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Wedding Tents are the New Luxury Event Venue

A multi-million dollar business, weddings have seen exponential growth over the last couple of years and are expected to continue to rise. Banquet halls and hotel settings are relics of a more innocent time. Tent weddings are becoming increasingly popular as a wedding location. Tents, that’s right, you read that correctly. Not your typical camping tent, but a sumptuous venue that seems at first glance to be a blank canvas, but is later transformed into a stunning location that visitors will remember for years to come.

When compared to the usual hotel or banquet hall, this fresh and creative location offers a number of advantages.

Wedding tents allow guests to take in the natural beauty of the setting without sacrificing their own personal comfort.

The weather is not something that can be relied on in the corporate world.

  • So why take the chance that your big day may be marred by inclement weather or perhaps destroyed entirely because of the weather?
  • Weddings may now be held outside on every day of the year thanks to modern amenities such as walls and heaters.
  • Alternatively, imagine a romantic February wedding where you may gaze out over newly fallen snow blanketing the venue grounds while dancing the night away in a dry and climate-controlled tent.
  • When you have a tent, you may enjoy your love of the outdoors without having to wait until June or July to do it.
  • For the first time, a wedding tent, in contrast to most typical settings, will give you with a blank canvas to transform into the magnificent fairy tale picture you’ve had in your head since you were a small girl.
  • Using a wedding tent will allow you to totally customize and style your reception area to match your ideas.
  • This blank canvas has no limitations; it may be transformed into anything you choose.

There are a plethora of alternatives available, ranging from the basic pole tent to frame tents.

Options When it comes to wedding tents, Anchor Industries is the best choice.

Some models have modular features that allow you to keep an inventory of components so that you can hire or set up the best wedding tents on a case-by-case basis, depending on your requirements.

Clear span structures may be the most appropriate choice for large weddings.

Frame tents are a popular option because they are easy to set up and don’t require staking.

Because you don’t need to worry about staking, setup is relatively quick and easy.

Anchor Industries may provide both standard and track frame tents.

Frames can be set up with ease, and panels simply slide through a unique track system for a seamless appearance.

The frame system is also used for mounting decorations and accessories, including hanging plants and lighting.

If your looking to host a more high-end wedding that has more of a traditional and elegant look, tension tents are often recommended.

Durable Event Tents At times, renting a tent can come with a lot of headaches the day of the event.

This will take away from your vision.

You may guarantee it is properly preserved and maintained so you may utilize it not just for your unique wedding day but for years to come for any function.

Your family and visitors will appreciate returning back to your gatherings for years to come with your own own event tent made to perfection to last you and deliver joy for a lifetime! Our staff are looking forward to assisting you in selecting the most appropriate tent for any occasion.

AWP Tent Guide

If you are having an outdoor wedding ceremony or reception, and your venue does not have an additional inside space large enough to accommodate all of your guests, you will need to plan for inclement weather in advance of the event. Even if it doesn’t rain, excessive heat may put a damper on a celebration. A tent makes it easy to have a party almost anyplace you choose. Instead of booking a banquet venue, you might host your party at a location such as the beach, the family ranch, a park, or any location of your choosing.

What types of tents are there?

Fabric for the frame, tension (Marquee/Qwik), and structure (pole and sailcloth).

Can a tent be installed on any type of surface?

Because to its mobility and modular design, tents can be set up almost anywhere. The most prevalent types of surfaces include grass/dirt, crushed rock, asphalt, and concrete, to name a few. Knowing the surface type ahead of time is critical because it will dictate how the tent will be safely attached once it has been constructed. If staking is not permitted or is not practical, tents can be fastened with concrete blocks or water barrels as an alternative solution.

How big of a tent do my clients need?

In order to accommodate everyone at 60″ Round tables (which seat 8 people), you will need a space that is 10′ x 10′, or 100 square feet for 8 visitors. Example: If you have 200 visitors, divide that number by 8 to obtain 25 round tables (if you don’t get a whole number, round it up because that table will not have a complete 8 people sitting there). 2,500 square feet is equal to 25 times 100. If you’re sitting guests at long tables, you’ll need 80 square feet per eight people if you’re using a rectangular table.

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Are there any special permitting involved when renting a tent?

Every local jurisdiction has its own set of regulations and procedures. Depending on where you live, you may be required to adhere to local or county ordinances or regulations. For example, the City of Houston requires a tent for anything more than 1,200 square feet, although the cities of Katy and Sugar Land also require tent permits for anything larger than 400 square feet of tenting. Also, make certain that the tent material being recommended is flame-resistant.

What if my client wants special features like tent walls, flooring, A/C, or lighting in the tent?

Even if all of those things may be accommodated in a tent, they should be prepared ahead of time because the kind and size of the tent utilized might have an influence on the installation procedure.

Do I need any sort of power source with a tent?

Power is not required for the construction of any tents, but it will most likely be required for any items that you choose to include in the tent.

How far out should a tent be booked/reserved for a wedding for the “rain plan”?

It is recommended that tents be ordered at least three months in advance, depending on the time of year and season. The best time to book a tent would be six months in advance so that you have a wider pick of tent types/sizes, tent suppliers, and other amenities.

