What Is The Difference Between A Tent Card And A Placecard

What Is The Difference Between A Tent Card And A Placecard

In this case, the typical size of a place card is almost the same as the size of a business card (5.5 8.5 cm). We have a variety of designs to choose from, including floral designs, elegant lacing, and more bizarre designs like Tandem for Two.

What is tent card?

A tent card is a self-standing promotional item made of printed and folded cardboard that is suitable for handing out to customers. Tent cards, as the name indicates, are intended to be put on table tops – as well as counters, desks, or any other horizontal surface – for display purposes. As a result, they are virtually usually printed in full color to have the most possible effect.

Who sits with who at a wedding?

A wedding reception is traditionally held in the centre of a table with the newlyweds sitting to the groom’s right and the bride to his left. Same-sex couples are free to choose where they want to sit in the restaurant. Seat the best man next to the bride and the maid of honor next to the groom in order to create a male/female pattern around the dinner table.

How do you create a seating chart?

The Best Way to Create a Seating Chart Make it easy to read. The seating plan should be unambiguous and simple to understand. Keep things as basic as possible. Organize and design it such that the viewer may quickly identify their own name and the seat to which they have been allocated. Establish a sense of order. Put the names in some sort of sequential arrangement. Ascertain that everyone is comfortable.

What are placement cards?

Placing pupils on placement cards, which are completed by the teacher at the conclusion of each school year or special program, is a convenient method to summarize vital information that will be needed by the next instructor when they begin teaching students for the very first time.

What do you do with wedding cards?

Keeping your wedding cards organized in a binder is a simple and clever solution. You may begin saving them as soon as you become engaged and the cards begin to flow in through the mail. All you need is a little three-ring binder and a hole puncher to do this project.

Does bride sit on right or left?

Traditionally, the bride’s guests and family sit on the left side of the table, and the groom’s guests and family sit on the right side of the table.

How do place cards work?

What Are the Functions of Wedding Place Cards? An event place card not only leads attendees to the table at which they will be seated during the reception, but it also directs each guest to his or her specific seat at the table as well. In order to do this, they are usually put at each table in order to signify each guest’s, you guessed it, position.

How do you weigh down place cards?

Simply making small pumplins out of orange glass vase jewels and gluing one to each card would suffice if all you wanted to do was weigh down a typical folded card. You might use a fine point sharpie to create the lines of a pumpkin shape (or do a jack o lantern face if you prefer). Whether you use a green stem is up to you.

Do parents sit together at wedding?

Our wedding etiquette specialist is on hand to provide assistance.

Traditionally, the parents and any other siblings who are not in the wedding party, as well as the officiant and his or her spouse (if they attend the reception) and any grandparents, all sit at the same reception table together.

Do you need place cards and a seating chart?

A seating chart showing visitors and their table assignments, as well as escort cards detailing guests’ dinner preferences, are both superfluous and pointless.

What are the uses of a tent card to restaurant?

Tactile marketing tools like as tent cards have become popular in recent years, and you’ve probably seen them when sitting in restaurants. As well as providing you with something to look at while waiting for your dinner, well-designed menus may communicate discounts or promotions that your consumers will find interesting.

Should you have a seating chart at a wedding?

While it is not required to have allocated seating at a wedding, most couples choose to design a wedding seating chart. Having allocated seats at any type of sit-down dinner event, including your wedding reception, tends to make things a lot more convenient. To begin with, it guarantees that each table is fully occupied to its maximum capacity.

What is the importance of tent card?

Tent cards are a key marketing tool for restaurants, pubs, and hotels when it comes to promoting their menus. Tent cards can assist in increasing sales of hospitality-related goods and services. Tent cards are ideal for advertising food and drink deals at restaurants, bars, and nightclubs, as well as persuading customers to sample a newly introduced item or service.

Do you put first and last names on place cards?

