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Northern Lavvu: Makers of Sami Tents

Greetings from Northern Lavvu. What is Northern Lavvu, and how does it differ from the rest of Lavvu? Northern Lavvu is a company that creates and manufactures Lavvus in both classic and modern styles (pronounced “LAA-voo”, and often-spelled lavvo, laavu or laavo). The persons who work on, develop, or coach the craft of Lavvu creation are of Sami heritage and have prior experience camping in and living in Lavvus. They are also members of the Sami community. Sami Elders have instructed and directed the Lavvu artisans throughout their careers.

Known variously as the Sámi, Saami, and more derogatorily as “Lapps” or “Laplanders,” the Sami are the indigenous peoples of northern Scandinavia, which includes parts of Norway, Sweden, Finland, and the Kola Peninsula of Russia.

What exactly is a Lavvu?

Because of its simplicity, the Sami were able to move fast with their semi-domesticated reindeer herds at the drop of a hat at any time.

  • Although the Lavvu is sometimes mistaken with the Native American Tipi, it is not a Tipi in the traditional sense.
  • Because it is more centered to the ground, the Lavvu is better equipped to withstand the ferocious winds of the Scandinavian tundra, resulting in a more sturdy construction.
  • The design of the Lavvu, which has been around for millennia, also symbolizes the Sami culture as a whole.
  • The Native Americansreplica rolex who traveled in bigger groups of multiple family groupings had the benefit of more hands to assist them in putting their Tipi together.
  • A Lavvu is an extremely useful construction, and anyone who has owned one before can attest to that fact.
  • Take a look around our website.
  • What We Have to Offer Traditional Lavvus: The lavvu is a design that has existed for hundreds, if not thousands, of years and is still in use today.
  • Sunforger Lavvu:Similar to conventional lavvus, these lavvus combine the aesthetic of traditional lavvus with the mildew protection provided by Sunforger fabric to provide a comfortable and stylish sleeping environment.

We are now offering wooden lavvu pole kits, which can be delivered straight to your home in the United States. Take a look around our website. If you have any queries concerning our Lavvus, please do not hesitate to contact us by email.

Polish Army Dome tent Lavvu teepee

Lavvu is a Polish army dome tent used by the Polish army. This is a genuine ex-army two-person tent in good condition. It is composed of the following elements: 2 × polish tent halves are required (the Tent halves are also a poncho) 2 × set of poles (with tent pegs) (approximate dimensions) 1.4 m in height 2.1 meters in width In olive color, they are offered in four different sizes/types; the size difference from top to bottom is one size.

  1. It comes in three sizes: small 165cm/65″
  2. Medium 180cm/71″
  3. And a large one of 195cm/77″
  4. Hobson’s Large Reproduction.

The Hobsons 3 hole Tent/Poncho is now available. We’ve done all we can to make this tent look as close to the genuine thing as we possibly can. Please view the images below for a comparison of materials. With this purchase, you will receive two (2) poncho / shelter halves as well as two (2) pairs of poles. It weighs 3.8kg when fully assembled including poles and pegs. Please keep in mind that the button holes are quite tight and that the first use may necessitate a little more care and patience.

Given that these are genuine military surplus items, the measurements shown above are only estimates, and there may be some variations.

For example, the first eyelet is little, the second is medium, and the third is enormous.

Consider purchasing a compact backpack liner, which may be used as a stuff bag for the tent or sleeping bag.

Question: What Is A Lavvu Tent

Three or more forked poles and many straight poles are used to construct the traditional lavvu, with the first being the most common. A lavvu of this sort is less cumbersome to transport and is a popular alternative to the tents that are frequently used for camping. There are also quite enormous lavvus with enough space for dozens of people to sleep in them.

Do Sami people still live in tents?

Although some Sami continue to migrate in traditional tepee-style tents known as “lavvu,” for the most of the year, they live in conventional contemporary houses or huts when they are out at their pastures, according to the Sami Language Association.

What are Sami tents called?

a goahti (Northern Sámi), goahte (Lule Sámi), ghte (Pite Sámi), ghtie (Ume Sámi), or getie (Southern Sámi), (also gábma), (Norwegian: gamme, Finnish: kota, Swedish: kta), is a Sami house or

Why are the Sami people considered indigenous?

The Sámi consider themselves to be an Indigenous People, as defined by the International Labor Organization (ILO) Convention 169, which states that “peoples in independent countries who are regarded as indigenous on account of their descent from the populations that inhabited the country, or a geographical region to which the country belongs, or a combination of the foregoing” are considered indigenous.

