What Is The Best Android App For Finding Free Tent Camping Locations

FreeRoam – Campgrounds, Boondocking & RV Parks – Apps on Google Play

A community of campers and boondockers, as well as useful equipment, are available for free! Find the best campgrounds to stay at by visiting the following websites: – You may sort by mobile signal, weather, safety, crowdedness, and other factors. – Overlays of US Public Land (Bureau of Land Management, US Forest Service) with cell coverage maps – Locate local disposal sites, potable water, groceries, propane, phone towers, and other amenities. Check out low clearance bridges and tunnels for tall RVs, as well as videos of other people explaining the campgrounds on YouTube.

Plan your trip with an RV Trip Planner that lays out all of your planned (and previous) stops.

– Calculate how much of a detour each stop causes from your original path.

Chat with other boondockers – Meet new people and stay in contact with those you’ve already met – Look around for other campers in the area (optional feature) Find items – Learn about useful things for boondocking and camping by browsing our online catalog.

Please let us know if there is anything you would want to see added or changed.

FreeRoam is being developed by the FreeRoam Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting people in enjoying nature in a courteous and sustainable manner.

The Dyrt Camping App: Tent & RV Campsites Finder – Apps on Google Play

Locate and book your ideal campsite anywhere in the United States, or offer your property as a campground and begin earning commission-free bookings right away. The Dyrt is a vibrant online community with over 1 million registered members, and it is the number one camping app for Android users worldwide. Campgrounds with tents, RVs, trailers, cabins, and glamping are among the 44,000+ options available. Better camping for less money may be planned. * Sort campsites based on distance, rating, type, and other factors.

  • * Make it simple to plan your next camping or glamping adventure.
  • Additional PRO member benefits * Trip Planner – Make road journeys a breeze by planning stops at wonderful campgrounds along the way.
  • * Offline Mode – Even when there is no internet connection, you can download maps and discover local campgrounds.
  • Place a listing for your campsite on The Dyrt * Increase your revenue from reservations.
  • * When you enable Instant Booking, you will receive a $100 activation bonus.

Access to all camping listings in the United States is provided for free: Parks on the federal level (Recreation.gov); National Parks; State Parks (Reserve America, California Parks, etc) The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), KOA, Good Sam, Thousand Trails, and military bases are all examples of county parks.

@TheDyrtLEGAL may be found on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Terms and Conditions of Use: Policy on Personal Information:

5 Ultimate Camping Apps for a 2021 Vanlife Road Trip

Authored by Ryan McNutt of The Nutty Trekkers. As the Vanlife movement continues to grow in popularity in the United States, a slew of powerful vanlife-supporting applications have emerged. As keen travellers, we here at Native Campervans are continuously checking out the finest camping Apps and discovering new and exciting places to spend the night in the great outdoors. Exploring in a campervan allows you to stay at tent sites in places that an RV would never be able to access. The beauty of vanlife is that you have the camping experience – all of the comradery of sitting around a fire pit, all of the cooking in the great outdoors, all of the wonderful scenery surrounding you – while sleeping securely inside your vehicle.

What are the locations of these spectacular campsites?

What is the best way to determine which ones to use?

For a Vanlife roadtrip, here are our top 5 camping apps to have on hand (plus a couple of honorable mentions).

1. The Dyrt

Campgrounds that are free, public, and private may be found all throughout the country. Price:Free |Pro version is available for a 90-day trial period with the code:NAT3M. Download:iOSandAndroid The Dyrt is our go-to all-in-one resource app for supporting vanlife and is our favorite. Helping campers locate the best campsites around the country by maintaining a database of over 500,000 campgrounds. Most campsites provide the ability to book stays, read reviews, and browse a vast collection of user-submitted images and videos.

Each campsite page will have symbols indicating the type of camper that may be accommodated, if dogs are permitted, whether toilets or showers are available on-site, the location of dump stations, and much more.

In addition, The Dyrt organizes monthly contests for campers who post the most informative evaluations of campsites, with prizes ranging from t-shirts to hats from leading outdoor companies.

As a thank you for choosing us as your rental company, we’re providing you with free access to The Dyrt PRO for 90 days.

The Dyrt PRO provides you with the following features: – Offline access to 44,000 campsites and maps (no cell reception needed) – Discounts on campsites and camping equipment – Vacation Planner to help you plan the perfect camping trip – Map Layers to assist you in finding free camping spots

2. Recreation.gov

Federal campgrounds are the best choice (National Parks, Forests, BLM) Price:FreeDownload:iOSandAndroid Recation.gov is a popular camping software that exclusively includes government campgrounds, which makes it a good choice for families. The program offers a variety of activities in and near campsites, which include anything from National Parks to Forests and other federal leisure locations. It is accessible for both iOS and Android devices. Recreation.gov provides a plethora of outdoor experiences at over 3,600 government locations, ranging from whitewater rafting to the greatest fishing areas to obtaining essential backcountry permits.

The app’s search interface is attractive and simple to use, and you can make reservations directly from the app.

However, there are no user-submitted reviews or images, which is the main drawback.

The best part is that it is completely free to download and use.