According to instructions on the Wedding USA website, the most formal place card should have simply the last name and the proper prefix, such as “Mr. Fine” or “Dr. Howard,” and should not include any other information. To refer to someone in a more informal setting, you would use their first and last names together (“Larry Fine”), or even more casually, only their first name (“Larry”).

Do you put couples on place cards?

Both are valid and typical practice; however, listing couples together is a more conventional way of citation and formatting. In addition, listing couples on the same card results in the need for fewer cards, which saves space and lowers the cost of the complete set, which is an especially important issue for weddings with big guest lists.

How do you make an interactive seating chart?

Seating Diagram that is interactive Make notes on the seating chart and then paste them in. You may add labels to the seat plan as annotations (for example “Stage”), and the styles of the labels (for example, font, size, and color) can be adjusted in the program without the need for code. Draw colorful rectangles on the page. Draw transparent polygons to use as grouping markers. Polygons should be shown in popup boxes. Create a legend for the map.

What is the purpose of a tent card?

Tent Cards, also known as Table Tents, are triangular table displays that are used to show information. They are folded in such a way that the information can be read from both sides of the display screen. These are used to market products and services, as well as to promote special offers and discounts.

Where do you put place cards?

The purpose of this sign is to inform visitors as to the seat at a table they have been assigned.

On a folded napkin that lays on the dinner plate at each place setting, or on the table slightly above the dinner plate, are two options for displaying your flowers. Style: To maintain consistency, the place card should be the same as the table card, using the same paper, font, and color.

The Definitive Guide to Wedding Place Cards

Here is everything you need to know about place cards, escort cards, tent cards vs flat cards, place card holders, and other related topics: Place cards are the subject of this tutorial, and it covers everything you ever wanted to know (and possibly more) about them. And, while we believe that the most effective approach to create place cards is to use our freeprintable place card creator, we have made every effort to ensure that this tutorial is as unbiased, helpful, and complete as we possibly can.

What are Place Cards, Anyways?

According to Wikipedia, the following is the fundamental description of a place card: In a formal occasion, such as a wedding or banquet, a place card serves as an indication of where a visitor is assigned to sit at a certain table or seats. Place cards are often printed with the guest’s name and table number on them, and they frequently include a design to provide a touch of flair. Simpler than that, really.

Do I need Place Cards at my Wedding?

Place cards are not always used at weddings. Here’s how to determine whether or not you require them for your situation. I’d like to know whether you have assigned seating beforehand. Unless you have a large number of guests, place cards are almost probably not required. Stop reading right now and go rejoice because you’ve just crossed another item off your wedding preparation to-do list! Even if you have allocated seats, you won’t require place cards in this situation. Another option to explore is the use of a meal planning chart.

When compared to place cards, seating charts are often quicker to create and less expensive to purchase, making them an excellent alternative to place cards provided you don’t have any compelling reasons not to use them.

PhotoMustard Seed is a kind of mustard seed.

What are escort cards, and how do they work?

Place Cards vs Escort Cards

There are a variety of options for directing your wedding guests to their seats at their tables. Depending on whether or not you want to use individual cards with names on them, you have two options: place cards and escort cards. What’s the difference between the two? According to brides.com, “a place card not only leads visitors to the table where they will be seated during the reception, but it also informs each guest to his or her specific seat at the table as well.” What this often means in practice is that if you are using escortcards, you will place them all together someplace (usually on a table, but you may be more imaginative) and your guests will pick them up and carry them to their respective tables.

When you utilize placecards, on the other hand, the cards are often already placed on the tables.

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The difference between “place” and “escort” cards might be confusing, and in actuality, it doesn’t really matter which you use to refer to them.

Many resources on the internet will use the phrases interchangeably, and the term “place card” is a more popular blanket term that is used to refer to both sorts of cards in many cases.

