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  • Coachella’s Yuma Tent is just in its second year, but it has already undergone a significant transformation. The Yuma Tent this year is far larger than it was in 2013. It’s possible that it’ll be twice as large as last year’s. In 2013, the line to enter inside the Yuma Tent was organized in a single-file fashion facing east. In the southeast corner of the Terrace, it was a good location for it. This year, the line is more complicated and encompasses a large amount of the southern portion of the structure. Once inside, you’ll note that the structure has more of a club-like vibe to it rather than a lounge-like atmosphere. Additionally, there are more sofas and lounge areas this year compared to last year, the walls were created (and painted?) to look like a cross between brick and wood, there are more disco balls – including one in the shape of a shark that simply hangs in front of the DJ booth – and there are approximately a dozen light fixtures that project green. blue, and red lights onto the floors and walls. People were taking a break from the sun, just as they did last year, because it was an indoor, air-conditioned tent, and spring days in the Indio desert can reach temperatures of little more than 100 degrees. Some of the lounge areas were crowded with males in neon tank tops and boat shoes, and ladies wearing their Indian head costumes, all of whom appeared to be in a high-end lounge environment. If you’re sitting down while listening to globally renowned performers like as Nina Kraviz, Hot Since 82, and Solomun, it kind of defeats the objective of the experience. This tent is one of the few places where people may just get up and dance without thinking about it. You should make use of this opportunity. The designers of the tent may wish to reconsider the aesthetics of the tent because lounges often attract a more mature and sophisticated population. Compared to last year, this year’s tent has a more traditional college main street club feel to it, with the addition of couches for added convenience. Although the elaborate entryway and increased open space are impressive, the designers may have gotten a little ahead of themselves because house music hasn’t quite taken off in the United States yet, and even if it does, the ordinary Coachella attendee may not be all that interested. Overall, there is plenty of space for people to come and dance their troubles away, and the new furniture really contributes to the establishment’s cool, sophisticated atmosphere (just don’t glance around too much when the lights come on). In spite of this, the Yuma Tent attracts a more calm and mature population than the Sahara Tent. No one should be under any illusions, however, that the folks in this tent are not afraid to shake it. In the Yuma Tent, if you and your pals enjoy getting down and dancing to some funky international rhythms, it is a venue that should be visited at least once throughout the three-day event.

Ready to rave at Coachella — so long as there’s shade and A/C

Even the most ardent ravers can outgrow their fairy wings and neon bikinis after a few years of partying. More than 160,000 people expected to attend the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival over the next two weekends will be greeted by a new electronic music tent equipped with amenities that are not typically found in these types of venues. These include air conditioning, a hardwood floor, and comfortable chairs. Other tents’ naked grass flooring and body heat are in stark contrast to the new Yuma tent, which reflects the developing tastes of older fans as well as maturing tastes.

Coachella, a luxury cruise that visited the Bahamas and Jamaica as part of the festival’s promotional efforts.

  1. It was difficult for me to persuade folks to pay $50 to attend Coachella back in 1999.” Coachella weekend passes are now available for $349.
  2. “When you reach a certain age, you begin to feel like a grown-up and are able to afford some comfort,” said Jesse Peyronel, a seven-year Coachella veteran and television scriptwriter.
  3. For fans like Peyronel, the more restrained Yuma tent may be a welcome respite from the deafening sounds of the other tents, which were blasting electronic dance music, or EDM, throughout the festival.
  4. Bentley will be performing a DJ performance in the Yuma tent on both weekends at Coachella this year.

Sophie He, a 24-year-old Koreatown resident and dance music enthusiast who has attended the previous three events, remarked that contemporary raves “make me feel elderly.” Despite the fact that she isn’t participating this year, new choices like as the Yuma tent may persuade her to do so in the future.

“Now, I prefer events that are more intimate and less busy, allowing me to relax a little more and concentrate just on the artists I truly want to see with the least amount of stress as possible.” As described by Tollett, the Yuma tent is intended to be a smart setting where the cacophony and strobe lights are dialed down in favor of intelligent music and underground artists.

  • Internally, it is shielded from direct sunlight to suggest the atmosphere of a dark, insular nightclub.
  • “People will be amped and excited for the full-throttle atmosphere in the Sahara tent,” Tollett said.
  • According to the schedule, which includes young DJs such as Seth Troxler and Maya Jane Coles, it appears to be catering to the shifting interests of younger audience members as well as the general public.
  • “Kids always have a beginning point, but their palates get more sensitive as they grow older.
  • However, this does not imply that all has changed.
  • Sophie explains that the crowds “aren’t happy with simply a person with a laptop.” “He said it,” he said.