3. iOverlander

Best for: Largest worldwide campsite database, mechanics/hardware stores in a pinch, and other similar services. Price:FreeDownload:iOSandAndroid A critical lifeline for vanlifers, iOverlander provides a crowd-sourced, simple map solution to everything you would need while on the road, allowing you to stay connected with your friends and family. A comprehensive repository of information on everything from wild campsites to established campgrounds and everything in between, the iOverlander repository is constantly being updated by travelers who have contributed information.

  • Look into the possibility of wild camping in your region.
  • Go to the app and look for the disposal station that is closest to you.
  • No need to be concerned; simply investigate all of the available potable water sources in your immediate vicinity.
  • To get your car back on the road when you are in a jam, knowing where to find your nearest mechanic is essential.

4. HipCamp

Glamping and unusual paid campground locations are the best uses for this product. Price:FreeDownload:iOSandAndroid HipCamp, often known as the ‘AirBnB of camping,’ is the go-to app for locating one-of-a-kind paid private campsites that are not available anywhere else. HipCamp is the most extensive online resource available, including a database of more than 300,000 listings. Every ‘host’ gets a brief profile as well as a recommendation rating attached to them. Many evaluations may be found online, as well as extensive descriptions of what each site does and does not give, as well as maps showing where the campsites are located and lists of the most popular activities on the host’s land.

Oh, and the images from the community are some of the greatest you’ll see anywhere. HipCamp is the app for those who want to experience the life of a luxury vanlifer for a night or two.

5. Freecampsites.net

Finding free one-night stopover locations is what this site is best for. Price:Free Download:iOSandAndroid Although it is not strictly an app, Freecampsites.net is our go-to website for locating free camping spots all throughout the United States. Looking to spend time in the great outdoors while keeping your wallet fully stocked? Freecampsite.net is a community-driven repository where fellow vanlifers may share free campsites they’ve discovered all throughout the country with their fellow travelers.

Following that, a collection of reviews and photographs from past campers was provided.

Simply enter a specific place where you’d want to camp and you’ll be presented with a list of all available campsites in the region.

Due to the fact that the team behind Freecampsites.net is not interested in RV-friendly parking areas, public lands are their specialty.

Honorable Mentions

Price:FreeDownload:iOSonly Essentially a combination between Freecampsites.net and Hipcamp, with a large library of paid campgrounds and boondocking sites to choose from. The BLM’s Public Lands Explorer app is a fantastic resource for locating awesome free campsites on public lands such as BLM sites, National Forests, and National Parks while exploring public lands.

The Vanlife App

Price:FreeDownload:iOSonly An amalgamation of Freecampsites.net and Hipcamp, offering a comprehensive collection of paid campgrounds and boondocking locations. The BLM’s Public Lands Explorer app is a fantastic resource for locating awesome free campsites on public lands such as BLM sites, National Forests, and National Parks.

Harvest Host

Price:$79.99/year Download:iOSandAndroid You may use this app to identify local farms, breweries, vineyards, and distilleries that provide free short-term camping spots through a Vanlife membership service. All that is required of you is that you purchase products from your host. It is possible to locate some quite unusual vanlife experiences through Harvest Host, which is a fantastic resource. Especially useful up in the North-East, where there are few opportunities for wild camping. In case you’re searching for a high-quality campervan rental, be sure to browse over ourvan alternatives for your upcoming vacation.

Native CampervansNative Campervans is a Campervan Rental Company having locations in Denver, Salt Lake City, and other cities around the country.

Las Vegas is a popular tourist destination. We’ve included everything you’ll need to travel throughout the United States, including comfy mattresses, fully-stocked kitchenettes, and other amenities. Canada

Our Favorite Free Camping Apps

Price:$79.99/year Download:iOSandAndroid You may use this app to identify local farms, breweries, vineyards, and distilleries that provide free short-term camping spots as part of your Vanlife subscription. You are just required to make a monetary contribution to your host’s business. When looking for truly unique vanlife experiences, Harvest Host is a fantastic resource. A great resource for anyone who live in the North-East and have restricted access to wild camping opportunities. In case you’re seeking for a high-quality campervan rental, be sure to check our ourvan alternatives for your upcoming vacation.

Native CampervansNative Campervans is a Campervan Rental Company having locations in Denver, Salt Lake City, and other cities around the US.

We’ve included everything you need to travel throughout the United States, including comfy mattresses, fully-stocked kitchenettes, and more.

Finding a Designated Campsite

An entire database of campgrounds around the country, ranging from RV to tent sites, may be found in this must-have software. Simply enter the location you’ll be visiting, as well as your arrival and departure dates, and the app(iOS) will generate a map with dots indicating nearby campsites. (You may manually choose certain towns or cities, or you can utilize GPS tracking to have sites in the local region automatically populate.) This is determined by the app and is not changeable.) Campsites that are available are shown by blue pins, whereas campsites that have been reserved are indicated by yellow pins.