Flat Cards vs Tent Cards

In most cases, your place cards will be one of two types: flat or tent-shaped. They are called flat place cards because they are, well, flat. They are frequently used in combination with a place card holder. When it comes to tent cards, they should be folded in half and let to stand on their own. Foldable cards are another term that is sometimes used (at least by us). They have the major advantage of being self-supporting, which means you don’t have to worry about finding something else to hold them and can just arrange them on a table as you see fit.

When it comes to choosing between flat and tent cards, there is a third option: do something completely different!

Getting Place Cards Made

As a general rule, there are just a few basic alternatives available for wedding place cards.

  1. Find or employ a calligrapher to handwrite the letters for you
  2. Use a downloadable template to save time. Obtain them printed from a reliable source.

You’re looking for place cards, right? Make your own place cards and escort cards using our no-hassle place card creator, which is the finest and simplest method to do it.


If you are already familiar with calligraphy, know someone who is, or simply enjoy the handwritten touch, then calligraphy is an excellent choice for your holiday cards. Blank cards are available at most stationery stores and online, and they may be handwritten by a professional. Cost-effectiveness comes from doing them yourself or through a friend, while it is also feasible to hire a professional calligrapher to do them for you. However, you should anticipate to pay $1 per card or more to have them professionally done, depending on the quality of work.

Printable Place Cards

When creating printable place cards, you will normally start with a template that you will either generate, purchase, or design yourself from scratch. Although Google is a terrific source for free templates, Etsy is a great location to purchase them. Once again, A variety of free and premium templates are also available on our website, which allow for sophisticated modification of fonts and colors, as well as automated layout and manufacture of your cards utilizing our automaticplace card maker, among other features.

Printed Place Cards

When it comes to printed place cards, they are the final resort—you submit your guest list someplace and the cards are then delivered to you by mail. It is usually more expensive to purchase printed cards than it is to print them yourself, and you must plan a little farther ahead of time because you will have to wait for them to be mailed to you (or pay a large shipping premium). Having said that, printed cards can be of greater overall quality; you simply have to pay more for them.

There are various well-known websites that provide printing services, the most well-known of which are minted.com, Michaels, and printed.com. They all provide a good number of templates and cards, so you should be able to choose based on your preference for the template vs the cost.

Place Card Sizes

Place cards and place card templates are available in a variety of forms and sizes. However, our experience has shown that picking a layout that contains six tent cards (or twelve flat cards) per regular letter-sized sheet of paper is the most straightforward and adaptable. Your finished cards will be around the same size as a business card if you use these styles (about 2 x 3.5 in or 5.5 x 8.5 cm). Additionally, this is the common size given by many template companies, calligraphers, and print providers.


It is hoped that this has provided you with the necessary information to handle the place (or escort) cards for your wedding! For the quickest and most straightforward method of creating place cards, we recommend using our freeprintable place card creator, but we won’t be upset if you choose one of the other alternatives.

Escort Cards vs Place Cards: What’s the Difference? Do You Need Both?

Is it really necessary to have escort cards and place cards? What exactly is the distinction between the two? We’ll let you know! The following section is a guide to the escort card vs. place card debate.:) Hello there, sweethearts! OurAsk Emmalineinbox has been stuffed to the gills recently, and we’re enjoying all of the questions that have been flooding in! Bride-to-be Kellie wrote to us and asked, “Do I need escort cards AND place cards for my wedding?” We responded affirmatively. Despite the fact that Kellie’s fiancé, Tim, believes that “having both sounds like overkill,” Kellie is curious as to whether it is customary to have both at a wedding.

Continue reading to find out which one you truly need — and whether or not you should have both escort cards and place cards at your wedding reception.

The Difference Between Escort Cards and Place Cards

First and foremost, what exactly is the difference? Learn how an escort card differs from an invitation and where they are presented at your wedding reception in this article!

