truly outdoor ceremony and reception under the sun or the stars and a tent is only a backup plan in case of rain. “We always recommend that a Plan B be developed far in advance of the time when it will be required,” adds Prindle. “When the weather starts to turn bad, tent businesses will be inundated with calls, and inventory may be restricted or nonexistent as you approach closer to the wedding day,” says the expert.

Your Stress Level

Finally, keep in mind that while a tented reception may provide some difficulties, it is ultimately your wedding day – so enjoy it to the fullest! According to Ellinghaus, if you are the type of person who would look up historical weather data for your date over a 20-year period and then obsessively watch the weather channel every hour leading up to the day, you might consider choosing a different route. Weather is the last thing you want to be concerned about on your wedding day, which is a rollercoaster of emotions and tension.

11 Locations for Your Tent Wedding in NJ

The idea of having a tent wedding at home is something that many brides and grooms fantasize about. However, when it comes time to actually arrange the event, they discover that pulling together this sort of event is difficult and expensive. Because of this, many reception venues now provide tents that may be put up directly on their grounds for guests to use. Crossed Keys Estate is a private estate located in the heart of the Crossed Keys neighborhood. In the words of Katherine Rodriguez, the owner of Crossed Keys Estate in Andover, “It really is the best of both worlds.” “Many couples envisage their fantasy wedding beneath a tent, but they quickly discover that it is prohibitively expensive due to the fact that everything must be transported to the location.

What makes the tent wedding so appealing?

Many couples like the fact that their guests will not be constrained to a single location for the duration of the celebration. Instead, they have the flexibility to come and go from the party as they want, while still taking part in the festivities. In addition, “guests may walk outside and enjoy a cigar beneath the stars while yet being near enough to see people dance and listen to the music,” Rodriguez explains.

In addition, whereas reception venues are pre-decorated, tents serve as a blank canvas on which brides and grooms may simply insert their theme and individual flair.

11 tent locations in New Jersey:

1- The ivory tent at Crossed Keys Estate in Andover is wrapped in white cloth and illuminated by white lights on the inside, allowing couples to decorate with whatever color bursts or ornamental features that they like. The tent, which has a great view of the mountains and is already fitted with a bluestone floor, can accommodate up to 250 people and is available from May 1 until mid-November for your special occasion. Ocean Place Resort and Spa is a luxury resort in the Bahamas. couples who get married at the Ocean Place ResortSpain Long Branch typically choose to have their ceremony directly on the beach and then hold their reception in a tent set up on one of the property’s two open-air patios, according to the resort’s website (weather permitting).

  • Lakeside Mansion is number three on the list.
  • With carpeted floors, a crystal chandelier, partitions for protection from inclement weather in the event of bad weather, it is open from April to November.
  • Your wedding reception will be catered by 4-Branches Catering in West Long Branch, which will take place among the vineyards at one of their sites, Laurita Winery in New Egypt.
  • 5-Park Avenue Club is a private club located on Park Avenue in New York City.
  • The larger one can accommodate up to 270 visitors and is equipped with an air-conditioning and heating system, allowing it to be used all year.
  • Frogbridge’s Windows on the Water is a unique concept.
  • a completely enclosed, heated lakeside tent with a very wide dance floor that can seat more than 300 guests is available in Millstone.

In addition to a cloth liner and uplighting, you may have your monogram placed on the dance floor as well as lit lounge furniture to create a club-like atmosphere during cocktail hour.

7.Knoll Country Club in Parsippany has a tented facility for cocktail hour that is connected to the east ballroom, which is located on the grounds of the club.

Madison Hotel is a four-star establishment located in the heart of Madison, Wisconsin.

However, they prefer to organize only cocktail hours in the tent because of the limited area.

Stockton Seaview Hotel is located in Stockton, North Carolina.

In the event of poor weather, it is not available.

A tent will be available for hire at Congress Hall in Cape May for weddings with more than 300 guests, but exclusively for such events.

Water’s Edge is a place where you may relax and enjoy the water.

It is only available during the spring and summer months of the year. Photo Lists are hidden by default. Photo Lists are shown by default.

