What Is The Purpose Of A Table Tent At A Restaurant

Table tent uses –

In most restaurants, the table serves as the point of purchase (POP). As a result, the table tent is seen as a valuable piece of advertising property. A table tent is designed to target a specific segment of a restaurant’s market — the customer who has just stepped through the door and is sitting at a table, ready to spend money. From the standpoint of a restaurateur, deciding how to employ this marketing tool might be tough. We’ve discussed a few different alternatives for using a table tent.

  1. Promotions for food and beverages. Table tents are a wonderful method to introduce or test new menu items without having to rewrite the entire menu, which saves time and money. Table tents are available in a variety of designs that make changing out special campaigns simple and quick. Dessert. Put the thought of dessert in the minds of your guests as soon as they sit down, and maintain the thought in front of them during the whole dinner. Customers will order a dessert if they are continually reminded of the sweet treat that a restaurant is advertising to them. This strategy works particularly effectively during slower periods to encourage customers to spend more money because restaurants aren’t as concerned about shifting tables as quickly. Need more details on how much money is spent per minute? Click here to promote upcoming events. A restaurant’s table tents can also be used to convey when happy hour hours, lunch or late-night specials, or special events are taking place during the week, month, or season.

When employing table tents, there are a few things to bear in mind:

  • Great photography is a selling point. Using the same photographs in table tent materials is a cost-effective option for brands that often utilize photography in advertising, email marketing, and the menu. This also helps match the table tent design with the entire brand. Audiences that are captive. When people sit down, once they have ordered, or if they need anything to keep them engaged, they will glance to table tents for inspiration. For this reason, beverages and dessert are excellent choices for table tents – drinks are purchased throughout the event, while dessert is requested at the very end. Guests have the opportunity to examine table tents, read content, and refer back to it
  • For example, a call to action to join your social media accounts is prominently displayed. Copy can be used to provide additional information, but it must be utilized with discretion to avoid overloading the guest

Do you require assistance with table tent design? Get in touch with us to get started!

Great Ways for Restaurants To Use Table Tents

When guests come into your restaurant, you want to make sure they have a positive experience while also increasing your income as much as possible. How can you raise your per-customer income by increasing everything from the number of orders you get to the number of consumers you acquire? Table tents are a fantastic alternative for a variety of reasons. Table tents are one of the most effective kinds of on-table marketing available today. Despite being cheap, they are effective in promoting new items or upselling something unusual.

Throughout this tutorial, we’ll go over some of the most effective methods for restaurants to utilize table tents.

Include Upsells

To begin, one of the most straightforward use of table tents, regardless of the style or size of your establishment, is to drive upsells. You’ll notice that upsells make a significant difference in your total restaurant revenues, and your menu is most likely not doing a good enough job of pushing them on their own. What kind of upsells should you provide to your customers? Any of the following options would be excellent:

  • A variety of cocktails
  • Specialty beverages (tea and soda, smoothies and milkshakes, among other things)
  • Desserts
  • Optional food (sides, add-ons, appetizers)

While many restaurants conceal these upsells on their bigger menus, they tend to get lost in the shuffle when presented in this manner. Each diner will pay greater attention to them if they have a separate table tent to advertise them as well. Customers are more likely to make a purchase when the side dishes are considered apart from the main items.

Highlight Your Top Dishes

A large number of clients inquire for advice before placing a purchase. Be proactive rather than waiting for them to inquire by displaying these top sellers on a table tent or in a table tent. Most restaurants get the bulk of their money from a small number of dishes, so make sure these are prominently displayed on the table for everybody to notice. Diners, particularly those who are here for the first time, prefer to stick with “safe” alternatives.

The following are tried-and-true classics that they are more likely to appreciate. By displaying your best-selling foods and beverages on a table tent, you may improve your customers’ overall experience while also increasing your income in the process.

Utilize QR Codes

One more excellent technique to utilize table tents in your restaurant is to use them to distribute a QR code to customers. As the most recent advancement in restaurant technology, these QR codes are an excellent tool for keeping your guests engaged with your restaurant both in-person and online. What is the best way to include QR codes into your table tents? Consider the following suggestions:

  • Customers might be encouraged to post a review on Google or social media by including a link to the review portal on the website. Share your menu with a QR code in order to ensure proper cleanliness. Provide your visitors with a quick way to check out by placing a QR code on the table. Visitors might be directed to your social media profiles. Promote the use of a digital event calendar

QR codes are straightforward yet extremely effective, and they work well in conjunction with an existing table tent design. Many restaurants have set a high priority on encouraging their in-person customers to connect with their business online.