Boondocking Beta

Camping for free is a wonderful experience, but it frequently entails a lot of shooting in the dark. Choosing a national forest or a piece of BLM property on a map may seem straightforward, but you never know what you’re going to come upon. Campendium (iOS) makes the procedure a little more convenient. The app’s database contains information about cell service, site size, and facilities like as restrooms and RV hookups. Download the app today! A lot of more particular information based on people’s experiences staying at each site may be found in the comments area, such as if there is enough room to turn around a huge car, whether the road is in excellent shape, and whether or not you will encounter large crowds.

Weather Report

How many times have you seen rain in the forecast and packed up camp, only to find that there was only a light drizzle when you arrived? Have picked an exposed campground because of the stunning views, only to be jolted awake all night by a strong wind? It is possible to avoid such trip-ending mishaps by using MyRadar (iOS), which provides detailed weather data. It works in the same way as other weather applications in that it provides an hourly and weekly prediction, but it also displays the direction, speed, and intensity of coming storms, wind, temperature swings, wildfires, and even earthquakes on an interactive map, unlike other apps.

The aggregated satellite weather reading is provided by more than 150 separate radar sites, and a $7 upgrade grants you access to specific information from those locations. You’ll also receive access to ad-free app usage, Apple Watch compatibility, and a storm tracker as part of the update.

Staying Organized

When preparing for a camping vacation, there is a lot of stuff to keep track of, including the camp kitchen, food, hiking gear, fishing gear, bicycles, and first-aid kit, among other things. Packing List (iOS), for example, allows you to build several lists for different sorts of trips—for example, separate “camping” and “hut trip” lists—and then complete each list with categories like as food, clothes, and toiletries, among others. Add things to each category and then check the box next to each item to indicate that it has been properly accounted for.

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This program can take care of all your constellation-remembering needs (no, not you, Siri). Use your phone’s compass to align the screen with whatever you’re looking at in real life—whether it’s a star, planet, or satellite—and then click on each constellation to learn more about it. The Night Sky (iOS) app can also assist you in your quest for a particular constellation. Nightly stargazing reports inform you of what will be visible that evening and (more importantly) where to pick a location with the least amount of light pollution for the best viewing experience.

How to Find Free Campsites for Car Camping & Van Life

In case you’re considering a road trip or are a first-time van dweller, you might be shocked at how much camping fees can mount up over time, especially if you end up staying in national parks or privately owned campsites. I understood this when I initially purchased mySprinter Van, and I quickly realized that spending $15-20 each night for camping was not an option if I wanted to stay on the road for an extended period of time. Since then, I’ve been utilizing a number of programs to locate free campsites, also known as scattered camping, which is becoming increasingly popular.

Get outside and enjoy a quiet night of camping under the stars on a budget with this guide to finding free campsites across the U.S.

Free or scattered camping implies that you will most likely not have access to services and facilities such as water, picnic tables, garbage cans, showers, or toilets, among other things. That means you’ll need to arrive completely prepared with everything you’ll need, and you’ll also need to pack everything away and adhere to the ideals of Leave No Trace. These scattered campsites are often free, provide far more isolation than regular campgrounds, and in some cases, have even greater vistas than traditional campers.

Learn all about Leave No Trace

  • Free or scattered camping implies that you will most likely not have access to services and facilities such as water, picnic tables, garbage cans, showers, or toilets, among others. You’ll need to arrive completely prepared with everything you’ll need, and you’ll need to put everything away and follow the rules of Leave No Trace. These scattered campgrounds are often free, provide far more isolation than regular campsites, and in certain cases, have greater vistas than traditional campsites.

Type of Land where Free Camping is Usually Found

Understanding the various public lands classifications will aid you in your search for free camping spots. Dispersed camping is not managed in the same way by all public lands agency. The majority of campgrounds, such as the National Park Units, are fee-based, but some allow free camping for a maximum of 14 days. The Bureau of Property Management, sometimes known as the BLM, and the United States Forest Service land are the two types of public land where free camping is most readily available.

Off-limits places are often denoted by signage indicating that they are so.

Bureau of Land Management (BLM)

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) owns much of the land in the western United States, and dispersed camping is permitted on most BLM lands for up to 14 days. The only exceptions are regions adjacent to population centers and grazing zones, both of which are prohibited. When it comes to BLM camping in Moab, Utah, for example, there is a plethora of options, but since it is so popular, many of the sites are more developed and charge a nominal fee for overnight stays, for example. Unfortunately, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) does not provide a full map of all of the free BLM campsites on their website; however, you may get a sense of what’s available in your region by exploring their regional maps, which can be found here.

The techniques we discuss in the next section will also assist you in determining where free BLM camping is available.

Forest Service Land (USFS)

Dispersed camping is permitted in over 175 national forests and grasslands in the United States, similar to what is permitted on BLM properties. In order to obtain information on camping on USFS lands around the country, you must contact each ranger district directly on their policies. On the United States Forest Service website, you may search for forests and grasslands by state and then choose a specific forest or grassland to learn more about.

Best Apps for Finding Free Campsites

The number of tools available is greater than what we have included in this article; nonetheless, after four years of road touring in a van, these are my favorite web resources and mobile applications for discovering free campsites.

