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Sketch was used to create this design. Sponsored You may get it as soon as Monday, February 28 for $20.64 delivery. Amazon’s Featured Product Customers browsed Amazon’s Choice for the following items:. At the time of purchase, a $5.00 coupon was added. With the voucher, you may save $5.00. Ages range from 36 months to 3 years. At the time of purchase, a $5.00 coupon was added. With the voucher, you may save $5.00. Ships to the Netherlands are available. Order quickly as there are only 5 left in stock.

With the voucher, you may save 10%.

  • With the voucher, you may save 10%.
  • With the voucher, you may save 10%.
  • With the coupon, you may save 5 percent.
  • With the coupon, you may save 5 percent.
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Ages range from 12 months to 7 years.

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Ages range from 12 months to 7 years.

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With the voucher, you may save 10%.

Ships to the Netherlands are available.

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Battery-Operated Tent String Lights

  • Make your tent or playspace appear to be filled with stars by using artificial lighting. This 7-foot-long strand has six LED light strings that are enclosed in plastic tubing and may be used indoors or outdoors. Specifically designed to illuminate the poles of a 6-pole 7′ tent (728558, available separately), but it may also be used to illuminate the poles of smaller tents with fewer poles. Three AA batteries are required (which are not included). This item is only for cosmetic purposes only.

With our Battery-Operated Tent Lights, you can create a stunning starry effect from the safety of your child’s tent or playspace (available separately). Six LED light strings enclosed in plastic tubing create a soothing glow that creates a delightful environment and a warm play place for the children to enjoy. It’s great for both indoor and outdoor use! This set of lights was designed particularly for our 7′ Cotton Canvas Tent (available separately), however they may be used with smaller tents that have fewer poles, but they will have surplus length and light strings.

Size:7’L Caution: Before assembly, this package contains tiny pieces that might be swallowed and cause serious injury to a child.

Pink Play Tents

A single set of pink princess tents with LED lights is included with this order. With this adorable fairy home tent, your children will have a quiet room to occupy themselves, read, or just rest in the evening. Mosquitoes are kept away from your children by screens around the product. This large tent has enough space to accommodate up to three children at the same time. What a wonderful gift you’ve given me!

  • Product Type: Play Tent
  • Primary Material: Polyester
  • Color: Blue
  • Size: Large
  • In either indoor or outdoor settings
  • For children aged 3 to 4 years
  • For a maximum of four people.

This castletent isn’t particularly durable, but it does hold together even while being dragged. It is just the push portion of the castletent that is susceptible to being turned over. It’s constructed of something similar to pvc pipe, but it’s a lot thinner and flimsier. However, if you’re looking for something for a toddler who enjoys playing in miniature houses or tents but doesn’t want to ruin them, this would be perfect. It does come with star lights, but just a few of them, I think there were four total, which I didn’t use since I didn’t want my one-year-old yanking on the strings.


Light Up Your Child’s Imagination With Twinkle Play Tents

*I have been compensated in the form of a product for writing this post. All of my opinions are my own, and I hold them to be such. This post was sponsored by [email protected]. Children’s emotional expression may be channeled via imaginative play, which helps to support healthy brain development. Because the number of technologically based toys available on the market is always expanding, it might be difficult to discover toys that encourage imaginative play. Check out Twinkle Play Tents if you’re looking for something that will keep your child entertained while they’re playing imaginatively.

  1. They are offered in two different styles to ensure that you have a fun time playing with them.
  2. Thanks to [email protected] for the photo.
  3. Following a child’s entrance and the playing of his or her favorite song, the tent comes to life with shifting colors.
  4. For added safety, the LED lights are kept cold to the touch.
  5. They feature two flaps for doors, and you can hold them open using the Velcro straps that are attached to the flaps.
  6. They require three AAA batteries, which are not provided, and they must be assembled.
  7. When we purchased her first play tent, we didn’t even consider whether or not it would be sufficiently lit on the inside.

With the Twinkle Play Tent, this is not a problem at all.

If she remains silent for an extended period of time, the lights will automatically turn off, but she knows just what to do to reactivate them.

The tent is far larger than I anticipated, and it could comfortably accommodate more than one child.

These Twinkle Play Tents are very simple to erect and dismantle.