Escort cards

Escort cards inform attendees of where they should be seated at a certain TABLE. Escort cards are displayed at the front of your wedding, most commonly near the entrance to the reception. Even though escort cards are typically folded tent cards, they can come in a number of shapes and designs (even unusual escort cards like these count!) Utilize customized escort cards that fit over the lip of champagne flutes to encourage visitors to get a glass of champagne as they enter the reception, such as these cards from Rag and Roots.

  • buyhere buyhere These acrylic champagne escort cards are also highly contemporary and entertaining.
  • ByScripted Happily Ever After buyhere Box wreath escort cards are also a lovely addition to your tables, as they provide a touch of decoration.
  • buyhere Perhaps escort cards that serve as champagne favors would be a good idea?
  • buyhere These stylish escort cardholders by ZCreateDesign are a simple solution to keep standard cards standing straight while you’re arranging them on a table or counter top.
  • buyhere It’s also a lovely approach to present a seating chart, where visitors come up to an announcement (such as a blackboard, mirror, or giant poster with the seating assignments), if that’s what you want.

thanks to krossbyhooray’s creativity, viaherebyamy Here’s some information about the place card, now that you know what an escort card is and what it does.

Place cards

Place cards direct guests to the SEAT that they will be occupying at a certain table. However, this is not always necessary; place cards are a beautiful touch that also serves to decorate the table, but it is not always necessary to seat certain people in precise locations. The ability to skip a place card is available; however, escort cards are not available to be bypassed.

Biggest Difference Between Escort Cards and Place Cards

The most significant distinction between escort cards and place cards is that escort cards are required, whilst place cards are optional. This is due to the fact that visitors MUST know which table they are supposed to sit at, but they can sit in any seat at that table if you choose not to utilize place cards. (And, just so you know, you’ll also need table numbers to go along with it!) It is sometimes vital to have a place card when you are serving a certain entrée choice, in which case you would require cards similar to the ones seen above.

And, if you have good handwriting, you can surely make your own place cards by yourself.

It’s possible to use a nicenon-smudge permanent marker, such as this one (I swear by it!) as well as cards such as these: by virtue of this invitation, by glory of God, co Check out this place card made of wood if you’re looking for something different.

ByBetterWeddingDecor.buyhere Alternatively, a hoop art place card (how original is this?) byWriteLizWrite:buyhere And these one-of-a-kind agate slice place cards, which were hand-lettered by Amanda Houston Design:buyhere Read on for more information: Check out thesegold mirror place cardswe featured last week, as well as thesegold leaf cards and these31 Most Creative Displaysfor escort cards, among other things.

  • You’re going to adore these!
  • you now understand the distinction between an escort card and a place card, as well as whether you actually need to have both.
  • It’s not difficult at all.:) Following that, do you truly require wedding menus?
  • Do you have any additional questions you’d want to ask us?
  • Wishing you a successful planning process!

Place Cards, Names on

Continue reading the contentPlace Cards and Names on the Table

Place CardsPlacards: They are Different

1) Formal place cards should be used. The word infer refers to a person’s seat. On one side of the card, facing the guest, is written the name, which is on the other side of the card is not written. You write his or her name in the manner in which he or she is addressed during a conversation: Mr. Hickey is a —-—- How to Write a Name on a Place Card (with Pictures) – Senator Feinstein (D-Calif.) At formal occasions, there is likely to be a centerpiece or flower arrangement to ensure that other attendees are unable to view one another’s business cards.

—- When a high-ranking official is invited to an official function, it is customary to write only the title of the official’s position on the invitation.

E.g.,: —-—- The President of the United States Instructions on How to Write a Name on a Place Card – The Chief Justice —-—- The Mayor of the city (City) Robert Hickey is the author of the book “HonorRespect.”

…Now About Placards

At other gatherings, double-sided tent cards or placards (with writing on both sides so that people at the table can see who is who and network) might be used to display any information the host deems necessary, including the following: Mark A. Darr is a —-—- – Identifying information and the location of the office —-—- Mayor of the city (City) – or – Darr is the mayor of the city of Darr. – The name of a conversational euphemism is. (CityState) Mr. Mark A. Darr, Mayor of the City of Newark, New Jersey • Full Name (CityState) • or • or • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • The Right Honorable Mark A.