[email protected] ADDITIONALLY: Coachella 2013: The Essential Tracks. TIMELINE: Coachella and Stagecoach music festivals Is there a Coachella in the fall? A festival promoter discusses prospective events.


Bellend tents are a type of mixed party tents that have many sides to them. For example, we utilize an attractive high peak pagoda tent for the welcome area, another polygonal tent for the dancing hall, an A frame tent for the catering area, arch narrow tents for the lounge areas, and a bellend marquee for the outdoor theater, among other things. All of our tents may be customized to suit your specific needs. Our bellend tent is a favorite for high-profile events and celebratory activities both domestically and internationally.

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In addition, we assist our clients with tent installation and maintenance by dispatching our personnel to their job location.

Material of Bellend Tent
Main Profile Framework:Hard pressed extruded aluminum alloy T6061 / T6
Available Size:112 x 203 x 4mm, 120 x 200 x 4mm, 120 x 250 x 4mm
Feature:Stainless, Lightweight
Cover Material:PVC Coated Polyester Fabric
Density:650g/sqm Translucent White PVC for Sidewalls;850g/sqm Block-out White PVC Tarpaulin for Roof;950g/sqm Transparent PVC Fabric
Features:Waterproof, UV Resistant, Fire Retardant (DIN4102 B1, M2)
Components: Superior Enclosure with Hot Dip Galvanized Steel.
Size Option of Bellend Tent
Item Width Height Bay Seat
MPT010005 10m 4m 5m 100 – 200
MPT015005 15m 4m 5m 150 – 350
MPT020005 20m 4m 5m 250 – 800
MPT025005 25m 4m 5m 400 – 1000
MPT040005 40m 4m 5m 1000 – 2000

**Please keep in mind that the windload is 120km/h and the snowload is 80kg/sqm. Seat refers to a round table that seats 72 or 60 people. The length of the tent may be increased indefinitely by increasing the bay distance. All of the attachments are completely optional and may be changed.

Outdoor Party Tent – Yuma Marquee

Yuma tent with several sides, also known as a sahara tent, is a type of tent with many sides. The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival 2015 used this bellend tent with a width of 40 meters to host their event. The contrast between its pristine white beauty and the huge desert was breathtaking. It was decided to combine a “A” frame tent with two setpolygonal tents for this mixed party tent. Then, the tent displays the one-of-a-kind oval sharp. Because our foundation structures were constructed of aluminum alloy and PVC fabric, they had a long service life.

Tents for outdoor parties can be set up anywhere on a level area.

The steel stake will serve as a fixed point if you wish to put up the tent on grass or other soft terrain.

In addition, we will utilize the bearing box on any ground that cannot be harmed, such as sand land or rocky terrain.

Use of Outdoor Party Tent

Outdoor dancing halls, large festivals, fashion presentations, wedding celebrations, sporting events, and other similar activities are available.

Shelter’s Services for Outdoor Party Tent

Providing a bespoke turn-key solution; supplying around the globe; providing high-quality accessories; delivering on time; providing installation guidance by skilled technicians; After-sales service that is second to none, including replacement of aluminum alloy components and PVC fabric.

We are looking forward to building long-term cooperation relationship with you!

Yuma tent with several sides, also known as a sahara tent, is a type of tent with many sides. The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival 2015 used this bellend tent with a width of 40 meters to host their event. The contrast between its pristine white beauty and the huge desert was breathtaking. This mixed party tent was made out of one “A” frame tent and two polygonal tents that were set up in a row. Then, the tent displays the one-of-a-kind oval sharp. Because our foundation structures were constructed of aluminum alloy and PVC fabric, they had a long service life.

Party tents may be set up anyplace there is a level area.

Maintaining the proper ground anchorage is essential; when a strong foundation is not available, it is required to drill holes for anchors or construct load segments to which party tents are linked.

Party tents may be constructed from any type of tarpaulin. When the weather is nice, the doors and windows may be entirely opened, allowing you to take advantage of the fresh air.

Use of Yuma Tent

Outdoor dancing halls, large festivals, fashion presentations, wedding celebrations, sporting events, and other similar activities are available.