Share News or Events

Finally, make advantage of your table tents to communicate information about your restaurant, the menu, or upcoming events. It’s a simple method to inform consumers about upcoming seasonal events, live music, or other special events while they’re sitting at their table. Also, if your menu has altered in any manner, if you have hired a new member of your culinary staff, or if there is any other news to share, make sure your customers are aware of this inside information. Customers enjoy feeling a sense of belonging to the companies they support.

Try Table Tents for Your Restaurant

When it comes to in-restaurant marketing, table tents are a simple and effective approach to communicate with existing customers and persuade them to place more orders. These seemingly insignificant details can make a significant impact in the great scheme of things, so don’t overlook them. Increasing revenue per customer is a difficult undertaking, but it is not impossible if you have a well-thought-out in-restaurant marketing plan in place. It might be difficult to know where to begin when there are so many different types of print marketing materials for restaurants.

They are both cost-efficient and extremely effective.

Table Tent Cards

The most recent revision was made on May 5, 2016.

  • In what way does this policy serve a purpose? Who is in charge of and authorizes the ads on table tents
  • At any one time, how many table tent cards have been authorized and are on display
  • How long may a table tent card be on display before it is considered expired
  • Describe the information that must be included on the table tent cards. What is the best way to submit my table tent card for approval? In what manner will I be notified whether my table tent card has been authorized
  • What should I do once my table tent card application has been approved? What is the best way to divide my table tent cards? In order to determine how many table tent cards to print, I need to know: In what ways are the various parties engaged in the approval and presentation of the table tent cards responsible for each other’s actions
  • Definitions

What is the purpose of this policy?

This policy establishes particular protocols for the display of folded tent cards that promote an activity or event at the NIH-managed dining centers, including on and off-campus, in accordance with federal regulations. To guarantee that this advertising resource is used appropriately and equally throughout the NIH, policies and procedures must be established and implemented in the dining facilities of the National Institutes of Health.

Who manages and approves the table tent card advertisements?

Office of Research Services (ORS) oversees the contracts and usage agreements for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) dining centers, both on and off-campus. The DATS is part of the Office of Research Services (ORS). When DATS has authorized the cards in advance, NIH organizations can market their activities in the NIH eating facilities by placing table tent cards on the tables in the dining centers.

How many table tent cards are approved and on display at any given time?

DATS restricts the number of table tent cards that can be authorized and displayed each week to three (3) in order to avoid an excessive amount of table tent cards being displayed at any same time.

Before making a reservation, it is suggested that you contact DATS at (301) 402-8180 or through e-mail [email protected] in order to ensure that your selected dates are available.

How many days can a table tent cards be on display?

Table tent cards may be shown for a maximum of two (2) weeks at a time on a table. Please contact the office if you would like to extend the time your table tent card will be displayed. If there is available space on the schedule, you may request clearance. Please keep in mind that table tent cards that advertise several days for an event throughout the year will need to be authorized as separate requests for each event date advertised.

What information is required on the table tent cards?

  • A statement indicating which NIH entity(s) is/are supporting the event, as well as the NIH and DHHS logos and/or identifying Provide the following information: a name, phone number, and website address (if relevant)
  • Designed appropriately, the cards must be able to stand upright on their own, with a face side that is no larger than 6″ × 6″ (6″ x 6″), but lower versions are preferred. Please include the following text on all cards, with the exception of those that are solely informative, such as those for the Combined Federal Campaign:

How do I submit my table tent card for approval?

It is possible to submit a PDF file copy of the table tent card to the following email address: [email protected], or fax it to 301-435-1999. A TTN: DATS Quality Assurance Specialist is a person who works in the DATS Quality Assurance Department.

How will I know if my table tent card is approved?

Withing two (2) business days after receipt of your table tent card, the DATS Quality Assurance Section will give you a copy back with the following annotations:

  • Approval or disapproval (together with an explanation and any needed revisions)
  • The QAS’s name, contact information, and signature
  • And the dates on which the table tent card may be shown are also required.

What do I do when I receive my table tent card approval?

It will be necessary for the seeking office to make multiple copies of the approval and distribute one copy to each of the Dining Center Managers before to placing the tent cards on the tables.

How do I distribute the table tent cards?

To ensure that the tent cards are placed on the tables, it is the requestor’s obligation to do so.

How many copies of the table tent cards should I have printed?

There are a total of 585 tables available in all of the DATS-controlled eating centers combined.

  • 83 for the Building 10/2nd Floor ACRF Cafeteria, 200 for the Building 10 B1-level Cafeteria, 25 for the Building 12B Cafeteria, 130 for the Building 31 Cafeteria, 40 for the Building 35 Cafeteria, 35 for the Building 38A Cafeteria, 45 for the Building 45 Cafeteria, 15 for the Rockledge Two Cafeteria, and 10 for the Bayview Cafeteria.