Are Sami Vikings?

Thousands of years before the development of Swedish, Finnish, or even Viking civilization, the Scandinavian peninsula was inhabited by the Saemieh people (hereafter referred to as Sami).

Later, the immigration of Germanic tribes and the mingling of those tribes gave rise to the well-known Viking civilization that is found in Sweden and Norway today.

Are Chukchi related to Inuit?

Nunavut’s Inuit culture is linguistically similar to that of the Lower Kolyma Chukchi, although that region is also home to the Yukaghir, the Even, and other indigenous peoples as well.

What religion believes in animal spirits?

Animism (from the Latin word anima, which means ‘breath, spirit, life’) is the concept that all objects, locations, and animals have a separate spiritual essence that may be discerned. Animism has the potential to regard all things as animated and living, including animals, plants, rocks, rivers, weather systems, human handicraft, and even even words in their most basic form.

What race is Sami?

The Sami are an indigenous people who live in the northernmost parts of Sweden, Finland, Norway, and the Kola Peninsula of Russia. They are also known as the Lapps. The Sami speak a language that is a member of the Finno-Ugric branch of the Uralic language family, and their closest linguistic neighbors are the Finns, Karelians, and Estonians. The Sami are the indigenous people of northern Scandinavia.

What is a Laavu?

A laavu is a simpler variant of a wilderness house in terms of design and construction. They are similar to wilderness huts in that they are not heated and cannot be scheduled in advance. Laavus, in contrast to bush shelters, do not have doors or windows. A typical laavu is a wooden hut with a roof, a floor, and three walls that is around 10 m2 in area and 2 m high. It has a roof, a floor, and three walls.

What are reindeer herders called?

In the circumpolar North, reindeer herding is carried out by individuals who are known as reindeer herders. Approximately 100,000 people are currently employed in reindeer herding throughout the world.

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What is a Lavvu made of?

Three or more forked poles and many straight poles are used to construct the traditional lavvu, with the first being the most common. The forked poles have a two-stem fork at the apex of the poles’ length. Each of these three poles is linked with the others to form a tripod shape.

What is Lapland called now?

“Lapland” is a region in Scandinavia that is commonly referred to as Finland’s northernmost region or region. However, it really encompasses the northern portions of Sweden, Norway (which accounts for one-fourth of all of Scandinavia), Finland, and even Russia.

Are the Sami related to Inuit?

The Inuit are the most populous group of people in the Arctic. The Sami people.

What is black Norwegian?

African-Norwegians (Norwegian: Afro-Norsk) or Black-Norwegians (Norwegian: Svart Nordmann) are individuals of African heritage who have ancestors who are descended entirely or partially from any of the black racial groupings of Sub-Saharan Africa who currently reside in Norway.

What is the religion of the Sami people?

The traditional religion of the Sámi people is widely regarded to be Animism. Traditional Sámi beliefs include the notion that all major natural objects (such as animals, plants, rocks, and so on) are endowed with a soul, and from a polytheistic perspective, traditional Sámi beliefs contain a plethora of spirits.

Why is Lapland derogatory?

Lapland, the commonly used term for the region, is derived from Lapp, the name Scandinavians gave to the Sami people, who have lived in the region for many thousand years but have been mostly absent from the rest of the world.

Today, the Sami consider the term “Lapp” to be disparaging in nature. The region is referred to as Sápmi.

Do Sami still herd reindeer?

It is believed that the Gaups have a population of roughly 70,000 people and are among the last remaining Sami herders.

What does Sami mean?

It is possible that Sami is an Arabic name that means “elevated” () or “sublime.” (), a Turkish given name, a Finnish male given name derived from Samuel, or an American given name shortened from Samantha or Samuel.

How did the Sami people survive?

Tradition has it that the majority of Sami people have made a living via fishing, cattle farming, and hunting near the coast, in fjords, and along the banks of great rivers farther inland.

Are Inuits from Siberia?

The Inuit (including the Alaskan Iupiat, the Greenlandic Inuit, and the Inuit peoples of Canada) and the Yupik (or “Yuit”) of eastern Siberia and Alaska are the two main groups of people known as Eskimo. The Inuit (including the Alaskan Iupiat, the Greenlandic Inuit, and the Inuit peoples of Canada) are the second largest group. The Aleut are a third northern group that is closely linked to both of the other groups.

How did Sami family built their Lavvu to resist the harsh winter weather of Scandinavia?

In the event that they had chosen the more typical tipi shape, the structure would have been easily toppled down and blown away by the strong winds. Because of this, the designers created a little less vertical form for the lavvu, which made it considerably more difficult to level.