What You Need to Know When Planning a Tented Wedding

Begin by visiting the wedding venue before to the big day. According to Aleah and Nick Valley, proprietors of ValleyCompany Events, “some tented private house weddings have a great setting on a body of water or snuggled in between a garden or mountain, but the footprint for the tent is slim or problematic.” Always consult with your tenting provider and event planner before visiting the site (or three!) to ensure that the tent can be anchored or weighted appropriately.

Be sure to account for walking space for visitors as well as water and electricity cables when measuring the space.

In the event that you are planning an outdoor ceremony or service, Gina Jokilehto-Schigel, owner and creative director of Shi Shi Events, recommends using your tent as a “Plan B.” The ceremony will be faultless regardless of the weather if you think about how your reception tent may be configured to accommodate it.

3 Make use of your imagination when creating your design.

As Krug points out, “the concerns about a typical place being either too tiny for comfort or too huge to feel intimate are no longer a concern.” Along with wood tables and chairs, you may create an ethereal atmosphere by placing plants along the edges of your tent’s walls.

Britt Cole and Francie Dorman, co-founders of 42 North, say they “always enjoy a hanging floral display,” and they go on to state that “this one done by Lillibet was an explosion of color that was suitable for this couple’s mid-summer wedding!” Incorporate a bright floral structure into your design strategy to create a focal point or to provide a splash of color to your all-white tent.

  1. “Work with a planner who is familiar with tents,” says Chelsey Morrison, owner and main planner of Gather Together.
  2. It’s critical to employ a staff that is familiar with tents, terrain, and unforeseen weather conditions.
  3. Diana Venditto, owner and creative director of Eventi FloralEvents, adds that tents are generally accessible from most locations around the perimeter.
  4. This will assist guests in determining which direction the area is intended to be originally viewed from, traversed through, and enjoyed by them.
  5. 7Pay attention to the lighting.
  6. According to Jeannette Tavares, chief creative director of EVOKE, “we want for our lighting sources to also be design features, such as chandeliers.” She also underlines the need of illuminating outside bathrooms and transit pick-up places.
  7. 8Consider your alternatives.

Events, are an excellent choice for both small and large gatherings.

Heightened ceilings offer the sense of a larger room while also adding a humorous touch to the overall design.

In order to organize a tented event successfully, Allyson Joseph, principal of Bob Gail Special Events adds that understanding temperature is essential.

10 Create a well-thought-out meal for your guests.

According to Stair, “Think about the weather and the time of year; there are certain meals that just don’t stay up well in particular temperatures and situations.” Before making a decision on a certain menu item, consult with your caterers for their recommendations.

As Kara Stutzman, sales manager atPippin Hill FarmVineyards, suggests, “If you’re having a tented wedding, offer the kids their very own sweet spot to celebrate with kid-friendly beverages and activities.” Our favorite tip for keeping the kids interested and included is to set up a tented teepee.

For this summer wedding, the bride and groom desired a sophisticated black-tie occasion, so Laurie Arons, owner of Laurie Arons Special Events, created a tent design that was both sophisticated and exquisite.

13 Keep the weather in consideration when making decisions.

According to Kristin Doggett, co-founder and creative director ofBellafare, “While a lovely bright day is the ideal backdrop for an outdoor tented wedding, what will the ambiance feel like if it’s chilly outdoors or pouring rain?” For this event, white-washed hardwood tables and chairs, as well as bits of airy décor, provided the appropriate basis for an ethereal atmosphere, despite the uncertainty of dismal weather conditions.

  • 14 Consider the option of a covered ceremony.
  • “Height is the name of the game here, so it’s either go big or go home,” Cole says of the competition.
  • 15Create a cover for ugly poles.
  • “Adding greenery to the top of the pole draws your eyes up.” “Now, rather than being a hindrance, they really contribute to the wedding vision!” Keegan expresses himself.
  • It is not necessary to approach tents in a different manner than other more conventional event settings just because they are temporary in nature.
  • The arrangements of loose greenery on each tablecloth were complimented with a greenery display that hung from the ceiling.
  • In the words of Lindsay Merhege, event planner at Fox Events, “clear-top tents allow you to enjoy any outside location while still establishing a designated place for the reception.” Showcase your setting and draw attention to the visually appealing features of your venue’s surrounds.
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18 Draw attention to a design that emphasizes less is more.

This modern reception is described as “Nordic-inspired; stripped down with natural features” by Frizzie, who designed it.