What are the responsibilities of the various persons involved in the approval and displaying of the table tent cards?

  • Getting in touch with the DATS QAS to find out which dates table tent cards can be exhibited
  • And Obtaining permission for the table tent card arrangement from the DATS Quality Assurance Section
  • The process of manufacturing the desired quantity of table tent cards. Providing one copy of the authorized table tent card (as determined by the DATS QAS) to each separate Dining Center Manager
  • And, putting the table tent cards on the dining center tables
  • And,
  • Making sure that the dates and amount of table tent cards that are presented are accurate
  • Providing the Dining Center Managers with a monthly table tent card calendar
  • And Responding to requests for table tent cards within two (2) business days, explaining in writing by fax or email what, if anything, needs to be modified in order for the request to be approved
  • And, maintaining a file of replies to requesters’ queries.
  • Obtaining a copy of the table tent card that has been authorized before to placing it on the tables
  • It is necessary to confirm that the table tent card advertisement dates are recorded on the monthly calendar. The event sponsor(s) is/are granted permission to post authorized table tent cards on the tables
  • Removing all table tent cards that have not been authorized by DATS
  • And, Removing all table tent cards at the conclusion of the two-week advertising period
  • And
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  • All on-campus dining facilities, as well as two (2) off-campus dining facilities, provide seats for its clients. These operations are carried out by third parties under the terms of contract or use agreements that are controlled by DATS.
  • In this position, the vendor’s representative is in charge of overseeing the day-to-day operations of the specific eating facility.
  • The Quality Assurance Specialist (QAS) is a DATS employee that is responsible for ensuring that the NIH Food/Concessions Programs fulfill the needs of NIH employees, visitors, and patients. They also communicate with requesters who want to plan a table tent event and have the table tent cards authorized.

Table Tents Can Increase Sales for Restaurants – Resources

Whether you prefer diners, cafes, bars, grills, or restaurants serving steakhouses, smokehouses, or international cuisine, you’ve undoubtedly passed hundreds, if not thousands, of restaurant table tents in your day. What is the source of their ubiquity? They are effective. Table tents, when used as a marketing strategy, are one of the most powerful complements to your menu, as they can promote specials and encourage upsells in ways that the traditional menu cannot. Specials should be promoted.

  1. Produce your deal in such a way that your profit margin is as high as possible – a pizza deal that feeds a family of four with pizza, an appetizer, and beverages for less than $30 would be a good example, especially if the food only costs $10 to prepare.
  2. The customer benefits from both of these outcomes.
  3. Some customers notice a table tent right away, which is why many restaurants advertise drinks on one side of the table tents.
  4. In both cases, it is possible that someone will order something more exotic (and therefore more expensive) than they would have ordered if they had not seen the table tent (think Mai Tai versus a Diet Coke, or apple pie a la mode versus a chocolate mint).
  5. Table tents can be used to promote branded items such as T-shirts, hats, beer mugs, shot glasses, and other items that are sold by some restaurants.
  6. Table tent printing that is done correctly When you know the secrets to making great-looking table tents that get responses, printingtable tents is a simple process.
  7. Your design should be outstanding, showcasing the food and highlighting the good times that will be had by everyone.
  8. Table tents are an extremely effective way for any restaurant to increase repeat business, encourage upsells, promote new items and special deals, and market services and events to a large number of customers.

No matter what cuisine your restaurant serves, you can’t go wrong with table tent printing!

Restaurant Table Tents, Restaurant Marketing

Today, more than ever, marketing your restaurant is critical to its success. In today’s competitive industry, if you are not reaching out to customers through social media to engage with them and attract them into your store, you will be left behind and become obsolete. Once your guests have entered your facility, it is really critical that you continue to create that relationship and advertise to them. Using table tents to connect with your visitors while they are enjoying their experience is a money-saving strategy that should be used immediately.

In most cases, they only have a menu in front of them for the first 10 minutes or so of the meal.

Table Tents for Upselling

The most popular and most successful technique to make use of a table tent is to raise the average check size. The use of photographs of menu items helps to improve sales. If you place a snapshot of some nachos directly on the table, you will sell more of them, according to research. Placing photographs of appetizers, drinks, and notable entrees on your menu will assist you in increasing sales. A bartender from Logan’s Roadhouse, Sarah, shared her experiences with me regarding how table tents have helped her to enhance sales.

Every shift since we started putting them on the tables has seen an increase in sales of at least $100 every shift.

People recall knowledge better when they can see and hear it at the same time.

Selling Dessert with Table Tents

Because by the time a guest is asked about a dessert, they are no longer looking at a menu, the chance to effectively market desserts is sometimes missed. Diners frequently make a rash decision on dessert before they have even received their entrée, since they are still hungry. If they see a picture of a delectable dessert during their dinner, the probability that they will order one is significantly higher.