Can I visit the Sami people?

Even as far south as Trndelag, however, there are Sami groups that have established themselves. If you travel to Northern Norway, you will have the opportunity to learn about the Sami way of life. Camping in a traditional lavvo (Sami tent) under the northern lights, getting up up and personal with reindeer, or seeing a Sami art show are all possibilities.

Who are the Sami Vikings?

The Sami are descended from nomadic peoples who lived in northern Scandinavia for thousands of years before being assimilated. During the time of the Finns’ invasion of Finland, which began about the year 100, Sami communities were likely distributed across the country; now, they are limited to the country’s northernmost reaches.

Why is laplander offensive?

The Sámi have traditionally been referred to in English as Lapps or Laplanders, although some Sámi people find these words unpleasant and prefer to refer to the region by its native language name, such as Northern Sami “Sápmi,” or the Sámi language itself. The ancestral territories of the Sámi are located in the Volga area of present-day Russia, along with the domains of other Uralic peoples.

How to choose the right lavvo

A lavvu is a practical and pleasant means of sleeping and camping, and it is also a highly social manner of doing so. What could be more relaxing than relaxing in front of a fire in a dry, comfortable lavvu? Lavvus, which provide lots of space for family and friends, are ideal for bringing everyone together for meals and exchanging stories about the day’s experiences, as well as for hosting parties. Helsport’s lavvus are simple to set up and may be used all year round, according to the manufacturer.

Having said that, as measured by weight, lavvus are considered to be rather light.

In 2018, we introduced a new aluminum pole that is both lightweight and sturdy, making it even easier to pitch the lavvu. Because the pole is attached to the ground by a shock cord, it may be collapsed with the same ease that a standard tent pole does.

Pick the right size

Helsport’s lavvus are available in a variety of sizes, with the size being signified by the number of persons who can be accommodated by the lavvu in question. This is the maximum number of persons who can fit inside the lavvu if they are laying down on the floor. If the lavvu is completely crammed, though, there won’t be much place for further equipment. When choosing a lavvu size, it is important to consider how many people will be accompanying you on your journey. Because lavvus do not have the storage space for equipment and supplies like ordinary tents have, budget a little extra for these items.

This offers you enough room for a stove, your equipment, your dog, and firewood, among other things.

It is thus important to ensure that you have adequate space to be able to take advantage of these amenities.

Don’t forget about accessories

It is necessary to have the appropriate accessories in order to enjoy enhanced comfort, maximum use, and a positive experience. An inner tent and a ground sheet will significantly improve living conditions and should be considered basic equipment in your lavvu if you intend to use it on a regular basis. These components will help to keep the interior climate drier, which will make you feel more comfortable. A ground sheet and an inner tent may be attached to our Varanger, Varanger Camp, and Finnmark lavvus, which all include fittings for doing so.

  1. An adjustable pipe that can be modified to fit the lavvu’s dimensions and a top cover that prevents the tent cloth from coming into touch with the hot pipe are two features that distinguish the wood stove from the competition.
  2. In addition, a stove produces far less smoke within the lavvu than a regular open fire.
  3. The burner is attached to the pole of the lavvu and has a top cover that may be utilized for preparation of food.
  4. Wet garments may be dried here, making it simpler to keep the lavvu clean and organized in the future.
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Our lavvus

The materials used to make all of our lavvus are the identical, but the details and construction methods vary from one to the next. There are two major lavvu types to choose from: one with a camp portion and one without. With a retractable awning, the camp area gives you more space while also preventing rain from entering into the lavvu when the door is left open. Top-hat adjustment from the inside and mosquito netting at the entry are included as standard in all of our lavvus. However, while these additional details and adjustment possibilities for guy lines and peg loops, as well as practical guy line fixtures, are not required for lavvu functionality, they are included as standard in the Helsport lavvus because they make pitching and using the lavvu more convenient and easy.

  1. Varanger Campand is a fictional character created by author Varanger Campand.
  2. Finnmark is the lavvu that sticks out the most among the others.
  3. In order to be used in tough and harsh situations, the Finnmark lavvu has been designed.
  4. Additionally, it has a ground sheet that is linked to the inside tent.
  5. For people who will be transporting their lavvu over extended distances, the Pasvik lavvu will be more basic and lighter in comparison to other options.
  6. It does, however, have all of our regular lavvu elements, as well as robust materials and a spacious, wide entry area equipped with mosquito netting and adjustable vents to provide a comfortable internal atmosphere throughout the summer months.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be delighted to assist you in finding the lavvu that’s right for you.

