What Is The Difference Between The Cortes Tent And The Octagon Tent From Coleman

Quick Answer: What Is The Difference Between The Cortes Tent And The Octagon Tent From Coleman

In addition, the Cortes Octagon has a sewn-in groundsheet that keeps you safe from nasty crawlies and draughts when you’re out camping. Awesome Door Opening – owing to a pole hidden within the door sleeve, the door opens up to the entire width of the opening. Coleman Cortes Octagon 8 Tent. Coleman Doors are the manufacturer. There are two entrances to the tent, located at opposite ends of the structure.

Are octagon tents good?

The verdict has been reached. The tent is spacious, airy, and offers enough of space for a family or group of friends, and we appreciate that it may be used as a tent or more appropriately as a gazebo. The negative, though, is that it is large and cumbersome to move, making it an unsuitable option for festivals or for those driving compact vehicles.

Is the Coleman octagon tent waterproof?

The flysheet is 2000mm thick and completely waterproof. The seams on your head are taped to keep you and your family dry.

Where do I put my tent in my pack?

Place the sleeping bag on top of the tent that has been packed. As a general rule, you should store it upright in a corner of the bag, but if you feel that it is taking up too much room, you may also store it horizontally, depending on the rest of your equipment. Keep in mind, however, that it should be positioned somewhere in the centre of your backpack.

How do you store a Dyneema tent?

Tents should be kept dry. Make sure to store your tent in a dry location, just like you would any other piece of equipment. Keep your tent dry to avoid mildew and odors from accumulating. To dry your tent, place it outside in the sun for as long as it takes to dry. It is not recommended to dry Dyneema Composite Fabric® in the dryer (it will melt, because it is plastic).

Is it better to roll or stuff a sleeping bag?

Most down bag makers advocate filling their down bags rather than rolling them, because rolling tends to generate memory in the down or matting, which is undesirable. Also, as ColoradoHunterHiker pointed out, DO NOT keep in a stuff sack while not in use. Put it in a bag with a loose fit, lay it out on the floor, or hang it up.

What happens if you put a tent away wet?

Put it away damp and it will grow mould or mildew, the material will degrade, and it will at the very least make your tent smell unpleasant, so avoid doing so. Some of the contemporary tents are also rather large, so drying them out is a significant undertaking in and of itself.

Can I pack my tent in a compression sack?

A tent can be stored in a compression bag for short periods of time; but, if the tent is kept in a compression sack for an extended amount of time, it may suffer damage. Even when you’re not using your tent, it only makes sense that you’d want to give it the greatest possible care.

Do you put a tarp under your tent?

Placing some form of ground cover or tarp beneath your tent is vital for ensuring the longevity of your tent as well as keeping it warm and dry throughout the winter. Even dew will run down the tent walls and pool beneath your tent if the tarp is stretched too far out from the tent. A tarp should not be placed underneath the tent when camping at the beach, but rather inside the tent.

How do you pack a tent in a stuff sack?

To make packing the tent into the sack easier, just fold the tent to the width of the poles and coil the tent securely around the poles.

It’s difficult to “compress” the cloth any farther than that. All of my tents were delivered with packing sacks.

Why are tent bags so small?

Tent bags are designed to be more compact and lightweight. They are designed to be so tiny in order to reduce the total volume of the tent while keeping it lower in weight. A smaller volume means you’ll have more room in your backpack for other items.

Should I fold or stuff my tent?

In order to be more compact and lightweight, tent bags have been developed. In order to make them lighter and condense the total volume of the tent, they are designed to be as compact as possible. With a smaller capacity, you’ll have more room in your backpack for other items.

How long can I leave a wet tent?

Tent bags are being designed to be smaller and lighter. They are made so tiny in order to reduce the total weight and volume of the tent. With a smaller volume, you’ll have more room in your backpack for other things.

How do you pack a sleeping bag without a stuff sack?

You may also save money by using plastic sandwich bags or Ziploc bags to arrange goods instead of stuff sacks, which are more expensive. Simply poke a small hole into them with a pin to allow them to vent air more quickly, similar to how a drawstring stuff sack would be done. Plastic bags are useful because they allow you to view what is inside.

How do you pack a Marmot Tent?

Everything should be set up at the front of the tent, starting with the fly and working your way back. Poles, pegs, and any other accessories should be placed towards the back of the tent. Add whatever extra you like and roll it all the way up to the end, tying it off. It is critical to roll the tent securely because if there is too much air in the tent after it has been wrapped, it will not fit inside the bag.

How do you store a camping tent?

Tents, bags, and cushions should be hung. Tents should be stored outside of stuff sacks, either loosely coiled or hung up in a cool, dry location away from any UV radiation, rather than in them. When your sleeping mats and bags are hanging upright, they are at their most comfortable.