The DyrtThe Dyrt PRO

Our favorite new campsite-finding tool, Dyrt, is presently the most popular camping software for Apple and Android devices, and it is currently the top-rated camping app overall. It has entries for a wide variety of campsites, including public and private campgrounds, as well as some free scattered camping choices, among others. Reviews, images, information about facilities, and other features are included in their listings. You may also narrow your search by the facilities you desire. If you want Wifi in order to complete some work, a site with showers, or even a pet-friendly location, you may narrow down your search using a variety of criteria.

  • The ability to look for campsites and read reviews when not connected to the internet — There is no need for mobile service or WiFi (which is important because not having service might be stressful if you don’t have a plan for the night)
  • There is no requirement for a reservation. A interesting layer feature that informs you where Bureau of Property Management, Forest Service, and National Park land are situated
  • Trip planning software that allows you to create your itinerary before leaving home and then export it all to Google Maps (very nice! )
  • You may add campgrounds that you’re interested in to lists so that you’ll have them readily available while you’re on the road. A PRO member also receives discounts on specific campgrounds as well as savings on outdoor items from PRO’s brand partners.

For the time being, readers of The Dyrt PROto Bearfoot Theory may take advantage of a FREE 90-day subscription to The Dyrt. See how you like it after giving it a shot.


If you have a smartphone, you can download the IOverlander app for free. A large number of users provide data on the locations where they’ve tented, and it’s one of the most complete crowdsourced databases of free camping that I’ve come across, covering the entirety of North America (including Canada and Mexico). Photo uploads, descriptions, and other information, such as internet availability, may be uploaded by users, along with GPS coordinates. There are also several paid campsites on iOverlander, which are shown below.

For example, a scattered area may have recently been locked down, or someone might have encountered anything shady while camping.

More lately, they’ve added amenities such as water refill and propane stations, as well as dump stations and other facilities.

It’s simply that when you zoom in, you won’t be able to see the map backdrop or receive instructions — something that, perhaps, will improve in the future.

Ultimate US Public Campgrounds App

On the move, you can locate low-cost or free campsites with theUltimate Campgrounds App, a comprehensive and user-friendly phone application. It is quite easy to discern between Forest Service, National Park, and other sorts of campsites using the Ultimate Campgrounds app, which offers over 41,000 public campsites (updated monthly). The app provides detailed information about each campground, including facilities, road conditions, pricing, and more. I was pleasantly delighted to discover that this app includes information about pull-offs on the side of the road as well as remote campsites on dirt roads where it is permitted to set up tent.

This software is available for purchase for $3.99.

You won’t truly know what you’re getting until you get there because this app does not include photographs or reviews of the establishment.

All Stays CampRV

All Stays CampRvis is a $9.99 mobile application that you can download to your phone and use. All Stays has both paid and scattered campsites, however it is not as extensive as the last two applications I listed in terms of dispersed campgrounds. Everything about All Stays is convenient, including the fact that it offers various sorts of facilities where you may park for free, such as Walmarts, rest-stops, and casinos, in addition to other attractions. Also available are locations where you can have water filled up, RV dumps, and other services that you may require while traveling.

Some of the fundamental capabilities of the program even sort of operate when you are not connected to the internet or do not have mobile coverage.


If you don’t want to spend money on a paid software, Freecampsites.net is a desktop program that allows you to zoom in on a map to find campsites or search by zip code without having to download anything. Additionally, it has a trip planning feature that allows you to design an itinerary that incorporates free scattered camping choices. You may even search for properties based on the sort of access road that leads to them. When you choose a location, you’ll be provided the GPS coordinates, elevation, and current weather conditions so you can plan your trip accordingly.

I like to zoom in on the campsite using satellite view to see if there is anything extra I can learn about it.

For example, if there are many sites available in the neighborhood, I’ll try to determine which one will be the most suitable for our needs. If you don’t have access to the internet, you may use your print atlas or, if you have one, your GPS to navigate.

Other Tools for Finding Free Campsites

The use of a paper road map may be quite beneficial while traveling by car or van and seeking for free camping spots. In remote regions, Google Maps may be unreliable, and if your service goes down, you’ll be glad you have a good old-fashioned paper map to guide you through your journey. Benchmark Road Atlases are the paper maps that I use the most. If I’m going to be spending any significant amount of time in a single state, I’ll get a Benchmark Road Atlas to help me navigate. Each state has its own atlas, which are normally priced around $20 each.

Besides that, these maps include all of the small backroads that you’ll need to know about in order to discover the best dispersed campgrounds, and what’s even better is that they distinguish between two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive roads.

Having a general understanding of the landscape and accessibility is an excellent beginning to start exploring.

This is my strategy for discovering free, dispersed campsites in a new region.

National Geographic Maps

These waterproof and tear-resistant topographic maps are ideal for trekking because they are lightweight and easy to carry. They are peculiar to a certain place; for example, Big Sur and the Ventana Wilderness. Each of the maps has precise information on individual areas and ranger districts, and all National Forest boundaries are included on each map. Furthermore, they frequently point out routes for scattered camping, hiking trails, possible water sources, dump stations, and campsites that provide showers.

Free Maps!