Twinkle Play Tents are a fantastic option for children of all ages to enjoy.

Twinkle Play Tents are available for purchase from the official website for $39.99. They will also be available for purchase at Walmart sometime in the month of December. Twinkle Play Tents may be found on social media sites like as Facebook and Twitter.


We recognize that the painstaking attention to detail that goes into planning an event is what makes it memorable. With a variety of unique event additions, you can give your event that extra “polish.” Above and beyond the boundaries of the traditional entertainment fare, Hawaii SoundVision can assist you with many areas of your special event that are not often associated with it. The event add-ons included on this page are just a tiny selection of the most popular options available.


The majority of island resorts and private houses are surrounded by breathtaking natural features. This is due to the fact that these characteristics are not visible after dark. Our uplighting may be used to draw attention to trees, vegetation, and water elements in order to include them into the overall ambience of your event. Make your site come to life by exhibiting the natural beauty of Hawaii that surrounds you and your guests throughout your event.


By using lighting, you may transform a simple tent or canopy into an exquisite and exotic event environment! In order to fit any style or theme, we provide a rainbow of bespoke colors. Request information about our “chameleon” lights, which can change colors on command and are suitable for the unusual.

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If dancing is going to be a big part of your event, then a bespoke parquet wood dance floor is an absolute necessity! Our flooring are both gorgeous and durable. They are capable of dealing with most settings, both indoors and out. They perform admirably on a variety of uneven terrain, including lawns and cinder driveways. A variety of sizes are available, including those as tiny as 10 × 10 and as large as 20 x 20.


With our professional karaoke packages, you can turn your visitors into the stars of the event! Members of the audience may sing along to their favorite songs using a microphone and a visual panel that shows the lyrics of the song. The karaoke jock (KJ) encourages the visitors to participate and sing along with him. Requests can be taken from the song list that has been supplied. There are some events that are exclusively karaoke, while others utilize it in conjunction with music design.

25 Backyard Camping Ideas That’ll Give You the Best Staycation Ever

Professional karaoke packages can make your guests the center of attention at your event. A microphone and television monitor, which shows the lyrics of the song, allow guests to sing along to their favorite tunes. With the help of the karaoke jock (KJ), the attendees are encouraged to participate and sing along. From the music list that is supplied, requests can be taken. While some gatherings are devoted entirely to karaoke, others incorporate it within a larger musical production.

Leisure Sports Portable LED Tent Light Bulb- 2 Pack Hanging Lights with 3 Settings and 60 Lumen By Leisure Sports (Pink) (For Camping Hiking Tents and Emergency) Lowes.com

  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE- These Leisure Sports lights are lightweight for convenience, and they are constructed of high-quality water-resistant ABS material for long-lasting durability. Each of the camping tent bulbs has a lifespan of 100.000 hours, providing you with peace of mind while camping in the great outdoors. Longer lasting- The 60 lumen hanging tent lamp makes use of energy-efficient LED technology, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about whether or not your light will work. When compared to traditional lights, LED produces a higher lumen-per-watt ratio, which saves energy and allows your light to last longer.


With the LED Hanging Tent Light bulbs from Leisure Sports, you can effortlessly illuminate your surrounds, both indoors and out. These tiny and energy-efficient lights, which are made of water-resistant material, may be simply hung from any tent, tree, rope, or bag for increased convenience and portability.

This two-pack of lights, which also has three illumination settings, including an emergency mode, is great for camping, hiking, fishing, and other outdoor activities, as well as for emergencies.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE- These Leisure Sports lights are lightweight for convenience, and they are constructed of high-quality water-resistant ABS material for long-lasting durability. Each of the camping tent bulbs has a lifespan of 100.000 hours, providing you with peace of mind while camping in the great outdoors. Longer lasting- The 60 lumen hanging tent lamp makes use of energy-efficient LED technology, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about whether or not your light will work. When compared to traditional lights, LED produces a higher lumen-per-watt ratio, which saves energy and allows your light to last longer. MULTIPURPOSE LIGHTS- With three distinct illumination settings, these tiny lanterns are ideal for camping, fishing, trekking, disaster relief, vehicle or truck use, or even as a nightlight
  • They are also available in a variety of colors. Using the 100 percent high setting, you can illuminate a broad area, while the 50 percent low option may create a pleasant glow, and the flashing emergency setting is suitable for use in an emergency scenario. Additional features include an integrated hook that enables the lights to be easily hung in a tent or canopy, clipped to a backpack, or strung from a tree or a rope
  • The product specifications are as follows: Dimensions are 4.5 inches high by 2 inches wide, they are made of high quality ABS plastic, they are water resistant, and they weigh just 1.2 pounds each, and they are made in the United States. It requires three AAA batteries, which are not included, and each LED light emits 60 lumens. It comes with two bulbs in the color pink.

