What Is Tent Pole Vine

From 100k to 800k subscribers within 4 months! The best example for Tent-pole programming

What began as a second-grade science project has grown into a full-fledged science channel on YouTube, thanks to the efforts of many people. What we’re talking about is the well-known YouTube channel “What’s Inside,” which is run by the father-son pair Lincoln and Dan. Then they go ahead and chop into random objects in order to find what is inside! They’ve sliced open everything from an X-Box controller to a Rubik’s cube, and they’re not done yet. The channel has 97 thousand followers as of the first week of August, according to data from YouTube.

That is an enormous increase in such a short period of time.

Almost everyone is aware that when a YouTube channel gets one hundred thousand subscribers, YouTube sends the channel a Silver Play Button as a memento of the occasion.

What do they do with it, exactly?

  1. It was during the second week of November, on the 14th to be exact, that they released a video titled What’s Inside the YouTube Silver Play Button?
  2. This video got viral very quickly, and it currently has more than 6 million views as of today!
  3. That is the force of virality in action.
  4. On YouTube, you may have seen or heard a lot about tent pole programming, which is a type of computer programming.
  5. A common misperception is that tent pole programming can only be used as an asocial or cultural event.
  6. For example, Christmas, the release of a much-anticipated movie, or a sporting event.
  7. Even personal milestones, unique anniversaries, and other important events might be well suited for Tent pole programming.
  8. So put on your search goggles and go out in quest of your own Tent pole opportunity.
  9. If you have a similar tale to tell, please leave it in the comments section and we will attempt to incorporate it into one of our future blogs.

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People Are Growing Magical Bean Pole Garden Tents For Their Kids

Depending on who you ask, it may be a childhood favorite or a completely new and exciting experience. As summer approaches, there is no better time to take a closer look at the miracle that is a magic bean tent. When seeking for a DIY project that you can complete in your yard with little requirements and resources, this one can be the perfect choice for you. A few bamboo poles, twine or string, some soil, pole bean seeds and/or annual climbing flower seeds are all you need to get started. You don’t even need to have a particularly skilled green thumb to do this garden DIY project; all you need to do is have fun and watch your small project bloom (literally)!

It is possible to educate children how to take care of the growing plants as well as how to assist with the tent-building process.

They will be able to appreciate the final outcome by taking refuge in their own enchanted garden.

Maybe you could incorporate some more quickly growing plants or flowers into the mix as well?

Young and old, people constructing these tents add something magical to their gardens

Image courtesy of tkolins Image courtesy of libgerber Sunshine81158 is the photographer that captured this image. Image courtesy of libgerber Sunshine81158 is the photographer that captured this image. Image courtesy of mum.up.north. Image courtesy of a.k.bales Image courtesy of tereza najs cz. Image courtesy of tereza najs cz. The following image is courtesy of: indecisionandcake Sunshine81158 is the photographer that captured this image. Image courtesy of tereza najs cz. The image is courtesy of thecitystead.

You can watch a more in-depth tutorial in the video below

A pole tent is typically used on the ground or in grassy places, and it has a long pole. A pole tent is supported by stakes pushed into the ground and ties linked to them, which are hammered into the earth. On hard surfaces such as concrete, it is typically not practical to set up a pole tent (unless the stakes can be driven into the concrete). A pole tent is often supported by at least one pole in the middle, which serves as the primary support. Some individuals like to use flowers, vines, other plants, or fabric to adorn the center pole of a tent as a centerpiece, while others choose to use a different method.

Many people appreciate the aesthetic of a pole tent, particularly the way it appears from the outside of the tent. The general design of the tent is characterized by beautiful curves, dips, and peaks, with no visible metal pipes on the interior of the structure.

A pole tent is typically used on the ground or in grassy places, and it has a long pole. A pole tent is supported by stakes pushed into the ground and ties linked to them, which are hammered into the earth. On hard surfaces such as concrete, it is typically not practical to set up a pole tent (unless the stakes can be driven into the concrete). A pole tent is often supported by at least one pole in the middle, which serves as the primary support. Some individuals like to use flowers, vines, other plants, or fabric to adorn the center pole of a tent as a centerpiece, while others choose to use a different method.