  1. – Identification in its entirety —-—- Mayor of the city (CityState) —- So don’t bother asking, “What should I put on the card?” —-—-Ask -—-—- What exactly is the purpose of the card?
  2. —-—-—- Is it sufficient to simply show the guest to their assigned seat?
  3. – Or is it necessary to present identity in order to participate in networking?
  4. However, the wording is always tailored to meet the specific requirements of the guest.
  5. Robert Hickey is the author of the book “HonorRespect.”
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How to Write Names on Tent Cards for a Panel?

We’re putting together tent cards for a panel discussion that’s coming up. Two attorneys, a state senator, and the Chief Justice of the Wyoming Supreme Court will be on the panel, as will two “civilians” who are members of the press. The panel will be comprised of six people. Would it be sufficient to simply include their names on the first line, followed by their titles on the next line? -– Anne Leslie’s full name is Anne Leslie. Greetings, Ms. Leslie: The purpose of a tent card is to serve two purposes: 1) to identify the speaker and 2) to provide the audience with a call-by-name when they ask questions.

(Full Name) who is an attorney.

On Place Cards is the Name on One Side or Both Sides?

It was determined that we would utilize place cards for the event. Should we refer to him as Mr. John Doe or Mr. Doe? John DoeorJohn is a fictional character created by John DoeorJohn. Is it better to have the name on one side or both sides? – ‘Marietta Stone’ is a fictional character created by author Marietta Stone. Greetings, Ms.

  • The name is written in the manner that you would use to address the individual in conversation.
  • Perhaps a 1′′ x 3′′ piece of paper —– 1)Mr.
  • —–2)When you had aMr.
  • William Doe BOTH attending a party and you need to be particular, you would useMr.

John Doeon a place card. —– 3)JustJohn DoeorJohn are acceptable for informal and family gatherings as well. They add a sense of informality to the gathering while still performing their functions. — Robert Hickey is a well-known author. Robert Hickey is the author of the book “HonorRespect.”

When Should You Use the Forms on this Page?

It is acceptable to use these forms of address for any medium of communication, including letter writing, invitations, cards, and email. In the event that there are distinctions between the official and social forms of address, I will have specified the various forms of address. When you utter their name in conversation or when you welcome them, you should use the salutation form that was mentioned in the salute.

Not Finding Your Answer?

—- 1)A list of all the offices, officials, and issues covered on the site may be found at the top of every page on desktop computers, at the bottom of every page on tablets, and at the bottom of every phone. Send me an e-mail if you don’t see the official you’re looking for or if you don’t see your question answered here. I respond rather quickly, generally the same day or the following day after receiving the message (unless I am traveling.) Please bear in mind that I do not have the postal or email addresses for any of the authorities, and I do not maintain track of offices that only exist in historical records.

— Robert Hickey is a well-known author.


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Wedding Escort Cards vs. Place Cards: What’s the Difference?

Congratulations! You’ve finally finished the awful seating chart. Congratulations! As tough as it was to plan the seating arrangement for your reception, you may have only recently learned that addressing the wedding signs has its own set of complexities and obstacles to contend with. Maintaining a lovely aesthetic continuity while still coming up with new and exciting concepts is an example. Alternatively, here’s an excellent one: The distinction between an escort card and a place card is a mystery to me.


Are you still perplexed?

Check out the next section for a summary of place cards and escort cards, as well as when and if to use each one, so you can comprehend the differences and put an end to the signage game once and for all.

What Are Wedding Place Cards?

When it comes to wedding receptions, escort and place cards are both used to indicate where each guest will be seated; however, place cards are more specific—as well as more formal—than escort cards. An event place card not only leads attendees to the table at which they will be seated during the reception, but it also directs each guest to his or her specific seat at the table as well. The usual method of accomplishing this is to set them on each table in order to identify the position of each visitor.