Using Table Tents for Promos and Events

It is also a fantastic time to inform your visitors about any current or forthcoming deals or events that you have going on at your establishment. In between courses, your visitors can take note of a happy hour special or a forthcoming event that they will remember and make a point of attending another time. This is an excellent strategy for encouraging your clients to return frequently. In this area, it is a good idea to display your social network tags and urge your guests to follow you. You could even use a QR code to make it easier for them to do so.

QR Codes on Table Tents

Several restaurants have begun to utilize table tents with QR Codes printed on them in place of menus as a response to COVID-19. A fresh and unique method of reducing the number of points of contact has been implemented by restaurants.

Guests may scan the QR code on their table tent to be led to the menu on their phone, which they can then print off. I believe that the trend toward contactless menus will continue. Restaurants that use these sorts of preventative safety measures receive positive feedback from customers.

Table Tent Maintenance

It is critical to remember that whatever that is on your tables must be kept in good condition. Table tents come in a variety of designs, and the majority of them are simple to clean. If they begin to show symptoms of wear, they should be cleaned with a mild sanitizer solution on a regular basis and then replaced. There are a variety of print options available that are both incredibly durable and simple to clean. If you desire the flexibility of changing out material on a regular basis, you might go for something that is more disposable.

Table tents are a terrific method to increase sales while also communicating brand messaging to customers who are already in the facility, according to research.

5 Most Successful benefits of table tents for restaurants

In this post, we’ll discuss table tents in more detail. I’m sure you’ve seen them before at restaurants, banks, hotels, and a variety of other establishments around town. When we talk about thetable tent design, we are referring to a three-dimensional printed object that is believed to be quite useful for marketing purposes in general. Let’s take a look at some of the most significant advantages of using table tents in restaurants. Take a look at what follows! They are mostly used for promoting restaurants, trade exhibitions, conferences, and seminars, but they may also be used for the promotion of a company’s website or social media accounts.

  • What is it about them that makes them so popular?
  • No matter where you decide to put them, you have complete freedom to do so.
  • Why they perform better than other options is that they may attract the attention of customers in a more effective manner, and you can easily place them where your customers can see them.
  • To make an offer to a restaurant, all you have to do is place table tents in prominent locations where customers can see them.
  • Make a point of concentrating on one item at a time: what your consumers want from you rather than what you want to provide them.
  • The key reason for this is the high quality of the printing.

As a result, you should pay close attention to the printing quality. Choose the services of a firm that employs cutting-edge table tent printing technology in order to achieve the greatest possible outcomes for you.

The nicest part about the table tent design, in my opinion, is that it serves the goal of various promotions at the same time. Whatever it is that you wish to market, you may make your offering more attention-grabbing and so improve your profit. Table tents for restaurants are an excellent choice for establishments such as restaurants and coffee shops. Custom table tents are also an excellent option to consider because they can assist you in meeting your specific needs in terms of table tents.

You should utilize them regardless of the type of business you are in, and you don’t need to adorn them because they look their finest without any form of decoration on them.

You may easily order them from the comfort of your own home using the Internet.

You should employ table tents to promote your business if you have never done so before.

Quick Answer: What Is A Table Tent

A table tent is a printed sheet of thick paper stock that has been folded into a self-standing form for use as a counter or table top display. Often utilized at the point of sale to promote product offers, company services, or deals, it is also known as a billboard.

What is a table tent card?

A tent card is a self-standing promotional item made of printed and folded cardboard that is suitable for handing out to customers. Tent cards, as the name indicates, are intended to be put on table tops – as well as counters, desks, or any other horizontal surface – for display purposes.

What is a table top tent?

A Table Tent is a self-standing promotional unit that is made from printed and folded paper. It is very handy. Table tents, as the name indicates, are intended to be set on tables.as well as on countertops, desks, and any other horizontal surface, such as a floor. Table tents, sometimes known as tent cards, are little billboards that may be placed on tables.

What are placement cards?

Placing pupils on placement cards, which are completed by the teacher at the conclusion of each school year or special program, is a convenient method to summarize vital information that will be needed by the next instructor when they begin teaching students for the very first time.

How do you make a tent card with names on both sides?

Placing pupils on placement cards, which are completed by the teacher at the conclusion of each school year or special program, is a convenient method to summarize vital information that will be needed by the next instructor when they begin teaching students for the very first time in the classroom.

How do I print table seating cards?

How to Make Place Cards on a Printer 1st step: Download a free Microsoft Word place card printing template from the internet.

Step 2 – Launch Microsoft Word and open the Template File. 3rd Step – Enter the names and table numbers of your guests. Time to print out the final step! Step 5 – Fold and finish the project. There have been four comments.