  • Many people appreciate the aesthetic of a pole tent, particularly the way it appears from the outside of the tent.
  • A pole tent is typically used on the ground or in grassy places, and it has a long pole.
  • On hard surfaces such as concrete, it is typically not practical to set up a pole tent (unless the stakes can be driven into the concrete).
  • Some individuals like to use flowers, vines, other plants, or fabric to adorn the center pole of a tent as a centerpiece, while others choose to use a different method.
  • Many people appreciate the aesthetic of a pole tent, particularly the way it appears from the outside of the tent.

How to Hang Vines and Greenery from Any Surface

Have you ever received an email from a bride with a photograph of hanging greenery splayed across a wall and wondered, “How on earth did she achieve that?” The challenge of developing and hanging these beauties for wedding decorations is one that I like as a floral designer—hanging floral arrangements (made entirely of greenery or a mixture of foliage and flowers) are beautiful and effective mood-setting arrangements.

  • However, knowing how to hang vines on a wall or how to place vines in a ceiling might be challenging.
  • I’m going to show you some of my favorite methods, tricks, and tools for creating some very memorable greenery displays on a range of different surfaces.
  • The following materials were used for hanging: fishing line and chicken wire armature.
  • We’ll go through the following factors that are critical for hanging vegetation from any surface:
  • Let’s start with the location. What kinds of anchor points are there? Is there a list of restrictions? Are you planning to hang vegetation from brick, concrete, drywall, or the ceiling
  • If so, what materials will you be using? Consult with your customer about the vegetation you want to use. Consider the leaves of eucalyptus or olive trees for a grey-green look
  • Prepare your flower installation toolbox by gathering all of your supplies. See the following for a comprehensive list of items: Greenery or vines can be hung from a wall or other suitable surface. Congratulations on your installation.

Continue reading for a comprehensive and detailed guide! Please feel free to skip forward to the area of this article that pertains to your needs right now:

  • When dealing with hanging flower arrangements, there are a few things to keep in mind. List of greenery that is suitable for hanging ceiling vines, vines on walls, and a variety of other applications
  • Hanging flower arrangements and vines are included in the floral designer’s toolset. Instructions for attaching vegetation to brick walls
  • Hanging vines and plants on wallpaper, painted walls, and windows is a simple task. Putting vines on concrete or wood walls to keep them from falling down
  • Using greenery to decorate fabric, pipe and drape, and cocktail tables is a good idea. Instructions on how to hang vines and plants from columns and poles
  • How to tie greenery on ledges, bars, and tables
  • How to decorate with greenery Using foliage to decorate string lights or cafe lights
  • Adding greenery and ceiling vines to different areas of a space
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How to Hang Greenery: Start with the Venue and Your Materials

In the beginning, when a customer shows me their greenery inspirations or hanging flower arrangements, I try to see the mechanics in my mind’s eye. How do I go about making this work? It is necessary for me to take into consideration the venue and any regulations or limits that may apply to wedding decorations and hanging greenery or florals, therefore I prefer to conduct a site visit with my client to identify any potential concerns before the wedding day. When I go to the venue, I make a point of doing the following two things:

  1. Locate attachment sites
  2. Meet with the venue to discuss the strategy and scope of the project
  3. And

I’ve found that conducting in-person research has come in handy a couple of times in the past when venues have refused to allow wedding décor on specific sections or objected to certain hanging methods. Furthermore, obtaining consent ahead to the event is a fantastic approach to establish vendor relationships while also demonstrating respect for their area. Hi! Team Flower is what we’re all about. Through industry-leading education, we enable flower experts and enthusiasts from every corner of the floral world learn, grow, and connect with one another.

Tawni Eakman Photography is a professional photographer based in Los Angeles.