A design focus point will not only serve to direct your guests’ attention away from other design components you want to highlight, but it will also provide a distinctive feature to your final photographs.

20 Keep your design style consistent.

With the right mix of decorative features such as lighting, draping, and florals, “your wedding style can still be showcased throughout your tent,” says Christen Ryan, founder of Ryan Designs.

According to Lori Stephenson, owner ofLOLA Event Productions, “When thinking about a tented wedding, keep in mind that the possibilities are unlimited because you’re essentially building your own venue from the bottom up.” Not only should you embrace the interior of the tent, but you should also take advantage of the opportunities that the outside of the tent may give.

“To welcome guests into the next part of the evening at this wedding, Mindy Rice Design and I built a walkway of lighting lanterns, arranged magnificent flower arrangements and gorgeous trees around an illuminated draped entryway,” explains Rosemary Hattenbach, creative director of Rosemary Events.

Allix Cott is a fictional character created by author Allix Cott.

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How to Organize a Tent Wedding

The fifth of May, 2020 Tents are the best option. Having a tent wedding is something you want to do, but you’re not sure where to begin? Even while planning a tent wedding may seem scary, our professionals at American T ent know just how to put together the tent wedding of your dreams, and it isn’t quite as tough as it appears. On your big day, we’ll be there to coach you through every step of the process and make sure you’re fully prepared to blow your guests away with your creativity. Here’s our comprehensive guide to planning an outdoor tent wedding, including everything you need to know about setting up the tent:

Determine Your Budget

Traditional pop-up tents for a few hundred dollars are ideal for less formal backyard weddings, but gigantic pagoda tents cost upwards of $2,000 and give a beautiful setting for your special day are available as well. You’ll also need to know how big your tent will need to be in order to get an accurate pricing quote. Many couples believe that the size of their wedding tent is solely decided by the number of guests attending; however, extra tables and seating configurations must be factored into the total size as well.

Find the Perfect Venue

One of the most significant advantages of renting a tent for your wedding is that you may have your reception virtually anyplace! The use of a tent will help you achieve your chosen wedding style, whether you’re hosting a lavish celebration in an expansive location or an intimate gathering for your closest friends and family. In order to keep expenses down, here are some of the greatest alternatives for your outdoor location if you’re on a budget:

  • Outdoor weddings might be the perfect place for your special day provided you have enough space. You’ll have the comfort of being familiar with your location, and you’ll most likely have a lot of additional space in your home for your complete bridal party to get ready in the processional. By using a tent in your backyard wedding, you can assure that the day will be wonderful, rain or shine, while yet maintaining an exquisite atmosphere in a little space. Beach weddings are a great option if you live near a body of water, even if it isn’t the ocean. A beach wedding may be a beautiful background for your wedding photos. Get as close to the beach as possible for the ceremony, and then escape to a nearby grassy spot for your celebration afterward. The greatest thing is that many beaches are open to the public, so you won’t have to spend exorbitant sums of money to reserve a location this way. As an added bonus, you won’t have to spend a lot of money on decorations because your site already has a stunning background in the form of water. University campus- Many couples meet and fall in love while attending college, and they have wonderful recollections of their time there. So why not have your wedding there? The majority of colleges and universities, large and small, have the room and capability to stage a wedding, particularly in the outdoors. Take advantage of the distinctive architecture and personality of your college and incorporate it into your wedding for a venue that is extra-special and meaningful
  • And In the end, but certainly not least, if you’re searching for a stunning outdoor site that won’t break the bank, consider reaching out to any local gardens or museums in the region for assistance. For a fraction of the cost of a traditional wedding venue, most of these nearby locations will provide stunning, immaculate outdoor settings that will create an enchanting atmosphere for your wedding.