After an in-person site tour, having longer notice allows you more time to investigate alternative options such as flooring, HVAC, and other related options.

What should I expect for pricing of the various style tents?

The shapes and sizes of tents can, however, vary greatly depending on how much prior warning is provided, the complexity and duration of installation/removal, the sort of tops and walls that are chosen, the length of time that the tent will be required, and other factors. Generally speaking, you should expect any tent style to be priced between between $0.70 per square foot and $2.00 per square foot.

Is there any advance preparation needed prior to tent installation day?

Prior to the arrival of the tent provider, the approach to the tent site, the tent placement, and the immediate area around the tent installation space should be entirely clean of obstructions. The tent should be staked if it is to be staked, and all utility lines and irrigation lines should be noted at least 24 hours before installation day. In the state of Texas, you may do this for free by dialing 8-1-1 from anywhere in the state. You should also double-check that the necessary permits (if any) have been obtained prior to setting up the tent.

How long should I set aside for the tent installation and removal from start to finish?

The time required for tent installation varies based on the type and size of the tent. A decent rule of thumb is that any frame tent, qwik tent, or marquee tent can be put up in a day or less. Tents for structures, poles, sailcloth, and carnivals may normally be constructed in one day, but you should budget for two days to be on the safe side.

Tenting for your Wedding — Untitled

Despite the fact that there are several stunning banquet venues available, outdoor weddings have a unique and exquisite charm of their own. And if you’re intending to have your wedding ceremony and reception outside (or if you know someone who is), you’ll agree that selecting a tent is one of the most important items to accomplish on your wedding day checklist. If you have a basic awareness of the many types of tents available, this work becomes much easier. Here’s a quick overview to help you become more familiar with the many types of tents available.

  1. This is most likely the first type of tent that you will be shown by any tent rental provider.
  2. Once it has been put up properly, the tent seems grand and beautiful, making it an excellent choice for traditional wedding celebrations.
  3. Cons: The pole tent cannot be constructed on hard surfaces such as concrete or marble because of the weight of the poles.
  4. The frame tent, which is supported by a predesigned frame that holds up the fabric, is more adjustable than the pole tent because it is more flexible.
  5. Advantages: This tent can be set up on virtually any type of surface, and the metal beams that run along the structure may be used to hold flowers or lighting fixtures.
  6. The Transparent Tent The transparent tent, which has a contemporary twist, is a terrific alternative for those looking for something unusual.
  7. Cons: This tent is best suited for weddings that take place in the evening or throughout the night.

Additionally, the transparent surface gives you the impression of being in a larger place. Cons: Clear tents are pricey, and they aren’t the ideal choice for quiet and personal ceremonies because of their transparency.

What Happens to Your Home During a Fumigation?

Have you ever wondered what goes on beneath the surface of the tent? Undoubtedly, you’ve seen those huge, bare-bones tents erected on the roofs of houses in your neighborhood, as well as on major business facilities around your city. Those tents only convey one message: Stay Away! When a termite examination indicates that you have a drywood termite infestation, fumigation is typically the most effective treatment option available to you. When the termite eradication firm enters your house, they will inject a gas fumigant into the structure, which will soak through all of the gaps and kill the termites that are chewing away within your walls.

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As a result, you are not permitted to remain in your house throughout the fumigation process.

  • I’m going to show you how to double bag all of your open groceries. (See our earlier blog post on how to keep your food safe while it is being fumigated.) You should contact your natural gas provider well in advance of the fumigation to arrange for the interruption of supply to your home. Locking all of your home’s doors and windows
  • And Putting up signs outside the house informing people about the hazardous gas that is within
  • People are being warned away by using a fumigant laced with chloropicrin (tear gas). That enormous striped tent, which is impossible to overlook

For how long does the fumigation process last? Previously, we’ve discussed how to effectively prepare your house for fumigation; but, understanding what to anticipate during and after the fumigation process is equally as crucial. In order to have your home fumigated for drywood termites, you will normally be required to vacate your residence for three days. This implies that you, your family, and your pets (even houseplants) will need to find alternate accommodations during that period. If you have supportive family members who live nearby, you can save money by sleeping on a sofa that is willing to accommodate you.

  1. Perhaps this is the justification you’ve been looking for to take your family on a trip!
  2. As part of this process, the crew will place all of the essential warning signs and begin to circulate the gas.
  3. This means that the gas will continue to work for the rest of the day, spreading throughout your home and poisoning your unwelcome termite guests.
  4. Although it only takes one day for the Vikane fumigant to do its task, the eradication crew must make certain that all of the gas has been removed from your property.
  5. On the second day, the crew will switch on the fans, which will allow the gas to be released into the atmosphere, where it will dissipate harmlessly.
  6. Once the levels of Vikane gas have been reduced to 5 parts per million or lower, your home will be officially certified as safe to re-enter.
  7. Arriving at your residence following termite fumigation It is expected that your home will be certified safe to enter in the late afternoon on day three of the fumigation assuming everything goes according to plan.
  8. You must have this re-entry notification on hand since the utility provider will not restart service to your house if you do not have one.
  9. If at all feasible, plan this visit at least a week or two before to the intended fumigation day.
  10. As soon as the tent is removed from your home and the gas is turned back on, you may begin unpacking your belongings and re-entering the usual flow of life.
  11. Hold on to any and all papers, especially the guarantee, just in case there is an increase in the number of termite infestations in the near future.