Greenery that Works Well for Hanging

The greenery used in floral displays must be resilient and able to tolerate circumstances when there is no access to water. Occasionally, I will water tube or use Oasis foam, but this is not always the case because the materials are frequently without water for extended periods of time.

It is best to choose a hardy waxy greenery in these sorts of circumstances. The following is a list of greenery that I’ve discovered is suitable for use in hanging floral arrangements or ceiling vines across a space.

  • Southern Smilax
  • Italian Ruscus
  • Nagi
  • Salal
  • Magnolia
  • Huckleberry
  • Camelia Foliage
  • Eucalyptus (silver dollar, seeded, spiral)
  • Olive Foliage

What’s Inside My Greenery Hanging Toolkit

My toolset for hanging plants is rather broad. When it comes to hanging and attaching vines or plants to a wall, I like to have many options on hand since you never know when a problem will arise. All of the things in my toolbox are readily accessible on Amazon as well as at most home improvement retailers such as Home Depot and Lowe’s.

  • (I have a few different types of fishing line available.) Saltwater Fishing Line The amount of weight you utilize will vary based on what you’re draping from the ceiling. I prefer to keep a supply of 15–20 lb., 60 lb., and 150 lb. weights on hand.)
  • Suction Cups with Hooks
  • Safety Pins
  • Command Hooks
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Gaffers Tape (12″ and 1″ in white and black)
  • Uglu Dashes (Oasis Brand)
  • Spring Clamps, C Clamps, Brick Clips
  • 4″ Black Zip Ties
  • Chicken Wire (a small roll of it, in case a quick armature is required)
  • Suction Cups with Hooks

When approaching a task, the sort of mechanics that will be utilized is dictated by the surface of the wall. Here’s a breakdown of what I’ve discovered to be effective on each surface.

How to Attach Greenery, Vines, and Foliage on a Variety of Surfaces

All right, here we go. What I do to secure items on a variety of surfaces will be discussed in detail in the next section. All of the methods make use of the items from my toolkit that I mentioned earlier. Please feel free to navigate through the gallery to discover the precise surface to which you are attempting to apply flora. Photography by Alante Hot glue and brick clips were used in the hanging process.

Hanging Greenery Vines on Brick Walls

In order to hang flower arrangements on a brick wall, such as bigger foliage pieces and blossoms, you will need to use brick clips to hold them in place. They also serve as an anchor point for hanging Oasis cages or attaching flora to the wall. Aside from that, fishing line may be tied between clips to give the illusion of a vine growing on the wall. It is possible to wrap greenery around the rope or strategically zip tie it on (the 4″ black zip ties mix in beautifully). If you simply need to connect a few items of greenery or a single rose to a typical brick wall, hot glue may also be used to adhere them.

The hot glue gun must be set on high heat and the glue must be really hot in order for it to function, and it will peel right off the brick after the event.

How to Hang Vines and Greenery on Wallpaper, Painted Walls, and Windows

Hanging greenery on walls with gaffers tape is one of my favorite methods since it doesn’t leave a residue or damage paint or wallpaper. Gaffers tape is not particularly strong, thus it should only be used for basic items that need to be attached to a wall. I like to use a thin 12″ size rather than a thicker one. Each piece of greenery gets an X formed by two strips of tape crossed in the same direction. Depending on the weight of the piece, I will repeat this process one to two times. Take a round leaf (salal and silver dollar eucalyptus work well), wrap a strip of gaffer tape around the back, and then lay the leaf over the tape that is visible.

A suction cup hook is essential for hanging plants on windows or glass frames.

They are easy to conceal behind curtains and can support a surprising amount of weight if properly installed. With a huge suction cup, even flower wreaths may be mounted in windows to add a festive touch. The work of photographer Rachel Birkhofer Gaffers tape is used for hanging purposes.