Not interested in spending money on paper maps? Use a digital map instead. Stop by the rangers’ station when you reach your location to say hello. There are several of them that give complimentary public maps for visitors to use. If not, virtually all of them have a large map of their jurisdiction displayed prominently on the wall. Using your phone, take a photo of the place that you are interested in learning more about.

Other Options for Free Overnight Parking

Before we go on, I’d want to briefly discuss some of the different sorts of free overnight parking options available.

Parking Lots

If you find yourself stuck in town “refueling” on supplies and in need of a place to sleep for the night, it’s crucial to know that Walmart, Camping World, Cracker Barrel, casinos, and truck stops are all places where you can usually find free overnight parking. It’s important to remember that when you crash in these sorts of parking lots, you have to stay (which means sleeping, cooking, and hanging out) inside your vehicle for the whole evening, but it may be a viable alternative when you’re desperate.

  1. In case you are in any doubt or have any issues, you should always verify with management.
  2. Occasionally, Walmartsoften may provide free overnight parking, but this is not usually the case.
  3. As is always the case, obey any signage you may come across.
  4. Overnight parking is available at casinos, truck stops, and rest stations, among other places.
  5. The noise level may be high due to the location’s proximity to the highway and the passing of large trucks, but if you’re in a hurry or just need a quick spot to stay overnight, these are decent possibilities.

To find out which casinos provide overnight parking, visit casinocamper.com and utilize the map locator to discover which ones are available.

Harvest Hosts

Harvest Hosts is yet another excellent choice. Pricing presently starts at $79 a year, and a membership entitles you to free overnight parking at a selection of wineries, breweries, farms, museums, golf courses, and other attractions throughout the state of California. Keep in mind that you must be self-contained and have access to a toilet in order to participate. Make use of this link to receive a 15 percent discount, and be sure to use the coupon code that appears. Purchasing something and supporting the small businesses in the area where you camp is recommended, but not mandatory.

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Tips for Finding Free Campsites

For starters, obtaining a campground while still in the military is lot simpler than when you are not. For this reason, if you know the broad area in which you intend to remain, conduct preliminary research prior to departing mobile phone coverage. Again, my best applications have some functioning while not connected to the internet, but you can plan with greater confidence when you have a signal. Second, searching for campgrounds is less difficult and stressful when done during daytime hours.

  1. In addition, adopting the mentality that you don’t need to have a flawless camping setup every night can make locating campgrounds while on the road a whole lot less difficult.
  2. Although a view and isolation may be essential to you if you are camping for one weekend a year, if you are road touring or living in a van for a lengthy period of time, you will likely be camping all of the time.
  3. Other nights, your campsites may be lousy, which is perfectly OK.
  4. All you really need is a level location with plenty of room, and the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and that you aren’t breaking the law in any way.
  5. To find out where you are authorized to camp, stop by the nearest ranger station and ask for maps and information.
  6. Many dirt roads are inaccessible, and many tiny mountain communities have enacted ordinances prohibiting vans from parking on the street.

One Final Word on Dispersed Free Camping

First and foremost, locating a campground while still in operation is significantly simpler. As a result, if you know the broad area you want to stay in, conduct your homework before you leave mobile phone coverage. My favourite applications, once again, provide some functioning when not connected to the internet, but you can plan more confidently when you have a connection. First and foremost, searching for campsites is less difficult and unpleasant when done during the daytime. Preferably, arrive at your destination before the sun sets.

  1. The location of your campsite might vary from being in the forest with no view to being in a large open area with many other campers.
  2. A lucky night will come around where you’ll strike it rich!
  3. Pack your belongings and leave the next day for a better location.
  4. Finally, ranger stations may be a fantastic source of information and assistance.

Getting through the winter months may be challenging. Many dirt roads are inaccessible, and many tiny mountain communities have enacted ordinances prohibiting vans from being parked on the sidewalk. Being able to operate in the shadows is quite beneficial in this situation.

The 10 Best Camping Apps

Everyone, the season of autumn has arrived. With the arrival of the new season comes the opportunity for those who enjoy spending time in nature to break out their dormant tents or squeeze in one last excursion before the temperatures drop. Depending on your location (and how much climate change is destroying your local ecosystem), the new season may entice you to break out your dormant tents or squeeze in one last excursion before the temperatures drop. No matter where you fall on the spectrum between roughing it and glamping, there is no denying that a rising number of applications are making camping a more enjoyable experience for more and more people.

Here is a selection of applications that will assist you in putting together the greatest experience possible while you look into the forces that will seize the globe and/or arrange a wonderful stroll in the mountains of northern California.

1. The Dyrt

All of you should be aware that autumn has begun. With the arrival of the new season comes the opportunity for those who enjoy spending time in nature to break out their dormant tents or squeeze in one last excursion before the temperatures drop. Depending on your location (and how much climate change is destroying your local ecosystem), the new season may entice you to break out your dormant tents or squeeze in one final excursion before the temperatures drop. Regardless of where you fall on the camping spectrum between roughing it and glamping, there is no denying that an increasing number of camping-related applications are helping to improve the experience for everyone.