How do you fold a rectangular tent?

Keeping the fundamentals in mind, the next part will provide instructions on how to fold a dome tent. Get your hands on The Stakes. Remove any pegs or stakes that may have been used and store them in their bag. Remove the Rainfly from the situation. Remove the tent poles from the ground. The tent should be laid out flat. Measure and fold with the help of the pole bag. The Tent Should Be Folded Tie the tent up and pack it away. Let’s get this party started.

How do you pack a tent in the rain?

Even if it’s only softly raining, give the fly a good shake to get rid of the majority of the water before putting it in a separate bag with the rest of your gear. Nothing is gained by throwing it down the hatches. Simply place it in a waterproof bag and keep it apart from your dry inner lining.

How do you put a tent back in the bag?

How to Roll Up a Tent. and Put It Back in Its Carrying Case Fold the tent so that it is slightly thinner than the bag in which it is stored. It’s important to remember that your tent should be completely dry before storing it up. Bring the tent poles to the table. The tent should be rolled up around the poles. You should finish up with a tent that has been neatly rolled and is small enough to fit back into its carrying bag.

Coleman Cortes Octagon Tent – Our Family Camping Tent Review

Camping trips are still as popular as they have always been, and with the modern invention of glamping, more and more people are experiencing them for the first time. There is an enormous variety of possibilities to enjoy the outdoors accessible, many of which are only a short drive away from home. Whichever type of journey you enjoy (music festivals or family camping vacations), there is no doubt that the equipment you select to bring with you will make or break your experience on the road. Having tested the Coleman Cortes Octagontent with our 18-month-old kid, my husband and I can confidently state that it is the greatest tent we have used out of all the many types of tents for camping that we have tried in our previous camping experiences.

From the beginning, it was evident that a great deal of thought had gone into making the tent as quick and simple to set up and operate as possible.

Putting up the Tent

  • It had a sturdy bag with wheels, which made it very easy to drag around the floor
  • It was also lightweight. The directions were stitched into the bag so that you wouldn’t lose them – yet, it was so simple to put up that they weren’t even necessary. As previously said, it was really straightforward to erect – mostly due to the fact that all of the poles are clearly color designated
  • It took only a few minutes to erect the tent. For the first time, it took my husband less than 20 minutes to do the task by himself. Not to mention the fact that he was accompanied by a very ‘helping’ toddler who ran around, through, and over the tent that was only partially completed.

Using the Tent

Camping was a favorite pastime of mine as a youngster, and I have many happy memories of sleeping bags, campfires, and hot cocoa. Nonetheless, as an adult, I’ve had a number of different camping experiences, all of which resulted in a sore back and tight shoulders. Its form and design, which provides full head height throughout the tent, entirely eliminates this issue and gives it a much more glamping-like sensation than regular tents do.

  • The orange and grey color scheme of the tent is really contemporary and creative, and there is a nice selection of complementing accessories available, such theKickback Breeze Camping Chairs and theXtreme X5 Tricolour 50 Qt Cooler. Two massive doors, one of which swings open like a genuine door, are located at either end of the structure. Getting in and out of the tent becomes considerably easier as a result, and the tent can be closed and opened without having to roll and tie up damp tent fabric every time you want to open the door. It comes with two door mats, which was a lovely addition because it allowed you to take off your shoes without having wet feet – this was especially useful for my child, who needed to squat down on the floor to take off his shoes. It is really roomy on the inside, with plenty of headroom, which, as previously said, was by far my favorite feature of the tent
  • All of the huge windows can be opened, making the tent extremely bright and airy while also providing you with a panoramic view of your surroundings. To provide for more time to take in the surroundings or keep an eye on what the youngsters are up to outside
  • The dividing wall divides the tent in half and is quite simple to clip into place
  • Typical of the British weather, we experienced a couple of heavy rains interspersed with bright sunshine, but the tent remained dry on the inside and kept all of the water out. There were two convenient pockets on the inside walls of the tent that helped to keep the interior organized and free of debris. Although the only drawback we could find with the tent was that, because the outer layer does not completely close around the doors, it would not be particularly warm if there was a cold wind blowing
  • However, in warm weather, this also serves to keep it nice and cool, and we have no intention of camping in the winter anyway
  • However, the tent is very well made and we would recommend it to anyone.
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Packing up

Nobody loves packing up their belongings at the conclusion of a camping vacation, no matter how much they have loved their stay or how long they have been camping. An especially vehement nemesis of mine is the inevitable wrestling battle you wind up having with the tent bag. The tent never appears to be able to fit back into the bag, no matter how carefully you fold or roll it, and the zips might get brittle after extended usage. The combination of a hungry kid and some threatening black skies caused my husband to take the tent down rather quickly, and to our delight, it sat peacefully in the huge, robust bag without even attempting to be packed up securely.