Securing Vines on Concrete or Wood Walls

Uglu dashes, gaffers tape, and Command hooks have all shown to be effective for attaching items to concrete or wood walls without causing harm. I don’t use Command hooks too often since I’ve had them peel off paint or wallpaper in the past. However, on hard, robust surfaces such as wood or concrete, they perform nicely and are readily removed without damaging the surface. Tessa Tadlock Photography is a professional photography company. The following is the method of hanging: fishing line

Greenery on Fabric, Pipe and Drape, and Cocktail Tables

Safety pins may be used to assist hold flora in place on cloth, and fishing line can be put between two pins to create a framework through which greenery can be woven in and out. Straight pins (boutonniere pins) can also be used to assist adhere lightweight foliage to fabric surfaces, such as tablecloths and table runners. For a cocktail table arrangement, I prefer to use bind wire to gather up the tablecloth, and then I wrap foliage pieces around the bind wire to create a knot of greenery. In order to avoid displaying the table legs, make sure your customer purchases linens that are long enough to be collected properly.

Attaching Vines and Greenery to Columns or Poles

Greenery may be secured to columns or poles by wrapping a length of fishing line around the column or pole and weaving the greenery in between the strands of fishing line. Gaffers tape may also be used to hold different sections of fishing line together while they are being tied together.

Dressing Up Ledges, Bars, and Tables

B. Jones Photography is a professional photography company. A 4″ spring clamp was used to hang the picture. I prefer to use either C-clamps or spring clamps to secure a greenery garland to the front of a table, bar, or fireplace mantle, depending on the situation. Both are available in a variety of sizes in my toolbox (mine range from 2″ to 6″). All you have to do is clamp the gadget to the ledge or surface you wish to cover, and then zip tie the garland to the clamp to secure it. You may simply dress up a clamp with greenery or a few flowers, depending on the style you’re trying to get.

Garnishing String or Cafe Lights with Greenery

The Italian ruscus is a favorite of mine for foliage vines on string lights since it’s simple to attach—and it’s simple to assess how many stems are required. Since the length of an Italian ruscus is around 2–3 feet in length, I will take the length of the string lights being utilized and split it by 2. If certain sections are shorter than others, this will give me the amount of stems I need while also allowing for a little more length to be added afterwards. My Italian ruscus will be prepared the night before the event by zip tying two sections together at their stems to produce larger portions around 5 feet in length, which I will then put in a flower box in my cooler the next day.

Urbanlight Studios is a production company based in New York City. For the wall piece, brick clips, chicken wire, and fishing line were used, while for the string lights, Italian ruscus was used.

Foliage on Ceilings or Ceiling Vines for Long Passes Across a Room

For decorating a space with greenery or for suspending ceiling vines above it, fishing line is an excellent choice. Just be sure you select a line with a weight restriction that is sufficient for the number of goods you intend to hang from it. Due to my over-anxious nature, I will often use a 150 lb-tested fishing line for greens passing over people’s heads when I am concerned. Southern Smilax is my favorite foliage to use for this sort of arrangement since it grows swiftly and fills vast spaces quickly and easily.

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GH Kim Photography is a professional photography company.

The Fancy Cat Studio specializes in photography and drawing.

Final Tips for Hanging Vines and Greenery

Take a look up and to the sides of the area where you are working if all other techniques of hanging do not work. I have fishing line in my toolbox at all times since it can be used to construct a hanging point from practically any location where it can be knotted. Perhaps there is a little nail that you can attach a fishing line to, or a ledge that you can tie a clamp to with a fishing line strung from it. In order to be successful, I’ve had to be really inventive throughout the years, and having a wide choice of tools to chose from has greatly aided my efforts.

Greenery has the ability to completely change a space, and I like enriching the visitor experience by putting together these gorgeous arrangements.

If you ever need assistance understanding out mechanics, please do not hesitate to contact me by message or email.

Good luck with your hanging!