How do you print tent cards?

Printing Place Cards: A Guide 1st step: Download a free Microsoft Word place card printing template from the Internet. Step 2 – In Microsoft Word, open the Template File. Guests’ names and table numbers should be entered in Step 3. Time to Print in Step 4! Five: Fold and complete the project. The following comments have been posted:

What is a table tent at Mcdonald’s?

How to Make Place Cards on the Computer In Step 1, you will need to get a free Microsoft Word place card printing template. Step 2 – In Microsoft Word, open the Template File that was previously downloaded. Step 3 – Enter the names and table numbers of your guests. Step 4 – It’s Time to Print Out! Step 5: Fold and finish the project. There have been 4 comments.

What is table tent menu?

Table tents are a wonderful method to introduce or test new menu items without having to rewrite the entire menu, which saves time and money. There are a variety of table tent alternatives available that are meant to make swapping out special promotions simple and quick.

Are McDonald’s doing table service?

The government has clarified that eateries such as McDonald’s, Pret a Manger, and other comparable establishments that do not have an alcohol license would not be required to serve customers at tables. It was stated on Tuesday that new laws controlling hospitality will be implemented. Table service is required in pubs and other establishments with a liquor license, according to the regulations.

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What is the importance of tent cards in a restaurant?

Tactile marketing tools like as tent cards have become popular in recent years, and you’ve probably seen them when sitting in restaurants. As well as providing you with something to look at while waiting for your dinner, well-designed menus may communicate discounts or promotions that your consumers will find interesting.

What are the consideration in creating a tent card?

Adding too many curves or folds would detract from its appeal; it should be basic yet elegant in appearance, and the contents should be seen without the need for any further effort. For entertainment, PR, and commercial purposes, as well as for personal enjoyment and usage. Only if the tent card contains interesting and entertaining material will it be engaging and enjoyable to engage with.

What size is a tent card?

Tent cards are typically A5 in size, which is the industry standard. Other frequent sizes are 46 inches, 69 inches, and so on. We can also make tent cards in your custom size if you place a minimum purchase of 100 pieces with us. Custom forms can also be created using a laser die cutting process.

What is the purpose of a tent card on the guest table?

When employed in restaurants to promote unique meals or specials, tent cards may be used at trade exhibitions to advertise at the point of sale, to schedule and remind attendees of seminars and meetings, or to publicize events and other gatherings.

What size are food tent cards?

Specifications of the label OL1443 was the label that was used. Label Size: 3.5′′ x 2′′ Labels per Sheet: 4 Labels per Sheet: 4 DIYCrafty is a category of DIY projects. Football labels, game day labels, big game labels, food labels, buffet labels, OL1443 are some examples of labels.

How do I print on card at home?

How to print on heavyweight paper or cardstock Open your document and choose FilePrint from the drop-down menu. Before submitting your document to print, right-click on it and choose Properties.

This will reveal the printer driver settings for your printer. Locate the Paper Settings option, which will allow you to choose from a variety of media types that your printer is capable of handling. Choose the type of paper you want to use.

How do you make a place card at home?

Using thick paper or cardstock to print Navigate to the FilePrint option in your document. Make sure to choose Properties before you send your document to print. This will reveal the printer’s driver settings. Locate the Paper Settings option, which will allow you to choose from a variety of media types that your printer is capable of printing on and save them. Choose the type of paper you’d like to work with.

Can you order Mcdonalds at the counter?

The My McDonald’s app, developed by the worldwide fast food corporation, includes a function that allows you to order and pay for your meal ahead of time and pick it up at the drive-thru. Additionally, you have the option of picking up your order at the counter or having it delivered directly to your table.

Is McDonald’s table service?

When you order using the MCDONALD’S app, you may now get table service at its restaurants. Every one of the company’s 1,249 outlets in the United Kingdom has had its table counts increased by the fast food behemoth. In order to receive table service, you must first download the free McDonald’s app.

Restaurant Table Tent Printing: Guide To Everything Table Tents

9th of May, 2019 The Printing Authority is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of printing technology. Let’s speak about table tent printing for a minute. This is the perfect spot for anybody searching for a dependable table tent printing partner for their franchisees, as well as anyone looking for a fresh strategy to drive orders in their own restaurants. Throughout this table tent printing guide, we will cover a variety of topics, including everything from table tent size and style to what to put in your table tent advertisement.

Why Use a Restaurant Table Tent?

People make decisions about what they consume in the blink of an eye, according to recent research findings. In order to lead new guests around your restaurant, there is no better way to do it than by placing an alluring, simple to read table tent on every table in your establishment. What other way will potential customers learn about the offers and promotions available at your establishment? Even more so when those customers arrive at your table for the first time and are perplexed as to what to choose from your menu.