Additional Products

There is nothing more unpleasant than packing up your belongings at the conclusion of a camping vacation, no matter how much you have liked your stay or for how long you have stayed. An especially vexing aspect of the tent-packing experience is the inevitable wrestling match that occurs with it. The tent never appears to be able to fit back into the bag, no matter how carefully you fold or roll it, and the zips might become brittle after prolonged usage. When my husband had to take the tent down quickly because of a hungry kid and some scary black skies, we were both surprised to find that it sat contentedly in the huge, robust bag without us even bothering to pack it up tightly.

  • The DurarestTMRaised Double Bed is quite comfortable, and the double height made sleeping in it seem more like sleeping in a regular bed. Using the Rechargeable QuickPumpTM, inflating it was quick and painless, and packing it away was even easier, as we vacuumed it completely down before using the Wrap ‘N’ Roll travel bag, which is linked to the bed so it doesn’t get lost and is extremely easy to pack away, which was a lovely touch
  • We have more than enough capacity for food and beverages to feed everyone, and the Xtreme X5 Tricolour 50 Qt Cooler, which matches the tent with its quirky orange and grey appearance, keeps everything wonderfully chilled. The wheels and extensible handle, much like the tent, make it very easy to move, even when it is completely packed. It may also be used as a tiny table with built-in cup holders or as a seat due to its compact size
  • The Kickback Breeze Camping Chairs, which are available in a variety of colorful colors, are comfy, small and lightweight. The bags are sturdy and can be slung over your shoulder using the handle
  • They are also water resistant.

Recommended! We can’t wait to get this tent out of the house, and at around £200, we thought it represented excellent value for money, as it is clear that, due to its strong and durable construction, it will last us for many, many years. Please keep in mind that Coleman provided us with the goods described above for evaluation; nonetheless, all thoughts expressed are my own. A part-time primary school teacher, Amy Howe lives in the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside with her husband and two children.

  • It is their favorite activity to spend time outside playing, going on picnics, and visiting animals.
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The Best Octagon Tents – OutdoorMeta

The view from Octagon Tents is spectacular! The Coleman Cortes Octagon from the inside. It is likely that if you have visited our site in the past, you have seen that we enjoy sharing different tent designs that really attract our interest. Having discussed how much we enjoy Instant Tents and Connect Tents, we felt it would be appropriate to offer information on Coleman’s range ofOctagon tents as well. These octagon tents are going to be ideal for a variety of outdoor activities, and they are also popular for glamping excursions (which might be the only way I can convince my wife to go camping).

This is due to the fact that all of those octagon-shaped windows open up, allowing you a spectacular 360-degree view!

Quick Access to a List of Alternatives Here is a list of your Coleman Octagon Tent options, along with a more in-depth assessment further down the page!

Rank Description Picture
1 Coleman Octagon 98 – Full Fly
2 Coleman Octagon Tent- Half Fly
3 Coleman Cortes Octagon Tent

The Most Effective Coleman Octagon Tent Alternatives.

Coleman Octagon 98 Review

Coleman Octagon 98 Full Fly – Available for Purchase! The Coleman Octagon 98 is your best bet if you live in the United States. It has a beautiful appearance, plenty of space, and a variety of little amenities that will make your outside time even more delightful! A tent measuring 13 feet by 13 feet in dimension, with a central height of 6 feet 10 inches, is what you’re looking at from the aspect of size. Coleman would refer to this as an 8-person tent (it can accommodate 8 people in sleeping bags) — but it can also accommodate two queen-sized airbeds as well.

  • I believe the majority of campers will be able to put up their tent in around 15 minutes or less.
  • There are two variants available: one with a full-length zip-on fly and one with a half-length zip-on fly.
  • My preferred choice is the full-length fly, which is superior than the half-length fly option due to the superior window designview.
  • The windows and the roof are both made of mesh to allow for better air circulation.
  • In addition, there are several internal storage pockets and cup holders — it’s the simple things that make camping a more pleasurable experience.

This is an all-around excellent tent in every respect. This tent is available in just two colors: a bright blue that stands out against the background, and an attractive grey that complements the rest of the room. It would be fantastic if there was more color versatility.


Purchase Here at a Great Price! Coleman has a significant presence in the United Kingdom as well. Coleman’s Octagon tent is known as the Cortes Octagon 8 in other parts of the world. glamping tents, or tents specifically designed for enjoyable family activities – are actively promoted by the manufacturer of this tent. Six of the eight sides are totally open, allowing you to enjoy all of the sunshine, air flow, and comfort that you could possibly want from a camping experience. The entrance on this tent is particularly interesting, with numerous screens as well as an interesting hinge.