Here is a collection of applications that will assist you in putting together the greatest experience possible while you look into the forces that will seize the globe and/or arrange a wonderful trek in the mountains of New Zealand.

2. WikiCamps

Everyone should be aware that autumn has arrived. Depending on where you live (and how much climate change is wreaking havoc on your local ecology), the approach of the new season attracts individuals who like spending time in nature to bring out their dormant tents or squeeze in one final outing before the temperatures drop. No matter where you fall on the spectrum between roughing it and glamping, there is no denying that an increasing number of camping-related applications are making the experience better.

Here is a collection of applications that will assist you in putting together the greatest experience possible while you look into the forces that will takeover the globe and/or arrange a wonderful trek in the mountains of the world.

3. HipCamp

The term “AirBnB for camping” properly describes what this software is all about. Even though HipCamp provides a vast number of public campsites, the company’s main bread and butter is the opening of privately-owned property to campers all around the country. In addition to providing unusual camping places, HipCamp also provides covered buildings, which were previously unavailable to those who like the great outdoors.

Furthermore, similar to AirBnB, it provides landowners with the chance to generate income from abandoned or underutilized areas of their property.

4. NPS.Gov

Why not go straight to the source when it comes to the vast territories under the jurisdiction of the National Park Service? The official National Park Service app provides users with quick and easy access to all of the National Parks that include camping facilities. You cannot reserve campsites directly using the app, but it does provide links to the each park’s official website, which is where you may book those services. Aside from that little flaw, the app has a wealth of information particular to each of the national parks that fall under federal jurisdiction.

5. Reserve America

While the National Park Service has a proprietary app that covers federal areas, the program does not include selections from the enormous network of state parks in the United States. Reserve America is the organization that takes over the ball at this point. This app displays camping selections from parks in more than 30 states throughout the United States, with booking methods available within the app. Private campground firms, such KOA, are also accessible by this route. The absence of appropriate instruments is a significant disadvantage.

6. FreeRoam

Individuals who are detail-oriented and meticulous planners may find great comfort in FreeRoam’s services. The app assists you in planning all element of your camping trip, from assisting you in mapping out travel schedules to discover the best time to start on the road to laying out supply stops along the route. Download the app today! Campgrounds may also be found via the app, albeit no booking capabilities are provided at this time. It’s also a terrific tool for RV campers because its mapping capabilities offer choices for vehicle height, guiding users to accessible routes that won’t convert a bridge into a can opener.

7. AllTrails

While many campground apps contain information on activities in addition to campsite listings, there are occasions when you only need an option that focuses on a certain activity. AllTrails is exactly what it sounds like for the hiker in all of us. Discover more than 200,000 hiking, backpacking, and mountain bike paths across the world with the help of this app. It also provides thorough descriptions and maps, which will assist even the most experienced outdoor enthusiasts in discovering new discoveries to explore.

8. Tentrr

Look, glamping has earned a bad reputation among those who enjoy camping, and for good reason. In addition, there is a distinct class aspect to the phrase, even down to its origin. Tentrr, on the other hand, is a fantastic alternative if you’re interested in bringing additional domestic comforts to your camping trip.

Pre-made glamping tents are available on more than 800 private and public campgrounds through the business. Users may also schedule amenities like as saunas, massages, and breakfast in bed, which are often found in high-end hotels. At the time, it is only available on iOS devices.

9. Boondocking

Boondocking is the polar opposite of Tentrr, and it is designed specifically for folks who are seeking for free campsites that do not have a lot of facilities. It’s ideal for aficionados of scattered camping since it allows users to browse hundreds of campsites with user-generated information to assist them in making their selection. Just make sure you’re looking for a location that’s a little more off the grid. Most of the alternatives for boondocking do not include electricity or sewage hookups for RVs or tents, which is a common complaint.

10. Packing List Checklist

As soon as you’ve selected the ideal camping spot, you should begin planning your vacation in earnest and thoroughly. Packing List Checklist comes in handy in situations like this one. There are a plethora of packing help applications available, but Packing List Checklist stands out as one of the most useful for iOS users among them. The software provides a plethora of categories for packing lists, allowing users to tailor their preparation choices depending on factors like as family structure and geographic region.

Users may also store and reuse lists, which makes it useful for storing information for the future.

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Essential Camping Apps for IOS and Android

No matter if you are on a road trip to the mountains or to a beach location with an RV Rental, preparing your journey is an important step, and here is where planning and camping apps come in helpful. To ensure that you visit every location on your shortlist of sites that are “Instagram worthy,” you will need to plan ahead of time and organize your time well. If you want to prevent those emotions of regret at the conclusion of a vacation, we can assure that this will be your secret weapon. For example, “we could have seen more places and done more things,” In order to ensure that you don’t miss anything and have a wonderful adventure, we’ve compiled a list of the top camping apps that will assist you in finding a site, packing your kit, and making the most of your surroundings when camping.


As the name implies, this is the only map designed specifically for travelers. It’s certainly not the only one out there, but we’re confident that it will assist you in virtually planning your road trip and finding everything you require while on your route. Discover millions of wonderful and secret sites in your neighborhood with Roadtrippers, including local eateries, strange roadside curiosities, national parks, and even scenic points.