Consider These Four Things For Table Tents

Okay, so you already know that you’d want a table tent for each of your restaurants, but you have questions regarding the details of what you’re looking for. In order to place an order for a table tent, it is important to consider a few factors when working with a print fulfillment business such as The Print Authority.

Restaurant Table Tent Designs

The A-Frame table tent design is the most prevalent style of table tent design. When used on a double-sided table tent, these conventional A-Frames are ideal for promoting one or two pieces of information. The Standing Triangle is a table tent design that can accommodate three pieces of information when used for table tents that are intended to transmit numerous pieces of information. This table tent style is best suited for restaurants with larger menus and a variety of daily specials.

The Pyramid Tent is one final table tent style to consider. However, despite its uncommonness, the Pyramid shape is functional in that it communicates three bits of information while also being slightly less likely to be blown away in the wind when used in an outdoor dining setting.

Restaurant Table Tent Size

“Can you suggest something to promote on the table tent?” “Can you tell me what you want the design to be?” “Can you tell me how much it will cost?” All of these are queries that we regularly receive at The Print Authority in regards to a table tent printing work. And, of course, calculating the size of the table tent is the first step in deciding the answers. The following are the usual table tent sizes for the A-Frame table tent design:

  • Panel sizes include: 4″ x 6″ panels, 5″ x 7″ panels (the most popular), 5 x 6.5″ panels, 8″ x 4″ panels, and so on. Panels of any size (we can make them to order)

For the Standing Triangle table tent, the following are the conventional table tent dimensions:

  • Panel sizes include: 4″ x 4″ panels, 6″ x 4″ panels (the most frequent), 8″ x 4″ panels, and custom sizes (which we may accommodate).

For the Pyramid Triangle table tent, the following are the normal table tent dimensions:

  • A 3.4″ pyramid (with 3.4″ diagonals and 3.9″ base edges) is the most common size
  • A 4.25″ pyramid (with 4.25″ diagonals and 5.1″ base edges) is the second most common size. 5″ pyramid (five-inch diagonals, five-inch base borders)
  • Custom-sized pyramids (this is something we can accomplish)

Paper Options

The type of paper to be used in a restaurant table tent printing project is the next consideration to be made. Table tent paper comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Here are a few examples:

  • 100Uncoated Cover 14pt
  • 120Gloss Cover 14pt
  • 120Matte Cover 14pt

Our table tent printing services are available on a variety of various types of paper, but we always recommend printing on a thick, high-quality cover material for the best results. Find out more about the many types of paper.

Restaurant Table Tent Advertising

It is the goal of a restaurant table tent to direct clients to your greatest foods, promotions, and bargains while they are dining in your establishment. Consider the question, “What do I want to sell more of?” Ask yourself this question. You should advertise on your restaurant table tent if you want to know the solution. It is important to check off several points on the checklist when creating an efficient table tent advertisement.

  • Attention! An attention-grabbing title (e.g., “Limited-Time Offer!”) should entice customers to read on and learn more (e.g., “Limited-Time Offer! “).
  • There’s a lot of interest! As soon as you’ve captured their attention, it’s time to pique their curiosity. Include anything in your advertisement that will pique their curiosity (for example, “Buy 1, Get 2”). Desire! Food photographs taken by professional photographers may successfully depict “desire” in a restaurant setting. Is there a commercial for cheeseburgers? Engage the services of a food photographer to build the most appetizing cheeseburger possible, and then make the image the focal feature of your advertisement
  • Take Action! This is our favorite part. If you have successfully captivated a customer’s attention, piqued their curiosity, and created a desire for the product or service you are advertising, the only thing left is to enlighten them on how to proceed. Today, place an order with your server for one.

When all of these parts come together, you’ll have a very effective restaurant table tent on your hands! Now, following our own advise, it’s time to issue a call to action to everyone. We can assist you if you are wanting to print restaurant table tents for your franchisees or for your own restaurant location. Get in touch with one of our professionals by calling 615-468-2679 or using our contact form to learn more about this service, as well as our print fulfillment service.

Displays And Holders Blog – 5 Retail and Restaurant Marketing Materials Table Tents Are Perfect For

It is frequently the case in a busy restaurant setting that getting the appropriate information in front of your customers is critical to maximizing the amount of income your restaurant receives from each individual order placed. For restaurants, table tents — display stands that sit on top of tables – may be used to promote a variety of different items on their menu, from upselling desserts and drinks, to advertising the most popular dishes on their menu. A same concept applies in a retail sales setting, where table tents may be effective when put on store counters and tables where customers engage with your business’s sales crew.