Generally speaking, the dimensions and materials of these tents are identical to those of the choice stated above.

It also comes with a wheeled carry case, which is necessary because this tent is rather heavy.

Our Final Thoughts

There are a few advantages to choosing this particular type of tents. You have to admire the architecture and the windows. It doesn’t matter whether you’re backyard camping; you can open all of those windows and create a comfortable little shelter with enough of breeze to keep you cool. Even though this tent design is unique, if you are seeking for something a little more traditional, please see the articles below: The Best 6 Person Tents on the Market Tents for 10 people that are the best on the market The Most Effective Three-Room Tents The Best Canvas Tents on the Market Also, remember to take advantage of the wonderful outdoors!

Amazon.com: Customer reviews: Coleman Octagon 98 8-Person Outdoor Tent , Blue

5.0 stars out of 5 for this product Although sturdy and spacious, they are not designed to withstand sub-zero temperatures. On June 25, 2019, a review was conducted in the United States. First and foremost, I purchased this tent fully aware that it would not be an all-season tent, nor even a three-season tent; nonetheless, I was hopeful that it would be more effective at keeping heat in during the winter. Having said that, here are my thoughts on the benefits and downsides of this tent. Used: June, 2019 in Colorado, on the “flat open plains” side of a reservoir on the “flat open plains.” Pros: 1.

  1. I’m from Colorado, and I’ve been camping for most of my life.
  2. It is without a doubt the quickest tent setup I have ever done, even with the rain cover attached.
  3. It also provided enough room for two queen-size air mattresses, a dog bed, and all of our stuff, with a pathway running across the middle.
  4. In terms of durability, this tent withstood a harrowing first night in the mountains with no problems.
  5. There are no tears, no rips, and absolutely no give at all.
  6. The bowed as we tried to pound them into the rough dirt.
  7. However, even after that wild wind/rain storm, just one tent pole shifted significantly, and the rest of the tent remained stable throughout the night.

Three, when the rain began to fall heavily, the bathtub design proved to be quite beneficial.


Even after spending the entire day in the sun on our second camping day, the tent never developed that strange “tent stink” scent.

The bag’s wheels, as well as carrying handles on both ends, make it extremely simple to transport.

It’s a fair weight, but it’s not overly big for a tent that’s 13 feet wide and 7 feet tall.

Wind and cold penetration is quite unpleasant.

We were fortunate in that our sleeping bags were rated for temperatures below zero degrees Fahrenheit; otherwise, we would have been frozen to death.

The tent stakes that came with the tent are a complete waste of time.


This is an excellent location for them; but, as the wind picks up speed, they generate a buzzing sound on the tent’s steel poles, which made the first night practically uncomfortable.

(We subsequently discovered that wrapping them around the poles like a candy cane completely resolved the problem, but it is still worth noting.) 4.

If I had to guess where this tent will fail first, I’d say it would be the zippers and their proclivity to become trapped on the entrance.

The tent foundation may sag a little during the first few uses.

Overall, this product is excellent.

I believe this is the better value of the two options because it costs $100 less than the complete rain fly version.

It doesn’t have as many windows as the other, but it isn’t anything you should be concerned about. (In addition, the two windows on the interior of the doors may be opened from the inside. Two windows on the fly must be opened from outside in order to operate them). The photographs in this review

Coleman Cortes Octagon 98 Tent Review

The Coleman Octagon tent is one of the most popular tents on the market in the family camping industry, whether it’s for outdoor events, festivals, glamping, or weekend getaways. Featuring a distinct hexagonal form, it is an innovative spin on conventional cabin designs that makes it stand out among other large-capacity tents on the market today. The Coleman Octagon 98 tent, also known as the Coleman Cortes Octagonal tent, is also available in an Octagon BlackOut variant, which we’ll be looking at in our review today as well.

We want to help you determine if one of the finest Coleman tents is right for you and your next vacation, so keep reading for all the details on these models, which are considered among the best available.

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Our First Thoughts

The first thing that stands out to us about this tent is that it’s essentially a tent-gazebo combination, which is a nice touch. In order to optimize room and comfort while being protected from the elements, gazebo designs are frequently employed, so it’s no surprise that they’ve used this shape to create a large-capacity 8 person tent. We believe that the Octagon is an excellent choice for campers who want to camp in warm weather. Because of its huge and rather hefty size, it is not well suited for use in high winds, but then again, it was not designed for such use in the first place.

When you compare it to some of the other 8-person tents on the market, it’s actually not a terrible deal at less than 400 dollars.