Shelter’s Services of Yuma Tent

There is a wide range of options from which to pick; Free shipping; provision of high-quality accessories; expedited delivery; installation instructions provided by certified personnel; and After-sales service that is second to none, including aluminum part repair and PVC fabric replacement.

We are looking forward to building long-term cooperation relationship with you!

As the stream of migrants approaching the border with Mexico grows, the Biden administration is considering expanding temporary border facilities in Arizona to deal with it. This would be the latest attempt to address capacity difficulties that have been compounded by the Covid-19 outbreak. According to two government officials and the mayor of Yuma, the administration is contemplating establishing a facility in the city. Yuma and Tuscon, according to a government official, are being considered for “soft-sided” facilities.

  • Yuma is being considered for a new Customs and Border Protection facility, according to a Customs and Border Protection official.
  • CNN previously reported that plans for more facilities were being explored, but no specific locations have been identified.
  • Nicholls told CNN that the city of Yuma is trying to care for migrant families who have been released by the United States Border Patrol.
  • In order to transfer individuals to shelters and other towns that can care for migrants, a couple of non-profit organizations have stepped in.
  • According to him, “This is a major source of concern for me since we have very few nonprofit resources in our town.” When we continue to see high numbers of people, we will see a backlog, and it will take people hours, days, or even weeks to locate other means of transportation out of town.

According to a statement from Customs and Border Protection, “there have always been changes in the number of persons we face at the border, and we continue to react accordingly.”

“As a result of historical experience, a study of operating needs, and constraints posed by COVID-19 space limits, we believe that when the number of contacts increases, we will require more processing facilities. While we work to construct and improve permanent facilities for the safe and orderly processing of individuals at the border, temporary soft-sided facilities are occasionally required to meet operational needs that may arise as a result of an increase in encounters, particularly in difficult circumstances “According to the statement, Last month, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced the opening of a soft-sided facility in Donna, Texas, to assist with immigration intake.

A soft-sided facility in Eagle Pass, Texas, is also being built by the government to better accommodate migrants in its care, according to the statement.

This Will Make You Feel Like You’re In A Nightclub At Coachella

“We require extra processing facilities when the number of interactions increases, based on historical experience, a review of operating requirements, and the problems posed by COVID-19 space limitations. During the course of our efforts to construct and improve permanent facilities for the safe and orderly processing of individuals at the border, temporary soft-sided facilities may be required to meet operational needs that may arise as a result of an increase in encounters, particularly in difficult circumstances “According to the press release, CBP announced the opening of a soft-sided facility in Donna, Texas, to assist with the processing of immigrants and refugees.

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As part of its efforts to accommodate migrants in its custody, the government said it is building a soft-sided facility near Eagle Pass, Texas.

Steve Lieberman’s YUMA TENT Design, with NEXUS, at COACHELLA!

Steve Lieberman, EDM’s lighting rockstar, has produced another incredible experience for the Coachella crowd by utilizing theNEXUS Aw 7/7 from CHAUVET Professional lighting fixtures! Take a look at it! INDIO, Calif. — Featuring 163 performers performing a diverse range of amazing music ranging from rap to pop to EDM to classic rock and a variety of other forms, Coachella has been rightly described as “the forest of music festivals.” At the 2015 edition of the event, dedicated techno house heads and dance music aficionados had little issue navigating their way through this aural forest of electronic music.

As part of the performance area’s video surface, lighting designer Steve Lieberman of SJ Lighting put 47 of the Nexus Aw 77 panels in front of a DJ booth to give it a club-like feel.

The disco shark, created by Kevin McHugh, was put in the center of the tent ceiling, and six gigantic mirror balls were strung together across the spine of the tent roof.

In the words of Lieberman, who has created some of the world’s most famous and highly acclaimed nightclubs, “we gave the tent the appearance and feel of a club, which made it a distinct position in the festival.” Given that the Yuma Tent has been a haven for club goers since its debut at Coachella in 2013, this was a no-brainer.

The musician expressed his enthusiasm for the song by saying, “I enjoy being involved on a hands-on level in lighting it.” “I loved working with the Nexus Aw 7/7 because of the high power and extremely crisp beams it produces.

Additionally, when you pixel map it, it becomes really adaptable.” The Yuma Tent was a great example of this adaptability in its design.

Lieberman also used the panels to display breakout video patterns during the different performances.

It was indeed an incredible musical journey for the renowned Lighting Designer at Coachella, as a full spectrum of club music artistry was on display inside the Yuma Tent, including three-hour back-to-back sets from icons Danny Tenaglia and Carl Craig, who delivered an unforgettable remix of Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams.