Promote your most popular menu items

A few basic products — meals that are by far the most popular among customers – may be found in any establishment. Because table tents are placed directly in front of your guests while they consider their order, they are excellent tools for advertising your most popular menu items and attracting new customers.

Identify three to four “favorite meals” and display them in front of diners utilizing table tents to draw their attention. Bringing your clients’ attention to your most popular menu items is frequently all that is required to assist them in determining what they would like to get from you.

List your daily or weekly specials

One of the most significant advantages of table tents is the ease with which different printed marketing materials can be swapped in and out of the tent. Table tents are also an excellent choice for displaying your restaurant’s daily or weekly specials. You may change the offer on your table tents each Monday, or you can put one in each morning with a fresh special bargain. Offering a daily special is a terrific way to attract new customers, and placing a table tent on each table makes it simple to raise client awareness of your offerings.

Share desserts and drinks as upsells

Is your restaurant able to provide a variety of desserts and beverages? Upsells account for a substantial portion of many restaurants’ income, therefore it is critical to educate your consumers about your beverages, desserts, and appetizers before they visit your establishment. Create a brief menu featuring your greatest desserts, appetizers, beverages, and other extras for each table that includes a description of what they are. Customers will become more aware of your additional meals as a result, and the average amount spent at your restaurant on a per-table basis will grow.

Offer financing on your sales counter

Table tents aren’t simply for use in restaurants and bars; they can also be employed as effective marketing tools for stores. For those who sell expensive products such as Hi-Fi equipment, furniture, or anything else that is frequently acquired with financing, table tents may be quite beneficial. Develop and distribute a finance brochure that can be displayed on sales counters and desks to help you close more transactions with table tents. As a result, anytime a prospective customer speaks with a member of your sales team, they will be aware of the financing choices that are accessible to them right away.

List special offers and great discounts

Offering a special promotion to get customers into your restaurant and enhance their per-table expenditure is sometimes the most effective method of increasing revenue. Exclusive bargains, which can range from reductions on specific menu items to a buy-one-get-one-free offer, seldom fail to grab attention. The ability to raise awareness of an unique offer is essential for its success. Table tents may be used to showcase your current special offers right in front of clients as they place their orders, boosting the likelihood that they will respond positively to the deal you are promoting.

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Could your restaurant or retail store benefit from table tents?

Table tents, when used in conjunction with the appropriate marketing materials, may be extremely effective marketing and promotional tools for your restaurant or retail business. What ways may your company include table tents into its in-store marketing and sales plan to increase sales?

Displays And Holders Blog – How to Use Table Tents to Increase Orders in a Bar or Nightclub

In the dark, busy, and sometimes noisy setting of a bar or nightclub, it can be difficult to draw people’s attention to menu items and encourage them to place orders. Fortunately, employing table tents and well-designed menus, it’s very simple to pull off. In a bar or nightclub, table tents are unique menu holders that are placed atop each table or countertop, making it simple for guests to see the meals and learn about what is offered.

Table tents are a common sight at many restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. Continue reading to uncover four methods in which your company may employ table tents to increase orders, inspire consumers to take action, and enhance sales income for your company.

Design from the top-left down, just like you would for a book

Did you know that people read menus from the top-left corner to the bottom-right corner? The fact is that, contrary to one of the most widely held menu design assumptions of the twentieth century, most consumers read menus like they do books in the top-right corner of their screens. Because of this, the content of your table tent will often garner the most attention when it is placed in the upper-left corner. When they reach the bottom of the first column, they scan down to the bottom of the second column, and so on.

Everyone will be able to see them, increasing the number of orders and income generated for your company as a consequence of this strategy.

Make sure your menu is available on every table and counter area

Table tents are excellent sales tools for bars and nightclubs, but only if they are employed on all of the tables and counters in the establishment. The likelihood of customers placing an order decreases when they are unable to view a menu in order to learn about the foods that are available. In your bar, restaurant, or nightclub, make sure that every table and countertop has all of the essential advertising materials displayed on top of it. It is possible that you will need to employ both table tents and menu holders to ensure that clients can readily access all of your material in order to improve readability.

For optimal exposure, you may spread your menu over both by placing the specials and top-selling meals on a table tent, as well as other items on the menu, to ensure maximum visibility.

Place your top-selling items in boxes for faster, easier customer orders

It is essential to concentrate on the 20 percent of menu items that create 80 percent of income if you want to run an effective and lucrative bar or nightclub. The majority of bars adhere to this standard by offering a limited selection of cocktails, draft beers, and house wines. One of the quickest and most effective methods to bring attention to your best-selling meals is to include them in a box on your menu. When using a table tent, you may draw attention to the top half of the menu, which will allow you to list your best-selling goods and increase their exposure.