This appears to be a top choice for casual family camping in warm weather, whether for airy warm-season camping or as a shelter for outdoor activities.

Coleman Octagon

Prices may be found here. The Most Important Characteristics

  • 2000mm waterproof rating
  • 1ft peak height
  • Fully covered panel on hinged door adds privacy
  • 2000mm waterproof rating

Coleman Octagon BlackOut

Prices may be found here. The Most Important Characteristics

  • Large PVC front window with adjustable shutter
  • High waterproof rating of 4500mm
  • Blackout Technology FabricLonger flysheet
  • Large PVC front window with adjustable shutter

Important Specs at a Glance

TypeOctagon Shaped Tent Dimensions13ft L x 13ftWx 6.1ft H
Weight45.6lbs Price$350+
Set Up Time15 mins AssemblyConventional Ring-and-Pin with Central Pole Hub
Fabrics1000D Polyethylene Floor, Polyester Fly, Mesh Pack Size33.5” x 11.8” x 11.8”
StructureSteelFiberglass Poles Number of Vestibules0

What We Love – Our Top 3 Features

Even after all of the necessary have been stuffed in, there is still plenty of room. We’re quite thrilled to find that there are two entrances for such massive tents, which we thought would be impossible. The fact that numerous persons may enter and depart at the same time without bumping into each other or causing a traffic bottleneck makes this a top gold feature in our book. Additionally, because you may divide the interior area into two rooms, having two entrances ensures that you won’t disturb anybody while entering or departing – which is very useful for those late-night bathroom breaks.

We are major admirers of rigid doors since they are so simple to use, which is especially beneficial for children who may struggle with the frequent zipping and unzipping of an entry.

Velcro strips on the inside of this hinged door, in instance, allow it to close automatically after it is opened. The fact that it’s not only pleasant to use but also keeps pests and wind out makes this a one-of-a-kind feature in our opinion.

SILVER FEATURE –Full-Length Coverage

Rainwater is diverted away from the door area by a smooth design. Fully enclosed shelter and strong weatherproofing are unquestionably important features for us when it comes to such large tents. It has been our experience that finding large-capacity tents with adequate coverage to be able to use in anything other than pleasant weather has proven to be a challenge. While the fly does not completely cover the doors, it does stretch almost to the ground on all sides, almost completely covering each mesh window.

Additionally, the quick-zip curtains that are integrated into the fly are appealing to us.

BRONZE HIGHLIGHT –Generous Interior Space

The view from the inside is, to put it mildly, comforting. One of our favorite aspects of these tents is the enormous amount of room they provide. Despite the fact that they are not cabin designs, they have complete head-height across the whole interior space of the vehicle. The result is that they are highly livable and comfy – perfect for when you’re confined indoors on a wet or particularly windy day. An additional advantage of the vast internal area is that you can easily place at least two queen-size airbeds in it while still having some extra storage space left over.

Tent Overview – Breaking Down Every Detail

Framework MaterialIt appears that the poles on the ordinary model and the dark room model are made of different materials, which is unusual. It appears that the conventional version is constructed entirely of steel poles, whilst the dark room form looks to be constructed entirely of fiberglass and steel. Because there is no change in weight between the two versions, we do not believe that this will have any impact on the stability of the vehicle. Possibly, they’ve used fiberglass in the dark room version since the particular black out technology contained inside the fabric weighs more than regular polyester.

Given the size and weight of large tents, it is critical that the structure is sturdy enough to withstand severe winds.

The hub is well-constructed, and it provides stability on all eight poles.

With the exception of the PU-coated fabric, all seams have been reversed to avoid leaks through the needle holes, the zippers have been covered by cuffs, the frame has been strengthened with special engineering, and the bathtub flooring has been welded at the corners to remove stitching holes.

  1. Pitch in a Hurry You can spend as little time as possible putting these models together if you use a simplified setup method.
  2. The procedure is straightforward.
  3. We also like that the door poles are color marked to ensure that they are not confused with one another.
  4. Adjustable ropes are provided to assist you in getting out of the tent and to help support the structure.
  5. With the hinged door design, it is simple to get entry.
  6. They have a large capacity, which means they can hold more body heat, and they are designed for camping in warm weather.
  7. The fact that you can get a reasonable level of airflow even with the fly on is something we like.
  8. 360-Degree Views Because of the use of ultra-fine bug-proof mesh, the inner area is kept safe, allowing you to leave the fly off on dry evenings to observe the stars while still allowing enough of air to flow through.
  9. Pack up your belongings and head out the door, safe and sound in the wheeled carry bag.
  10. Apart from offering additional wind and rain protection, this longer fly is specifically designed to block out as much sunlight as possible.
  11. With the help of toggles and loops, you can fold back the curtain in seconds, making the area more open and airy.