Create your itinerary while learning about the most spectacular spots to add on it with this app, which will be available for free download. Download the app for IOS. Download the app for Android devices.

2.The Dyrt

If you are seeking for locations to camp in an RV, tent, trailer, or cabin in the United States, The Dyrt has a large selection of outdoor accommodations. Based on how much information you need, you may choose between the free and pro versions (the pro version includes a travel planner, offline access, and unique offers). The app is available in both English and Spanish. Choose the type of camper for which you are looking for overnight accommodations and then browse through the available possibilities in the area.

All of the campsites have been evaluated by other campers.

Download the app for Android devices.


This is one of the greatest RV camping applications for discovering new and interesting camping locations. Park4night is widely regarded as a lifesaver for RV campers all over the world, and it will be of great assistance to you if you decide to stop somewhere that wasn’t originally planned (even with organization, it happens sometimes). Through the use of this app, you will have access to some beautiful camping spots that have been recommended by other campers who have previously visited the area.

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Download the app for IOS.

4.Van Secrets

Are you looking for some wild and undeveloped areas? Fasten your seat belts because this platform will reveal all of the best secret camping locations in every country on the planet. Van Secrets will allow you to discover all of the hidden treasures along the way. Regardless of what they are called, the purpose is to pass on the information to your friends. Similarly to the other applications, this one is a “community” platform that is continually being updated, allowing any traveler to be a trendsetter and add points that aren’t currently on the map.

You may view their website by clicking here!


Getting lost, encountering a road with never-ending traffic, or being involved in a car accident are some of the most frustrating experiences a traveler can have. When you have the Waze software on your phone, it is much easier to keep your van on the proper road (and most likely on the best way). While using the GPS functionality of your device, the app will provide you with some quite useful ideas for pit stops. Waze, like the other applications, is based on social interaction, but it also allows you to choose which route is the most convenient for you and which one you want to take.

Also, you can say goodbye to those unneeded speeding penalties, because Waze will alert you about speed restrictions and traffic traps as you approach them. Download the app for IOS. Download the app for Android devices.


Every traveler who enjoys hitting the open road will like this software as well, probably because maps serve as the camper’s constant companion more so than any other type of electronic gadget. Maps.me is equipped with a useful and vital feature: it is accessible even when the internet is not connected. That’s right, even if you’re in the middle of nowhere (which, believe us, is the nicest feeling in the world! ), you won’t have to stress about which way you need to go. To get started, you only need to download the area and/or nation of the maps you wish to use in advance (this is the only time you will require an internet connection).

What’s the nicest part of it all?

Download the app for IOS.


Those who have taken the risk of traveling by van know that, despite the fact that it is the nicest feeling in the world, one of the most frustrating aspects is never knowing where to park a vehicle of that size. While you use the Parkme app, you’ll never have to worry about finding parking when you’re visiting a new place again. This software will display available garages and street parking options in your immediate vicinity or at any other area you choose on the map, as well as the cost of each choice.

In addition, because you can record the position of your parking place in the app, it’s a fantastic tool for people who have poor short-term memory and frequently find themselves searching for their car on the street.

Download the app for Android devices.

8.First Aid

It’s an app you wouldn’t think you’d need until you find yourself in a potentially dangerous position. The First Aid app assists you in learning the proper procedures to follow in the event of a medical emergency or an accident while camping. With videos and interactive quizzes, the app also assists you in learning about first aid skills, as well as straightforward step-by-step advice and recommendations on how to prepare for a variety of crises, from harsh winter weather to road traffic accidents.

Download on AndroidDownload on IOSDownload on Windows


For all of the solitary female travelers who enjoy traveling alone, there is now a women-only social networking app that allows them to connect with other like-minded ladies all over the world. Tourlina is a travel app that connects you with other adventure-seekers that share your interests. It is free to use and has verified travel members. You may meet other female tourists, meet local ladies, or perhaps locate a travel companion based on shared interests if you are looking for one. The app was developed with the goal of connecting women who are traveling alone throughout the world.

You may swipe left or right to select your travel friend depending on your interests, much as you would on a famous networking site. Once you match on the platform, you can plan your trip or talk with your new travel companion. Download on AndroidDownload on IOSDownload on Windows

10.Sky Map

“What am I staring at?” you might have thought if you’ve ever glanced up into the sky and asked yourself. “Does it seem like a star, or does it look like a planet?” Having Sky Map in your hand, however, allows you to skip straight over this guessing game and instead take in the breathtaking splendor of the night skies. Sky Map is a portable planetarium for your Android device that you can take with you wherever you go. To identify stars, planets, and nebulae while camping with children and adults alike is a lot of fun, and it’s a great activity for everyone.

Google Sky Map is available for free download and installation using the Android Market software that comes pre-installed on your phone.

In addition to being a great alternative to Sky Maps for iPhone users, Night Sky allows you to look up stars, constellations, and satellites in your own gorgeous personal planetarium.

It doesn’t matter if you require camping apps to help you plan your excursion, navigate your way through a traffic congestion, or simply locate hidden gems in your neighborhood; these apps will assist you in preparing for your next adventure.