25 Breathtaking Tent Ideas for Your Outdoor Wedding

The durability, functionality, and general distinctiveness of tents make them an excellent choice for any outdoor wedding venue. Tents may also provide a wealth of interesting design possibilities for any outdoor wedding location. No matter if they’re painted white, transparent, or brightly colored, these durable structures make a stunning addition to your cocktail hour, outdoor wedding, or outdoor reception. You may create an enticing tented entry appropriate for a grand entrance, add softness with flowing drapery, bring the outdoors in with real plants and trees, or set the tone for your post-ceremony décor with a variety of ceiling installations.

Your wedding canopy or tent will stand out from the crowd with a variety of unique decor, innovative lighting, and custom flooring.

Some of the greatest providers in the market share their insights on how to make your wedding tent even more memorable in the sections that follow. 01 of a total of 25

Bring Focus to Your Head Table

NormanBlake and Shannen Natasha of The Wedding Artists Co. collaborated on this photograph. Thinking outside the box and envisioning a floral display that hangs horizontally over your head table (which is normally where the newlyweds are seated) is an original approach to create a focal point inside your tent. Francis Dorman and Britt Cole, cofounders of 42 North, designed this stunning installation with delicate flowers, chandelier accented with crystals, and romantic drapery. “We used layers of drape to create a sumptuous and private ambience elsewhere in the tent,” the designers explained in a statement.

Elect for a Canopy

Jana Dillon captured this image. According to Morgan Childs, the creator and creative director ofMoana Belle Events, the use of a canopy will allow for ample of natural light to enter your room. According to Childs, the open sides are ideal for incorporating your environment into the design of your day while yet providing shade thanks to the above cover. 03 out of 25

Consider Draping

Abby Jiu Photography captured this image. One approach to include soft draping into the building of your tent—while avoiding the need for extra rentals—is to employ it as a decorative element. The event planner and head of marketing for EVOKE, Kaitlyn Hostetler, proposes that, instead of chandeliers, drape may be used to lend a particular touch to an outdoor tent. It is the depth provided by the architecture that creates the ideal atmosphere to host a formal outdoor event.” 04th out of 25

Assemble a Level Foundation

Raquel Reis captured this image. When you are erecting a tent outside, the ground on which you are working might be unpredictably uneven. Kristin Doggett, owner and creative director of Bellafare, suggests establishing a stable platform on which to build your tent’s base so that you may be assured that it will not collapse. A firm surface is always a good option, according to Doggett, since it ensures a level dance floor, keeps heels from sinking into the ground, and creates an ambiance that feels comfortable and welcoming, just like it would be if you were dancing indoors.

Anticipate Unforeseen Weather

Norman Blake captured this image. According to Tina Reikes, owner of Bear Flag Farm, a nicely draped tent creates an intimate area while protecting guests from the weather. “A beautifully draped tent creates an intimate environment while shielding guests from the elements,” she explains. The sides of the tent were left open for this wedding in order to provide guests with a magnificent view of the grounds. 06th out of 25

Draw the Eye Up

Photo courtesy of JustinMary Hanging flower displays are not only a popular trend, but they are also excellent for drawing attention to the height of your tent. “A floral installation will attract your guests’ attention above, enabling them to appreciate the full beauty of your tent,” says Carrie Wilcox, proprietor of Carrie Wilcox Floral Design.

“A floral installation will draw your guests’ attention upwards, allowing them to enjoy the full splendor of your tent.” Elevated flower arrangements may also free up valuable table space, allowing you to forego the use of a centerpiece entirely if you like. 07th out of 25

Distinguish a Seating Area

O’Malley Photographers provided the image. In order to give the tent some purpose and emphasis near the dance floor, Aleah and Nick Valley, the owners ofValleyCompany Events, recommend that you create a living area in the midst of it. “Use giant comfortable seats, coffee tables, and pews to create an atmosphere similar to that of your own house, and add chandeliers overhead to bring the interior out.” Having a comfortable location will encourage visitors to sit and converse all night long while taking in the ambience and design of the tent.