While everything was going on, Lieberman’s rig maintained its pace, presenting the audience with a complete club experience in the heart of Coachella. For more information about SJ Lighting, please see their website at www.sjlighting.net.

Testpilot, Dixon, Damian Lazarus, Peggy Gou featured on Coachella’s Yuma tent lineup

David Klemow contributed to this article. 9th of January, 2020 Coachella kicked off the new year on a high note with the announcement of the festival’s entire roster for the next year. Rage Against The Machine, Travis Scott, and Frank Ocean will serve as the festival’s headliners, and they will be supported by an extraordinarily well-rounded lineup of today’s greatest hip-hop, electronic, and indie groups. The Yuma tent program, which includes some of the most intriguing dance performers of the year, has now been revealed by the festival organizers.

Yuma will cater to the more underground preferences of Coachella attendees, while the more mainstream end of the electronic lineup will be located inside the iconic Sahara tent.

Daniel Lazarus, Deadmau5, Dixon, line-up, Peggy Gou (testpilot), Yuma (underground), and more.

Camping At Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area

Every year, tens of thousands of visitors go to the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area (Glamis), making it the biggest metropolis for hundreds of kilometers around. Glamis riders come from all over the world to ride the sandy hills, which draw a throng of more than 400,000 people on any one weekend throughout the summer. Camping at the Imperial Sand Dunes is a popular activity, so we put up a brief guide on everything you need to know. For example, Glamis, Ogilby Road, Dune Buggy Flats and Gray’s Well are some of the sites that make up the recreational area.

  • Some localities have direct access to the sand dunes, but others require a short drive to reach the dunes.
  • When planning a camping trip in the dunes, keep in mind the vehicle you’ll be driving there.
  • Some camping areas are hardened, while others are not.
  • When the wind blows in this location, it plays with the sand continually and may reach speeds of up to 40 miles per hour.
  • Camping with an RV or a toy hauler Camping in an RV or Toy Hauler is a terrific alternative if you want a little more solitude and a little less noise while on vacation.
  • There are no connections available for RVs or Toy Haulers, and only dry camping is possible in all of the designated spots.
  • The northern dune locations, such as Glamis, have California firms accessible for service, but the southern dune areas (Gray’s Well and Buttercup Valley) are closer to Yuma and have Arizona companies ready to provide service.

As with any recreational area, there are some days when it is busier than others.

There are some holidays that attract more people than others, making it more difficult to secure a parking place on particular weekend holiday days.

Crowd Calendar is a calendar that shows how many people are in a crowd at a certain time.

The wind sculpted and altered this stunning erg (huge collection of dunes) over thousands of years.

When the sand is moving at high speed, it feels like tiny needle pricks.

Because the sun frequently shines brightly in this location, it is always a good idea to carry a hat and sunglasses with you when you visit.

The Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area may be accessed from a number of different points.

Some neighborhoods have a variety of amenities to choose from.

It is always a good idea to notify someone where you are going.

Taking a day excursion is usually a good alternative if you aren’t sure whether or not you want to camp there.

Check with your cell phone carrier to ensure that the region where you intend to camp is covered.

A good approach is to inform someone of your intended destination whenever possible.

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Leaving a map with a general region, or sending your whereabouts to a close friend, will help them find you.

Permits are available for purchase onsite at the ranger stations for $50.00 a week or $150.00 for the season.

There is no additional charge for dogs, however they must remain on a leash at all times while in the park. Vault toilets are provided in the majority of places, and dumpsters are conveniently positioned near the entrance/exit areas at no additional charge.

JBL Professional by HARMAN Keeps the Yuma Tent Thumping at 2016 Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival

IN THE CITY OF NORTHRIDGE, Calif.— As part of the Yuma Tent at the Coachella Valley MusicArts Festival, a JBL Professional by HARMAN sound system has been installed, which will be the center of attention at one of the year’s most popular festivals. The Yuma Tent, located in the middle of Southern California’s hot and dusty desert, isn’t your typical location for a nightclub, but that’s exactly what concertgoers found when they entered the festival’s gates. The Yuma Tent, which was thumping away from festival open to close with some of the world’s most renowned DJs, was designed to recreate the intimate and high-fidelity experience of being in a high-end nightclub, but with a sound system that could deliver the experience at high SPL in a 150-foot-wide tent, rather than a traditional nightclub.