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Traveling and outdoor activities in the wilderness, like snowboarding, hiking, and surfing, appeal to this curious urbanite. The vanlife and outdoor activities have been a part of her life since she renovated her first vehicle in 2016.

7 Free Camping Apps Everyone Loves to Use

One may argue that free camping is the best type of camping since it is the most convenient. RVers may now identify wonderful camping spots with the aid of apps, which have gone a long way in recent years. We aim to assist you in creating lasting moments by providing you with some of the greatest free camping and boondocking applications we’ve come across. So grab your phone, open your app store, and prepare to download seven free camping applications that many RVers find to be quite useful and convenient.

What Is Free Camping?

One may argue that free camping is the best type of camping since it is the most enjoyable. RVers may now identify wonderful camping spots with the aid of apps that have gone a long way. With the greatest free camping and boondocking applications we’ve found, we want to assist you in creating some lasting moments. So grab your phone, open your app store, and prepare to download seven free camping applications that many RVers find to be quite useful and entertaining.

How to Find Free Camping

There have been some changes in the strategies that campers employ to discover inexpensive campsites throughout the years.

Until recently, the only way to obtain free camping was through word-of-mouth recommendations. Campers now have a plethora of resources at their disposal. Some of the most useful tools are right in the palm of your hand, and you can get your hands on them in a matter of seconds.

Best Free Camping Apps

There have been some changes in the methods that campers use to locate economical campsites throughout the years. It used to be that the only way to locate free camping was by word of mouth. Campers now have a wide range of resources at their disposal. In the palm of your hand, you have some of the most powerful tools at your disposal, and you can obtain them in a matter of seconds.

USFSBLM Campgrounds

In this iOS app, you may get information about around 5,700 campsites that are maintained by the United States Forest Service (USFS) and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) (BLM). You may use the map tool to find campgrounds in your area and even start planning your journey with the information provided. Additionally, you can view the weather, elevation, and other useful information about the area in addition to discovering free boondocking locations. Don’t be concerned if you don’t have access to the internet; this app allows you to browse campsite locations and information even when you are not connected to the internet.


This software was built by campers for campers, and it is compatible with iOS devices. You may find hundreds of locations to stay in a vast library there. Using the built-in filters, you may limit down the search results to include just campsites that are within your budget. This includes free campsites. Campendium allows users to write evaluations, as well as advice and images, in order to help future campers get the most out of their camping adventure. You may be able to locate information on how to get to the location, as well as a dump station or freshwater to refill your tanks.


This free boondocking app is available for download on both iOS and Android smartphones. In addition, the Bureau of Land Management and the United States Forest Service provide campsites in the area. Additionally, you may utilize map overlays to get a better understanding of cell coverage and refine your search results based on factors such as road difficulty, safety, weather, and crowdedness. We also appreciate that this app makes it easy to locate additional supplies that campers frequently use, such as dump stations, fresh water, food, and gas.

This more recent software is updated with new features on a regular basis.

Boondocking App

This free boondocking app is available for download on both iOS and Android platforms. The Bureau of Land Management and the United States Forest Service provide campsites in the area. The ability to view cell coverage on maps and filter results based on factors such as road difficulties, safety, weather, and crowdedness is also available. We also like that this app makes it easy to locate additional services that campers frequently use, such as dump stations, fresh water, food, and propane.

We hope you enjoy using it! Even better, you can meet and communicate with other boondockers using the app, and you can see other travelers who are in close proximity to you. This more recent software is updated with new features on a regular basis.

Ultimate Public Campgrounds App

With over 41,000 free or low-cost campgrounds listed in this iOS app, you’re sure to discover a nice area to camp in no time. That it eliminates private and commercial campers while only include public campgrounds is a plus in our book. Because the data is incorporated within the app, this software does not necessitate the use of an internet connection. You will not, however, be able to take use of all of the extra services provided if you do not have an internet connection.


I Overlander, which is available for iOS and Android smartphones, may assist you in discovering some amazing camping places by displaying them on a map or in a list format. This free camping application is nearly entirely maintained by volunteers. The app’s developers have committed to maintaining a free version of the app that contains high-quality content and provides a user-friendly experience at all times. Users have the ability to submit, update, and read the thoughts and information offered by other members of the community.


This iOS software claims to have been the top-selling, best-ranked, and most-reviewed camping app for more than 104 months in a row. When you consider the advantages of using it, you may begin to see why so many campers enjoy it. Camping places from all around the world are available in the app’s library, which surpasses all others. You may filter the map by kind as well as by one of the more than 30 amenities available. Changing from one camping type to another and gaining access to all of the campground’s information is as simple as clicking a button.

Make Boondocking Better with Technology

Over 104 months, this iOS app claims to have been the most popular camping app in terms of sales, rankings, and reviews. Given its several advantages, you may begin to comprehend why so many campers adore it. Thanks to the app’s library, which has hundreds of camping places, it is superior to all others. There are more than 30 amenities to choose from, and you may filter the map by category and by these options: With a single click, you may go from one camping style to another and view all of the campground’s information.

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