24 Unique Wedding Lighting Ideas

We are completely obsessed with wedding details, including cakes, flowers, personalized invitations, and more. However, we must acknowledge the following unadvertised fact: lighting is the single most crucial décor element at your wedding. And while it may appear to be a more practical than entertaining concept at first, bear with us: The bulbs and candles you choose (whether they’re simple votives or elaborate chandeliers) will be responsible for lighting your beautiful setting, capturing your flawless images, and keeping the party going long after the sun has set.

Take, for example, if you’re a gourmand bride who dreams of a wine-fueled night beneath the stars, you can try stringing string lights over the reception area or arranging a long line of taper candles along the middle of your wedding reception table.

Continue reading to discover picture-perfect wedding lighting ideas that will make your big day sparkle like a diamond.

Create a Ceiling of Lights

Sara Lobla contributed to this photograph. Isn’t this picture absolutely stunning? Love how the ceiling of lights defines the dinner space while also giving the illusion of a starry sky. – (even in daylight). 03th of 24th of 24th of 24th of 24th of 24th of 24th of 24th of 24th of 24th of 24th of 24th of 24th of 24th of 24th of 24th of 24th of 24th of 24th of 24th of 24th of 24th of 24th

Incorporate String Lights

Sylvie Gil Photography provided the photograph. Once again, hanging lights over the doorway will do the trick. This particular lighting design works particularly well since the lights can be simply connected through the existing trellis of vegetation that has been created. 04th out of 24

Mix Garlands and Drapes

Chaz Cruz contributed to this image. AtthisBrooklyn actual wedding, the wedding coordinator Jove Meyer used greenery-wrapped garlands, string lights, and white drape to cover the vast blank space (which was made possible by the lovely high ceilings) at her wedding. As a consequence, the basic sheers were precisely illuminated from behind, creating a stunning effect. 05th out of 24

Hang a Fixture

Photo courtesy of Davy Whitener You can always make a statement with a single eye-catching piece of furniture or fixture. This antique bronze chandelier accomplishes the desired effect—and is ideal if you want your reception to seem like a dinner party in your house. 06th day of the 24th month

Use Taper Candles on Tables

Photograph courtesy of Nirav Patel Photography We can’t get enough of this bright and airy setting. Was it really possible to achieve such a harmonious balance between taper candles on tables and bistro lights up above? 07th day of the 24th month

Line Up Lanterns

Jillian Mitchell contributed to this image.

Lighted lanterns give illumination for an open-air supper while also setting the stage for a wild night of dancing under the stars. (The use of a sand dance floor is not needed, although it is strongly recommended.) the eighth of twenty-four

Create Chandelier Orbs

Sylvie Gil Photography provided the photograph. Is it more appropriate for these amazing chandelier orbs to be shown in a Restoration Hardware brochure or at a wedding reception? It’s difficult to choose, but we really like them when they’re filled with plants and set against a clean white backdrop. 09th day of the 24th month

Scatter Spot Lights

Photograph courtesy of Lauren Fair Photography It may seem apparent, but lighting should be used to highlight your stunning site (duh). Golden spot lights are employed around the edge of the banquet room to draw attention to the stunning stonework. tenth out of twenty-four

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Illuminate the Outside

Photograph courtesy of Corbin Gurkin Photography Keep in mind to illuminate the exterior of your area as well—this is especially important if you’re erecting a tent in the midst of a dark field. Tara Guérard Soirée adorned the boundaries of this white-draped tent with pillar candles in tall glass vases, creating a romantic atmosphere. 11th out of 24