It will also assist to keep filthy gear storage out of the way as well. In addition, the blackout version makes use of an unique darkened material, as opposed to the original, which made use of standard polyester for the barrier.

Most Asked Questions – We’ve Got You Covered

No, neither the hinged door nor the zipped door at the rear of the closet can be locked. There are many Velcro straps as well as a zipper that spans the whole length of the hinged door to make it operate properly. When you are entering and departing your home more frequently during the day, you may leave it unzipped during the day, and then zip it fully up before going to night to provide complete protection from the weather.

How portable are they?

Each model comes with a wheeled bag that also includes handles on the sides for carrying. Because they are both very hefty and substantial tents, this is quite useful because you won’t have to strain your back attempting to transfer the bag from the car to the campground.

What is storage like inside?

Organizing your belongings is a snap with the numerous mesh storage compartments that are included in both variants. We really believe there might be a few more pockets around, given that it is intended for 6 to 8 campers. However, the pockets are divided into smaller pouches, allowing each camper to keep their tiny stuff separate from the rest of the campers’ personal items.

Our Final Thoughts

The Coleman Octagon tent and Octagon BlackOut tent, which are both spacious, bright, and comfy, have unquestionably earned their place among the best family camping tents available. We are really satisfied with the great amount of room, the convenience with which they can be set up, and the contemporary style that distinguishes these models from other high-capacity family tents now on the market. Additional highlights include a huge hinged door, a partial coverage rainfly with curtains, and integrated WeatherTec protection.

Coleman Cortes Octagon 8 Review by a single-handed mum

Coleman’s huge, light, and airy summer tent is a terrific addition to any backyard and is far more intriguing than other tents. Is it possible for me to manage it on my own, despite the somewhat huge pack size and the hefty 20kg weight? As the United Kingdom was experiencing a heatwave, I realized that our regular modest 6kg blackout dome tent could be too hot for the conditions. Despite the fact that my 8-year-old son had lately announced that he did not enjoy camping, he was quite thrilled about this tent, and I had to admit that it looked really amazing, so we got it online from Ibex Camping for £189.00 using a 10% discount code.

  • It seemed heavier than I had anticipated, but I was relieved to discover that the tent bag was equipped with solid handles and wheels, making it easy to maneuver.
  • So, because you haven’t met me yet, I should introduce myself by saying that I am a 5ft8″ 40-something lady who is averagely fit (ahem).
  • Another one of the many reasons why I choose to live a basic camping lifestyle!
  • I made a point of putting the tent in last so that I would have no trouble getting it out when I arrived at the location.
  • I was looking forward to the shade that the Coleman Cortes Octagon 8 would give.
  • I put up a little rest station so that I could take a break with a drink in the shade if the tent pitching took an excessive amount of time.
  • After seeing a few of YouTube videos on how to pitch it, I found the process to be very simple.

In order to protect myself from muddy ground, I rolled it out flat on top of a basic groundsheet that I had carried with me and turned the base until I could see that the two doors were in the proper position.

In contrast, the rear entrance is immediately across the street and does not have any of these attributes.

Given that the tent is designed to be used as a true room with full head height, after I had slid the bottom of the supporting poles into the metal pegs in the groundsheet, the tent was virtually up!

Next up is to attach the flysheet, which I did not do right away because it is so comfortable to be outside on a hot day without one.

Half of the sides and most of the ceiling are mesh, so if you have time, I recommend doing so.

This is the perfect drink on a hot day.

Once my children came, I left it in this state for them to enjoy.

In fact, because it is so large, this tent was used as a play area for the most of the weekend!

The flysheet is fastened to the upright poles by two velcro straps, and it also hooks into pegs at the bottom of the tent.

You can tie back the curtains on either side of the octagon if it’s sunny, or keep the curtains zipped up if it’s wet and wild.

I have to admit that it looked fantastic and that having so much room inside was a plus.

Regarding the size, despite the fact that it is advertised as an 8-man tent, the tent was not large enough to comfortably accommodate 8 people.

That will occupy the breadth of the ocatagon while leaving a small amount of space for changing and other items in the other corners of the ocatagon.


Despite the fact that the tent appeared to be solid and weather resistant, and that it had survived a storm throughout the night, by morning it had begun to leak a bit around the seams, and we had seen a few drips from above as well.

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8-man octagonal Coleman Cortes Pros A summer tent for the whole family to enjoy.

Suitable for a group of 4-5 persons Door mats are really convenient.

Coleman Cortes Octagon 8 Defeatists Temperature – We used this tent on a scorching hot weekend in July, and it was perfect for the occasion.