Most venues will need you to have place cards if you’re hosting a sit-down dinner reception and providing a variety of menu selections. Why? You’ll need to carefully distinguish between who’s receiving chicken and who’s getting fish by marking them with a different color or accent.

What Are Wedding Escort Cards?

Visitors are directed to a table rather than a seat using escort cards, which are the more casual sibling of place cards. If there are no place cards at the table before guests arrive, they are free to pick their own seats after they have arrived. Escort cards are often arranged in a cluster right before the entrance to the dining room so that visitors can easily identify whose table they will be occupying for the evening and with whom they will have the pleasure of being seated for the evening.

Do I Really Need Either?

While it is technically feasible to exclude both escort cards and table cards, as well as a seating chart, doing so is not always a smart idea. Why? It is likely that you will need to add more tables due to the fact that visitors will seat themselves unevenly—without any direction, not even as to which table to sit at, people will prefer to spread out and leave a few vacant seats at most tables. This, of course, will entail the use of additional tables—and more tables imply the use of more chairs, more centerpieces, more linens, and, as a result, the expenditure of more money.

While this is not always the case, in situations where seating is plentiful and dispersed, forgoing both an escort and place cards may be a good option.

Escort Cards versus Place Cards – What’s the Deal?

Selecting escort cards, place cards, or a combination of the two is totally dependant on the size and formality of your wedding, as well as your own tastes and preferences. Typically, escort cards or seating maps are used at wedding receptions, with place cards being optional for less formal settings. If you have a certain area in mind for your guests to sit, you may want to consider using place cards in addition to escort cards or a seating map to direct them to their seats. However, if you just want to send visitors to a certain table and then let them to pick their own seat from there, escort cards are the best option.

Although it is not normally suggested, eliminating both the escort and place cards might be a good option if you are hosting a genuinely informal wedding with plenty of seats and scattered seating arrangements.

Place card – Wikipedia

When attending an event, such as a wedding or banquet, a place card is a piece of paper that indicates the table a person is allocated to.

Place cards are often printed with the guest’s name and table number on them, and they frequently include a design to provide a touch of flair.


Place cards also serve as a means of identification for persons who might otherwise be unfamiliar with one another’s presence. Once the relevant guests have arrived, they are escorted to their allotted seats, where they may then be identified by name by others around them who are also there. Depending on the wedding, place cards may also act as a menu for the food that will be served during the reception. Place cards are not always used for weddings, and they are not necessarily made of paper or other paper products.

Custom place cards that correspond to the topic of the event have also grown increasingly popular in recent years.

For example, if the wedding or celebration is themed around a beach vacation, the invitation can have a tropical flower on the front.

Sea shells, party favors, the color of the tablecloth, the number of plates or cups on the table can all be used to identify the table that has been allocated.


Place cards, particularly if they are elaborate, might be an additional expenditure for the newlyweds. In some contexts, the usage of place cards may be fraught with controversy. Some visitors may like to take their seats wherever they please.

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See also

  • Teddy Lenderman is a character in the film Lenderman. Jennifer Mancuso’s The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Perfect Wedding is a book on planning a wedding (2008). Being an Event Planner: Insider Advice on Turning Your Creative Energy Into a Rewarding Career is a comprehensive guide to becoming an event planner. Adams Media, Avon, Massachusetts, ISBN 978-1-59869-417-8
  • Scardina Becker, Joyce
  • Scardina Becker, Joyce (2006). Countdown to Your Perfect Wedding: From Engagement Ring to Honeymoon, a Week-by-Week Guide to Planning the Happiest Day of Your Life is a guide to planning the most important day of your life. St. Martin’s Griffin, ISBN 978-0-312-34845-8
  • New York: St. Martin’s Griffin