  1. We were able to redesign the Yuma Tent this year to be more conducive to great sound, and we were able to start with a clean slate when designing the system,” Stavro explained.
  2. Two dozen JBL VTX G28s and twelve JBL VTX S28s were used in an EDS array across the front of the stage and in a cardioid configuration underneath the main PA stacks in the tent, for a total of twenty-four high-performance, dual 18-inch subwoofer systems.
  3. The entire system was controlled and monitored with JBL Performance Manager 2.0, which allowed for real-time system monitoring.
  4. ‘The sound system designed by our sound designer George Stavro for the Yuma Stage was absolutely amazing,’ says the producer.
  5. To my ears, it was by far the best-sounding and most successful Yuma ever.” An additional DJ monitor system was installed in addition to the large main PA system, and it was designed to provide significant impact and clarity while maintaining a small footprint.
  6. Onstage, two stacks of JBL VTX V20 loudspeakers with one JBL VTX S25 subwoofer and one JBL VTX S28 subwoofer were set up, each consisting of three JBL VTX V20 loudspeakers with one JBL VTX S25 subwoofer and one JBL VTX S28 subwoofer.
  7. According to some, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is the unofficial start of the summer festival season.

He founded the company in 1999, and it is organized by Goldenvoice, which is a subsidiary of AEG Live, which produces the show.

For two weekends in a row, live music will be played on six stages throughout the grounds.

ABOUT HARMAN & HUSKINS HARMAN (harman.com) is a connected products and solutions company that designs and engineers connected products and solutions for automakers, consumers, and businesses around the world.

The company’s leading brands, which include AKG®, HARMAN Kardon®, Infinity®, JBL®, Lexicon®, Mark Levinson®, and Revel®, are admired by audiophiles, musicians, and the entertainment venues in which they perform all over the world.

More than 25 million automobiles on the road today are equipped with HARMAN audio and connected car systems, according to industry estimates.

As of March 31, 2016, HARMAN employed approximately 29,000 people across the Americas, Europe, and Asia, and the company generated sales of $6.7 billion for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2016. Under the ticker symbol NYSE:HAR, the Company’s stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

Steve Lieberman Accents Coachella Yuma Tent DJ Booth With Geyser RGB

Photograph courtesy of Adam Kaplan INDIO, Calif. — Coachella (or the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, as it is officially known) is now in its 17th year and is larger, brighter, and more musically diverse than it has ever been before. On its various stages, the festival featured 160 artists, including legendary rock bands like the re-formed Guns ‘N Roses and Ice Cube, hip-hop artists like Mavis Staples and gospel greats like Mavis Staples, and jazz greats like Kamasi Washington, who was the festival’s featured saxophonist extraordinaire.

In order to give the DJ booth at Yuma an extra dimension, the famous LD enlisted the help of the Geyser RGBLED fogger from CHAUVET DJ to create an ambient atmosphere.

When combined with colored fog, it may be used to create a number of effects, such as the colorful plume produced by a jet or spaceship lifting off.

DJ Koze, John Digweed, George Fitzgerald, Black Coffee, and The Black Madonna, among others, used the DMX-controlled foggers to emit jet-like plumes at important moments throughout their performances.

As he explained, “our goal was to create an enormously dramatic lightshow that would cause you to stop, drop your mouth, and exclaim wow as soon as you went inside the tent.” “We had an incredible roster of DJ artists that performed in the tent, including some of the most remarkable talent the globe has to offer.” We were looking for a light display that would complement this lineup.

The Geysers were an important part of our overall concept.” Photograph courtesy of Adam Kaplan

RV & Tent Camping

Lyman Lake provides guests with an opportunity to experience the wild and free side of Arizona’s wilderness, with the added benefit of facilities such as showers, bathrooms, and a park store to help them prepare for their adventure. Depending on your preferences, this vast park may provide as much rest or activity as you choose. Make your own, one-of-a-kind experience! Waking up to the sight of a gorgeous sunrise over Lyman Lake is a wonderful way to start the day. Consider yourself in this position!

Every day of the week from 8 a.m.

Arizona time, we are here to help you.

Reservations for campsites at Lyman Lake are accepted.

There are 38 hookup sites (13 of which have sewer) and 18 non-hookup sites.

Second cars are subject to a $15.00 per night charge, which must be paid at the time of check-in at the park.

See our thorough guide to camping in Arizona for additional information on the camping and leisure activities available in your local Arizona State Parks. For further information on cancellation policies, please seeReservation Terms and Conditions.

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