Good luck choosing your lavvu!

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Please see our support section or contact us. Return to the filtering options menu.

Polish Military Poncho/Shelter Half, 2 Pack

With the ability to function as both a wearing clothing and a shelter, this military poncho is a utilitarian’s dream. A Polish poncho during the day transforms into a lavvu-style tent during the night. A hood, a button front with a wind flap, and button shut arm openings are all included when the poncho is used as a poncho. When used as a shelter, it comes with a two-piece 30″ pole and stakes to hold it up. Some kits come with three 10″ poles, while others come with two 15″ poles.

This Military Poncho Sold In Packs of Two So You Can Make The Most of Your Tent Halves!

When used as a shelter half/tent, they may be buttoned together to make a huge sleeping space, which is referred to as a lavvu tent in some parts of the world. Because we are selling in pairs, you will receive two ponchos as well as two sets of poles and stakes. Cotton canvas is used for the construction of the poncho. Despite their age, these ponchos are in excellent shape. Genuine European Military Surplus at a great price. We are aware that these tents were built for the Polish Army and that the size is determined by the number of eyelets on the tent (one, two, or three).

Sorry, but we will not be making any special selections.


The Sami people of Norway have lived in close contact with nature for millennia and have always vowed allegiance to the tipi as a means of protection from the severe weather. When we were creating our lavvo, which is the Norwegian equivalent of a tipi, we took inspiration from this as well. The NorTent Lavvo 4 is a relatively tiny lavvo that is yet extremely large and versatile for use in all four seasons. This lavvo is designed for those traveling alone or in small groups. Aside from the ambition to create a lightweight tent that can be used for anything you want and anywhere you want, Lavvo 4 is also inspired by Lavvo 6.

This tent, like all of our tents, is constructed of silnylon, which we believe to be one of the most durable and resilient lightweight fabrics available.

However, in exchange, you will have a lightweight tent that will be able to survive the majority of the elements Mother Earth has to offer.

Because of the innertent and the stove, there is enough space for two people to sleep in addition to all of the equipment.

For the simple reason that we believe you will not want this feature very often, we have eliminated the typical aperture in the ceiling that is commonly present in traditional tipis.

Unfortunately, a bonfire in the tipi is frequently a smoky and uncomfortable event until the fire is finally put out, which does not provide the lovely mood you were hoping for.

You get the warmth of a blaze without any of the negative aspects of having a bonfire.

We at NorTent believe that your bag shouldn’t be too heavy, and that your tent should be light and durable as well as comfortable.

The height of our tipi is lower than that of a typical tipi.

With its 193 cm from bottom to top and 363 cm diameter, we have created a tipi with a very modest angle, allowing the energy in the wind to be directed up and around the tipi rather than remaining on the flysheet.

As a result, the tent has a non-aerodynamic cone form, which allows the wind to readily get through the walls.

When paired with a Silnylon flysheet, the tipi becomes an incredibly sturdy and stable tent that can survive the majority of the elements under most conditions.

However, in order to increase the operation of the side guy out points in severe weather scenarios, we have made arrangements for them to be upgraded.

The fact that we have put in a lot of effort means that this tent would be an excellent choice in any circumstance.

To guarantee that the tent truly stands like a mountain, you may increase the number of plug connections with our flexible plug-system, which allows you to nearly nail the tent to the ground almost completely.


Keep the snow away from the tipi.

The material we utilize to construct our tent is extremely sturdy and water-resistant.


If condensation forms on the inside of the flysheet, the environment inside every tent becomes moist and uncomfortable, which is not always the case.

This ensures that there is adequate ventilation to prevent condensation.

Lavvo 4 by Nortent is equipped with two air valves located at the bottom of the tent and a huge air vent located on the back of the tipi, which is put as high as possible on the tent.

On very humid days, when more ventilation is required, you may also make use of the two openings in the tent to further manage the flow of air. Mosquito netting is included in both doors of the tipi to keep the pests out if you choose to ventilate with both doors open on those hot summer nights.

Size 2 New Polish Lavvu shelter military tent Set of 2 Canvas Ponchos 1972-2004

The cost of shipping cannot be estimated. To proceed, you must provide a valid ZIP Code. Wellingborough, Northamp, United Kingdom is the location of the item. Shipping to: Anywhere in the world Bolivia, Haiti, Liberia, Nicaragua, Turkmenistan, Paraguay, Mauritius, Sierra Leone, Venezuela, and other countries are excluded.

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Lavvu Tent FOR SALE!

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