Hang Mini String Lights

Kylee Yee captured this image. String lights are available in a variety of forms and sizes, but these little versions are particularly appealing. Why? Because of the modest bulb size, they create enough of a statement while yet not detracting from those well designed table sets and centerpieces. 12th out of 24

Mix Garlands and Statement Candles

Chaz Cruz contributed to this image. Remember that you’ll never be forced to pick between a lengthy table garland and a pair of statement candles. Short pillar candles are placed on the outside of each garland centerpiece to create a dramatic focal point in this arrangement. 13th out of 24

Line Your Staircase

Rebecca Yale Photography captured the image; flowers were provided by The Bloom of Time; and planning was provided by Teryn Leach Events. Keep in mind to illuminate any difficult spots where your visitors are likely to congregate after dark. Staircases, as well as corridors leading to the restrooms and bar, are examples of such sites. Having said that, we can imagine this candle-lined stairway being used as a first look or ceremony location without hesitation. 14th out of 24

Light Up Trees

Photograph courtesy of Lauren Fair Photography Here’s something completely different: Place your tables in the shade of well-lit trees. What we love about this space is how it’s filled with light thanks to the table arrangement, trees, and spot lights that attract your gaze upwards (towards the cold, wooden beams) and fill the entire huge, industrial space with light. 15th out of 24

Hang Chandeliers Outdoors

Brian Marcus of Fred Marcus Studio took the photograph. If chandeliers are your thing, think outside the box and place them in a location other than a ballroom or banquet hall. The surprising look created by hanging sparklers at varying heights in a natural setting is one of our favorites this season. 16th out of 24

Use Candles of Varying Heights

Photo courtesy of Sarah Falugo Using candles of varied heights to display your craftsmanship is ideal when you’ve spent months arranging the right place settings and centerpieces.

These tall, black pillar candles and tiny votives are just what the doctor ordered. 17th out of 24

Hang Lights Around Trees

Suzi Jacobs contributed to this image. We’ve spoken about how to hang lights from trees, but you can also use them to decorate the area surrounding trees. String lights are used at this backyard wedding in San Diego to decorate the base and branches of a statement tree, which looks stunning. 18th out of 24

Use Moroccan-Inspired Lanterns

Meg Smith Photography provided the photograph. A cluster of Moroccan-inspired lanterns illuminated the open-air tent at this magnificent backyard event, keeping the party going late into the night. We really like how the silver colour lends a metallic emphasis to the area above the window (and coordinates with the marble-inspired table settings). 19th out of 24

Mix Antique Chandeliers With Greenery

Photograph courtesy of Lisa Poggi Talk about the placement of a statement. An unusual combination of antique chandeliers and flowing flora creates a major picture op opportunity in this setting. 20th out of 24

Light Hundreds of Candles

Photograph courtesy of Lisa Poggi This shot serves as yet another example of how to use lighting to draw attention to your place. In order to showcase the natural beauty of her ceremony venue (which she was correct to do), this genuine bride lined the aisle and altar with hundreds of candles, rather than traditional wedding flowers. twenty-first out of twenty-four

Use Candelabras

Photograph courtesy of Corbin Gurkin Photography Tall candelabras serve a dual purpose by providing both light and height to your tabletop arrangements. When white candles are used with white linen tablecloths, they create a setting that allows the gold embellishments (and candlelight) to be the main attraction. 22nd out of 24

Create an Illusion

Chi Chi’s photograph is courtesy of Two Twenty by Chi Chi. String lights are strung in straight lines to bring the viewer’s attention to the tent’s peak, which is visible at night. This all-time favorite design is especially effective with clear-top tents because it produces the illusion of stars after the sun has set in the background. 23rd out of 24

Hang Glass Orbs

Chaz Cruz contributed to this image. Can you say “awesome photograph”? This photograph shows a couple dancing on the dance floor, who are encircled by hanging glass orbs filled with little votive candles, as seen in the background. 24th out of 24

Dance Under a Disco Ball

Photo courtesy of Sarah Falugo And while we’re on the subject of dance floors, don’t underestimate the power of a retrodisco ball against a backdrop of strings of lights. Because of this, the end product is pure magic—and, let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to be right in the center of this party?