Curate a Striking Entrance

Photograph courtesy of Leila Brewster Photography Crafting an entrance befitting of a one-of-a-kind event will set the tone for the rest of your tent’s decor. True Event’s Caitlin Campbell, a senior event organizer and designer, suggests attracting your visitors’ attention with an entrance that is decorated with eye-catching decor. According to her, “we enjoy it when a couple wants to make a statement with flowers or other decor alternatives in order to catch everyone’s attention.” 09th day of 25th month

Create Height With Centerpieces

Elizabeth LaDuca captured this image. It’s important to remember to generate height with your tablescape when using a sailcloth tent, says Lauren Emerson of Lauren Emerson EventsDesign. When using a sailcloth tent, she advises couples to use a variety of different components. “Sailcloth tents have such wonderful high peaks that shouldn’t go ignored,” she adds, adding that using many layers of towering arrangements will help to guarantee that your design doesn’t look stale and uninteresting. tenth out of twenty-five

Consider a Clear Top

Kristin Moore took the photograph. Chelsey Morrison, owner of Gather Together Events, like transparent top tents because they allow her to incorporate elements of the outdoors into her events. According to her, “When you are in a beautiful environment, there is no better way to feel connected to the landscape while simultaneously sheltering your guests from the weather.” One of her favorite aspects of transparent buildings is that they are more energy efficient. During the evening hours, the shadows made by the surrounding trees and sceneries may be observed.

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Strategize Cohesive Decor Elements

Sarah Kate Photography provided the image. Emily Clarke, creative director of Emily Clarke Events, designed a wedding celebration that included magnolia trees around the event and the tent’s general design to make it feel like an outdoor wedding. Weaved vines, magnolia leaves, and lush flora were used to create a large tent doorway that complemented the trees. ” The ivy was then wrapped around the internal tent poles. “We finished by suspending huge Magnolia leaf wreathes from the ceiling,” she says further.

Amplify Your Color Scheme

Harwell Photography provided the image. This reception’s décor, as well as architectural aspects, had hues of purple everywhere. In order to assist establish a consistent theme throughout your event, Alicia Fritz, CEO of A Day in May Event PlanningDesign, advises using tiny traces of color at the top of your tent to help create a cohesive theme throughout.

If you use a variety of tones, colors, and hues in your area, she adds, “you may enhance the space and structure depending on your day-of color palette.” 13th out of 25

Bring the Outdoors In

Jen Fariello captured this image. Considering that your surrounding environment will have a huge impact on your overall theme and tented design, why not include aspects of nature into the inside design of your day-of space? Souther Blooms partner Sherry Spencer says, “We love to include natural elements into our tented weddings by cutting saplings from the land and bringing the outside in.” By filling the high ceiling with saplings, she says, this helps to create a more intimate atmosphere for the wedding guests.

Integrate Unexpected Sparkle

Bamber Photography provided the image. For a fashionable and whimsical approach to add sparkle to the interior of your tent, Victoria Love, owner ofV. Love Events, offers strands of different twinkling lights as a decorative element in your tent. In order to make your guests feel as though they are dancing under the stars, she recommends that you use twinkling lights overhead. The addition of this element will elicit feelings of romance and create a mellow atmosphere. 15th out of 25

Make a Statement

Bamber Photography captured this image. For a fashionable and whimsical approach to add sparkle to the interior of your tent, Victoria Love, owner ofV. Love Events, offers strands of different twinkling lights as a decorative accent to your tent. According to her, “let your visitors feel as if they are dancing under the stars with twinkling lights above them.” With the addition of this function, you may create a romantic atmosphere that is gentle and inviting for your guests. the fifteenth out of twenty-five

Adorn With Pendants

Bamber Photography provided the photograph. Victoria Love, owner ofV. Love Events, suggests using strands of various twinkling lights to add a touch of glitz and whimsy to the interior of your tent. According to her, “let your guests feel as if they are dancing under the stars with twinkling lights overhead.” The addition of this element will elicit feelings of romance and create a relaxing atmosphere. 15 out of 25