As a result, the inner has a lot of mesh, which means it will not block out the wind that blows under the flysheet.

My two-year-old niece could open the hinged door, which was a hit with us, but the weight caused it to dip a bit, shutting below the velcro patch that should keep it closed.

Space – Because the tent is one large room with no separate sleeping area, it’s important to keep the doors closed to prevent bugs from entering because you’ll be sharing a space with them.

• Leaks – despite having a 2000mm hydrostatic head, this is not the most water-resistant of tents.

Review of the whole thing A budget-friendly, entertaining family tent that’s perfect for the summer months.

Because it is so eye-catching, you will attract the attention of other campers.

Simply take your time and double-check that the door is facing in the correct direction and that the door canopy poles (which have an extra junction in them) are in the proper position before proceeding.

Because it is so large, it could even be used as a gazebo. When it’s raining or cold, this isn’t the best option. In 2015, this tent was named Tent of the Year by Camping Magazine’s Editor’s Choice award program.

  • 15m2 living/sleeping space
  • Inner first pitch
  • Steel poles
  • PE integrated groundsheet
  • Polyester flysheet, PU coated, 2000mm
  • Taped seams
  • Comes with a wheeled carry case
  • Includes a rain fly. Coleman Cortes Octagon 8 Tent
  • Pack Dimensions: 85 x 30 x 30cm
  • Weight: 20.7kg
  • Coleman Cortes Octagon 8 Tent

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Coleman Cortes Octagon 8 Tent Review

In this Coleman Cortes Octagon 8 tent review, we’ll take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of a well-known tent from a well-known camping manufacturer, the Coleman Corporation. The tent’s distinctive octagonal form provides an ideal living space with panoramic views thanks to its big living area. Let’s get this party started without further ado.

The Coleman Brand

Australian tent and outdoor gear manufacturer Coleman is the market-leading manufacturer in the country. They are the number one tent manufacturer in the United States. Coleman goods are long-lasting, reasonably priced, and have been around for a long time. Coleman is the only major camping company remaining in the United States that still manufactures tents in-house (using materials sourced locally). Their other rivals, like as REI, Eureka!, Marmot, Kelty, and others, have outsourced their manufacture to lower-cost countries in order to reduce production costs.

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Quick Specs:

  • 3 season rating
  • 8-person capacity
  • Size:8-person capacity
  • Weight:20.7kg
  • Total area:20.8m sq
  • Dimensions when packed:85 x 30 x 30cm PU coated polyester fabric
  • PE incorporated into the floor.

Who is the Coleman Octagon for?

In a nutshell, this tent is perfect for a group of friends or a family gathering. It’s an ideal three-season tent because of its large design. In addition, as you can see from the photographs, this tent has an unusual octagon design that is not commonly found on the market. The Coleman Cortes Octagon 8tent is a large, well-designed camping tent that is ideal for families. It also makes for an excellent choice for those who want to host a social gathering. First and foremost, the interior area is comprised of a single large room that serves as a gathering place for large groups of people.

How many people can fit inside Coleman Cortes Octagon 8 tent?

Despite the fact that the Coleman Cortes Octagon 8 tent can accommodate up to eight people, we recommend using this tent for no more than six people, especially when you have a lot camping stuff. The Cortes Octagon 8 tent, like the majority of Coleman tents, is a reasonably priced tent that offers excellent value for the money. This is especially true when you consider the plethora of applications for which this tent may be used. The Coleman Cortes Octagon 8 tent is a dependable tent for individuals who expect to use it only a few times each year, such as campers and fishermen.

The Cortes Octagon 8 Tent’s Build

Although the Coleman Cortes Octagon 8 tent can withstand rain and strong winds, it is not recommended for use in the rain. We do not suggest this tent for use in harsh weather conditions due to the structural integrity of the tent. It will do the job, but there are better family tents on the market that can withstand high winds and heavy rain. The bad news is that the Cortes Octagon 8 tent weights 20.7kg, which implies that it will be difficult to transport this tent on lengthy hikes.

Despite its appearance, this is not a hiking tent, and it is not ashamed to proclaim it. It is, on the other hand, an excellent glamping tent. It also comes with a durable wheeled carry bag to make it easier to transport about your campground and to your chosen location.


  • Excellent airflow, spacious inside, sturdy construction, wheeled carry bag, simple installation, and a reasonable pricing.


  • It is not the lightest tent available on the market
  • In fact, it is more like a three-season tent rather than four season tent.

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Size of the Octagon 8 Person Tent

The Coleman Cortestent is a real 8-person tent with a roomy interior. The floor has a total surface area of 20.8 square meters, which is large enough to accommodate eight sleeping bags. In order to accommodate so many campers and their belongings inside the tent, you may need to set up a separate awning for them to rest their belongings beneath if you have that many people.