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Amazon.com: Pack of 100 Place Cards – Small Tent Cards, Foldover Table Placecards Silver Foil Border – Perfect Weddings, Banquets, Events, 2 x 3.5 inches : Home & Kitchen

On August 27, 2020, it was reviewed in the United States and verified as a purchase. I purchased these to use as food labels for my daughter’s wedding. I’m pleased I have lots of spares since I’ll be putting them to good use once again soon. Simple, attractive, and of high quality. On November 17, 2018, a reviewer in the United States of America verified that they had made the purchase. They have a nice appearance, are thick, and are long-lasting. If you’re looking for place cards, these are the ones you’re looking for.

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  • Shipping was quick, and the customer service was excellent.

Blue Willow Tent Place Card (Set of 50)

Decorative 9-inch Premium Paper Plates with Garden Blooms (Set of 16) Each one costs $8.990.56. Our Garden Blooms 9 in. Premium Paper Plates will fill you with happiness and satisfaction (Set of 16). Nature is breathtakingly gorgeous and fantastic, with all of its gloriously vibrant hues, and nothing makes us happier than being able to combine that beauty into our themes for you. We hope you enjoy browsing through our themes. With its vignette border of luscious flowers and gold scalloped borders, these garden blossoms disposable decorative paper plates bring the outdoors indoors, just for you.

  • These antique paper plates would be perfect for a garden baby shower, brunch bridal shower, or rustic wedding reception.
  • Your possibilities are almost limitless since these flower decorative plates would look stunning no matter where you choose to host your event; whether it is an outdoor gathering or an inside luncheon, your options are virtually limitless.
  • Get a set of matching napkins to make your dinnerware a riot of color!
  • It gives the appearance of perfection and gloss to the event decorations.
  • Specifications and facts: The garden blossoms 9-inch plates are decorated with gorgeous bouquets of vividly colored watercolor flowers that wrap around the edge of the plate, which is bordered with a scalloped edge gold foil.
  • It has a beautiful scalloped gold foil border around the edge of the plate and is decorated with vividly colored watercolor flowers around the perimeter of the dish.
  • Combining it with the 7-inch plate will create a bright and feminine motif.

The packaged product measures 9″ wide by 9″ high by 1″ deep “d. d. d. d. d. d. d. d. The entire thing is made of paper. Flowers painted in vibrant watercolour. This package contains 16 paper plates. No assembly is required for this product.

50pcs Guest Name / Table Tent Card / Wedding Place Card

Description Place Card / Wedding Name Card / Table Tent Card printed on cardstock Size: 90mm x 100mm when open, 90mm x 50mm when folded, with scoring for easy folding. Paper weight: 300gsm White card that has not been coated Fonts, colors, and the name of the layout may all be changed. The design is fixed, and you can only pick one of the designs. from 1 to 16 If you have a design of your own that you would like to have printed, please let us know. The following price includes delivery: 50 pieces at a fixed fee of $40 51 – 100 pieces for $0.80 each 101 – 150 pieces for $0.75 each 151 – 200 pieces at $0.70 each An additional $5.00 is required for the food / meal icon.

The cost of combining designs will be determined by the number of copies to be printed (see above price) It will be sent when payment has been received for the guest name to be sent in Excel format to Preview for final verification before proceeding to print.

It should be noted that some color discrepancies may occur between the preview and the actual objects owing to differences in screen / lighting between the two.

Design Singapore is a printing hub.

Payment Carousell Protection is made possible by Meet the vendor in person.

We were quite grateful for the assistance in getting the freezer into our car.

Overall, it was a pleasurable purchasing experience.

A wonderful buyer to work with, and one that comes highly recommended.

Buyer received rapid answers from the seller, who also offered drafts for my approval.

I’d buy from them again!

Wedding Place Cards / Table Tent Cards / Guest Name Cards (50 pieces) $40 Check out all of the reviews.

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