To learn more about the fumigation procedure or if you require a termite examination for your San Diego property, get in touch with the experts at Wildlife Wildlife Pest Control, your termite inspection and fumigation specialist in San Diego and the surrounding area.

8ft Rectangle Table Linen Rental

Heads Up! The price includes setup and breakdown services. This price does not include tax or shipping. Following the submission of your order, the cost of delivery will be computed.

Size 52in x 120in Mid-length, 90in x 156in Full-length
Color White, Ivory, Black, Brown, Evergreen, Red, Sandalwood
Size 52in x 120in Mid-length, 90in x 156in Full-length
Color White, Ivory, Black, Brown, Evergreen, Red, Sandalwood

8ft Rectangle Table Linen Rental:

Our 8ftbanquet tablelinen rental is available in two lengths: mid-length and full-length. The colors white, ivory, and black are available for you to use to decorate whatever event you have planned in the future. This linen rental is ideal for weddings, graduation celebrations, restaurants, banquet halls, and country clubs, to name a few applications. The fabric we rent is a high-quality cotton that is quite comfortable to the touch. Another option to explore is to layer table runners on top of the tablecloths to add a nice finishing touch.

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We can provide a feasible linen solution for restaurants, event halls, and country clubs who are searching for a viable linen alternative.

If you’re looking to increase the number of people who can sit at your event, this linen rental goes great with our banquet tables.

Perfect for:

  • Restaurant, country club, or banquet hall long-term rentals
  • Weddings
  • Holiday parties
  • Formal events
  • Charitable events
  • Fundraisers
  • Birthday parties
  • Backyard get-togethers
  • And more.

Call our office if you have any concerns regarding our linen rental services; we’ll be pleased to assist you! – We may be reached at (248)238-2400. See what people are saying about our firm on Wedding Wire!

Gold And Crystal 10 Arm Chandelier

Our chandelier rental is ideal for a variety of occasions including weddings, restaurant tent rentals, country clubs, banquet halls, and other formal gatherings. This chandelier fits perfectly within our 30 wide and 40 wide tents, and we’ve hired it out for events in buildings, barns, and other sites as well. Your gathering will be more opulent with the addition of this chandelier rental. You may choose between a gentle, warm light and a bright, white light, and you can even choose to have a dimmer switch installed in the rental.

The dimmer makes it possible to do so.

Not only do we hire chandeliers, but we also provide a variety of additional lighting choices.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at (248)238-2400 if you have any queries.

Perfect for:

  • A variety of wedding venues, including barn weddings, banquet halls, and formal events such as tent parties, private events, and more

Knight’s Party Rental has been in business in the southeastern section of Michigan for ten years, and we are delighted to continue to service the residents and companies in that region.

See what people are saying about our firm on Wedding Wire! We have received excellent reviews and have received the Couples’ Choice Awards every year since 2016!

Stamford Tent – Hosting Premier Tri-State Events

We are the oldest and most experienced tent rental company in the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, and we have grown to become the regional leader in tenting and event services. We are based in Stamford, Connecticut. Clearly, this is a corporation that understands how to host a great party! The Stamford TentEquipment Company, which is now known as Stamford TentEvent Services, was established in 1953. For a long time, the firm provided tents and other related equipment for events such as carnivals, festivals and horseshows, as well as the occasional private BBQ or wedding.

Principals of the firm include Stephen M.

When Steve started working for their father, Donald Frost, who had initially acquired the firm in 1967, he constructed tents and dance floors, cleaned dishes, drove trucks, and participated in just about every other facet of the business, according to their brother, Steve.

Steve is as as busy as he was then, and he is responsible for the development and management of many of Stamford Tent’s most complicated projects.

Frost, Vice-President, has more than 40 years of direct experience with Stamford Tent, beginning in 1976.

The brothers have made several modifications throughout the years, most notably eliminating tools from the product line in 1984, allowing the company to concentrate only on high-end social and corporate special events in the future.

As a result, in 1999, they acquired the complete tent and party rental inventory of another local rival, Darien Rental Service, further strengthening their position in the marketplace.

This allowed them to concentrate on their main business of tents and temporary structures, flooring, lighting, and climate control.

In 2011, they applied for a $1.2 million working capital 7(a) SBA guaranteed loan via First County Bank in order to expand their present facility and keep employees while acquiring another rival, P.J.

The loan was approved.

The fact that this is a seasonal business with two peaks: April – August and September – November means that their number of employees fluctuates.

The Frost family has been the owners and operators of Stamford TentEquipment Company since 1968, and with their strong knowledge and commercial savvy, they have able to establish themselves as the best full-service tent rental company in the tri-state area.

As they get closer to celebrating their 50th Anniversary, it is undeniable that they have built a highly successful company that leaves a lasting memory of excellent entertainment at every event that they continue to throw. Stamford TentEvent Services is the name of the company.

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