Dream tent for kids with LED light

Accidental Damage Insurance (ADP)


The Dream Tent Wonderland is a terrific sleeping tent for children who enjoy playing with and conversing with their favorite characters. With the Unicorn DreamTents, you can transform your child’s everyday bed into a beautiful haven for them. It quickly and simply connects to any twin or bunk bed and pops out to provide a fascinating, entertaining, and quiet retreat. The bed tent, which is made of lightweight and sturdy polyester, can be set up in seconds for play and then folded away for storage when not in use.

The kid’s dream tent may be used to relax and soothe children when they are napping or sleeping at night, to assist babies fall asleep faster in their own room, and to provide them with a safe place to sleep.

  • In addition, it lets children to have their own place in a shared room with a sibling
  • It is ideal for birthday parties, Christmas, special events, and holidays
  • And it is also suitable for use in a shared bathroom.

Dream tent for children with LED light in a variety of colors

  • Dimensions: 10.0 inches (H) x 10.0 inches (W) x 12.0 inches (L)
  • Weight: 100.0 grams
  • Dimensions: 10.0 inches (H) x 12.0 inches (L)

Fine Print

  • As the seller of this item, ANASSOCIATES CO INC. is entirely responsible to customers for the fulfillment, delivery, returns, care, quality, and price information related to the advertised products and services
  • ANASSOCIATES CO INC. The product is a new release
  • This is a FINAL SALE
  • There will be no returns or refunds unless the item is damaged. The cost of shipping and handling will be covered by the company. Only shipments to the United States (except Alaska and Hawaii) are permitted. It is not possible to send to PO boxes. Orders are normally delivered within 3-6 business days
  • However, certain orders may take longer.

Customer Reviews

Reviews that have been verified 100 percent All of the reviews are from actual customers who have used the product. I did not receive the correct thing that I had bought online. The item received was a cubby home, and I was not pleased with it. Marcela has 2 ratings and 1 review. I received the tent for my daughter, which I specifically chose because it stated that it came with a reading light. I paid the additional money for it since it stated that it did. In the absence of a reading light, there was only information on the cover stating “BONUS reading light mail in offer,” with no more information about the mail-in offer.

I had previously purchased another tent for my son from another company via Groupon and had no problems with it, including the reading light.

Purchase an additional protection package at a reasonable price to give yourself some peace of mind.

$8.99 Please allow 48 hours from the date of purchase of your warranty voucher before redeeming your warranty coupon.

  • There are no deductibles and complete coverage for parts and labor. Shipping is free of charge. Guaranteed service for five days
  • 100% refund of the purchase price (minus shipping and handling charges)
  • A home (as opposed to commercial) setting is covered by the contract. Covers the most common types of hardware failures.
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If you have any questions about this transaction, please use the Ask a Question option below. If you have any questions after making a purchase, please contact customer service. Consumer Priority Service is the company that sells the warranty. More information may be found in theFAQ. fewer specifics

Light Up Your Tent Time with These DIY Tin Candle Holders!

Lanterns hanging from the interior of tents has become a major craze in our tiny tent world, and we’re excited about it! It appears to be so easy, yet it transforms the atmosphere in the children’s tiny tent paradise. This allows them to hang out in there without having to use a flashlight at night, and it also gives that extra spark of individuality, home-yness, and charm to their own little slice of paradise that they were looking for. Considering that it is simple enough to search the internet for a little tent lantern, we thought it would be nice to make it more special by displaying our DIY Tin Can Candle Holders.

Cottage Bed Tent

We wanted to match this cute DIY with one of our most popular bed tents since they were both so gorgeous! Think about how much fun it would be to drift off to sleep in your very own cottage bed tent! Sleeping in the country with all of the singing birds will be a dream come true with flower boxes and a picket tent, roof windows and side windows, and roof windows and side windows This 77 in X 38 in X 35 in intenta is a particularly imaginative play area thanks to the full curtain front doors and soothing hues.

When it’s time to sleep, all you have to do is place the bed tent on top of the bed and you’re ready to drift off to sleep.

Should it become required, a moist towel and mild soap can be used to clean the outside of the bed tent. Our coated fiberglass poles are safe and simple to use, making the process of setting up your tent a breeze. Designed to assist you in entering your goals in true rural fashion!