Shape of the Cortes Octagon 8 Person Tent

The design and high walls allow for the most amount of living space possible. Because the tent is head height across the whole interior tent space, most campers will be able to stand completely erect while inside. To create the idea of even greater space, open the windows as much as possible. Obviously, this is a giant octagon tent that provides lots of room, but what happens when someone needs a little privacy during their event? Fortunately, this tent comes with a detachable partition screen that can be used to separate the space within the tent.

This allows you to have both a living area and a bedroom in a single tent while still having enough of space for an airbed in the middle.

Dimensions of the pack within the polyester carry bag


The Octagon is a massive structure, yet it is quite simple to erect despite its size. Putting up the tent took my family around 20 minutes on our first attempt, and it didn’t include setting up the tent. The color-coded poles, in particular, are quite convenient, and they can be assembled with only a few clicks. A brief read of the instructions will suffice, or you can just watch the video below to gain a better understanding of what you’re doing.


The Coleman Octagon is constructed of robust steel rods that are designed to endure rain and wind conditions. WeatherTec polyester cloth is wrapped around the perimeter of this frame. It has been coated with a water-resistant coating that is also fire-resistant in nature. In fact, this material has a hydrostatic head of 2000mm, which is rather astounding. A 2-meter water column may be laid on the cloth before droplets start to form on the opposite side. UV Guard shields the fabric from damaging ultraviolet radiation, extending the life of the tent and protecting your skin from sun damage.

Having saying that, this tent shines most during the warmer months (if you pardon the pun).

Ripstop fabric keeps the cloth from tearing and shredding while the sewn-in groundsheet keeps pests out. The Coleman Octagon 8 is available in two different colors: green and orange. 360-Degree Views are available.

StorageOther Features

Because there are no vestibules, there is no additional storage space outside of the sleeping area for your belongings. Having said that, the design of the tent is ideal for storing equipment and supplies. The single-room tent features a design that is always large, no matter how much gear you have with you. On the interior of the tent, you’ll discover hanging hooks as well as mesh pockets that have been put in. An attractive feature, the trademark Coleman hinged door contributes to the overall luxury appeal of this tent, as does the deluxe inside design.

It also makes it simple to transport your belongings into the tent after the tent has been set up.


It should be noted that the Coleman Cortes Octagon 8 tent’s dimensions are different from those of other tents of a same size. The Coleman Cortes Octagon 8’s sizes have been created in such a manner that every consumer, regardless of their tastes, should be able to find something that is suitable. There are two sizes available: 9′ X 7′ and 10′ X 8 foot variants, all of which are available. Similar to any other tent type, there are a number of elements to consider while deciding between the two sizes offered, so that you may select a tent that best suits your needs.

A little larger inside area is provided by the 10′ x 8′ size, which is ideal for those who want a little additional room.

Does the Coleman Octagon 8 person tent have a floor mat?

Yes, a floor mat is included with this tent. When you purchase the Coleman Octagon 8 tent, you will also receive a floor mat that is simple to place on the ground and is quite comfortable for laying down and sitting down. During the construction of the octagon 8, a texture was added to the floor, which aids in water repellency and keeps you dry even during wet days and nights.

Is the Octagon 8 good for camping in winter or only summer time use?

The Coleman Octagon Tent is a great option for camping. The Coleman octagon 8 person tent is a versatile option for every season. It may be used throughout the year, whether in the summer, winter, or even in the spring and fall. Due to the fact that it is an 8-person family tent, you may use it as a vacation house with some of your friends or family members throughout the winter months.

Do You Get Enough Space in the Coleman Cortes Octagon 8 tent?

This Coleman Cortes Octagon 8 tent may be small, but it should give ample space for up to eight people to sleep comfortably. Despite the fact that it has an official capacity of eight people, it would be more appropriate for six individuals. You may see our other picks for 8-person tents by clicking here.

Final Verdict on the Coleman Octagon 8

It is our aim that our Coleman Octagon Tent review has provided you with a more complete understanding of this family tent.

To summarize, if you’re looking for a family tent with stunning views of the surrounding area, this is the one to choose.

Is it worth the Investment?

The Coleman Cortes Octagon 8 Tent is a high-quality tent that will endure for many years. It is made of durable materials. This tent is constructed of high-quality materials and provides a generous amount of inside space. It is supported by poles, which allows it to create a larger living space, making it ideal for large tents with several people present. Because of the inexpensive price, this is a reasonable investment for use at home or on camping excursions with friends and relatives. We are confident that the Coleman Octagon 8 Tent will be a welcome addition to your camping wish list for your upcoming camping vacation.

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