Use color, contrast and great design to make your table tents stand out

How successfully does the marketing for your bar or restaurant stand out from the competition? It is critical that your menu be easy to read and highly visible in a dark, noisy environment such as a bar or nightclub. Make your menu design stand out by using bright, powerful colors that are visible from any location on the table. You may also use strong contrast – for example, a black backdrop with white writing on top of it – to improve the visibility of your message even more.

In addition to making your menu more visible, these design strategies also make it simpler for clients to scan and understand your menu, especially in low-light situations.

Are Restaurant Table Tent Ads Effective

Exactly how successfully does the marketing for your pub or restaurant stand out from the competition? It’s critical that your menu be easy to read and highly visible in a dark, noisy environment such as a bar or nightclub. In order to ensure that your menu is seen from any location on the table, use bright, powerful colors in its design. Using strong contrast — for example, a black backdrop with white writing on top – can also help you stand out more from the crowd. These design strategies not only make your menu more visible, but they also boost readability, making it significantly simpler for clients to scan and understand your menu, especially in low-light environments.

  • Desserts, limited-edition foods, beverages, and cocktails are among the special cuisine offerings. Nutritional statistics, including menu options that are low in calories
  • Advertisements from small enterprises and national corporations
  • Social media or QR code invitations to connect with the restaurant are also included.

The issue is, how successful are table tent advertisements? Is it true that consumers respond to photographs and messages posted at their table? In a nutshell, sure. In the absence of large-scale table tent research, the legendary Cornell Hospitality School published some eye-opening statistics on the subject of table tented wine marketing in 2007. Their research (which concentrated on premium wine pairings and products) yielded some really fascinating findings, which they shared with us. A 12 percent increase in at-table sales was seen, with wine sample promotions increasing sales by nearly 50 percent.


The good news is that at-table marketing are effective! Table caddies for restaurant promotions have shown to increase sales, but they must be visually appealing and entertaining in order to be effective. The quality of the image is quite crucial. Therefore, digital table tents are fast replacing traditional paper or plastic table tents as the new norm in restaurants, from quick-service to full-service operations. According to new research, over 60% of meals are consumed alone, which indicates that restaurants must make a strong focus on rapid service and single-serve tables.

Millennials, in particular, feel that quick service and a pleasant ambience are important considerations when choosing a restaurant.


Industry experts predict that digital will become the new norm over the next decade, in everything from menu boards to table caddies and everything in between. The initial cost of digital restaurant items has reduced substantially in recent years, so most restaurateurs have little reason not to consider buying Media Caddy table caddies or a large digital menu board, among other things. Not only do these sorts of solutions appeal to today’s sophisticated customers, but they also provide restaurant operators with unprecedented levels of freedom.

It is possible for marketers to alter their daily messaging strategy based on the inventory available or the products currently on sale – and outside advertisers like the opportunity to customize their messages based on the time of day, for example.

Furthermore, according to digital out-of-home studies, digital video advertisements are responsible for around 19 percent of “unplanned” sales.

The table caddy continues to be beneficial, but the more interesting it becomes, the greater the number of consumers who respond.

If you’ve been thinking about investing in table tent advertisements for your restaurant or as a marketing medium for your company, you owe it to yourself to take into consideration the enhanced flexibility and lower cost of digital table tent advertising options.

Table Tent Cards

When it comes to special promotions, restaurant menus, or general informative reasons, Table Tent Cards are an excellent way to reach out to your consumers directly. They are available in two common sizes and will help you to connect with your consumers effectively and efficiently without difficulty. Table Tent Cards are supplied flat in order to save you money on shipping and time. They are also super simple to build! Table Tent Cards with Reduced Printing Costs Have the Following Features:

  • Available in two sizes: 4″ x 16.25″ and 5″ x 16.25″
  • Matte/Dull Finish
  • UV Coating
  • 5-7 Day Turnaround
  • Custom Sizes Available. There are quantities ranging from 250 to 25,000 available.

Table Tent Cards Have a Variety of Applications:Special Promotions- It is important to ensure that once a consumer walks through the door, they will continue to do business with you. For businesses planning a major event, table tent cards are an excellent method to get the word out about their upcoming event. Make sure to include basic information about the event, such as cost and dates, as well as a website where they can obtain further information about the event if they so like. Product suggestion and upselling in restaurants are two of the most successful strategies available today for product recommendation and upselling in restaurants.

  1. Put prominently on display popular drinks or high-ticket menu items that you are attempting to sell.
  2. Using them in this manner saves time and money by notifying customers at the restaurant during off-hours about upcoming events or special menus.
  3. The usage of information is widespread among hotels and rental property owners, who make extensive use of it.
  4. A table tent card with instructions on how to connect to the Internet or how to operate the entertainment center, for example, may be created if you own a property that is utilized as a summer rental property.
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