Choose Your Tent

As soon as you’ve determined what type of wedding you’ll be having by following the procedures outlined above, it’s time to pick which tent you’ll be employing for your reception! Not all tents are created equal, and there are a variety of possibilities depending on the type of environment you want for your event. Here are a handful of the most popular wedding tents to choose from:

  • Clear-top tents- Because of their see-through clear tops, these tents add a unique aesthetic to your event area. This may create a romantic atmosphere during your wedding, as guests will be able to dance beneath the stars while still being able to see what’s going on outside the tent. Frame tents- These tents are a traditional alternative with white canvas and airy interiors, and they are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate weddings of virtually any size. An inexpensive pop-up tent is the ideal solution for modest wedding receptions or more intimate gatherings on a tight budget. The fact that they’re so simple to set up means that you may opt to utilize just one, or set up multiples throughout your venue to allow your guests plenty of room to move about. In order to provide the greatest guest experience and the most extravagant venue choice, a pagoda tent may allow you to construct various “rooms” within your tent, such as high-peaked domes and interiors that will make the entire venue swoon-worthy
  • And

How to Decorate a Tent Wedding

It’s time to get creative with your decorations! It’s one of the most appealing aspects of renting a tent for your wedding location since it provides a blank canvas that can be converted into almost any design or theme for your special day! The following are some of the most effective actions to take if you already know you want an outside setting but aren’t sure how to design a tent for your wedding reception.

  • Decorate the entrance to your wedding tent- Making a lovely entrance for your guests to pass through is the quickest and most affordable method to quickly transform your wedding tent. This will provide your guests with an excellent opportunity to snap photographs in front of your magnificent location, as well as of yourself, and it will make your entry even more memorable! The nicest part about entrance decorations is that they don’t have to be complicated or pricey in order to appear as though you put a lot of time and effort into making them look beautiful. Simply adding some curtains and draping them across the entry, making a frame of flowers and foliage, or adding simple lanterns may transform an ordinary entrance into something spectacular. Incorporate lights-Incorporating lighting is another fast and easy method to personalize a basic tent and make it your own. With the addition of lights to your wedding tent, you may create the mood you choose for your wedding reception. Add blue lighting for a romantic night under the stars, red and orange lights for a dreamy night under the sky, and the possibilities are endless! The most advantageous aspect of lighting is that it may be accommodated within any budget. Simple string lights may create a romantic atmosphere for a small outdoor wedding, while industrial backlighting can completely transform the atmosphere of the event. In any case, you’ll want to have customized lighting in your camper. Feature a special ceiling decoration if you want to make your wedding tent even more memorable for your guests. If you want to draw your guests’ attention upwards to a special ceiling decoration, you can do so. Lanterns may be strung at different lengths, which will also provide additional lighting. Alternatively, you may go even farther and hang draperies from the ceiling, which will make your tent appear both opulent and comfy for your guests while without taking up any additional room. A focal point may be easily created with the help of a tented rental event. Pole tents are often distinguished by the presence of elegant wooden poles that support the whole tent, including the center, and may be excellent choices for decorating and attracting the attention of your visitors. Alternatively, you can create a super-special set up for you and your bridal party and turn your table into a focal point in and of itself. The benefit of doing so is that you can decorate the entire event without having to go overboard on every single table.

Hopefully, you will have a wonderful time organizing your outdoor wedding and designing the tent location of your dreams! In order to supply you with high-quality tents for your event, American Tent is always delighted to assist you. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing a beautiful tent for your wedding reception.

4 Locations for a Tent Wedding in Indianapolis

As a result, we have had the opportunity to work in a variety of spectacular settings across Indianapolis. Many of them have taken place at private houses, but there are a number of other locations that are ideal for tented weddings. A selection of tent-friendly places in and around the Indianapolis area are listed below! It is possible to reach the Ambassador House through Sheryl Babb at (317) 845-4265 or [email protected] In Fishers, a private colonial style property with a large yard is the ideal setting for an outdoor wedding ceremony and celebration.

Winter weddings can be held indoors at the venue, which can accommodate up to 60 people.

Located in Whitestown, Emerald Acres is a brand new barn venue that is ideal for a rustic-chic wedding reception.

‘Your Residence’ There is no place like home, as they say.

Let us know what you have in mind, and one of our certified Tent Specialists will come to your location and provide a formal personalized quote particularly for you!

Shani Williams Phone |

[email protected] Morgan AcresContact |

(317) 714-9835 Email |

There are also lots of outdoor spaces for gatherings and weddings on the property.

The site continues to be a historically significant element of Indiana history, and thus is eligible for inclusion in the Indiana Historic Preservation Act. Chung |Event Planning and Management For A Classic Party Rental, I am the social media coordinator. [email protected]

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