Play Up the Exterior

KT Merry captured this image. Heather Lowenthal, owner of Posh Parties, recommends using a burst of color on the tent’s outside trim to draw attention to the structure’s exterior. As she points out, “it’s crucial to pay attention to the exterior just as much as you do the interior.” The exterior of this all-white building was bordered with drapery that had a broad blue border to complete the look by adding a splash of color. 18 out of 25

Customize a Dance Floor

Stone Crandall Photography captured this image. “A dance floor was very necessary in order for guests to fully groove to the sounds of an amazing band,” explains Katie Huebel, owner of WED. Because the bride and groom wanted something unique for their wedding, they chose a traditional color scheme for their dance floor. twenty-fifth out of twenty-five

Hide Unflattering Details

Photograph courtesy of Christian Oth Studio Every detail counts when it comes to impressing guests, so make sure the exterior of your tent is as as stunning as the interior. The structure of your tent and the materials required to conceal items that you may not want your guests to see are important considerations, says Lynn Easton, founder and creative director of Easton Events.

“Don’t forget to consider the structure of your tent and the materials required to camouflage things you may not want your guests to see,” she adds. twenty-fifth of twenty-five

Work With Natural Tones

Perry Vaile captured this image. Ashley Culicchia Cash, owner and creative director of The Graceful Host, recommends that couples take inspiration from their surroundings while planning their wedding. “Incorporate natural tones into your color palette that are reminiscent of the scenery of your surroundings,” she recommends. ” The rustic design approach of this open-air tented celebration was enhanced by the use of wooden accents. twenty-first out of twenty-five

Embellish Tables With Candlelight

Perry Vaile took this photograph. According to Ashley Culicchia Cash, the owner and creative director of The Graceful Host, while looking for decor inspiration, couples need look no farther than their immediate surroundings. Her advice: “Incorporate natural tones into your color pallet that are similar in tone to your location.” The rustic design approach of this open-air tented celebration was enhanced by the use of wood elements. number twenty-first out of twenty-five total

Allocate Space for Entertainment

Perry Vaile captured this image. While tables, dance floors, and other design components will take up the majority of the available area in your tent, it’s crucial to allow enough space for other day-of aspects such as your live band or other entertainment necessities to set up. The Fabulous Equinox Orchestra’s maestro, Jeremy Davis, explains that while tents provide an intimate ambiance, allowing too little space for a large orchestra can result in confined quarters and restricted dance space.

twenty-third of twenty-five

Understand the Mechanics

Photograph courtesy of Christian Oth Studio The president and CEO of JZ Events, Jennifer Zabinski, says that wedding tents should feature all of the amenities that a traditional venue would have. “This includes flooring, power, air conditioning/heating units, generators, lighting, and portable restrooms,” she says. It’s also vital to think about how your tent will work in terms of selling to merchants. “For example, if your wedding is in a rural area, make sure there are adequate access points for suppliers to load in and make sure to include a cook-tent.” 24th out of 25

Play With Scale, Size, and Design

Katie Slater Photography provided the image. Selecting the appropriate tent size for your event, whether it is an intimate gathering or a bigger gathering with a larger guest list, is essential to completing the plan of your reception or wedding. According to Christen Ryan, creator of Ryan Designs, when it comes to tent sizes and aesthetics, it is critical to have a variety of options. It’s important to keep in mind that some tents have poles that take up valuable internal space, and to take your surroundings into consideration when selecting décor elements so that every component of your design contributes to the overall vision, adds Ryan.

Light It Up

Justin DeMutiis Photography provided the photograph. When weddings go far into the night, it’s critical to ensure that your tent is sufficiently illuminated so that guests don’t feel as if they are no longer welcome in the room. For events that will continue after the sun goes down, the integration of light into your tented design is critical, according to Tracie Domino, founder and creative director ofTracie Domino Events.

“Whether string lights, large bulbs, or lit installations, the integration of light in your tented design is crucial,” she says.

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