DIY Tin Can Candle Holders

Nothing will make your child happier than crawling into their tent, turning on their lamp, and starting their comfortable tent session! This DIY does need some adult assistance with the first set-up, but the remainder may be completed entirely by your child and their inventive and creative thinking.

What You Need

  • Soup cans with the paper removed, the soup poured, and the can thoroughly cleaned
  • We utilized the colors of the tent for our painting, but you may be as creative as you like. Paintbrushes, pipe cleaners, and battery-operated candles are all good options.

How You Make It

  1. Remove the top and bottom of a clean soup can, then drill holes randomly throughout the can
  1. To make a nice pattern with the holes, you may drill them in the shape of a heart or a flower and leave them there. Just make sure to include a hole on each side at the top to serve as a handle, no matter what you choose to do.
  1. Fill in the blanks with whichever color you choose. Use your imagination to solve this problem! We chose the tent as inspiration for the design and color scheme, but you may use whatever your child like or has readily available
  2. Allow for the can to dry before using it. Make a handle out of a pipe cleaner by inserting it into the two holes you created before, one on each side towards the top
  3. Place the battery-operated candle inside your tent and hang it there! Turn down all of the lights so that you can fully see the magnificent design on the walls created by your lantern’s light shining through the holes

Other Ways to Make Your Tent Like Home

It’s wonderful for children to have their own private, dedicated room to crawl and hide in. As a result, tents and sofa cushion forts have become quite popular! Along with our top ideas for transforming your child’s tent into a setting they will enjoy even more, take a look at some of our other favorite suggestions.

Designated Pillows and Blankets

Of course, being comfortable in a tent is crucial in every situation. What makes it more cozier is that there are special cushions and blankets for the tent that are never taken out of the area, even for a good wash. It’s always enjoyable to plan a surprise for your child, but it may be much more meaningful if they participate in the process by telling you what colors they like, sharing ideas with you, or even accompanying you to the store to choose their own products. In order to increase cuddleability, it is recommended that you pad the floor of the tent with foam mats.

Set Up a Book Nook Inside the Tent

A nice book and a cozy tent are the perfect combination for a relaxing evening. Depending on the size of your child’s tent, you may create a charming small reading nook inside it and even hang a sweet sign over it for added sweetness and charm. Here, the book collection doesn’t have to be extensive — it may only consist of your child’s current favorites, making it quicker to get them than going through the rest of the collection on the bigger bookshelf. You may create a book nook by putting a tiny rack on the floor, pockets on the wall (such as a wall shoe organizer), or a nice bin in the corner of the room.

Furnish it

Aside from specific pillows and blankets, as well as a reading corner, you may further enhance the comfort of your tent with other affordable treasures! There are several options, such as adding a small side table for doing crafts, hanging string lights for added ambiance, putting in a colorful rug for the floor, putting in a trash bin so that it doesn’t become too soiled, or even adding some entrance charm outdoors with potted plants. Your young one will be unable to bear the thought of leaving!

Let Us Know!

What are some of the creative ways that you and your child have decorated your tents so far? Did you make the DIY Tin Candle Holders that I recommended? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below or contact us via social media. Wishing you a successful decorating project! 4,530 people have looked at this post.

SoCal Dad Invents Storytelling Tent to Boost Creativity

The City of Riverside is a city in California that is home to the University of California, Riverside. How might spending time in a tent help your youngster enhance his or her arithmetic abilities and other fundamentals of learning? In the hands of one parent, a new form of telling stories has been created.a it’s smartphone application that is utilized within a storytelling tent. Taylor Cole enjoys reading to his daughter, Tessa, and her pals, Zoey and Juno, on a regular basis, much like many other parents.

He’s also a member of the United States Skydiving Team, and he enjoys adventure sports such as base jumping.

To use it, just link theAvAapp to your smart device, select your tale, and start reading.

You’ll notice a prompt in the book that corresponds to one of the app buttons as you read.

A combination of technology and MDI (minimally defined immersion) is used to stimulate creativity and learning in all four hemispheres of the brain during the experience.

When Cole isn’t reading books, he may be found at his sewing machine, stitching LED lights onto tents that he intends to sell.

Cole’s AvA is the result of a cooperation with the specialists at Burble Creativity, who include award-winning authors as well as theater professionals, engineers and, of course, other parents.

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